Master Vile - Voiced by Tom Wyner

The palace was shaking and everyone was losing their balance.  Rita:  What's happening?  Finster, did you forget to pay the electric bill again?  There was fog and everyone was aware that someone had entered the palace.  Lord Zedd:  Who dares enter unannounced?!  Master Vile:  What?  Who dares to ask a question of me, Master Vile?  Lord Zedd:  Master who?  Rita:  Zeddy.  Rita and Rito knew who Master Vile was - their father.  Master Vile had decided to take over and show them how to conquer.  Master Vile knew that the Zeo Crystal were underneath Zedd's palace.  There was a force field around the Zeo Crystal and would destroy anyone who possesses an ounce of evil.  Master Vile instructed them to feed the Tenga Warriors a bag of food he held.  The bag got tossed around a lot.  Squatt ended up with the sack and ended up feeding the snakes to the Tenga Warriors.  The jar containing Ninjor was dropped.  The jar shattered and Ninjor was free.  Squatt and Baboo raced around and try to capture Ninjor, but Ninjor managed to escape.  Master Vile was determined to get Ninjor back.  Master Vile took Rito with him and created Globbor.  Globbor would successfully attach himself to Ninjor during a battle and drained most of the Megazord's power.

Giant Globbor battled the Rangers in their Megazord.  Every move Master Vile made, in his Space Skull, was copied by Globbor.  Eventually Master Vile teleported out of Space Skull.  Ninjor had been captured and was now in chains.  Master Vile stood on top of a building and to watch the battle.  Master Vile let the Rangers know that Ninjor and Globbor were connected, and every blow against Globbor hurt their friend Ninjor.  Eventually the Rangers were ejected form their zords.  Master Vile planned to send the zords off to a distant galaxy, but first he had Globbor drained every bit of power from the zords.  After Globbor was done, the zords were sent away.  Master Vile thanked Tommy for making it so easy for him to obtain the Zeo Crystal.  Master Vile was going to use the Zeo Crystal to destroy Earth, but he wanted to have a party first.  Master Vile instructed Globbor to finished off the Rangers and then left.  Master Vile returned to his Space Skull.  Rita, Lord Zedd, Rito, Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt were all there.  Everyone, except Lord Zedd, celebrated their victory.  The Youth Center was the place the party was going to be held.  A couple of Tenga Warriors arrived first.  Ernie had been talking to Bulk & Skull and they all screamed when they saw the Tenga Warriors.  They screamed louder when Master Vile joined them.  Master Vile told Bulk & Skull to bring everyone to their doomsday party.  Goldar, Rito, Lord Zedd, Rita, Baboo, and Squatt danced a circle around Ernie, Bulk & Skull.  Bulk & Skull assumed this meant the Power Rangers had lost.

The Youth Center was soon packed with monster and humans.  Master Vile stood in front of the crowd.  Master Vile:  Dance humans, dance!  Master Vile told them he wanted them to dance like there was no tomorrow, because there wasn't.  The humans tried to keep up with the frantic pace.  Master Vile had established a connection with the Zeo Crystal and then set it up in the Megazord in the distance galaxy.  After awhile, Master Vile announced it was the end of the world, but nothing happened.  Master Vile was confused and teleported out.  Master Vile soon discovered his connection to the Zeo Crystal was broken and the Rangers had regain their zords.  Master Vile was confident Globbor would destroy the Rangers and sent him out to battle the Rangers.  Globbor even managed to gain the Megazords' power.  Master Vile was very pleased and appeared in the sky above the battle.  He told them Earth would be his now.  Master Vile had created an eclipse, but the Rangers broke the spell.  With the spell broken, Globbor lost all the power he had absorbed and Ninjor broke free and joined the Rangers in their battle.  Master Vile became furious and grew to giant size, ready to take on the Rangers and Ninjor.  Globbor quickly went to Master Vile's side.  Master Vile and Globbor battled the Rangers.  Globbor was destroyed and Master Vile was defeated.  He retreated in his Space Skull.  Master Vile was not happy when Lord Zedd and Rita appeared on the screen and gloated to Master Vile that it was not that easy to destroyed the Power Rangers.  Master Vile was outrage that Rita would talk to him so and called her a brat.  Rita complained that he never understood her.  Master Vile blew her off.  Master Vile was determined to conquer Earth and he was here to stay.

Master Vile had been watching Katherine and Aisha rehearse for a new school song.  Master Vile laughed.  Master Vile:  Bravo Rangers.  You work on your harmony and I'll work on creating disharmony.  It's time for your sappy singing to end - forever!  Master Vile then summons Dischordia.  Master Vile:  You will make it so.  Master Vile had everyone gathered into the throne room.  Lord Zedd:  This had better be good Vile.  Finster was standing in front of a mic.  Finster:  It is my great displeasure to introduce to you a woman whose voice will soon spell the end of the Power Rangers - Dischordia.  Dischordia came out and sang a song.   Master Vile enjoyed everyone's enthusiastic (except Rita's) cheering and applauding.  Lord Zedd walked up to Dischordia.  Lord Zedd:  Dischordia, how well I remember your painful voice.  Initially Dischordia did well and had the Rangers dancing against their will.  But the Rangers soon used metallic armor and broke the spell.  Rito, who had been watching, told Master Vile, Lord Zedd, and Rita what had happened.  Lord Zedd used his staff on Dischordia and she grew giant size.  The Rangers formed their Megazord, battled, and destroyed Dischordia.  Once more, Lord Zedd and Rita were very smug about Master Vile's failure.  Master Vile told them he was simply getting ready for his master plan, which neither Lord Zedd or Rita pay too much attention to.

Master Vile was in a cavern.  He was trying to unearth the Orb of Doom.  The ground shook and rocks fell all around, but Master Vile was intent on his mission.  Master Vile was successful in getting the Orb of Doom.  Master Vile had everyone gathered in the throne room.  Master Vile told them of his plan.  The Orb of Doom was powerful enough to stop Earth's rotation, and to reverse time.  The Rangers would become children and have no powers.  They could take over.  Lord Zedd was not convinced, as he had tried this once before.  Goldar added been there, done that.  Master Vile called Rito forward, and told him to plant the Orb of Doom at the designation coordinates, just north of Angel Grove.  Rito left.  Later, they all celebrated.  Rito had been successful.  Master Vile was proud of Rito, but Goldar wasn't sure that Rito still hadn't screw up somehow.  But they all enjoyed the fact that the Rangers were children with no powers.  

Rita, Lord Zedd, Goldar, and Rito had a great time destroying the district.  They were ready to go to the heart of town, when suddenly they were back to normal size.  Master Vile appeared in the sky above them and told them they were going to wreck his plans.  Master Vile teleported them (except for Rito) back to the palace.  Later Rito, after failing to get the power coins from the kids, was also teleported back to the palace.  Master Vile told them how he was going to send Goldar and Rito with an implosion device to destroy the Command Center and Zordon.  Master Vile also wanted all the monsters gathered together.  Later, Finster tried to organized the monsters.  Master Vile told him he only wanted the top five monsters.  Lord Zedd became excited and instructed the monsters how they were going to take over the world.  Rito pointed out that his dad was in charge now.  Lord Zedd sat miserably back down.  Master Vile ignored the outburst.  Master Vile planned to have his general, Professor Longnose, lead the monsters into battle.  Master Vile then sent down Goldar and Rito to do their mission. 

Goldar, Rito, Finster, Rita, and Lord Zedd were with Master Vile.  Master Vile was very pleased and he was laughing.  Master Vile:  Everything is just as I planned.  Yes, very soon we shall rid the galaxy of Zordon the good deed doer and I, Master Vile, shall reign supreme over the universe.  Master Vile kept an eye on things and his good mood ended.  Master Vile:  Zordon's little food processor on legs has destroyed my implosion device.  Lord Zedd was pleased to see Master Vile fail.  Lord Zedd:  So your great and all powerful Master Vile, is merely a mutant after all.  The palace shook.  Rita:  What is it?  Master Vile:  I don't know, but I'm certain that I don't like it.  It was something inherently good and pure. Rita was upset, she is allergic to good.  Master Vile sent Goldar and Rito to try and get the power coins once more and to find out what was going on.  Goldar, Rito, and the Tenga Warriors would fail and returned to the palace.  There they reported to Master Vile that the Alien Rangers were on Earth.  Master Vile knew that meant Zordon had sent in for backup.  Later, Master Vile was ready to attack with his monsters.  Some of the monsters included Crabby Cabbie and Garbage Mouth.  The monsters, Goldar, and Rito were in such a hurry to get out, that they knocked down and trampled over Finster.  Lead by Professor Longnose, the monsters began their attack.  But the planned attack failed.  The Alien Rangers, with their Megazords, battled and destroyed the monsters.  Rita was embarrassed when Master Vile threw a fit on the floor.   Rito and Rita helped Master Vile back to his feet.  Master Vile had had enough and decided he was going back to his own galaxy, where evil reign supreme.  Master Vile teleported out.

Master Vile heard his daughter, Rita Repulsa, hollering for him.  Master Vile appeared in the sky above the moon.  Rita explained that the Machine Empire was attacking.  Master Vile told them that the Machine Empire was even more evil than him and they destroyed everything they touched.  Even though letting them stay would included Lord Zedd, Master Vile told Rita they could stay at his place.  Just to use the skeleton key and not to wake him up. 

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