Lord Zedd - Ed Neil
Voiced by Robert Axelord

Mark Ginther/Voiced by Robert Axelrod - MMPRTM

Lord Zedd prepared to enter the Moon Palace.  The palace shook as lightening and thunder struck.  Rita, Scorpina, Finster, Baboo, and Squatt were confused, but Goldar knew what was happening.  Goldar replies, this can only mean one thing.  Lord Zedd, the true emperor, has returned.  Rita is not happy to hear that bit of news and groans.  Rita is in a panic.  Where is he?  Where is he?  From above, Lord Zedd introduces himself.  You have failed to complete the mission assign to you.  I will now resume command.  Prepare the palace for my return!  Goldar, Finster, Rita, Baboo, and Squatt bend down as a fiery light streaks past them.  The palace shakes and objects fall.  Goldar is very happy that Lord Zedd has returned.  Not so much Rita.  He's going to ruin everything!  Baboo asks, where is Lord Zedd?  Goldar replies, where he belongs.  His chamber of command.  Rita feels lightheaded and has a headache.  Goldar tells her to deal with it.  I'm going to meet my emperor.  Goldar walks away as Rita hollers, wait for me!  Squatt tells Baboo, we should check this guy out.  Squatt and Baboo scamper behind Rita and Goldar.  Goldar, Squatt, and Baboo arrived in the chamber of command before Lord Zedd.  With a flash of lightening Lord Zedd's chair appears along Lord Zedd sitting in it.  Goldar welcomes him back.  Goldar does not like the snake slithering along Lord Zedd's arm.  Lord Zedd transforms the snake into his staff.  Lord Zedd introduces himself and asks Goldar to identify himself.  Goldar quickly responds, your Excellency, surely you remember me?  Goldar, your faithful servant.  Lord Zedd does remember him.  The groveling one.  Goldar kneels as he tells Lord Zedd that he surrenders himself to serve and obey you only.  It's good to have you back.  Lord Zedd believes Goldar's spineless sniveling will serve him well.  For that, I shall restore to you what was once taken away.  Goldar gets his wings back and gratefully thanks Lord Zedd.  You will not regret this.  Lord Zedd warns him, see that I don't.  Now where are the earthlings that the incompetent Rita Repulsa wasn't able to defeat.  Using his visor, Lord Zedd is able to see the charity race.  Rita quickly enters, my brave and powerful Lord Zedd.  What a pleasant surprise.  Welcome!  How can I be of service to you.  Rita whispers to Goldar, traitor.  Rita kneels before Lord Zedd.  Oh Lord Zedd.  Give me another chance.  I will not fail again.  Lord Zedd tells her to be quiet.  Those Power Rangers are nothing but mere infants.  You were defeated by children!  You dare call yourself an empress of evil.  You are not fit to destroy a cockroach!  Goldar agrees.  Rita gets angry at Goldar.  You gold belly rat!  Goldar laughs, knowing his position is secure.  Lord Zedd continues.  You have made me very angry.  As he says this, his body glows a darker red.  Baboo notes the chamber of command changes color along with Lord Zedd's mood.  Lord Zedd comments, so poor old Zordon is still around.  Little does he realize his pitiful little teenage do-gooders are no match for me.  As Lord Zedd talks, Rita kisses, with her hand, his lower leg, feet, and ankle.  Goldar suggests they send down a group of Putties to attack the Rangers.  They are in the open and will be easy prey.  Lord Zedd laughs.  Your Putties are as useless to me as you are!  I have my own army of Putties.  The likes of which you have never seen.  Goldar quickly agrees, of course.  Lord Zedd summons his Putties.  Lord Zedd uses his staff to energize them.  On her knees, Rita pleads with Lord Zedd.  Please let me send down another monster.  I'll prove to you that I can finish the job.  Goldar interrupts, I don't think so.  Rita tells him to zip it.  Lord Zedd tells Rita that her days of being in control are over.  There will be no other chances.  Rita asks, can we talk?!  Lord Zedd responds, silence!  I have spoken.  Rita gets up and rubs the tears in her eyes.  Lord Zedd holds up his staff and states, I hereby strip you of the powers that you have squandered.  The magic from Lord Zedd's staff makes Rita's wand disappear.  Lord Zedd continues, Putties, bring forward Rita's traveling vehicle.  The Putties bring in the dumpster.  Rita groans, not again!  Goldar is delighted.  Yes!  Her traveling vehicle.  The Putties place the dumpster in front of Rita.  Rita is upset.  This can't be happening!  Lord Zedd tells her, you are now and forever more banished from this place and from my sight.   Lord Zedd points his staff at Rita.  Several electric bolts hit Rita and she begins to shrink.  Goldar laughs as he walks over and picks up Rita.  Rita screams, you won't get away with this!  Lord Zedd throws back his head and laughs as Goldar places Rita inside the dumpster.  Goldar taunts her before closing the lid, it's been fun!  Lord Zedd states, and now I'll hurl you through the farthest reaches of the universe.  Putties!  Two Putties pick up the dumpster and take it to the balcony outside of the chamber of command.  Rita's screaming voice can be heard from the dumpster, but Lord Zedd merely chuckles.  The two Putties hold the dumpster high and Lord Zedd's staff emits more electric bolts which hits the dumpster, sending it spinning into space.  Lord Zedd is ready for the next phase of his plan.  It's time to finish off those Power Rangers.  Send down my Putties! Zedd's Putties harass Bulk and Skull until the Rangers arrive.  The Rangers fight and defeat Zedd's Putties.  Afterwards, Lord Zedd tells Goldar, there will no more of Rita's inferior monsters.  I will create one of my own!  Lord Zedd points his staff to Earth.  Electric currents shoot down from it and hit a fish beneath a river.  A monster emerges from the river.  Pirantishead attacks Angel Grove.

The Rangers tried to stop Pirantishead, but were unsuccessful as Pirantishead froze most of their zords.  Tyrannosaurus was still on the Rangers' side.  Lord Zedd:  "Ah, perfect."  Goldar:  "But Tyrannosaurus is still on the loose."  Lord Zedd:  "That is all part of my plan.  their own weapon will be their undoing when my monster turns the Tyrannosaurus against the Rangers."  Goldar laughed.  Tyrannosaurus attacked the Rangers.  Green Ranger summoned Dragonzord.  Dragonzord fought Tyrannosaurus.  Lord Zedd has been watching the battle and comments, I might as well take control of the Dragonzord.  Goldar agrees.  Baboo and Squatt are hidden and watching.  Baboo comments to Squatt, got to love him.  Lord Zedd exclaims, Power Rangers you are finished!  Lord Zedd points his staff at Pirantishead.  Goldar cheers.  Pirantishead puts Dragonzord under Lord Zedd's spell.  The Rangers try to take back the zords, but are unable to.  Lord Zedd grows impatient.  Enough with this foolishness.  It's time to squash them once and for all!  Lord Zedd aims his powerful staff at Pirantishead once more.  The Rangers have no choice but to retreat.  Lord Zedd gloats, giving up Zordon!  Nothing you can ever do will defeat me!  Lord Zedd laughs.  Lord Zedd declares the battle is over.  Those Power Rangers are permanently out of my way.  Goldar agrees.  They are powerless without the help of their zords.  Still hidden, Baboo and Squatt listen and watch.  Baboo tells Squatt he wishes Rita could see this. She would turn purple with envy....green.  Lord Zedd instructs Pirantishead to destroy Angel Grove.  Soon the whole world will be under my command.  Lord Zedd laughs.  After awhile, Lord Zedd wonders where are those pathetic Rangers?  A beam emits from his visor as he looks for them.  He quickly spots them.  (Red Ranger, Pink Ranger, Black Ranger, and Green Ranger searching for Pirantishead.)  Out in the open.  Just where I want them.  Goldar asks him, what do you have in mind?  Lord Zedd replies, just a little game of cat and mouse.  As my Pirantishead monster continues to lure them out, I will send down my Putties to distract them.  Then when they least expect it, I'll send in their own zords to finish them off.  The plan works and soon the four Rangers are battling Zedd's Putties.  Lord Zedd contacts Pirantishead and tells him I sense intruders approaching.  (Bulk & Skull) Take care of them.  Pirantishead comments this should be fun before vanishing.  Pirantishead encounters Bulk & Skull and blasts their vehicles, causing them to go out of control.  Meanwhile, the four Rangers defeat Zedd's Putties and are back to trying to stop Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord. 

Baboo, Squatt, and Goldar were in the palace, listening to Lord Zedd.  Lord Zedd:  "You are a witness to greatness Goldar.  It is only a matter of time until I hold this world in the palm of my hand, to crush at will."  Lord Zedd used his visor and watch Billy and Trini try to make a device that would block the signal Lord Zedd had on Dragonzord and Tyrannosaurus.  Lord Zedd:  "The Power Rangers efforts are futile.  They'll never regain control of their own zords.  Without them, they are nothing."  Goldar cheered Lord Zedd on.  Later, Lord Zedd stands alone as he decides now the time is at hand.  The Power Rangers will witness the mass destruction of all they have fought to protect.  Lord Zedd uses his visor as he gazes down at Angel Grove.  The first wave of attack will be against those annoying humans called teenagers.  After that, the rest of the world shall easily fall.  In their hiding spot, Squatt squeals, they are in for it now!  I can't watch.  Baboo covers his face.  Pirantishead sends Tyrannosaurs and Dragonzord to attack the charity race.  Lord Zedd is pleased.  The attack is underway and all going according to my plan.  Doesn't my brilliance astound you Goldar?  Goldar nods his head in agreement.  But it doesn't last long, as Billy's signal blocker puts Tyrannosaurs and Dragonzord back under their control.   Lord Zedd and Goldar have been watching the battle.  Lord Zedd becomes furious.  I will not tolerate being outsmarted by those Power Rangers.  Squatt and Baboo become frighten over Lord Zedd's rage.  Goldar points out that they have regain control of their zords.  Lord Zedd responds, not for long.  I'll strip the zords' power and return them to the earth!  Lord Zedd points his staff towards the zords.  The ground shakes and opens up beneath the zords and they sink below.  Lord Zedd is thrilled.  Sweet victory you are mine!  Lord Zedd laughs.  Goldar is exuberant.  Squatt and Baboo are no longer fearful and giggle in delight.  Goldar tells Lord Zedd, your victory is deserved.  Your plan was perfect.  Lord Zedd adds, and now lord over all that I see with nothing to stand in my way!  Lord Zedd laughs once more.  Green Ranger quickly sends Dragonzord back to the sea.  With Goldar by his side, Lord Zedd shouts, and now to finish off those pesky Power Rangers!  Grow Pirantishead!  Grow!  Lord Zedd throws his grow bomb towards Pirantishead.  Pirantishead grows to giant size and the Rangers retreat. After awhile, the Rangers return and summon new zords, the Thunderzords.  The Thunderzords form the Thunder Megazord.  Zord Zedd has been watching and he is not happy.  Zordon and his surprises.  Well, they're not going to do him any good this time.  Instead, Thunder Megazord destroys Pirantishead.  Goldar stands by Lord Zedd's side.  Lord Zedd is furious and he screams no!  I don't believe it!  This is not the end by any means.  Zordon and his stupid Power Rangers shall not prevail again!  Squatt and Baboo are behind Lord Zedd.  Lord Zedd  continues on his rant.  I was so close to ridding myself of those annoying power pests.  But now it's all ruined.  Goldar tells Lord Zedd, I'm sorry you failed.  This infuriates Lord Zedd even more.  I didn't fail!  You simpering twit!  You failed!  You all failed!  Just like you failed before!  Baboo is confused.  Did we do something wrong?  Lord Zedd yells, silence!  They have won this time but I shall not rest until the Rangers are completely destroyed and the Earth is reduced to mere cinders!  Lord Zedd laughs.  

Lord Zedd was sitting in his chamber with his Putties.  Lord Zedd:  "Say goodbye forever Zordon.  Without you, my Primator will soon have those sniveling Power Rangers destroy each other."  Lord Zedd laughed.  Lord Zedd:  "The plants are in alignment.  Zordon must be fully de-ionize by now.  Time to bring the Primator to life and I know just which body to give him."  Lord Zedd choose Zack's ape costume.  Lord Zedd watched Primator closely.  Primator had the ability to assume identities.  Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar have joined Lord Zedd.  Squatt notes, first Zordon's out of commission and now Alpha 5 is on the loose too.  Lord Zedd snaps at him, I did not ask you to speak.  It appears the time is right to destroy Zordon and then the Power Rangers forever!  Primator assumes the shape of "Billy" and tries to get Alpha 5, who is in the park with Dylan, to take him to the Command Center.  Alpha 5 quickly discovers this is not "Billy" as Primator reverts back to his own form after getting a glimpse of himself in Alpha 5's helmet.  Alpha 5 has Dylan run as he activates his self-destruct mechanism.  Primator does not leave Alpha 5 alone.  Lord Zedd gets frustrated with Primator.  He yells Primator!  Leave that metal junk pile alone and go destroy the Rangers! Now!  Primator promptly responds, yes Lord Zedd and vanishes from the park.  Primator assumes the shape of Zack.  "Zack" convinces Kimberly and Trini to go to the park to help Tommy as he gets the rest of the guys.  Kimberly and Trini quickly hurry over to the park.  Goldar stands behind Lord Zedd as he spots Trini and Kimberly at the park.  He comments, now is the perfect for my Putties to eliminate the Pink and Yellow Power Brats!  Lord Zedd sends down his Putties.  Kimberly and Trini fight and defeat Zedd's Putties.  The girls return to the Youth Center where they confront Zack.  With the guys confused and Alpha 5 missing, the teens return to the Command Center.  Zordon has re-ionized and informs the teens about Primator.  The teens morph and teleport out.  The Rangers battle Primator and have him on the run.  Goldar asks Lord Zedd, what will we do now?  Lord Zedd replies, you will do nothing.  I'm going to make my beautiful monster a little bigger.  Lord Zedd throws his grow bomb down towards Primator.  The battle continues.  Eventually Primator is destroyed by Thunder Megazord and Dragonzord.  The Rangers go to the park where Blue Ranger deactivates Alpha 5's self destruct mechanism and return with him to the Command Center.  

Lord Zedd had been watching Zack and Billy at the Angel Grove High School.  Goldar was with him.  Lord Zedd:  "Protective glasses.  Ha!  I couldn't have planned this better myself.  Instead of protecting their vision, I will cast a spell to change their vision.  They will see their fellow Rangers as Putties and will be kept busy fighting each other and out of my way."  Goldar:  "Couldn't they take the glasses off?"  Lord Zedd explained since the Rangers are not mere humans, the spell will stay.  Lord Zedd cast the spell on the glasses and watched.  As soon as Zack and Billy spotted their friends and put on the glasses, which caused them to see them as Putties and there was a lot of confusion. Lord Zedd laughs with glee and shouts perfect!  Lord Zedd then places a spell on Miss Appleby's iguana, turning it into Saliguana.   Goldar tells Lord Zedd, you are brilliant!  The Blue and Black Rangers are completely confused.  Lord Zedd replies, the stage is set Goldar.  Now we'll send down the real Putties and watch as the Rangers finish each other off.  Eventually Billy and Zack realized they had been placed under a spell and the Putties were defeated.  Another battle followed with Saliguana.  Goldar informs Lord Zedd that the Saliguana is being defeated.  He is losing power.  Lord Zedd replies, my magnificent monster isn't finished yet.  Lord Zedd throws down his grow bomb.  Saliguana grows to giant size and the battle continues until Saliguana is defeated by Thunder Megazord.   Lord Zedd is furious and blames Goldar.  Your weakness has caused me another battle!  Goldar accepts the blame and apologizes.  Lord Zedd yells at him, silence!  These Rangers are getting on my nerves!  Next time we will crush them!  The following day, the iguana is teleported back to Miss Appleby's room.  Alpha 5 worked on the glasses and when Zack and Billy tried them on, their vision was restored and they no longer saw their friends as Putties. 

Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar were with Lord Zedd as he watched the Youth Center.  The teens had set up booths for various after school activities, and Kimberly was jealous because no one had sign up for her booth, yet Trini had a mob scene at hers.  Lord Zedd:  "Hmmm.  Well, well, well, how fortunate.  Kimberly's little touch of jealousy is just what I need to put my plan of destruction in motion."  Goldar:  "I'm sure it is a brilliant plan, oh evil one, but how will you do it?"  Lord Zedd:  "Have you no brains at all?  I'll bobby-trap one of her silly cactus plants."  Goldar, Squatt, and Baboo all like the idea.  After a few moments, Lord Zedd impatiently asks, where's the jealously potion?  Goldar walks in with it and replies, right here.  Goldar walks up to a Putty holding a cactus plant.  Lord Zedd instructs Goldar to pour the potion onto the cactus flower.  Goldar does so.  Lord Zedd tells the Putty to go and switch this alternate plant for Kimberly's. The Putty makes some strange sounds and then vanishes.  Lord Zedd laughs.  Squatt and Baboo are hiding as they watch what is going on.  The plan works and Kimberly becomes very jealous and fights with her friends.  Lord Zedd has been watching the Youth Center and he is very pleased that the potion is working.  She's green with jealousy!  Kimberly leaves the Youth Center to work on her garden.  Goldar is with Lord Zedd.  Lord Zedd is watching her and thinks it the perfect time to send the monster, Bloom of Doom.  Bloom of Doom is sent down to Angel Grove and quickly captures Pink Ranger, transporting her to another dimension.  Lord Zedd has been watching and comments, do you see where your jealous heart has brought you Pink Ranger?  To your doom!  There is nothing, nothing, anyone can do to save you now!  Unfortunately, Yellow Ranger uses her Power Daggers to break into the dimension and free Pink Ranger.  Bloom of Doom is also knocked out of the dimension.  The Rangers destroy Bloom of Doom.  Lord Zedd is furious.  Baboo, Squatt, and Goldar are with him.  Using his fingers, Lord Zedd blasts them with electrical beams.  He tells them, I should turn you all into snakes.  I don't like being outsmarted by insignificant humans.  Even if they do have special powers.  Goldar tells Lord Zedd, it is us, your Excellency, not your plan.  Forgive us.  Lord Zedd states, mark my words, when next the Power Rangers and I meet, I shall not be defeated.

Lord Zedd was aware that Tommy was having bad dreams about losing his powers.  Goldar was with him.  Lord Zedd:  "Are those dreams wearing you down dear Tommy?  Aww.  When I get hold of the Sword of Power, your dream will become a real nightmare and my dream a reality."  Lord Zedd laughed.  Goldar:  "The Green Ranger is weaken."  Lord Zedd:  "Yes, we can crush the Green Ranger like a green weed.  But before we destroy him, I want the Sword of Power."   It can only be called forth when all the Rangers are united together.  Goldar asks, how can we take the Sword of Power when they are all together?  Lord Zedd replies, separate them.  One at a time.  Tommy first.  To the dark dimension.  I'm sure we can persuade him to bring us the Sword of Power.  When he does, I Lord Zedd, will destroy the Power Rangers forever!  Lord Zedd laughs.  After awhile, Lord Zedd spots Tommy walking alone through the park.  Goldar asks, what is your command?  Lord Zedd replies, send down my Putties to capture him.  Then have them bring him to the dark chamber for a little chat.  Tommy fights the Putties, but is captured.  Tommy is taken to the dark chamber where Goldar waits for him.  Goldar puts Tommy in a trance.  Goldar spots a fallen book from Tommy's backpack.  The book has a picture of a creature that Goldar thinks would make a great monster and submits it for Lord Zedd's approval.   Lord Zedd thinks the creature is perfect.  I will use you to lure the Power Rangers into my trap.  Good bye Power Rangers!  Say hello to the Robogoat!  Lord Zedd zaps the picture with his staff and Robogoat is created.  Tommy is sent back to Angel Grove where he tricks his friends into giving him the Sword of Power.  Tommy returns to the dark chamber and gives Robogoat the Sword of Power, which breaks Tommy's trance.  Green Ranger fights Robogoat, but is knocked off a cliff.  The rest of the Rangers arrive.  Robogoat sends four of the Rangers into the ground below and fights Red Ranger.  Red Ranger has a difficult time, but defeats Robogoat and the four Rangers are released.  With Goldar standing behind him, Lord Zedd declares, it is time to help our warrior.  A grow bomb appears in Lord Zedd's hand.  Lord Zedd asks, so Rangers, you want to have a bar-b-que?  Try this for size!  Lord Zedd throws his grow bomb down to Angel Grove.  Robogoat grows to giant size and laughs at the Rangers.  The Rangers summon their Thunder zords.  The Thunder zords arrive and Thunder Megazord arrives.  Another battle follows and Robogoat is destroyed by Robogoat.  Lord Zedd is furious.  Curses to you!  You meddling Power Rangers for destroying my precious Robogoat! Lord Zedd walks over to Goldar and yells at him.  You cost me the Sword of Power!  Goldar apologizes.  I'm sorry I failed you master.  Lord Zedd tells him, I don't know why I don't clip your wings, you overgrown monkey.  Lord Zedd then storms over to Squatt and Baboo and yells at them as well.  And you two!  You two are just as useless!  I should clip your ears and throw you away in the trash like Rita!  Baboo defends them.  We didn't do anything.  Squatt adds, yeah, we're innocent.  Lord Zedd concludes, well all is not lost underlings.  Although we held the Sword of Power for but a short time, the Green Ranger's powers are now a very short story indeed.  And the final chapter is still being written.

Lord Zedd had been watching the teens organize a clean up drive in the Youth Center.  Goldar was with him.  Lord Zedd:  "So everything being clean and pretty is important to those pathetic power brats."  Goldar:  "It's one of their most disgusting traits."  Lord Zedd:  "Perfect!  I'll create the most hideous monster I can think of, the Octophantom."  Goldar:  "A cross between an octopus and an elephant."   Lord Zedd's attention turns to the park.  Lord Zedd comments, my monster will lure each Ranger.  Lord Zedd laughs with delight as he adds, and capture them in a magic jar and drain them of their powers.  Goldar is there as well and Lord Zedd turns around and faces him.  Goldar adds with the Putties serving as decoys it is truly a masterful plan.  Lord Zedd instructs Goldar to start right away.  Lord Zedd wants the Green Ranger to be the first to fall.  Zedd's Putties are sent down to the park.  Goldar informs Lord Zedd, they have the Green Ranger.  Lord Zedd sends down Octophantom.  Octophantom captures Green Ranger in his magic jar.  Octophantom vanishes. Green Ranger is being held captive in one of Lord Zedd's dimensions.  Lord Zedd's image informs him that in no time at all, he will be a powerless shell.  But don't worry, your friends will be joining you soon.  So you won't be alone for long.   Green Ranger tells Lord Zedd he won't get away with this.  My friends won't let you.  Lord Zedd responds, since your friends are so adamantly against graffititi, I have command the Octophantom to paint some on one of your precious statues.  Then when they try to stop him, the real fun begins.  Green Ranger shouts, leave my friends alone!  Lord Zedd responds, your friends are doomed!  Lord Zedd laughs.  Octophantom returns and paints on some of the monuments to draw out the Rangers.  It works and he is soon battling the Rangers.  During the battle, Blue Ranger notices Octophantom's vanity.  Octophantom manages to captures Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Black Ranger.  Red Ranger and Blue Ranger retreat.  Later, Red Ranger returns and fights Octophantom.  He is soon joined by Blue Ranger who gives Red Ranger a shield with a mirror inside to distract Octophantom.  As Red Ranger distracts Octophantom, Blue Ranger rescues the rest of the Rangers.  Blue Ranger sends Green Ranger to the Command Center, as he is too weak to fight.  The rest of the Rangers join Red Ranger as they face down Octophantom.  With Goldar standing beside him, Lord Zedd declares, we must destroy them.  It's time for the Octophantom to grow!  Lord Zedd throws down his grow bomb.  Octophantom grows to giant size.  The Rangers summon their thunder zords and quickly form Thunder Megazord.  The battle continues until Octophantom is destroyed by Thunder Megazord.

Lord Zedd was with Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt.  Lord Zedd had been watching the Youth Center.  The Stone Canyon Broomball team had just challenge Billy, Jason, Tommy, and Zack.  Lord Zedd:  "Tommy will need more than practice to defeat me.  He was created by Rita and I want to wipe out all memories of her failures.  We shall destroy the Green Ranger once and for all."  Goldar:  "What is your fiendish plan then evil one?"  Lord Zedd:  "Silence!"  I'm thinking.  I must find a way to deprive him of his powers.  Baboo and Squatt clap and cheer and comment, good idea!  Lord Zedd continues, perhaps the silly game they are playing will give me an opportunity.  Lord Zedd gazes down at the Youth Center.  He spots the Stone Canyon teens putting up their poster, outside of the Youth Center.  Lord Zedd notes it's a beetle.  Yes, it's perfect.  Lord Zedd declares, a Stag Beetle shall be my monster.  Goldar watches as Lord Zedd uses his staff to create Stag Beetle out of the Stone Canyon's poster.  Later, Lord Zedd is watching Tommy and Kimberly on a run in the park.   He declares, I'll show you how you can lose!  I'll send down my Putties to hold you for the Stag Beetle.  Lord Zedd yells at his Putties to go.  Goldar shouts, at last, the end of the Green Ranger is at hand!  The plan works and the Putties keep Tommy and Kimberly busy until Stag Beetle arrives.  Stag Beetle drains Green Ranger of his powers.  Goldar tells Lord Zedd, your plan worked perfectly!  Lord Zedd responds, of course it has, you mindless minions!  And now we shall begin phase two!  Baboo comments, I like his style better than Rita's!  Squatt agrees.  Lord Zedd continues, I shall order the Stag Beetle to attack Angel Grove.   When the Power Rangers respond, he'll destroy them with the Green Ranger's own powers.  Eventually, thanks to a device from Alpha 5, Green Ranger was able to take his powers back.  The rest of the Rangers defeated Stag Beetle.  Blue Ranger felt Stag Beetle wasn't done yet.  Lord Zedd, with Goldar standing behind him, states, you better believe he's not done.  Just watch!  Grow Stag Beetle!  Lord Zedd throws his grow bomb.  Stag Beetle grows to giant size.  The Rangers summon their Thunder Zords and quickly form Thunder Megazord.  The battle continues until Stag Beetle is destroyed by Thunder Megazord.  Squatt exclaims, oh boy!  Baboo adds, kaboom is my favorite sound!  Lord Zedd yells at them, silence!  The Stag Beetle may have failed me, but this time it has not been a total loss.  Goldar is confused.  But your beetle was destroyed, my lord.  Whatever do you mean?  Lord Zedd answers, the beetle drained much of the Green Ranger's power.  Now it's only a matter of time before he is destroyed.  

Lord Zedd had been watching Trini, Tommy, and Kimberly on the beach.  They were there with Trini's neighbor, Hallie.  Bulk and Skull had dressed liked Putties in order to lure the Rangers, and then plan to reveal them.  In the process Bulk and Skull had stomped around a kid's sand castle.  The kid gave Bulk and Skull a kick in the leg and they took off.  Trini had laughed and remarked now that's a Putty.  Lord Zedd laughed, although he was not amused.  Goldar was with him.  Lord Zedd:  "Those teenage twerps dare to mock my Putties, do they?  I'll remind them who's master of the universe.  To the beach Putties and bring me the girl!  Don't hurt her.  Just teach them all a lesson."  Goldar pleads to go as well.  I have a score to settle.  Lord Zedd tells him to take the bottle with the secret instructions with you.  Lord Zedd laughs.  I can't wait to see the look on their faces when she disappears!  Goldar and several of the Putties head down to the beach.  After a short time, Goldar returns to the Moon Palace.   Lord Zedd asks, so Goldar you have returned?  I assume this means you have the girl?   Goldar responds, yes oh fiendish one.  We grabbed her right off the beach.  Lord Zedd is pleased.  Excellent.  Perhaps you have a brain after all.  And the instructions?  Where is the bottle?  Goldar reluctantly responds, I lost it in the battle.  Lord Zedd is in disbelief.  In the what?!  The battle?!  With a little girl?!  Oh, poor Goldar.  It must have be fierce.  I should make soup out of you!  Baboo and Squatt cowered in fear at Lord Zedd's anger.  Lord Zedd continues, actually, this might even be better.  When the Power Rangers found out where the girl is, they'll come to rescue her.  Goldar quickly agrees.  Yes, they always do.  I remember one time when...Lord Zedd yells at him, silence!  When they come to save the girl, we'll ransom her and our price, the Green Ranger.  After while, Lord Zedd informs Goldar that the Power Rangers are now on Venus Island.  They've taken the bait.  Now to spring the trap.  Invenusable Flytrap arise and attack!  Instead the Rangers destroy Invenusable Flytrap with their Power Blaster.   Lord Zedd states, blast it Rangers!  They give me indigestion!  No wonder the Invenusable Flytrap couldn't stomach them.  Goldar!  You melon head!  I'm holding you personally responsible for this disaster.  Baboo and Squatt are there as well.  Squatt comments, good thing that doesn't go for us too.  Lord Zedd continues to yell at Goldar.  You couldn't outsmart a fish sandwich!  Lord Zedd then storms over to Baboo and Squatt to yell at them.  And that goes for you two pea brains!  Squatt asks, what's that about a fish sandwich?  Lord Zedd storms away from them.  He states, at least I still have the girl.  Venus Island obey me!  Sink into the sea!  But the Rangers rescue Hallie before the island sinks.  Baboo, Squatt, and Goldar are with Lord Zedd.  Lord Zedd states, those insurable power punks.  They rescue the girl when she was on the verge of joining my evil minions.  And again, the Green Ranger has eluded me.  But you have not seen the last of Zedd, Power Rangers.  Victory shall be mine! 

Lord Zedd had been watching Zack and Kimberly in the Youth Center.  Zack and Kimberly were writing a song and Kimberly was playing her guitar.  Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt were with him.  Lord Zedd:  "So, the Pink Ranger likes to write songs on the guitar, does she?  Ha!  Then it shall serve as the perfect instrument for her and her fellow Rangers' demise!"  Lord Zedd laughed.  Goldar:  "But your evilness, a guitar is wood.  It's not alive, you can't make a monster."  Lord Zedd:  "Where there is wood, there are insects."   Lord Zedd decides to create Guitardo.  After awhile, Lord Zedd announces his spell to create the Guitardo monster is ready.  Time to face the music Power Rangers!  Squatt and Baboo get very excited.  Lord Zedd continues, the monster will use the Pink Ranger's guitar to work his hypnotic magic.  Soon they will all be under my control.  Goldar notes if those Power Brats don't outsmart your monster again.  Lord Zedd yells at him silence you insolence fool!  Squatt and Baboo cower in fear.  Lord Zedd states, the stage is set, now let the show begin!  Lord Zedd uses his staff on the bug on Bulk's shoulder.  Very quickly, Guitardo has Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Red Ranger floating in the air.  He also has Green Ranger sinking into pavement.  Lord Zedd is ecstatic as he exclaims, yes!  Victory is a sweet melody!  Goldar is excited as well.  Baboo and Squatt clap their hands and cheer.  Baboo shouts encore!  Unfortunately, Pink Ranger comes to Green Ranger's aid.  Guitardo is destroyed by the combination of the Power Bow and Dragon Dagger.  Lord Zedd slams his fist down and yells no!  How could Guitardo lose?! My plan was perfect!  Goldar wisely doesn't answer.  Squatt and Baboo are frighten and Baboo nervously responds, that's what I thought.   Squatt tries to make a suggestion, maybe you should have...Lord Zedd yells at them, silence!  Those Power Brats have crushed me for the last time!  Next time I want them crushed.

Lord Zedd:  "The moment has finally come.  The end of the Green Ranger is at hand and this time there is nothing that can save him from destruction."  Goldar:  "We revel in your evil brilliance Lord Zedd."  Lord Zedd:  "And when the Green Ranger is no more, then comes the final phase.  Total alienation of all the Power Rangers."  Lord Zedd has been watching Angel Grove High School, where five new teens were terrorizing the school.  Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar are with him.  Lord Zedd asks, did you see that Goldar?  Lord Zedd doesn't wait for a response.  He continues, yes, they are absolutely perfect.  Those five surly teenagers shall become my evil super heroes, the Dark Rangers.  Goldar adds, a stroke of genius most foul lord.  But what is the purpose of this strange crystal?  Lord Zedd responses, when the Green Ranger is no more, the crystal will be fully charged.  And I will use it to destroy Zordon and his Command Center.  Goldar comments, I can feel it siphoning off the Green Ranger's powers.  Goldar laughs.  The following day, Lord Zedd is now watching the confrontation taking place at the beach between the new teens and Kimberly, Billy, Zack, and Jason.  Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar are still with him.  Lord Zedd states, you see Goldar?  Arrogant, nasty, disrespectful.  Those are my five warriors.  The final element to complete my plan. Lord Zedd announces, it is time!  Now to summon the Dark Rangers to my play land.  To the other world!  Lord Zedd points his staff down towards the teens.  Goldar watches.   A sudden electric charge surrounds the new teens and they disappear.  Lord Zedd welcomes the teens to his other world.  You have been chosen to be my Dark Rangers.  And together, we will conquer the earth!  Goldar protests.  But master, the Green Ranger still has strength left.  Lord Zedd responds, not for long.  The crystal is draining Tommy's power.  Soon I'll send down my newest monster and when the Rangers battle him, Tommy is sure to join the fight.  Goldar adds and use the last of his strength.  Goldar and Lord Zedd laugh.  Lord Zedd continues, the time has come.  Inspire by little Kimberly's seashell, it's my latest, most devious creation.  Behold Turbanshell!Turbanshell is created and responds, I'm here Lord Zedd.  Your wish is my command.  I'll take care of those Power Rangers for you.  Turbanshell walks away from the beach.  Giant size, Turbanshell begins to wreck the city.  At the Command Center, Tommy insists on going with his friends to battle Turbanshell.   Lord Zedd comments, yes Tommy.  Help your puny power ranger friends.  Because then you shall use your Green Ranger powers forever.  The moment I have been waiting for is at hand.  Lord Zedd laughs.  Turbanshell easily defeats Thunder Megazord and Dragonzord.  Lord Zedd tells Goldar to pay attention.  The Dark Rangers are standing close by.  Lord Zedd tells Goldar, the siphoning to the crystal is nearly complete.  When the Green Ranger is rendered completely powerless I want you to see to it...Turbanshell appears, which startles Lord Zedd.  Lord Zedd yells at Turbanshell, what are you doing here?!  Turbanshell explains, I had to recharge.  Lord Zedd yells, you're suppose to be fighting the Power Rangers!  Turbanshell replies, I had them on the ropes Lord Zedd.  This makes Lord Zedd more angry.  What?  And you let them go when you could have finished them?!  Get back down there and fight until the Green Ranger is through!  Do you understand?!  Turbanshell replies, as you command, oh patient one.  I shall not fail you.  Turbanshell vanishes.  Lord Zedd then teleports Green Ranger to a vast field where Turbanshell waits. Turbanshell easily drains Green Ranger's powers.   Green Ranger's power is transferred to the crystal.  Lord Zedd exclaims, at last!  The Green Ranger is no more!  His powers now belong to Lord Zedd!  Goldar adds, victory is finally yours!  Goldar laughs.  Lord Zedd continues, with this new power, we shall begin the next phase of my plan.  The elimination of the Power Rangers and the rise of the Dark Rangers!  Lord Zedd and Goldar laugh.  Moments later, Lord Zedd teleports Zack, Billy, Kimberly, Trini, and Jason into the other world.  Jason, Zack, Billy, Kimberly, and Trini are encased in a force field.  Lord Zedd and Goldar confront the teens and introduce the Dark Rangers to them.  Jason tries to convince the Dark Rangers not to listen to Lord Zedd, that Lord Zedd only cares about himself.  The Dark Rangers refuse to listen.  Lord Zedd holds up a crystal that contains the Green Ranger's powers and tells them Tommy will soon be defeated.  Kimberly asks where Tommy is, but Lord Zedd tells her nothing.

Lord Zedd and Goldar were still in the other world.  They were standing in front of Kimberly, Trini, Billy, Jason, and Zack who were still trapped inside the force field.  Goldar:  "Look at you pathetic Rangers.  Please master, can I crush them now?"  Lord Zedd:  "Absolutely not."  Goldar:  "Oh, please do not deny me that pleasure, oh great one."  Lord Zedd:  "Quiet you fool!"   Because they no longer have their morphers, Lord Zedd decides to return them, so they can helplessly watch Angel Grove get destroyed.  Lord Zedd and Goldar briefly return to Moon Palace.  Lord Zedd  comments, how it must hurt those pathetic Rangers to have to stand idly by as my monster destroys their entire city.  Very soon now the next phase of my plan begins.  Goldar adds, we shall conquer the Earth my master.  Lord Zedd agrees.  Their zords will be reprogrammed.  Lord Zedd thinks Goldar is not paying attention and yells at him, are you listening to me?  Goldar replies, yes.  Lord Zedd continues, then the Dark Rangers will make their wicked debut and the Earth shall be mine!  Lord Zedd and Goldar return to give more instructions to the Dark Rangers.  They do not see Tommy until it is too late.  Tommy smashes the green crystal which causes the Dark Rangers to demorph and vanish.   Lord Zedd is furious.  Later, Turbanshell is destroyed by Thunder Megazord.

From his palace, Lord Zedd and Goldar had been watching the Youth Center.  Jason, with Zack's coaching, had been training for an upcoming marital arts tournament.  Jason wasn't doing so well, he felt guilty about what had happened to Tommy.  Lord Zedd:  "So the Red Ranger is feeling guilty, is he?"  Goldar:  "Yes, these foolish humans have an incredible sense of loyalty."  Lord Zedd:  "A character flaw you obviously don't suffer from!  Rita's green candle was just the beginning."  Lord Zedd glanced over at four candles.  The candles were colored pink, yellow, blue, and black.  Lord Zedd:  "These are the end.  I wonder how the Red Ranger will feel after the remaining Rangers' powers have been drained and extinguish, as once again he stands powerless to stop it."  Lord Zedd laughs.  To make Jason feel better, Zack, Kimberly, Trini, and Billy go looking for Tommy.  They end up getting lost.  Lord Zedd is keeping an eye on the four teens.  Excellent!  They are all together and out in the open.  Goldar remarks, that will make it easier to catch them my lord.  Lord Zedd snaps as he turns around, nothing is that simple for you Goldar!  Capture them and bring them to my Dimension of Doom.  Goldar bows before heading out.  Goldar successfully captures the four teens and teleports them to the Dimension of Doom.  Lord Zedd has been watching and he is very pleased.  Well done Goldar.  You may have those four to play with, the Red Ranger however is mine.  Lord Zedd is also keeping an eye on the Command Center.  Lord Zedd laughs.  That trophy Red Ranger wants to win would become the instrument of his demise.  Lord Zedd's spell hits the Golden Pipe trophy and it floats away.  The Golden Pipe trophy travels to a warehouse and transforms into Pipebrain.  Lord Zedd states, the showdown begins Red Ranger.  A final battle of wits between you and me.  Red Ranger battles Pipebrain and several Putties.  Red Ranger defeats the Putties.  Goldar is with Lord Zedd and they watched the battle together.  Lord Zedd shouts down to Red Ranger, think you're tough do you?! Well try this on for size! Lord Zedd throws down his grow bomb.  Pipebrain grows to giant size.  Red Ranger summons Red Dragon Zord and the battle continues.  Eventually Pipebrain is destroyed by Red Dragon Zord.  With the destruction of Pipebrain, the Golden Pipe trophy returns.  Red Ranger goes to the Dimension of Doom, battles and defeats Goldar.  Red Ranger uses the rest of the Rangers' power coins to restore the candles and transfer the power back to the Rangers.  Afterwards, Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar are with Lord Zedd.  Lord Zedd states, I don't understand it.  The more I divide them, the more they come together.  I swear I will find a way to destroy them, even if I have to scour the entire galaxy to do it. 

Lord Zedd and Goldar had been watching the Youth Center.  Trini and Zack were there, along with Curtis and Richie.  Lord Zedd had overheard Zack's plan to give Curtis his trumpet, so that Curtis could play at the Jazz Festival.  Trini had added that maybe the trumpet would bring him good luck.  Lord Zedd:  "That trumpet is going to bring them something alright, but it won't be good luck.  This is the opportunity I've been waiting for.  Goldar, cast a hallucination spell on that stupid horn."  Goldar:  "What will they hallucinate, Excellency?"  Lord Zedd:  "They'll think that they are fighting all of our best monsters from the past.  Then, when they're exhausted, we'll smash them to atoms."  Although Lord Zedd had told Goldar he wanted him to cast the spell on the trumpet, he sent down several Putties.  The Putties launch an attack on Kimberly, Billy, and Zack.  As the three teens battle the Putties, one Putty managed to get away, and unseen, sprinkle the spell onto the trumpet.  The three teens defeated the Putties, and headed to the Youth Center.  As Curtis played his trumpet, the spell was cast over Trini, Billy, Jason, Zack, and Kimberly.  Lord Zedd then need a monster.  After the concert, another Putty was sent down and grab the trumpet when no one was looking.  The Putty took the trumpet to the park and placed it on the ground.  Lord Zedd then transform the trumpet into Trumpet Top.  Billy, Jason, Zack, Kimberly, and Trini were all walking together, trying to cheer up Zack, when Trumpet Top created his first illusion.  The teens were startled to see a monster they had destroyed in the past.  The five teens morphed.  Trumpet Top had a lot of fun creating more monsters from the past.  Trumpet Top had the Rangers fighting the illusions of Grumble Bee, Saliguana, Fighting Flea, Soccadillo, Rhinoblaster, Mantis, Stag Beetle, and Slippery Shark.  After awhile, the Rangers were teleported out and Zordon had informed they were fighting illusions and the only way to end it was to destroy Trumpet Top.  Lord Zedd was prepared and sent down his grow bomb on Trumpet Top.  Trumpet Top was giant size and the Rangers had their Thunder Megazord formed quickly.  Trumpet Top battled the Rangers until he was destroyed.  After the battle, Lord Zedd was furious at the failure of another plan.  Goldar, Squatt, and Baboo were with Lord Zedd.  Lord Zedd tells them, another brilliant plan crashed and burned.  Can't any of you pathetic pickle heads do anything right?! 

Lord Zedd and Goldar were watching the Youth Center.  Kimberly and Billy had been there.  Kimberly had been looking at a mirror, Tommy had won at a carnival.  Kimberly miss Tommy greatly.  Goldar:  "Things are looking up your Excellency.  With the Green Ranger defeated and gone, the others are becoming more and more distressed."  Goldar laughed.  Lord Zedd:  "Good.  I think the Pink Ranger shall be next.  She has always intrigued me.  Such courage and tenacity."  Soon,  Lord Zedd tells Goldar, the time is at hand.  Go!  Capture the Pink Ranger.  My new queen.  Lure her to the dark side.  When she has tasted the power of evil, her days as a good doer will be over.  Lord Zedd laughs.  Goldar vows to train her well.  Lord Zedd exclaims, then victory will be ours!  The final defeat of the Power Rangers!  Goldar leaves.  Goldar successfully captures Kimberly.   Lord Zedd is pleased.  Excellent.  Tommy's little mirror gift.  Just what I need to show the Power Rangers a reflection of things to come.  Lord Zedd points his staff down towards the mirror.  The mirror transforms into Mirror Maniac.  Lord Zedd laughs and shouts perfect!  After awhile, Lord Zedd wants to further divide the Rangers.  Lord Zedd spots Richie and Curtis in the park.  Lord Zedd sends down several Putties that go after Curtis and Richie.  Goldar (who has returned briefly) adds, in time their world will be ours.  But soon things fall apart, Zack stops the Putty attack on Curtis and Richie.  Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger rescue Kimberly from the cave.  Lord Zedd is furious that Goldar has failed.  Lord Zedd creates Mirror Maniac out of Kimberly's mirror.  The Rangers defeat Mirror Manic.  With Goldar by his side, Lord Zedd makes his monster growThe Rangers called for their Thunder Zords.  With the Thunder Megazord, the Rangers destroy Mirror Maniac.  Lord Zedd is furious with Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt.

Lord Zedd was on his balcony, watching the Youth Center.  Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt were there as well.  Kimberly had entered the Youth Center to tell Trini and Billy that Tommy was coming home at the end of the week.  The three teens decided to throw him a surprise party.  Lord Zedd:  "Well, isn't that touching?  The pathetic Power Brats are planning a surprise party for their fallen comrade, the Green Ranger."  Squatt:  "A party!  I love parties!"  Lord Zedd:  "I'll give them a surprise they wish they could forget.  Young Tommy's final farewell."  Later, Lord Zedd senses a weakening in the power grid. Goldar, quick to take credit, tells him, our armies have been getting stronger.  I knew if we kept....Lord Zedd yells at him, silence you fool!  Baboo and Squatt cower in fear as Lord Zedd continues, it's more than that.  The morphin grid's balance is maintained by the constant struggle between Zordon and myself.  Goldar suggests that maybe Zordon finally gave up.  Lord Zedd adds, or is somehow damaged.  Either way, now is the perfect chance to retrieve the former Green Ranger.  Goldar states, without Zordon, the Power Rangers will be powerless to stop us.  Lord Zedd decides to give the Rangers a little something to keep them occupied and out of our way.  Lord Zedd decides to create Nimrod, the Scarlet Sentinel. Lord Zedd's spell has hit a statue.  Lord Zedd tells, Goldar, Squatt, and Baboo, we must celebrate. The Green Ranger will soon return to the dark side.  And take his place as heir to my throne.  After awhile,  Lord Zedd becomes furious when he sees the teens have spotted the statue, before his monster is ready.  Goldar is with Lord Zedd.  Lord Zedd sends numerous Putties down to attack the teens.  Lord Zedd is pleased how his plan is coming together.  Before long, Lord Zedd grows impatient and decides to go ahead and unleash Nimrod. The spell hits the statue and the statue begins to form into Nimrod.  Soon the Rangers are battling Nimrod. With Goldar by his side, Lord Zedd throws down his grow bomb.  Nimrod grows to giant size and summons AC and DC.  All three monsters battled the Rangers in their Thunder Megazord.

Lord Zedd and Goldar were in the palace.  Lord Zedd was very pleased over the success of Nimrod.  Lord Zedd:  "My Scarlet Sentinel is magnificent."  Goldar:  "The Rangers have retreated."  Lord Zedd:  "Yes, without Zordon, their powers are inadequate.  But they'll be back, and then we shall crush them."  Goldar:  "What do we do in the meantime Master?"  Lord Zedd:  "We proceed with my plan." Lord Zedd knew that Rita had returned.  He sent down several Putties to find her.  The Putties did not find her as Pink Ranger, Red Ranger, and Black Ranger arrived and battle them.  Eventually, the Rangers, with the addition of White Ranger, destroyed Nimrod, AC and DC.  The Rangers then return Rita to her dumpster and sent her back into space. 

Lord Zedd and Goldar had been watching the Youth Center.  Tommy and Kimberly were preparing to go on a date and Richie had asked Trini if they could study some time.  Lord Zedd:  "So teenage love is in the air.  How sickening."  Goldar:  "Please let me break their hearts Master!"  Lord Zedd:  "With the extra Ranger, we need an extra monster to turn their dream date into a nightmare."  Later Lord Zedd and Goldar had been watching Tommy and Kimberly on their date.  Lord Zedd:  "Ahh, the Pink Ranger's purse will make an excellent monster."  Goldar:  "Yes, but what about the second creature?"  Lord Zedd sent down several of Zedd's Putties to distract Kimberly and Tommy.  As Kimberly and Tommy battle the Putties, one of the Putties took Kimberly's purse.   The Putty went further away.  After taking a look at the lipstick Kimberly had in her purse, the Putty dropped both items on the ground.  Lord Zedd transformed Kimberly's purse into Pursehead.  He transform the lipstick into Lipsyncher.  At first Lord Zedd's plan was working great.  Finster, Baboo, and Squatt cheered for Lord Zedd.  Eventually the Rangers destroyed both monsters.  Lord Zedd was angry and blamed Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt.

Lord Zedd had been watching the Youth Center.  Goldar was with him.  Billy had talked of an upcoming magnetic storm.  Lord Zedd:  "This magnetic phenomenon occurs only once every hundred years.  How nice of the Blue Ranger to turn it to my advantage."  Goldar:  "Yes, but how oh heinous one?"  Lord Zedd:  "With his device to harness the unstable magnetic field, I'll create a monster like none the Earth has never seen."  Lord Zedd kept a watch on the Youth Center.  Waiting for the moment when Billy would be alone with his device.  Kimberly and Laura were there, getting ready to take the Angelettes out on a group outing.  Bulk and Skull also had a device to contact the Power Rangers.  Billy warned them about the upcoming storm, but Bulk and Skull dismiss him.  Laura was a little worried.  Not Kimberly, they had a compass, what could go wrong?  Lord Zedd:  "Plenty could go wrong my little cupcakes."  Lord Zedd laughed.  Lord Zedd:  "Get ready to do some serious damage Goldar!"  Finally the opportunity Lord Zedd had been waiting for arrived.  Billy was in the park, alone with his device.  Lord Zedd told Goldar to take some Putties with him and get the device.  Goldar did so.  After awhile, Lord Zedd wondered what was taking so long.  Lord Zedd looked down at the park.  Goldar was examining Billy's device.  Lord Zedd yelled at Goldar to put the device down and return to the palace.  Goldar did so.  Lord Zedd turned the device into Magnet Brain.  Magnet Brain immediately began causing chaos by disturbing the Earth's polarity.  Very amused, Lord Zedd told Goldar to go after the Pink Ranger, who was in the woods with the troop.  Goldar did so.  Kimberly had left "to look for a park Ranger" and put Laura in charge.  Kimberly teleported to the Command Center after contacting Zordon.  Zordon informed the teens that Laura and the troop was in trouble because Goldar and several Putties were in the woods near their area.  Although Billy wanted to go, Tommy was sent instead.  White Ranger battled Goldar and the Putties.  The rest of the Rangers battled and defeated Magnet Brain.  Lord Zedd sent down his grow bomb and Magnet Brain grew to giant size.  The five Rangers formed their Thunder Megazord and battled Magnet Brain once more.  The Rangers destroyed Magnet Brain.  White Ranger defeated Goldar, who retreated.  After the battle, Lord Zedd decided science and monsters don't mix.

Once more, Lord Zedd was watching the Youth Center.  Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt were with him.  The Youth Center was hosting a chaperone program for kids trick or treating.  Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy were all working there as part of their school project.  Lord Zedd:  "Ahh, Halloween.  Little children dressed as hideous creatures, demanding treats from perfect strangers.  Finally, a holiday I can sink my teeth into.  They're having a party  Goldar.  Does that give you any ideas?"  Goldar:  "Yes, we send our monsters down to infiltrate their party."  But that is not what Lord Zedd had in mind.  Lord Zedd wanted to have White Ranger battle an assortment of monsters.  Lord Zedd gathered five Putties to stand in front of him.  Lord Zedd gave them instructions to change their appearance into small children and to lure Tommy out.  Once away from the others, Goldar was to capture Tommy and take him to the haunted forest dimension.  Once there, the Key Master monster was to summon several monsters.  The plan worked well and Tommy was in the haunted forest dimension battling Tombstone, Robogoat, Pumpkin Rapper, Primator, Rhinoblaster, Invenusable Flytrap, and Snizzard.    Tommy could not morph, because his morpher had been knocked out of his hands.  Later, Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger would arrive in the dimension.  Blue Ranger tossed Tommy his morpher.  Tommy morph.  The three Rangers battled the various monsters and defeated them.  The three Rangers left the dimension in victory.  Lord Zedd was not happy, but he vowed that the Rangers may have won the battle, but he would win the war.

Lord Zedd had been watching the park, where the teens were hanging out.  Goldar was with him.   There was a small TV set with the teens.  Lord Zedd heard the announcer talk about the upcoming ninja competition.  The three current champion ninjas were featured and they were rude and obnoxious.  Lord Zedd:  "Ahh, a ninja competition.  The perfect place to select an elite squad to defeat the Power Rangers."  Goldar:  "An excellent plan my lord."  Lord Zedd:  "Those three ninjas already posses a delicious mean streak and I'll show them how to use it."  Later, Lord Zedd had everything ready.  Lord Zedd:  "Ahh, everything has been arrange.  Goldar, you will transport my three chosen ninjas to the cave of despair as soon as they have won today's competition."  But instead of the champions winning, Aisha, Adam, and Rocky won the competition.  Lord Zedd was not happy.  It would be hard to convince the goody-two shoes to come over to the dark side.  Goldar was convince he could do it.  Baboo and Squatt cowered in fear.  Goldar volunteered to search the globe for suitable candidates.  Lord Zedd changed his mind.  He decided to go ahead with the three new champions and sent Goldar down to capture them.

Goldar had captured the three teens and their teacher, Mr. Anderson.  Goldar now was reporting back to Lord Zedd.  Goldar:  "Just a little more time and I will persuade them to join us."  Lord Zedd:  "Time is a luxury we don't have."  Goldar:  "But they are very strong willed my lord."  Lord Zedd:  "Well, I might be able to buy you a little more time, by giving the Power Rangers something toxic to think about.  My Terror Blossom monster's thorns and petals will instantly freeze solid anything they touch."  Goldar cheered.  Terror Blossom summoned Hatchasaurus.  The Power Rangers were now kept busy battling Hatchasaurus.  The Rangers were about to defeat Hatchasaurus.  Lord Zedd:  "I've grown weary of this.  It's time for my monster to grow."  Lord Zedd tossed down a grow bomb.  Hatchasaurus went to giant size and the Rangers had to form Thunder Megazord and White Tiger Warrior Mode.  The Rangers eventually destroyed Hatchasaurus.  Lord Zedd: "I despise it when those Power Brats destroy my monsters.  At least it kept them away from my talented guests."  Goldar:  "It won't be long before those guests become your evil warriors."  Lord Zedd:  "I can hardly wait!"

Lord Zedd:  "Ah, today promises to be a glorious day.  I will witness not only the birth of my own evil warriors but also the final destruction of the Power Rangers."  But Lord Zedd's glorious day did not last long.  Goldar:  "The Power Rangers have escaped the Terror Blossom's spell.  They will ruin everything."  Lord Zedd:  "Not if I have anything to say about it."  Lord Zedd threw down his grow bomb.  Lord Zedd:  "Grow!"  Terror Blossom grew to giant size.  The Rangers battled Terror Blossom in their Thunder Megazord and White Tiger Zord.  Eventually Terror Blossom was destroyed.  Plus Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger had gone inside the dimension of despair.  Yellow Ranger rescue Mr. Anderson.  Blue Ranger freed Adam, Rocky, and Aisha and they escaped.  Blue Ranger wrestle the serpent of darkness.  Moments later, Pink Ranger and White Ranger would enter the cave and Pink Ranger destroyed the serpent of darkness with her Blade Blaster.  Lord Zedd was not happy about the failure of the plan and blame Goldar.  But he still like the idea of an elite force of evil warriors and wanted to continue to pursue the idea.

Lord Zedd had been watching the Youth Center.  The 1st Annual World Teen Summit was being held there.  Baboo and Squatt were with him.  Lord Zedd:  "Ah, this gives me a particularly fiendish idea.  We use these highly intelligent humans to make Power teens of our own."  Squatt:  "Great idea, but how do we do that?"  Lord Zedd:  "All we need are the power coins, numbskulls.  The rest shall be easy.  With my own super intelligent Power Rangers, the world will finally be mine."  Lord Zedd sent Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt down to the Angel Grove park, where the teens were.  Aisha, Kimberly, Adam, Billy, Rocky, and Tommy battled the Putties.  While they were busy with Putties, Goldar, Baboo, Squatt, and several more Putties captured five of the delegates and took them to a cave protected by a force field.  Then a message was sent to Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy.  If they wanted the delegates back, they would have to turn over their power coins.  The plan did not work, as the Rangers had only brought chocolate decorated as power coins.  The Rangers rescue the delegates after battling Goldar and the Putties.  Lord Zedd was furious when Goldar told him what had happened.  Lord Zedd turned a statue at the peace conference into the monster Four Head.  The Rangers battle Four Head and defeated him.  Lord Zedd toss down his grow bomb and Four Head grew to giant size.  The Rangers, in Red Dragon Thunderzord Warrior Mode and Mega Tigerzord and with the help of Tor, battled Four Head.  Four Head was destroyed by Thunder Ultrazord.  Lord Zedd was furious.

Lord Zedd was pleased.  Billy, Tommy, and Kimberly were cheering their new friends Adam, Rocky, and Aisha in the Stone Canyon Triathlon.  Lord Zedd:  "When the cats away, the mice will play.  As those pathetic Power Rangers watch this ridiculous athlete competition, I will quietly enslave the world and all will obey my every command."  Later, Goldar entered.  Goldar:  "Oh great Master it is time to put your ingenious plan into action."  Lord Zedd:  "Yes and when the population is expose to my mind controlling Zedd waves, I will rule the world."  Goldar:  "Oh my Master, if only..." Lord Zedd:  "Quiet!"  Lord Zedd then made Bulk and Skull's power scanner, fishing rod, radio, and basket vanish.  Lord Zedd created  Beamcaster from these items.  At first Beamcaster was very successful.  Beamcaster had the citizens quickly placed under his spell and ready to do Lord Zedd's bidding.  Beamcaster also had Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, and Red Ranger under his spell as well.  Lord Zedd sent down several Putties to keep Tommy, Kimberly, and Billy busy while Beamcaster continued to wreck havoc.  The three teens battled the Putties.  Aisha, Adam, and Rocky were close by and they helped battle the Putties, although it cost them winning the Triathlon.  The Putties were destroyed and Alpha 5 contacted Tommy.  Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy teleported out and into the Command Center where Zordon filled them in on what was happening.  Billy created a device to break Beamcaster's spell.  When White Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Blue Ranger arrive the citizens went immediately after them, and the device got trampled .  Soon the rest of the Rangers were under Beamcaster's spell as well.  Rocky, Aisha, and Adam arrived and find Blue Ranger's device.  Alpha 5 quickly teleported the three teens out when the citizens were ready to attack them.  Aisha fixed Billy's invention and they used it to break Beamcaster's spell.  The Rangers then destroyed Beamcaster with their Power Blaster.

As usual, Lord Zedd had been keeping any eye on what was going on in Angel Grove.  Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt were with him.  Lord Zedd had just heard that the three teens selected to go to Switzerland was Jason, Trini, and Zack.  Lord Zedd:  "So that's what it takes to get rid of three Power Rangers."  Goldar:  "I could destroy the rest with my eyes closed."  Lord Zedd:  "Don't even think about it Goldar!  As soon as my newest demon of destruction is fully energized, I will destroy the Power Rangers myself."  Later, Goldar entered.  Goldar:  "I am sure that this will be of interest to you, oh evil one.  My sources have confirmed that the Power Rangers have left Earth."  Lord Zedd knew immediately what Zordon was up to.  The Power Rangers were headed to the deserted plant to get the Sword of Light and transfer the power.  Lord Zedd wanted to stop them before that happened.  Lord Zedd instructed Baboo and Squatt to go down to Angel Grove with the sleep machine and put the city to sleep, so that Zordon could not find a replacement for the three Rangers.  Baboo and Squatt left.  The sleep machine worked and everyone was asleep except for Rocky, Aisha, and Adam.  They were in the park, trying to stop the sleep machine.  Lord Zedd sent down several putties.  The putties fought the three teens and defeated them.  The putties chained them to a tree.  Lord Zedd and Goldar entered Serpentera and raced towards the deserted planet.  Lord Zedd and Goldar began attacking the planet with Serpentera.  Lord Zedd was very pleased as the Rangers were unable to stop him.

Lord Zedd:  "Goldar, what are we waiting for?"  Goldar:  "I'm trying to get in closer to the planet."  Lord Zedd:  "Aren't' we close enough?  I don't want to waste time!  The Rangers are at my mercy."  Lord Zedd laughed.  Lord Zedd:  "And I want to finish them off."  Serpentera was put on full power and the planet was blasted and destroyed.  Lord Zedd was thrilled.  Lord Zedd and Goldar headed back to Earth, but slowly as Serpentera was low on energy.  Lord Zedd created a new monster to keep things busy at Angel Grove.  Lord Zedd created Silverhorns.  Lord Zedd became outrage when he saw the Power Rangers were out in full force.  Zordon had replaced the three Rangers and had a full team once more.  The Rangers defeated Silverhorns.  Lord Zedd threw his grow bomb down and Silverhorns grew to giant size.  The Rangers, in their Megazords, battled and destroy Silverhorns.  Serpentera had just enough power to get them back in the palace.  Lord Zedd was angry and vowed to destroy the Rangers.

Lord Zedd had been watching the Youth Center.  Angel Grove High School was having a vice versa dance.  No one had asked Adam to the dance.  Lord Zedd:  "Poor little Power Ranger.  No date for the dance, pathetic human.  Well, don't worry Black Ranger.  I have the perfect girl for you."  Later, Lord Zedd was still working on his plan, but unfortunately Aisha had told Adam that Sarah Diaz was interested in Adam.  Adam had gone to the park to try to talk to Sarah.  Lord Zedd:  "If that human girl is allowed to ask the Black Ranger to the dance, my plan will be ruined.  Goldar stop him before he reaches her."  Goldar appeared in the park with several putties.  Adam was kept busy battling them and by the time it was over, Sarah had left.  Lord Zedd then had Scorpina go to the Youth Center.  Scorpina had changed her appearance to blend in with the rest of the teens and went by the name Sabrina.  Sabrina had got Adam's interest.  The following day, Sabrina and Adam went for a hike, along with Aisha, which Sabrina was not thrilled about.  Soon Sabrina revealed that she was Scorpina and Adam and Aisha were quickly tied to a tree.  Goldar and several putties arrived as well.  Soon the rest of the Rangers arrived.  Adam and Aisha were freed.  The Rangers battled Goldar, Scorpina, and the putties.  The putties were destroyed.  Lord Zedd had Scorpina and Goldar grow to giant size.  The Rangers formed their two Megazords.  The battle continued until Goldar and Scorpina were defeated and they had retreated.  Lord Zedd was upset that another of his plans had failed.

Lord Zedd and Goldar were in the palace.  Lord Zedd had been watching the Youth Center.  Adam and Rocky had been teaching a  karate class and one of their students, Shawn had not been doing well.  Adam had gone over to talk to him.  Lord Zedd:  "Well, it appears Black Ranger has a soft spot, his memory of having been ridicule as a child."  Lord Zedd laughed.  Lord Zedd:  "Now we need only turn this to our advantage, by showing him scenes from his miserable past."  Goldar: " To remind him of his weaknesses."  Lord Zedd:  "Of course you dimwit!  And once he's lost his confidence, I shall destroy him."  Lord Zedd laughed.  Later, Lord Zedd was sitting on his throne.  Goldar was with him.  Lord Zedd:  "I have the perfect tool to shatter the Black Ranger's confidence."  Lord Zedd plan to use the Mirror of Regret.  Lord Zedd sent Goldar down with it.  Goldar and several putties appeared in front of Adam.  The putties held Adam as Goldar held up the mirror.  The scenes from Adam's past weaken him.  Lord Zedd was very pleased and wanted to create a monster, one that laughs at it's victims.  Lord Zedd created  Skelerena.  Skelerena kept the rest of the Rangers busy.  But Lord Zedd's plan did not work.  The last scene in the mirror was of Shawn doing well.  This gave Adam his confidence back.  Adam destroyed the putties and defeated Goldar.  Goldar retreated.  Black Ranger then joined the rest of the Rangers in their battle against Skelerena.  The Rangers used their Power Cannon to destroy Skelerena.  Lord Zedd was furious.  He yelled at Baboo and Squatt.  Goldar entered and Lord Zedd wanted to know what had happened.  Goldar tried to explain, but Lord Zedd cut him off.  Lord Zedd was determined to destroy the Power Rangers.

Lord Zedd had been watching Angel Grove High School.  Adam had just given a report in Ms. Appleby's class on his kaleidoscope.  Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt were with him.  Lord Zedd:  "When is a Ranger not a Ranger?  When his image is scattered to bits.  And a Ranger is in danger when his memory is on the..." Squatt:  "On the fritz?"  Lord Zedd:  "I would have gotten it."  Squatt:  "Yeah, in a couple of million years maybe."  Squatt and Baboo giggled among themselves.  Lord Zedd:  "Goldar, go get me that kaleidoscope."  Lord Zedd then yelled at Baboo and Squatt for finishing his rhyme.  Several putties went down to the park.  Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy were there and Kimberly had the kaleidoscope.  The three teens battle the putties, but the kaleidoscope was lost during the battle.  Lord Zedd turned the kaleidoscope into Scatterbrain.  Scatterbrain quickly scramble Billy's, Tommy's, and Kimberly's brains and they had no idea who they were.  The plan worked well and at one point, Scatterbrain had Aisha's, Adam's, and Rocky's brains scattered as well.  Bulk & Skull, who had been waiting for the Rangers to show up, were the ones to save the day.  Bulk & Skull had Billy's prisms and faced down Scatterbrain.  Scatterbrain fired at them.  The prisms left their hands and hit them, causing them to lose the memory of who the Power Rangers are.  The prisms also hit Kimberly, Billy, Adam, Tommy, Rocky, and Aisha.  They got their memories back.  The Rangers destroyed Scatterbrain.

Lord Zedd and Goldar were together.  Lord Zedd had been watching the Youth Center.  Ernie had just shown Rocky and Billy his new pachinko machine.  Rocky immediately began playing on it and having a lot of fun.  Lord Zedd:  "So, Rocky likes to have fun.  I'll fix it so that's all he wants to have."  Goldar:  "But why?"  Lord Zedd:  "Why?!  Fool!  Because while that pachinko playing Power Pest is having fun, the Rangers will be at less than full strength, allowing me to destroy them."  Lord Zedd placed an irresponsibility spell on Rocky through the pachinko machine.  It worked and Rocky no longer wanted to do anything, except have fun.  Billy had left and went to the park.  Billy filled in Aisha, Kimberly, Adam, and Tommy on what was going on with Rocky.  They all left to talk to Rocky.  Lord Zedd didn't want their interference and sent down several putties.  The five teens were kept busy battling the putties.  Later, Rocky turned up at the park as well, but only to play on the playground equipment.  Lord Zedd then turned Ernie's pachinko machine into Pachinko Head.  Pachinko Head soon turned five of the Rangers into giant pachinko balls.  Lord Zedd and Goldar then entered Serpentera, ready to attack the Earth.  White Ranger had went to the Command Center with the pachinko balls after distracting Pachinko Head with a Frisbee.  White Ranger then went back out to battle.  Lord Zedd threw his grow bomb and made Pachinko Head giant size.  Red Ranger, in his Megazord, battled Pachinko Head.  Soon the rest of the Rangers followed.  The Rangers destroyed Pachinko Head.  Lord Zedd and Goldar were ready to attack Angel Grove as they landed.  But they soon found out they were at half strength.  Lord Zedd ordered Goldar to take them back to the palace.  Lord Zedd and Goldar retreated back to the moon.

The teens, except for Adam, were excited to be going on the Harvey Garvey show as Rangers to promote staying in school and the power of education.  Lord Zedd, Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt were in the palace.  Lord Zedd:  "So, those star struck Power Punks want to send their message to the world.  Well, I'll give them all a message to remember and alienate the Power Rangers at the same time."  Baboo:  "He is truly the biggest star of all."  Squatt:  "Bigger than Elvis!"  Lord Zedd:  "Silence you blueberries for brains!"  Goldar:  "Yeah, silence!"  Lord Zedd wanted Goldar to capture the Rangers.  Lord Zedd plan to make duplicate Rangers and have them appear on TV with his own evil message.  Goldar went down with several putties, but he was unable to capture the Rangers.  Lord Zedd was upset and came up with a new plan.  Lord Zedd created Showbiz monster out of a camera.  The Rangers had to quickly leave the Harvey Garvey show to battle Showbiz.  Lord Zedd then sent down Goldar to focus on White Ranger.  Goldar battled White Ranger as the rest of the Rangers battled Showbiz.  Lord Zedd then threw down his grow bomb and Showbiz grew to giant size.  The five Rangers formed their Megazord and battle Showbiz.  The five Rangers destroyed Showbiz.  Goldar ended up retreating from White Ranger.  Lord Zedd was furious that his plan had failed.

Lord Zedd and Goldar were together.  Lord Zedd had been watching Ms. Appleby's classroom.  Aisha Campbell had been selected as Angel Grove's Captain for fire safety.  Lord Zedd:  "So the Power Rangers are interested in fire safety.  I've just become interested in fire myself.  I'm going to make Angel Grove the hottest spot on Earth."  Goldar:  "Great plan.  I'll send down the putties with matches..." Lord Zedd:  No!!  Lord Zedd was preparing his monster when he noticed Tommy, Rocky, and Adam running in the park.  Lord Zedd didn't want them interfering with his plans and sent down several putties.  The three teens battled and destroyed the putties.  Lord Zedd created Flamehead monster.  Lord Zedd wanted Flamehead to burn down Angel Grove unless the Power Rangers surrendered.  Instead the Rangers battled Flamehead.  Lord Zedd threw his grow bomb and Flamehead went to giant size.  The Rangers formed their Megazords and continued the battle.  Flamehead was destroyed by the Power Rangers.

The teens were on a scavenger hunt and Lord Zedd had been watching them.  Goldar was with him.  Lord Zedd:  "So, they like to play games, do they?  Well, I'll send them on an endless scavenger hunt through every dimension in the universe.  And with the Power Rangers gone, Earth will be mine for the taking."  Later, Lord Zedd was working on opening the dimension.  Goldar was still with him.  Lord Zedd:  "Soon I will send the Power Rangers into the lost universe on an endless scavenger hunt, Lord Zedd's style."  Goldar:  "How may I help my lord, my emperor?"  Lord Zedd:  "Silence!" Lord Zedd told Goldar he wanted him to steal one of the teens' scavenger hunt items to become his next monster.  Lord Zedd then spotted the toy canon which belonged to Billy's little cousin and decided he wanted that for his next monster.  Goldar sent down several putties.  The putties battled Billy, Aisha, and Rocky, and managed to get the toy cannon.  The toy cannon was placed in the park and Lord Zedd turned into Cannontop.  Cannontop was capable was transferring the teens into the lost universe.  The Rangers were soon battling Cannontop.  Lord Zedd made his monster grow.  The Rangers formed their Megazords.  Cannontop battled the Rangers until he was destroyed.  Lord Zedd was very upset and told Baboo and Squatt it was their fault.  Lord Zedd vowed that the Rangers may have won the fight, but he was not done playing with them.

Lord Zedd and Goldar were inside Serpentera pursing an alien.  The alien manage to get away.  Lord Zedd:  "The little alien thinks he got away.  But I know where he crashed, Angel Grove.  And soon his diamond power source shall be mine."  Lord Zedd and Goldar headed for Angel Grove's park.  Unfortunately, Billy, Aisha, and Rocky were already there.  Lord Zedd:  "Those Power Brats have found the ship.  Fire!"  Goldar:  "Firing forward canon."  Lord Zedd wanted the alien's (Bookala) diamond as an infinite power source for Serpentera.  The three teens, with the alien ship,  managed to get away from Lord Zedd and Goldar.  Lord Zedd kept an close eye on the teens.  Lord Zedd created Weldo and sent him after the teens when they were in the workshop.  Weldo was destroyed by the Power Rangers.  Lord Zedd and Goldar still kept an eye on the teens and soon spotted them getting ready to send "Bookala" back into space.  Lord Zedd sent Goldar down to take the diamond.  Goldar went down to the park with several putties.  Goldar battled the teens and was thrilled when he got the diamond.  Goldar teleported back to Serpentera.  Lord Zedd was thrilled with Goldar.  Lord Zedd had Goldar place the diamond into Serpentera and immediately wanted to attack Angel Grove.  Instead Serpentera was almost out of power.  Lord Zedd couldn't believe it.  Goldar then realized the diamond was a fake.  Lord Zedd was furious when he found out he had been tricked.  Bookala had managed to get away, but the fake doll Bookala was on the ground.  Lord Zedd transforms the doll into a monster Bookala.  The Rangers knew this was not the real Bookala.  The Rangers battled and destroyed Bookala.

Aisha's friend, Shawna, from Stone Canyon High School was in Angel Grove for a gymnastics competition.  Shawna was not happy with Aisha for moving to Angel Grove and was rude to Kimberly.  Lord Zedd was aware of the tension.  Goldar was with him.  Lord Zedd:  "Unfriendly friction among the Power Rangers.  I'll use this to my advantage.  Soon those Power Friends will be split up forever, making them useless to Zordon."  Later, in an attempt to make peace, Kimberly, Shawna, and Aisha were having a picnic in the park.  Lord Zedd:  "I'll speed this breakup by capturing the Pink Ranger and Shawna."  Goldar:  "How will that help us Master?"  Lord Zedd:  "The Rangers will no longer cooperate with each other, leaving me free to take over the world."  Lord Zedd sent Goldar down.  Goldar was successful in capturing Kimberly and Shawna.  Lord Zedd watched gleefully as Aisha left to tell the guys.  Lord Zedd was convince the guys would turn against Aisha, when they found out she had done nothing.  Instead they banded together.  Lord Zedd was furious.  Lord Zedd created Jaws of Destruction along with several putties.  Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Black Ranger.  White Ranger went to rescue Kimberly and Shawna.  White Ranger free Shawna and she was teleported out.  Kimberly morphed and went to help the rest of the Rangers.  Lord Zedd sent down Goldar to battle White Ranger.  The five Rangers battled Jaws of Destruction after destroying the putties.  Lord Zedd sent down his grow bomb and Jaws of Destruction grew to giant size.  The Rangers formed their Megazord, battled and destroyed Jaws of Destruction.  Goldar was defeated by White Ranger and retreated.  Lord Zedd was waiting for Goldar when he arrived.  Lord Zedd was very upset with Goldar and told him even White Ranger felt sorry for him.  Lord Zedd vowed he would destroy the Power Rangers.

Rocky was a lifeguard at the lake and had been talking to Dougie.  Dougie refuse to go into the water, because he was afraid of monsters in the water.  Despite Rocky's reassurances that there were no monsters, Dougie still refuse to go.  Lord Zedd had been watching the lake and it gave him an idea.  As usual Goldar was with him.  Lord Zedd:  "So Red Ranger, you've never encountered under water monsters before.  Well, I think I can fix that for you.  Yes, yes, the tide is about to turn."  Goldar:  "What tides?"  Lord Zedd:  "It was a metaphor you nimrod, for my scheme."  Goldar:  "An attack on the Power Rangers?"  Lord Zedd was ready to put his plan into action.  Tommy, Kimberly, and Adam had gone scuba diving and would be unable to hear Zordon.  Lord Zedd wanted to attack the three teens at the lake, Billy and Aisha were there as well, and then go after the remaining three.  Lord Zedd decided to resurrect some old water monsters from the past.  The first one he brought back was Slippery Shark, which he referred to as Shark Monster.  Shark Monster was on the other side of the lake.  Soon Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Yellow Ranger were battling Shark Monster and having a difficult time.  Lord Zedd was pleased with his success and then sent down Cruel Crayfish (Commander Crayfish), Pirantishead, and Toxic Goo-fish.  The three Rangers had a tough time against the four monsters.  Baboo and Squatt knew Lord Zedd would stop at nothing to destroy the Rangers and hope they would not be sent next.  The battle was going well until White Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Black Ranger joined the rest of the Rangers.  Lord Zedd was outrage.  Goldar wanted to go down with several putties, but Lord Zedd refused.  Lord Zedd wanted a real monster and created Tube Monster.  Lord Zedd made him giant size immediately.  White Ranger stayed to battle the four monsters as the rest of the Rangers left to battle Tube Monster in their Megazord.  The five Rangers destroyed Tube Monster.  White Ranger destroyed the four monsters.  Lord Zedd was very upset.  Lord Zedd then decided he would have lunch before hatching his next scheme.  Baboo, Squatt, and Goldar were leery of telling Lord Zedd they had gotten him trout for lunch.  Lord Zedd couldn't believe it and told them he was surrounded by nitwits.

Lord Zedd was in the palace, along with Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt.  Lord Zedd:  "Ahh, the dawn of another glorious day, whose sunset shall witness the final destruction of those Power Brats!"  Lord Zedd used his vision to look into Ms. Appleby's class.  Ms. Appleby was having the class bring in a special picture of when they were a kid and they had to explain why it was special.  Kimberly was presenting her picture.  Lord Zedd:  "The Pink Ranger as a child."  Lord Zedd was inspired.  Lord Zedd:  "That's it!"  Lord Zedd turned around and faced Baboo, Squatt, and Goldar.  Lord Zedd:  "Why didn't you fools think of this before?"  Squatt:  "Sorry, I guess we weren't thinking.  What were we talking about anyway?"  Lord Zedd like the idea of the Rangers being kids.  They would have no powers and no memory of being a Power Ranger.  Lord Zedd used the Rock of Time.  The Rock of Time reverse Earth's rotation and time went backwards about ten years.  Lord Zedd was thrilled to see Aisha, Kimberly, Adam, Billy, Rocky, and Tommy were kids once more.  The kids went into the park to play.  Lord Zedd decided to send down several putties, confident they would be rid of them soon.  Instead the kids battled and defeated the putties, discovering that if you hit the Z on the putty, you destroyed him.  Lord Zedd was furious.  His putties had been destroyed by children.  Lord Zedd was not about to give up.  Lord Zedd spotted the camera laying on the grass in the park.  Lord Zedd turned the camera into Photomare.  Photomare took the kids picture and they were now frozen within the picture.  Lord Zedd was thrilled.

Bulk & Skull had taken off with the picture.  Lord Zedd:  "Goldar, get down there and capture those two little brat humans.  I must have that picture of the runt Rangers."  Goldar:  "Yes, with pleasure my lord.  I go down to do your bidding."  Goldar left.  Lord Zedd:  "When the picture is mine, the Power Rangers will exist no more."  Lord Zedd kept an eye on the park.  He became frustrated when Goldar wouldn't go ahead and take the picture from Bulk & Skull.  Especially since Photomare was standing on the other side of Bulk & Skull.  Then Alpha 5 appeared.  Alpha 5 used his device and froze Goldar and Photomare.  Bulk & Skull took off running.  Inside the school, Alpha 5 release the kids from the photograph and return them to teenagers.  Lord Zedd was angry and made Photomare grow giant size.  White Ranger battle Goldar as the rest of the Rangers battle Photomare.  Eventually the five Rangers destroyed Photomare.  White Ranger had defeated Goldar.  Zordon contacted the Rangers telling them the Rock of Time had grown unstable and they needed to destroy it.  Lord Zedd has three of his monsters protecting the Rock of Time. The Rangers arrived at the Rock of Time.  Goldar and several putties were there, along with Invenusable Flytrap, Dramole, and Oysterizer.  The Rangers battle them all.  The monsters and putties were eventually destroyed and Goldar had to retreat.  Lord Zedd was furious that another of his brilliant plans had failed.  Baboo and Squatt cowered in fear.

Lord Zedd and Goldar were inside the palace.  Lord Zedd decided to take a look at Angel Grove.  Lord Zedd:  "I better check on those annoying Earthlings one last time.  What's this?  They're leaving town.  Oh what rotten luck.  I should be attacking Angel Grove while they're gone, but the time has come.  I must rest and rejuvenate my evil energies."  The teens were leaving for a trip to Australia.  Lord Zedd had Goldar prepare his chamber for his recharge.  When everything was ready, Lord Zedd laid down and was ready to recharge himself.  He would be asleep for quite some time.

Lord Zedd awoke and when he did he saw a vision of loveliness.  Lord Zedd was smitten with the beauty in front of him and asked who she was.  Rita told Lord Zedd who she was.  Lord Zedd immediately proposed marriage.  Rita only hesitated for a second and then told him yes.  Lord Zedd hollered for Goldar.  Goldar entered and was stunned to see Rita.  Goldar was ready to summon the putties to get her, but Lord Zedd quickly told him to stop.  Lord Zedd inform Goldar that he and Rita were getting married.  Since Goldar was to be his worse man, he had to see to all the preparations for the wedding.  Baboo and Squatt had popped in and they were excited over the idea of a wedding.  Goldar was not happy when he left the chamber.  Lord Zedd stayed closed to Rita and they giggled and laughed together as they plan how they would take over the world.  Lord Zedd was very pleased when Rita told him she had captured the Power Rangers.  Lord Zedd was anxious to get the wedding started.  Finster popped in and told them the Rangers had escaped.  Lord Zedd was angry.  Rita quickly told Lord Zedd to simply make the monsters grow, that would take care of the Rangers.  Lord Zedd thought Rita's idea was brilliant and did exactly what she had said.  Lord Zedd sent the Rangers and his monsters to the abandoned city and the Rangers battled the monsters.  After the battle, Alpha 5 teleported the Rangers right back into the Spectre Theater.  Afterwards, Lord Zedd sat on his throne.  Lord Zedd had Goldar fetch the monsters, he was anxious for his wedding.  The monsters arrived:  Eye Guy, Snizzard, Dramole, Grumble Bee, Soccadillo, Saliguana, Robogoat, and Invenusable Flytrap.  They all brought gifts.  Lord Zedd wanted them to gather around and told them he thought of them as his mutant sons.  Lord Zedd wanted them all to be a big, evil family.

Lord Zedd was waiting for the wedding to get started.  Goldar was with him.  Goldar:  "You're sure about this wedding sire?"  Lord Zedd:  "Of course, you snake, I'm sure about everything."  Lord Zedd was ready and wanted the music to start.  Because it had been so short notice, Goldar hadn't been able to find any musician.  Lord Zedd created his own musician out of one of the monsters.  The music began and Rita began walking down the aisle with Baboo and Squatt.  Lord Zedd was startled to see Rita standing beside him, but the wedding continue.  Lord Zedd had Finster perform the wedding, which was witness by Baboo, Squatt, Goldar, several monsters and putties.  After the wedding, the party began.  Lord Zedd enjoyed himself immensely at the reception.  Lord Zedd and Rita then took off in Serpentera for the honeymoon.  Lord Zedd and Rita had a good time on Serpentera, with both Lord Zedd and Rita driving Serpentera at different points.  The screen showed the Power Rangers being chased by their monsters.  Lord Zedd and Rita laughed and never enjoyed such a beautiful sight before.  But it didn't last long.  Although they made the monsters grow, the Rangers eventually destroyed the monsters.  Lord Zedd was upset and it didn't help that Rita was yelling and blaming him.  Lord Zedd demanded that she show him some respect, but Rita refused.  Lord Zedd and Rita returned to the moon.

Lord Zedd was with Goldar.  Lord Zedd had been watching the teens below.  They had been discussing Ms. Appleby's assignment as to where they would like to go in the past.  Lord Zedd:  "If I could, I would send them all back in time.  Then they would be out of my way forever."  Goldar:  "Didn't the Ghost of Darkness conjure up some wizard once, that had those special powers my lord?"  Lord Zedd:  "Yes, but the ghost if Rita's creation and she's been so touchy lately, I don't know if she'll talk to him."  Goldar:  "Why don't you order her to talk to him sire?"  Lord Zedd:  "You fool!"  Lord Zedd knew the way to get around Rita was to be nice.  Lord Zedd wanted Goldar to make the request.  Goldar was leaving as Lord Zedd pondered why he had married Rita.  Goldar stopped and asked him why.  Lord Zedd got mad at Goldar and sent him on his way.  Later Lord Zedd was watching Earth.  Rita had done as Lord Zedd had requested and talked to the Ghost of Darkness, who in turn sent down the Wizard of Deception.  The Wizard of Deception had taken a lock of Tommy's hair and with it created the evil Green Ranger.  Evil Tommy lured his friends and then the Wizard of Deception sent them back in time, to the colonial era.  Then evil Tommy face off Tommy.  Lord Zedd was very pleased and believed he had underestimated Rita.  Lord Zedd felt working with Rita, they could take over the world.

Lord Zedd and Goldar were together.  Lord Zedd had been watching Angel Grove.  Lord Zedd:  "Ah yes, mission accomplished."  Goldar:  "Oh no, not her again!"  Rita had walked up.  Rita:  "Zip it you gold baboon!"  Rita looked at Lord Zedd.  Rita:  "Zeddy."  Lord Zedd:  "Rita, my lovely wife.  Come and observe the two Tommys, standing face to face."  Lord Zedd and Rita danced together in celebration of the apparent defeat of the Power Rangers.  As they were dancing, Lord Zedd told Rita he wanted to have a baby.  Rita was not thrilled with the idea.  Lord Zedd tried to persuade her and Rita ran off screaming. 

Lord Zedd and Rita were very happy.  Rita was sitting on Lord Zedd's lap.  Goldar was standing close by with several putties.  Rita laughed.  Rita:  "Oh yes, this is a world without the Power Rangers."  Lord Zedd was laughing as well.  Lord Zedd:  "Soon my little snookins, soon."  Rita:  "Zeddy baby, why don't you go check up on that wizard?  See what he's up to next.  I love that wizard!"  Lord Zedd:  "Yes, that was one of my best ideas, if I do say so myself."  Lord Zedd had gotten up to check.  Rita was outrage, it had been her idea and she let Lord Zedd know it.  Lord Zedd couldn't believe Rita was contradicting him.  Lord Zedd asked Goldar whose idea it was and Goldar backed Lord Zedd up.  Lord Zedd felt he had prove his point, but Rita knew Goldar would just agree to anything Lord Zedd said.  Lord Zedd told her what difference did it make, the plan was working.  Lord Zedd contacted Wizard of Deception.  Wizard of Deception had Green Ranger using Dragonzord to destroy Angel Grove.  Lord Zedd continued to keep an eye on what was happening in Angel Grove.  Tommy had morphed into White Ranger and was reenergized for awhile.  Lord Zedd did not want White Ranger to get the upper hand.  Lord Zedd told Goldar to send down some putties to keep White Ranger busy.  Goldar did so, but White Ranger destroyed them.  Eventually White Ranger would destroy Wizard of Deception.  White Ranger also had Wizard of Deception's wand.  With the destruction of Wizard of Deception, the spell over Green Ranger was broken.  White Ranger then traveled back in time, earlier he had tricked Green Ranger about the time line.  White Ranger reached his friends and brought them back.  Although with a promise to return to help.  In present time, Green Ranger felt remorseful for what he had done and stopped Dragonzord before the rest of the Rangers could battle it.  Dragonzord was sent back into the sea.  All the Rangers, including Green Ranger, returned to the colonial era.  There the Rangers destroyed the giant rats.  Green Ranger, Tom, decided to stay in the colonial era as the rest returned to present time.

Lord Zedd had been watching Angel Grove High School.  Rita was with him.  Tommy and Kimberly had both decided to run for president at the student elections.  Lord Zedd:  "Excellent!  Nothing can spoil a relationship or friendship faster than politics.  I can turn those Power Punks against each other and crush them."  Rita:  "Yes, oh wicked husband, but I have just as many diabolic plots to destroy them as you do."  Rita laughed.  So did Lord Zedd.  Lord Zedd:  "You!  You're just a girl!"  Rita took offense to that remark.  Lord Zedd left to come up with his own plan.  After awhile, Goldar came up to Lord Zedd.  Goldar knew of Rita's plan and told Lord Zedd about it.  Lord Zedd told Goldar to keep an eye on Rita.  Later, Lord Zedd would return.  Rita's plan had failed and Lord Zedd mocked her for it.  Rita reminded him that he had destroyed the Rangers either.

Goldar had come to Lord Zedd.  Rita had another plan to destroy the Power Rangers and she had acted on it.   Rita had managed to send Kimberly, Rocky, and Tommy into her fairy tale storybook.  Lord Zedd was not angry with his wife.  Instead he decided to help her out.  Rocky, Tommy, and Kimberly had decided to follow Grumble the Elf to the end, when he delivers the toys, and therefore hopefully get out of the book.  Lord Zedd did not want to see that happened.  Lord Zedd sent down several putties to steal the toys.  The putties entered the book.  After awhile, Lord Zedd wondered what was taking the putties so long.  Lord Zedd stared into the book and saw that the putties were goofing around.  Lord Zedd became angry and zapped the putties to do their job.  The putties stole the toys.  With three of the Rangers trapped within the book, it would be much easier to destroy the remaining three in Angel Grove.  Rita came to see him and he was pleased.  They made a good team.  Rita tickled Lord Zedd, and he giggle.  Lord Zedd was ticklish.  Later, Lord Zedd and Rita had been keeping an eye on Angel Grove.  They needed a monster, and conveniently Bulk & Skull were making one.  Lord Zedd was confident that the Rangers would be destroy and the world would be theirs.  Lord Zedd suggested to Rita, that after they had taken over, they should do some shopping.  Lord Zedd thought the crown jewels of England would look great on Rita.  Lord Zedd and Rita laughed together.

Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa were standing on the balcony together.  They were watching Bulk & Skull try to bring their monster to life.  Lord Zedd:  "Those two goons couldn't make a mess, much less a monster, but we're going to give them a hand, my sweet."  Rita:  "This is so beautiful.  I love working with my hubby."  Rita laughed.  Lord Zedd used his staff and Rita her wand to create the monster.  Lord Zedd:  "Yes, live my magnificent creature, live!"  Turkeyjerk came to life.  Lord Zedd and Rita were thrilled.  Turkeyjerk followed Bulk & Skull around, because it thought they were it's parents.  Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, and Blue Ranger came to Bulk & Skull's aid and destroy Turkeyjerk.  Lord Zedd and Rita were occupied keeping an eye on the book.  Kimberly, Rocky, and Tommy had come up with the idea to talk to Mondo the Magician, in hopes he could reverse the spell.  Lord Zedd:  "If those pinheads can convince that magician to reverse the spell, they will be free."  Rita:  "Relax my vision of ugliness."  Rita reassured Lord Zedd that Mondo was a good friend of hers.  Rita then thought they could free Mondo the Magician from the book and set him loose on Angel Grove.  Lord Zedd was very pleased with the idea and told her he knew there was a reason he'd married her.  Mondo was free from the back.  But soon Rocky, Tommy, and Kimberly had also freed themselves.  The Rangers would battle and destroy Mondo the Magician.

Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa were watching the Command Center.  Earlier Kimberly had vanished through a time hole.  Aisha, Adam, Billy, Rocky, and Tommy had gone to the Command Center to try and find Kimberly.  Billy had located the time hole near the lockers of the Youth Center.  Lord Zedd:  "That'll be funny, Blue Ranger.  He'll soon learn that the time hole appearing in Angel Grove is our gateway to  victory conquering Earth."  Rita:  "Yes oh wicked husband."  Lord Zedd had earlier transported Kimberly's cactus plan to the palace.  Lord Zedd then change the cactus plant into a monster.  Lord Zedd:  "Behold the latest blossom of my creativity.  I'll send Needlenose back in time to destroy Angel Grove.  Instead of wishing the Rangers had never been born, we'll make sure they never were."  Later, Goldar joined them.  Lord Zedd was ready to send Needlenose, Goldar, and several putties back into the 1880's.  Despite a battle with five of the Rangers, Needlenose, Goldar, and the putties made it through the time hole before it closed.  Lord Zedd was thrilled, as was Rita.

Lord Zedd and Rita watched Goldar in the past.  They were very pleased and were confident that soon the Earth would be theirs.  Later, Lord Zedd and Rita were not so happy.  Kimberly had gone to visit Zordon and had given the power coins to Abraham, Rocko, William, and Miss Alicia.  With Rangers on the scene, they defeated Goldar, Needlenose, and destroyed the putties.  Lord Zedd and Rita were very upset.  Goldar suggested they use Needlenose on the current Angel Grove.  Lord Zedd liked the idea and Needlenose was set loose on Angel Grove.  Lord Zedd immediately sent down his grow bomb to make Needlenose giant size.  Lord Zedd was confident his monster would win and didn't bother watching the battle.  After awhile, Lord Zedd returned.  Rita was very upset.  Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt were all there.  Lord Zedd asked Rita what was wrong.  Rita told him how the five Rangers destroyed Needlenose.  Lord Zedd was furious.

Violet, a student at Angel Grove High School, had created a statue in art class that looked a lot like Billy.  Goldar and Squatt were sent down into the classroom, once everyone had left.  Goldar:  The statue is ready for your personal touch mighty Lord Zedd.  Rita:  Mighty Lord Zedd, we'll see.  Lord Zedd:  May rivers run red, the sun die to embers, a spell I'll shall cast, if my lines I remember... Rita:  Forget the silly incantation.  Rita grabbed Zedd's staff and cast the spell on the statue.  Evil Billy was to gain the trust of the teens and then take their morphers and communicators.   Putties were sent down to the park as the teens battled them, the real Billy was captured and placed in the Dark Dimension.  Goldar then gave Evil Billy the morpher and communicator and Evil Billy was sent in Billy's place just as the teens defeated the putties.  The plan was working well and Evil Billy had everyone's, except Tommy's, communicators and morphers.  Goldar was then sent down to destroy the teens.  Instead, the teens had gotten their communicators and morphers back by Billy who had escaped.  The Rangers eventually destroy Evil Billy after figuring out who was the real Blue Ranger and who was not.  Lord Zedd and Rita were not about to give up.  Rita tried to used Zedd's staff again, but this time Zedd grabbed it back.  Lord Zedd created Vase Face from Tommy's art project.  The Rangers eventually destroyed Vase Face.  

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