Baboo - Voiced by Colin Phillips

Baboo is a member of Rita Repulsa's army.  Baboo, Rita, Squatt, Goldar, and Finster were trapped inside a dumpster, by Zordon, for ten thousand years.  The dumpster had landed on the moon and two astronauts opened it.  Baboo was finally free.  Rita was the last to climb out of the dumpster, and Baboo tried to help her, but she did not appreciate his help.  Rita decided to conquer the nearest planet, Earth.  Rita, Baboo and the rest, set up a base on the moon.  The palace was where Rita plotted and she had easy access to view what was happening on Earth.  Zordon had recruited five teenagers to protect the planet from Rita.  Rita sent down putty patrollers, which Finster had made.  Baboo and Squatt watched eagerly, but the putties were soon destroyed by the Power Rangers.  Rita then sent Goldar and several more putties to Angel Grove.  The Rangers, once again, destroyed the putties.  Rita threw down her wand to make Goldar grow.  The Rangers called for their zords and battled Goldar.  Goldar eventually retreated.  Rita was furious.  Anxious not to take the blame for the failure, Baboo immediately blamed Squatt.  As Baboo and Squatt argue, Rita stormed out, claiming she had a headache.

Rita's next plan was to trap the Rangers in a time warp, like she had done to Zordon.  Rita had Baboo and Squatt work on a time device.  Baboo and Squatt sent down the time device, which looked like a small space shuttle, to Angel Grove.  Baboo and Squatt went into the time warp.  Baboo and Squatt were supposed to set off a bomb to destroy the time device, which would trap the Rangers in the time warp.  Baboo and Squatt excitedly watched as Bones battled the Power Rangers.  The Power Rangers destroyed Bones.  Giant grabbed Red Ranger, and the rest of the Rangers were knocked out of the time warp.  Red Ranger destroyed Giant with his Tyrannosaurus Dinozord.  Baboo and Squatt returned to the moon palace, where Rita was furious at them for their failure.  Rita screamed at them before claiming a headache.

Baboo stood on the balcony with Finster, Goldar, Squatt, and Rita.  Rita was thrilled that her plan to lure Trini and Kimberly a waste site had worked.  Later, Baboo and Squatt went to the rock quarry where the Rangers were battling Goldar and several putties.  Baboo and Squatt stood above on a cliff and threw rocks down on the Rangers.  The Rangers would defeat Goldar and destroyed the putties.  Baboo and Squatt returned to the moon palace where Rita was furious with them.  Baboo and Squatt hugged each other as Rita yelled at them, calling them nitwits.

Rita Repulsa had come up with a plan to separate Jason from his friends.  When Baboo and Squatt heard that the job would be easy, they volunteered for the job of separating Jason.  Rita did not trust the two to do the job right and instead assign Goldar the task.  Rita first sent down several putties and King Sphinx to distract the Rangers.  Baboo and Squatt went down to the children's theater in the park and sat in bleachers to watch, as Red Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Black Ranger battled the Putties and King Sphinx.  King Sphinx flapped his wings and Pink Ranger was sent away.  Red Ranger asked what happened to Pink Ranger.  Black Ranger didn't know, but he was going to find out.  Black Ranger went up to the bleachers and started pounding on Squatt, thinking he was responsible.  Red Ranger shouted out that it was King Sphinx.  Black Ranger ran over to King Sphinx.  King Sphinx flapped his wings and now Black Ranger was gone.  The Putties were destroyed.  King Sphinx grabbed a hold of Red Ranger, flapped his wings, and they were gone.  Baboo and Squatt returned to the palace.  Baboo, Squatt, and Rita watched the battle from the balcony.  At first all was going well as a giant Goldar had joined in the battle against Red Ranger.  But eventually the rest of the Rangers arrived and destroyed King Sphinx.  Goldar had to retreat.  Rita yelled at Baboo, Squatt, and the rest for failing to destroy the Power Rangers.

Baboo and Squatt were on the balcony with Rita, as she spied on Kimberly's aerobics/dance class.  Rita hated the music, but it gave her the idea to use music against the Rangers.  Rita left to find Finster.  Finster created Gnarly Gnome.  Gnarly Gnome lured several girls from Kimberly's aerobics class into a cave.  Inside the cave, the girls danced while Gnarly Gnome played the music.  Baboo and Squatt were in charge of fixing him a meal.  Gnarly Gnome hollered at them for taking so long.  Baboo became annoyed with Gnarly Gnome's impatience.  After everyone had eaten, except the girls, Baboo and the rest took a nap.  The nap ended when Rita, from her base, saw them asleep and hollered at them to prepare for the Rangers' trap.  The plan failed.  Baboo and Squatt returned to the moon base where Rita yelled at them for not destroying the Power Rangers.

Baboo and Squatt were on the balcony, looking through Rita's telescope.  They quickly spotted the teens having a food festival.  Rita walked in and slumped against the walls.  Rita did not feel good.  Baboo hurried over and told Rita she can't be sick.  Rita screamed back at him that she can.  Squatt told her they have spotted something that would make her feel better.  When Rita looked through the telescope, she felt worse seeing all the food.  Later, Rita watched the food fight take place in the Youth Center, and came up with an idea to have a monster that would eat all the food supply.  Finster created Pudgy Pig.  At first, Pudgy Pig was a success, eating everything, including the Rangers' weapons.  Eventually the Power Rangers destroyed Pudgy Pig.  Rita was furious and yelled at Finster.  Baboo and Squatt blamed each other for the failure.

Rita quickly found Baboo, Goldar, and Squatt.  Rita had located the power eggs and plan on using it's power to get rid of the Power Rangers.  Rita made this announced to Baboo, Squatt, and Goldar as they stood on the balcony.  Baboo, Goldar, and Squatt applauded the speech.  They traveled to a cave where the power eggs were hidden.  Squatt was sent to retrieve the magic chest.  Unfortunately when Squatt touched the chest, he received a giant shock.  Baboo yelled at him, convince Squatt had broken the magic chest.  Rita then remembered that only the touch of an innocent child could open the chest.  Baboo, Goldar, Rita, and Squatt return to the palace.  Rita had Finster create the Chunky Chicken.  Rita then had several putties go down to Angel Grove Park and capture Maria.  Kimberly, Trini, and Maria were having a picnic in the park at the time.  Maria was taken to the cave and Chunky Chicken had no problem forcing Maria to touch the chest.  They left the cave.  Baboo was holding the chest when they noticed the Volkswagen Bug traveling towards them.  Goldar yelled at Chunky Chicken to take the girl and go.  Baboo, Squatt and Goldar battled the Power Rangers.  The Rangers used their Blade Blasters - which knocked the chest back into the sea.  Chunky Chicken joined the battle.  The Rangers now used their Power Weapons against Baboo, Chunky Chicken, Goldar, and Squatt.  Rita wanted the Power Eggs and summon her forces to an old factory.  Baboo, Squatt, Goldar, and Chunky Chicken arrived.  Baboo, Goldar, and Squatt stood on the stairs.  Maria was dangling from a rope with Chunky Chicken next to her.  The Megazord arrived.  Rita tried to make a deal with the Rangers - Maria in exchange for the Power Eggs.  The Rangers refused.  Rita gave the order to Chunky Chicken to cut the rope.  Maria fell, but the Megazord caught her.  Maria was taken safely away by the Rad Bug.  Rita was furious but convince Chunky Chicken could destroy the Megazord.  Rita made Chunky Chicken giant size.  The Rangers battle and destroyed Chunky Chicken.  After the battle, Baboo, Squatt, Goldar, and Rita were back at the Moon Palace.  Finster joined them.  Rita was furious at the failure of the plan.  Goldar blamed Finster - saying it was the fault of a lame monster.  Rita needed an aspirin as she had a headache. 

Rita screamed for Baboo, Finster, and Goldar.  Rita had just seen Billy's young friend, Willy.  Rita wanted to steal Willy's intelligence and make it her own.  Finster will bring back a previously successful monster, Eye Guy.  Baboo and Eye Guy were sent down to Angel Grove.  Baboo and Eye Guy hid in some bushes at Angel Grove park.  Willy soon arrive, upset over being disqualified from the Junior Science Fair.  Baboo told Eye Guy to capture Willy and he did.  Later, Baboo was still with Eye Guy when the Power Rangers arrived to rescue Willy.  Upon seeing the Power Ranger, Baboo took off running, leaving Eye Guy to face the Rangers on his own.  The Power Rangers would eventually destroy Eye Guy and rescue Willy.

Trini has a dream in which Rita had come up with a plan to steal Trini's doll, Mr. Ticklesneezer.  Rita tells Baboo, Squatt, and Goldar of her plan to have Mr. Ticklesneezer stolen and sends down Squatt to steal the doll.  Later, Squatt returns with Mr. Ticklesneezer, who is now alive.  Baboo, Rita, Squatt, and Finster look over Mr. Ticklesneezer and ask what he can do.  Mr. Ticklesneezer replies that he collects things in his bottle.  Finster confirms this is true, after looking up information in a book about Mr. Ticklesneezer.  Baboo adds the Mr. Ticklesneezer can collect the Power Rangers.  Rita then sends Mr. Ticklesneezer to Angel Grove to start collecting.  Later, Rita sends Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt down to Angel Grove as well, along with a small army of Putties.  Soon Pink Ranger, Red Ranger, and Black Ranger arrive and battle the Putties.  Baboo and Squatt just get in each other's way.  Soon Goldar is battling Red Ranger.  During all of this Mr. Ticklesneezer has lost his bottle.  Rita arrives on the balcony of an apartment building.  Rita wants Mr. Ticklesneezer to continue collecting and becomes furious when he tells her he can't.  Rita throws down her wand and Mr. Ticklesneezer is now giant size.  Mr. Ticklesneezer captures the Megazord.  Red Ranger summons the power sword.  The landing of the sword, knocks Mr. Ticklesneezer to the ground, and opens the bottle.  The Megazord is release.  The Rangers now have the bottle and threaten Baboo, Rita, Goldar, and Squatt with it.  Baboo and Goldar cling to Rita's wand.  Rita fights back with her wand, but it is no use.  Squatt goes flying up into the air and holds onto a piece of the building, so that he doesn't get caught into the bottle.  Rita declares they will get the Rangers next time.  Baboo, Rita, and Goldar vanished.  Squatt does as well.  The Rangers have Mr. Ticklesneezer return everything he had collected in his bottle.  This is the end of Trini's dream.   

Baboo followed Rita as she lead him, Squatt and Goldar to Finster.  Rita had found out that Zack's birthday was the next day and she wanted to get him a present.  Rita looked through her book of monsters, trying to pick the best one.  Rita choose the Nasty Knight monster.  The Nasty Knight had already proven himself on Tarmac 3 when he destroy the finest warrior there.  They went down to Earth.  Rita had Baboo and Finster hammered out a sword for Nasty Knight.  Squatt urged them to hurry.  It was getting on Baboo's nerves and he told him to stop babbling.  Squatt replied that he like to babble.  Rita stood by, waiting for the sword to be completed.  When Baboo and Finster finished the sword, Rita cast a spell on the sword, which also summon up the Nasty Knight as well.  The following day, Rita went to Angel Grove, in the mountains.  Zack had been sitting dejectedly, upset that his friends had forgotten his birthday.  Rita called out happy birthday Zack.  Rita and Goldar stood together and laughed as Rita showed Zack the Nasty Knight.  Rita also pointed out that she was having the event video taped.  Baboo and Squatt stood a little apart from them and had a video camera and microphone.  Zack quickly morphed into Black Ranger.  Goldar joined the battle as well.  Rita watched from the sidelines, pleased at how the battle was going.  Baboo and Squatt had difficulty with the video camera.  Unfortunately, the rest of the Rangers arrived to help Black Ranger in his battle against Nasty Knight.  Nasty Knight had burnt all the Rangers' weapons.  Rita threw her wand down to make Nasty Knight grow large.  The Rangers summon their zords and formed their Megazord.  It was a difficult battle for the Rangers, but the Rangers destroyed Nasty Knight.  Rita was furious, but promised the Rangers this was not the end.  Rita returned to her palace and yelled at Baboo, Squatt, Goldar, and Finster for being failures.  Rita yelled at Baboo and Squatt that they were bumbling idiots.

Rita had come up with a new plan to get rid of the Power Rangers.  Rita had set up a fake carnival and had several putties, disguised as clowns, keeping tabs on the teens.  There was also a monster, Pineoctopus, disguised as Pineapple the clown.  The plan was to use Sylvia, Trini's cousin, as bait to lure the teens.  Pineoctopus would then turn the teens into cardboard cutouts.  Sylvia was eventually turned into cardboard and the teens realized the carnival was a trap.  The crowd had left and the putties no longer disguised themselves as clowns.  Kimberly, Billy, Jason and Zack battled the putties.  Pineapple the clown also revealed himself to be Pineoctopus.  The four teens morphed.  The Power Rangers battled several more putties, as more had arrived.  Rita was pleased with her plan, but Baboo, after peering through Rita's telescope,  was concerned something might go wrong.  Rita summon Goldar and sent him down to help Pineoctopus battle the Rangers.  Baboo and Squatt also went down to Angel Grove.  They sat on bleachers and watched as the Rangers battled the putties, Goldar, and Pineoctopus.  Eventually Baboo and Squatt stood with Goldar and Pineoctopus as they faced down the Power Rangers.  Pineoctopus began to use his dust, which caused Baboo, Squatt, and Goldar to sneeze.  Baboo, Squatt, and Goldar teleported out of Angel Grove.  Later, the Power Rangers destroyed Pineoctopus.  Rita was furious with Baboo, Squatt, Goldar, and Finster and yelled at them before getting a headache.

Baboo was working alone, on a potion.  Baboo looked over his equipment and ingredients.  Baboo:  The long tube connected to the small tube.  And the small tube connected to the even smaller tube.  Baboo laughed.  Baboo:  I think I got everything.  Let's see, snail slime, spider legs, poison ivy, rattlesnake lips.  Baboo was pleased to see he had everything.  He finished making his punk potion.  Baboo was sure Rita would be very happy with him.  Baboo used Rita's flying bike to fly over Angel Grove.  It was hard work, and Baboo wished Rita would motorize her bike.  The teens were playing volleyball in the park.  Several putties arrived and the teens were busy battling the putties.  While they were distracted, Baboo poured the punk potion into the five drinks.  The Putties suddenly vanished.  Billy and Kimberly took a drink and immediately turned into punks.  They knocked over the rest of the drinks.  Trini, Jason, and Zack were not affected..  Baboo returned to the palace.  Rita had been watching the teens and was very thrilled to see two of them had gone bad.  Baboo spoke up immediately and told Rita that he was the one responsible.  Rita didn't pay him any attention.  Baboo didn't care and kept going on.  Baboo was sure Rita would reward him with a small planet or asteroid.  Rita did not reward Baboo.  Instead, Rita went and saw Finster about a monster.  Finster created the Terror Toad.  Terror Toad was sent down to Angel Grove where it battled Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, and Black Ranger.  Terror Toad swallowed Yellow Ranger and soon after, Black Ranger.  Meanwhile, Billy and Kimberly had been restored by an anti-dote Alpha 5 had made from the sap of the singing squash.  Blue Ranger and Pink Ranger arrived, ready to battle.  Red Ranger and Blue Ranger were swallowed by the Terror Toad as well.  Pink Ranger was about to fire at Terror Toad with her Power Bow when Baboo pushed her to the ground.  Baboo stood by Terror Toad.  Baboo gloated at the Pink Ranger, sure Terror Toad could not be defeated.  Pink Ranger hit Terror Toad in the neck with several bows, and the rest of the Rangers were released.  Baboo went into hiding by some trees and watched as the Rangers destroyed Terror Toad.  Baboo quickly ran away.    

Baboo, Squatt, and Finster were in the monster making room when Rita stormed in.  Rita immediately began yelling at them and telling them to stop playing with clay and goofing off.  Rita wanted Madame Woe.  Baboo and Squatt were terrified.  Baboo said that Madame Woe was almost as horrible as Rita.  Later, the Power Rangers would destroy Madame Woe. 

Rita was on the balcony, watching Kimberly with her telescope.  Rita:  So Kimberly is going flying.  Well, what goes up, we can push down.  With a sleeping potion for pilot Steve.  Then you send down Snizzard.  Goldar was enthusiastic about the plan.  Baboo and Squatt were as well.  Squatt went down to Angel Grove's airport.  He found Uncle Steve's drink sitting on his plane.  Squatt quickly poured the sleeping potion into the drink and vanished.  Squatt returned to the palace.  Goldar lectured both Baboo and Squatt and told them they had better not messed up anything.  Squatt reassured him that he had done well.  Unfortunately, Rita's plan did not work.  Although the potion put Uncle Steve to sleep, Kimberly was able to land the plane with Alpha 5's instructions.  Pink Ranger came to the aid of the rest of the Power Rangers, who were tied up with snakes Snizzard shot at them.  Pink Ranger used her Power Bow against Snizzard and destroyed him.  Rita was very upset.  Rita yelled at Baboo, Squatt, and Finster for failing once more.     

Rita summon Baboo, Squatt, Finster, and Goldar.  Finster had just made the monster, Dark Warrior.  Rita had seen Trini's Uncle Howard invent an invisibility formula.  Rita wanted to use the formula on the Rangers and make them disappear forever.  Rita sent Baboo, Squatt, and Goldar down to Angel Grove to retrieve the formula.  Baboo, Squatt, and Goldar had to walk through the woods to reach Uncle Howard's lab.  Baboo, Squatt, and Goldar entered Uncle Howard's lab.  They could not find the invisibility formula.  Goldar pick up a bottle and asked Squatt to check it.  Instead Squatt drank from it.  Baboo wanted to drink from it as well and Squatt passed him the bottle.  It made them feel sick.  Goldar was very frustrated with them.  Baboo, Squatt, and Goldar return to the palace.  Rita was furious with them.  Rita had told them numerous times not to drink out of unmarked bottles.  Baboo, Squatt, and Goldar bowed and Rita hit them on their heads with her wand.  Dark Warrior told Rita the invisibility formula was not in the lab.  Dark Warrior suggested that Rita send down several Putties to capture Uncle Howard and he would question him as to where the formula was.  Rita acted on Dark Warrior's suggestion.  Later, the teens rescue Uncle Howard.  The Power Rangers destroyed Dark Warrior.  Baboo, Squatt, and Goldar were kneeling once more before the furious Rita.  Once more, Rita hit them on their heads with her wand. 

Baboo stood on the balcony as Rita look at Angel Grove through her telescope.  Rita had sent down Squatt to switch the wires on Billy's latest invention.  The plan was to keep the teens busy trying to help their friend, they wouldn't have any time for Rita.  Squatt returned to report that he had switched the wires.  Rita was very pleased.  Rita hollered for Goldar, who came walking in.  Rita had Goldar look through the telescope and then yelled attack.  Rita planned on using Genie to destroy the Rangers, but Genie had to be located first.  Once the Genie was located, Rita had Genie's lamp brought to the palace.  Squatt rubbed the lamp and Genie emerged.  Goldar gave Genie instructions to go to Angel Grove and destroy the Power Rangers.  Goldar wanted Genie brought to Earth in his lamp, so Zordon could not detect him.  Baboo and Squatt teleported to Angel Grove with the lamp.  As Squatt rubbed the lamp, he dropped it.  Baboo became angry with Squatt and hit him.  Zordon was quickly alerted to the lamp.  Baboo and Squatt stayed to watch Genie battled the Power Rangers.  The lamp had been taken to the Command Center.  Later, Alpha 5 would find out Genie's source of power was the lamp and he would dispose of it.  This cause Genie to disappear. 

Baboo, Squatt, and Goldar were on the balcony with Rita.  Rita had been watching the Martial Arts Expo at the Youth Center.   Rita:  Oh, did you see that guy?  He'll be a great Green Ranger!  Baboo:  You mean one of their own kind?  Goldar:  Of course!  Rita gave Tommy a test first, she sent down several putties to attack him.  When Tommy destroyed the putties, Rita teleported Tommy to the preparation chamber.  Rita cast a evil spell over Tommy and gave him a power coin.  Baboo, Squatt, and Goldar teleported to Angel Grove.  Rita made Goldar large.  Goldar stomp around Angel Grove.  Baboo and Squatt watched gleefully.  The Rangers arrived in their Megazord.  Baboo and Squatt watched as Goldar battled the Rangers.  Eventually Goldar left and Green Ranger took over, by entering the Rangers' Megazord.  Rita's plan had worked.  Green Ranger had made Zordon vanish, destroyed the Command Central, planted a virus in Alpha 5, and defeated the Power Rangers.

Baboo was standing on the balcony with Rita and Goldar.  Rita was looking through her telescope and started to laugh.  Rita:  Finally we can begin phase two of my plan!  Goldar:  Yes and crush those Rangers.  Rita:  And that means the time has come to call on my Green Ranger.  Goldar:  First give him the Sword of Darkness.  Rita was agreed and went to see Finster.  Later, Rita is ready to give Tommy the Sword of Darkness so that he can be hers forever.  Baboo, Goldar, Finster, and Squatt are with her.  Goldar tells Rita the Sword of Darkness is something Tommy must earn.  Goldar suggests a test of strength against the Putties.  Baboo states that's a wonderful idea.  Baboo asks if they can watch it?  Rita tells him yes.  Rita wants them all to go down to Earth and watch her Green Ranger.  Goldar tells them once he has the Sword of Darkness, Rita will be able to control Green Ranger's every move forever.  Baboo, Rita, Goldar, Finster, and Squatt teleport down to Angel Grove.  They walk along a path that leads to a beach.  Rita is eager to see her Ranger.  Tommy arrives on the beach.  Tommy refers to Rita as Empress and tells her you summon me, I am yours to command.  Tommy is eager to crush the Power Rangers.  Baboo, Goldar, Squatt, Finster, and Rita are standing on a cliff above Tommy.  Goldar tells Tommy patience.  You must first meet a challenge, using only your skills and no weapons.  You must defeat the Putties and then you will receive the Sword of Darkness.  Rita asks Tommy if he is prepared?  Rita uses her wand and Tommy is teleported to a different part of the beach.  Tommy is soon surrounded by Putties.  Tommy battles the Putties.  Baboo, Rita, Goldar, Squatt and Finster watch the battle.  Rita encourages Tommy to continue to battle.  Tommy battles the Putties with all his might and skill.  Goldar is pleased with Tommy's performance.  Tommy eventually defeats all the Putties.  The Putties soon vanish.  Tommy laughs evilly.  Tommy tells Rita you command and I obey.  Rita is very happy.  Baboo tells him welcome to the club.  Rita teleports the Sword of Darkness into Tommy's hands.  Tommy tests out the sword with a few moves.  Tommy vows the Power Rangers will be destroyed and the Red Ranger will be the first to go.  Green flashes shoot out of the Sword of Darkness as Tommy laughs once more.  Later, Tommy teleports Jason to the Dark Dimension.  Green Ranger is at the bluff when Black Ranger, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger arrive with their Blade Blasters drawn.  The four Rangers battle Green Ranger with their Blade Blasters and Green Ranger battles them with the Sword of Darkness.  Green Ranger has an easy time against the four Rangers.  At the Moon Palace, Rita is laughing as she watches the battle.  Things are going even better than expected.  Baboo and Squatt are with her.  Squatt asks Rita what is the next step in her evil plan?  Baboo wants to know as well.  Rita tells them a green surprise for the Power Geeks.  Green Ranger tells the four Rangers he is going to finish them.  Black Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Yellow Ranger summon their zords.  All of the zords arrive and the Megazord is formed.  The Megazord defeats Green Ranger.  Green Ranger teleports away.  Rita is furious - she will not accept defeat.  Squatt tells Rita she hasn't lost - you still have Jason.  This lifts Rita's spirits immediately.  Squatt tells her that Goldar still has Jason trapped.  Smugly, Rita walks away.  Rita hollers for Goldar.

Baboo and Squatt were not happy when Rita decided to cast a spell and release Scorpina.  Baboo and Squatt were scared of Scorpina.  Scorpina immediately arrived in Rita's palace.  Rita and Goldar were very happy to see Scorpina.  Baboo asked Scorpina to keep her stinger away from him, since she had once stung him on the head, making it hurt for a week.  Scorpina simply chuckled and grinned evilly back.  Scorpina was sent down to Angel Grove for battle.  Baboo fanned Rita as Rita examined herself in the mirror that Squatt was holding.  Rita wanted to know who more pretty, her or Scorpina.  Baboo and Squatt both insisted that she looked more beautiful.  Scorpina was summoned back to the palace, due to Goldar's request.  Scorpina argued with Goldar until Rita stopped them both.  Rita needed to send a warrior down to Angel Grove.  Both Goldar and Scorpina insisted they be the one to go.  Baboo and Squatt agreed that it should be Goldar.  Rita agreed as well and Goldar was sent down to Angel Grove.

Baboo stood with Rita, Finster, and Squatt.  Rita was very pleased with her plan.  Finster:  And so we have giant Goldar smashing things to lure the Power Rangers and their Megazord into the open.  And then...Squatt:  And then it's lights out for Megazord.  Rita:  I'll cast a spell to eclipse the sun, and cut off the source of Megazord's power.   Finster notes that instead of one of his monsters to finish off those teenagers, Rita will probably want to use the Green Ranger.  Rita yells at Finster.  Squatt is delighted to see Finster in trouble.  Rita laughs.  The Power Rangers soon arrive and immediately begin battling the Putties.  Scorpina emerges from her boulder and leaps on top of a building.  Scorpina screams ready and then leaps off the building.  Scorpina battles the Power Rangers.  She knocks them off their feet easily.  Baboo and Squatt arrive and stand on either side of Scorpina.  Scorpina wants the Rangers to feel her sting and throws her weapon like a boomerang towards the Rangers.  The weapon hits each Ranger and knocks them off their feet once more.  Giant Goldar arrives.  Goldar tries to step on the Rangers, but they leap out of the way.  Blue Ranger tells Red Ranger we got to use a new tactic.  Giant Goldar makes his way towards the Youth Center.  Several kids and Ernie ran screaming from the Youth Center.  Bulk & Skull managed to find Youth Center bus empty, and Skull drove the bus away.  Moments later, Goldar picked up the bus, knowing the Rangers' friends were inside.  Goldar used this threat to try and get the Rangers to surrender.  Goldar placed the bus on the edge of a cliff.  Baboo, Squatt, and several Putties work hard on trying to shove the bus off the cliff.  Baboo, Squatt and the Putties managed to get the bus off the cliff.  The Rangers, in their Megazord, caught the bus before it crashed to the ground.  Giant Goldar battles the Rangers in their Megazord.  Soon, in giant and monster form, Scorpina joins in the battle.  Rita's spell starts to work as a solar eclipse starts and the Megazord begins to lose it's power.  Giant Green Ranger arrives and battles the Megazord as well.  Goldar and Green Ranger use their power to blast the Megazord.  A hole is formed in the ground and the Megazord falls in, after ejecting the Rangers.

Baboo, Scorpina, Rita, Goldar, Finster, and Squatt were all celebrating.  Goldar:  To the destruction of Megazord!  Rita:  And total domination of Earth!  Baboo:  Raspberry and oyster juice.  Rita started laughing.  Rita:  And now the end is near.  Rita was ready for the next step and summoned the Dragonzord.  Baboo, Goldar, Finster, and Squatt watched as Rita contacted Green Ranger and let him know about Dragonzord.  Green Ranger immediately used Dragonzord.  The Rangers tried to stop him.  Unknown to Baboo, Rita, Goldar, Finster, and Squatt, Alpha 5 had gotten Zordon back.  Zordon restore the zords, and the Rangers were quickly in their Megazord.  Baboo, Rita, Goldar, Finster, and Squatt kept an eye on the battle, and Rita became impatient with Green Ranger, wanting Green Ranger to go ahead and destroy the Rangers.  The battle led to Red Ranger and Green Ranger leaving their zords to continue the battle on the ground.  Red Ranger and Green Ranger battled and it looked like Green Ranger was winning.  Rita was thrilled, finally the destruction of the Power Rangers.  Instead Red Ranger knocked the Sword of Darkness out of Green Ranger's hands and then destroyed the Sword of Darkness with his Blade Blaster.  Tommy was freed from Rita's spell.  Tommy also join the Rangers in their battle against Rita.  Goldar vowed to Rita that he would avenge her and destroy the Rangers.

Baboo wanted to surprise Rita by making a monster without her knowing it.  Squatt was with Baboo as he created a monster.  Squatt:  Wait a minute Baboo.  Don't put the monster in the machine yet.  We've got to get him some weapons to fight with.  Squatt placed several items on the conveyor belt next to the monster.  Baboo stuck a toy traffic light on the top of it's head.  Squatt:  Have you decided what you want to name him?  Baboo was thinking of Greta or Peitouche.  Squatt thought those were lousy names and suggested the name Shellshock.  Baboo thought it over and decided he liked it.  Shellshock and his weapons entered the Monstermatic.  Standing where the monster would emerge, Squatt got very excited - thinking it would be the greatest monster ever!  Baboo shushed him and Squatt covered his mouth with his hands.  Shellshock emerged form the Monstermatic and he was ready to report for duty.   Baboo and Squatt walk over to Shellshock.  They are confident Shellshock will destroy the Rangers, but decide to send down the Putties to soften them up first.  Baboo and Squatt watch the battle form the balcony and they are excited over their success at catching the teens off guard.  Eventually the Putties vanish.  Baboo and Squatt are flabbergasted to see the Putties vanish.  Baboo tells Squatt to tell him that didn't really happen.  Squatt agrees to tell him it's didn't happen, but it did.  Baboo and Squatt start crying.  Baboo really hates the Power Rangers.  Squatt suggests they send Shellshock.  Baboo, Squatt, and Shellshock teleport to the park.  Tommy has already left, but the rest of the teens are there.  They stay hidden in the bushes.  Squatt tells Shellshock there they are.  Baboo tells Shellshock the teens are the Power Rangers.  Baboo tells Shellshock they are his enemies.  Squatt tells Shellshock they want him to knock them out.  Baboo thinks Squatt is confusing Shellshock.  The first thing Baboo wants Shellshock to do is use his ray on the teens.  Shellshock goes over the plan and then shoots his ray.  It hits the basketball and blasts it apart.  Jason and Zack spot Baboo, Shellshock, and Squatt hidden among the trees.  Baboo instructs Shellshock to use the go beam.  The five teens immediately morph.  Shellshock uses his ray, the traffic light on top of his head, and hits Yellow Ranger.  Yellow Ranger can't stop moving and she runs away, calling out for help.  Red Ranger demands to know what Shellshock has done to Yellow Ranger.  The four Rangers run towards them.  Red Ranger lands a kick that knocks Shellshock down.  Squatt and Baboo help Shellshock back up.  Baboo, Shellshock, and Squatt face down Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, Black Ranger, and Pink Ranger.  Scott threatens the four Rangers, telling them just wait and see what their monster can do.  Shellshock withdraws one of his arms and out comes a baseball bat.  Squatt throws him a few baseballs.  Shellshock quickly hits them all and the baseballs are aimed at the four Rangers.  Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Black Ranger leap out of the way.  Shellshock then uses his stop ray.  It hits Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Black Ranger.  They cannot move.  Baboo, Squatt, and Shellshock laugh.  Shellshock withdraws his head and out comes a cannon.  Baboo warns Shellshock not miss.  Red Ranger tries to protect his friends.  The cannon misses.  Red Ranger leaps into the air and fires at them with his Blade Blaster.  Baboo, Squatt, and Shellshock teleport away.  Baboo and Squatt return to the palace.  Squatt tells Baboo they didn't need to run away, there is only one left.  Squatt suggest they go back and finish him off.  Baboo doesn't want to take any more chances.  Goldar joins them.  Goldar warns them that Rita will not be happy when she finds out what they did.  Baboo thinks Goldar is just jealous because they created such a good monster.  Goldar is still convince that no matter how good the monster is, they still created it without Rita's permission.  Goldar threatens Baboo and Squatt by telling them when Rita finds out she will turn them to space dust.  Squatt doesn't believe it - it's the first time they ever won a battle.  Goldar warns them that they haven't won yet and they never will.  Squatt starts hollering that Goldar is jealous.  Baboo shushes him once more.  Rita awakens and she is very pleased that their monster won a battle against the Power Rangers.  Shellshock is there as well.  Baboo and Squatt are thrilled that they made Rita happy.  Rita tells Baboo, Squatt, and Shellshock they did okay.  Goldar can't believe it and he is furious as he slams his fist onto the railing.  Rita sends Baboo, Squatt, and Shellshock back down to Angel Grove.  Rita then makes Shellshock giant size.  Shellshock begins wrecking the city.  Baboo and Squatt are standing on top of a building.  They get every excited seeing Shellshock wreck the city.  Squatt gleefully states he is ruining the whole city.  Soon Red Ranger arrives in his Tyrannosaurus Dinozord.  Shellshock is not afraid to battle Tyrannosaurus.  Red Ranger tells him he is going to be turtle soup.  Baboo tells Shellshock, you are our turtle, go get him!  Shellshock withdraws his arms and out comes a bat and a hook.  Shellshock and Tyrannosaurus battle.  Shellshock knocks Tyrannosaurus down and then kicks him.  Tyrannosaurus gets back up.  Shellshock does well against Tyrannosaurus.  Shellshock retreats his head and now the cannon comes out.  The cannon fires a blast at Tyrannosaurus.  Then Dragonzord arrives.  Dragonzord's tail knocks Shellshock down.  Shellshock gets back up and is eager to take them both on - he will have twice as much fun.  Dragonzord uses it's tail against Shellshock once more.  Tyrannosaurus lands a punch on Shellshock's face.  Shellshock goes flying.  Dragonzord hits him as he's flying through he air.  Shellshock hits the ground hard.  Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord stand together and face down Shellshock as he gets back up.  Shellshock exclaims that he has dirt in his eyes and can't see, but he is tricking them.  Shellshock fires his stop ray on both zords.  The controls in the zords are frozen.  Baboo urges Shellshock to finish them off.  Just then Yellow Ranger races up.  Yellow Ranger leap sup into the air and land son top of Shellshock's head.  Yellow Ranger tells Shellshock he is history, these flowers will reverse your power.  Yellow Ranger states by the power of the Sabretooth Tiger, I command you to release us from Shellshock's power.  Yellow Ranger shakes the Deandra flowers over Shellshocks' head.  Pollen from the flower fall onto Shellshock.  Shellshock's traffic light starts to spark.  Shellshock hates this stuff.  Pollen also falls into the Command Center.  Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger and Black Ranger can move again.  Back in the city, electrical charges run through Shellshock and soon his traffic light rays no longer work.  Yellow Ranger tells Shellshock he is finished.  Yellow Ranger then leaps off of Shellshock and lands on the pavement.  The pollen falls over the two zords and they are able to move once more.  Baboo is outrage - no it's impossible!  Dragonzord fires his missiles form his fingertips and hits Shellshock.  Tyrannosaurus then uses his ground breath attack on Shellshock.  Shellshock is destroyed.  Baboo and Squatt return to the palace.  Rita is furious.  Finster is there as Rita screams at Baboo and Squatt.  Rita pokes Squatt with her wand and tells him you don't know what time it is.  Rita then pokes Baboo with her wand as she tells him you don' know what day of the week it is.  What made you think you were smart enough to make a monster?  Rita goes over to her balcony and yells, I'm warning you Power Rangers, Rita is going to get you yet!  Rita then gets one of her headaches.     

Baboo and Squatt were in Angel Grove's park at night.  They had several Putties with them.  Baboo:  Look, there it is!  Squatt:  I don't know why Rita wants it.  It's just a dumb looking statue.  Baboo:  Let's grab it and scram!  Baboo, Squatt, and the Putties took the Forest Spirit Statue to Rita's palace.  Finster is admiring the fake Forest Spirit statue that he had made.  Finster suggests putting it in the dining room.  Rita tells him no.  Finster then suggests the parlor.  Rita becomes angry and tells Finster to shush.  Baboo and Squatt are there and they become frighten as Rita waves around her wand.  Rita points her wand at Finster and tells him to make her a monster.  Finster quickly makes a sweet, slimy, spider monster.  Spidertron emerges from the Monstermatic.  Rita is pleased.  She plans to stash Spidertron into the exact copy of the statute that they had stole.  Rita also wants to fill the statue with spiders and moths.  Rita asks Baboo and Squatt if they can guess what is next?  Squatt guess with the Spidertron hidden in the statue, Rita will release it and make it big and it completely crushes the whole city.  Baboo is quick to remark that is what he was going to say.  Squatt asks Rita what are the moths for?  Rita catches one of the moths flying around and asks them what do they think?  Baboo has no idea.  Rita opens her hand and blows the dust toward them.  It's sleeping powder.  Baboo realizes the sleeping powder will put everyone to sleep, including the Power Rangers.  Squatt is impressed with the plan.  Rita is thrilled with her plan - it's a classic.  The next day, Rita is watching the four teens from her balcony.  Kimberly, Trini, Billy, and Jason are collecting insects.  Baboo, Squatt, and Goldar are with her.  Rita comments, aren't they sweet.  It's almost a shame to disrupt their nature hunt.  Rita sends down several Putties to battle the four teens.  Eventually the teens defeat the Putties and they retreat.  Unfortunately, Rita's plan did not work and the Power Rangers destroy Spidertron.  

Rita had been watching Kimberly and Tommy, in the Youth Center, work on a float for the parade.  Baboo and Squatt were with her.  Rita:  I just might have a float of my own to enter into that parade.  Baboo:  They make them out of flowers.  Rita growled.  Rita:  Daisies, eh?  Squatt started to hit Baboo.  Squatt:  What did I tell you, would you never mind!  Rita threaten there would be no world peace while she was around.  Rita sends down several Putties to wreck the model float.  Baboo, Squatt, and Rita have been watching the Youth Center.  Squatt comments poor Kimberly and then laughs.  Baboo and Squatt walk over to Rita.  Rita tells them what she needs now is a very special monster.  Rita asks for suggestions.  Baboo tells her he is not worthy.  Squatt suggests a giant cucumber with bad breath.  Finster calls out from the monster making room, telling her she has so many monsters to choose from today.  Rita goes into the room and tells Finster to make her a monster.  Spit Flower is sent down to Angel Grove.  Spit Flower does well against the Power Rangers and the Rangers retreat.  Later, the Power Rangers return and destroy Spit Flower with the Power Blaster.  Rita is furious.  She screams at Baboo, Squatt, Finster, and Goldar.  Rita calls them lug heads and asks them can't they do something simple like destroying the world?  Do I have to do everything myself?  Rita screams at them that they are worthless.  Finster cowers in fear.  Rita walks over to Baboo and Squatt and asks them what do they have to say for themselves?  Squatt tells Rita not to feel so bad.  Everybody makes stupid mistakes now and then.  Baboo quickly tells Rita that Squatt did not mean that.  You have never made a mistake.  Rita wonders why she never gets to win.

Finster announces the Super Putty is ready.  Rita decides to keep the Rangers busy by sending a monster to their costume party.  Baboo, Squatt, and Goldar are with her.  Rita asks Goldar, isn't that a nice idea?  Goldar agrees.  Squatt thinks it's terrific, a party crasher!  Rita goes to see Finster and tells him she needs a real nasty monster.  Finster prepares to make the very nastiest.  Finster turns on the Monstermatic.  Baboo and Squatt are hiding and watching.  Frankenstein emerges.  Rita tells him she wants him to destroy the Power Rangers.  Can you do it?  Frankenstein tells her he can.  Rita screams at him to get them!  Frankenstein is sent down to Angel Grove.  Later, Baboo, Squatt, Finster, and several Putties are down in the mines.  The Putties are mining material for Finster to make Super Putties.  Finster is very excited to create an army that will be indestructible.  Finster tells the Putties to hurry up, we've got to get the Super Putties back to the palace as soon as possible.  The Putties are working hard.  Baboo tells them to   hurry up slowpokes, her evilness will be here any second.  A wall slides open and behind it is Rita.  Rita demands to know where her Super Putty is.  Finster tells Rita they are almost done.  Frankenstein enters the mine.  Billy had been following him and accidentally trips an alarm as he is walking inside the cave.  Rita tells Frankenstein you can take care of one of those brats right now.  Frankenstein lumbers away.  Rita is very excited.  She wants to cause the worst catastrophe the world has ever seen - and no one can stop her form doing it.  Lets get the ball rolling now.  Several Putties roll out a massive Super Putty ball out.  Rita uses this ball to terrified the citizens of Angel Grove.  Later, Frankenstein is destroy by Dragonzord in Fighting Mode.

Baboo was in Finster's monster making room with Squatt, Rita, Goldar, and Finster.  Rita:  Hurry up with those Super Putties!  Squatt:  You know, this stuff is going to make the Putties patrol...what's the word?  Baboo suggested unbeatable and Squatt agreed.  The Super Putties were ready and sent down to Angel Grove park.  The Super Putties battled Trini and Kimberly.  Trini and Kimberly were unable to defeat the Super Putties and had to call for help.  The guys arrived, but even with their help, they were unable to defeat the Super Putties, and had to retreat.  Later,  the Super Putties attacked a factory.  Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, and Pink Ranger arrived.  The Super Putties battled the four Rangers with ease.  Rita had been watching the battle and she is very pleased with how her plan is turning out.  Baboo, Squatt, Finster, and Goldar are with her.  Rita exclaims - I'm so bad!  Baboo, Finster, Goldar, and Squatt cheer.  Later, Green Ranger and Red Ranger arrived at the factory with new weapons.  The Power Rangers destroyed the Super Putties with the new weapons.

Baboo, Squatt, Finster, and Goldar are standing on the balcony with Rita.  Rita had come up with a new plan to destroy the Power Rangers.  Rita needed Kimberly's grandmother's spinning wheel.  Rita tells them the first thing we do is steal her spinning wheel.  Goldar tells her at once, your highness.  Then their own wheel shall become the Wheel of Misfortune and destroy them.  Rita and  Goldar laugh.  Goldar and several Putties teleport down to a classroom to steal the spinning wheel.  When they return, Rita casts a spell on it - turning it into the Wheel of Misfortune.  Later, the Power Rangers destroy it with Ultrazord.

Baboo was on the balcony with Squatt, Finster, and Goldar.  Rita was there as well.  Rita:  I'm sick of those pinheads!  Time for the heavy artillery!  Rita began to cast her spell.  Rita:  Bring me Mutitis and Lokar!   Baboo:  Oh, she's serious this time!  Rita's plan was to have Mutitis destroy Angel Grove after Lokar had sent the Rangers to the Island of Illusion.  Rita kept an eye on the teens.  She was delighted to see Zack having doubts about an upcoming dance competition.  Rita knew the Island of Illusion would be the perfect place for the teens to lose their confidence.  Rita continued with her chant to bring forth Mutitis and Lokar.  Baboo and Squatt were still with Rita.  As was Goldar and Scorpina.  Baboo reminded Squatt that the last time Rita had called on Lokar, he nearly wiped them up.  Squatt became very frighten and ran towards Rita, trying to grab her arm.  Rita became very irate with Squatt and shoved him away.  Rita then continued with her spell.  Soon a giant Mutitis appeared in Angel Grove.  Rita was very pleased with the monster Mutitis and gloated to Finster that she had made her own monster and pointed out that it was winning.  Thrilled, Rita teleported down to a balcony on a building, where she could watch the Rangers struggle against Mutitis.  Rita then summon Lokar.  Rita then had Lokar used his breath to make Mutitis even more horrible.  The Rangers, in their Megazord, tried to battle Mutitis, but it was difficult.  Rita was very thrilled when the Rangers were ejected from their Megazord and landed on the Island of Illusion.

Baboo was standing on the balcony with Rita Repulsa, Goldar, and Squatt.  Rita was laughing.  Rita:  You see it's working just as I planned.  Zack has lost his confidence and is vanishing into thin air.  Goldar:  I shall proceed with phase two.  Rita:  Excellent Goldar! Rita tells Baboo and Squat that is how an evil plot is suppose to work out.  Rita laughs.  Rita continues to keep an eye on the teens.  Baboo, Goldar, and Squatt are with her.  Zack had broken through Rita's illusion.  Rita isn't too concern that Zack has escape - the others won't be so lucky.  Squatt tells her then you can finally be the Earth's big cheese.  Goldar tells Baboo and Squatt to be quiet.  Rita tells them without their precious power coins, it's only a matter of time.  Kimberly breaks through her illusion, but Tommy is next.  Rita notes looks like our little Tommy has lost all confidence in his companions.  Goldar tells Rita and before long, all will be lost for the Power Rangers!  Goldar laughs.  Scorpina joins them on the balcony.  Rita is furious to see that Tommy had broken his illusion.  Rita screams fade away Billy and Trini!  Never to come back!  They both break through their illusions.  Rita casts her next illusion on Jason.  Jason, lead of the Power Geeks, let my evil magic work on you most of all!  Jason breaks through his illusion as well.  Rita is furious.  They have beaten all of her illusions.  She screams dummies!  I have to do everything myself.  With the illusions broken, the communicators and power coins reappear.  The teens morph and teleport off the island.  The Power Rangers destroy Mutitis.  Lokar retreats.

Squatt had just returned from Angel Grove.  Baboo and Rita were at the palace.  Squatt gave Rita the news that the teens had left for a field trip.  Squatt:  So what's the plan your evilness?  Rita tells them she wants the Mirror of Destruction.  Squatt knows the Mirror of Destruction is powerful enough to destroy the Super Putties.  Baboo adds that mirror's power can destroy anything reflected in it.  One look at it and those Rangers are history.  We got to find it first!  Rita tells them they are starting today.  The Mirror of Destruction is hidden on Earth.  Later, Rita is furious to see Jason down on the beach.  She pokes Squatt with her wand as she yells at Baboo and Squatt.  She screams what is he doing down there?!  Squatt replies martial arts.  Rita is furious.  Now finding the mirror will have to wait until the Putties take care of him and it's going to happen right now!  Jason and Jeremy defeat the Putties.  Rita continues watching Jeremy and Jason.  She realizes the map that Jeremy found leads to the Mirror of Destruction.  Rita laughs.  Rita is confident that once she gets her hands on it, they will suffer the same fate as all the others.  Squatt adds it will zap them so hard, they won't know what hit them.  Goldar and Scorpina have joined them.  Goldar states we need that map.  Rita instructs Scorpina to go get the map.  Baboo, Scorpina, and Squatt arrived at the beach house by the beach.  They stay hidden in some bushes.  Scorpina spots Jason and Jeremy walking along the beach.  Scorpina snaps her fingers, and the Rockstar is quickly formed.  Scorpina is confident that Rockstar will take care of Jason in no time.  Scorpina gives the command to get the map from the kid.  Jason sees Baboo, Scorpina, Squatt, and the Rockstar.  He tells Jeremy to run.  Jeremy is reluctant to leave Jason alone.  Jason tells him to go now, he will find him later!  Jason warns Jeremy not to let anything happen to that map.  Jeremy takes off running.  Scorpina tells Jason that now he will get what is coming to him.  Several Putties arrive.  Scorpina gives the command to attack.  The Putties race forward.  Rockstar starts shooting boulders out of his chest.  The first one hits Jason in the chest and he is knocked down.  Two more boulders follow.  Jason is pinned to the ground.  Jason screams you are not going to get away with this Scorpina!  With Jason out of the way, Baboo, Squatt, Scorpina, and Rockstar start searching for Jeremy.  They are at the beach club's swimming pool when Red Ranger, Black Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Yellow Ranger arrive.  Scorpina has the Putties attack.  Red Ranger battles a couple of Putties.  Black Ranger battles several more Putties.  Black Ranger even tosses one of the Putties into the pool.  Yellow Ranger battles a couple of Putties.  The three Rangers do well against the Putties and they are defeated.  Pink Ranger goes flying through the air, firing her Power Bow at Scorpina.  Scorpina blocks each arrow with her sword.  Pink Ranger battles Scorpina and is knocked to the ground.  Red Ranger races over to protect Pink Ranger from Scorpina.  He has his Power Sword drawn.  Red Ranger races forward and battles Scorpina with his Power Sword.  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger battle Rockstar.  Yellow Ranger uses her Power Daggers against Rockstar and Black Ranger uses his Power Ax against Rockstar.  Black Ranger is knocked to the ground.  Yellow Ranger races over to make sure he is okay.  Rockstar shoots boulders out of his chest.  The boulders hit Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger and they are knocked off their feet.  Rockstar walks towards the two Rangers.  They are pinned down and unable to get away.  Rockstar kicks Black Ranger into the swimming pool.  Rockstar grabs Yellow Ranger and tosses her into the swimming pool.  The boulders are still attached to the two Rangers and they try desperately to stay above water.  Baboo and Squatt have been watching the battle.  Baboo calls out a warning to Scorpina that they got to find the kid with the map.  Scorpina has been battling Pink Ranger and her Power Bow and Red Ranger and his Power Sword.  Scorpina gives the command to hurry and finish them.  Scorpina knocks Red Ranger and Pink Ranger aside and takes off.  Rockstar takes off as well.  Baboo and Squatt leave as well.  Later, Rockstar is destroyed by the Mirror of Destruction and Scorpina is defeated and has to retreat.

Baboo was at the palace when Squatt reported in.  Squatt:  It's the perfect time to get Kimberly, your meanness.  She's having a terrible day.  Rita:  Ahh, yes!  Great!  Rita had Finster create a monster to complete Kimberly's bad day.  Finster created the Samurai Fanman.  The Samurai Fanman captured Kimberly in his jar.  Baboo, Squatt, and Goldar go down and join Samurai Fan Man in Angel Grove.  Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, and Black Ranger arrive.  Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, and Blue Ranger had their Blade Blasters drawn.  Red Ranger had his Power Sword drawn.  The four Rangers battle Goldar.  Samurai Fan Man laughs as he watched the battle.  Red Ranger leaped into the air and then battled Samurai Fan Man with his Power Sword.  Samurai Fan Man strikes Red Ranger and sends him flying.  Red Ranger lands on the ground and the rest of the Rangers race over to him.  Samurai Fan Man is joined by Baboo, Squatt, and Goldar.  He taunts the four Rangers, telling them they will never get Kimberly back.  Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, and Yellow Ranger are ready to go after Samurai Fan Man.  Black Ranger cautions them to be cool.  We got to be careful.  If that jar breaks, Kimberly is inside, she will be trapped in the other dimension.  Yellow Ranger becomes very angry.  She yells at Samurai Fan man to let her friend go.  Yellow Ranger takes a flying leap towards Samurai Fan Man.  He knocks Yellow Ranger to the ground and she rolls to her friends.  Samurai Fan Man knows they are pretty steamed.  He takes out his fan and waves it towards them.  The four Rangers have a tough time against the force of the fan.  Soon Black Ranger and Red Ranger go flying through the air.  They are quickly followed by Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger flying through the air.  Baboo, Goldar, Samurai Fan Man, and Squatt laugh.  The four go to the Putty Bowl Restaurant.  They are served by Putties.  They are laughing and having a great time.  Squatt informs them the dimension in the jar will disappear any minute, and so will Kimberly.  Baboo adds then they will make the other Power Rangers disappear.  Baboo uncorks the jar and peers inside.  Kimberly hits the wall and demands he let her go!  Kimberly then pleads for them to let her go.  Baboo and Squatt have fun shaking the jar.  Kimberly is tossed around inside the jar.  Kimberly is confident that her friends will save her.  Samurai Fan Man peers into the jar.  He laughs at Kimberly.  Samurai Fan Man then corks the jar once more.  Red Ranger, Black Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Yellow Ranger arrive.  Samurai Fan Man has a rake appear in his hands.  Red Ranger battles Goldar with his Power Sword.  Goldar knocks Red Ranger to the ground.  Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, and Yellow Ranger race to his side.  Samurai Fan Man tells them they will never beat him.  Samurai Fan Man pulls a couple of spikes off his helmet and throws it at the four Rangers.  The spikes hit the four Rangers with an explosion and they are knocked off their feet.  Samurai Fan Man and Goldar grow to giant size.  Baboo and Squatt return to the palace.  The four Rangers summon their zords.  Green Ranger soon joins in the battle.  Dragonzord in Fighting Mode uses it's drill to cut the jar loose.  It falls to the ground, and cork pops out.  Kimberly is released and joins in the battle.  Samurai Fan Man is destroyed by Ultrazord.  Goldar retreats.

Rita had taken the day off and put Goldar in charge.  The Power Rangers destroyed both Babe Ruthless and Scorpina's Pet Worm.  Rita is furious.  She screams at Baboo, Squatt, Finster, and Goldar.  I take one day off and look what happens!  you think you bumbling fools could do something simple, like destroy the Power Rangers, but no!  Goldar tries to talk to Rita, but Rita stops him.  She screams at them to never try to take the Power Rangers without her again!  Squatt protests, I didn't have anything to do with it.  Baboo adds he had nothing to do with it as well.  Goldar blames it on Finster's monsters.  Rita wonders why can't I ever win?!

Rita is using her telescope and spots Fang running through the woods.  Baboo, Goldar, and Squatt are with her.  Rita wants to know who sent that creature?  Rita soon figures out it was Finster - she had told him it was her birthday.  He created it on his own and sent it as a surprise.  Baboo and Squatt wish Rita a happy birthday.  Rita is sure the creature needs a hand.  Rita command Goldar to get down there.  Baboo, Goldar, and Squatt leave.  Baboo, Goldar, and Squatt walk in the mountains.  Squatt comments that he is getting hungry.  Goldar comments, you're always hungry!  Baboo is a little hungry himself.  Baboo, Goldar, and Squatt paused for a moment.  Baboo spots two eggs laying on the ground.  Baboo and Squatt hurry over to the eggs.  Goldar yells at them, what are you fools doing?  Get back here!  Instead Baboo and Squatt crack their eggs and eat the yolk.  Squatt comments that the eggs are delicious.  Baboo adds tasty.  When they are done, they throw the shells onto the ground.  Goldar notices Fang has arrived.  Baboo, Goldar, and Squatt run up to Fang.  Fang is very upset.  Fang asks them, how could you?!  You ate my gooney bird eggs!  You know how hard it is to find these?  You can't just walk into a store and buy these! Fang has picked up the shells of the eggs.  He tells Baboo, Goldar, and Squatt, he was going to have these eggs for lunch.  Squatt replies, they were good.  This makes Fang very mad.  Fang puts down the shells and tells them he is going to tear them apart!  Baboo, Goldar, and Squatt back away.  Goldar holds out his sword.  Fang walks towards them.  The Power Rangers arrive with their Blade Blasters drawn.  Goldar commands Fang to attack!  Fang refuses - not until I get some gooney bird eggs.  Goldar tells Fang, that the Power Rangers have all the gooney bird eggs.  Baboo adds with sprinkles on them!  Fang charges past them.  Fang knocks several boulders down to where the Power Rangers are.  The Power Rangers manage to avoid the boulders.  The Rangers leap into battle and start fighting Fang with their Blade Blasters.  Fang knocks them all aside.  The Power Rangers gather together.  Baboo, Goldar, and Squatt hurry over to Fang's side.  Baboo threatens that they better leave, or he will be forced to raise his voice in anger.  Goldar commands Fang to attack them!  Fang picks up several more boulders and throws them at the Rangers.  The Rangers manage to avoid getting hit.  Goldar uses his sword to blast the rocks and knocks the Rangers off the cliff.  The Rangers land in a crumpled heap.  From above, Baboo, Goldar, Fang, and Squatt look at them.  Baboo is very impressed with Goldar.  Baboo, Goldar, and Squatt gloat, but Fang walks away.  Baboo, Goldar, and Squatt follow Fang.  Fang is very upset - now I will never get my gooney eggs.  Fang tells them to leave him alone.  Rita arrives in Angel Grove and Baboo, Goldar, and Squatt returned to the Moon Palace.  Rita has Fang grow to giant size.  Eventually Fang is destroyed by Ultrazord.

Baboo, Squatt, and Goldar were with Rita.  Rita started laughing.  Rita:  The time has finally come!  Gather around fools!  Baboo:  What?!  Rita:  I have the perfect plan to conquer that pathetic little planet, Earth.  Baboo and Squatt look over Rita's shoulders as she looks at her map.  Squatt asks what's the plan, your evilness?  Goldar replies, with the green candle, formed from magic wax, when it burns down it will steal the Green Ranger's powers.  Goldar laughs.  Rita holds a miniature wand in her hand as she looks over the map.  Rita commands the wand to find Green Ranger, point him out!  The wand travels over the map.  Baboo and Squatt are impressed that it works.  The wand stops and Rita smiles, what a great day!  Rita sends down Goldar and several Putties to capture Tommy and take him to the Dark Dimension.  Later,  Rita asks Finster, if he has her monster ready, because she needs it.  Baboo and Squatt are with Rita.  Finster dips into his pot of clay and pulls out a fully formed clay monster.  Finster comments that the monster can change into any shape at will.  Baboo, Rita, and Squatt walk into Finster's monster making room.  Baboo tells Finster, this I want to see.  Squatt asks, where is it?  The clay monster is placed into the Monstermatic.  Squatt thinks the clay monster looks great.  Soon the monster emerges from the Monstermatic.  Finster is very pleased with his monster.  He tells Baboo, Rita, and Squatt, meet Cyclops.  Rita exclaims, the Earth is mine at last!  Eventually Tommy escapes from the dark dimension and joins the rest of the Rangers in their battle against Cyclops.  Cyclops retreats.  But Rita is still pleased as the green candle continues to burn and Green Ranger's powers begin to weaken.

Goldar was back in the Dark Dimension.  Goldar was still able to communicate with Rita.  Goldar:  The green candle burns bright oh queen. But soon it will be out and then Green Ranger's powers will be yours, all yours!  Baboo and Squatt were with Rita as Goldar talked to Rita.  Rita communicate with Goldar as well.  Rita:  And with that power, I shall take over the world.  Squatt:  Yeah!  Later, Cyclops was destroyed by Ultrazord.  The green candle went out.  Unfortunately, Green Ranger gave his power coin to Red Ranger, preventing Rita from gaining Green Ranger's powers.  Rita was furious and yelled at Baboo, Squatt, and Goldar as another one of her plans failed.

Rita was very happy.  Finster had sent Hatchasaurus down to destroy the Power Rangers once and for all.  Later, Baboo, Squatt, Goldar, and Scorpina was standing with Rita on the balcony as they watched Hatchasaurus attack Angel Grove.  Squatt:  Wow whee, did you see that?!   The Power Rangers blew him into a zillion pieces.  Goldar points out that Hatchasaurus isn't finished yet.  Cardiatron, Hatchasaurus's internal computer, put him back together.  Rita then cast a spell on Dragonzord, making it weak.  The next day, Hatchasaurus was back attacking the city.  Soon the Power Rangers arrived and battled Hatchasaurus with the Megazord. Rita has been watching and she is very happy as she exclaims that Hatchasaurus is winning!  Baboo adds no doubt about it, he's a real stinker.  Goldar tells Rita, as usual your plan is brilliant.  Rita is confident that Hatchasaurus will destroy the Power Rangers.  Hatchasaurus is defeated, but once again is put together by Cardiatron.  This time Hatchasaurus has horns.  Rita becomes very excited.  She tells Baboo, Goldar, and Squatt that the Hatchasaurus is going to destroy them! Instead, Red Ranger shouts out Dragonzord power and the spell on Dragonzord is broken.  Rita is not happy.  She tells Baboo, Squatt, Scorpina, and Goldar those power brats got lucky.  Eventually Cardiatron is destroyed by Red Ranger.  Hatchasaurus is destroyed by Ultrazord.

Day Of The Dumpster - Original Pilot


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