Plague Patrol

The Plague Patrol are part of Count Dregon's army.  Count Dregon and his army, which includes Double Face, Fact, Plague Sentry, Cyclopter, and the Cogwarts, had successfully captured Edenoi and enslaved the Edenoites.  Count Dregon wanted the Masked Rider's powers as well.  When Count Dregon spotted five costumed strangers (the Power Rangers) on the Edenoi, he assumed they were after Masked Rider's powers as well.  Their headquarters, Spiderbase, began firing on the Rangers and Masked Rider.  The Rangers and Masked Rider took cover.  Count Dregon was furious.  The Plague Patrol, the Plague Sentry, and the Cogwarts were sent down to hunt them down and destroyed them.  The Rangers and Masked Rider left their shelter and faced them.  The Plague Patrol battled Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, and Black Ranger.  The Cogwarts battled Masked Rider.  White Ranger battled Plague Sentry.

The Cogwarts would be destroyed by Masked Riders.  The Rangers continued their battled against Plague Patrol and the Plague Sentry.  Zordon contacted White Ranger during the battle.  The Rangers step out of the battle.  Zordon told them Repellator was attacking Angel Grove and Pink Ranger needed their help.  The Rangers decided they needed to wrap things up, so that they could return to Earth.  The Plague Patrol mocked them.  Plague Patrol:  What's next, a coffee break?  The Rangers and the Plague Patrol and Plague Sentry battle.  Eventually the Plague Patrol and Plague Sentry retreated. 

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