Evil Billy - David Yost

Evil Billy was created from a statue Violet, a student at Angel Grove High School had made.  Goldar and Squatt had teleported down into the art class after everyone had left.   Rita became impatient with Lord Zedd and used his staff to create Evil Billy from the statue.  Evil Billy referred to Goldar as Lord Goldar.  The real Billy was captured by putties and taken to the Dark Dimension.  Evil Billy was there as well and Billy was surprised to see himself.  Goldar had Billy's communicator and morpher.  Goldar gave them to Evil Billy.  Evil Billy was supposed to gain the trust of the rest of the Rangers and then take their communicators and morphers.  Evil Billy teleported to the park where the rest of the teens had just defeated the putties.  Evil Billy joined them.  They all started to head to the Youth Center.  Kimberly reminded Billy that Violet would be at the Youth Center.  Evil Billy could care less and told her not to be ridiculous, as she wasn't even his type.  All Evil Billy wanted to do was work out.  They entered the Youth Center and Evil Billy immediately began working out on the weights.  After awhile, Evil Billy took a break.  He noticed Violet gazing at him and he gave a look of contempt.  Evil Billy deliberately got up and walked past Violet to the counter.  Evil Billy took a drink as Violet said hi.  Evil Billy totally ignored Violet, by keeping his back to her and never responding to her hello.  Evil Billy walked over to the teens' table.  Evil Billy told them he needed their communicators because he would be making adjustments to them like Zordon had requested.  Kimberly asked him what was wrong with the communicators, and Evil Billy gave a very technical response.  Everyone, except Tommy, gave Evil Billy their communicators.  As Evil Billy placed the four communicators into his backpack, he also took the morphers out of the teens' backpacks and placed them in his own.  Kimberly asked him if he was going to study for the math test.  But Evil Billy wanted to lift more weight, plus he knew math inside and out.  Evil Billy went back to working out.  Afterwards, Evil Billy left with the teens and walked through the park.  Tommy had secretly asked Zordon about the communicators and Zordon told him he had made no such request.  Tommy pulled Kimberly aside and told her what he knew.  Kimberly knew Billy wouldn't lie, unless the person ahead of them wasn't Billy.  Kimberly ran up to Evil Billy and asked him about his art project, which was a holographic disc.  Evil Billy had no idea what Kimberly was talking about.  He search his pockets briefly and then told Kimberly he must have left it.  Kimberly grabbed the backpack from Evil Billy when his back was turned.  Kimberly tossed the backpack to Tommy, but it accidentally got stuck in a tree.  Evil Billy went after the backpack and climbed up the tree.  Evil Billy fell out of the tree when the real Billy arrived (after breaking free from the Dark Dimension) and yelled at him.  Evil Billy hurt his shoulder from the tall.  Billy tackled Evil Billy on the ground.  They both morphed and there were two Blue Rangers.  The five Rangers quickly figured out who the real Blue Ranger was and destroyed Evil Billy.           

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