Finster - Voiced by Robert Axelrod

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Rita had been watching the teens prepare for a charity motor race.  Rita started laughing.  Rita:  "They're right there for us Goldar!"  Goldar:  "Yes, my queen."  Rita:  "This is perfect."  Finster, Squatt, Baboo, and Scorpina were there as well.  Scorpina:  "We'll get them finally."  Rita's palace began to shake and they all could hear laughter.  Rita:  "What's going on?"  Goldar knew.  Goldar announced that the true master, Lord Zedd had returned.  Lord Zedd took over the palace.  He shrunk Rita and had her placed in her dumpster.  His Putties tossed her to the far reaches of the universe.  Lord Zedd then send down Pirantishead to attack Angel Grove.

Pirantishead was destroyed by Thunder Megazord.  Lord Zedd is furious and he screams no!  I don't believe it!  This is not the end by any means.  Zordon and his stupid Power Rangers shall not prevail again!   In the monster room, Finster can hear everything.  He comments, well if he had used one of my monsters none of this would have ever happened. 

Goldar and Lord Zedd had been watching the Youth Center.  Tommy and Kimberly were preparing to go on a date and Richie had asked Trini if they could study some time.  Lord Zedd:  "So teenage love is in the air.  How sickening."  Goldar:  "Please let me break their hearts Master!"  Lord Zedd:  "With the extra Ranger, we need an extra monster to turn their dream date into a nightmare."  Later Goldar and Lord Zedd had been watching Tommy and Kimberly on their date.  Lord Zedd:  "Ahh, the Pink Ranger's purse will make an excellent monster."  Goldar:  "Yes, but what about the second creature?"  Lord Zedd sent down several Putties to distract Kimberly and Tommy.  As Kimberly and Tommy battle the Putties, one of the Putties took Kimberly's purse.   The Putty went further away.  After taking a look at the lipstick Kimberly had in her purse, the Putty vanished and dropped both items on the ground.  Lord Zedd transformed Kimberly's purse into Pursehead.  He transform the lipstick into Lipsyncher.  At first Lord Zedd's plan was working great.  Finster, Baboo, and Squatt cheered for Lord Zedd.  Eventually the Rangers destroyed both monsters.  Lord Zedd was angry and blamed Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt.

Finster was in his workroom, missing the good old days.  With Lord Zedd in charge, Finster had had not much to do.  Finster heard a tiny voice and looked around.  It was Rita Repulsa.  Rita told Finster to make her normal size, which he did promptly.  Finster and Rita hugged once Rita was normal size.  Rita had a plan to take over and she needed Finster's help.  Finster was more than happy to help, and he had a steady supply of monsters at the ready.  First Finster made Rita a love potion.  Rita was going to use it on Lord Zedd.  Rita also wanted to present the Power Rangers as a wedding gift to Lord Zedd.  Finster and a couple of putties landed just outside the Command Center.  Alpha 5 was outside.  The putties grabbed Alpha 5 and Finster planted a virus in Alpha 5.  Finster and the putties vanished.  Alpha 5 went inside the Command Center and contacted the teens.  Alpha 5 told the teens to go to the Spectre Theater and wait for further orders.  The teens did so, unknowing that the Spectre Theater was really a power vortex.  Finster then helped Rita get ready for her big entrance to Lord Zedd.  Finster helped her with a facial mask that made her look not a day over eleven thousand.  With Finster's help, Rita's plan had gone well.

Finster listened through the wall as Rita tried to coax Lord Zedd to wake up.  Lord Zedd woke up.  Finster:  "Ah ha, this is it."  Finster's love potion worked.  Lord Zedd was immediately smitten with Rita and wanted to marry her.  Goldar, as worse man, was sent off to make the wedding preparations.  Rita came to see Finster.  Rita needed Finster to make more monsters and keep the Rangers busy.  Finster was more than happy to send more of his monsters down to the theater.  Later, Finster reported to Rita and Lord Zedd that the Rangers had escaped.  Lord Zedd was upset, but Rita suggested he make his monsters grow.  Lord Zedd thought Rita's plan was brilliant.  Lord Zedd sent the Rangers to the abandoned city and made his monsters grow.  After the battle, Alpha 5 immediately sent the Rangers back to the theater.  The Rangers were trapped once more.

Finster was chosen by Lord Zedd to perform the wedding ceremony.  The music began and Rita walked down the aisle with Baboo and Squatt.  Lord Zedd was a bit startled to see Rita standing next to him.  Finster started the perform and at the end Rita reluctantly gave Lord Zedd a kiss.  The reception was a fun one.  Finster, Baboo, Squatt, several monsters and putties had a good time.  Rita and Lord Zedd had a great time as well.  Only Goldar was dejected.  Rita and Lord Zedd left on Serpentera for their honeymoon and to destroy the Rangers.  Instead the Rangers destroyed their monsters and Rita and Lord Zedd had to return to the moon defeated.

Finster was working when Rita came to see him.  Rita was very happy.  Rita had gone to see the Ghost of Darkness with a request from Lord Zedd to send the Rangers back in time.  The Ghost of Darkness had sent down Wizard of Deception to Angel Grove.  Wizard of Deception had created the evil Green Ranger with a lock of Tommy's hair.  Rita was thrilled to have the evil Green Ranger back and Finster was happy for her.

Finster was under his table, cleaning up a mess when he heard Rita hollering for him.  Finster got up as Rita came running into his workshop.  Rita told Finster that Lord Zedd wanted a baby.  Finster thought the idea was charming.  Rita didn't think so, she was appalled.  Rita wanted Finster to make a potion that would make Lord Zedd forget the idea of having a baby.

Finster stood on the balcony with Rita.  Rita was thrilled.  Earlier Rita, with Zedd's staff, had created Evil Billy out of a statue that Violet had created.  Billy was captured and placed in the Dark Dimension.  Evil Billy had gotten the teens' communicators and morphers.  Goldar and several putties were sent down to destroy the teens.  Finster and Rita cheered.  Lord Zedd joined them, and Finster retreated.  Billy escaped and went to the park.  Billy got the morphers back to his friends.  The teens morphed, but so did Evil Billy.  The Rangers soon figured out who was the real Blue Ranger and destroyed Evil Billy. 

Lord Zedd has spotted Count Dregon and his successful attack on Edenoi.  Five of the Power Rangers had left.  Rita had encouraged Lord Zedd to use one of Finster's monsters, while there was only on Power Ranger on Earth.  Lord Zedd agreed.  Rita entered Finster's workroom and gave him instructions on making a monster.  Finster went straight to work.  Later, Finster reported to Lord Zedd and Rita that he was working on the monster and Lord Zedd should be able to rule Earth by sundown. 

Lord Zedd became impatient for the monster, Repellator, and yelled for Finster.  Rita and Goldar were with Lord Zedd when Finster entered.  He presented Repellator to them.  Repellator kissed Rita's hand and even Rita was grossed out by the monster.  Lord Zedd sent Repellator down to conquer Earth.

Finster could hear Rita yelling for him.  Rita:  "Finster, get your termite ridden carcass in here!"  Finster hurried in.  Repellator had returned with Pink Ranger's flu bug.  Lord Zedd and Rita wanted Finster to cure, so Repellator could attack Angel Grove once more.  Finster immediately left with Repellator and took him to his work room.  Finster look Repellator over and told him he needed to rest for eight to ten days.  But Repellator couldn't.  Lord Zedd wanted him to conquer Earth now.  Repellator asked if there was anything that could fix him up in a hurry, for a short time.  Finster then pulled out a large needed, ready to give Repellator a shot.  Repellator didn't like the size of the shot and asked Finster if there was something else.  Finster put the needle down and took out a couple of medicine pills.  He gave to Repellator and told him to take two this evening to get better.  Repellator took off.  Later, Repellator would be destroyed by the Power Rangers.

Rito Revolto, Rita's young brother, had arrived on the moon.  Rito had brought a wedding present for his sister and Lord Zedd.  The wedding present, eggs, were not ready yet and Rito would not reveal what the present was.  In the meanwhile, Lord Zedd wanted to launch another attack on Angel Grove.  Finster was called in and told to create monsters.  Finster set to work right away and recreate some of his old favorites.  Finster soon returned with several monsters. The monsters were Lizzinator, Octophantom, Fighting Flea, and Stag Beetle.  Rito was sent down as bait, along with the rest of the monsters.   The monsters and Rito were a success and had destroyed both the Megazords.

Lord Zedd has everyone gathered around him and he was very pleased.  Lord Zedd:  "Ahh, my comrades, we have executed the ultimate plan.  By destroying their zords, we have once and for all taken the power out of the Power Rangers."  Rita:  "Rito, my brother, I'm so proud of you."  Rito:  "Yeah, I'm proud of me too."  Rito laughed at himself.  Goldar:  "With four monsters helping me, I could defeat them too!"  Rita:  "Sure you could."  Lord Zedd:  "Silence!"  Lord Zedd wanted to know what was in the eggs.  At first Rito had a difficult time remembering, but then he remembered all but one of the eggs were Tenga Warriors.  Lord Zedd was impressed.  As they waited for the eggs to hatch, Lord Zedd kept an eye on things.  He became very angry when he spotted the teens in the Desert of Despair.  Lord Zedd wanted the teens stopped.  The eggs had hatch, except for one, and the Tenga Warriors were sent to get rid of the teens.  The Tenga Warriors battled the teens and so the teens had to take cover.  The Tenga Warriors placed the one remaining egg outside of their shelter.

Finster, Baboo, Squatt, Goldar, Rita, and Rito had all been gathered around.  Lord Zedd was furious.  The Rangers, with their new ninjazords, had defeated Rito.  They had also destroyed Vampirus.  Lord Zedd yelled at all of them for their failure.

Rita and Lord Zedd were together when Finster approached them.  Finster:  "Oh, Empress of Evil, I have a hideously wonderful gift for you."  Rita:  "Oh goody!  I love presents!"  Rita turned towards Lord Zedd.  Rita:  "You never give me anything but a headache!"  Lord Zedd:  "Enough!  What have you got wart face?"  Finster:  "This device enables you to watch the dreams of Earth creatures."  Finster showed them Kimberly's nightmare.  Rita mocked Kimberly's nightmare, but this gave Lord Zedd an idea.  Lord Zedd asked Finster to modify the device so that it turned dreams into reality.  Lord Zedd wanted Kimberly's nightmare to come true.  After Finster was done with the modifications, Lord Zedd sent Finster, Rito, and several Tenga Warriors down to Angel Grove.  The teens all happened to be together.  The teens morphed into their ninja gear and battled the Tenga Warriors.  Several of the Tenga Warriors got Pink Ranger and held her as Finster aimed his device at her.  Doing so, brought her nightmare monster, Artistmole, to life.  Finster, Rito, and the Tenga Warriors teleported out.  Artistmole would eventually be destroyed by the Power Rangers. 

Finster hurried into the throne room when he heard Rito calling for him.  Lord Zedd and Rita were sitting together and laughing.  Finster had one of his clay creations in his hands.  Rito told Finster to make him a monster.  Finster refused.  He only took orders from Rita and Lord, never from the likes of him.  Rito grabbed the clay creation out of Finster's hands and decided to make a monster on his own.  Later, Rito's plan failed and he was sent to clean up Finster's workroom.

Rita was using her telescope and had been watching the teens in their science class.  Lord Zedd, Goldar, and Rito Revolto were all there.  They were playing football and not paying any attention to Rita.  Rita:  "I can't believe what I'm seeing.  Zedd, if those brats can't follow a simple chemistry problem, why can't we just beat them?"  Goldar:  "Go deep."  Finster walked in and walked up to Rita.  Finster:  "My queen, I have created a mold for a magic centipede monster I think you will truly appreciate."  Rita:  "No more bugs!  We need something that will really shake up the Power Rangers."  Goldar:  "Go wide your athleticness."  Goldar tossed the football and Lord Zedd dropped the ball, trying to catch it.  Finster hurried over to help Lord Zedd get the ball and the magic centipede fell, landing on the football.  The football was turned into the monster, Centiback.  Centiback joined in the game and when he tossed his football it hit Rito, turning him into a monster.  Lord Zedd and the rest laugh and Lord Zedd and Goldar had fun tossing the Rito football around for awhile.  Rita then turned her brother back to his normal form.  Lord Zedd was pleased with Centiback and sent him down to destroy the Rangers.  At first Centiback was success and turned five of the six Rangers into footballs.  Unfortunately Red Ranger and Ninjor had come up with a plan and soon the five Rangers were returned back to normal.  Lord Zedd and Rita turned Centiback to giant size.  The Rangers formed their Megazord and battled Centiback.  Centiback was destroyed.  Goldar reported that Centiback was destroyed.  Lord Zedd and Rita was upset and blamed each other.  Finster told them they shouldn't blame each other.  Lord Zedd and Rita then remembered it was Finster's creation and blamed him.  Lord Zedd, Rita, and Goldar followed Finster, blaming him the whole time.

Lord Zedd and Rita called in Finster.  Baboo, Squatt, Goldar, and Rito were there as well when Finster entered.  Lord Zedd wanted Finster to create a hate monster.  Lord Zedd wanted to turn the Rangers against each other as an anniversary present for Rita.  Finster soon returned with magical seeds of hate which had been extracted from the evil of every monster he had created.  Finster instructed Lord Zedd to throw them to Earth.  Lord Zedd did do.  Finster then had Rita and Lord Zedd recite an incantation.  This created Hate Master, who successfully turned the Rangers against each other.

Finster was in his workroom, working on a monster for Lord Zedd.  The monster was Miss Chief.  Lord Zedd and Rita had left for their second honeymoon.  Rito walked in.  Finster and Rito talked.  Finster let it slip that Rita had used a love potion on Lord Zedd.  Finster had to leave the workroom and instructed Rito to not touch anything.  Rito found the love potion and used it on Miss Chief, who fell in love with Rito.  Rito sent Miss Chief down to Angel Grove High School to use her love potion there.  Later, Goldar would learn of the love potion.  Goldar ordered Finster to make an antidote.  Once Finster completed the antidote, Goldar sent him down to the high school to test the antidote's safety.  Finster told Miss Chief to return to the palace.  Finster was unseen as he made his way through the halls of the school.  He used the antidote on all of Miss Chief's matches and the antidote worked.  Finster returned to the palace.  Rita and Lord Zedd had returned early from their honeymoon because Rito had forgotten to charge up Serpentera.  Rita entered first and immediately blamed Goldar for what had happened.  Rito whispered to Miss Chief and Miss Chief used her love potion on Rita.  Rita immediately fell in love with Goldar and raved about his eyes.  Rita chased Goldar around as Finster and the rest laughed.  Finster then used the antidote on Rita, telling Goldar he owed him one.  Rita was furious when she found herself sitting on Goldar's lap and blamed him.  Lord Zedd entered.  Goldar immediately told Lord Zedd that Rita had used a love potion on him.  Goldar ordered Finster to use the antidote on Lord Zedd.  Finster spray Lord Zedd with the antidote.  Lord Zedd asked him what he was doing.  Lord Zedd told them that Rita was the best thing that ever happened to him.  Rito observed that Lord Zedd really did love Rita as Lord Zedd and Rita leaned in for a kiss.

Lord Zedd was sitting on his throne and Rita stood by his side when Finster entered.  Goldar was there as well.  Lord Zedd:  "What is it this time Finster?  A monster that blows itself up?"  Finster:  "No, I've done something wonderful."  Rita:  "Done what?!"  Finster:  "After years of failed attempts, I've finally decipher the scrolls of Zordenio."  Lord Zedd:  What are you talking about?  Finster:  The scrolls show the exact location of the dormant zords.  If they had a power coin, they could operate the zords.  Even Goldar was impressed.  Lord Zedd sent Finster to look for the dormant zords, along with Baboo and Squatt.  Finster, Baboo, and Squatt search for the zords in a dense jungle.  They stop to take a break.  Squatt discovered he was sitting at the base of the zord.  Finster, Baboo, and Squatt were thrilled to have found the Shogunzords.  They all returned to the palace with the good news.  Later, Rita appeared at the lake.  Rita gave Kat instructions to steal a power coin.  Kat successfully stole the power coin and gave it to Lord Zedd.  Later, Kat would use the power coin to steal the Falconzord.  Ninjor was also captured.   Lord Zedd then gave the jar that Ninjor was captured in to Finster, to drain some of his energy to operate the zords.

Finster was with Rita and Lord Zedd.  Lord Zedd was very happy.  Kimberly had been captured.  Lord Zedd plan to use Kimberly's welfare to force the teens to pilot his zords. 

The five Rangers had agreed to pilot the Shogunzords.  There was a party at the palace.  Finster, Rita, Lord Zedd, Rito, Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt had a good time dancing and enjoying themselves.  Goldar:  "Three cheers to Lord Zedd!"  Lord Zedd decided to check on the teens.  Lord Zedd:  "I better check on the Power Rangers, just in case."  Lord Zedd became furious when he spotted Billy, Rocky, Tommy, Aisha, and Adam setting up a device, that would allow Tommy to travel to the dimension and rescue Kimberly.  Lord Zedd sent down several Tenga Warriors.  Tommy had made it to the dimension, so Lord Zedd left to battle him and prevent him from rescuing Kimberly.  Finster was sweeping the floors as Rita kept an eye on Angel Grove.  Rita wanted to send down a monster.  Finster questioned whether she should do that without Lord Zedd's knowing.  Rita became furious and reminded Finster that she used to run the place.  Finster quickly made her See Monster and it was sent down to Angel Grove. Lord Zedd was defeated and Kimberly was rescued.  The Rangers also gained control of the Shogunzords.  But Lord Zedd and Rita still had Ninjor and Kimberly's power coin. 

Lord Zedd was not happy.  Finster, Rita, Rito, Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt were with him as he made his complaints known.  Lord Zedd:  "I rule over a dominion of losers.  None of you know how to defeat the Power Rangers.  I'm disgusted with all of you!"  Goldar:  Me too.  Rita:  He's talking about you Goldbar!  Rita laughed.  Squatt:  I guess it's going to be another one of those days.  Rito:  The way I see it Ed, we need a fool proof plan to defeat the Rangers.  Rito suggested changing one of the Rangers into a monster.  The remaining Rangers wouldn't want to destroy one of their own, and the Ranger monster would destroy them.  Rita scoffed at the idea, but Lord Zedd liked it.   Moments later,  Finster returned with a vehicular transformer.  Kimberly, Bulk & Skull were inside a cab, trying to catch the thief that had stolen Kimberly's car.  Lord Zedd used the vehicular transformer on the cab and it turned into Crabby Cabbie.  Initially the plan worked well and Lord Zedd and Rita made Crabby Cabbie grow to giant size.  But Alpha 5 came up with a device that would remove Kimberly, Bulk & Skull from the van.  The device worked and Bulk, Skull, and Kimberly were ejected from Crabby Cabbie.  The five Rangers, with their Shogunzords, destroyed Crabby Cabbie.                   

Lord Zedd and Rita watched as Kat got help and Kimberly was taken to Angel Grove Community Hospital.  Goldar, Rito, Baboo, and Squatt were with them.  Lord Zedd was not happy.  Lord Zedd:  I don't believe she turned on us.  Who'll be next?  Lord Zedd looked at Baboo and Squatt.  Lord Zedd:  You two?  Rita:  I wonder what happen to that spell anyway.  Finster, I want an answer and I want it now!  Finster hurried to the front.  Finster:  In analyzing my data, I conclude that Katherine's attempt to save Kimberly was a totally selfless deed.  The goodness of that act overpowered your evil spell and neutralized it completely.  Rita wasn't too upset - nothing lasts forever was her opinion.  Lord Zedd figured Katherine had still done well before turning good - the Pink Ranger was out of commission.  But that satisfaction didn't last long, as Kimberly recovered.  Lord Zedd and Rita wanted to make Kat pay for her disloyalty.  Finster was called in to make a monster.  Finster made Garbage Mouth.  But Garbage Mouth would fail to capture Kat and ended up being destroyed by the five Rangers.  Lord Zedd was furious.  Rita quickly got an idea and pointed out the blue jar which held Ninjor.  Lord Zedd immediately cheered up.  Rita and Rito went down to Angel Grove and demanded that Tommy and Billy release Kat to them.  Billy and Tommy refused.  This didn't bother Rita at all.  Rita and Rito left with a threat.  Turn over Kat, or Ninjor will be destroyed.

Finster could hear Rita hollering for him.  Rita:  Finster, grab your decrypted behind in here!  Finster hurried in.  Lord Zedd, Goldar, and Rito were there as well.  Finster:  Yes your royal empress.  Rita wanted Finster to create a monster that could attack Tommy from the inside.  Finster left to do her bidding.  Finster would later return with Ravenator.  Rita used her wand and shrunk Ravenator to a very tiny size.  Ravenator was sent down to Angel Grove and planted himself in Tommy's food.  Unfortunately, Katherine, now the Pink Ranger, had telepathically overheard Rita's conversation.  Finster was called forward once more.  Finster explained that it was a side effect from the spell.  Rita and Lord Zedd was not happy and several Tenga Warriors were sent down to stop Katherine from warning her friends.  Pink Ranger would defeat the Tenga Warriors.  Later, Ravenator would be destroyed by the Power Rangers.

Finster was summon by Lord Zedd.  Earlier he had learned of Katherine's aunt's monkey, Kelly.  Lord Zedd wanted to turn the chimp into a monster.  Lord Zedd knew that the Rangers would not want to harm their chimp friend.  Several Tenga Warriors were sent down, along with Finster, to the park.  The teens had gone into ninja mode.  As the Rangers battled the Tenga Warriors, Finster went after the chimp.  But no matter how hard he tried, Finster couldn't get the chimp to stay still and soon lost him.  The Tenga Warriors retreated.  Finster reported back to Lord Zedd and Rita.  Lord Zedd was furious and told Finster he would show him how it's done.  Lord Zedd then created Sinister Simian.  Later, the Rangers would destroy Sinister Simian without harming the chimp Kelly.    

Everyone had gathered in the throne room.  Lord Zedd:  This had better be good Vile.  Finster was standing in front of a mic.  Finster:  It is my great displeasure to introduce to you a woman whose voice will soon spell the end of the Power Rangers - Dischordia.  Dischordia pop out and began singing.  Everyone, except Rita, enthusiastically, applauded and cheered for Dischordia.  Lord Zedd got up and walked over to Dischordia.  Lord Zedd:  Dischordia, how well I remember your painful voice.  Later the Rangers would destroy Dischordia.

The palace shook as Master Vile tried to uncover the Orb of Doom.  Finster and the rest couldn't barely stand on their feet.  Finster took cover, even though Rita told him it was only her father.  Finster and the rest had gathered inside the throne room.  Master Vile announced how he had uncovered the Orb of Doom.  The Orb of Doom had the power to stop the Earth's rotation and reverse time, and the Rangers would be children with no powers.  They would not be able to stop their forces.  Lord Zedd was not convinced the plan would work.  Lord Zedd had already tried that once.  Master Vile gave the Orb of Doom to Rito to plant in Angel Grove.  The plan worked and the Earth stood still and the Rangers were children once more.

Finster had a clipboard and pencil in his hands.  He was trying to organize all the monsters Master Vile had gathered.  Master Vile didn't need Finster to be so fussy.  Master Vile told Finster he only needed the top five monsters for this job.  Several monsters volunteered to be chosen.  Lord Zedd was excited and told the monsters they were going to conquer Earth.  Rito reminded "Ed" that his father was in charge now and Lord Zedd miserably sat down.  

Finster, Rita, Lord Zedd, Goldar, and Rito were with Master Vile.  Master Vile was very pleased and he was laughing.  Master Vile:  Everything is just as I planned.  Yes, very soon we shall rid the galaxy of Zordon the good deed doer and I, Master Vile, shall reign supreme over the universe.  Master Vile kept an eye on things and he was not happy.  Master Vile:  Zordon's little food processor on legs has destroyed my implosion device.  Lord Zedd was pleased to see Master Vile fail.  Lord Zedd:  So your great and all powerful Master Vile, is merely a mutant after all.  The palace shook.  Rita:  What is it?  Master Vile:  I don't know, but I'm certain that I don't like it.  It was something inherently good and pure. Rita was upset, she is allergic to good.  Master Vile sent Goldar and Rito to try and get the power coins once more.  They would fail.  Later, Master Vile was ready to attack with his monsters.  The monsters, Goldar, and Rito were in such a hurry to get out, that they knocked down and trampled over Finster.  But the planned attack failed.  Zordon had called for help from the Alien Rangers.  The Alien Rangers defeated and destroyed the monsters.  Rita was embarrassed when Master Vile threw a fit on the floor.   Rita and Rito helped Master Vile back to his feet.  Master Vile had had enough and decided he was going back to his own galaxy, where evil reign supreme.  Master Vile teleported out.  Goldar was pleased that Lord Zedd was back in charge.  Lord Zedd was thrilled.  Lord Zedd planned to continue Master Vile's plan and he intended to succeed.

Rita and Lord Zedd summon Finster.  Rita and Lord Zedd had overheard Cestro talking to Billy about Hydro Hog.  Rita and Lord Zedd wanted to bring Hydro Hog to Earth to destroy the Alien Rangers.  Finster was given the task of setting up the dimensional teleporter.  The beam was sent out.  But only for a short time, as Alpha 5 soon blocked the beam.

Finster heard Rita hollering for him and hurried in.  Rita told Finster to locate where Rito and Goldar were.  Rita needed to give them a message.  A few moments later, Finster had located them for her.  Rita needed to tell Rito and Goldar to not plant the implosion device, until the Zeo crystal was completed and they had stolen it.

The Command Center had been destroyed.  Lord Zedd and Rita were laughing and dancing around with Squatt and Baboo when Finster came running in.  Finster:  I'm sorry my queen, I hate to spoil your celebration.  Rita:  Then don't.  Suddenly the floor shook.  When it stopped, Rita took a look at her telescope.  What Rita saw, scared her.  Rita turned around and faced Finster, Squatt, Lord Zedd, and Baboo.  Rita told them I think we are in trouble and she was almost crying.  The Machine Empire had arrived and they planned on taking over this galaxy.  Finster and the rest had no choice but to flee.  Finster and the rest went into a frenzy packing the place up, with a For Sale in front, and dashing out.  They hurried to get to Serpentera.  Their travel wasn't made easy as Cogs in Quadrafighters blasted them nearly every step of the way.  Rita hated packing in a hurry, because she always felt like she had forgotten something.  Later on, Rita would realized that Goldar and Rito were not with them.  Lord Zedd told her they had probably failed to get the Zeo crystal and they would simply have to catch up later.  As they continued on, Lord Zedd was the one to realized that even though they would reach Serpentera, they had no place to go.  Finster pointed out that this was true, as Serpentera had a limited amount of energy and they could only go so far.  Rita decided the only place left where the Machine Empire would leave them alone, was with her dad.  Lord Zedd protested, but Rita hollered for her dad.  Master Vile appeared in the sky.  Rita explained the situation and told her father they needed a place to crash.  Master Vile asked Rita if that included her husband.  With some reluctance, Master Vile told Rita they could stay with him.  Just to use the skeleton key and not to wake him up.

Finster and the rest continue to make their way towards Serpentera.  Lord Zedd:  I still can't believe we have to go live with that decrepit dictator you call a father.  Rita:  Get over it Zeddy!  It's a done deal.  All we have to do is get loaded up and we're out of here.  Finster:  Please people, let's hurry while there's a lull in the attack.  Everyone took Finster's advice.  Soon the Cogs were attacking them once more.  Lord Zedd decided he was not going.  Rita grabbed him by the top of his head and told him she was sorry to do this to him, but they were going.  Rita dragged Lord Zedd over to Serpentera as the rest followed on their heels.  Serpentera was loaded up.  Finster, Squatt, Baboo, and the Tenga Warriors rode in the cargo bay of Serpentera.  Baboo told them he was going to miss the palace.  Finster was going to miss the palace as well.  He had made some of his best monsters there.  Squatt cried and Finster was appalled at the turn of events.         

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