Putties are Rita Repulsa's foot soldiers.  They are created by Finster in his monster making machine.  Ten thousand years ago, Zordon had trapped Rita and her army in a dumpster.  The dumpster landed on the moon and two astronauts released them.  As the astronauts ran in terror, Rita decided to conquer the closest planet, Earth.  Rita set up her moon palace where she plotted and where she could view Angel Grove.  Zordon selected five teen, Jason, Billy, Zack, Trini, and Kimberly, and offered them the opportunity to become Power Rangers and protect Earth.  Rita scoffed at Zordon for choosing teenagers and had Finster immediately make putty patrollers and send them down.  The putties surrounded the teens as they left the command center.  Billy, Zack, Trini, Kimberly, and Jason fought against the putties, but the putties were too powerful.  The teens morphed and soon the putties were destroyed.  Finster made several more putties and they were sent with Goldar into Angel Grove city.  The putties and Goldar battled against the Power Rangers.  The Power Rangers destroyed the putties once more.  Rita's first attempt at conquering Earth failed.

Rita's next attempt to defeat the Rangers was to trap them in a time warp, like she had done to Zordon.  Baboo and Squatt worked on the time device and it was sent to Angel Grove.  Once the time device opened a portal, Rita sent down the putties.  Jason, Zack, Trini, Kimberly, and Billy spied on the putties, until they realized too late that the putties had found them.  The teens and the putties battle.  Jason had Billy and Trini ran in a different direction, in order to draw some away.  Three of the putties chased after Trini and Billy, while the rest fought Jason, Zack, and Kimberly.  Trini and Billy went in separate directions.  Two of the putties followed Trini, while one pursue Billy.  Trini hid among some rocks and the two putties never located her.  The putty after Billy continue to pursue him.  Billy was soon trapped and the putty walked menacingly closer to Billy.  Trini had climbed up and yelled at the "dirt bag" to leave Billy alone.  The putty started to walk towards Trini.  Trini went in front of Billy and the putty went after them.  Trini and Billy dodged, and the putty went over the cliff.  Meanwhile, the rest of the putties had Zack, Kimberly, and Jason surrounded.  The putties formed a tight circle around the three and were crushing them when Billy and Trini arrived and broke apart the circle.  Jason, Zack, and Kimberly formed a human chain and soon had the putties flying in several direction.  After landing in cactus, and with several pieces of cactus still stuck to them, the putties took off running.

Several putties were sent to a waste site where Trini and Kimberly were at.  Trini and Kimberly had planned on giving a petition protesting the pollution the site had caused.  The putties attacked the girls.  Trini and Kimberly fought them bravely.  Later Goldar would join the putties in their attack against the Rangers, as the battle move to a rock quarry.  Baboo and Squatt even threw rocks at the Rangers.  The putties were destroyed by the Power Rangers.

Several Putties and King Sphinx were sent down to the children's theater in the park.  Soon Red Ranger, Black Ranger, and Pink Ranger arrived.  The Putties and King Sphinx battled the three Rangers.  Baboo and Squatt arrived and sat in the bleachers and cheered them on.  King Sphinx flapped his wings.  First Pink Ranger was sent away, and then Black Ranger.  Red Ranger destroyed the Putties.  Later, the Rangers would destroy King Sphinx.

Several Putties stood standing guard at the entrance to a cave.  Gnary Gnome had lured several girls from Kimberly's aerobics class into the cave with his music.  Only Melissa was unaffected, as she is deaf.   There were also several Putties inside the cave, helping with the party going on inside.  Gnarly Gnome had the Putties dance with the four teenage girls.  He told the girls they were dancing with Putties now, but later they would dance with the Rangers.  Meanwhile, Melissa returned to the Juice Bar and alerted Jason to the dilemma.  Melissa lead Jason and his friends to the cave.  The teens had Melissa hide.  Once Melissa was hidden, the teens battled and defeated the putties.  Later, Gnarly Gnome would be destroyed by the Power Rangers.

Rita had located the Power Eggs in contained in a magic chest inside a cave.  Only the touch of an innocent child could open the chest.  Rita sent down several Putties to the park.  Trini, Kimberly, and Maria, a young girl, were having a picnic.  Maria noticed them and asked what they were.  Kimberly and Trini placed Maria in the middle as the Putties battled them.  Soon Maria was separated from Trini and Kimberly as they battled the other Putties.  The Putties grabbed a hold of Maria and vanished with her.  Unfortunately for Rita, the magic chest was put back in the sea and the Rangers rescue Maria.

Rita had been watching Billy's lab and spotted Billy's young friend Willy.  Rita was very impress with Willy's latest invention.  Rita wanted to steal Willy's intelligence and make it her own.  Zack, Kimberly, Trini, Billy, and Jason were walking through the park with Willy.  They were headed to the Junior Science Fair at the Youth Center.  Five Putties arrived.  One Putty grabbed the machine, as the other grabbed Willy.  Billy got the machine back and Jason grabbed Willy back.  Kimberly, Trini, Billy, Jason, and Zack formed a circle formation and placed Willy in the middle with his invention.  The Putties battled the teens, trying to break in.  The Putties were defeated by the teens.

Trini had a dream in which Rita wanted to steal Mr. Ticklesneezer.  Mr. Ticklesneezer was Trini's favorite doll.  Legend had it that Mr. Ticklesneezer like to collect goodies in his magic bottle.  Squatt was sent down to Trini's bedroom.  Squatt had a device which turned Mr. Ticklesneezer alive and life size.  They teleported back to the Moon Palace.  Rita placed Mr. Ticklesneezer under her spell and then sent him down to Angel Grove to collect.  Mr. Ticklesneezer had a good time and even collected Trini's car with Trini and Billy inside.  Rita sent down a small army of Putties, Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt to protect Mr. Ticklesneezer.  Mr. Ticklesneezer ended up at the train tracks when Pink Ranger, Red Ranger, and Black Ranger arrived.  The Putties battled the three Rangers.  Baboo and Squatt got in each other's way.  Goldar battled Red Ranger.  Mr. Ticklesneezer decided it was time to leave.  Mr. Ticklesneezer tripped and dropped his magic bottle.  Pink Ranger caught the bottle.  Goldar attacked Pink Ranger and the bottle went flying through the air, landing on the train tracks.  Pink Ranger battled Goldar.  Pink Ranger manage to break away from Goldar and grab the bottle.  Pink Ranger opened the bottle and Trini's car rolled out.  Pink Ranger ran over to the car as Trini and Billy got out.  Pink Ranger told them they could really use their help.  Trini and Billy morphed.  The Putties battled Yellow Ranger and Blue Ranger.  Yellow Ranger and Blue Ranger used their Blade Blasters against them.  Eventually the Putties were destroyed.  The Power Rangers, with their Megazord, used the magic bottle against Rita, Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt.  Rita, Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt retreated.  Yellow Ranger told Mr. Ticklesneezer to put everything back, which he did.  This was the end of Trini's dream.

Several putties were at a fake carnival that Rita had set up.  The putties were disguised as clowns.  The carnival was full of people, including Kimberly, Trini, Billy, Jason, and Zack.  There was also a monster, Pineoctopus, disguised as Pineapple the clown.  The "clowns" stayed close to the five teens as they wandered through the carnival.  Pineapple the clown eventually lured Sylvia, Trini's cousin, away from the teens.  Trini went looking for Sylvia, when she realized she was missing.  Pineapple the clown turned Sylvia into a cardboard cutout.  Trini realized the carnival was a trap.  Trini found her friends, carrying Sylvia and told them the news.  Jason grabbed a megaphone and announced to the crowd that the carnival was a trap set by Rita.  The crowd took off running.  Once the carnival was clear of people, several of the "clowns" walked towards the teens.  The "clowns" revealed themselves to be Putties.  Kimberly, Jason, Zack, and Billy battled the putties.  The four teens manage to trick some of the putties, trapping them on carnival rides.  Pineapple the clown, accidentally turned one putty into a cardboard cutout.  The teens eventually defeated them.  Pineapple the Clown melted into the ground and revealed his monster form - Pineoctopus.  More Putties arrived, along with Baboo and Squatt..  The four teens morphed. The Putties battled Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, Black Ranger, and Pink Ranger.  Squatt and Baboo sat on the bleachers and cheered the Putties on.  During the battle, Red Ranger noticed Pineoctopus was missing.  Pink Ranger thought Pineoctopus had left when the Putties arrived.  Black Ranger believed Pineoctopus headed over to the park.  The Putties were defeated by the four Rangers.  Pineoctopus was destroyed by the Megazord.

Trini, Billy, Jason, Zack, and Kimberly were playing volleyball in the park.  Several Putties suddenly arrived.  The Putties battled Billy, Jason, Zack, Kimberly, and Trini.  The Putties were a diversion so the teens would not see Baboo putting a punk potion into their drinks.  Once Baboo was done, the Putties vanished.  Only Billy and Kimberly drank the punk potion and turned into punks.  They would later be restored by Alpha 5 who created an anti-dote using sap from a singing squash.

The Putties arrived in Angel Grove park, close to the lake.  Billy was there.  The Putties attacked Billy.  Billy battled them, but there were too many.  Billy contacted Jason for help.  Trini, Jason, Zack, and Kimberly arrived quickly.  The five teens battled the Putties, until the Putties vanished.

Rita had sent down Snizzard.  Snizzard easily battled Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Red Ranger.  Snizzard shot out snakes that tied themselves around the four Rangers.  The four Rangers began to weaken.  Eventually Pink Ranger arrived.  Snizzard summon several Putties.  The Putties raced towards Pink Ranger.  Pink Ranger used her Power Bow and destroyed the Putties.  Pink Ranger also used the Power Bow to destroy Snizzard.

Several Putties were sent to Angel Grove park to capture Trini's uncle, Uncle Howard.  Uncle Howard was teaching Billy some karate moves when the Putties arrived.  The Putties attacked and Billy was unable to stop the putties from capturing Uncle Howard.  The Putties took Uncle Howard to a cave, where Dark Warrior was waiting.  The Putties tied Uncle Howard to dynamite.  Dark Warrior wanted to know where the invisibility formula, which Uncle Howard had just invented, was.  Uncle Howard refused to tell Dark Warrior at first, but Dark Warrior used the threat of harming Trini.  Uncle Howard genuinely did not remember where he had left the formula.  The Putties then stood guard outside the cave.  Later, the teen arrived.  The Putties battled the teens.  Kimberly, Trini, Billy, Jason, and Zack defeated the Putties and entered the cave.  The teens freed Uncle Howard.

Several Putties landed in Angel Grove, along with Goldar.  They were sent as diversion to keep them busy and unaware of Genie, who was also in Angel Grove.  The Power Rangers arrive.  The Putties and Goldar battled the Power Rangers.  After awhile, the Rangers were teleported out of the battle and to where the real danger was - Genie.  The Rangers battled Genie, while Alpha 5 carefully destroyed the lamp.  When the lamp was destroyed - Genie vanished.

Giant Goldar was in the mountain area of Angel Grove.  Squatt and Baboo were there as well.  Soon the Power Rangers arrive.  Squatt hollers for the Putty Patrol.  Several Putties arrive.  The Power Rangers battle the Putties with their Blade Blasters.  Giant Goldar watches the battle.  Green Ranger declares it is the beginning of the end of the Power Rangers.  Squatt thinks this is going to be fun.  The Putties are eventually defeated by the Power Rangers.  Later, Green Ranger would defeat the Power Rangers.

Several Putties were teleported to the beach at Angel Grove.  The Putties were there as a test for Tommy.  Rita had made Tommy her evil Green Ranger.  Rita wanted to give Tommy the Sword of Darkness, which would keep him under her evil spell forever.  Goldar had suggested Tommy earn the Sword of Darkness first.  The test was the Putties.  The Putties and Tommy battled. Rita, Goldar, Baboo, Squatt and Finster watch the battle.  Rita encourages Tommy to continue to battle.  Tommy battles the Putties with all his might and skill.  Goldar is pleased with Tommy's performance.  The Putties are being defeated one after another until there is only one Putty left.  Tommy takes a running leap toward the Putty.  Tommy flips the Putty over and defeats him.  Tommy gets up as the Putties lay on the beach.  The Putties soon vanish.  Rita rewards Tommy with the Sword of Darkness..

Several Putties were sent down to Angel Grove park.  The Putties were there to stop Kimberly and Zack from following Tommy.  The Putties attacked Kimberly and Zack, which gave Tommy enough time to get away.  Although the Putties were defeated by Kimberly and Zack, the plan had worked.  Kimberly and Zack had no idea where Tommy had went.  Later, Scorpina arrived in the warehouse district of Angel Grove and started attacking.  The Power Rangers soon arrived.  Scorpina blasted them as soon as they arrived and then summon several Putties.  The Putties battled the Rangers.  Eventually Scorpina and Red Ranger battled.  Goldar feared Scorpina was outnumbered and convinced Rita to call her back.  Scorpina retreated.

A giant Goldar was attacking the city.  Soon the Power Rangers arrived.  Several Putties were in the city and battled the Rangers.  Scorpina emerges from her boulder and leaps on top of a building.  Scorpina screams ready and then leaps off the building.  Scorpina battles the Power Rangers.  She knocks them off their feet easily.   Baboo and Squatt arrive and stand on either side of Scorpina.  Scorpina wants the Rangers to feel her sting and throws her weapon like a boomerang towards the Rangers.  The weapon hits each Ranger and knocks them off their feet once more.  Giant Goldar arrives.  Goldar tries to step on the Rangers, but they leap out of the way.  Blue Ranger tells Red Ranger we got to use a new tactic.  Goldar grabs a bus that has Bulk & Skull inside.  Goldar tells the Rangers to surrender, which they refuse.  Rita had arrived in the air on her bicycle.  Rita tells Goldar to take the bus to the beach.  Which he does.  The Power Rangers arrive on the beach.  Rita and Scorpina are standing on a cliff above them.  Rita asks them what took them so long?  Black Ranger points Rita out to the rest of the Rangers.  Pink Ranger asks where is the bus?  Rita points to where the bus is.  The bus is on a ledge.  Several Putties are shaking the bus as Baboo and Squatt try to push the bus over.  Inside the bus, Skull asks Bulk what are they going to do now?  Bulk suggests they get out of here.  But they can't because there are several Putties outside the bus' doors.  On the beach, Black Ranger tells the rest of the Rangers this is serious.  Pink Ranger points out the bus can go over any second.  Yellow Ranger tells the rest of the Rangers they got to do something.  The Putties continue to shake the bus.  Pink Ranger points out the bus is almost over the edge.  Yellow Ranger panics as she cries out oh no!  Red Ranger tells them they got to get up there.  Pink Ranger is concern if they make a move, they will send the bus over for sure.  On the ledge, Squatt and Baboo are working hard on trying to get the bus to go over.  Red Ranger points out they are going over anyways.  The Rangers race across the beach.  They are stopped by Goldar slamming down his sword in front of them.  The Rangers leap out of the way.  Rita reminds them not to forget the bus.  The Putties are still shaking the bus.  The Power Rangers summon their zords.  Rita is very happy to see the zords arrive.  Rita commands Baboo and Squatt to do it.  Baboo and Squatt work harder to push the bus over and it starts to move closer to the edge.  The Rangers leap into their zords and the Megazord is formed.   The Megazord catches the bus and places it down safely.

Several putties were sent down to a basketball court where the six teens were playing.  Baboo and Squatt wanted the putties to soften up the teens for their monster, Shellshock.  The putties and the six teens battled.  After awhile, the putties suddenly retreated.  Later Red Ranger and Green Ranger, with their zords, destroyed Shellshock.

Several Putties were with Baboo and Squatt at night in Angel Grove.  Their job was to steal the Forest Spirit Statue.  The Putties threw a cloth over the statue and it vanished.  The Putties, Baboo, and Squatt returned to the Moon Palace.  The following day, several Putties appeared in a field where Kimberly, Trini, Billy, and Jason were collecting insects for the science class.  The Putties battled the four teens and eventually retreated.

Kimberly and Tommy were at the Youth Center.  It was empty.  They were working on Kimberly's model float for the Flower Power Peace parade.  Rita had been watching them and decides she might have a float of her own.  Rita sends down several Putties.  Tommy spots them quickly and alerts Kimberly to their presence.  The Putties battle Kimberly and Tommy, except for one Putty.  That Putty wrecks Kimberly's model float.  Trini, Billy, Jason, and Zack entered the Youth Center and immediately leap into the battle.  The Putties battle the teens and the one Putty continues to destroy the float.  The Putties suddenly vanished.  Kimberly's model float is destroyed.  Later, Tommy would put her model float together and it makes it in time for the parade. 

Inside a cave, Finster is supervising several Putties.  Baboo and Squatt are there as well.  The Putties are mining materials for Finster to make Super Putties.  Finster is very excited to create an army that will be indestructible.  Finster tells the Putties to hurry up, we've got to get the super putty back to the palace as soon as possible.  Later, the Putties are working hard.   Frankenstein joins them.  Baboo tells them to hurry up slowpokes, her evilness will be here any second.  A wall slides open and behind it is Rita.  Rita demands to know where her super putty is.  Finster tells Rita they are almost done.  Billy had been following Frankenstein and accidentally trips an alarm.  Rita tells Frankenstein you can take care of one of those brats right now.  Frankenstein lumbers away.  Rita is very excited.  She wants to cause the worst  catastrophe the world has ever seen - and no one can stop her from doing it.   Lets get the ball rolling now.  Several Putties roll out a massive super putty ball out - which Rita uses to fly around with.  Later, Tommy is about to enter the Youth Center when several Putties arrive.  Tommy doesn't need these party crashers.  Tommy fights the Putties, using his gym bag to help him.  One of the Putties grabs the gym bag away from Tommy.  Tommy continues to fight the Putties.  Eventually Tommy defeats them and the Putties vanish.  The Power Rangers destroy Frankenstein with Dragonzord in Fighting Mode.

Rita had Finster create Super Putties.  Rita plan for her Super Putties to wipe the Rangers off the planet.  After the Super Putties were created, they were sent down to Angel Grove's park.  The Super Putties battled Kimberly and Trini.  Kimberly and Trini were unable to defeat the Super Putties and had to call for help.  The guys arrived and even with their help, the teens were unable to defeat the Super Putties and had to retreat.  Later, the Super Putties were sent down to a factory.  The Super Putties battled Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, and Pink Ranger.  The four Rangers used their Blade Blasters against the Super Putties, but it left them without a mark.  Black Ranger used his Power Ax, but was still unable to defeat the Super Putties.  Anytime a Super Putty was broken into pieces, it simply reassembled itself.  The four Rangers had a difficult time against the Super Putties.  Eventually, Red Ranger and Green Ranger arrive with new weapons.  The four Rangers had been knocked to the ground.  Green Ranger and Red Ranger fired the new weapons and destroyed a couple of the Super Putties.  Red Ranger and Green Ranger then tossed the new weapons to the four Rangers below.  Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, and Pink Ranger fired the new weapons.  The new weapons were able to destroy the Super Putties.

Rita had come up with a plan and she needed Kimberly's grandmother's antique spinning wheel.  Goldar and several Putties arrive in the classroom where the spinning wheel was being used for a play. Goldar instructs the Putties to grab the spinning wheel.  The Putties do so, and they all vanish.  When the spinning wheel is brought to the palace, Rita casts a spell on it, turning it into the Wheel of Misfortune.  Rita also wants Tommy out of the way.  Goldar spots him walking through the park alone, and sends down several Putties.  The Putties battle Tommy with ease.  Tommy tries to reach his gym bag, but the Putties kick it away.  Tommy is knocked to the ground and tied up.  Tommy was unable to break out of his bindings.  The Putties surround Tommy as he continues to struggle against his bindings.  Tommy is tied to a tree.  The Putties have surrounded his gym bag, but are hesitant to open it.  Tommy calls out to the Putties.  Tommy tells them he is starting to feel sick.  Then he lets his head fall forward.  The Putties cautiously approach him.  The rope breaks apart and Tommy leaps in action.  Tommy battles the Putties and defeats them.  Green Ranger joins the rest of the Rangers in their battle against Wheel of Misfortune and a giant Goldar and Scorpina.  The Rangers form Ultrazord, which destroys Wheel of Misfortune.  The breaks the spell and the spinning wheel is returned back to normal.  Goldar and Scorpina retreat.

Several Putties were sent down to Angel Grove.  The Putties battled Jason, Kimberly, Zack, Trini and Billy.  Soon Goldar and Scorpina arrived as well.  Trini became alarmed.  Guys, we are surrounded!  Jason tell her not for long.  The five teens morph.  Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, Black Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Yellow Ranger battle Scorpina and Goldar.  Red Ranger uses his Power Sword in the battle.  They were to wear them out until Mutitis arrived.  Soon a giant Mutitis arrived.  The Rangers quickly formed the Megazord and Green Ranger soon joined them with Dragonzord.  During the battle with Mutitis, the Rangers were ejected and sent to the Island of Illusion.

On the Island of Illusion, Tommy's illusion was that his friends were Putties.  Jason approaches Tommy and Tommy fights him.  Trini cries out for Tommy to stop it.  Tommy battles the "Putties".  His friends surround him inside a circle.  Zack tells him to come on man, snap out of it.  Kimberly tells Tommy it's us.  Jason and Zack approach Tommy once more.  Zack tells him to chill, it's us.  Tommy insists he'll take them all on.  Jason and Zack try to calm Tommy down.  Kimberly steps forward and tells Tommy it's us!  Tommy feels like there are too many "Putties" and he can't win.  Trini is the first to notice that Tommy is fading.  Zack calls for Quagmire.  Quagmire appears on top of a tree.  Quagmire tells Tommy to not let Rita stir you wrong, think strong thoughts and you'll be strong.  Quagmire then vanishes.  Tommy remembers the time he had to fight numerous Putties outside the Youth Center.  Jason tells Tommy to hang in there.  Kimberly pleads with Tommy not to leave them.  Tommy continues to remember his battle with the Putties and realizes that he knew he could do it.  Tommy exclaims and I did it!  Kimberly, Jason, and Zack run over to Tommy, happy to see that he is back to normal. 

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Different Drum/I, Eye Guy


No Clowning Around

Putties Disguised As Clowns



The Putties After They Revealed Themselves To Kimberly, Billy, Jason, And Zack



Peace, Love And Woe/Foul Play In The Sky/Dark Warrior


Green With Evil, Part I/Green With Evil, Part II/Green With Evil, Part III/


Green With Evil, Part IV/The Trouble With Shellshock/Itsy Bitsy Spider 


The Spit Flower/Life's A Masquerade   


Gung Ho!

Super Putties


Wheel Of Misfortune


Island Of Illusion, Part II

Tommy's Illusion Was Seeing His Friends As Putties  


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