Rita Repulsa - Machiko Soga
Voiced by Barbara Goodson

Page Three

Rita had been watching the teens prepare for a charity motor race.  Rita started laughing.  Rita:  "They're right there for us Goldar!"  Goldar:  "Yes, my queen."  Rita:  "This is perfect."  Baboo, Squatt, Finster, and Scorpina were there as well.  Scorpina:  "We'll get them finally."  Rita's palace began to shake and they all could hear laughter.  Rita:  "What's going on?"  Rita falls to the floor.  Scorpina races to her side as Rita shouts, what's going on?  Baboo and Squatt clutch each other.  Goldar replies, this can only mean one thing.  Lord Zedd, the true emperor, has returned.  Rita is not happy to hear that bit of news and groans.  Rita is in a panic.  Where is he?  Where is he?  From above, Lord Zedd introduces himself.  You have failed to complete the mission assign to you.  I will now resume command.  Prepare the palace for my return!  Rita, Goldar, Finster, Baboo, and Squatt bend down as a fiery light streaks past them.  The palace shakes and objects fall.  Goldar is very happy that Lord Zedd has returned.  Not so much Rita.  He's going to ruin everything!  Baboo asks, where is Lord Zedd?  Goldar replies, where he belongs.  His chamber of command.  Rita feels lightheaded and has a headache.  Goldar tells her to deal with it.  I'm going to meet my emperor.  Goldar walks away as Rita hollers, wait for me!  Squatt tells Baboo, we should check this guy out.  Squatt and Baboo scamper behind Rita and Goldar.  Rita quickly enters, my brave and powerful Lord Zedd.  What a pleasant surprise.  Welcome!  How can I be of service to you.  Rita whispers to Goldar, traitor.  Rita kneels before Lord Zedd.  Oh Lord Zedd.  Give me another chance.  I will not fail again.  Lord Zedd tells her to be quiet.  Those Power Rangers are nothing but mere infants.  You were defeated by children!  You dare call yourself an empress of evil.  You are not fit to destroy a cockroach!  Goldar agrees.  Rita gets angry at Goldar.  You gold belly rat!  Goldar laughs, knowing his position is secure.  Lord Zedd continues.  You have made me very angry.  As he says this, his body glows a darker red.  Baboo notes the chamber of command changes color along with Lord Zedd's mood.  Lord Zedd comments, so poor old Zordon is still around.  Little does he realize his pitiful little teenage do-gooders are no match for me.  As Lord Zedd talks, Rita kisses, with her hand, his lower leg, feet, and ankle.  Goldar suggests they send down a group of Putties to attack the Rangers.  They are in the open and will be easy prey.  Lord Zedd laughs.  Your Putties are as useless to me as you are!  I have my own army of Putties.  The likes of which you have never seen.  Goldar quickly agrees, of course.  Lord Zedd summons his Putties.  Lord Zedd uses his staff to energize them.  On her knees, Rita pleads with Lord Zedd.  Please let me send down another monster.  I'll prove to you that I can finish the job.  Goldar interrupts, I don't think so.  Rita tells him to zip it.  Lord Zedd tells Rita that her days of being in control are over.  There will be no other chances.  Rita asks, can we talk?!  Lord Zedd responds, silence!  I have spoken.  Rita gets up and rubs the tears in her eyes.  Lord Zedd holds up his staff and states, I hereby strip you of the powers that you have squandered.  The magic from Lord Zedd's staff makes Rita's wand disappear.  Lord Zedd continues, Putties, bring forward Rita's traveling vehicle.  The Putties bring in the dumpster.  Rita groans, not again!  Goldar is delighted.  Yes!  Her traveling vehicle.  Zedd's Putties place the dumpster in front of Rita.  Rita is upset.  This can't be happening!  Lord Zedd tells her, you are now and forever more banished from this place and from my sight.   Lord Zedd points his staff at Rita.  Several electric bolts hit Rita and she begins to shrink.  Goldar laughs as he walks over and picks up Rita.  Rita screams, you won't get away with this!  Lord Zedd throws back his head and laughs as Goldar places Rita inside the dumpster.  Goldar taunts her before closing the lid, it's been fun!  Lord Zedd states, and now I'll hurl you through the farthest reaches of the universe.  Putties!  Two of Zedd's Putties pick up the dumpster and take it to the balcony outside of the chamber of command.  Rita's screaming voice can be heard from the dumpster, but Lord Zedd merely chuckles.  The two Putties hold the dumpster high and Lord Zedd's staff emits more electric bolts which hits the dumpster, sending it spinning into space.  Rita vows she will be back.  You haven't seen the last of Rita Repulsa! 

Rita sang ninety-nine bottles of slime on the wall as her dumpster traveled through the universe.

Rita's dumpster crashed on Earth.  Angel Grove, no less.  Rita was asleep and unaware of what had happened.  Bulk and Skull discovered the dumpster.  They thought it would reveal to them the identities of the Power Rangers.  Skull and Bulk took the dumpster to Skull dad's garage.  Bulk and Skull tried to pry the dumpster open, using various tools.  All this noise woke up Rita, and she was not happy.  Rita soon develop a headache.

Rita was determined to get out of her dumpster.  Bulk and Skull had given up on opening the dumpster and collapse onto the floor.  Rita managed to get out on her own.  She was thrilled to be free.  Bulk and Skull were startled and then frighten to see a small Rita standing on their table.  Rita compared Bulk and Skull to Baboo and Squatt.  Bulk and Skull passed out.  Unfortunately, the Rangers arrived, with the new addition of White Ranger.  The Rangers grab Rita and placed her back in the dumpster.  The seal dumpster was sent back into space.

Rita was aware that the time had come for Lord Zedd's recharge nap.  Now was the perfect time to return.  Rita steered the dumpster towards the moon.  She landed and was thrilled to be back.  Rita was still tiny size.  Rita snuck into Lord Zedd's palace and quickly found her ally, Finster.  Finster soon had her normal size and was thrilled to have Rita back.  Rita had a plan.  First, she needed to trap the Rangers so that she could present them as her wedding gift to Lord Zedd.  Finster and a couple of putties left.  Alpha 5 was outside the Command Center, and Finster planted a virus inside him.  Alpha 5 then contacted the Rangers, who were in Australia, and sent them to the Spectre Theater (which was really a power vortex).  The Rangers would be trapped within.  The Rangers were now trapped within Spectre Theater and there were several monsters to keep them busy.  They are Peckster, Eye guy, Soccadillo and Invenusable Flytrap.  Rita then has Finster make her a love potion.  With Lord Zedd in love with her, Rita plans to rule the world.  Finster helps her get ready and after some deep facial cleaning, Rita is pleased as she doesn't look a day over eleven thousand.  Finster puts the love potion into Lord Zedd's tubes.  Rita takes a peek at the sleeping Lord Zedd.  She doesn't like what she sees, but she's willing to do it to rule once more.

Rita stood behind the sleeping Lord Zedd.  Rita:  "You're in for it now Zedd.  As soon as you say I do, you won't be doing much of anything anymore."  Rita laughed.  Rita:  "Once I take control of the world, you'll be the one riding around in a dumpster."  Rita laughed some more.  Rita used a feather to try and wake up Lord Zedd.  Rita:  "Come on you old buzzard.  I haven't got all century."  Lord Zedd awoke and was immediately smitten with Rita.  Rita was thrilled that the love potion worked.  Lord Zedd wanted to know who she was and Rita told him.  Lord Zedd proposed marriage.  Rita hesitated for a second and then told him yes.  Lord Zedd summon Goldar.  Goldar entered and was ready to bring the putties to get Rita.  Lord Zedd told him no and told him he was planning on marrying Rita.  Baboo and Squatt popped in and they were thrilled with the idea of a wedding.  Not Goldar.  Lord Zedd appointed Goldar worse man and sent him off to make the wedding preparations.  Rita told Lord Zedd how she had captured the Power Rangers for him.  Rita and Lord Zedd laughed and giggled as they made plans to rule the world.  Rita made a quick trip to see Finster.  Rita wanted Finster to send down more monsters to keep the Rangers busy.  Finster did so.  Rita went back to see Lord Zedd.  Later, Finster reported that the Rangers had escaped the theater.  Lord Zedd was angry.  Rita suggested he make his monsters grow, that would take care of the Rangers.  Lord Zedd thought Rita's idea was brilliant.  Lord Zedd sent the Rangers to the abandoned city and then made his monsters grow.  After the battle, Alpha 5 teleported the Rangers back to the theater.  The Rangers were trapped once more.

Rita waited anxiously for the wedding to start.  Baboo and Squatt were with her.  Rita:  "What's with the holdup?  I want to get this over with right away."  Squatt:  "Queen Rita, I'm so excited to be the mutant of honor."  Rita:  "Zip it hog breath!" The music began and Rita began walking down the aisle with Baboo and Squatt.  Lord Zedd was startled to see Rita standing beside him, but the wedding continue.  Lord Zedd had Finster perform the wedding, which was witness by Baboo, Squatt, Goldar, several monsters and putties.  After the wedding, the party began.  Rita and Lord Zedd enjoyed themselves immensely at the reception.  Rita and Lord Zedd then took off in Serpentera for the honeymoon.  Rita and Lord Zedd had a good time on Serpentera, with both Rita and Lord Zedd driving Serpentera at different points.  The screen showed the Power Rangers being chased by their monsters.  Rita and Lord Zedd laughed and never enjoyed such a beautiful sight before.  But it didn't last long.  Although they made the monsters grow, the Rangers eventually destroyed the monsters.  Lord Zedd was upset.  Rita was angry as well and yell and blame Lord Zedd for the failure.  Lord Zedd demanded that she show him some respect, but Rita refused.  Rita and Lord Zedd returned to the moon.

Goldar had approached Rita.  Lord Zedd wanted to send the Rangers back in time and he wanted Rita to see Ghost of Darkness for help.  Rita did so.  She traveled through space and then kneeled before Ghost of Darkness.  Rita bowed several times as she made her request.  The Ghost of Darkness surmise to get rid of the Rangers, they needed to get rid of White Ranger.  To do that, they needed a foe just as powerful as White Ranger, the evil Green Ranger.  Ghost of Darkness sent Wizard of Deception to Angel Grove.  Wizard of Deception created the evil Green Ranger with a lock from Tommy's hair.  Rita went to see Finster.  She was thrilled to have the evil Green Ranger back and knew it wouldn't be long before she ruled the world.  Finster was happy for her.

Rita walked up towards Lord Zedd and Goldar.  Goldar:  "Oh no, not her again!"  Rita:  "Zip it you gold baboon!"  Rita faced Lord Zedd.  Rita:  "Zeddy!"  Lord Zedd:  "Rita, my lovely wife.  Come and observe the two Tommys, standing face to face."  Rita and Lord Zedd were gleeful over their plan working.  Soon they were dancing around the palace.  They were enjoying dancing together until Lord Zedd mentioned having a baby.  Rita was appalled at the idea.  She stopped the dance and ran straight for Finster's workshop.  Rita told Finster his potion had worked a little too well and now Zedd wanted to have a baby.  Finster found the idea charming, but Rita was appalled.  Rita told Finster she wanted him to make a potion that would cause Zedd to forget the idea of having a baby. 

Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd were very happy.  Rita was sitting on Lord Zedd's lap.  Goldar was standing close by with several putties.  Rita laughed.  Rita:  "Oh yes, this is a world without the Power Rangers."  Lord Zedd was laughing as well.  Lord Zedd:  "Soon my little snookins, soon."  Rita:  "Zeddy baby, why don't you go check up on that wizard?  See what he's up to next.  I love that wizard!"  Lord Zedd:  "Yes, that was one of my best ideas, if I do say so myself. " Lord Zedd had gotten up to check.  Rita was outrage, it had been her idea and she let Lord Zedd know it.  Lord Zedd couldn't believe Rita was contradicting him.  Lord Zedd asked Goldar whose idea it was and Goldar backed Lord Zedd up.  Lord Zedd felt he had prove his point, but Rita knew Goldar would just agree to anything Lord Zedd said.  Lord Zedd told her what difference did it make, the plan was working.  Lord Zedd contacted Wizard of Deception.  Wizard of Deception had Green Ranger using Dragonzord to destroy Angel Grove.  Eventually White Ranger would destroy Wizard of Deception.  White Ranger also had Wizard of Deception's wand.  With the destruction of Wizard of Deception, the spell over Green Ranger was broken.  White Ranger then traveled back in time, earlier he had tricked Green Ranger about the time line.  White Ranger reached his friends and brought them back.  Although with a promise to return to help.  In present time, Green Ranger felt remorseful for what he had done and stopped Dragonzord before the rest of the Rangers could battle it.  Dragonzord was sent back into the sea.  All the Rangers, including Green Ranger, returned to the colonial era.  There the Rangers destroyed the giant rats.  Green Ranger, Tom, decided to stay in the colonial era as the rest returned to present time.    

Lord Zedd had been watching Angel Grove High School.  Rita was with him.  Tommy and Kimberly had both decided to run for president at the student elections.  Lord Zedd:  "Excellent!  Nothing can spoil a relationship or friendship faster than politics.  I can turn those Power Punks against each other and crush them."  Rita:  "Yes, oh wicked husband, but I have just as many diabolic plots to destroy them as you do."  Rita laughed.  So did Lord Zedd.  Lord Zedd:  "You!  You're just a girl!"  Rita took offense to that remark.  Lord Zedd left to come up with his own plan.  Rita hollered for Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt and they came running.  Rita had a magic rope and she wanted them to use it.  The magic rope would turn Tommy and Kimberly against each other.  Goldar became suspicious and asked Rita if Lord Zedd knew of the plan.  Rita replied that he didn't, but he would once she destroyed the Rangers.  Rita wanted to prove to Lord Zedd that she was a bad girl.  Baboo and Squatt went to the park and used the magic rope.  The magic rope had done it's job and Tommy and Kimberly disliked each other.  The following day, Rita continued with her plan.  Baboo and Squatt were with her.  Rita had a note addressed to Tommy that stated they had information that would destroy Kimberly.  Rita used her magic to make the note appeared on the front of Tommy's locker.  Tommy went to the park.  When Tommy arrived at the park, Goldar and several putties attacked him.  Soon the rest of the Rangers arrive.  The Rangers had to retreat because Goldar had managed to get Saba away from White Ranger.  Goldar gave Rita Saba.  Rita was thrilled.  Rita danced around in the park, along with Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt.  Rita had gagged Saba.  Soon five of the  Rangers arrived.  The spell White Ranger and Pink Ranger had been under had been removed thanks to Zordon and Alpha 5.  Rita had Saba activate the Tigerzord.  Rita cheered alongside Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt.  The Rangers had formed their Megazord and were now battling Tigerzord.  They did not realize White Ranger was behind them with a device.  White Ranger used the device to grab Saba back.  The Rangers no longer had to battle Tigerzord.  Rita, Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt quickly retreated.  When they returned to the palace, Lord Zedd mocked Rita for failing to destroy the Rangers.  Rita reminded him that he hadn't had any success in destroying the Rangers either

Rita was with Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt.  Rita had been watching Angel Grove High School.  The school was having a book fair.  Kimberly had found a fairy tale book that she liked and Tommy bought it for her.  Rita:   "Well, this is very interesting."  Squatt:  "I hope Rita is going to tell us what she is thinking."  Baboo:  "Because we can't think of anything ourselves."  Rita:  "So the Pink Ranger likes fairy tales, does she?  Well then perhaps she'll like to become part of one."  Goldar:  "Not without Lord Zedd's permission, he demands to know all matters concerning the Power Rangers."  Rita told Goldar if he would like to wake Lord Zedd from his nap, he was more than welcome to.  Rita reminded Goldar how grouchy Lord Zedd gets when he is awaken from his nap.  Goldar walked away.  Rita went ahead with her plan.  Rocky, Tommy, and Kimberly were trapped inside the fairy tale book.  Later Lord Zedd sent the putties into the book to steal the toys, making the story never end and the three teens trapped forever.  Later Rita and Lord Zedd meet with each other.  They were very pleased with how the plan was working.  Rita playfully tickled Lord Zedd, knowing he was ticklish.  Rita and Zedd needed a monster.  Conveniently, Bulk & Skull were making one.  This is what they needed to destroy the three remaining Rangers in Angel Grove.  Rita and Zedd waited for the monster to be completed.  ties were goofing around.  Lord Zedd used his staff on them.  The putties stole the toys.  The next step was to destroy the remaining three Rangers in Angel Grove.  They were in a great mood.  After they had taken over the world, Lord Zedd wanted to go shopping.  Lord Zedd told Rita the crown jewels of England would look great on her.

Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd were standing on the balcony together.  They were watching Bulk & Skull try to bring their monster to life.  Lord Zedd:  "Those two goons couldn't make a mess, much less a monster, but we're going to give them a hand, my sweet."  Rita:  "This is so beautiful.  I love working with my hubby."  Rita laughed.  Rita used her wand and Lord Zedd used his staff to create the monster.  Lord Zedd:  "Yes, live my magnificent creature, live!"  Turkeyjerk came to life.  Rita and Lord Zedd were thrilled.  Turkeyjerk followed Bulk & Skull around, because it thought they were it's parents.  Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, and Blue Ranger came to Bulk & Skull's aid and destroy Turkeyjerk.  Rita and Lord Zedd were occupied keeping an eye on the book.  Kimberly, Rocky, and Tommy had come up with the idea to talk to Mondo the Magician, in hopes he could reverse the spell.  Lord Zedd:  If those pinheads can convince that magician to reverse the spell, they will be free.  Rita:  Relax my vision of ugliness.  Rita reassured Lord Zedd that Mondo was a good friend of hers.  Rita then thought they could free Mondo the Magician from the book and set him loose on Angel Grove.  Lord Zedd was very pleased with the idea and told her he knew there was a reason he'd married her.  Mondo was free from the back.  But soon Rocky, Tommy, and Kimberly had also freed themselves.  The Rangers would battle and destroy Mondo the Magician.  

Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd were watching the Command Center.  Earlier Kimberly had vanished through a time hole.  Aisha, Adam, Billy, Rocky, and Tommy had gone to the Command Center to try and find Kimberly.  Billy had located the time hole near the lockers of the Youth Center.  Lord Zedd:  "That'll be funny, Blue Ranger.  He'll soon learn that the time hole appearing in Angel Grove is our gateway to  victory conquering Earth."  Rita:  "Yes oh wicked husband."  Lord Zedd had earlier transported Kimberly's cactus plan to the palace.  Lord Zedd then change the cactus plant into a monster.  Lord Zedd:  "Behold the latest blossom of my creativity.  I'll send Needlenose back in time to destroy Angel Grove.  Instead of wishing the Rangers had never been born, we'll make sure they never were."  Later, Goldar joined them.  Lord Zedd was ready to send Needlenose, Goldar, and several putties back into the 1880's.  Despite a battle with five of the Rangers, Needlenose, Goldar, and the putties made it through the time hole before it closed.  Rita was thrilled, as was Lord Zedd. 

Rita and Lord Zedd watched Goldar in the past.  They were very pleased and were confident that soon the Earth would be theirs.  Later, Rita and Lord Zedd were not so happy.  Kimberly had gone to visit Zordon and had given the power coins to Abraham, Rocko, William, and Miss Alicia.  With Rangers on the scene, they defeated Goldar, Needlenose, and destroyed the putties.  Rita and Lord Zedd were very upset.  Goldar suggested they use Needlenose on current Angel Grove.  Lord Zedd liked the idea and Needlenose was set loose on Angel Grove.  Lord Zedd immediately sent down his grow bomb to make Needlenose giant size.  Lord Zedd was confident his monster would win and didn't bother watching the battle.  Unfortunately the Rangers formed their Megazords, battled, and destroyed Needlenose.  Rita was upset and couldn't believe Goldar had failed her.  Baboo and Squatt were there as well.  Rita yelled at Goldar.  Lord Zedd returned.  Lord Zedd asked Rita what was wrong.  Rita told him how the five Rangers destroyed Needlenose.  Lord Zedd was furious.   

Violet, a student at Angel Grove High School, had created a statue in art class that looked a lot like Billy.  Goldar and Squatt were sent down into the classroom, once everyone had left.  Goldar:  "The statue is ready for your personal touch mighty Lord Zedd."  Rita:  "Mighty Lord Zedd, we'll see."  Lord Zedd:  May rivers run red, the sun die to embers, a spell I'll shall cast, if my lines I remember... Rita:  Forget the silly incantation.  Rita grabbed Zedd's staff and cast the spell on the statue.  Evil Billy was to gain the trust of the teens and then take their morphers and communicators.   Putties were sent down to the park as the teens battled them, the real Billy was captured and placed in the Dark Dimension.  Goldar then gave Evil Billy the morpher and communicator and Evil Billy was sent in Billy's place just as the teens defeated the putties.  The plan was working well and Evil Billy had everyone's, except Tommy's, communicators and morphers.  Rita was thrilled and stated that soon the Earth would be hers.  She noticed Lord Zedd close by and changed it to the Earth will be all ours.  Goldar was then sent down to destroy the teens.  Instead, the teens had gotten their communicators and morphers back by Billy who had escaped.  The Rangers eventually destroy Evil Billy after figuring out who was the real Blue Ranger and who was not.  Rita and Lord Zedd were not about to give up.  Rita tried to used Zedd's staff again, but this time Zedd grabbed it back.  Lord Zedd created Vase Face from Tommy's art project.  The Rangers eventually destroyed Vase Face.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie

Rita, Goldar, Lord Zedd, and Mordant arrived in bright red beams on a construction site in Angel Grove.  Earlier that day the construction workers had uncovered a hyper lock chamber which revealed a purple egg.  The egg was taped off and guarded after a construction worker had placed his hand on the purple egg and it zapped hard enough to knock him on the guard.  Lord Zedd had been searching for the egg.  Rita:  "What do I care about some stupid egg."  Lord Zedd:  "This is no ordinary egg."  Rita:  "Well I say we hard boil that thing."  Mordant:  "I'm with her, I'm hungry."  Goldar:  "That's cause you're a pig."  A security guard had spotted them.  The security guard tried to wake up his partner.  Security Guard:  "Curt, Curt...take a look at this."  Lord Zedd spotted them and used his staff to put them to sleep.  They opened up the egg and Ivan Ooze emerged.  Rita thought he was very handsome.  Lord Zedd told Ivan it was a honor to meet him.  Lord Zedd wanted Ivan to destroy Zordon.  Upon hearing Zordon's name, Ivan became every angry.  Rita, Lord Zedd, Mordant, and Goldar left Ivan to do his mission.  Later, Rita spotted the teens taking off for the planet Phaedos.  Rita was very angry.  Ivan greeted them with a honey, I'm home.  Rita immediately began yelling at him.  Ivan sent a spot of ooze to seal her mouth shut.  Lord Zedd was happy, but not for long.  Ivan announced he was taking over and sat down on Lord Zedd's throne.  Lord Zedd use his staff against Ivan, but Ivan laughed, telling him it tickle.  Ivan then shrunk Rita and Lord Zedd and placed them in a snow globe.  Later, Rita and Lord Zedd, on the moon and still in the snow globe, spotted the Rangers in their Megazord and Ivan Ooze battling in space.  Rita and Lord Zedd cheered for the Rangers.  Eventually Ivan was destroyed by the Power Ranger's and Ryan's comet.  Goldar declared himself King.  Mordant was serving Goldar a bowl of fruit when the doors opened.  It was Rita and Lord Zedd and they were not happy.  Goldar and Mordant knew they were in trouble.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Season Three

Lord Zedd was using his super vision into space.  He saw something he didn't like.  Count Dregon's successful attack on the planet Edenoi.  Rita and Goldar were with him.  Lord Zedd told her of Count Dregon's successful attack with the use of his Spiderbase.  Lord Zedd told Rita he hated Count Dregon more than he hated the Ranges.  Rita didn't have any problem with Count Dregon, she kind of like the guy.  This did not make Lord Zedd happy.  Lord Zedd hadn't even been able to take over one planet.  For as long as he could remember, Count Dregon has been trying to one-up him, trying to be more evil and dastardly than him.  Lord Zedd and Rita noted that five of the Power Rangers had left for Edenoi.  That left only the Pink Ranger to protect Earth.  Rita encouraged Lord Zedd to take over Earth, while the rest of the Rangers were away.  Rita suggested Lord Zedd use one of Finster's monsters.  Lord Zedd didn't have too much faith in Finster's monsters.  Lord Zedd decided to go with Rita's plan.  Rita left to check on Finster.  Rita entered Finster's work room and told him she needed him to get to work on a monster.  Later, Finster came in to report to Lord Zedd and Rita.  Finster has his monster, Repellator, ready and told Lord Zedd he would be able to rule Earth by sundown. Finster left.  Lord Zedd and Rita were happy with the team they made, and they both laughed and hugged.

Lord Zedd was pacing and Rita and Goldar were following close behind him.  Lord Zedd was talking to himself.  Lord Zedd:  "Hmmm, now if I multiply the equipment, and the latitude magnetic collateral..." Rita and Goldar had bumped into Lord Zedd.  Lord Zedd:  "Will you two stop following me around!"  Rita:  "Yeah!"  Lord Zedd:  "Where is Finster with my new monster?  I don't have all century to wait!"  Goldar:  Not with Dregon moving in on you.  Rita yelled at Goldar for making the comment.  Lord Zedd became even more furious and more determined that he would be the one to conquer Earth.  Lord Zedd yelled for Finster.  Finster came in and presented Repellator to them.  Repellator kissed Rita's hand and even Rita was grossed out by the monster.  Lord Zedd sent Repellator down to conquer Earth.

Rita was standing with Lord Zedd and Goldar when Repellator returned.  Repellator:  Master, have you got anything I can take for this sore throat?  Lord Zedd:  Repellator, what are you doing here?  Repellator:  I've caught Pink Ranger's flu bug.  Repellator then sneeze several times.  Lord Zedd looked over at Rita.  Lord Zedd:  Oh for crying out loud!  You call this a monster?!  Rita:  Finster, get your termite ridden carcass in here!  Finster quickly entered.  Lord Zedd wanted Finster to fix Repellator in a hurry.  Finster and Repellator.  Later, after some medicine pills Finster gave him, Repellator was back in Angel Grove.  Repellator landed where Bulk & Skull were pretending to be Power Rangers to impress a couple of girls.  Repellator chase the four teens around.  The girls quickly got into the car, but refused to let Bulk & Skull in.  Rita and Lord Zedd watched, very amused.  A monster on Earth and no Rangers.  Rita and Lord Zedd then made Repellator grow large.  Unfortunately, the Power Rangers did show up.  Repellator battled the Rangers.  The Rangers destroyed Repellator.  Lord Zedd was not happy and only hope Count Dregon would not find out, or he would never hear the end of it.  Rita, Baboo, Squatt, and Goldar listen to Lord Zedd rant.

Lord Zedd was leading Rita, who was blind folded.  Rita:  I can't see!  What kind of game is this?  Lord Zedd:  It is no game my putrid peanut, just a small fit I have selected especially for you.  Lord Zedd took off Rita's blind fold.  He had gotten her a new repulsascope.  Rita was thrilled.  Rita:  Zeddy!  Lord Zedd:  So glad you like it.  I got it to commemorate our anniversary.  Rita:  How long have we been married anyway?  For Lord Zedd, whose unhappiness was so complete, it had seemed like it had only been a mere moments.  For Rita, it was a different matter altogether, it had seemed more like a century.  Lord Zedd playfully place his face at the end of the telescope.  When Rita look, she saw his face and she was not thrilled.  Rita asked Lord Zedd if he could back away a few hundred miles.  Later, a strange creature (Rito) entered the palace.  Lord Zedd had Goldar seize the intruder.  Rita recognized the creature immediately, it was her younger brother, Rito Revolto.  Rito Revolto always referred to Lord Zedd as Ed, which drove Lord Zedd nuts.  Rito had brought a wedding present for his sister and "Ed", but wouldn't reveal what it was.  The presents, eggs, were not ready yet.  Lord Zedd wanted to launch another attack on Angel Grove.  Finster was sent to create monsters.  Finster soon returned with several monsters, some of them were his past creations.  The monsters were Lizzinator, Octophantom, Fighting Flea, and Stag Beetle.  Rito was sent down as bait, along with the rest of the monsters.   The monsters kept the Rangers busy.  The plan worked well and Rita and Lord Zedd were very happy.  To continue with their success, Rita and Lord Zedd, by crossing their wand and staff, made Rito and the monsters grow to giant size.  The Rangers had formed their two Megazords, but it was not enough.  Rito and the monsters successfully destroyed both the Megazords.   Rita, Lord Zedd, Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt danced around in the palace, thrilled with their success.

Lord Zedd has everyone gathered around him and he was very pleased.  Lord Zedd:  Ahh, my comrades, we have executed the ultimate plan.  By destroying their zords, we have once and for all taken the power out of the Power Rangers.  Rita:  Rito, my brother, I'm so proud of you.  Rito:  Yeah, I'm proud of me too.  Rito laughed at himself.  Goldar:  With four monsters helping me, I could defeat them too!  Rita:  Sure you could.  Lord Zedd:  Silence!  Lord Zedd wanted to know what was in the eggs.  At first Rito had a difficult time remembering, but then he remembered all but one of the eggs were Tenga Warriors.  Lord Zedd was impressed.  As they waited for the eggs to hatch, Lord Zedd kept an eye on things.  He became very angry when he spotted the teens in the Desert of Despair.  Lord Zedd wanted the teens stopped.  The eggs had hatch, except for one, and the Tenga Warriors were sent to get rid of the teens.  The Tenga Warriors battled the teens and so the teens had to take cover.  The Tenga Warriors placed the one remaining egg outside of their shelter.

Lord Zedd was sitting on his throne and he glowed red with anger.  Rito had been defeated by the Power Rangers and their new ninja zords.  Rita and Goldar were with him.  Lord Zedd:  Such incompetence!  Lord Zedd growled in anger.  Lord Zedd:  Curses!  Goldar told Lord Zedd he knew Rito would fail.  Rita reminded Lord Zedd that they still had the Vampirus egg.  Lord Zedd placed his hopes on the Vampirus succeeding where Rito had failed.  The Vampirus monster would later be destroyed by the Power Rangers.  Lord Zedd was furious.  Lord Zedd yelled at Baboo, Squatt, Goldar, Finster, Rita, and Rito.

Rita and Lord Zedd were together when Finster approached them.  Finster:  Oh, Empress of Evil, I have a hideously wonderful gift for you.  Rita:  Oh goody!  I love presents!  Rita turned towards Lord Zedd.  Rita:  You never give me anything but a headache!  Lord Zedd:  Enough!  What have you got wart face?  Finster:  This device enables you to watch the dreams of Earth creatures.  Finster showed them Kimberly's nightmare.  Rita mocked Kimberly's nightmare, but this gave Lord Zedd an idea.  Lord Zedd asked Finster to modify the device so that it turned dreams into reality.  Lord Zedd wanted Kimberly's nightmare to come true.  After Finster was done with the modifications, Lord Zedd sent Finster, Rito, and several Tenga Warriors down to Angel Grove.  The teens all happened to be together.  The teens morphed into their ninja gear and battled the Tenga Warriors.  Several of the Tenga Warriors got Pink Ranger and held her as Finster aimed his device at her.  Doing so, brought her nightmare monster, Artistmole, to life.  Finster, Rito, and the Tenga Warriors teleported out.  Lord Zedd sent Artistmole to attack Angel Grove.  Five of the Rangers arrive and Artistmole took their colors and made them weak.  Not even Ninjor could help them as Artistmole drained his color as well.  Eventually Pink Ranger arrive, using her weapon on Artistmole, she was able to return the colors to her friends.  The Rangers destroyed Artistmole.  Lord Zedd was upset and blamed Rita for ruining their chance at victory.  Rita insulted Lord Zedd by calling him radiator face, which Lord Zedd responded how dare you.

Rita was in the throne room with Lord Zedd, Rito, Baboo, and Squatt.  Lord Zedd had been watching the Youth Center and knew of Adam's family reunion and how Adam now had the family lantern.  Lord Zedd:  Arrrg!  I'll show you the powers of that contraption, Black Ranger!  Baboo!   Squatt!  Bring that lantern to me!  Rito:  Hey, I want go.  Lord Zedd:  Alright, go!  Maybe among the three of you, you can actually do something right!  Rito, Baboo, and Squatt left.  Later, they return with numerous lanterns.  Lord Zedd was not happy.  How would he able to tell which lantern was the right one.  Rita told him she had a good sense of these things and yanked a lantern out and said this was Adam's lantern.  The lantern was turned into a monster and sent down to attack Angel Grove.  Rita affectionately told Lord Zedd he was so politically incorrect and referred to him as Zeddy.  Lord Zedd barked at her not to call him Zeddy.  Soon the Rangers were battling the lantern monster.  Black Ranger was hesitate to destroy the lantern monster as he did not want to destroy his family heirloom.  Black Ranger was unaware that the lantern monster was not made from his lantern.  This is actually what Rita thought would happen and she was very happy.  Lord Zedd and Rita made the monster grow.  The Rangers formed their Megazord and destroyed the monster.

Rita was looking out her telescope to the Youth Center.  Lord Zedd and Rito Revolto were with her.  Rita:  So Rocky switching places with his science teacher.  How cute.  Rito:  You know what?  We could try that.  I'll be the evil leader and you two could be my sidekicks.  What do you say?  Rita:  Rito, what are you nuts?!  Lord Zedd laughed at Rito as well, but then he got an idea.  Lord Zedd felt he could use a vacation and told Rito, much to Rita's surprise, that he could become the evil leader.  Rito was thrilled.  Later, Rita and Lord Zedd sat next to each other.  They were laughing and giggling at Rito.  Rito was pondering how to take over the world.  Rito decided he needed a monster, but he didn't know how to make one.  Rito walked over to Rita and Lord Zedd who were still laughing and making snide comments.  Rito asked them how to make a monster.  Rita was exasperated and asked him if he didn't learn anything by watching them.  Rito then decided to call in Finster.  Finster came in and Rito told him he wanted a monster.  Finster refused, as he only worked for Rita and Lord Zedd, not the likes of him.  Rito grabbed the clay formation Finster had and told him he would make the monster himself.  After awhile, Rito was growing frustrated at Rita and Lord Zedd, who were enjoying themselves at Rito's expense.  Rito wish he had some help.  Goldar reported that Rocky was in the park, away from his friends.  Rito commented that is the kind of help he needed.  Rito realized his monster was not ready yet.  Goldar suggested sending down the Tengas, which Rito did.  Not to the surprise of Rita or Lord Zedd, Rito's plan failed.  Rita and Lord Zedd took their wand and staff back and told Rito to clean up Finster's workroom.  Lord Zedd commented that he could still use a vacation.

Rita was using her telescope and had been watching the teens in their science class.  Lord Zedd, Goldar, and Rito Revolto were all there.  They were playing football and not paying any attention to Rita.  Rita:  I can't believe what I'm seeing.  Zedd, if those brats can't follow a simple chemistry problem, why can't we just beat them?  Goldar:  Go deep.  Finster walked in and walked up to Rita.  Finster:  My queen, I have created a mold for a magic centipede monster I think you will truly appreciate.  Rita:  No more bugs!  We need something that will really shake up the Power Rangers.  Goldar:  Go wide your athleticness.  Goldar tossed the football and Lord Zedd dropped the ball trying to catch it.  Finster hurried over to help Lord Zedd get the ball and the magic centipede fell, landing on the football.  The football was turned into the monster, Centiback.  Centiback joined in the game and when he tossed his football it hit Rito, turning him into a monster.  Rita and the rest laugh and Lord Zedd and Goldar had fun tossing the Rito football around for awhile.  Rita then turned her brother back to his normal form.  Lord Zedd was pleased with Centiback and sent him down to destroy the Rangers.  At first Centiback was success and turned five of the six Rangers into footballs.  Unfortunately Red Ranger and Ninjor had come up with a plan and soon the five Rangers were returned back to normal.  Rita and Lord Zedd turned Centiback to giant size.  The Rangers formed their Megazord and battled Centiback.  Centiback was destroyed.  Goldar reported that Centiback was destroyed.  Rita and Lord Zedd was upset and blamed each other.  Finster told them they shouldn't blame each other.  Rita and Lord Zedd then remembered it was Finster's creation and blamed him.  Rita, Lord Zedd, and Goldar followed Finster, blaming him the whole time.

Lord Zedd had been watching Angel Grove High School when Rita walked in.  Rita had overheard Lord Zedd talking about a splendid idea.  Rita:  It better have something to do with my anniversary present Zeddy.  You haven't forgotten, have you?  Lord Zedd:  No my little poison puss.  I'm going to give you the best present ever.  The Power Rangers defeated and destroyed.  Rita was very excited over this anniversary present.  Finster was summon.  Goldar, Rito, Baboo, and Squatt arrived as well.  Lord Zedd wanted a hate monster to turn the Rangers against each other.  Finster soon returned with magical seeds of hate which had been extracted from the evil of every monster he had created.  Finster instructed Lord Zedd to throw them to Earth.  Lord Zedd did do.  Finster then had Rita and Lord Zedd recite an incantation.  This created Hate Master, who successfully turned the Rangers against each other.   Later, Hate Master was sent down to Angel Grove.  Hate Master needed something the Rangers had touch, so he could make hate dust.  First Lord Zedd sent down the Tenga Warriors to keep the Rangers busy and to have something the Rangers had touched.  Then Lord Zedd sent down Squatt to gather the soil that the Rangers were kicking around as they battle the Tenga Warriors.  Squatt gave the soil to Hate Master.  Hate Master turned it into his hate dust and blew it at the Rangers.  The Rangers demorphed and hated each other.  (Except for Yellow Ranger, who was not there.)  Aisha would try to help her friends and for a moment the spell was broken.  Rita was upset, but Lord Zedd was confident with more dust, the Rangers could not break the spell.  Lord Zedd and Rita made Hate Master big.  The Rangers formed their Megazord and battle Hate Master.  During the battle, Lord Zedd had Hate Master use more hate dust.  Hate Master did so and the Rangers, except Yellow Ranger, quit in the middle of the battle.  Once more they hated each other as well as Zordon.  Rita was thrilled.

Lord Zedd had been watching the teens in the Youth Center.  Lord Zedd:  You know, when they're nasty, they're almost cute.  Well Zordon, it's adios to you and hello to the new hate filled Rangers.  Rita:  What about Aisha?  She could still spoil my anniversary.  Zedd you better do something about that renegade Ranger.  Lord Zedd:  Don't worry.  If Hate Master doesn't get her, the other Rangers will.  Rita laughed.  Goldar came and reported that the teens were still angry with each other.  Lord Zedd was pleased.  Rita ask Lord Zedd about going on another honeymoon.  Lord Zedd remarked that they had already gone on a honeymoon.  Rita didn't consider it a honeymoon with Goldar along.  Goldar growled at her.  Lord Zedd then sent Hate Master to continue spreading the hate on the rest of Angel Grove.  Rita and Lord Zedd were pleased at how well their plan was working.  They soon spotted Aisha and knew she had to be stopped.  Several Tenga Warriors were sent down.  Aisha went into ninja gear and battle the Tenga Warriors.  The Tenga Warriors soon had the soil Yellow Ranger touch and gave it to Hate Master.  The Tenga Warriors vanished.  The Hate Master used his incantation on Aisha, but it didn't work.  Rita and Lord Zedd were upset.  Rita and Lord Zedd made Hate Master giant size.  Aisha had managed to break through the spell on her friends.  They called for their zords and battled Hate Master.  With the help of Titanus, Hate Master was destroyed.  Rita was furious and yelled at Lord Zedd that she was never going to get a second honeymoon and she now had a headache.  Lord Zedd threw himself on the floor and banged it with his fists.

Rita had been watching the teens visit a museum.  Lord Zedd was with her.  Rita:  Face stealer, hun?!  If I had a monster like that, I could get rid of those pathetic power prima donnas for good.  Lord Zedd:  Oh brilliant idea, except for one thing.  It's a foolish fairy tale.  Rita:  How do you know?  Lord Zedd:  You're so gullible, you'll believe anything.  Say, I've got a crater on the dark side of the moon I'll sale you cheap.  Lord Zedd laughed and walked away.  Rita:  Not now, stencil face.  Rita was determined to go ahead with her plan.  Rita kept an eye on things with her telescope.  She backed away saw Rito on the other side.  Rito joked that Rita had said she wanted to see him, but Rita didn't have time for jokes.  She wanted Rito to take Baboo and Squatt with him and steal the urn of the Face Stealer.  Later, Rita was pleasantly surprised when Rito returned with the urn.  Rita used her wand and the Face Stealer emerged from the urn.  Lord Zedd walked in.  Rita wanted to know what he thought, but Lord Zedd still wasn't impressed.  Rita sent Face Stealer down to Angel Grove.  At first, he was a success.  Face Stealer had taken quite a few faces, including Aisha, Adam, Bulk & Skull.  The remaining Rangers used face masks from the museum to make Face Stealer release the faces he had taken.  Rita and Lord Zedd made Face Stealer giant size.  The Rangers battled and destroyed Face Stealer.  Lord Zedd mocked Rita's plan and it's failure.  Rita shot back that she didn't see Lord Zedd doing any better and referred to him as radiator face.

Rita stormed into the throne room.  Lord Zedd, Goldar, and Rito were there.  Rita:  Zedd you never take me anywhere!  Lord Zedd:  Well my little crud muffin, I've been working on a surprise for you.  Serpentera is fully charged and ready to sweep us away on a second honeymoon.  Goldar:  I can't believe there ever was a first second honeymoon.  Lord Zedd:  So.  Rita:  Come on crab cakes, let's hit the road.  Lord Zedd:  Goldar, you're in charge.  Rito asked if he could be in charge and Rita and Lord Zedd laughed.  Lord Zedd gave Goldar instructions to keep an eye on his monster.  Rita and Lord Zedd then left for their honeymoon.  Rita enjoyed being on Serpentera as Lord Zedd drove them around.  She commented that he knew how to show a "ghoul" a good time.  Later, Lord Zedd commented that Serpentera had run out of energy.  Rita couldn't believe it and told him like she hadn't heard that one before.  Lord Zedd told her Rito was going to hear it, as he had been in charge of charging up Serpentera.  Eventually, Rita and Lord Zedd returned to the palace.  Rita stormed in.  Rito, Goldar, Finster and the monster Miss Chief were there.  Rita walked right up to Goldar and told him she didn't know how, but it was all his fault.  Rito whispered in Miss Chief's ear.  Miss Chief then spray Rita with a love potion.  Rita fell in love with Goldar and rave about his eyes.  Goldar tried to get away and everyone laughed.  Eventually the antidote was sprayed.  Rita found herself sitting in Goldar's lap and she was not happy as she quickly leaped off him.  Lord Zedd had entered.  Goldar immediately told Lord Zedd that Rita had tricked him with a love potion.  Lord Zedd did not believe him.  Goldar told Finster to spray Lord Zedd with the antidote.  Finster did so.  Lord Zedd asked him what he was doing.  Lord Zedd told Goldar Rita was the best thing that ever happen to him.  Rito commented that it looked like Lord Zedd really did love Rita.  Rita and Lord Zedd leaned in for a kiss. 

Rita had been watching the park and she was very pleased.  Kimberly and Aisha had come across a stray cat and immediately took a liking to her.  Rita:  I knew it!  I knew it!  I knew it!  Lord Zedd and Goldar were with her.  Lord Zedd:  What in the name of evil are you ranting about now?  Rita:  Be nice or else I won't let you play pulverized the Power Twerps with me.  Goldar:  Oh boy, here we go again.  Rita:  Oaf!   Rita didn't want to let them know what her plan was until the rest of dimwits showed up.  Moments later Rito arrived.  Rita told the guys to be prepared for the most brilliant plan that has gone into action.  Rita had Lord Zedd take a look.  All he saw was Aisha and Kimberly with the cat.  Lord Zedd does not like cats, but Rita told him he would like this one.  Aisha and Kimberly took the cat to the shelter.  If no one claimed her, the cat would become theirs.  In order to make sure no one would claim the cat, Rita and Lord Zedd sent down Rito.   Rito scared numerous people away.  Aisha hear the commotion and spotted Rita.  Aisha went into ninja power.  Yellow Ranger battled Rito until the rest of the Rangers arrive.  Rita and Lord Zedd then sent down several Tenga Warriors to help Rito.  The Tenga Warriors and Rito battled the Rangers.  Eventually the Tenga Warriors retreated, and Rito soon followed.  No one claim the cat, and Aisha and Kimberly adopted, calling it PC for park cat.  Later PC snuck out of Aisha's home.  Once a safe distance away, PC transform into a human girl, Kat.  Soon after Rita appeared.  Rita asked Kat what had taken her so long, as the low altitude was killing her.  Kat replied that she had been busy gathering information.  Kimberly was suppose to go to the movies with Tommy.  Rita then used her wand and transform a garbage can into a car.  Kat was to lure Tommy into the car.  Kat entered the Youth Center and ask Tommy to help her with her broken car.  Once the car was fixed, Kat offered to let Tommy drive it.  After some hesitation, Tommy drove the car.  After awhile, Rita had Lord Zedd send the car through a warp.  Tommy was captured.  Rita then sent Rito back down to Angel Grove.  Rita and Lord Zedd made Rito giant size.

Rita and Lord Zedd are in the palace.  Rita:  Here kitty, kitty, kitty.  Lord Zedd: Don't call that mangy cat back here.  PC appears in Rita's arm and Rita pets PC.  Rita:  You've been a good kitty, Katherine.  Remind me to give you an extra saucer of milk.  Lord Zedd:  Oh brother!  Rita:  Isn't she beautiful Zeddy?  Lord Zedd:  Get that flea bitten thing away from me.  Eventually Rito returns to the palace defeated.  Rita wonders why she is even bothers.  She is now going to plan B.  Tommy is still trapped in another dimension.  Rita and Lord Zedd generate a powerful shield that prevents any communication between Tommy and his friends.   Goldar enters and ask if he can take care of Tommy, he has an old score to settle.  Lord Zedd tells him he may go.  Soon Tommy wakes up and sees Goldar.  After awhile, Rita appears there as well, in hologram form.  Tommy wants to know what has happened to Kat.  Rita teases Tommy about asking about another girl.  What would Kimberly think?  Rita then taunts Tommy by telling him she has a city to destroy.  Rita then vanishes.  Rita keeps an eye on things in Angel Grove.  She learns that Adam and Billy are going to Billy's house for some parts to break through the shield.  Rita becomes furious.  She uses her wand and PC is transform into the monster, Katastrophe.  Katastrophe is sent down to battle Adam and Billy.  Katastrophe is defeated, and to make matters worse, Tommy is teleported out of the dimension.  Rita blames Lord Zedd, as her plan was working fine until he butted in.

Lord Zedd was sitting on his throne and Rita stood by his side when Finster entered.  Goldar was there as well.  Lord Zedd:  What is it this time Finster?  A monster that blows itself up?  Finster:  No, I've done something wonderful.  Rita:  Done what?!  Finster:  After years of failed attempts, I've finally decipher the scrolls of Zordenio.  Lord Zedd:  What are you talking about?  Finster:  The scrolls show the exact location of the dormant zords.  If they had a power coin, they could operate the zords.  Even Goldar was impressed.  Lord Zedd sent Finster to look for the dormant zords, along with Baboo and Squatt.  Lord Zedd took full credit for the idea and he and Rita hugged, very pleased with themselves.  They couldn't wait to destroy the Rangers with their zords.  Later, Rita appeared at the lake.  Kat had been on her way to meet her "friends" when Rita stopped her.  Rita did not see Kat's annoyed look.  Rita told Kat that she needed to steal a power coin.  Kat told Rita she could count on her and Rita agreed.  After all, she had groomed her well.  Rita then vanished.  Meanwhile, Finster, Baboo, and Squatt had found the Shogunzords and returned to the palace.  Rita kept an eye on the lake.  Lord Zedd, Rito, Baboo, and Squatt were with her.  The lake was packed.  Rita knew Katherine couldn't steal the coin with so many people around.  Rito suggested sending down Tengas for a distraction.  The Tenga Warriors were sent down.  Kat was able to successfully steal Kimberly's power coin.  Kat then gave the power coin to Lord Zedd.  Rita and Lord Zedd were thrilled.  Wasting no time, Goldar and several Tenga Warriors were sent down to the park.  White Ranger and Ninjor battled them.  While they were battling, Kat successfully used the power coin and successfully stole the Falconzord.  Ninjor was greatly weakened during the battle and captured and taken to Lord Zedd.  Lord Zedd then gave the jar that Ninjor was captured in to Finster, to drain some of his energy to operate the zords.

Rita and Lord Zedd had been watching the Command Center.  Everyone was concern about Kimberly's health and safety.  Lord Zedd:  Well then, she's counting on a bunch of losers Tommy, because you and the rest of your power cohorts are going to be enslaved to me.  Rita:  I can smell victory already.  Goldar and Rito were with them.  Goldar:  Are you sure you're not just smelling Rito?  Rito:  Hey what do you mean?  I don't smell.  I took a shower last month.  Lord Zedd:  Quiet you zoo rejects!  Lord Zedd was very pleased with how the plan was working, taking over from Rita completely.  The only problem was he needed pilots to operate the Shogunzords.  Rito suggested using the Power Rangers.  Rita thought it was a bad idea, but Lord Zedd liked it.  Lord Zedd quickly came up with a plan on how to get the Rangers to pilot the Shorgunzord.  Lord Zedd created  Inciserator and sent him down to Angel Grove.  Five of the Rangers battled Inciserator.  Kimberly was still unconscious in the Command Center.  After awhile, Lord Zedd then sent down several Tenga Warriors to "attack" Kat.  Kimberly had awaken and insisted on helping her friend.  Pink Ranger battle the Tenga Warriors for a short time, before she ran out of energy.  Pink Ranger collapse and demorph on the ground.  Goldar arrived and took Kimberly with him.  Kimberly was now being held captive and being drained of her energy at the palace.

The five Rangers had agreed to pilot the Shogunzords.  There was a party at the palace.  Rita, Lord Zedd, Rito, Finster, Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt had a good time dancing and enjoying themselves.  Goldar:  Three cheers to Lord Zedd!  Lord Zedd decided to check on the teens.  Lord Zedd:  I better check on the Power Rangers, just in case.  Lord Zedd became furious when he spotted Billy, Rocky, Tommy, Aisha, and Adam setting up a device, that would allow Tommy to travel to the dimension and rescue Kimberly.  Lord Zedd sent down several Tenga Warriors.  Tommy had made it to the dimension, so Lord Zedd left to battle him.  Rita kept an eye on things.  Finster was sweeping the floor by her.  Rita wanted to send down a monster.  Finster questioned whether she should do that without Lord Zedd's knowing.  Rita became furious and reminded Finster that she used to run the place.  Finster quickly made her See Monster and it was sent down to Angel Grove.  Rita then used her wand and made the Shogunzords appear on Earth.  Rita then appeared in a giant hologram form above the Rangers.  Rita ordered the Rangers to pilot the Shogunzords, destroy Angel Grove, so that the world would hate the Power Rangers forever.  The Rangers would than have no choice but to serve her and Lord Zedd.  After awhile, Lord Zedd returned to the palace.  Saba had turned his staff into a serpent, and Lord Zedd had no choice but to retreat, failing to destroy White Ranger.  Lord Zedd spotted See Monster below.  Lord Zedd grabbed Rita's wan and made See Monster grow.  Rita was not happy.  The Rangers would destroy See Monster, and Kimberly had been rescued.  Lord Zedd was depressed.  Rita reminded Lord Zedd that he still had Ninjor and Kimberly's power coin.  Rita rubbed his shoulders and Lord Zedd chuckled. 

Lord Zedd was not happy.  Rita, Rito, Goldar, Finster, Baboo, and Squatt were with him as he made his complaints known.  Lord Zedd:  I rule over a dominion of losers.  None of you know how to defeat the Power Rangers.  I'm disgusted with all of you!  Goldar:  Me too.  Rita:  He's talking about you Goldbar!  Rita laughed.  Squatt:  I guess it's going to be another one of those days.  Rito:  The way I see it Ed, we need a fool proof plan to defeat the Rangers.  Rito suggested changing one of the Rangers into a monster.  The remaining Rangers wouldn't want to destroy one of their own, and the Ranger monster would destroy them.  Rita scoffed at the idea, but Lord Zedd liked it.  Rita went down to Angel Grove to find out Kimberly's plans from Kat.  Kat told her and Rita was thrilled.  Rita told Kat how they would change Kimberly's car into a monster, with Kimberly trapped inside.  Kat grinned and Rita told her she was such an evil girl.  Unknown to Rita, this made Kat remember some of her childhood.  Kat remembered being reward and being called a good girl.  Kat temporarily broke out of the spell and protested that she was a good girl.  Rita was having none of that and used her wand on Kat once more.  Kat was evil once more.  Rita then returned to the palace.  Rita suggested to Lord Zedd that they change the car, once Kimberly was inside it, to the monster.  Kimberly's car was stolen.  Bulk & Skull decided to chase after the thief in a cab.  Kimberly jumped into the cab as well.  Rita decided to turn the cab into the monster.  Lord Zedd didn't think the plan would work with Bulk & Skull inside the cab as well, but Rita was confident it would work.  Moments later,  Finster arrived with a vehicular transformer to use on the cab.  Lord Zedd used the vehicular transformer on the cab and it turned into Crabby Cabbie.  The plan was working well.  The remaining five Rangers did not want to harm Crabby Cabbie because Kimberly, Bulk & Skull were inside.  Pleased with how well the plan was working.  Lord Zedd and Rita made Crabby Cabbie grow to giant size.  Eventually Alpha 5 came up with a device that would remove Kimberly, Bulk & Skull from the van.  There was some caution, as they didn't want to end up with Kimberbulk.  The device worked and Bulk, Skull, and Kimberly were ejected from Crabby Cabbie.  The five Rangers, with their Shogunzords, destroyed Crabby Cabbie.  Lord Zedd was very angry.  Lord Zedd blamed the whole failure on Rita.  Rita blew him off.

Rita had been watching the Youth Center and she was not happy.  Lord Zedd, Goldar, and Rito were with her.  Rita:  No!  I must stop her from competing in that meet and I have just the plan!  Lord Zedd:  Plan!?  She couldn't be stopped even when she lost her power coin.  Rita:  Let's just say, I'll keep our little mall rat so busy, that'll she be too exhausted to do anything else, but dream of what might have been.  Rita sent Kat to keep an eye on Kimberly.  Several days past and Rita went to see Kat.  Rita:  So, Kimmy's working her little tail off?  Kat:  Yes Empress.  This is what Rita wanted.  Rita went on about how she would be sending down several groups of Tenga Warriors to various parts of the city.  The Rangers would have no choice, but to call on Kimberly for help.  During the conversation, Rita noticed that Kat had drifted off and she scolded her it.  Once she had Kat's attention, she continued with her story.  Rita had been the one responsible for putting Kat under an evil spell.  Rita had a Tenga Warrior disguise as a human boy.  As Kat talked to the "boy", Rita snuck up.  The boy revealed himself to be a Tenga Warrior and Rita used that moment to place Kat under her spell.  Rita returned to the palace and sent her plan into motion.  Yellow Ranger and Red Ranger battled Artistmole and Vampirus.  Blue Ranger and Black Ranger battled various Tenga Warriors in another part of the city.  White Ranger battled Goldar, Rito, and several more Tenga Warriors in another part of the city.  It soon became too much and Pink Ranger was called into battle.  The Rangers managed to get the whole group together and defeat them.  Pink Ranger was exhausted.  Kimberly insisted on continuing with her gymnastics practice.  Rita kept an eye.  Kat's memories were coming back and she broke through Rita's spell.  Rita commented that the cat was out of the bag as Kat hurried into the Youth Center to prevent Kimberly from getting hurt.  But it was too late.  Kimberly had collapse from the balance beam.                 

Lord Zedd and Rita watched as Kat got help and Kimberly was taken to Angel Grove Community Hospital.  Goldar, Rito, Baboo, and Squatt were with them.  Lord Zedd was not happy.  Lord Zedd:  I don't believe she turned on us.  Who'll be next?  Lord Zedd looked at Baboo and Squatt.  Lord Zedd:  You two?  Rita:  I wonder what happen to that spell anyway.  Finster, I want an answer and I want it now!  Finster hurried to the front.  Finster:  In analyzing my data, I conclude that Katherine's attempt to save Kimberly was a totally selfless deed.  The goodness of that act overpowered your evil spell and neutralized it completely.  Rita wasn't too upset - nothing lasts forever was her opinion.  Lord Zedd figured Katherine had still done well before turning good - the Pink Ranger was out of commission.  But that satisfaction didn't last long, as Kimberly recovered.  Lord Zedd and Rita wanted to make Kat pay for her disloyalty.  Finster was called in to make a monster.  Finster made Garbage Mouth.  But Garbage Mouth would fail to capture Kat and ended up being destroyed by the five Rangers.  Lord Zedd was furious.  Rita quickly got an idea and pointed out the blue jar which held Ninjor.  Lord Zedd immediately cheered up.  Rita and Rito went down to Angel Grove and demanded that Tommy and Billy release Kat to them.  Billy and Tommy refused.  This didn't bother Rita at all.  Rita and Rito left with a threat.  Turn over Kat, or Ninjor will be destroyed.  

Rita was very pleased with her plan.  Rita:  Well hubby dear, that conniving little kitty is finally going to come handy, isn't she?  Lord Zedd:  Let's hope so.  It certainly would be nice, if for once, one of your little schemes went according to plan.  Rita:  What are you saying?  Lord Zedd:  What I'm saying is your hare brain plans have always been useless and more trouble than their worth.  Rita:  Don't go there Zedd.  Rita was determined to show Zedd her plan would work.  Lord Zedd was still not convinced and reminded her they still had Ninjor to contend with.  Rita plan to toss both Kat and Ninjor into the Sea of Sorrow.  Rita went to the park with Goldar, Rito, and several Tenga Warriors - ready to make the trade.  They tossed out the blue jar and Kat stepped forward.  But no one could touch Kat as Billy had made a device to protect her.  Rocky opened the jar and discovered they had been tricked, there was no Ninjor.  Rita was furious.  Goldar, Rito, and the Tenga Warriors battled the ninja Power Rangers.  During the battle, one of the Tenga Warriors found Billy's device.  The Tenga Warrior smashed it and Kat was no longer protected.  Rito grabbed Kat.  Rita was thrilled.  Rita, Rito, Goldar, and the Tenga Warriors vanished in triumph.  Rita returned to the palace and asked Lord Zedd what he thought.  Despite himself, Lord Zedd was impressed.  Now they only had to wait on the tide to be in their favor.  Later, Rita went down to the dungeon, where Kat was being held prisoner.  She was not happy to see Kat out of her cell and holding the pink power coin.  Rita summon several Tenga Warriors.  Before the Tenga Warriors could do anything, Kat was teleported out.  Rita was very upset.  The worst was she had to let Lord Zedd know they not only last Kat, but the pink power coin as well.  Lord Zedd was furious and blamed it all on Rita.  Rita told him to do better.     

Rita had been watching the Youth Center and she didn't like what she saw.  Lord Zedd, Goldar, and Rito were with her.  Rita:  That Zen Zero thinks he's so hot!  Well, I've had just about enough of that Mr. Perfect and his preachy platitudes.  Lord Zedd:  Agreed.  I'd love to knock that pony tail Power punk off his pedestal.  Rita:  Well, Finster's working on the monster that can do just that.  Finster, grab your decrypted behind in here!  Finster hurried in.  Finster:  Yes your royal empress.  Rita wanted Finster to create a monster that could attack from the inside out.  Goldar commented on Rita's people skills and they all laughed.  Finster hurried away.  Lord Zedd didn't know what Rita had planned, but he was sure it was perfectly evil.  Later, Finster returned with Ravenator.  Lord Zedd thought it was a good looking monster, but what was Rita going to do with it.  Rita used her wand and shrunk Ravenator to a very tiny size.  Rita planned to plant Ravenator inside Tommy's food and have him eat the monster.  Ravenator would urge Tommy to eat all the time and the Rangers would have no choice but to take Tommy to the Command Center for help.  Lord Zedd kept an eye on things.  Lord Zedd was not happy when he noted that Katherine, now the Pink Ranger, had telepathically overheard their conversation.  Finster was called in once more.  Finster explain it was a side effect from the spell.  Rita and Lord Zedd were not happy.  Several Tenga Warriors were sent down to take care of Katherine.  Katherine summon her pink ninja powers and eventually defeated the Tenga Warriors.  Katherine was able to get to her friends and warn them of what was going on.  Eventually Tommy would spit Ravenator out.  Lord Zedd turned Ravenator to giant size.  Ravenator would be destroyed by the Power Rangers.  Rita blamed the whole failure on Lord Zedd.         

Rita had been watching the Youth Center and she was not happy.  Lord Zedd, Goldar, and Rito were with her.  Rita screamed.  Rita:  She started out so evil and now Katherine's become such a goody good, it makes me sick.  Rito:  What's she done this time, sis?  Rita:  She and her disgusting cuddly friends are building houses for the homeless.  Goldar:  Hey, can they build a house for Rito?  Then he can finally move out.  Lord Zedd and Goldar laughed.  Rita:  Very funny.  Rito's more help to me in getting rid of the Power punks than the two of you combined.  Lord Zedd and Goldar were in disbelief.  Rita was determined that she and Rito would destroy the Power Rangers.  Rita sent Rito down to Katherine's project, along with Baboo and Squatt to spy on.  Once the job was done, everyone left except for Katherine who had wanted to take some pictures.  Several Tenga Warriors arrived and wrecked a lot of everyone's work.  Katherine morphed into ninja Pink Ranger and battled the Tenga Warriors.  The rest of the Rangers arrive to help.  Lord Zedd and Rita had been watching.  Rita was really upset.  Rita used her wand and was determined to make Pink Ranger evil once more.  Instead Rita hit the brick and the monster Brick Bully was formed.  Brick Bully trapped all the Rangers, except Blue Ranger and Pink Ranger, inside bricks.  Blue Ranger would later destroy Brick Bully with his zord.  Katherine and Alpha 5 found a way to release the rest of the Rangers from their bricks.  Rita was very upset at how her plan had failed.  Rita blamed it on the guys called them losers and stalked off. 

Rita had been watching the Youth Center.  Katherine was watching her aunt's chimp, Kelly.  Goldar was with her, and Rita was having a good laugh at his expense.  Rita:  How cute!  The power twerps have a new mascot.  He even looks a little bit like you.  Goldar:  That's a lie!  Rita:  You're right Goldar.  He's much better looking!  Rita laughed.  Lord Zedd stormed in.  Lord Zedd:  What's going on here?!  Rita continued to joke about the chimp.  Lord Zedd wasn't amused.  Lord Zedd wanted to know if they had come up with any ideas on using the chimp against the Rangers.  Lord Zedd called for Finster and gave him instructions to turn the chimp into a monster.  Lord Zedd sent down several Tenga Warriors to keep the teens occupied.  The Tenga Warriors were defeated and Finster had failed.  Lord Zedd became furious when Finster told him.  Lord Zedd told him he would show him how it's done.  Lord Zedd turned the chimp into Sinister Simian.  As Lord Zedd had predicted, the Rangers were hesitant to hurt their chimp friend.  After awhile, Lord Zedd made Sinister Simian giant size.  The Rangers managed to destroy Sinister Simian without harming the chimp.  Lord Zedd was furious and blamed Rita, although it had been his idea.  Rita called him radiator face and walked off, which made Lord Zedd even more angry.     

The palace was shaking and everyone was losing their balance.  Rita:  What's happening?  Finster, did you forget to pay the electric bill again?  There was fog and everyone was aware that someone had entered the palace.  Lord Zedd:  Who dares enter unannounced?!  Master Vile:  What?  Who dares to ask a question of me, Master Vile?  Lord Zedd:  Master who?  Rita:  Zeddy.  Rita and Rito knew who Master Vile was - their father.  Master Vile had decided to take over and show them how to conquer.  Master Vile knew that the Zeo Crystal were underneath Zedd's palace.  There was a force field around the Zeo Crystal and would destroy anyone who possesses an ounce of evil.  Master Vile instructed them to feed the Tenga Warriors a bag of food he held.  The bag got tossed around a lot and eventually was feed to the Tenga Warriors.  The jar containing Ninjor was dropped.  The jar shattered and Ninjor was free and managed to escape.  Master Vile was determined to get Ninjor back.  Master Vile took Rito with him and created Globbor.  Globbor would successfully attach himself to Ninjor during a battle and drained most of the Megazord's power.  Lord Zedd was not happy with Master Vile's success.  Rita and Lord Zedd knew they needed someone good to get the Zeo Crystal.  Rita and Lord Zedd were surprised when they heard Katherine offered to help them.  Lord Zedd was skeptical, but Rita knew that Katherine still had evil in her.     

Lord Zedd couldn't quite believe it.  Rita:  So my precious cat, you want to be evil?  Katherine:  Yes.  Rita noted Katherine's hesitation.  Rita:  You're sure about that blondie?  Katherine:  As sure as I'll ever be.  Lord Zedd:  Prove it.  Step into the Revivafier.  Katherine:  The what?  Squatt noted there was someone moving in the corner, but Lord Zedd and Rita ignore him.  Katherine step into Revivafier.  Lord Zedd and Rita informed Katherine that the Revivafier would turn her evil, and once that happened, she could never turn good again.  Katherine was stuck in the device.  Lord Zedd kept an eye on the battle below between Globbor and Megazord.  Lord Zedd sense there was another Ranger in the palace and quickly concluded it was the White Ranger.  Lord Zedd and Rita relished the idea of White Ranger going after the Zeo Crystal.  Even someone who use to be evil, could not touch the Zeo Crystal.  Rita laughed and asked Katherine if Zordon had told her that part.  Eventually Master Vile did get the Zeo Crystal.  Master Vile had his own flying machine called Space Skull.  Everyone was on the Space Skull.  Lord Zedd sat depressed on his throne as everyone dance around in victory.  Rita tried to cheer him up by telling him the world was hers now.  Lord Zedd wanted Rita to go away.     

They all ended up at the Youth Center, where Master Vile was throwing an End Of The World party.  The place was packed with humans and monsters.  Rita, Lord Zedd, Tenga Warriors, Rito, Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt danced among the crowds.  Master Vile:  Dance humans dance!  Rita and the rest stopped dancing when Master Vile started talking.  Master Vile told the humans to dance like there is no tomorrow, because there isn't.  The frantic pace kept up until Master Vile made a grand announcement.  It was the end of the world, but nothing happened.  Master Vile was confused, but teleported out.  The Rangers had managed to break Master Vile's connection to the Zeo Crystal.  The Rangers had their zords back as well.  Globbor would be destroyed by the Power Rangers and Master Vile was defeated.  Rita and Lord Zedd appeared on a screen in Space Skull.  They couldn't help but gloat to Master Vile that it wasn't that easy to destroy the Power Rangers.  Master Vile told Rita he couldn't believe that she would talk to him like that.  Rita complained that he had never understood her.  Master Vile blew her off and vowed he was not done yet. 

Everyone had gathered in the throne room.  Lord Zedd:  This had better be good Vile.  Finster was standing in front of a mic.  Finster:  It is my great displeasure to introduce to you a woman whose voice will soon spell the end of the Power Rangers - Dischordia.  Dischordia pop out and began singing.  Everyone, except Rita, enthusiastically, applauded and cheered for Dischordia.  Lord Zedd got up and walked over to Dischordia.  Lord Zedd:  Dischordia, how well I remember your painful voice.  Rita was upset over the attention that Lord Zedd pay to Dischordia, but Lord Zedd didn't pay her any attention.  At first, Dischordia had the Rangers under her spell.  But the Rangers use their metallic armor and the spell was broken.  Lord Zedd made Dischordia grow giant size.  The Rangers formed their Megazord, battled and destroyed Dischordia.

Rita, Lord Zedd, and Goldar are all together.  Rita:  My father is finally ready to release the plan of the millennium.  The ultimate force of evil.  Rita laughs.  Lord Zedd:  Then where is the old coot?  I haven't seen him for ages.  Rita:  That's because he's been busy.  Goldar:  Busy doing what?  Lord Zedd:  Yes, what?  But Rita was not going to reveal what her father had planned.  As Master Vile got the Orb of Doom, the palace shook.  Finster took cover, even when Rita told him it was only her father.  Later, they all gathered together to hear Master Ville's plan.  Master Vile had the Orb of Doom.   The Orb of Doom had the power to reverse time.  The Rangers would be kids, and without their Ranger powers.  Goldar told Master Vile been there, done that.  But Master Vile insisted his plan would work.  Master Vile called Rito forward, and gave Rito the Orb of Doom to plant in Angel Grove.  The plan did work, and the Rangers, along with the rest of world, had their ages reversed.  Rita was thrilled.  Rita, Lord Zedd, Goldar, and Rito went down to Angel Grove and stood just in front of the carnival.  They grew to giant size.  The people ran in terror, which was a sight Rita enjoyed.

I'm Dreaming Of A White Ranger

Rita walked in.  She had overheard Lord Zedd talking.  Rito was there as well.  Lord Zedd hated the holidays and vowed this year would be different.  Rita:  Ahh, give me a break, you say that every year.  Lord Zedd:  How would you know?  We've only been married for a year, though it seems like centuries.  Anyway, this year I will take over Santa's workshop and force those good for nothing elves to make some real toys.  Behold!  In Lord Zedd's hand, appeared an small object.  It was Lord Zedd's hypnotizer.  Lord Zedd planned to have Santa give the toys to the children.  It would brainwash the children into thinking Lord Zedd is their master.  Lord Zedd sent down Rito to take over Santa's workshop.  After awhile, Goldar would be sent as well.  Later, Goldar returned and he was kneeling in front of Rita and Lord Zedd.  Goldar and Rito had failed in taking over Santa's workshop.  Lord Zedd was furious.  The teens, Aisha, Kimberly, Adam, Billy, Rocky, and Tommy, had no powers at the Santa's place, but they had managed to defeat Goldar and Rito.  Rita and Lord Zedd walked away.  There was a package waiting for Rita and Lord Zedd.  The Tenga Warriors and Baboo were there, along with Rito, Goldar, and Lord Zedd.  Rita was excited, until she saw it was the toys Lord Zedd had the elves make.  Rita was slightly sick as she watch Rito give Goldar a present.                

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