Lokar - Masahiko Urano
Voiced by Robert Axelrod

Lokar is a powerful ally of Rita Repulsa.  Rita used her crystal ball and chanted a spell to summon Lokar and the monster Mutitus.  The plan was to have Mutitus destroy Angel Grove after Lokar had sent the Rangers to the Island of Illusion.  Rita referred to Lokar as Lokar the Terrible.  The monster Mutitus appeared in Angel Grove in giant size.  The Rangers quickly went into action and began battling Mutitus with their Megazord.  Moments later, Rita summon Lokar to Angel Grove.  Lokar appeared in the sky as the ground below shook with his arrival.  Rita was also at the battle.  Rita warns the Rangers - just wait till you see what Lokar's breath of doom does to my monsters.  It will blow you away!   Rita commands Lokar to make Mutitis more horrible still.  Lokar blows his breath of doom and Mutitis transforms to an even uglier monster.  Lokar and Rita laugh.  Megazord and Mutitis battle once more.  From his chest, Mutitis shoots out red and yellow electric bolts, which hit Megazord.  Megazord falls to the ground.  Green Ranger arrives and plays the Dragon Dagger.  Soon Dragonzord arrives and Green Ranger leaps on top of him.  Dragonzord uses it's tail to knock aside Mutitis.  Mutitis hits the ground, but quickly gets back up.  Megazord also gets back up and stands beside Dragonzord.  Megazord and Dragonzord battle Mutitis.  Mutitis leaps high into the air and kicks Megazord in the chest.  Mutitis then battles Dragonzord.  When Dragonzord and Megazord are side by side once more, Mutitis shoots our more electric bolts at them.  Sparks start shooting out of the Megazord.  Lokar laughed, as did Rita.  Mutitis then shoots our toxic.  it lands all over Megazord and Dragonzord.  Dragonzord and Megazord fall to the ground.  The Rangers are ejected and fall down through the sky and onto the Island of Illusion.

Lokar was very surprised when the Rangers returned to Angel Grove.  The Rangers enter their Megazord and Dragonzord.  Dragonzord and Megazord got back on their feet.  Rita has returned to Angel Grove and is watching from a building.  Dragonzord and Megazord combine to form Megadragonzord.  Lokar screams when he sees the arrival of Megadragonzord.  Rita commands Mutitis to attack.  Mutitis runs towards Megadragonzord.  Megadragonzord fires at Mutitis.  Mutitis fires back at Megadragonzord.  Megadragonzord fires and destroys Mutitis.  Rita is very upset.  Red Ranger tells Lokar he is next.  Red Ranger summons Titanus.  Titanus arrives and Ultrazord is formed.  Red Ranger tells Lokar it's all over for him.  Ultrazord fires all weapons.  Lokar is hit and screams out in pain.  Lokar quickly retreats before the Power Rangers can destroy him.

Rita had used a dimensional vortex beam to move the citizens (except the Rangers) into another dimension.  She mover her palace down to Angel Grove and used the power from her palace to activate Cyclopsis, Goldar's war zord.  Cyclopsis began it's attack and soon the Rangers arrived.  The Rangers had a difficult battle against Cyclopsis, using Megazord, Dragonzord, Dragonzord in Fighting Mode, and Tyrannosaurus.  Eventually Titanus arrived and Ultrazord was formed.  Ultrazord defeated Cyclopsis.  Rita was furious.  She blasted Titanus and it sank beneath the ground.  Rita then cast a spell that brought Lokar back.  Soon Lokar appears in the Sky.  Rita tells Lokar he is the final ingredient in her master plan.  With Lokar's power, she recreates Cyclopsis.  The Rangers retreat. 

Rita was in high spirits.  Cyclopsis and Lokar were doing a lot of damage to Angel Grove.  Rita laughed.  Rita:  Between Cyclopsis and Lokar, the world will now be mine.  Later, Rita was outside when the Rangers arrived in their Megazord.  Rita could not stop herself from taunting them.  Rita:  Back for more.  Lokar will take care of you for good.  Right Lokar?!  Lokar blasts his breath onto Megazord.  Megazord is hit and flips through the air, eventually crashing onto the ground.  Cyclopsis walks over and ejects swords out of it's wrists.  Cyclopsis is about to strike the fallen Megazord, but Megazord rolls out of the way.  Goldar is furious and vows they will pay for that.  Megazord gets back up.  Megazord and Cyclopsis battle.  During the battle, Cyclopsis cuts off one of Megazord's arms.  Megazord crashes through a building and lands back on the ground.  Cyclopsis walks over to fallen Megazord.  Cyclopsis places it's foot onto Megazord.  Goldar announces, victory is mine!   Cyclopsis is about to strike Megazord again, but Megazord blasts it.  Cyclopsis is knocked back and Megazord is able to get back up.  Cyclopsis strikes Megazord with it's swords.  Soon Megazord is knocked to the ground once more.  Red Ranger uses Dragon Dagger to summon Dragonzord.  Dragonzord quickly arrives.  Dragonzord prepares to strike Cyclopsis with it's tail.  Cyclopsis promptly slices off a piece of Dragonzord's tail.  Dragonzord is knocked to the ground and lands by Megazord.  Lokar then blasts Megazord and it falls to the ground once more.  Lokar grins at helpless Megazord and Dragonzord.  Lokar announces, they are all yours Rita.  From the Moon Palace, Rita blasts them with her wand.  The Rangers eject from the Megazord as Megazord and Dragonzord vanish and go to their secret hiding place to reenergize.  Later, Lokar and Cyclopsis continue their attack on Angel Grove.  The Rangers arrive as Cyclopsis is knocking down buildings.  The Rangers quickly summon their zords.  When the zords arrive, the Rangers leap inside them.  Goldar is piloting Cyclopsis and he shouts at the Rangers, give me your best shot!  Mastodon, Triceratops, Pterodactyl, and Sabretooth Tiger fire at Cyclopsis.  Cyclopsis is hit several times.  Tyrannosaurus battles Cyclopsis.  Megazord is immediately formed.  Goldar tells them they can't win.  Megazord charges towards Cyclopsis with it's power sword.  Megazord and Cyclopsis battle.  After a few moments, Red Ranger uses the Dragon Dagger to summon Dragonzord.  Dragonzord quickly arrives.  Dragonzord fires at Cyclopsis and then battles Cyclopsis.  Dragonzord uses it's tail and destroys Cyclopsis' swords.  Dragonzord in Fighting Mode is formed.  This time Cyclopsis charges towards Dragonzord in Fighting Mode.  Dragonzord in Fighting Mode strikes Cyclopsis with it's weapon.  Cyclopsis and Dragonzord in Fighting Mode battle.  Lokar fires at Dragonzord in Fighting Mode.  Dragonzord in Fighting Mode falls on top of a building.  Red Ranger summons Titanus.  Titanus arrives and Ultrazord is formed.  Red Ranger tells Lokar and Cyclopsis, you two have had it!  Lokar laughs at them.  Ultrazord fires it's weapons.  Cyclopsis starts to overload with all the changes.  Goldar is furious.  Ultrazord continues to fire at Cyclopsis.  Goldar abandons ship.  Cyclopsis is destroyed.  (Lokar vanished - whereabouts unknown.)  Rita moves her palace back to the moon and the citizens of Angel Grove are returned.

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