Dark Rangers
Jhoana Trais - Tina TheYellow Dark Ranger

At Angel Grove High School, two trash barrels come rolling down the hall, almost hitting Tommy, Billy, and Zack.  Bulk and Skull emerged from the barrels.  The guys asked Bulk and Skull what happened?  Bulk and Skull are too terrified to talk and simply point down the hall.  Billy, Zack, and Tommy turn around and see five new students walking down the hall.  Bulk and Skull leave, claiming they need to find the Rangers' identities.  The five new teens then terrorized another student, Stewart.  Zack, Tommy, and Billy confront the new teens, who issued a warning and then leave.  The following day, Kimberly, Billy, Jason, and Zack are enjoying the day at the beach.  Kimberly finds an impressive shell and as she reaches for it, a boot steps on her hand.  Startled, Kimberly looks up to see unfamiliar teens, although Billy recognizes them.  It's the new teens from school.  Mockingly one of the guys states, aww, looking for seashells.  Kimberly and Billy get up as the girl comments, how sweet.  The rest of the new teens join their friends as Jason and Zack walk over to join Billy and Kimberly.  The girl dressed in pink, knocks Kimberly's bucket out of her hands.  The teens laugh.  Zack is not impressed.  Great, you're back.  Jason asks, what's the problem?  The teen boy in the middle answers, Angel Grove belongs to us now.  We want to make sure you understand that, loud and clear.  Kimberly tries to keep a straight face.  Zack, Jason, and Billy all exchange glances.  The teen boy continues, when we're done with you guys, you're going to start seeing things our way.   A sudden electric charge surrounds the new teens and they disappear.  They reappear in front of Lord Zedd.   Lord Zedd welcomes the teens to his other world.  You have been chosen to be my Dark Rangers.  And together, we will conquer the earth!  Goldar protests.  But master, the Green Ranger still has strength left.  Lord Zedd responds, not for long.  The crystal is draining Tommy's power.  Soon I'll send down my newest monster and when the Rangers battle him, Tommy is sure to join the fight.  Goldar adds and use the last of his strength.  Goldar and Lord Zedd laugh.  Lord Zedd continues, the time has come.  Inspire by little Kimberly's seashell, it's my latest, most devious creation.  Behold Turbanshell!  Turbanshell sets about wrecking Angel Grove.   Lord Zedd is aware of Tommy wanting to help his friends.  Lord Zedd comments, yes Tommy.  Help your puny power ranger friends.  Because then you shall use your Green Ranger powers forever.  The moment I have been waiting for is at hand.  Lord Zedd laughs.  Lord Zedd tells Goldar to pay attention.  The Dark Rangers are standing close by.  Lord Zedd tells Goldar, the siphoning to the crystal is nearly complete.  When the Green Ranger is rendered completely powerless I want you to see to it...Turbanshell appears, which startles Lord Zedd.  Lord Zedd yells at Turbanshell, what are you doing here?!  Turbanshell explains, I had to recharge.  Lord Zedd yells, you're suppose to be fighting the Power Rangers!   Turbanshell replies, I had them on the ropes Lord Zedd.  This makes Lord Zedd more angry.  What?  And you let them go when you could have finished them?!  Get back down there and fight until the Green Ranger is through!  Do you understand?!  Turbanshell replies, as you command, oh patient one.  I shall not fail you.  Turbanshell vanishes.  Lord Zedd teleports Green Ranger into a vast field where Turbanshell is waiting.  Turbanshell drains Green Ranger's powers.  Green Ranger's power is transferred to the crystal.  Lord Zedd exclaims, at last!  The Green Ranger is no more!  His powers now belong to Lord Zedd!  Goldar adds, victory is finally yours!  Goldar laughs.  Lord Zedd continues, with this new power, we shall begin the next phase of my plan.  The elimination of the Power Rangers and the rise of the Dark Rangers!  Lord Zedd and Goldar laugh.  Lord Zedd then teleports Kimberly, Trini, Billy, Jason, and Zack to his other world.  Jason, Zack, Billy, Kimberly, and Trini are encased in a force field.  Lord Zedd and Goldar confront the teens and introduce the Dark Rangers to them.  Jason tries to convince the Dark Rangers not to listen to Lord Zedd, that Lord Zedd only cares about himself.  The Dark Rangers refuse to listen.  Lord Zedd holds up a crystal that contains the Green Ranger's powers and tells them Tommy will soon be defeated.  Kimberly asks where Tommy is, but Lord Zedd tells her nothing.

Lord Zedd decides to return Trini, Zack, Kimberly, Billy, and Jason, so they can helplessly watch Angel Grove get destroyed.  After awhile, Lord Zedd and Goldar are giving orders to the Dark Rangers and did not see Tommy until it is too late.  Tommy smashes the green crystal which causes the Dark Rangers to demorph and vanish.  The Dark Rangers have been returned to normal and have no memories of what had happened.  Later, the new teens then walk into the Youth Center and order five cokes.  Kimberly thinks maybe they just need some friends.  Jason, Kimberly, Trini, Zack, Billy, and Tommy walk up to the counter.  Jason tells Ernie and Richie he will cover the tab.  Jason faces the new teens and tells them he would like to start over again.   The new teens agreed and everyone introduces each other. 

Green No More, Part I






Red Dark Ranger


Pink Dark Ranger

Yellow Dark Ranger - Tina

Dark Ranger Suit

Green No More, Part II

Dark Ranger Suits

The Teens After They Have Been Returnd To Normal