Fact - Voiced by Julie Maddalena

Fact is a small flying drone that works in Count Dregon's army.  Count Dregon has taken over the planet Edenoi and enslaved the Edenoites.  Count Dregon's headquarters if Spiderbase.  Double Face and Plague Sentry were waiting for Count Dregon.  Fact flew into the room ahead of Count Dregon.  Fact:  Behold, the Lord of Evil, Count Dregon is on the bridge.  Count Dregon entered and Double Face made his report.  Count Dregon was not pleased, especially since costumed strangers on landed on the planet.  Count Dregon assumed the strangers were after Masked Rider's powers as well and ordered an attack.

Fact once more announced Count Dregon's arrival on the bridge.  The Power Rangers had left Edenoi.  Count Dregon had decided they would go to Earth as well and try to conquer it.

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