Phantom Beast Generals
Phantom Beast General Scorch - Voiced by Mark Wright
Phantom Beast General Snapper - Voiced by Richard Simpson
Phantom Beast General Whiger - Voiced by Jared Turner

The Phantom Beast Generals were destroyed in the Beast Wars.  There were eight of them.  When they were destroyed, a crystal eye was left behind.  Dr. Jennings had found five crystal eyes.  The Rinshi had found three of the crystal eyes.  Jellica ended up in possession of the three crystal eyes.  When the stars were in alignment, Jellica placed the crystal eyes on spokes.  When the starlight hit the crystal eyes, three of the Phantom Beast Generals were back.  Jellica:  yes.  Welcome.  I am Jellica, Overlord of the Seas.  I have brought you back to life.  By the ancient law, you shall serve me.  Snapper:  Jellica, I am Phantom Beast General Snapper, spirit of the snapping turtle.  Whiger:  General Whiger, spirit of the white tiger.  Scorch:  General Scorch, spirit of the Avalon dragon.  Jellica:  Your first task is to destroy the arch enemy to all phantom beasts, Dai Shi.  The Phantom Beast Generals follow Jellica along the corridors of the temple.  Jellica stood back as the Phantom Beast Generals pounded on the door.  The doors opened, and they entered.  Dai Shi and Camille, in chameleon form, were there.  Dai Shi:  The Phantom Beasts.  Jellica walked in and made her way towards Dai Shi.  Jellica:  Correction, my Phantom Beasts.  I have been loyal to you for centuries.  Taught you all I know.  My training made you stronger and how do you repay me?  By hunting me down, determine to destroy me.  Well, mighty Dai Shi, it is you who is finished.  Jellica have the command for Dai Shi and the lizard to be destroyed.  But the Phantom Beast Generals had other ideas.  They quickly surrounded Jellica and destroyed her instead.  Dai Shi and Camille were taken aback.  The generals told Dai Shi they wanted him to be their Phantom Beast king.  Dai Shi didn't understand, in the past they had always tried to destroy him.  The generals told Dai Shi that had they sided with him, they would have won the Beast Wars.  The generals summoned their eight Phantom Beast Warriors - Sonimax, Dynamir, Unidoom, Rammer, Badrat, Grinder, Osiris, and Lepus.  Dai Shi doesn't quite believe them and wants the generals to prove themselves to him.  Dai Shi wants the three Masters captured.  Sonimax is called forward to help in their plans.  General Scorch finds Master Swoop training.  General Scorch battles and captures Master Swoop, who is taken to the temple.  General Whiger waits outside Master Finn's home.  RJ is visiting his dad.  When RJ leaves, General Whiger walks in and captures Master Finn.  Master Finn is taken to the temple as well.  Meanwhile, Sonimax is in the city, causing chaos.  General Snapper attacks Master Phant.  General Snapper tosses Master Phant around with ease.  Lily arrives and sends her cheetah spirit to attack General Snapper.  Lily morphs.  General Snapper battles Yellow Ranger and Master Phant.  General Snapper has no problem battling them.  Master Phant is knocked to the ground once more.  Yellow Ranger goes into Jungle Master Mode.   General Snapper continues his battle and defeats Yellow Ranger.  General Snapper grabs Master Phant and vanishes.  Master Phant is taken to the temple as well.  Later, a giant Sonimax is battling the Rangers in their three Megazords.  Sonimax was doing well until the Elephant zord was called in.  The Rangers are getting the upper hand, when General Snapper, in giant size, arrives.  General Snapper knocks the Rhino Steel Megazord to the ground and it is out of commission.  General Snapper and Sonimax battle the remaining two Megazords.  General Snapper and Sonimax tossed the two Megazords through the air with ease.  The Rangers are defeated.  General Snapper and Sonimax leave in triumph.  After the battle, General Snapper, Scorch, and Whiger enter a chamber where the Rinshi had chained the three Masters to the wall.  Camille and Dai Shi enter.  The crystal eyes are placed by the Rinshi in front of the Masters and the generals stand by them.  Master Swoop implores Jarrod to fight the evil Dai Shi.  Dai Shi tells him Jarrod can not resist his evil, just like they will not be able to resist the power of the Phantom Beast Generals, the Rinzin power.  The generals use the Rinzin power on the crystal eyes, that are aimed at the Masters.  The Masters are now under their control.  The Masters use their  Spirit Rangers to attack Dominic, Lily, Casey, Theo, and RJ. 

Dai Shi and Camille stood together and watched.  The Phantom Generals were in front of the Masters.  General Scorch:  Awaken.  The Masters awoke.  Their chains allow them to step forward.  Dai Shi and Camille were pleased.  Every move the Masters made were duplicated by the Spirit Rangers.  The Spirit Rangers were defeating the Rangers.  Wolf Ranger thought he saw his father's eyes behind the helmet and said Dad.  When Wolf Ranger did, Master Finn broke out of the spell.  Dai Shi and Camille were surprised to see Master Finn break the chains, and then slam Master Swoop and Master Phant against the wall, causing the spell to break for the moment.  With the spell broken, the Spirit Rangers vanished.  The Rinshi arrived.  General Scorch:  Take them away.  The Rinshi took the Masters to their cells.  Master Phant:  Take your hands off me!  Camille walked up to General Scorch.  Camille:  Where are you taking them?  General Scorch:  I don't answer to you.  Dai Shi entered.  Dai Shi:  Then answer to me.  You must attack again immediately.  General Scorch:  The fight has drained their spirit, Dai Shi.  We must let them recover.  Dai Shi did not like this answer and walked away.  Camille soon followed.  Later, Dai Shi, Camille, and Generals Whiger and Snapper were in the throne room.  The doors opened and General Scorch entered with Dynamir.  Camille bowed her head, but General Scorch still shoved her aside.  Dai Shi:  General Scorch, energize the Spirit Rangers.  General Scorch:  It's too early.  It could destroy them.  Dai Shi gave a threatening growl.  General Scorch:  As you command.  General Scorch had Dynamir go with the Spirit Rangers.   Dai Shi and Camille watched as the Masters controlled the Spirit Rangers.  Eventually Dynamir would captured the five Rangers in his boomerangs.  Dynamir did not know that he had actually captured Lewin, Theo's twin brother, and not Theo.  Theo would arrive and use a device RJ made to block signals.  Theo used the device on the Spirit Rangers and they vanished.  The Masters were exhausted as the chains snap them back to the wall.  General Scorch can not believe what has happened.  Dai Shi is not happy.  The Rangers destroyed Dynamir.  After the battle, Dai Shi enters the chamber where the Masters are being held.  Camille and the generals are there as well.  Dai Shi is not happy.  Dai Shi faces General Scorch and tells him he hopes his generals are more powerful than his warriors.  Dai Shi storms out, closely followed by Camille.

Camille was inside the throne room.  Dai Shi was sitting on his throne and Generals Whiger and Snapper were there as well.  They were all waiting for General Scorch.  General Scorch finally entered.  General Scorch stopped in front of Camille.  General Scorch:  You'll bow when a Phantom Beast General approaches.  Flit quickly flew to Camille's defense.  Flit:  That's no way to treat a la...ahh!  General Scorch easily swatted him away.  With a fake smile plastered on her face, Camille bowed to General Scorch.  General Scorch approached Dai Shi.  General Scorch:  Great Dai Shi, the Masters are ready.  Dai Shi:  Perhaps this time you'll prove yourselves by destroying the Rangers once and for all.  Dai Shi and General Scorch entered the chamber where the Masters where being held.  Camille and the Generals Whiger and Snapper trailed behind them.  Dai Shi passed in front of the Masters.  Master Finn:  Jarrod.  Dai Shi paused.  Master Finn:  Think back to Pai Zhug.  You were honorable, virtuous.  You can be again.  Dai Shi paused for a moment and seemed confused.  But then the scowl returned to his face and he kept walking.  General Scorch:  Quiet you!  General Scorch used Rinzin power on Master Finn.  Master Finn was in a great deal of pain.  Without even thinking, Dai Shi spun around and hit General Scorch with Zocato power.  Camille was just as stunned as General Scorch.  General Scorch:  You protect him!  A human!  Dai Shi seemed puzzled over what he had just done.  Dai Shi gathered his composure quickly.  Dai Shi:  Your outburst will weaken his spirit.  Don't do it again.  The generals got into position in front of the crystal eyes.  Dai Shi went and stood by Camille.  Dai Shi still couldn't understand how he had acted.  Camille was deep in thought.  Dai Shi's actions had puzzled her as well.  The Masters were hit with Rinzin power and soon the Spirit Rangers were battling the Rangers in the woods.  The battle was going well for the Spirit Rangers until the Ranger used the Claw Cannon on Shark Ranger.  Shark Ranger vanished from the woods.  Master Finn appeared to be destroyed as he vanished in a blazing light.  Bat Ranger and Elephant Ranger also vanished from the woods.  The chains yanked the two Masters back against the wall.  Afterwards, the Generals and Camille were inside the throne room.  Dai Shi was there as well.  General Scorch:  Dai Shi, Master Finn wasn't actually destroyed.  His spirit was captured in the crystal eye.  Just as mine was for ten thousand years.  The starlight that could save him passed many nights ago.  He's trapped forever.  Dai Shi wanted the crystal eye hidden where no one could find it.  General Scorch summon Unidoom.  General Scorch gave Unidoom instructions to toss the crystal eye into the sea.  Unidoom left.  No one noticed that Flit had left as well.  After Unidoom had tossed the crystal eye into the sea.  (Unknown to him, Flit had caught the crystal eye before it fell into the ocean and gave the eye to RJ.)  Unidoom would then enter the city. Four of the Rangers arrived in the city.  The four Rangers battled Unidoom, Bat Ranger, and Elephant Ranger.  While the battle raged in the city, RJ and Master Finn had broken into the temple and were battling Rinshi.  Once the Rinshi were defeated.  RJ broke the crystal eyes, which released Master Swoop and Master Phant from it's control.  Bat Ranger and Elephant Ranger vanished from the battle.  The Generals reported to Dai Shi that RJ and Master Finn were attempting to rescue the remaining two Masters.  The generals were ready to stop them, but Dai Shi insisted he go.  Unfortunately, Dai Shi was unable to stop RJ and Master Finn.  The Masters were released and escaped.  Wolf Ranger, Shark Ranger, Bat Ranger, and Elephant Ranger went into the city to battle Unidoom.  Camille was in the city as well.  Camille summon several Rinshi.  Camille then transform into her chameleon form.  Camille and Wolf Ranger battle.  The rest of the Rangers battled and destroyed the Rinshi.  Camille is defeated by Wolf Ranger.  Shark Ranger, Bat Ranger, and Elephant Ranger then battled and destroyed Unidoom.  After the battle, Dai Shi is furious.  The generals defend themselves, stating they had captured the Masters and help create the Spirit Ranges.  Dai Shi tells them they have only made the Rangers stronger.  General Whiger asks him to give them another test to prove their loyalty.  Dai Shi notices the white tiger emblem on General Whiger and gets an idea.  Dai Shi smiles to himself.

Inside the temple, Dai Shi walked up to General Whiger.  Dai Shi:  Whiger.  The Red Ranger has the spirit of the tiger.  As do you.  That's one tiger too many.  Prove yourself worthy and destroy him.  General Whiger:  Yes Dai Shi.  General Whiger left immediately.  General Whiger soon found Casey in a field by himself.  General Whiger launched himself towards Casey.  General Whiger:  Ranger!  General Whiger easily knocked Casey to the ground.  General Whiger held Casey to the ground.  General Whiger:  Give me your tiger spirit!  General Whiger placed his hand on Casey's chest and began draining him of his tiger spirit.  Wolf Ranger arrived.  Wolf Ranger:  Casey!  General Whiger and Wolf Ranger battled.  They fell off a cliff, but they continued with their battle.  General Whiger:  Spirit of the White Tiger!  Wolf Ranger:  Whoa, he has the spirit of the tiger.  General Whiger battles Wolf Ranger easily and as soon as he defeats Wolf Ranger, he vanishes.  General Whiger repots back at the temple.  Dai Shi, Camille, General Scorch, and General Snapper are there.  Dai Shi:  You have the Ranger's tiger spirit?  General Whiger:  How would you like to find out?  Dai Shi:  Yes.  The Generals laughed.  Dai Shi dons his armor.  Dai Shi:  Ready tiger?  General Whiger:  Ready and waiting.  General Whiger and Dai Shi battle.  General Whiger defeated Dai Shi.  General Whiger:  How's that?  Dai Shi goes back to normal form and he is very pleased.  Dai Shi tells the Generals he is closer to becoming their king.  After awhile, the ceremony to make Dai Shi their Phantom Beast King begins.  Camille quietly watches.  Dai Shi is infused with Rinzin power from the three generals.  Dai Shi feels more powerful.  Dai Shi decides he wants more than three generals and wants Camille to become a general.  The Phantom Beast Generals do not want Camille as a general, but Camille has proven her loyalty to Dai Shi and Dai Shi insists on it.  Camille makes a small request, to have the spirit of the phoenix.  The three generals infused Camille with Rinzin power and she is now a general as well.  General Whiger then sends Casey a mental challenge to come and face him in the rock quarry.  General Whiger waits for Casey in the rock quarry.  Casey does not show up, instead Lily, Theo, RJ, and Dominic arrive.  General Whiger battles the four of them with ease.  Soon the rest of the generals and Dai Shi arrive on a cliff above them.  After defeating them, General Whiger joins Dai Shi and the rest.  Dai Shi dons his new armor, as does Camille.  The four realize Camille is now a general.  Lily, Theo, RJ, and Dominic morph.  The Generals battle the four Rangers. The Rangers are defeated.  The Generals and Dai Shi return to the temple.  Dai Shi is very pleased with General Whiger.  Now Dai Shi wants General Whiger to destroy Red Ranger.  General Whiger leaves once more.  General Whiger enters Ocean Bluff.  Everyone runs in terror.  General Whiger calls out for Red Ranger.  Instead Blue Ranger, Wolf Ranger, Rhino Ranger, and Yellow Ranger arrive.  General Whiger battles the four Rangers.  After awhile, Red Ranger arrives as well.  With the help of Jimmy, one of Casey's students, three Rangers are able to power up the Claw Cannon and knock General Whiger to the ground.  Afterwards, Jimmy quickly runs to safety.  General Whiger grows to giant size.  The Rangers form three of their Megazord and the battle continues.  General Whiger is defeated by the Rangers.  After the battle, General Whiger is upset over losing to the Rangers and failing to destroy Red Ranger.  General Scorch is with him and tells him that the Rangers are tougher than they thought.  General Scorch adds that the king will not be happy with General Whiger. 

Generals Snapper and Scorch were inside the throne room.  Dai Shi was sitting on the throne, with Camille standing close by.  Rammer and Badrat were there as well.  Badrat was dancing around and tossing dust throughout the room.  General Scorch:  Badrat and Rammer will gather some humans.  We'll keep them here, so we can harvest their fear whenever we want.  We'll have never ending source of power.  Badrat:  We're fast.  Rammer:  We're a team.  Badrat:  We'll catch them, and shake them.  Badrat & Rammer:  And make them scream.  Camille:  Hmmm, they can rhyme, but can they capture the Rangers:  General Scorch:  In time the dust will work on humans, but the Rangers have animal spirits that must be worn down before they can be captured.  Badrat:  No more dangers.  Soon you will have all the Rangers.  The doors opened and General Whiger entered.  Badrat pranced over to General Whiger.  Badrat:  Hey Whiger, nice job against Red Ranger.  Then Rammer walked up to Whiger.  Rammer:  Not!  Badrat and Rammer walked out of the room.  General Whiger walked towards Dai Shi.  Dai Shi:  General Whiger.  General Whiger:  Dai Shi.  Dai Shi looked at his fingers as he spoke.  Dai Shi:  You stole the Red Ranger's tiger spirit.  Even though he was weak, you could not destroy him.  General Whiger kneeled before Dai Shi.  General Whiger:  I will accept your punishment, great king.  Dai Shi got off his throne and stood in front of General Whiger.  Dai Shi:  You no longer need your Rinzin power.  Dai Shi took General Whiger's Rinzin power.  Dai Shi:  You're banished from the Phantom Beasts.  Leave here and never return.  General Whiger struggled to stand up.  General Whiger:  As you command.  Dai Shi chuckled as he watched General Whiger leave.  General Scorch was in disbelief.  He was unheard by Dai Shi and Camille.  General Scorch:  Why is he banishing a Phantom Beast?  Later, Rammer and Badrat would be destroyed by the Power Rangers.  General Whiger had faded away.  General Scorch and General Snapper were walking along a corridor.  General Snapper is still upset over the loss of General Whiger over a small mistake.  They are both still irate with General Camille.  General Scorch is concern that Dai Shi is losing his human side.

Generals Scorch and Snapper were in the throne room.  Grinder stood next to them.  Dai Shi was sitting on his throne.  Camille had entered with a briefcase.  Camille opened the briefcase and removed the vial.  Camille:  With this cloning formula, I can turn one warrior into an army.  General Scorch:  We can't spare any warriors for such a foolish scheme.  Dai Shi gets off his throne and approaches Camille.  General Scorch:  Dai Shi.  Camille presents the vial to Dai Shi.  Dai Shi:  Clones.  Very clever.  Give her a warrior.  Dai Shi gave the vial back to Camille and Camille grinned.  General Scorch was ready to give her a Rinshi, but Camille told him no.  The cloning formula only works on primates, Camille needed a monkey.  Camille selected Grinder as he was trying to slip out of the room.  Later, General Snapper in concern, Camille's plan is working and they did not want Dai Shi to favor Camille.  General Scorch is determined to make sure Camille's plan fails.  Later, General Scorch will make a transmission, making sure Fran hears it, stating that Grinder is at the lake.  General Scorch soon arrives at the lake where Grinder is hiding out.  General Scorch lets Grinder know that he let the Rangers know he was hiding out at the lake as well.  General Scorch leaves just as Rhino Ranger arrives.  Eventually the Power Rangers destroy Grinder.  After the battle, Camille storms into the temple. Camille is very angry and blames Generals Scorch and Snapper for deliberately sabotaging her plan.  General Scorch denies this, telling her her failure reflects on all of them.  Camille does not believe him, neither does Dai Shi was has walked in.  Dai Shi warns the Generals he had better not find out they had made Camille's plan fail or they will be punished.  General Scorch asks him if it is because Camille is a great General or because he has human feelings for her.  Dai Shi becomes angry and is ready to blast General Scorch with Rinzin power.  Instead Dai Shi is unable to use his Rinzin power and falls to the floor.  Camille glares at the grinning General Scorch.

Generals Snapper and Scorch were lurking inside the temple.  They had just witness Dai Shi being kind to Camille.  Dai Shi had stormed out when he realized what he had done.  General Snapper:  You were right.  He is distracted by her charms.  He's becoming emotional.  General Scorch:  Camille brings the human side out of him.  We must protect Dai Shi.  General Snapper:  Then we agreed.  Camille must go.  Generals Snapper and Scorch quickly put a plan into action.  They gathered the remaining Phantom Beast Warriors, Lepus, Osiris, and Sonimax.  The Generals tell the warriors that Dai Shi wants Camille destroyed.  Lepus, Osiris, and Sonimax are skeptical at first, but the generals insist that Camille must be destroyed because she has betrayed Dai Shi.  The three warriors leave to do the generals bidding.  General Scorch walked into Dai Shi, who was looking for Camille.  General Scorch offered his service, but Dai Shi told him if he wanted him he would have sent for him.  Dai Shi wants to know where Camille is.  General Scorch pretends he has no idea and offers to look for her.  Dai Shi tells him he will find her himself and storms out.  General Scorch smirks and comments to himself good luck.  Later Osiris and Sonimax would be destroyed by Jarrod - whom they all thought was Dai Shi.  Lepus, trying to redeem herself, had attacked Casey.  Red Ranger and Lepus were battling when Generals Scorch and Snapper arrived.  Lepus was furious, the generals had lied to her.  General Scorch wanted to finish this battle up first, before confronting Dai Shi.  The rest of the Rangers arrive.  Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger summon the Spirit Rangers.  Generals Snapper and Scorch battled the Spirit Rangers as Lepus battled the Rangers.  Generals Snapper and Scorch had an easy time against the Spirit Rangers.  Lepus had grown to giant size.  The Rangers destroyed Lepus with the jungle stampede.  Generals Snapper and Scorch decided they needed to head back to the temple for damage control.  Dai Shi was furious with them and tossed them around inside the temple.  Generals Scorch explained they were just concern for him, fearing the human had gained control.  Dai Shi told them he was in total control and it was up to him whether Camille is destroyed or not.  Dai Shi told them he didn't even care for the weak vessel he was in and planned to destroy it, along with all humans.  Soon, it will be time for the next Beast Wars.  Generals Scorch and Snapper roared their approval.

General Snapper was inside one of the chambers of the temple.  He was looking forward to his breakfast.  General Snapper:  Ahh, breakfast.  The most important meal of the day!  General Snapper was suddenly knocked aside.  It was Camille and she soon had General Snapper on the floor.  Camille got on top of General Snapper and made sure he stayed put.  Camille:  Now I got the drop on your Snapper!  Now, why did you try to destroy me?   General Snapper was hesitant.  General Snapper:  Ahmm.  Camille:  Answer me!  Camille used her tongue as a threat against General Snapper.  General Snapper:  Okay!  Okay!  It's because you've grown to close to the human, Jarrod.  You love him and not Dai Shi, so we don't trust you anymore.  Camille:  That is not true.  I've always loved Dai Shi.  General Snapper responded slyly.  General Snapper:  Are you sure about that?  Camille got up.  General Snapper took advantage of her confusion to get away.  Later, Jarrod would break free of Dai Shi with Casey's help.  Camille had stood up to Dai Shi in order to protect Jarrod.  Casey had sent his tiger spirit to attack Dai Shi and it defeated him.  Casey, Camille, and Jarrod took off.  Dai Shi scream at Generals Snapper and Scorch to go after them.  They hurried after the three.  Camille, Jarrod, and Casey are knocked off their fee by a blow from the Generals.  Jarrod had just thanked Casey and told him he owed him one.  The Generals comment on what a touching moment, too bad it didn't last long.  Before Generals Snapper and Scorch can strike again, the rest of the Rangers arrive.  After making sure Casey, Jarrod, and Camille are okay, they all face Generals Snapper and Scorch.  Casey morphs as Jarrod and Camille don their armor.  Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Yellow Ranger go into Jungle Master Mode.  The battle begins.  General Scorch battles Red Ranger and Jarrod.  General Snapper battles Camille, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Wolf Ranger, and Rhino Ranger.  At one point of the battle, Yellow Ranger is knocked to the ground.  Camille stands protectively in front of Yellow Ranger and blocks the blows.  Eventually Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Wolf Ranger, Rhino Ranger, and Camille destroy General Snapper.  Red Ranger and Jarrod release their tiger and lion spirits on General Scorch.  Red Ranger and Jarrod think they have destroy General Scorch.  the Ranger, Jarrod, and Camille all gather together.  General Scorch returns giant size.  The zords are summon, including the lion and chameleon zords.  The Megazord is formed and the battle continues.  It is a difficult battle, but eventually General Scorch is defeated.  General Scorch is angry when he returns to the temple.  Dai Shi is there with numerous Rinshi.  General Scorch tells Dai Shi to let him have the Rinshi, he will stir up enough fear to make them powerful enough to destroy the Rangers.  Dai Shi agrees and is eager to begin the next Beast Wars.

General Scorch enter the city with numerous Rinshi.  The Rinshi were attacking and General Scorch was enjoying the sight of citizens running in error.  General Scorch:  This should send the Rangers my way.  Eventually Rhino Ranger and Wolf Ranger arrive and battled the Rinshi.  They soon came up to General Scorch.  General Scorch:  I was hoping to lure out all the Rangers, but you'll do.  General Scorch battles the two Rangers and easily defeats them.  General Scorch:  On your feet!  General Scorch yanks them up and then strikes them down again.  Rhino Ranger and Wolf Ranger hit the pavement and demorph.  General Scorch:  I will enjoy this.  Masters Phant, Swoop, and Finn arrived.  Master Finn:  Stop!  Leave them alone!  General Scorch:  Am I suppose to be afraid of three old men?  Master Phant:  Let's show him what these old men can do.  General Scorch battled the three Masters with ease and soon defeated them as well.  RJ and Dominic went over to the Masters to make sure they were okay.  General Scorch:  You are Masters of failure.  The Pai Zhug way is over.  Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger arrive.  Red Ranger:  Not yet.  General Scorch:  So you've come to protect your Masters, but who is protecting the city from the Rinshi invasion?  Red Ranger glanced over at RJ, Dominic and the three Masters.  Red Ranger:  You go.  We'll take care of Scorch.  RJ:  Come on.  Dominic, RJ, and the three Masters took off.  General Scorch battles Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Red Ranger.  General Scorch is confident they cannot destroy him, he is a Phantom Beast General.  The three Rangers work together as they battle General Scorch.  Eventually General Scorch is destroyed.  After awhile, General Scorch is brought back by Dai Shi.  Dai Shi had gathered enough fear to open the spirit world.  Not only was General Scorch and General Snapper back, but the Five Fingers of Poison, Jellica, Grizzaka, Carnisoar, General Snapper, the Phantom Beast Warriors, numerous Rinshi, and the two Stone Warriors.  Casey, Theo, RJ, Dominic, and Lily morph.  The Spirit Rangers appear.  General Scorch, General Snapper, and the rest face down the Rangers and the Masters.  The battle begins.  General Scorch and Red Ranger battle once more.  General Snapper battles Master Phant.  Suddenly several of the villains are knocked off their feet.  Masters Lope, Guin, Rilla, and Mao have arrive.  When Dai Shi open the portal, it allow them to enter as well.  The Rangers stand aside as all the Masters battle General Scorch, General Snapper, and the rest.  Masters Mao, Guin, Lope, Rilla, Finn, Swoop, and Phant go into the highest level animal spirits.  Having achieved this, the seven Masters destroy General Scorch, General Snapper, and the rest.   

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