The Rinshi are the foot soldiers of Dai Shi.  Ten thousand years ago, Dai Shi felt animals should rule the planet and wanted humans erased.  Brave warriors channeled their animal spirits and battle Dai Shi.  Eventually they captured him and placed him in a box, which was guarded by the Pai Zhug, the Order of the Claw.  Ten thousand years passed and the box was accidentally opened during a battle and Dai Shi escaped and returned to the place where he was captured.  The first thing Dai Shi did was resurrect his army.  The Rinshi were ready.  Dai Shi summon one forward and placed a mantis figure on his head.  He turned into the Mantor.  Dai Shi was ready to send his army out and then asked where Camille was.  Camille emerged from the wall where she had been waiting for Dai Shi's return.  The Rinshi and the Mantor left to destroy Ocean Bluff.  When they entered the city, they frighten the citizens, which was perfect, as they feed off of fear.  Three teens arrived, Theo, Lily, and Casey.  The Rin Sin and the Mantor battled the three teens with ease.  Then another young man, RJ, stood protectively in front of the teens.  RJ was also a member of the Order of the Claw.  RJ destroyed the Rinshi and Mantor retreated.  Dai Shi was not happy with Mantor.  Dai Shi then sent out more Rinshi, along with Camille and Mantor.  The Rinshi set about causing havoc with Camille in the lead.  The three teens reappeared, but this time two of them morphed into Power Rangers.  The Rinshi battled Yellow Ranger and Blue Ranger.

the Rinshi battled the Blue and Yellow Ranger until the Rinshi were destroyed.  Several more were at Dai Shi's lair and they went through their paces before him.  Camille walked in with bad news, Mantor had failed.  Dai Shi growled his anger.  Another group of Rinshi left with Camille.  They were to keep the Rangers away.  Mantor had broken the cam and Ocean Bluff was being flood.  Mantor, thanks to Camille infusing him with power, was giant size again. The three teens were racing along the top of a building when they ran into Camille and the Rinshi.  The three teens morphed.  Camille commented on the pretty colors and then sent in the Rinshi.  The Rinshi battled the Rangers, but they were destroyed.

The Rinshi were in the woods with Camille and Dai Shi.  Camille was standing behind Dai Shi.  The Rinshi were facing Dai Shi.  Dai Shi:  I have to test my growing power.  Your challenge Rinshi is me.  Who dares?  The Rinshi stepped forward and Dai Shi attacked.  Dai Shi used his lion spirit to destroyed the Rinshi.  Later, several more Rinshi were with Camille in the Native American Museum.  The Rinshi and Camille robbed the museum.  Camille:  I'm sure the Shaman won't mind if I borrow his powerful medicine bag.  A security guard came running out.  Security Guard:  Stop!  Thief!  Camille turned around used her tongue to knock out the security guard.  Camille:  Arrrg.  Bad cologne.  The Rinshi and Camille were walking through the city when the Power Rangers arrived.  Blue Ranger:  Not so fast lizard lady!  Camille:  Oh, Power Rangers, how sweet.  The Rinshi battled the Rangers.  Camille left the battle and Red Ranger follow her.  Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger destroyed the Rinshi.  Inside Dai Shi's lair, the Rinshi and Camille faced Dai Shi.  Dai Shi was not happy with Camille and told her with every breath that the Power Rangers take, she becomes more worthless.  Camille tells Dai Shi of her plan to used the buffalo spirit to transform one of the Rinshi into Buffalord.  One of the Rinshi reluctantly stepped forward and was turned to Buffalord.  Dai was pleased with Camille's plan.  Later, the Rinshi and Buffalord were in the city.  The Rangers arrived.  The Power Rangers faced won Buffalord and the Rinshi.  The Rangers battle the Rinshi and use their animal spirits and destroyed them.

Rantipede, one of the warriors of the Five Fingers of Poison, had been battling Yellow Ranger on his own at the beach.  The rest of the Rangers arrived.  Rantipede called forth the Rinshi.  Rantipede and the Rinshi battled the Rangers.  Red Ranger had a new vehicle, the Strike Rider, which he used against the Rinshi.  Camille, in her chameleon form, had shown up as well to battle the Red Ranger.  Camille would be defeated and the Rinshi were destroyed.

Several Rinshi left with Stingerella and enter Ocean Bluff.  Citizens ran and scream in terror.  Which is what Stingerella wanted.  The Rinshi and Stingerella danced in the streets.  Soon the Power Rangers arrived.  The Rangers try to battle the Rinshi and Stingerella, but could not keep up with their dance moves and was defeated.  Toady, who had been lurking, grew to giant size because he became jealous when he saw Blue Ranger touching Stingerella.  As the Rangers formed their Jungle Pride Megazord, Stingerella decided it was time to leave and took the Rinshi with her.  When Toady saw that Stingerella had left, he left the battle in tears.  Later, Stingerella would return to the city with the Rinshi.  The Rangers arrive once more.  The Rinshi and Stingerella were dancing.  The Rangers battle the Rinshi using new dance moves.  The Rangers destroyed the Rinshi.

Several Rinshi arrived in the city to help Camille battle Blue Ranger and Red Ranger.  Camille had Pangolin burrowing beneath the ground to find the fault line to create an earthquake.  The two Rangers were soon kept busy battling the Rinshi.  Eventually the Rinshi were destroyed by Blue Ranger and Red Ranger on his Strike Rider.  Elsewhere, several more Rinshi were attacking Lily who had been planting a flower garden outside Master Phant's hut.  The Rinshi had an easy time with Lily and eventually knocked her to the ground.  Master Phant came out of his hut with the Jungle Mace.  The Rinshi battle Master Phant but they were soon destroyed.

Slickagon was using his slime and attacking the city.  At first Slickagon battle Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger, but soon Red Ranger appeared.  Slickagon had several Rinshi arrived.  The Rinshi battled Yellow Ranger and Blue Ranger as Red Ranger battled Slickagon.  Eventually Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger destroyed the Rinshi.  Soon after, the Rangers destroyed Slickagon.

Several Rinshi were with Carden when he entered Ocean Bluff.  Soon the Rangers were there as well.  The Rinshi battled Red Ranger and Blue Ranger as Carden battled Yellow Ranger.  Blue Ranger destroyed several Rinshi with his Jungle Fans.  Red Ranger called for his Strike Rider.  Red Ranger destroyed the rest of the Rinshi with the Strike Rider.  The Rangers would then destroy Carden in their Jungle Pride Megazord.

Several Rinshi were with Camille.  Crustacco was opening a hole in the ocean floor and it was causing the ground to shake.  The Rangers soon arrive.  The Rinshi and Camille battle the Rangers.  The Rangers are having a difficult time.  Suddenly another man is on the beach.  This man battles the Rinshi and Camille with ease.  The man destroys the Rinshi.  The man, Master Finn, would also stop Crustacco.  Later, several more Rinshi and Camille find the teens and Master Finn.  The Rinshi battle the Ranges.  They would be destroyed in this battle as well.  Crustacco would also be destroyed by the Rangers.

The Rinshi surrounded the bars around the outside of the arena.  RJ had been captured and was being lead into the arena to battle Dai Shi.  Jellica and Carnisoar were there as well.  Camille pushed RJ into the arena.  The Rinshi grunted their approval as Dai Shi battled RJ.  Dai Shi would not only defeat RJ, but wound his wolf spirit as well.  Eventually RJ would recover and become the Wolf Ranger.

Camille had revived Grizzaka under the request of Carnisoar and Jellica.  Grizzaka immediately took over.  Grizzaka wanted his own warrior to lead the Rinshi.  Grizzaka put Munkeywi in charge.  Munkeywi was battling Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Red Ranger.  Munkeywi had knocked them to the ground when RJ sent his wolf spirit to attack and then he morphed into Wolf Ranger.  Munkeywi summon several Rinshi.  The Rinshi battled the Wolf Ranger.  The Rinshi were destroyed the Power Rangers.

Numerous Rinshi appeared in front of Dai Shi, in the woods.  Dai Shi was trying to harness his Zocato power.  Dai Shi:  Perhaps I can harness my Zocato power, if my survival depends on it.  Dai Shi dons his armor.  Dai Shi:  Ready?  Dai Shi raced forward towards the Rinshi.  The Rinshi battle Dai Shi.  Dai Shi:  Yes, that which does not defeat me, makes me stronger.  The lion spirit roared.  Dai Shi:  It's working.  Dai Shi destroyed the remaining Rinshi, but he still didn't harness the Zocato power. 

Barrakooza was battling Yellow Ranger and Blue Ranger.  Wolf Ranger arrived.  Several Rinshi arrived as well.  The Rinshi battled Wolf Ranger.  Red Ranger arrived on his Strike Rider and battled the Rinshi as well.  The Rinshi were destroyed by Wolf Ranger and Red Ranger.

Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Wolf Ranger had been battling Crocovile and not doing well.  Camille had come to watch and she was very pleased, but that didn't last long.  Red Ranger arrived on his Strike Rider and battle Crocovile.  Then Dominic arrived.  Wolf Ranger gave him a morpher and Dominic morphed into White Rhino Jungle Fury Power Ranger.  Camille was not happy to see another Ranger.  Camille summon several Rinshi.  The Rinshi battle Rhino Ranger.  The Rinshi were destroyed by Rhino Ranger.  Rhino Ranger would also destroy Crocovile.

Camille had discovered who had the control dagger and put her plan into action.  Camille needed the help of the Rinshi.  Two of the Rinshi disguised themselves as hoods.  In the city, the "hoods" grabbed Camille as she struggled to break free.  Dominic was close by and raced to her aid.  The "hoods" revealed themselves to be Rinshi and Camille revealed herself as well.  Camille demanded that Dominic give her the control dagger.  Instead Dominic morphed into Rhino Ranger.  Rhino Ranger battled and destroyed the Rinshi.

Several Rinshi were working and following Carnisoar's instructions on the construction they were building.  Carnisoar:  Hurry Rinshi.  The stars are almost in alignment.  Carnisoar placed a different eye on each spoke.  Carnisoar:  Snapping Turtle.  White Tiger.  Avalon Dragon.  Jellica entered.  Jellica:  Carnisoar!  He's gone.  Dai Shi has escape.  Carnisoar growled.  Carnisoar would later be destroyed by Rhino Ranger.

There were several Rinshi working in the chamber that Carnisoar had instructed them, when Camille and Dai Shi entered.  Camille showed Dai Shi the three crystal eyes no the spokes and the newspaper article about Dr. Jennings and how she had the five other crystal eyes.  In the city, numerous Rinshi entered with Grizzaka.  Citizens were screaming in terror, which is what Grizzaka wants.  Grizzaka is not with the Rinshi when four Power Rangers arrive.  The Rinshi battle the four Rangers.  Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger are in Jungle Master Mode.  Elsewhere in the city, Camille, in chameleon form, had taken the case with the crystal eyes.  Casey and Camille were battling.  Dr. Jennings had come out and several Rinshi grabbed her.  Casey debated over what to do and then raced to the aid of Dr. Jennings.  Casey battled and defeated the Rinshi, which allowed Camille to get away with the case.  Meanwhile, the Rinshi were still battling the four Rangers, but they were soon destroyed.  Later Grizzaka would be destroyed by the Power Rangers and when Casey returned the crystal eyes to Dr. Jennings, she gave them back to him for safe keeping.

Several Rinshi were guarding the entrance to the temple.  RJ and Master Finn came charging towards them.  The Rinshi battled RJ and Master Finn.  The Rinshi were destroyed and RJ and Master Finn entered the temple.  Several more Rinshi were inside the chamber where Master Swoop and Master Phant were being forced to battle as the Spirit Rangers.  The Rinshi battled Master Finn and RJ.  They were destroyed as well.  The two Masters were freed.  Later, in the city, Unidoom was facing down all eight Rangers.  Camille stepped forward and summon several Rinshi.   Camille then transform into her chameleon form.  Both sides charge at each other.  The Rinshi battled Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, Rhino Ranger, Shark Ranger, Bat Ranger, and Elephant Ranger.  Camille and Wolf Ranger battle.  It was a difficult battle.  The Rinshi would be destroyed by the Rangers.  Camille was defeated and Unidoom was destroyed as well.

A Rinshi disguised himself into human form and took on the guise of a cable guy.  He made his way up into RJ's loft, although Fran was trying to stop him.  Fran:  No, no, no, no one is allow in the loft.  Boss' orders.  Rinshi:  Look lady, I've got a call to fix the TVs.  It's what I do.  Fran:  But RJ isn't her right now.  Can't you come back later.  Rinshi:  Sure.  I'll see you in eight days.  Fran:  No...wait.  Just fix it real fast, okay?  Rinshi:  Don't worry, I'm a profession.  Fran:  Ju...The Rinshi picked up the remote and pointed it towards Fran and froze her.  The Rinshi stood and stare at Fran for awhile, and then become working.  Lily, Casey, Theo, and Dominic came walking in.  Casey:  Fran?  They noticed the "cable guy".  Casey:  Hey!  The Rinshi stood up and revealed himself.  The four teens made to race towards them.  The Rinshi pressed the remote and the four teens dematerialized and entered the TV.  Later, Casey, Theo, Dominic, and Lily would be released from the TV by RJ sending in Casey's morpher.  Red Ranger then cancelled Cheese McAster and Camille, which allow the four teens to return to the loft.

Several Rinshi and Camille arrive in a parking garage.  They waited for a young woman, Maryl, to head towards her car.  Slowly, and at first, a few at a time, the Rinshi started to approach the young woman when she reached her car.  Maryl managed to get into her car just as several Rinshi surrounded it.  But Maryl couldn't start the car.  Camille stood in front of the car.  Camille:  I don't think your car will work without these.  Camille had a car part and she tossed it aside.  Camille walked to the driver's side of the car.  The Rinshi continue to surround the car.  Camille:  Hmmm, you can make things very easy on yourself.  Just open the door and hand over the formula.  Maryl shook her head no.  Camille:  Bad choice!  Camille ripped the car door off and yanked Maryl out of the car.  Camille:  Hmmm, nice bracelet, but it doesn't match your outfit.  Give me the briefcase.  Maryl:  I don't have the key.  Camille:  You're not making very good choices today.  Shame.  I guess I'll have to take your wrist as well.  The Power Rangers then arrive.  The Rinshi battled Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Wolf Ranger.  Rhino Ranger and Camille battled.  Red Ranger arrived on his Strike Rider.  Red Ranger:  Strike Rider Cruise!  Attack Mode Go!  Several Rinshi battled Red Ranger.  Eventually the Rinshi were defeated by the Power Rangers.  Several more Rinshi were inside the temple, when Camille opened the briefcase and took out the vial.  Camille:  With this cloning formula, I can turn one warrior into an army.  General Scorch:  We can't spare any warriors for such a foolish scheme.  Dai Shi got off his throne and walked towards Camille.  General Scorch:  Dai Shi.  Camille presented the vial to Dai Shi.  Dai Shi:  Clones.  Very clever.  Give her a warrior.  General Scorch offered a Rinshi, but Camille wanted a monkey as the cloning formula only worked on primates.  Grinder was selected.  Later, the Power Rangers would destroy Grinder.

Several Rinshi were practicing their moves inside the temple.  Dai Shi came in and walked through them.  Dai Shi was looking for Camille and called out for her.  Instead General Scorch appeared and offered to help Dai Shi.  Dai Shi told him if he wanted him, he would have asked for him.  General Scorch offered to look for Camille.  Dai Shi turned him down and went looking for Camille himself.  General Scorch smirked to himself when Dai Shi left.

Several Rinshi were guarding the entrance to the grounds of the temple.  Casey walked up towards them.  The Rinshi battled Casey, but Casey easily destroyed them all.  Later, several more Rinshi were inside the temple.  Dai Shi told them he almost had enough fear, but the Rangers had ruined his plans.  General Scorch, the only survivor of an earlier battle, came bursting in.  General Scorch told Dai Shi he would lead the Rinshi into the city to generate more fear.  Dai Shi was very pleased as he was ready to begin the next Beast Wars.

Several Rinshi were in the city with General Scorch.  They were stirring up fear from the citizens and to lure the Rangers.  General Scorch:  This should send the Rangers my way.  Wolf Ranger and Rhino Ranger arrive and began battling the Rinshi, destroying them.  There were more Rinshi in other parts of the city.  Once more, Wolf Ranger and Rhino Ranger arrive, along with Masters Finn, Phant, and Swoop.  The Rinshi battled them until they were destroyed.  Later, the Rinshi were brought back by Dai Shi.  Dai Shi had gathered enough fear to open the portal to the spirit realm.  Not only were the Rinshi back, but so were General Scorch, General Snapper, Five Fingers of Poison, Grizzaka, Jellica, Carnisoar, the Phantom Beast Warriors, and the Stone Warriors.  The Rinshi and the rest battled the Rangers and the Masters.  Suddenly several were knocked off their feet.  Masters Lope, Rilla, Mao, and Guin arrived.  The Rangers stood aside as the Rinshi and the rest battle the seven Masters.  Masters Mao, Guin, Lope, Rilla, Finn, Swoop, and Phant go into the highest level animal spirits.  Having achieved this, the seven Masters destroyed the Rinshi and the rest.  Later, Dai Shi would be destroyed by Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger. 

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