Mutant Rangers

At the Angel Grove shoreline, Goldar trained several Putties to become the Mutant Rangers.  Goldar selected five Putties and distributed the Badges of Darkness to them.  Using the Badges of Darkness, the five Putties became the Mutant Rangers, an evil twin of the Power Rangers.  No Putty was selected for the Red Mutant Ranger as no Putty was strong enough.  Rita was very excited and anxious to test them out.  Kimberly and Tommy were walking in the park.  Pink Mutant Ranger and Green Mutant Ranger were sent down.  The two Mutant Rangers fought Tommy and Kimberly.  They had an easy time of it as they easily mimic the Pink and Green Rangers moves.  Kimberly and Tommy were defeated and Pink and Green Mutant Ranger retreated.  Eventually Commander Crayfish was selected to become the leader of the Mutant Rangers.   Commander Crayfish puts the Putties through more training.  Afterwards, he tells them they have trained well.  With your Badges of Darkness and me as your leader, we shall destroy the Power Rangers!  The following day, the Mutant Rangers and Commander Crayfish arrive in Angel Grove.  Red, Pink, Yellow, Blue, and Black Power Ranger arrive.  Red Ranger fights Commander Crayfish as the rest fight their counterpart.  Soon Green Ranger arrives to help in the battle, but it's not enough and the Rangers retreat.  They return with more powerful weapons and the battle continues.  The Mutant Rangers formed their own Power Blaster to use against the Rangers.  The Rangers quickly form their Power Blaster and destroyed Pink and Yellow Mutant Rangers.  Within a few moments, Blue, Black, and Green Ranger are giant size along with Commander Crayfish.  The Rangers summon their zords.  Black, Blue, and Green Mutant Rangers battled Dragonzord while Commander Crayfish battled Megazord.  Eventually they are destroyed by Ultrazord.

Mighty Morphin Mutants