Rito Revolto - Danny Wayne Stallcup
Voiced by Bob Papenbrook

Rito Revolto is the younger brother of Rita Repulsa.  Rito had heard of the wedding between his sister and Lord Zedd and decided to personally deliver them their wedding gift.  He crashed into the moon hard enough, that he caused a crater and had to dig himself out.  The wedding present, several eggs, were not ready yet and Rito quickly buried them.  Rito then entered the palace.  Lord Zedd had Goldar seize Rito, but Rita recognized her brother right away and Rito was released.  Baboo and Squatt were surprised - they didn't know Rita had a brother.  Rito almost always referred to Lord Zedd as "Ed", which drove Lord Zedd nuts.  Lord Zedd was not impressed with Rito.  Rito told him he could get rid of the Rangers for him.  Lord Zedd and Rita decided to take him up on his claim.  They had Finster create some monsters to help out and Rito would be the bait.  While waiting on the monsters, Rito began working out.  First with Goldar and a bar of with boulders at each end, and then with sit-ups.  Soon the monsters, Octophantom, Fighting Flea, Stag Beetle, and Lizzinator, were ready and Rito, after some confusion, left with them.  They landed in Angel Grove.  The monsters immediately began hiding, as the plan was to ambush the Rangers.  Rito was upset, the monsters were taking all the good hiding spots.  Fighting Flea had to remind him, that he was the decoy and not suppose to hid.  Soon Aisha, Kimberly, Adam, Billy, Rocky, and Tommy arrived.  Upon spotting Rito the teens morphed.  The monsters kept the Rangers busy battling them.  Lord Zedd and Rita made Rito grow giant size, which Rito liked.  Rito battled the Thunderzords and the Tigerzord.  The Megazords were formed.  Rito easily battled and destroyed both Megazords.

Lord Zedd has everyone gathered around him and he was very pleased.  Lord Zedd:  Ahh, my comrades, we have executed the ultimate plan.  By destroying their zords, we have once and for all taken the power out of the Power Rangers.  Rita:  Rito, my brother, I'm so proud of you.  Rito:  Yeah, I'm proud of me too.  Rito laughed at himself.  Goldar:  With four monsters helping me, I could defeat them too!  Rita:  Sure you could.  Lord Zedd:  Silence!  Lord Zedd wanted to know what was in the eggs.  At first Rito had a difficult time remembering, but then he remembered all but one of the eggs were Tenga Warriors.  Lord Zedd was impressed.  As they waited for the eggs to hatch, Lord Zedd kept an eye on things.  He became very angry when he spotted the teens in the Desert of Despair.  Lord Zedd wanted the teens stopped.  The eggs had hatch, except for one, and the Tenga Warriors were sent to get rid of the teens.  The Tenga Warriors battled the teens and so the teens had to take cover.  The Tenga Warriors placed the one remaining egg outside of their shelter.

Rito Revolto and Lord Zedd were standing on the balcony.  Lord Zedd was not happy.  Lord Zedd:  Your Tenga Warriors let the Rangers get away.  You must return to Earth and begin a full scale attack on the city of Angel Grove.  Destroy everything in sight, before those do-gooders regain power.  Rito:  You got it Ed!  Rito walked away singing:  Destroy...destroy...destroy...Lord Zedd:  It's Zedd!  Lord Zedd, you numbskull!   Rito entered the city and he was giant size.  He was enjoying causing chaos in the city.

Rito was enjoying himself until the Rangers returned in their new ninjazords.  Rito:  Arrrg!  They're back!  New zords eh?  Still wont' stop me.  All right, give me all you go.  Rito battled with Rangers in their zords with difficulty.  Rito was knocked to the ground.  Rita:  This is tougher than I thought.  The battle continued and eventually Rito was defeated by the Rangers.  Later, the Rangers would destroy Vampirus.  Lord Zedd was furious and yelled at Rito, Goldar, Rita, Finster, Baboo, and Squatt.

Finster had made a device that could make dreams into reality.  Lord Zedd sent down Finster, Rito, and several Tenga Warriors down to Angel Grove.  Lord Zedd wanted Kimberly's nightmare to come true.  The teens all happened to be together.  The teens morphed into their ninja gear and battled the Tenga Warriors.  Several of the Tenga Warriors got Pink Ranger and held her as Finster aimed his device at her.  Doing so, brought her nightmare monster, Artistmole, to life.  Finster, Rito, and the Tenga Warriors teleported out.  Later the Rangers would destroy Artistmole.

Rito was in the throne room with Lord Zedd, Squatt, Rita, and Baboo.  Lord Zedd had been watching the Youth Center and knew of Adam's family reunion and how Adam now had the family lantern.  Lord Zedd:  Arrrg!  I'll show you the powers of that contraption, Black Ranger!  Baboo!   Squatt!  Bring that lantern to me!  Rito:  Hey, I want go.  Lord Zedd:  Alright, go!  Maybe among the three of you, you can actually do something right!  Rito, Squatt, and Baboo left.  They went to Billy's friend Ko's place.  Adam, Billy, Rocky, Tommy, and Aisha were close by.  The Tenga Warriors were sent to attack the five teens.  Rito watched the Tenga Warriors battled the five teens and kept them busy as Baboo and Squatt stole all the lanterns.  After awhile, the Tenga Warriors retreated.  A small distance away, in Angel Grove's park, Rito yelled at Squatt and Baboo for taking so many lanterns.  They had taken almost all of the lanterns.  Unable to decide which one was the right one, Rito, Squatt, and Baboo return to the palace with all of them.  Lord Zedd was not happy.  How would he able to tell which lantern was the right one.  Rita told him she had a good sense of these things and yanked a lantern out and said this was Adam's lantern.  Baboo pulled one out as well and stated this one would go well with the drapes.  Rita and Lord Zedd ignored him.  Rita's lantern was turned into a monster and sent down to attack Angel Grove.  Soon the Rangers were battling the lantern monster.  Lord Zedd and Rita made the monster grow.  The Rangers formed their Megazord and destroyed the monster.

Rita was looking out her telescope to the Youth Center.  Lord Zedd and Rito Revolto were with her.  Rita:  So Rocky switching places with his science teacher.  How cute.  Rito:  You know what?  We could try that.  I'll be the evil leader and you two could be my sidekicks.  What do you say?  Rita:  Rito, what are you nuts?!  Lord Zedd laughed at Rito as well, but then he got an idea.  Lord Zedd felt he could use a vacation and told Rito, much to Rita's surprise, that he could become the evil leader.  Rito was thrilled.  Later, Lord Zedd and Rita sat next to each other.  They were laughing and giggling at Rito.  Rito was pondering how to take over the world.  Rito decided he needed a monster, but he didn't know how to make one.  Rito walked over to Lord Zedd and Rita who were still laughing and making snide comments.  Rito asked them how to make a monster.  Rita was exasperated and asked him if he didn't learn anything by watching them.  Rito then decided to call in Finster.  Finster came in and Rito told him he wanted a monster.  Finster refused, as he only worked for Lord Zedd and Rita, not the likes of him.  Rito grabbed the clay formation Finster had and told him he would make the monster himself.  After awhile, Rito was growing frustrated at Lord Zedd and Rita, who were enjoying themselves at Rito's expense.  Rito wish he had some help.  Goldar reported that Rocky was in the park, away from his friends.  Rito commented that is the kind of help he needed.  Rito realized his monster was not ready yet.  Goldar suggested sending down the Tengas, which Rito did.  Rito went down to the park as well.  The Tengas had mistaken Mr. Wilton for Rocky and were carrying him away when Rito arrived.  Rita had Lord Zedd's staff and was going to use it on Rocky.  But he held it backwards and the staff fired at Mr. Wilton, turning him into the monster Marvo The Meanie.  Rito was pleased with his monster as it went after Rocky.  Rocky went into ninja gear and the rest of the Rangers arrived as well.  The Rangers battled the Tengas, but did not want to harm Marvo The Meanie, as Mr. Wilton was still inside the monster.  Marvo The Meanie turned five of the Rangers into liquids.  Rito picked up the various containers and was very pleased with his success.  But it did not last long.  Red Ranger got the liquids back and soon the Rangers were returned back to normal.  Rito had returned to the palace and when he saw the return of the Rangers, he made Marvo The Meanie grow to giant size.  The Rangers formed their Megazord and destroyed Marvo The Meanie, without harming Mr. Wilton.  After the battle, Rito was on his knees, begging Lord Zedd and Rita to give him another chance.  Lord Zedd and Rita took their staff and wand back and told Rito to clean up Finster's workroom.  Lord Zedd commented that he could still use a vacation. 

Rita was using her telescope and had been watching the teens in their science class.  Lord Zedd, Goldar, and Rito Revolto were all there.  They were playing football and not paying any attention to Rita.  Rita:  I can't believe what I'm seeing.  Zedd, if those brats can't follow a simple chemistry problem, why can't we just beat them?  Goldar:  Go deep.  Finster walked in and walked up to Rita.  Finster:  My queen, I have created a mold for a magic centipede monster I think you will truly appreciate.  Rita:  No more bugs!  We need something that will really shake up the Power Rangers.  Goldar:  Go wide your athleticness.  Goldar tossed the football and Lord Zedd dropped the ball, trying to catch it.  Finster hurried over to help Lord Zedd get the ball and the magic centipede fell, landing on the football.  The football was turned into the monster, Centiback.  Centiback joined in the game and when he tossed his football it hit Rito, turning him into a monster.  Lord Zedd and the rest laugh and Lord Zedd and Goldar had fun tossing the Rito football around for awhile.  Rita then turned her brother back to his normal form.  Rito felt like a truck had run over him.  Lord Zedd was pleased with Centiback and sent him down to destroy the Rangers.  Later, Centiback would be destroyed by the Power Rangers.

Lord Zedd had summon Finster.  Rita was with him. Rito, Goldar, Baboo and Squatt entered as well.  Lord Zedd wanted Finster to create a hate monster to turn the Rangers against each other.  This was to be Rita's anniversary present.  Finster soon returned with magical seeds of hate which had been extracted from the evil of every monster he had created.  Finster instructed Lord Zedd to throw them to Earth.  Lord Zedd did do.  Finster then had Rita and Lord Zedd recite an incantation.  This created Hate Master.  Hate Master was sent down to Angel Grove.  Hate Master needed something the Rangers had touch, so he could make hate dust.  First Lord Zedd sent down the Tenga Warriors to keep the Rangers busy and to have something the Rangers had touched.  Then Lord Zedd sent down Squatt to gather the soil that the Rangers were kicking around as they battle the Tenga Warriors.  Squatt gave the soil to Hate Master.  Hate Master turned it into his hate dust and blew it at the Rangers.  The Rangers demorphed and hated each other.  (Except for Yellow Ranger, who was not there.)  Aisha would try to help her friends and for a moment the spell was broken.  Rita was upset, but Lord Zedd was confident with more dust, the Rangers could not break the spell.  Lord Zedd and Rita made Hate Master big.  The Rangers formed their Megazord and battle Hate Master.  During the battle, Lord Zedd had Hate Master use more hate dust.  Hate Master did so and the Rangers, except Yellow Ranger, quit in the middle of the battle.  Once more they hated each other as well as Zordon.  Rita was thrilled.  Later, Aisha would help her friends break the spell and the Rangers destroyed Hate Master.

Rita was looking at Angel Grove with her telescope when Rito walked in.  He popped his head onto the other side of the telescope and Rita backed away.  Rito joked that Rita had wanted to see him, but Rita wasn't in the mood for jokes.  Rita told Rito that she wanted him to take Baboo and Squatt down to the museum and steal the urn of the Face Stealer.  Rito left.  Rito, Baboo, and Squatt walked to the museum in broad daylight.  They were spotted by Aisha, Billy, Adam, Rocky, and Tommy.  Rito had several Tenga Warriors arrive.  The five teens went into ninja mode and battled the Tenga Warriors.  Rito, Baboo, and Squatt continued on their way to the inside of the museum.  Inside Baboo was confused about which urn they should steal and Rito gave him a hard time.  Rito found the urn, but then they heard noises.  Rito, Baboo, and Squatt pretended to be exhibits as several children walked through the area.  The moment the children were gone, Rito, Baboo, and Squatt teleported out.  Rita was pleasantly surprised when Rito returned when the urn.  Rita released Face Stealer from the urn and sent him down to Angel Grove.  Later, the Rangers would destroy Face Stealer.

Rita stormed into the throne room.  Rito, Lord Zedd, and Goldar were there.  Rita:  Zedd you never take me anywhere!  Lord Zedd:  Well my little crud muffin, I've been working on a surprise for you.  Serpentera is fully charged and ready to sweep us away on a second honeymoon.  Goldar:  I can't believe there ever was a first second honeymoon.  Lord Zedd:  So.  Rita:  Come on crab cakes, let's hit the road.  Lord Zedd:  Goldar, you're in charge.  Rito asked if he could be in charge and Rita and Lord Zedd laughed.  Lord Zedd gave Goldar instructions to make sure Finster continue working no his monster.   Lord Zedd and Rita then left for their honeymoon.  Rito went into Finster's workroom.  Finster was busy working on Miss Chief.  Rito and Finster talked and Finster let it slip that Rita had used a love potion on Lord Zedd.  Finster then had to leave the workroom.  Rito started snooping around, looking for the love potion.  He found it in a red heart shaped box.  Rito then used the love potion on Miss Chief.  When Miss Chief woke, she was in love with Rito.  Rito decided to have some fun.  Rito sent Miss Chief down to Angel Grove Highs School with the love potion.  Later, Rito was standing by the telescope when he got a call from Lord Zedd.  Lord Zedd was furious with him for forgetting to charge up Serpentera.  Lord Zedd and Rita were returning.  Rito also told Goldar about Rita using a love potion on Lord Zedd.  Eventually Lord Zedd and Rita returned to the palace.  Rita entered first.  Rita walked right up to Goldar and blamed him for everything.  Rito told Miss Chief to spray Rita with the love potion.  Rita fell in love with Goldar and raved about his eyes.  Rita chased Goldar around and ended up in his love.  Rito, Finster, and Miss Chief laughed.  Rito then had Finster used the antidote.  Rita was furious at Goldar, although she was the one sitting on his lap.  Rita quickly leaped up.  Lord Zedd then entered.  Goldar immediately told Lord Zedd that Rita had tricked him with a love potion.  Lord Zedd did not believe him.  Goldar told Finster to spray Lord Zedd with the antidote.  Finster did so.  Lord Zedd asked him what he was doing.  Lord Zedd told Goldar Rita was the best thing that ever happen to him.  Rito commented that it looked like Lord Zedd really did love Rita.  Lord Zedd and Rita leaned in for a kiss.

Rito walked into the throne room.  Rita, Lord Zedd and Goldar were there.  Rita was very happy.  Rita had put a plan into action and had no doubts about it's success.  Rita had placed a stray cat (which was really a human girl, Kat) in the path of Aisha and Kimberly.  Aisha and Kimberly wanted to adopt the cat, but had to wait first to make sure no one claim it.  To ensure there were no adoptions at the animal shelter, Rito was sent down.  Rito hid behind some bushes.  He was a little bored until a couple came strolling up.  Rito had a little fun then scaring them off.  After awhile, Bulk & Skull tapped his shoulder and he scared them as well.  Aisha, who was volunteering inside the animal shelter, heard the commotion and came running out.  Aisha quickly went into her ninja gear.  Rito and Yellow Ranger battle.  Soon the rest of the Rangers were there as well.  Rito was concern, until suddenly several Tenga Warriors arrive.  Rito felt more brave.  Rito and the Tenga Warriors battle the Rangers.  Eventually the Tenga Warriors retreated.  Rito found himself alone and decided he should retreat as well.  The plan worked.  Kimberly and Aisha adopted the cat, PC.  PC/Kat had inside information about the Rangers and soon reported to Rita.  A trap was set for Tommy.  Kat successfully lure Tommy into fixing her car, and then talked him into taking it for a drive.  Lord Zedd then sent the vehicle into a wrap.  Rito was sent back down to Angel Grove.   This time he was giant size and looked forward to causing chaos.

Giant Rito was having a good time until five of the Rangers arrive.  Rito used his bad breath against the Rangers.  The Rangers quickly summoned their zords.  Rito revealed he had a flamethrower and used it against the zords.  The Megazord was soon formed.  Rito battled the Megazord until he was defeated.  Rito, normal size, quickly returned to the palace.  Rita was not happy to see he had returned.  Rita decided to go to plan B.  White Ranger was still trapped in another dimension and battling Goldar.  Rito volunteered to help Goldar battle White Ranger.  Rito teleported to the other dimension.  Rito and Goldar battled the White Ranger.  They almost had him, but he was teleported out.

Rito was standing with Baboo and Squatt.  Rita had instructed Kat to steal a power coin.  Earlier, Finster, Baboo, and Squatt had found the dormant Shogunzords.  To operate them, they needed a power coin.  Kat was at the lake with her "friends".  There were a lot of people there and Rita knew Kat couldn't steal the coin with so many people around.  Rito suggested a distraction, like the Tenga Warriors.  The Tenga Warriors were sent down.  The plan worked and Kat stole Kimberly's power coin.  Later, Kat would use the power coin to steal the Falconzord.  Ninjor had been battling and was greatly weakened.  Ninjor was captured and placed in a blue jar.  Ninjor was taken to the palace.  Lord Zedd instructed Finster to drain Ninjor of his energy, so that they could operate the zords.  

Rita and Lord Zedd had been watching the Command Center.  Everyone was concern about Kimberly's health and safety.  Lord Zedd:  Well then, she's counting on a bunch of losers Tommy, because you and the rest of your power cohorts are going to be enslaved to me.  Rita:  I can smell victory already.  Goldar and Rito were with them.  Goldar:  Are you sure you're not just smelling Rito?  Rito:  Hey what do you mean?  I don't smell.  I took a shower last month.  Lord Zedd:  Quiet you zoo rejects!  Lord Zedd was very pleased with how the plan was working, taking over from Rita completely.  The only problem was he needed pilots to operate the Shogunzords.  Rito suggested using the Power Rangers.  Rita thought it was a bad idea, but Lord Zedd liked it.  Lord Zedd quickly came up with a plan on how to get the Rangers to pilot the Shorgunzord.  Lord Zedd created  Inciserator and sent him down to Angel Grove.  Five of the Rangers battled Inciserator.  Kimberly was still unconscious in the Command Center.  After awhile, Lord Zedd then sent down several Tenga Warriors to "attack" Kat.  Kimberly had awaken and insisted on helping her friend.  Pink Ranger battle the Tenga Warriors for a short time, before she ran out of energy.  Pink Ranger collapse and demorph on the ground.  Goldar arrived and took Kimberly with him.  Kimberly was now being held captive and being drained of her energy at the palace.  Lord Zedd would use Kimberly's safety to force the teens to pilot his zords.       

The five Rangers had agreed to pilot the Shogunzords.  There was a party at the palace.  Rito, Goldar, Finster, Rita, Lord Zedd, Baboo, and Squatt had a good time dancing and enjoying themselves.  Goldar:  Three cheers to Lord Zedd!  Lord Zedd decided to check on the teens.  Lord Zedd:  I better check on the Power Rangers, just in case.  Lord Zedd became furious when he spotted Billy, Rocky, Tommy, Aisha, and Adam setting up a device, that would allow Tommy to travel to the dimension and rescue Kimberly.  Lord Zedd sent down several Tenga Warriors.  Tommy had made it to the dimension, so Lord Zedd left to battle him and prevent him from rescuing Kimberly.  Later, Lord Zedd was defeated and Kimberly was rescued.  The Rangers also gained control of the Shogunzords.  But Lord Zedd and Rita still had Ninjor and Kimberly's power coin.      

Lord Zedd was not happy.  Rito, Goldar, Finster, Rita, Baboo, and Squatt were with him as he made his complaints known.  Lord Zedd:  I rule over a dominion of losers.  None of you know how to defeat the Power Rangers.  I'm disgusted with all of you!  Goldar:  Me too.  Rita:  He's talking about you Goldbar!  Rita laughed.  Squatt:  I guess it's going to be another one of those days.  Rito:  The way I see it Ed, we need a fool proof plan to defeat the Rangers.  Rito suggested changing one of the Rangers into a monster.  The remaining Rangers wouldn't want to destroy one of their own, and the Ranger monster would destroy them.  Rita scoffed at the idea, but Lord Zedd liked it.   Moments later,  Finster returned with a vehicular transformer.  Kimberly, Bulk & Skull were inside a cab, trying to catch the thief that had stolen Kimberly's car.  Lord Zedd used the vehicular transformer on the cab and it turned into Crabby Cabbie.  Initially the plan worked well and Lord Zedd and Rita made Crabby Cabbie grow to giant size.  But Alpha 5 came up with a device that would remove Kimberly, Bulk & Skull from the van.  The device worked and Bulk, Skull, and Kimberly were ejected from Crabby Cabbie.  The five Rangers, with their Shogunzords, destroyed Crabby Cabbie.           

Rita had been watching the Youth Center and she was not happy.  Rito, Goldar, and Lord Zedd were with her.  Rita:  No!  I must stop her from competing in that meet and I have just the plan!  Lord Zedd:  Plan!?  She couldn't be stopped even when she lost her power coin.  Rita:  Let's just say, I'll keep our little mall rat so busy, that'll she be too exhausted to do anything else, but dream of what might have been.  Rita sent Kat to keep an eye on Kimberly.  Several days past and Rita was ready to put her plan into action.  She sent down several groups of Tenga Warriors to various parts of the city.  The Rangers would have no choice, but to call on Kimberly for help.  Rito, Goldar, were sent with a group of several Tenga Warriors.  They battled the White Ranger.  In other areas, Yellow Ranger and Red Ranger battled Artistmole and Vampirus while Blue Ranger and Black Ranger battled various Tenga Warriors in another part of the city.  It soon became too much and Pink Ranger was called into battle.  The Rangers managed to get the whole group together and defeat them.  Pink Ranger was exhausted.  Kimberly insisted on continuing with her gymnastics practice.  Rita's plan worked as Kimberly collapse from the balance beam.  The one thing Rita hadn't plan on was Kat's breaking through Rita's spell.            

Lord Zedd and Rita watched as Kat got help and Kimberly was taken to Angel Grove Community Hospital.  Rito, Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt were with them.  Lord Zedd was not happy.  Lord Zedd:  I don't believe she turned on us.  Who'll be next?  Lord Zedd looked at Baboo and Squatt.  Lord Zedd:  You two?  Rita:  I wonder what happen to that spell anyway.  Finster, I want an answer and I want it now!  Finster hurried to the front.  Finster:  In analyzing my data, I conclude that Katherine's attempt to save Kimberly was a totally selfless deed.  The goodness of that act overpowered your evil spell and neutralized it completely.  Rita wasn't too upset - nothing lasts forever was her opinion.  Lord Zedd figured Katherine had still done well before turning good - the Pink Ranger was out of commission.  But that satisfaction didn't last long, as Kimberly recovered.  Lord Zedd and Rita wanted to make Kat pay for her disloyalty.  Finster was called in to make a monster.  Finster made Garbage Mouth.  But Garbage Mouth would fail to capture Kat and ended up being destroyed by the five Rangers.  Lord Zedd was furious.  Rita quickly got an idea and pointed out the blue jar which held Ninjor.  Lord Zedd immediately cheered up.  Rita and Rito went down to Angel Grove and demanded that Tommy and Billy release Kat to them.  Billy and Tommy refused.  This didn't bother Rita at all.  Rita and Rito left with a threat.  Turn over Kat, or Ninjor will be destroyed.     

Rita plan to capture Kat and send both her and Ninjor to the Sea of Sorrow.  Rito, Goldar, Rita, and several Tenga Warriors arrived in the park to make the trade with the teens.  They tossed out the blue jar and Kat stepped forward.  But no one could touch Kat as Billy had made a device to protect her.  Rocky opened the jar and discovered they had been tricked, there was no Ninjor.  Rita was furious.  Rito, Goldar, and the Tenga Warriors battled the ninja Power Rangers.  During the battle, one of the Tenga Warriors found Billy's device.  The Tenga Warrior smashed it and Kat was no longer protected.  Rito grabbed Kat.  Rita was thrilled.  Rito, Goldar, Rita, and the Tenga Warriors vanished in triumph.  Kat was held in a cell in the dungeon.  Kat was guarded by Baboo and Squatt.  Later, Rito would arrive to relieve them.  Rito complained of a sore neck and joked how his muscles ache.  Being a skeleton with no muscles, he thought it was funny, but not Baboo and Squatt.  Baboo and Squatt left.  Rito sat down.  Kat offered to help him with his neck.  Kat massaged his neck until Rito.  Kat noticed a small box that was glowing pink and asked what was in it.  Rito told her not to tell anyone he had told her, but it contained the pink power coin.  Within minutes, Rito fell asleep.  Kat managed to slip the keys away from him and open her cell.  Kat got the pink power coin and was teleported out before any harm could come to her.   

Rita had been watching the Youth Center and she didn't like what she saw.  Rito, Goldar, and Lord Zedd were with her.  Rita:  That Zen Zero thinks he's so hot!  Well, I've had just about enough of that Mr. Perfect and his preachy platitudes.  Lord Zedd:  Agreed.  I'd love to knock that pony tail Power punk off his pedestal.  Rita:  Well, Finster's working on the monster that can do just that.  Finster, grab your decrypted behind in here!  Finster hurried in.  Finster:  Yes your royal empress.  Rita wanted Finster to create a monster that could attack from the inside out.  Goldar commented on Rita's people skills and they all laughed.  Finster hurried away.  Lord Zedd didn't know what Rita had planned, but he was sure it was perfectly evil.  Later, Finster returned with Ravenator and presented it to them.  Lord Zedd thought it was a good looking monster, but what was Rita going to do with it.  Rita used her wand and shrunk Ravenator to a very tiny size.  Rita planned to plant Ravenator inside Tommy's food and have him eat the monster.  Ravenator would urge Tommy to eat all the time and the Rangers would have no choice but to take Tommy to the Command Center for help.  But Katherine, now the Pink Ranger, had telepathically overheard their conversation.  Lord Zedd had been keeping an eye on Angel Grove and noted that Katherine was aware of their plans.  Finster was called in once more.  Finster explain it was a side effect from the spell.  Rita and Lord Zedd were not happy.  Several Tenga Warriors were sent down to take care of Katherine.  Katherine summon her pink ninja powers and eventually defeated the Tenga Warriors.  Katherine was able to get to her friends and warn them of what was going on.  Eventually Tommy would spit Ravenator out.  Lord Zedd turned Ravenator to giant size.  Ravenator would be destroyed by the Power Rangers.

Rita had been watching the Youth Center and she was not happy.  Lord Zedd, Goldar, and Rito were with her.  Rita screamed.  Rita:  She started out so evil and now Katherine's become such a goody good, it makes me sick.  Rito:  What's she done this time, sis?  Rita:  She and her disgusting cuddly friends are building houses for the homeless.  Goldar:  Hey, can they build a house for Rito?  Then he can finally move out.  Lord Zedd and Goldar laughed.  Rita:  Very funny.  Rito's more help to me in getting rid of the Power punks than the two of you combined.  Lord Zedd and Goldar were in disbelief.  Rita was determined that she and Rito would destroy the Power Rangers.  Rita sent Rito down to Katherine's project, along with Baboo and Squatt to spy on.  Once the job was done, everyone left except for Katherine who had wanted to take some pictures.  Several Tenga Warriors arrived and wrecked a lot of everyone's work.  Katherine morphed into ninja Pink Ranger and battled the Tenga Warriors.  The rest of the Rangers arrive to help.  Lord Zedd and Rita had been watching.  Rita was really upset.  Rita used her wand and was determined to make Pink Ranger evil once more.  Instead Rita hit the brick and the monster Brick Bully was formed.  Brick Bully trapped all the Rangers, except Blue Ranger and Pink Ranger, inside bricks.  Blue Ranger would later destroy Brick Bully with his zord.  Katherine and Alpha 5 found a way to release the rest of the Rangers from their bricks.  Rita was very upset at how her plan had failed.  Rita blamed it on the guys and told them they are losers and walk off.

The palace was shaking and everyone was losing their balance.  Rita:  What's happening?  Finster, did you forget to pay the electric bill again?  There was fog and everyone was aware that someone had entered the palace.  Lord Zedd:  Who dares enter unannounced?!  Master Vile:  What?  Who dares to ask a question of me, Master Vile?  Lord Zedd:  Master who?  Rita:  Zeddy.  Rita and Rito knew who Master Vile was - their father.  Master Vile had decided to take over and show them how to conquer.  Master Vile knew that the Zeo Crystal were underneath Zedd's palace.  There was a force field around the Zeo Crystal and would destroy anyone who possesses an ounce of evil.  Master Vile instructed them to feed the Tenga Warriors a bag of food he held.  The bag got tossed around a lot and eventually was feed to the Tenga Warriors.  The jar containing Ninjor was dropped.  The jar shattered and Ninjor was free and managed to escape.  Master Vile was determined to get Ninjor back.  Master Vile took Rito with him and created Globbor.  Globbor would successfully attach himself to Ninjor during a battle and drained most of the Megazord's power.  Lord Zedd was not happy with Master Vile's success.  Rita and Lord Zedd knew they needed someone good to get the Zeo Crystal.  Rita and Lord Zedd were surprised when they heard Katherine offered to help them.  Lord Zedd was skeptical, but Rita knew that Katherine still had evil in her.    

Master Vile had successfully taken the Zeo Crystal.  Master Vile was ready to conquer Earth, but wanted to throw a party first.  Rito, Goldar, Rita, Lord Zedd (rather depressed), Baboo, Squatt, and Master Vile traveled to the party in the Space Skull.  Everyone, except Lord Zedd, celebrated their victory on Space Skull and danced around.  Once they landed in Angel Grove, the Youth Center was selected as the place to have the party.  Rito, Goldar, Rita, Lord Zedd, Baboo, Squatt, and several Tenga Warriors danced around a frighten Ernie, Bulk & Skull.  Bulk quickly came to the conclusion that the Power Rangers had lost.

The Youth Center was soon packed with monsters and humans.  Rito was enjoying the party.  Rito:  Rito Revolto!  Party King and Dancing Fool!  Let's mambo.  After awhile, Rito walked up to a kid on keyboards.  Rito was not happy with his playing.  Rito:  No, faster!  Come one, come on, tickle those ivories.  The kid began to play faster.  Rito:  That's it kid.  Master Vile stood in front of the crowd.  Master Vile:  Dance humans, dance!  After awhile, Master Vile announced it was the end of the world, but nothing happened.  The Power Rangers had broken Master Vile's connection to the Zeo Crystal and regain control of their zords.  Master Vile teleported out.  Eventually the Rangers destroy Globbor and defeated Master Vile.     

Rito and the rest had gathered in the throne room.  Lord Zedd:  This had better be good Vile.  Finster was standing in front of a mic.  Finster:  It is my great displeasure to introduce to you a woman whose voice will soon spell the end of the Power Rangers - Dischordia.  Dischordia pop out and began singing.  Everyone, except Rita, enthusiastically, applauded and cheered for Dischordia.  Lord Zedd got up and walked over to Dischordia.  Lord Zedd:  Dischordia, how well I remember your painful voice.  Dischordia went down to Angel Grove.  At first, she did well against the Rangers and had them so they couldn't stop dancing.  But then the Rangers use their metallic armor.  Rito had been watching and he reported the change to Lord Zedd, Rita, and Master Vile.  Lord Zedd used his staff to make Dischordia grow giant size.  The Rangers formed their Megazord and destroy Dischordia.     

The palace shook as Master Vile tried to uncover the Orb of Doom.  Rito and the rest couldn't barely stand on their feet.  Finster took cover, even though Rita told him it was only her father.  Rito and the rest had gathered inside the throne room.  Master Vile announced how he had uncovered the Orb of Doom.  The Orb of Doom had the power to stop the Earth's rotation and reverse time, and the Rangers would be children with no powers.  They would not be able to stop their forces.  Lord Zedd was not convinced the plan would work.  Lord Zedd had already tried that once.  Master Vile gave the Orb of Doom to Rito to plant in Angel Grove.  Rito arrived in Angel Grove.  As Rito looked for where to plant the Orb of Doom, the Rangers arrived.  Rito summon several of the Tenga Warriors.  The Tenga Warriors were going to head for the carnival.  Goldar arrived as well.  The Rangers split into two groups to stop Rito and the Tenga Warriors.  Some of the Tenga Warriors stayed with Rito and Goldar.  Goldar and the Tenga Warriors battled White Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Red Ranger as Rito easily found a spot to set up the Orb of Doom.  The ground shook as the Orb of Doom went into affect.  The plan worked and the Earth stood still and the Rangers were children once more.  Rito, Goldar, Rita, and Lord Zedd stood just outside the carnival, giant size.  Rito and the rest enjoyed watching the people run and scream in terror.

I'm Dreaming Of A White Ranger.          

Rito was with Lord Zedd.  Lord Zedd had been watching the Youth Center.  Lord Zedd:  Merriment and togetherness make me ill.  Every year, for centuries, these nauseating earthlings get together and celebrate the holidays, but this year is going to be different.  Rita walked in.  She had overheard Lord Zedd talking.  Rita:  Ahh, give me a break, you say that every year.  Lord Zedd:  How would you know?  We've only been married for a year, though it seems like centuries.  Anyway, this year I will take over Santa's workshop and force those good for nothing elves to make some real toys.  Behold!  In Lord Zedd's hand, appeared an small object.  It was Lord Zedd's hypnotizer.  Lord Zedd planned to have Santa give the toys to the children.  It would brainwash the children into thinking Lord Zedd is their master.  Lord Zedd sent down Rito to take over Santa's workshop.  Rito arrived and walked into Santa's workshop  with ease.  Rito introduced himself to the terrified elves.  Santa already knew who Rito was, and he was on Santa's naughty list.  Rito didn't care.  Rito had several Tenga Warriors with him.  They soon had the elves making Lord Zedd's toy.  After awhile, Rito heard his name called out.  It was Aisha and Kimberly.  They lured Rito outside.  Rito saw that the rest of the teens were there as well.  Rito tried to use his sword, but discovered he had no power.  Goldar soon appeared to help out Rito.  Rito and Goldar were pelted by snowballs and soon ran inside.  Inside the elves had set up a trap.  Rito, Goldar, and the Tenga Warriors were captured, tied up, and sent back to the moon.  Later, a package arrived for Rita and Lord Zedd.  Rito, the Tenga Warriors, Baboo were there, along with Goldar, Rita and Lord Zedd.  Rita was excited, until she opened the present and saw it was the toys Lord Zedd had the elves make.  Rito then, in the spirit of the holidays, gave Goldar a present.    

Rito, Rita, Lord Zedd, and Goldar made their way into the warehouse district of Angel Grove.  Lord Zedd was laughing at the chaos below him.  Lord Zedd stopped at a building.  Lord Zedd:  Perfect.  Lord Zedd shook the building.  Lord Zedd:  Time to clean up the neighborhood.  This is going to be a day to remember.  Rita:  You said it Zeddy!  Rito:  Hey, I got an idea.  I say we wipe out the whole town.  Goldar:  Those puny powerless Rangers can't stop us this time.  Rito and the rest had a great time destroying the district.  They were ready to go to the heart of town, when suddenly they were back to normal size.  Master Vile appeared in the sky above them and told them they were going to wreck his plans.  Master Vile teleported them back to the palace.  Except for Rito, who had ducked out.  Which was the plan.  Rito went after Aisha, Kat, Adam, Billy, Rocky, and Tommy.  Rito wanted to get the power coins from them.  Rito had several Tenga Warriors help him as they chase the kids down the street.  The kids also included Bulk & Skull.  With a series of clever traps, the kids defeated Rito and the Tenga Warriors.  Rito and the Tenga Warriors were suddenly teleported back to the palace.  Rito was having fun, but Master Vile wanted to continued with his plan.  At the palace, Master Vile told them how he was going to send Goldar and Rito with an implosion device to destroy the Command Center and Zordon.  Master Vile also wanted all the monsters gathered together.  Later, Finster tried to organized the monsters.  Master Vile told him he only wanted the top five monsters.  Lord Zedd became excited and instructed the monsters how they were going to take over the world.  Rito pointed out that his dad was in charge now.  Lord Zedd sat miserably back down.  Rito rubbed the top of Lord Zedd's head with affection.  Master Vile then sent down Goldar and Rito to do their mission.  Rito and Goldar simply waited in the desert until they spotted the kids walking towards the Command Center.  Rito and Goldar followed the kids until the kids were teleported out.  Rito and Goldar managed to get to the outside of the Command Center.  Goldar did not like being so close to the Command Center.  Rito and Goldar planted the implosion device and then hurried away.

Rito, Finster, Rita, Lord Zedd, and Goldar were with Master Vile.  Master Vile was very pleased and he was laughing.  Master Vile:  Everything is just as I planned.  Yes, very soon we shall rid the galaxy of Zordon the good deed doer and I, Master Vile, shall reign supreme over the universe.  Master Vile kept an eye on things and his good mood ended.  Master Vile:  Zordon's little food processor on legs has destroyed my implosion device.  Lord Zedd was pleased to see Master Vile fail.  Lord Zedd:  So your great and all powerful Master Vile, is merely a mutant after all.  The palace shook.  Rita:  What is it?  Master Vile:  I don't know, but I'm certain that I don't like it.  It was something inherently good and pure. Rita was upset, she is allergic to good.  Master Vile sent Rito and Goldar to try and get the power coins once more.  Rito and Goldar landed by the lake with several Tenga Warriors.  Kat, Adam, Billy, Rocky, Tommy, and Aisha had been waiting there for the Alien Rangers.  Bulk & Skull had joined them.  Once Bulk & Skull got sight of Rito, Goldar, and the Tenga Warriors, they took off running.  Rito was not pleased to be facing the kids again.  Rito wanted the kids to just hand over the power coins, which they didn't.  Rito, Goldar, and the Tenga Warriors chased the kids around, trying to get the power coins.  Suddenly something strange appeared in the sky.  Everyone stopped to watch.  It was the Alien Rangers.  The Alien Rangers defeated Rito, Goldar, and the Tenga Warriors.  Rito, Goldar, and the Tenga Warriors returned to the palace.  Later, Master Vile was ready to attack with his monsters.  The monsters, Rito, and Goldar were in such a hurry to get out, that they knocked down and trampled over Finster.  But the planned attack failed.  The Alien Rangers, with their Megazords, battled and destroyed the monsters.  Rita was embarrassed when Master Vile threw a fit on the floor.   Rito and Rita helped Master Vile back to his feet.  Master Vile had had enough and decided he was going back to his own galaxy, where evil reign supreme.  Master Vile teleported out.  Goldar was pleased that Lord Zedd was back in charge.  Lord Zedd was thrilled.  Lord Zedd planned to continue Master Vile's plan and he intended to succeed.

Lord Zedd sent Rito and Goldar down to Angel Grove to get the power coins from the kids.  Lord Zedd wanted to destroy the power coins.  Rito and Goldar landed close to the bus route.  Rito took a flying leap and landed on top of the school bus.  Rito dropped his head over the window and scared the bus driver.  The bus driver slammed on his brakes.  Rito went flying off the bus and landed in a heap.  He took a sniff of his armpit to revile himself.  Rito boarded the school bus.  The bus driver protested and Rito put him to sleep with beams from his eyes.  Rito soon spotted the kids he wanted.  Rocky, Tommy, Aisha, and Kat were sitting in the back of the bus.  Rito demanded that they give him what he wanted.  Instead Rito got hit with dozens of water balloons and various other items.  Rito fell down the steps.  Goldar had been standing on top of the bus with a net.  When Rito tumbled out, Goldar tossed the net.  Rito was captured, which was not what was suppose to happened.  Rito and Goldar returned to the palace.  Lord Zedd was not happy.  Lord Zedd had been keeping an eye on Angel Grove and saw that Billy was working on a regenerator to get his friends back to their right age.  Rita complained that Billy never sleeps.  Lord Zedd sent Rito and Goldar down once more to Angel Grove.  Lord Zedd wanted Rito and Goldar to follow Billy and Adam.  Which they did.  Billy and Adam met with the rest of their friends.  Rito and Goldar appeared in front of them.  Billy had managed to use the regenerator to get himself to the right age, but no one else had.  Goldar grabbed the regenerator.  Rita and Lord Zedd appeared on top of the buildings.  Goldar emptied the regenerator of the power coins.  Goldar held the power coins in his hands.  Rita, using her wand, and Lord Zedd, using his staff, fired at the power coins.  The power coins turned into dust and were no more.  Rito, Goldar, Rita, and Lord Zedd left in triumph.  Back at the palace, Rito suggested a monster attack.  Lord Zedd used the regenerator to create a monster.  The monster and Tenga Warriors would be destroyed by the Alien Rangers.

Lord Zedd summon Rito and Goldar.  Billy had made a new generator device to help the Alien Rangers with their hydration problems.  Lord Zedd wanted the device.  Lord Zedd noticed that Billy and the kids were taking the Alien Rangers to the north side of the lake.  Lord Zedd:  Ahh, perfect.  The goofy parade is heading for the great outdoors.  You two numbskulls are going to show up for a little fun in the sun.  Rito:  Hey, great, maybe I'll get a chance to work on getting a sun bone.  Rito laughed, but he was the only one.  Rito and Goldar teleported to the lake.  They demanded that the Billy and the kids turn over the generator device.  Delphine replied that they needed it.  Rito had no sympathy, what Lord Zedd wanted, he gets.  The Alien Rangers used their powers and knocked Rito and Goldar into the rowboat and then set the rowboat into the lake.  Rito had no idea what to do and Goldar was flat on his back as they rode around confused in the rowboat.  Later, Lord Zedd sent down Erik & Merrick the Barbaric to poison Angel Grove lake.  Lord Zedd sent Rito and Goldar down once more.  Billy and the kids had noticed something was wrong with the Alien Rangers, but before they could do anything, Rito and Goldar arrived once more.  Rito had a device that trapped the Alien Rangers, and Billy and the kids could not enter the poison lake either.  After awhile, Tommy approached Rito and tagged him.  Rito was thrilled about playing a game and chased after Tommy.  Tommy dropped on all fours and then kick the device out of Rito's hands.  The device was tossed over to Billy and he used it to free the Alien Rangers.  Goldar couldn't believe it and teleported out.  Rito knew he was in trouble, but figured he better face Lord Zedd's wrath and teleported out.  When they returned, Lord Zedd and Rita made Erik & Merrick the Barbaric grow to giant size.  The Alien Rangers, with the Megazords battled and then destroyed Erik & Merrick the Barbaric.

Rito and Goldar were arguing, blaming each other for their failed missions.  Rita:  Rito!  Goldar!  They stepped forward, still arguing.  Lord Zedd:  Quiet you fools!  Lord Zedd had been doing some research to find a weakness and he found one.  Lord Zedd had found a scroll that showed tunnels beneath the Command Center.  Lord Zedd wanted Rito and Goldar to travel through the tunnels and plant an implosion device to destroy the Command Center.  Goldar was willing to go, but he did not want to take Rito.  Lord Zedd did not give him a choice.  Rito and Goldar, with the map, set off for the tunnels.  Rito and Goldar continue to argue beneath the Command Center.  Rita arrive and she was angry.  They had forgotten the implosion device.  Rito decided since they were arguing over who should have the map, he would tear it in two, so they each would have half.  Rita and Goldar couldn't believe it.  Rita teleported out.  Rito and Goldar tried to find their way through the tunnels with the two pieces of the map.  Rito leaded them to a dead end.  Rito tried to blast through a wall and accidentally set Goldar's half of the map on fire.

Rito and Goldar continued to have a tough time in the tunnels and ran into another dead end.  Rito and Goldar blamed each other for their troubles and decided to go their separate ways.  Each was confident they would find the spot to place the implosion device.  Later, Rito came across popcorn scattered through a tunnel.  Rito was hungry and began eating it.  He soon ran into Goldar, who was furious with him.  Goldar had use the popcorn to make a trail, so he would know which way he had gone.  Rito told Goldar he didn't know, but Goldar was still mad at him.

Rito and Goldar continue to wander aimlessly through the tunnels.  Rito and Goldar finally stopped.  Goldar decided to make their own map.  Goldar began to draw lines of where they entered.  Rito also drew on the map - which turned into a tic tac toe game that Rito won.  Goldar had enough of Rito.  They continue to search.  Rito pestered Goldar with the question are we there yet.  Goldar told him to stop.  Rito then told Goldar he had to go to the bathroom.  After awhile, they could see a glow of light ahead of them.  Rito and Goldar were convince this was the entrance to the Command Center.  Goldar ran out first, even though Rito begged to be the first one.  Instead of reaching the entrance to the Command Center, they ended up outside.  Goldar was frustrated.  Rito laughed and ask Goldar if they were there yet.

Rito and Goldar were back in the tunnels beneath the Command Center.  They were still having a difficult time.  Goldar was holding the implosion device, but his turn was over and he gave it to Rito.  Rito did not want to carry it.  The implosion device got tossed back and forth until Rito accidentally set the implosion device.  Rito and Goldar panic for a moment.  Goldar then told Rito he would go for help.  Rito told him okay.  Goldar took off running.  Rito started to examine the implosion device and get drawn in by the lights.  Rito rubbed the implosion device against his face and decided he liked it.

Goldar did return, but without help.  The implosion device had not gone off.  Rito and Goldar continued to wander through the various passageways, trying to find the Command Center.  Soon they came across a sign that pointed to the Command Center's basement.  Rito activated the implosion device set the various parts of the device in several areas of the basement.  Rito and Goldar were ready to leave, when Rita appeared in front of them.  Rita told them there had been a change of plans.  They were to wait until the Zeo crystal was completed, steal it, and then set off the implosion device.  Goldar wanted to tell her they had already set the implosion device, but Rito stop him.  Rito reassured Rita that they had everything under control.  Rita warned them if they screw this up, not to bother coming back.  Rita teleported out.  Goldar couldn't believe Rito let Rita think everything was okay.  Rito told Goldar he worried too much.  Rito was confident that would get the Zeo crystal before the implosion device went off.

Rito and Goldar tried to stop the timer on the implosion device, but they had no idea how to.  Rito and Goldar sat and anxiously watch the timer on the implosion device count down.  The ground shook, which they thought meant the implosion device went off.  But it was because the Zeo crystal was complete and Earth was returning to it's correct time.  They went back to staring at the implosion device.  They grew more and more nervous and were biting their nails.  Finally Rita's voice told them to go and steal the Zeo crystal.  Rito and Goldar appeared in the Command Center.  Tanya - who had returned in place of Aisha - and Alpha 5 were the only ones there.  The rest of the teens had left to say goodbye to the Alien Rangers.  Zordon told them to stop, but they didn't pay any attention.  Goldar took the Zeo crystal and then they teleported out.  The teens returned.  Moments later the implosion device went off.  Alpha 5 managed to teleport the teens out before the Command Center was destroyed.

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