Cyclopter - Voiced by Steve Karmer

Cyclopter is part of Count Dregon's army.  Count Dregon and his army had taken over the planet Edenoi and enslaved the Edenoites.  The planet was being destroyed.  Plague Sentry had entered with news for Count Dregon.  Cyclopter and Double Face waited with him.  Fact flew in.  Fact:  Behold, the Lord of Evil, Count Dregon is on the bridge.  Count Dregon entered.  Count Dregon:  What do you have to report?  Double Face:  The attack is presiding as expected, according to the plan, Count Dregon.  Cyclopter:  Your brilliant plan.  Count Dregon was not happy, especially when he saw five costumed strangers (the Power Rangers ) on the planet.  Count Dregon assumed the strangers were after Masked Rider's powers as well.  Count Dregon ordered another attack on the planet and the strangers.  Cyclopter, Double Face, and Plague Sentry left to do Count Dregon's bidding.

The Plague Sentry and Plague Patrol were not successful in battling the Power Rangers and Masked Rider.  The Plague Sentry and the Plague Patrol retreated.  Cyclopter told Count Dregon that he knew who the strangers were.  Double Face said that Cyclopter didn't, but that they knew the strangers had beamed to Edenoi from another planet.  After awhile, the Power Rangers left Earth.  Double Face locked on the Rangers and Cyclopter noted they were heading for Earth.  Count Dregon decided they would go to Earth as well and try and conquer it. 

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