Scorpina - Ami Kawai
Voiced by Wendee Swan

Page Three

Rita had been watching the teens prepare for a charity motor race.  Rita started laughing.  Rita:  "They're right there for us Goldar!"  Goldar:  "Yes, my queen."  Rita:  "This is perfect."  Scorpina, Baboo, Squatt, and Finster were there as well.  Scorpina:  "We'll get them finally."  Rita's palace began to shake and they all could hear laughter.  Rita:  "What's going on?"  Rita falls to the floor.  Scorpina races to her side as Rita shouts, what's going on?  Baboo and Squatt clutch each other.  Goldar replies, this can only mean one thing.  Lord Zedd, the true emperor, has returned.  Rita is not happy to hear that bit of news and groans.  Rita is in a panic.  Where is he?  Where is he?  From above, Lord Zedd introduces himself.  You have failed to complete the mission assign to you.  I will now resume command.  Prepare the palace for my return!  Lord Zedd took over the place, replaced the Putties with his own, and banished Rita to the outer reaches of the universe.

Angel Grove High School was having a vice versa dance, where the girls ask the guys to the dance.  Adam hadn't been asked.  Lord Zedd decided the perfect girl for Adam would be Scorpina.  Scorpina went down to Angel Grove disguised as a teen named Sabrina.  Sabrina entered the Youth Center and gave an outstanding performance as she practice her martial arts.  A crowd had gathered around, that included Adam and Aisha.  After her practice, Sabrina walked up to Adam.  Sabrina shoved her bag towards Aisha and ignored her.  Sabrina told Adam she had just moved to Angel Grove and didn't know very many people.  Sabrina introduced herself and also told Adam she had heard he was the best in martial arts.  Adam was pleased and embarrassed.  Sabrina wanted to know if they could practice some time.  A hike the following day was suggested.  Sabrina walked away, Aisha briefly stopped her to toss back her back.  Sabrina was pleased the plan had gone so well.  The following day, Sabrina and Adam went on their hike.  Sabrina was not happy to see Aisha had joined them.  Adam wanted them to get along, but Sabrina told Adam she didn't think it was going to happen.  Sabrina continued to be rude to Aisha.  Suddenly Goldar and several putties appeared.  Adam told Sabrina to hide.  Sabrina laughed and revealed herself to be Scorpina.  A golden rope appeared and Adam and Aisha were tied to a tree.  Scorpina laughed as Aisha threw out insults at her.  She could care less.  The rest of the Rangers soon arrived.  Scorpina, Goldar, and the putties battled the Rangers.  Adam and Aisha were freed, morphed, and joined in the battle.  The putties were destroyed.  Lord Zedd had Scorpina and Goldar grow to giant size.  Scorpina was in her monster form.  The Rangers formed their two Megazords.  The battled continued until Scorpina and Goldar had to retreat.   

The Mutiny, Part I

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