Count Dregon - Voiced by Ken Merckx

Count Dregon and his army had lead an attack on the planet Edenoi.  It had been successful and now the Edenoites were enslaved.  Count Dregon's headquarters is on Spiderbase.  Fact, a small drone, flew onto the bridge.  Fact:  Behold, the Lord of Evil, Count Dregon is on the bridge.  Count Dregon entered.  Cyclopter, Double Face, and Plague Sentry were all waiting for him.  Count Dregon:  What do you have to report?  Double Face:  The attack is presiding as expected, according to the plan, Count Dregon.  Cyclopter:  Your brilliant plant.  Count Dregon wanted Edenoi destroyed.  Double Face, from Spiderbase, began firing on Edenoi.  Count Dregon was not happy when he saw costumed strangers (the Power Rangers) on the planet.  He assumed they were after the Masked Rider's powers as well and ordered an attack on them.  Spiderbase fired at the Rangers and the Edenoites.  The Power Rangers, the Edenoites, and Masked Rider took shelter in a cave.  Count Dregon became really angry and order his Plague Patrol to find them.  Cyclopter and Plague Sentry left to do his bidding.

The Plague Sentry and the Plague Patrol were defeated by the Power Rangers and they retreated.  The Cogwarts were destroyed by Masked Rider.  Fact announced Count Dregon was coming on the bridge.  Count Dregon entered and he was not pleased.  His henchmen told him that Dex had escaped and the costumed strangers had defeated the Plague Patrol and the Plague Sentry.  Count Dregon wanted Dex captured soon.  He also planned to find the strangers and teach them a lesson.  After awhile, the strangers left Edenoi.  Count Dregon plan to follow the Rangers to Earth, destroy them, and then conquer Earth. 

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