Phantom Beast Warriors

Dynamir - Voiced by Geoff Holtman
Grinder - Voiced by Darren Young
Lepus - Voiced by Sarah Thomson
Osiris - Voiced by Nick Kemplen
Sonimax - Voiced by John Callen
Unidoom - Voiced by David Capstick

During the Beast Wars, the eight Phantom Beast Generals were destroyed.  In their ashes, a crystal eye was left.  Dr. Jennings and her father had found five of the crystal eyes, that were now under the protection of the Power Rangers.  The Rinshi had search and found three of the crystal eyes.  Jellica used the crystal eyes to bring back the three Phantom Beast Generals, Snapper, Scorch, and Whiger.  The generals destroyed Jellica and wanted Dai Shi to be their Phantom Beast King.  The generals summoned their eight Phantom Beast Warriors (Sonimax, Dynamir, Unidoom, Rammer, Badrat, Grinder, Osiris, and Lepus) to impress Dai Shi.  Dai Shi wanted the generals to prove their loyalty by capturing the remaining three Masters.  The three generals set off for the task, while Sonimax was chosen to cause chaos in the city.  Sonimax arrives in the city and the citizens run in terror.  Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, both in Jungle Master Mode, Wolf Ranger, and Rhino Ranger face Sonimax.  The four Rangers immediately recognize Sonimax is more powerful than previous monsters.  Sonimax has the spirit of the Borg.  Sonimax tells the four Rangers he is one of the Phantom Beast warriors.  Sonimax battles the four Rangers with ease.  Eventually Yellow Ranger arrives.  Yellow Ranger knocks Sonimax down.  Sonimax gets back up and the Rangers continue their battle.  Sonimax grows to giant size.  The Rangers form their three Megazords and the battle continues.  Sonimax is having an easy time against the Rangers.  The Ranger call in the Elephant zord and Sonimax is starting to have a more difficult time.  A giant General Snapper arrives and knocks the Rhino Steel Megazord to the ground.  The Rhino Steel Megazord is out of commission.  Sonimax and General Snapper battle the two remaining Megazords with ease.  The two Megazords are tossed through the air and the Rangers are defeated.  General Snapper and Sonimax leave in triumph.

Dynamir entered the throne room with General Scorch.  Dai Shi, Camille, and Generals Whiger and Snapper were there.  Camille bowed her head, but General Scorch still shoved her aside.  Dai Shi:  General Scorch, energize the Spirit Rangers.  General Scorch:  It's too early.  It could destroy them.  Dai Shi gave a threatening growl.  General Scorch:  As you command.  General Scorch had Dynamir go with the Spirit Rangers.   Dynamir and the Spirit Ranger were in the city.  Dominic was making a pizza delivery when the Spirit Rangers arrive.  Dynamir tosses down an object to catch Dominic's attention.  Dominic looks for the sound and the Spirit Rangers arrive.  Dominic battles the Spirit Rangers.  Dynamir comes flying there the air.  He tosses a boomerang at Dominic.  Dominic dodges it and Dominic jokes that he is too fast for him.  The boomerang comes back and Dominic is trapped within.  Dynamir and the Spirit Rangers set off for another area of the city.  This time the Spirit Rangers encountered "Theo" and Lily.  "Theo" and Lily try to run the other direction, but Dynamir blocks their path.  Before "Theo" or Lily can do anything, Dynamir captures them in his two boomerangs.  Dynamir and the Spirit Rangers return to where they had captured Dominic.  Casey and RJ are there.  Casey and RJ morph.  The device RJ made to block the signals of the Spirit Rangers gets knock out of his hands during the battle by Dynamir.  Red Ranger contacts Theo.  Dynamir tosses out two boomerangs.  Red Ranger and Wolf Ranger are captured.  Dynamir is very pleased to have all five Rangers.  Theo had arrived and spots RJ's device.  Theo gets the device and then confronts Dynamir and the Spirit Rangers.  Dynamir is confused a she thought he already had all five Rangers.  Theo uses the device on the Spirit Rangers.  RJ's device works and the Spirit Rangers vanish.  Theo morphs into Blue Ranger.  Dynamir battles Blue Ranger.  Dynamir has an easy time against Blue Ranger, so Blue Ranger goes into Jungle Master Mode.  Dynamir continues to battle Blue Ranger.  During the battle, one of the boomerangs hits the ground and Lewin is released.  The battle continues and soon Dynamir is knocked to the ground.  The rest of the boomerangs hit the ground and Casey, Lily, Dominic, and RJ are released.  Dynamir recovers and grows to giant size.  Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Rhino Ranger form their two Megazords.  Dynamir battles the three Rangers in their Megazords.  His boomerangs are bigger as well and he knocks out Red Ranger and Yellow Ranger.  Blue Ranger and Wolf Ranger join the battle in their Megazord with Bat Power.  Along with Rhino Ranger, the three Ranges destroy Dynamir.

Unidoom was summon by General Scorch.  The Rangers had unknowingly trapped Master Finn into one of the crystal eyes.  Dai Shi wanted to make sure the crystal eye was never found.  General Scorch sent Unidoom to toss the crystal eye out into the sea.  Unidoom was glad to.  Unidoom left the temple and headed out to the ocean.  When he came to the inlet, he tossed the crystal eye through the air.  Giving an evil chuckle, Unidoom said goodbye to Master Finn before going into the city.  Unknown to Unidoom, Flit caught the crystal eye and would take it to RJ.  Unidoom entered the city and he was thrilled to see the citizens running in terror.  Soon four of the Rangers showed up.  Unidoom quickly had Bat Ranger and Elephant Ranger at his side.  Unidoom battled Red Ranger and Rhino Ranger.  He battled them with ease.  Bat Ranger battled Blue Ranger and Elephant Ranger battled Yellow Ranger.  The battle is going well.  Red Ranger summons his Strike Rider.  Unidoom quickly and easily fires at the Strike Rider and it is out of commission.  Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger go into Jungle Fury Mode.  Yellow Ranger and Blue Ranger use their weapons against the two Spirit Rangers.  After awhile, strangely, Bat Ranger and Elephant Ranger vanish.  Unidoom has no problem battling the four Rangers on his own.  He knocks them to the ground with ease.  Wolf Ranger arrives.  Unidoom is not worried.  He has just defeated four Rangers, one more won't make a difference.  Then Bat Ranger, Shark Ranger, and Elephant Ranger step forward.  Unidoom is more concern.  Camille steps forward and summons several Rinshi.  Camille then transforms into her chameleon form.  Both sides race into the battle.  Shark Ranger, Bat Ranger, Elephant Ranger, Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger and Rhino Ranger battle the Rinshi.  wolf Ranger and Camille battle.  The Rangers destroy the Rinshi and Camille is defeated.  Bat Ranger, Shark Ranger, and Elephant Ranger charge towards Unidoom.  Using their weapons, the three Rangers destroy Unidoom.  After the battle, a group of Phantom Beast Warriors are in a corridor when Camille walks up to them.  Camille extravagantly compliments them and their Rinzin power.  Camille asks if she can have a small piece for herself.  Sonimax and the rest laugh at her.  The idea of a little chameleon with Rinzin power.  The warriors walk away, still amused.

Badrat and Rammer were inside the throne room.  Dai Shi was sitting on his throne.  Camille stood close by him.  Generals Scorch and Snapper were there as well.  Badrat was dancing around the room and taking dust from his bucket and tossing it around.  Rammer watched him in amusement.  General Scorch:  Badrat and Rammer will gather some humans.  We'll keep them here, so we can harvest their fear whenever we want.  We'll have never ending source of power.  Badrat:  We're fast.  Rammer:  We're a team.  Badrat:  We'll catch them, and shake them.  Badrat & Rammer:  And make them scream.  Camille:  Hmmmm, they can rhyme, but can they capture the Rangers?  General Snapper:  In time, the dust will work on humans, but the Rangers have animal spirits that must be worn down before they can be captured.  Badrat:  No more dangers.  Soon you will have all the Rangers.  The doors opened and General Whiger walked in.  Badrat and Rammer were leaving.  Badrat stopped by General Whiger.  Badrat:  Hey Whiger, nice job against Red Ranger.  Badrat left.  Rammer walked up to General Whiger.  Rammer:  Not!  The two Phantom Beast Warriors entered Ocean Bluff.  Badrat laughed as he spread his dust around.  Badrat:  Let's sprinkle some dust.  Several people vanish when the dust touched them.  In another part of the city, Rammer was having just as much fun.  Rammer:  It's a good day for dusting.  Badrat was continuing with his dusting when he heard a voice.  Blue Ranger:  Hey!  Badrat:  Ohhh, the VIPs are here.  Badrat battled Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Wolf Ranger, and Rhino Ranger.  He knocked Yellow Ranger to the ground.  Blue Ranger, Wolf Ranger, and Rhino Ranger summon the Claw Cannon and fired it at Badrat.  Badrat was knocked to the ground.  That was more powerful than he had thought and he took off in the air.  Later, Badrat was thrilled with his success with his dusting.  Badrat was prancing around when the four Rangers found him.  Badrat tried to use the dust on the Rangers, but it didn't work.  Badrat remembered what General Snapper had said.  Badrat battled the four Rangers once more.  After awhile, a giant Rammer appears.  The four Rangers split up and two Megazords, Wolf Pride Megazord and Rhino Steel Megazord, are formed.  Giant Rammer battles Wolf Ranger and Rhino Ranger in their Megazords.  Badrat battles Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger on the ground.  During the battle, Badrat and Rammer switch positions.  Now Badrat is giant size and Rammer is normal size.  The battle continues until Wolf Ranger and Rhino Ranger are ejected from the Megazords.  Badrat and Rammer have worn down the four Rangers and when they sprinkled the dust, the Rangers fade away.  Soon Badrat and Rammer entered a cave like room.  There are numerous rat cages handing from the ceiling.  This is where the citizens went to and they are now trapped inside the rat cages, just like Theo, RJ, Dominic, and Lily.  Badrat and Rammer walked among the cages and stir them around, to stir up fear for Dai Shi.  Badrat stops in front of RJ, Dominic, Lily, and Theo's cage.  Badrat wants their fear as well.  Theo yells at him they will never be afraid of them.  Badrat and Rammer tell them they will be and then leave.  After awhile, Badrat and Rammer enter the city.  They are not happy to see the citizens are back.  They run around each other in a panic.  Then Rammer and Badrat see the Rangers and they are even less happy.  Rammer and Badrat battled the Rangers.  Badrat and Rammer are defeated.  Rammer and Badrat grow to giant size.  The Megazords are formed and the battle continues.  Badrat and Rammer are destroyed in the battle.

Grinder is standing next to Generals Scorch and Snapper inside the temple.  Dai Shi is sitting on his throne.  Camille walked in with a briefcase.  Camille opened the briefcase and took out a vial.  Camille:  With this cloning formula, I can turn one warrior into an army.  General Scorch:  We can't spare any warriors for such a foolish scheme.  Dai Shi got off his throne and brushed past General Scorch.  General Scorch:  Dai Shi.  Camille presented the vial to Dai Shi.  Dai Shi:  Clones.  Very clever.  Give her a warrior.  Dai Shi gave the vial back to Camille and she grinned, pleased with herself.  General Scorch suggested a Rinshi, but Camille said no.  The formula only worked on primates.  Grinder tried to slip away, but Camille selected him for the formula.  Grinder had no choice but to accept.  Grinder headed out into the city and immediately began attacking the city.  Soon the Rangers arrive.  Grinder pours the vial over his head and hundreds of clones appear.  The clones battle Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Wolf Ranger.  Rhino Ranger had taken off.  As the four Rangers battled the clones, Grinder stay hidden behind some building.  He could not stop scratching.  Soon Camille arrives.  Camille tells Grinder she wants him to hide out by the lake.  If Grinder is destroyed, the clones will be destroyed.  Grinder is more than happy to do so.  The clones are still battling the four Rangers.  The Spirit Rangers are called forth and they help in the battle against the clones.  Soon the clones are destroyed.  Grinder is happily hanging out by the lake.  General Scorch arrives.  General Scorch had deliberately let Fran hear that Grinder was hiding out by the lake.  General Scorch stays until Rhino Ranger arrives, and then he takes off.  Grinder battles Rhino Ranger.  Soon the rest of the Rangers arrive and join in the battle.  Grinder continues his battle and is defeated.  Grinder grows to giant size.  The Rangers form their three Megazords.  Grinder battles the Rangers and is eventually destroyed.

The three remaining Phantom Beast Warriors were summon by Generals Scorch and Snapper.  Lepus, Osiris, and Sonimax were surprise when Generals Scorch and Snapper told them Dai wanted Camille destroyed.  They questioned this order, but the generals assured them this was the case.  That is why Dai Shi had come to them.  The three Phantom Beast Warriors left to do Dai Shi's bidding.  They soon found Camille in the woods.  Camille had been looking for Dai Shi.  The three Phantom Beast Warriors surrounded Camille and told her they had heard she was traitor.  Camille adamantly denied this.  Lepus remarked that a chameleon can change it's appearance and it is apparent Camille had changed into a traitor.  Camille told her she would show her a change.  Camille transform into her General form.  The three Phantom Beast Warriors battle General Camille.  They did well against her and soon had her defeated.  General Camille had hit the ground and she reverted to her human form.  The three warriors were ready to destroy Camille.  Suddenly Dai Shi (really Jarrod) leaped in.  "Dai Shi" was angry at them for attacking his top general.  After checking to make sure Camille was okay, "Dai Shi" donned his armor.  The three warriors battled "Dai Shi".  This was a much more difficult battle.  Lepus decided to make a run for it while "Dai Shi" was busy battling Osiris and Sonimax.  "Dai Shi" soon destroyed Sonimax and Osiris.  Lepus soon spotted an opportunity.  Casey was running in the woods.  Lepus attacked Casey.  She wanted to redeem herself in front of Dai Shi and figured destroying the Red Ranger would work.  Lepus knocked Casey to the ground.  Casey morphed and used his Strike Rider against Lepus.  Lepus battled the Red Ranger.  She was soon joined by Generals Scorch and Snapper.  Lepus was not happy to see them, as she knew they had tricked her.  The generals were only concern about finishing up the battle with Red Ranger.  All three battled Red Ranger.  Soon the rest of the Rangers arrive.  Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Red Ranger summon the Spirit Rangers.  The Spirit Rangers battled Generals Scorch and Snapper.  Lepus battled the rest of the Rangers.  Lepus grew to giant size.  The Rangers summon their zords and destroy Lepus with the jungle stampede.  Generals Scorch and Snapper retreated.

Several Rinshi were in the city with General Scorch.  They were stirring up fear for Dai Shi.  General Scorch would get destroyed by Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger.  The citizens were terrified and refused to calm down.  This is what Dai Shi needed.  Dai Shi had gathered enough fear to open the portal to the spirit realm.  The Phantom Beast Warriors, Jellica, Grizzaka, The Five Fingers of Poison, Carnisoar, the Rinshi, General Scorch, General Snapper, and the Stone Warriors were back.  The Phantom Beast Warriors and the rest battled the Rangers and the Masters.  Jellica and Master Finn battled.  Carnisoar and Master Swoop battled.  Suddenly several were knocked off their feet.  Masters Lope, Rilla, Mao, and Guin arrived.  The Rangers stood aside as the Phantom Beast Warriors and the rest battle the seven Masters.  Dynamir battled Master Lope.  Lepus battled Master Guin.  Masters Mao, Guin, Lope, Rilla, Finn, Swoop, and Phant go into the highest level animal spirits.  Having achieved this, the seven Masters destroyed the Phantom Beast Warriors and the rest.  Later, Dai Shi would be destroyed by Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger.              

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