Madame Woe - Voiced by Alex Borstein

Madame Woe is an ally of Rita Repulsa.  The crown jewel on her forehead enables her to control the elements, such as wind, rain, and heat.  The crown jewel also gave her the ability to send people in another dimension.  Madame Woe is feared almost as much as Rita and is considered a formidable opponent by Zordon.  Madame Woe was doing an incantation when Rita contacted her for help.  Madame Woe arrived at Rita's palace promptly.  Madame Woe referred to Rita as Empress Rita.   Rita told Madame Woe that a Ranger was to be at the park at four o'clock.  Rita wanted Madame Woe to capture the Ranger, and the rest of the Rangers would follow.  Madame Woe was honored to do Rita's bidding.  Madame Woe waited at the park until a young girl, Marge,  arrived at four o'clock.  Madame Woe assumed Marge was a Ranger .  Marge tried to tell her she was not a Ranger, but Madame Woe did not listen.  Madame Woe terrified Marge.  Madame Woe used the power of her crown jewel and transported Marge to another dimension.  Madame Woe followed her into the dimension.  Madame Woe stayed only a short time and then left.  Madame Woe was standing on the beach when the Rangers arrived.  Once more, Madame Woe used her crown jewel and transported the Power Rangers into the same dimension Marge was in.  Madame Woe battled the Rangers.  She could even use her braided hair to grab the Rangers and fling them around.  Red Ranger and Black Ranger battled Madame Woe with the Power Sword and Power Ax.  Madame Woe easily knocked them to the ground.  Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Yellow Ranger used their Blade Blasters.  Madame Woe easily knocked them aside.  Blue Ranger then battled Madame Woe with the Power Lance.  Madame Woe grabbed a hold of Blue Ranger and flung him around.  Blue Ranger came to the conclusion that the Rangers could not defeat Madame Woe in this dimension.  Blue Ranger, using the combine powers of all five of the power coins, escaped the dimension.  Furious, Madame Woe quickly followed the Blue Ranger out.  Madame Woe and Blue Ranger battled.  Madame Woe did well until Blue Ranger grabbed her crown jewel and crushed it.  This cause Madame Woe to become very weak.  With the crown jewel destroyed,  the rest of the Rangers and Marge were able to teleport out of the dimension.  The weaken Madame Woe tried to battle the Rangers, but it was too much for her.  The Power Rangers destroyed Madame Woe with the Power Blaster.

Peace, Love And Woe