Jarrod - Bede Skinner

We are not the vision in your dreams.  We do not exist, yet we have been here since the beginning.  We are the Pai Zhug, the Order of the Claw.  We train only the best.  Both physically and mentally, swearing them to secrecy.  All Masters of their skills.  Never knowing their true purpose until now.

Jarrod is a senior student at the Pai Zhug secret academy.  He has been attending for ten years.  Six students, including Jarrod, Lily, and Theo, were asked to mediate during the night.  Jarrod concentrated on his mediation as a new day begun.  He gave no indication that he could heard Lily, who was sitting next to him.  Lily:  Theo, what is going on?  Theo:  Lily, no talking.  Lily:  Lighten up.  We've been sitting here since last night.  Theo:  Just try and enjoy the silence.  Lily:  I hate silence.  The gong sounded and Master Mao approached the six students.  Jarrod and the rest got up.  Lily muttered to herself:  Stiff.  Lily:  Hey Theo, did my butt get up with me?  I can't tell, I'm numb.  Jarrod and the rest of the students gave a bow to Master Mao.  Master Mao:  You are the six finalists.  I'm looking for three.  Three sets of matches were set between the students.  Lily battled her opponent and used her cheetah animal spirit to help her.  Theo battled his opponent and also use his animal spirit the jaguar to help him.  Jarrod battle his opponent with relish.  He had given his opponent a hard kick that knocked his opponent onto the ground.  Jarrod laughed.  The opponent gave the signal that he had surrender, but Jarrod did not care.  Jarrod unleash his animal spirit the lion onto his opponent.  It was still not enough and Jarrod wanted to finish his opponent up.  Master Mao:  Jarrod!  Lily!  Theo!  Join us in the great hall this evening.  Jarrod gave a small bow.  He was very pleased with himself.  Jarrod started walking towards the cub and was angry when he was not immediately given a towel.  Jarrod:  Where's my towel, cub?  Go get me a towel!  Move it!  That's a direct order from a senior student!  The cub, a young boy, trembled and could not respond.  Jarrod angrily knocked over a basket full of towels.  Casey, an apprentice, came up from behind Jarrod.  Lily and Theo had stopped talking when they heard the commotion and stare at the antics of Jarrod.  Casey:  Here's a towel!  Jarrod turned around and glared at Casey.  Casey:  Look, I don't want any problems.  Jarrod told him it was too late.  Jarrod pushed Casey to the ground.  Jarrod then taunted Casey as he could see Casey was getting angry.  Casey suddenly unleash his animal spirit, the tiger.  The roar was strong enough to send Jarrod flying through the air and landed hard on the ground.  Jarrod was not happy as he got up.  Jarrod walk over to Casey, planning to teach him a lesson, when he was stopped by a single clap.  It was Master Mao.  Jarrod checked himself and gave the master a small bow.  Later, Jarrod would be given the news that he was dismissed.  Jarrod was very angry.  He storm down the steps into the forbidden room.  Master Mao, Lily, Casey, and Theo were all there.  Jarrod yelled at Master Mao that he could not just dismiss without a reason.  Master Mao responded that Jarrod was right, but he had a reason.  Master Mao turned his back on Jarrod.  Jarrod was furious and attacked Master Mao.  Master Mao defeated Jarrod and then told him to leave.  Jarrod turned as if to go, but then turned back around and release the lion spirit.  The lion spirit attacked Master Mao.  Master Mao fell to the ground, causing the box he was carrying to open.  At first nothing happened, but then a strong presence emerge from the box.  The presence was strong enough to knock the four teens onto the floor.  Jarrod stared horrified as the presence greeted Master Mao.  The evil presence was Dai Shi.  Dai Shi ended to destroy Master Mao, but first wanted to destroy what was dear to him, his students.  Jarrod decided now was the time to leave.  Jarrod hurried up the stairs and left the rest to face their fate.  Jarrod hurried through the woods.  He wanted to get away as quickly as possible.  Jarrod thought he had heard someone said his name, but when he looked around, he could see nothing.  Jarrod continued, but was attacked by a presence.  Jarrod would become possessed by Dai Shi.

Jarrod began fighting for control over his own body.  With Dai Shi in possession, he had done things he had never wanted to do.  Jarrod had also become fond of Camille, one of Dai Shi's generals.  Dai Shi was pounding his head with his fist, Jarrod's memories were in his head.  Jarrod was a young boy and as a student at Pai Zhug.  Dai Shi fought to stay in control.  Camille had led Dai Shi to sit and she had calm him down.  Jarrod was grateful and his influence cause Dai Shi to thank Camille.  Camille was stunned, Dai Shi had never thanked her - ever.  Dai Shi, fighting to stay in control, storm out.  Dai Shi entered a small chamber and angrily flipped over the table in there.  Dai Shi saw a mirror and entered the reflection within.  Jarrod was in control for the time being.  Dai Shi:  Jarrod, you are only my human vessel.  You have no will of your own.  Do you understand?  Jarrod:  No.  You can't use me like this anymore.  I want my life back.  Dai Shi:  Your life is mine now.  Jarrod:  But I never wanted to hurt anyone.  I won't hurt anyone else.  Dai Shi laughed at Jarrod.  Jarrod would be under his control.  Jarrod told Dai Shi he had the spirit of the lion.  Dai Shi remarked Jarrod had the strength of the lion, but not the heart.  That is why Dai Shi had chosen Jarrod, they were so much alike.  Dai Shi's words hurt Jarrod.  He could do nothing as Dai Shi repossess him.  Dai Shi had went looking for Camille.  General Scorch offered to help, but Dai Shi told him he would find her himself.  Jarrod was concern.  Jarrod fought and gain control of his own body.  Jarrod went looking for Camille.  Camille was in the woods.  Lepus, Osiris, and Sonimax (the last of the Phantom Beast Warriors) had been battling Camille and had just knocked her to the ground..  Camille was defeated.  Jarrod leaped protectively in front of Camille.  Everyone assume it was Dai Shi and he let them think that.  Jarrod scold the three Phantom Beast Warriors for attacking his top general.  Jarrod went over and gently prop Camille's head up.  Camille is pleased and tells "Dai Shi" that he really does care for her.  Jarrod corrects her by telling her Dai Shi does not, but he does.  Camille asks who he is.  Jarrod tells her.  Jarrod then gets up.  Jarrod dons the armor and battles the three Phantom Beast Warriors.  He does well against them.  Jarrod does not realize, during the battle, Lepus slips away.  Jarrod destroys Osiris and Sonimax.  Jarrod quickly reverts back to human form and races over to Camille.  Jarrod tells Camille it isn't safe where they are.  Jarrod helps her to her feet and they head back to the temple.  Jarrod tells Camille that she needs to rest and places her on the throne.  Camille is flattered by the attention and tells Jarrod she wouldn't have made it if he hadn't come along.  Jarrod places his hand by her neck and tells her he would never let any harm come to her.  Camille is happy.  Jarrod is suddenly in pain and struggles to keep control.  But he soon loses the control to Dai Shi.  Dai Shi is back and not happy to see Camille in his throne.  Dai Shi yells at her to get up.  Camille stumbles down the stairs as Dai Shi sits down and glares at her.

Casey arrives at the temple to save Jarrod.  Dai Shi is still in control and refers to Casey as Tiger Master.  Casey tells him he is no Master, just a friend.  Jarrod replies he has no friends, just Dai Shi.  Casey tells him that Dai Shi is wrapping his mind and he knows Jarrod is still in there, he can see it in his eyes.  Dai Shi tells him to look a little closer and than attacks.  The battle continues until Dai Shi is defeated.  Dai Shi yells at Casey to finish him, but Casey refuses.  Casey then tells Jarrod to destroy him instead and turns his back on Dai Shi.  Dai Shi eagerly gets up and is ready to strike Casey, but he is held back by Jarrod.  Jarrod is in a great deal of pain as he separates himself from Dai Shi.  Dai Shi is no longer in Jarrod's body, and Jarrod collapses in exhaustion at the feet of Casey.  Dai Shi is furious at Jarrod and punishes him.  Camille, who had silently been watching, runs out in her phoenix armor to protect Jarrod.  Dai Shi can't believe Camille has joined the humans and punishes her as well.  Jarrod and Camille are soon knocked to the floor.  Casey releases his tiger spirit on Dai Shi.  Dai Shi is defeated.  Casey helps Jarrod and Camille to their feet and they take off running until they are out of breath.  Casey gleefully tells Jarrod he knew he was still in there.  Jarrod thanks him and tells him he owes him one.  Jarrod casts a smile over to Camille.  The three are knocked off their feet by Generals Scorch and Snapper who mocked the touching moment.  Before the Generals can strike again, the rest of the Power Rangers arrive.  The four Rangers help Jarrod, Camille, and Casey to their feet and make sure they are okay.  Casey reassures them they are doing great.  Casey asks Jarrod if he is ready and Jarrod replies absolutely.  Jarrod and Camille don their armor as Casey morphs.  The battle begins.  Jarrod and Red Ranger battle General Scorch.  Camille, Rhino Ranger, Wolf Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Yellow Ranger battle General Snapper.  Eventually General Snapper is destroyed.  Jarrod and Red Ranger release their lion and tiger spirits on General Scorch.  They believe he is defeated as they gathered around with the rest of the Rangers.  General Scorch arrives giant size.  The zords are summon and the Megazord is formed.  Jarrod, Camille, and the Rangers are all in the Megazord.  The battle continues and it is difficult.  General Scorch is defeated.  After the battle, everyone is in high spirits.  Jarrod and Casey shake hands.  Casey is thrilled when he gets his Master stripes.  Jarrod has mixed feelings over the jubilation over the stripes.  Casey asks RJ why now and RJ tells him when he defied Master Mao and went with his convictions, he had proved he is a Master.  A Master doesn't follow, a Master knows.  Jarrod kneels before Casey and tells him he is ready for what ever punishment he deems is necessary.  Casey tells him there is no need for punishment.  Plus they need them both to save humanity.  Jarrod is bewildered by Casey's response.  Jarrod asks them haven't they done enough.  Jarrod takes Camille's hand and they both walk away.

Jarrod leads Camille to the forbidden room at the Pai Zhug academy.  Camille:  What are we doing here?  Jarrod:  I want to get as far away from everyone as possible.  So I can't hurt anyone else.  Camille:  Dai Shi lead many down his dark path.  Maybe it's not too late for us to change.  Jarrod:  Change?  You mean back to the way I was before, a mean-spirited bully?  No.  There's no chance left for me.  Camille:  Don't say that.  I've seen the real Jarrod, and he's not evil.  Jarrod refused to listen to Camille, but Camille kept trying.  Camille:  Okay, so you weren't the nicest kid on the block.  I wasn't either.  I know we can turn things around if we try.  Jarrod:  I told you, it's too late for me.  Lily, Casey, and Theo came running down the stairs and entered the room.  Casey:  No!  You're wrong Jarrod.  It's never too late to start over.  Theo:  And whatever happen in the past, the fact is that we need you now.  Lily:  The human race needs you.  But Jarrod was not convince and told them after everything he had done with the lion spirit, he is never releasing it again.  Casey's, Theo's, and Lily's morphers go off and they take off.  Camille is disappointed and bows her head.  Jarrod knows that he has let Camille down.  Jarrod and Camille sit on a bench, their backs towards each other.  It is silent.  Later, Flit buzzes in and tells them Dai Shi has gone to dragon form.  The Rangers are having a difficult time and they need their help.  Jarrod still refuses.  Camille is disappointed, but she is determined as well.  Camille tells them that once the Yellow Ranger had told her she had some good in her.  Camille is going to prove her right.  Camille stands up and is ready to leave.  Camille asks Jarrod if he is coming, but she gets no answer.  Camille climbs up and the stairs and leaves.  Jarrod thinks over what everyone has told him.  Later, Jarrod arrives on the battlefield.  The Rangers, Camille, and the Masters have all been battling Dai Shi, but could not defeat him.  The Rangers needed to weaken Dai Shi.  Jarrod is ready to weaken Dai Shi - after all Pai Zhug have to stick together.  Jarrod dons his armor and confronts Dai Shi.  Jarrod is out to prove that his heart is pure.  Dai Shi swallows him and it does make Dai Shi weaker.  Maser Mao tells them only the chosen protectors can destroy Dai Shi.  Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Red Ranger demorph.  Theo, Lily, and Casey use their energy to summon a higher level than ever achieve by student or Master.  A powerful ball of energy is directed towards Dai Shi and Dai Shi is destroyed.  In the midst of the celebration, Jarrod, still in his armor, hits the ground.  Jarrod loses his armor.  Camille is concern and loses her armor as she races over and asks him if he is okay.  Jarrod, with a smile, tells Camille that he is more than okay, he is good.  Camille smiles back and gently places her hand on the side of Jarrod's head and gives him a gentle caress.  Casey is now a Master at Pai Zhug academy.  Casey is teaching students the tiger technique.  His students include Jarrod and Camille, who are in the beginners' class.  One of the younger kids asks Jarrod and Camille if they aren't a little too old to be in a beginner's class.  Jarrod remarks that it is never too late to start over.  Camille adds so true and Jarrod and Camille smile at each other.  Casey has to go, but he wants his friend Jarrod to take over the class.  Jarrod quickly gets Casey a towel before Casey leaves.  Jarrod begins teaching the class the lion technique.

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