Hydro Hog - Voiced by Brad Orchard

Hydro Hog is known as the Emperor of the Dark Waters.   Hydro Hog lives on the planet Aquitar.  Hydro Hog is the Alien Rangers most powerful enemy.  He has tried numerous times to destroy them.  Lord Zedd had Finster set up a dimensional teleporter to bring Hydro Hog to Earth.  It didn't last long, as Alpha 5 quickly blocked the beam.

Hydro Hog receive a message that Lord Zedd wanted to talk to him.  In hologram form, Hydro Hog responded to the message.  Lord Zedd asked him how he would like to drain Earth of it's water supply and destroy the Alien Rangers.  Hydro Hog liked the idea a lot.  Things had been boring on Aquitar without the "Fish" Rangers.  Hydro Hog arrived at Angel Grove's lake.  The Alien Rangers quickly arrived as well.  Hydro Hog battled the Alien Rangers with ease.  At one point, he pretended to fall and was unable to get back up.  The Alien Rangers thought they had defeated him.  When they approached, Hydro Hog quickly tossed the Black Alien Ranger through the air.  As Hydro Hog battled each Alien Ranger, he drained them of their water.  The Alien Rangers became very weak and were unable to protect the children who were still in the lake.  The Alien Rangers begged Hydro Hog not to harm the children.  Hydro Hog laughed at them.  Hydro Hog then cause severe winds as he drained the lake of water.  The water was soon gone.  Hydro Hog laughed.  The Alien Rangers were teleported out of the lake area and into a public swimming pool.  There was no water in the swimming pool.  Hydro Hog was there and he laughed at the Alien Rangers.  He had just drained the swimming pool.  Hydro Hog was quickly draining Earth of it's water and the Alien Rangers were too weak to stop him.

Hydro Hog continued to drain the Earth of it's water, creating a water shortage.  After awhile, there was a small rain storm.  It was enough to revive the Alien Rangers.  Hydro Hog battled the Alien Rangers.  At one point during the battle, Hydro Hog threw a anchor at them.  Eventually Lord Zedd and Rita made Hydro Hog grow to giant size.  The Alien Rangers formed the Shogun Megazord.  The battle continued.  Hydro Hog caught the fire saber before it could strike.  Hydro Hog then threw energy flames from his mouth.  This knock over the Megazord.  Hydro Hog was triumphant.  But the Falcon zord appeared and began firing at Hydro Hog before combining with the Megazord.  Hydro Hog continued to battle until he was destroyed.

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