Plague Sentry - Voiced by Tom Wyner

The Plague Sentry is part of Count Dregon's army. The planet Edenoi was under attack by Count Dregon.  The Edenoites had been enslaved and now worked for Count Dregon.  The Edenoites spent their time digging into the ground for Count Dregon.  A Plague Sentry rode up on a group of Edenoitse working.  Plaque Sentry:  The fools!  the poisonous gases they dig up only hasten the destruction of their planet.  Count Dregon will be pleased.  The Plague Sentry returned to the headquarters of Count Dregon, the Spiderbase.  Double Face was already there.  Fact entered the room.  Fact:  Behold, the Lord of Evil, Count Dregon is on the bridge.  Count Dregon:  What do you have to report?  Double Face:  The attack is presiding as expect, according to the plan, Count Dregon.  But Count Dregon was not pleased, especially when he saw costumed strangers (the Power Rangers) on Edenoi.  Count Dregon assumed the costumed strangers wanted Masked Rider's powers as well and sent down an attack.

Plague Sentry:  Count Dregon, we've lost them.  We need to send in the Plague Patrol.  Count Dregon agreed.  The Plague Sentry lead a group of Plague Patrol and the Cogwarts down to Edenoi.  The five Rangers and Masked Rider emerged from their hiding place.  The Plague Sentry battle White Ranger.  The rest of the Rangers battled the Plague Patrol and Masked Rider battle the Cogwarts.

The Cogwarts would be destroyed by Masked Riders.  The Rangers continued their battled against Plague Sentry and the Plague Patrol.  Zordon contacted White Ranger during the battle.  The Rangers step out of the battle.  Zordon told them Repellator was attacking Angel Grove and Pink Ranger needed their help.  The Rangers decided they needed to wrap things up, so that they could return to Earth.  The Plague Patrol mocked them.  Plague Patrol:  What's next, a coffee break?  The Rangers and the Plague Sentry and Plague Patrol battle.  Eventually the Plague Sentry and Plague Patrol retreated. 

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