Squatt - Voiced by Michael Sorich

Page Three

Rita had been watching the teens prepare for a charity motor race.  Rita started laughing.  Rita:  "They're right there for us Goldar!"  Goldar:  "Yes, my queen."  Rita:  "This is perfect."  Squatt, Finster, Baboo, and Scorpina were there as well.  Scorpina:  "We'll get them finally."  Rita's palace began to shake and they all could hear laughter.  Rita:  "What's going on?"  Rita falls to the floor.  Scorpina races to her side.  Squatt and Baboo clutch each other.  Goldar replies, this can only mean one thing.  Lord Zedd, the true emperor, has returned.  Rita is not happy to hear that bit of news and groans.  Rita is in a panic.  Where is he?  Where is he?  From above, Lord Zedd introduces himself.  You have failed to complete the mission assign to you.  I will now resume command.  Prepare the palace for my return!  Squatt, Goldar, Finster, Rita, and Baboo bend down as a fiery light streaks past them.  The palace shakes and objects fall.  Goldar is very happy that Lord Zedd has returned.  Not so much Rita.  He's going to ruin everything!  Baboo asks, where is Lord Zedd?  Goldar replies, where he belongs.  His chamber of command.  Rita feels lightheaded and has a headache.  Goldar tells her to deal with it.  I'm going to meet my emperor.  Goldar walks away as Rita hollers, wait for me!  Squatt tells Baboo, we should check this guy out.  Squatt and Baboo scamper behind Rita and Goldar.  Squatt, Goldar, and Baboo arrived in the chamber of command before Lord Zedd.  With a flash of lightening Lord Zedd's chair appears along Lord Zedd sitting in it.  Goldar welcomes him back.  Goldar does not like the snake slithering along Lord Zedd's arm.  Lord Zedd transforms the snake into his staff.  Lord Zedd introduces himself and asks Goldar to identify himself.  Goldar quickly responds, your Excellency, surely you remember me?  Goldar, your faithful servant.  Lord Zedd does remember him.  The groveling one.  Goldar kneels as he tells Lord Zedd that he surrenders himself to serve and obey you only.  It's good to have you back.  Lord Zedd believes Goldar's spineless sniveling will serve him well.  For that, I shall restore to you what was once taken away.  Goldar gets his wings back and gratefully thanks Lord Zedd.  You will not regret this.  Lord Zedd warns him, see that I don't.  Now where are the earthlings that the incompetent Rita Repulsa wasn't able to defeat.  Using his visor, Lord Zedd is able to see the charity race.  Rita quickly enters, my brave and powerful Lord Zedd.  What a pleasant surprise.  Welcome!  How can I be of service to you.  Rita whispers to Goldar, traitor.  Rita kneels before Lord Zedd.  Oh Lord Zedd.  Give me another chance.  I will not fail again.  Lord Zedd tells her to be quiet.  Those Power Rangers are nothing but mere infants.  You were defeated by children!  You dare call yourself an empress of evil.  You are not fit to destroy a cockroach!  Goldar agrees.  Rita gets angry at Goldar.  You gold belly rat!  Goldar laughs, knowing his position is secure.  Lord Zedd continues.  You have made me very angry.  As he says this, his body glows a darker red.  Baboo notes the chamber of command changes color along with Lord Zedd's mood.  Lord Zedd banishes Rita back into the dumpster and out into space.  Several of Zedd's Putties are sent down to the charity race to cause problems until the Power Rangers defeat them.  Lord Zedd then sends Pirantishead to attack Angel Grove.

Squatt and Baboo remained hidden and watched Lord Zedd and Goldar.  Tyrannosaurus was coming to the aid of the Rangers.  Lord Zedd:  "Ah, perfect."  Goldar:  "But Tyrannosaurus is still on the loose."  Lord Zedd:  "That is all part of my plan.  Their own weapon will be their undoing when my monster turns the Tyrannosaurus against the Rangers."  Goldar laughed.  Tyrannosaurus attacked the Rangers.  Green Ranger summoned Dragonzord.  Dragonzord fought Tyrannosaurus.  Lord Zedd has been watching the battle and comments, I might as well take control of the Dragonzord.  Goldar agrees.  Squatt and Baboo are still hidden and watching.  Baboo comments to Squatt, got to love him.  Lord Zedd exclaims, Power Rangers you are finished!  Lord Zedd points his staff at Pirantishead.  Goldar cheers.  Pirantishead puts Dragonzord under Lord Zedd's spell.  The Rangers try to take back the zords, but are unable to.  Lord Zedd grows impatient.  Enough with this foolishness.  It's time to squash them once and for all!  Lord Zedd aims his powerful staff at Pirantishead once more.  The Rangers have no choice but to retreat.  Lord Zedd gloats, giving up Zordon!  Nothing you can ever do will defeat me!  Lord Zedd laughs.  Lord Zedd declares the battle is over.  Those Power Rangers are permanently out of my way.  Goldar agrees.  They are powerless without the help of their zords.  Squatt and Baboo listen and watch.  Baboo tells Squatt he wishes Rita could see this. She would turn purple with envy....green.  Lord Zedd instructs Pirantishead to destroy Angel Grove.  Soon the whole world will be under my command.  Lord Zedd laughs. 

Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar were in the palace, listening to Lord Zedd.  Lord Zedd:  "You are a witness to greatness Goldar.  It is only a matter of time until I hold this world in the palm of my hand, to crush at will."  Lord Zedd used his visor and watch Billy and Trini try to make a device that would block the signal Lord Zedd had on Dragonzord and Tyrannosaurus.  Lord Zedd:  "The Power Rangers efforts are futile.  They'll never regain control of their own zords.  Without them, they are nothing."  Goldar cheered Lord Zedd on.  Later, Lord Zedd stands alone as he decides now the time is at hand.  The Power Rangers will witness the mass destruction of all they have fought to protect.  Lord Zedd uses his visor as he gazes down at Angel Grove.  The first wave of attack will be against those annoying humans called teenagers.  After that, the rest of the world shall easily fall.  In their hiding spot, Squatt squeals, they are in for it now!  I can't watch.  Baboo covers his face.  Pirantishead sends Tyrannosaurs and Dragonzord to attack the charity race.  But the Rangers soon regain control of their zords with Billy's signal blocker.  Lord Zedd and Goldar have been watching the battle.  Lord Zedd becomes furious.  I will not tolerate being outsmarted by those Power Rangers.  Squatt and Baboo become frighten over Lord Zedd's rage.  Goldar points out that they have regain control of their zords.  Lord Zedd responds, not for long.  I'll strip the zords' power and return them to the earth!  Lord Zedd points his staff towards the zords.  The ground shakes and opens up beneath the zords and they sink below.  Lord Zedd is thrilled.  Sweet victory you are mine!  Lord Zedd laughs.  Goldar is exuberant.  Squatt and Baboo are no longer fearful and giggle in delight.  Goldar tells Lord Zedd, your victory is deserved.  Your plan was perfect.  Lord Zedd adds, and now lord over all that I see with nothing to stand in my way!  Lord Zedd laughs once more.  Green Ranger quickly sends Dragonzord back to the sea.  With Goldar by his side, Lord Zedd shouts, and now to finish off those pesky Power Rangers!  Grow Pirantishead!  Grow!  Lord Zedd throws his grow bomb towards Pirantishead.  Pirantishead grows to giant size and the Rangers retreat. After awhile, the Rangers return and summon new zords, the Thunderzords.  The Thunderzords form the Thunder Megazord.  Zord Zedd has been watching and he is not happy.  Zordon and his surprises.  Well, they're not going to do him any good this time.  Instead, Thunder Megazord destroys Pirantishead.  Goldar stands by Lord Zedd's side.  Lord Zedd is furious and he screams no!  I don't believe it!  This is not the end by any means.  Zordon and his stupid Power Rangers shall not prevail again!  Squatt and Baboo are behind Lord Zedd.  Lord Zedd  continues on his rant.  I was so close to ridding myself of those annoying power pests.  But now it's all ruined.  Goldar tells Lord Zedd, I'm sorry you failed.  This infuriates Lord Zedd even more.  I didn't fail!  You simpering twit!  You failed!  You all failed!  Just like you failed before!  Baboo is confused.  Did we do something wrong?  Lord Zedd yells, silence!  They have won this time but I shall not rest until the Rangers are completely destroyed and the Earth is reduced to mere cinders!  Lord Zedd laughs.  

Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar have joined Lord Zedd.  Squatt notes, first Zordon's out of commission and now Alpha 5 is on the loose too.  Lord Zedd snaps at him, I did not ask you to speak.  It appears the time is right to destroy Zordon and then the Power Rangers forever! Instead Lord Zedd's plan failed.

Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar were with Lord Zedd as he watched the Youth Center.  The teens had set up booths for various after school activities, and Kimberly was jealous because no one had sign up for her booth, yet Trini had a mob scene at hers.  Lord Zedd:  "Hmmm.  Well, well, well, how fortunate.  Kimberly's little touch of jealousy is just what I need to put my plan of destruction in motion."  Goldar:  "I'm sure it is a brilliant plan, oh evil one, but how will you do it?"  Lord Zedd:  "Have you no brains at all?  I'll bobby-trap one of her silly cactus plants."   Squatt, Goldar, and Baboo all like the idea.  After a few moments, Lord Zedd impatiently asks, where's the jealously potion?  Goldar walks in with it and replies, right here.  Goldar walks up to a Putty holding a cactus plant.  Lord Zedd instructs Goldar to pour the potion onto the cactus flower.  Goldar does so.  Lord Zedd tells the Putty to go and switch this alternate plant for Kimberly's. The Putty makes some strange sounds and then vanishes.  Lord Zedd laughs.  Squatt and Baboo are hiding as they watch what is going on.  The plan works and Kimberly becomes very jealousy and fights with her friends.  Lord Zedd then sends down Bloom of Doom.  Unfortunately, the Rangers destroy Bloom of Doom.  Lord Zedd is furious.  Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar are with him.  Using his fingers, Lord Zedd blasts them with electrical beams.  He tells them, I should turn you all into snakes.  I don't like being outsmarted by insignificant humans.  Even if they do have special powers.  Goldar tells Lord Zedd, it is us, your Excellency, not your plan.  Forgive us.  Lord Zedd states, mark my words, when next the Power Rangers and I meet, I shall not be defeated.

Robogoat was destroyed by Thunder Megazord.  Lord Zedd is furious.  Curses to you!  You meddling Power Rangers for destroying my precious Robogoat! Lord Zedd walks over to Goldar and yells at him.  You cost me the Sword of Power!  Goldar apologizes.  I'm sorry I failed you master.  Lord Zedd tells him, I don't know why I don't clip your wings, you overgrown monkey.  Lord Zedd then storms over to Squatt and Baboo and yells at them as well.  And you two!  You two are just as useless!  I should clip your ears and throw you away in the trash like Rita!  Baboo defends them.  We didn't do anything.  Squatt adds, yeah, we're innocent.  Lord Zedd concludes, well all is not lost underlings.  Although we held the Sword of Power for but a short time, the Green Ranger's powers are now a very short story indeed.  And the final chapter is still being written.

Lord Zedd was with Squatt, Goldar, and Baboo.  Lord Zedd had been watching the Youth Center.  The Stone Canyon Broomball team had just challenge Billy, Jason, Tommy, and Zack.  Lord Zedd:  "Tommy will need more than practice to defeat me.  He was created by Rita and I want to wipe out all memories of her failures.  We shall destroy the Green Ranger once and for all."  Goldar:  "What is your fiendish plan then evil one?"  Lord Zedd:  "Silence!"  I'm thinking.  I must find a way to deprive him of his powers.  Squatt and Baboo clap and cheer and comment, good idea!  Lord Zedd continues, perhaps the silly game they are playing will give me an opportunity.  Lord Zedd gazes down at the Youth Center.  He spots the Stone Canyon teens putting up their poster, outside of the Youth Center.  Lord Zedd notes it's a beetle.  Yes, it's perfect.  Lord Zedd declares, a Stag Beetle shall be my monster.  Unfortunately, Stag Beetle was destroyed by Thunder Megazord.  Squatt exclaims, oh boy!  Baboo adds, kaboom is my favorite sound!  Lord Zedd yells at them, silence!  The Stag Beetle may have failed me, but this time it has not been a total loss.  Goldar is confused.  But your beetle was destroyed, my lord.  Whatever do you mean?  Lord Zedd answers, the beetle drained much of the Green Ranger's power.  Now it's only a matter of time before he is destroyed.  

Goldar and several Putties had been sent down to kidnap Hallie, Trini's neighbor.  Goldar returns to the Moon Palace.   Lord Zedd asks, so Goldar you have returned?  I assume this means you have the girl?   Goldar responds, yes oh fiendish one.  We grabbed her right off the beach.  Lord Zedd is pleased.  Excellent.  Perhaps you have a brain after all.  And the instructions?  Where is the bottle?  Goldar reluctantly responds, I lost it in the battle.  Lord Zedd is in disbelief.  In the what?!  The battle?!  With a little girl?!  Oh, poor Goldar.  It must have be fierce.  I should make soup out of you!  Squatt and Baboo cowered in fear at Lord Zedd's anger.  Lord Zedd continues, actually, this might even be better.  When the Power Rangers found out where the girl is, they'll come to rescue her.  Goldar quickly agrees.  Yes, they always do.  I remember one time when...Lord Zedd yells at him, silence!  When they come to save the girl, we'll ransom her and our price, the Green Ranger.  Later, Invenusable Flytrap is sent to the island.  Eventually the Rangers destroy Invenusable Flytrap with their Power Blaster.  Lord Zedd states, blast it Rangers!  They give me indigestion!  No wonder the Invenusable Flytrap couldn't stomach them.  Goldar!  You melon head!  I'm holding you personally responsible for this disaster.  Squatt and Baboo are there as well.  Squatt comments, good thing that doesn't go for us too.  Lord Zedd continues to yell at Goldar.  You couldn't outsmart a fish sandwich!  Lord Zedd then storms over to Squatt and Baboo to yell at them.  And that goes for you two pea brains!  Squatt asks, what's that about a fish sandwich?  Lord Zedd storms away from them.  He states, at least I still have the girl.  Venus Island obey me!  Sink into the sea!  But the Rangers rescue Hallie before the island sinks.  Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar are with Lord Zedd.  Lord Zedd states, those insurable power punks.  They rescue the girl when she was on the verge of joining my evil minions.  And again, the Green Ranger has eluded me.  But you have not seen the last of Zedd, Power Rangers.  Victory shall be mine!

Lord Zedd had been watching Zack and Kimberly in the Youth Center.  Zack and Kimberly were writing a song and Kimberly was playing her guitar.  Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar were with him.  Lord Zedd:  "So, the Pink Ranger likes to write songs on the guitar, does she?  Ha!  Then it shall serve as the perfect instrument for her and her fellow Rangers' demise!"  Lord Zedd laughed.  Goldar:  "But your evilness, a guitar is wood.  It's not alive, you can't make a monster."  Lord Zedd:  "Where there is wood, there are insects."   Lord Zedd decides to create Guitardo.  After awhile, Lord Zedd announces his spell to create the Guitardo monster is ready.  Time to face the music Power Rangers!  Squatt and Baboo get very excited.  Lord Zedd continues, the monster will use the Pink Ranger's guitar to work his hypnotic magic.  Soon they will all be under my control.  Goldar notes if those Power Brats don't outsmart your monster again.  Lord Zedd yells at him silence you insolence fool!  Squatt and Baboo cower in fear.  Lord Zedd states, the stage is set, now let the show begin!  Lord Zedd uses his staff on the bug on Bulk's shoulder.  Very quickly, Guitardo has Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Red Ranger floating in the air.  He also has Green Ranger sinking into pavement.  Lord Zedd is ecstatic as he exclaims, yes!  Victory is a sweet melody!  Goldar is excited as well.  Squatt and Baboo clap their hands and cheer.  Baboo shouts encore!  Unfortunately, Pink Ranger comes to Green Ranger's aid.  Guitardo is destroyed by the combination of the Power Bow and Dragon Dagger.  Lord Zedd slams his fist down and yells no!  How could Guitardo lose?! My plan was perfect!  Goldar wisely doesn't answer.  Squatt and Baboo are frighten and Baboo nervously responds, that's what I thought.   Squatt tries to make a suggestion, maybe you should have...Lord Zedd yells at them, silence!  Those Power Brats have crushed me for the last time!  Next time I want them crushed.

Squatt and Baboo were with Lord Zedd and Goldar.  Lord Zedd:  "The moment has finally come.  The end of the Green Ranger is at hand and this time there is nothing that can save him from destruction."  Goldar:  "We revel in your evil brilliance Lord Zedd."  Lord Zedd:  "And when the Green Ranger is no more, then comes the final phase.  Total alienation of all the Power Rangers."  Lord Zedd has been watching Angel Grove High School, where five new teens were terrorizing the school.  Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar are with him.  Lord Zedd asks, did you see that Goldar?  Lord Zedd doesn't wait for a response.  He continues, yes, they are absolutely perfect.  Those five surly teenagers shall become my evil super heroes, the Dark Rangers.  Goldar adds, a stroke of genius most foul lord.  But what is the purpose of this strange crystal?  Lord Zedd responses, when the Green Ranger is no more, the crystal will be fully charged.  And I will use it to destroy Zordon and his Command Center.  Goldar comments, I can feel it siphoning off the Green Ranger's powers.  Goldar laughs.  The following day, Lord Zedd is watching the confrontation taking place at the beach between the new teens and Kimberly, Billy, Zack, and Jason.  Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar are still with him.  Lord Zedd states, you see Goldar?  Arrogant, nasty, disrespectful.  Those are my five warriors.  The final element to complete my plan. Lord Zedd announces, it is time!  Now to summon the Dark Rangers to my play land.  To the other world!  Lord Zedd points his staff down towards the teens.  Goldar watches.   A sudden electric charge surrounds the new teens and they disappear and teleported to the other world.  Lord Zedd also creates Turbanshell and has it drain Green Ranger of his powers.  Although Lord Zedd succeeds in draining Green Ranger of his powers, the Rangers destroy Turbanshell and the five new teens are returned to Angel Grove with no memories of what had happened when they were the Dark Rangers.

Baboo and Squatt cowered in fear.  Goldar was there as well.  Lord Zedd was furious.  Lord Zedd had planned to drain Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Black Ranger of their powers.  Instead Red Ranger rescue them and defeated his plan.  Lord Zedd states, I don't understand it.  The more I divide them, the more they come together.  I swear I will find a way to destroy them, even if I have to scour the entire galaxy to do it. 

Lord Zedd had wanted to cast a hallucination spell on the Rangers that made them think they were fighting previous monsters.  Although the plan worked initially, Zordon soon filled in the Rangers on what was going on.  The Rangers returned and destroyed Trumpet Top, who had created the illusions.  Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar were with Lord Zedd.  Lord Zedd was furious.  Lord Zedd tells them, another brilliant plan crashed and burned.  Can't any of you pathetic pickle heads do anything right?!

Squatt and Baboo were inside the Cave of Fantasy.  Lord Zedd had decided he wanted Kimberly to be his bride and instructed Goldar to capture her.  Goldar did so and brought her to the cave.  Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar all assume Kimberly was still under the spell Goldar had placed on her when she awoke.  Kimberly was not, but decided to act the part.  Kimberly began to act like Rita, which frighten Squatt and Baboo.  Kimberly even hit Goldar on the head with Rita's Wand and told him he should be kneeling to her.  Goldar thought his spell has worked a little too well.  Eventually Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger went into the cave and rescue Kimberly.  Meanwhile, Lord Zedd had created Mirror Maniac from Kimberly's mirror.  After the rescue, the Rangers battled and destroyed Mirror Maniac with the Thunder Megazord.  Lord Zedd was furious.  Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar were back at the palace as Lord Zedd ranted over another failure.   

Lord Zedd was on his balcony, watching the Youth Center.  Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar were there as well.  Kimberly had entered the Youth Center to tell Trini and Billy that Tommy was coming home at the end of the week.  The three teens decided to throw him a surprise party.  Lord Zedd:  "Well, isn't that touching?  The pathetic Power Brats are planning a surprise party for their fallen comrade, the Green Ranger."  Squatt:  "A party!  I love parties!"  Lord Zedd:  "I'll give them a surprise they wish they could forget.  Young Tommy's final farewell."  Later,  Lord Zedd senses a weakening in the power grid. Goldar, quick to take credit, tells him, our armies have been getting stronger.  I knew if we kept....Lord Zedd yells at him, silence you fool!  Squatt and Baboo cower in fear as Lord Zedd continues, it's more than that.  The morphin grid's balance is maintained by the constant struggle between Zordon and myself.  Goldar suggests that maybe Zordon finally gave up.  Lord Zedd adds, or is somehow damaged.  Either way, now is the perfect chance to retrieve the former Green Ranger.  Goldar states, without Zordon, the Power Rangers will be powerless to stop us.  Lord Zedd decides to give the Rangers a little something to keep them occupied and out of our way.  Lord Zedd decides to create Nimrod, the Scarlet Sentinel.   Lord Zedd's spell has hit a statue.  Lord Zedd tells, Squatt, Goldar, and Baboo, we must celebrate. The Green Ranger will soon return to the dark side.  And take his place as heir to my throne.    

Goldar and Lord Zedd had been watching the Youth Center.  Tommy and Kimberly were preparing to go on a date and Richie had asked Trini if they could study some time.  Lord Zedd:  "So teenage love is in the air.  How sickening."  Goldar:  "Please let me break their hearts Master!"  Lord Zedd:  "With the extra Ranger, we need an extra monster to turn their dream date into a nightmare."  Later Goldar and Lord Zedd had been watching Tommy and Kimberly on their date.  Lord Zedd:  "Ahh, the Pink Ranger's purse will make an excellent monster."  Goldar:  "Yes, but what about the second creature?"  Lord Zedd sent down several Putties to distract Kimberly and Tommy.  As Kimberly and Tommy battle the Putties, one of the Putties took Kimberly's purse.   The Putty went further away.  After taking a look at the lipstick Kimberly had in her purse, the Putty dropped both items on the ground.  Lord Zedd transformed Kimberly's purse into Pursehead.  He transform the lipstick into Lipsyncher.  At first Lord Zedd's plan was working great.  Squatt, Baboo, and Finster cheered for Lord Zedd.  Eventually the Rangers destroyed both monsters.  Lord Zedd was angry and blamed Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar.

Lord Zedd had created Magnet Brain to destroy the Rangers, instead the Power Rangers destroyed Magnet Brain with their Thunder Megazord.  Baboo, Squatt, and Goldar are with Lord Zedd.  Lord Zedd is upset, but is not about to give up on destroying the Power Rangers.

Once more, Lord Zedd was watching the Youth Center.  Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar were with him.  The Youth Center was hosting a chaperone program for kids trick or treating.  Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy were all working there as part of their school project.  Lord Zedd:  "Ahh, Halloween.  Little children dressed as hideous creatures, demanding treats from perfect strangers.  Finally, a holiday I can sink my teeth into.  They're having a party  Goldar.  Does that give you any ideas?"  Goldar:  "Yes, we send our monsters down to infiltrate their party."  Squatt and Baboo were excited over the party.  Baboo had always wanted to dress as little Bo Peep.  But that is not what Lord Zedd had in mind.  Lord Zedd wanted to have White Ranger battle an assortment of monsters.  Lord Zedd sent down several Putties disguised as children in Power Ranger Halloween costumes to lure Tommy out.  Once Tommy was outside with the "kids" trick or treating, Goldar appeared.  The "children" reveal they were Putties and Goldar used the flame from his sword to transport Tommy to the haunted forest dimension.  Tommy had to battle Tombstone, Robogoat, and Pumpkin on his own, and unmorph as his morpher had been knocked to the ground.  Eventually Blue Ranger and Pink Ranger arrived.  They tossed Tommy his morpher.  The three Rangers battled and defeated Tombstone, Primator, Invenusable Flytrap, Robogoat, Pumpkin Rapper, Rhinoblaster, and Snizzard.

Squatt and Baboo cowered together.  Lord Zedd had wanted three ninjas for his elite squad to defeat the Power Rangers.  Instead Aisha, Adam, and Rocky won.  Lord Zedd was upset.  Lord Zedd did not think Adam, Rocky, and Aisha would go over to the dark side.  Goldar was sure he could convince them.  Lord Zedd did not think Goldar could.  Goldar then volunteered to search the globe for three suitable candidates.  Lord Zedd change his mind and sent Goldar down to capture Rocky, Aisha, and Adam.  Goldar did so, along with Mr. Anderson.  The three teens and Mr. Anderson were held in the cave of despair.

Squatt and Baboo hid and watch Lord Zedd rant at Goldar.  Lord Zedd's plan had failed.  Terror Blossom had been destroyed.  Adam, Rocky, Aisha, and Mr. Anderson were rescue.  Lord Zedd blame Goldar for the failure, but still thought the idea of an elite evil fighting force was a good idea, and worth pursuing.     

Lord Zedd had been watching the Youth Center.  The 1st Annual World Teen Summit was being held there.  Squatt and Baboo were with him.  Lord Zedd:  "Ah, this gives me a particularly fiendish idea.  We use these highly intelligent humans to make Power teens of our own."  Squatt:  "Great idea, but how do we do that?"  Lord Zedd:  "All we need are the power coins, numbskulls.  The rest shall be easy.  With my own super intelligent Power Rangers, the world will finally be mine."  Lord Zedd has Goldar send down the Putties to distract the three Rangers in the park.  Then Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar are to capture the teen delegates and keep them in a cave.  In the park, everyone is enjoying themselves.  Rocky, Adam, and Tommy show their karate moves to the delegates.  Billy and Tamara are enjoying each other's company.  Aisha and Kimberly are sitting together enjoying the day.  Several Putties arrive.  Tamara spots them before Billy.  Billy tells Tamara to run to the Youth Center, which she does.  Kimberly, Aisha, and Billy joined Tommy, Rocky, and Adam who are in front of the delegates.  They tell the delegates to hide.  The six teens then battle the Putties.  The teen delegates move away, but they are quickly captured by Squatt, Baboo, Goldar, and several more Putties.  Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar enter the cave with the teen delegates.  Baboo notes that the cave is cozy.  Squatt asks, why couldn't we guard the door?  It's creepy in here.  The teen delegates are place in a holding area as Goldar tells them, this is your new home until the master sends for you.  Escape is impossible.  The teen delegates look around as Goldar continues, you are now the prisoners of the great Lord Zedd.  Squatt and Baboo return to the Moon Palace.  Later, Goldar is tricked by the Rangers with fake power coins.  The Rangers battle and defeat Goldar and the Putties.  The delegates are rescued by the Power Rangers.

As usual, Lord Zedd had been keeping any eye on what was going on in Angel Grove.  Goldar, Squatt, and Baboo were with him.  Lord Zedd had just heard that the three teens selected to go to Switzerland was Jason, Trini, and Zack.  Lord Zedd:  "So that's what it takes to get rid of three Power Rangers."  Goldar:  "I could destroy the rest with my eyes closed."  Lord Zedd:  "Don't even think about it Goldar!  As soon as my newest demon of destruction is fully energized, I will destroy the Power Rangers myself."  Later, Goldar entered.  Goldar:  "I am sure that this will be of interest to you, oh evil one.  My sources have confirmed that the Power Rangers have left Earth."  Lord Zedd knew immediately what Zordon was up to.  The Power Rangers were headed to the deserted plant to get the Sword of Light and transfer the power.  Lord Zedd wanted to stop them before that happened.  Lord Zedd instructed Squatt and Baboo to go down to Angel Grove with the sleep machine and put the city to sleep, so that Zordon could not find a replacement for the three Rangers.  Squatt and Baboo left.  They landed in the park and follow Finster's instructions on how to set it.  Baboo got close to the machine and soon was asleep on the ground.  Squatt woke him up and they teleported back to the palace.  The sleep machine worked and everyone was asleep except for Rocky, Aisha, and Adam.  They were in the park, trying to stop the sleep machine.  Lord Zedd sent down several putties.  The putties fought the three teens and defeated them.  The putties chained them to a tree.  Lord Zedd and Goldar entered Serpentera and raced towards the deserted planet.  Lord Zedd and Goldar began attacking the planet with Serpentera.  Lord Zedd was very pleased as the Rangers were unable to stop him.

Lord Zedd had plan to use the Mirror of Regret to weaken and destroy Adam's confidence.  Goldar had been sent down with the mirror.  Lord Zedd then created the monster, Skelerena.  The Mirror of Regret was working until the last scene, which showed Adam's student Shawn doing well.  This brought back Adam's confidence.  Adam battled the putties and destroyed them.  Goldar retreated.  Adam morphed and then joined the rest of the Rangers in their battle against Skelerena.  The Rangers used the Power Canon and destroyed Skelerena.  Lord Zedd was furious.  Lord Zedd yelled at Squatt and Baboo for the failure and blamed them.  Squatt and Baboo cowered in fear.  Goldar entered and Lord Zedd wanted to know what had happened.  Squatt and Baboo then became gleeful as Goldar was now the subject of Lord Zedd's fury.  Goldar tried to explain, but Lord Zedd cut him off.  Lord Zedd vowed he would destroy the Power Rangers.

Lord Zedd had been watching Angel Grove High School.  Adam had just given a report in Ms. Appleby's class on his kaleidoscope.  Squatt, Goldar, and Baboo were with him.  Lord Zedd:  "When is a Ranger not a Ranger?  When his image is scattered to bits.  And a Ranger is in danger when his memory is on the..."  Squatt:  "On the fritz?"  Lord Zedd: "I would have gotten it."  Squatt:  "Yeah, in a couple of million years maybe."  Squatt and Baboo giggled among themselves.  Lord Zedd:  "Goldar, go get me that kaleidoscope."  Lord Zedd then yelled at Baboo and Squatt for finishing his rhyme.  Lord Zedd had created the monster Scatterbrain out of Adam's kaleidoscope.  But Lord Zedd's plan failed and the Power Rangers destroyed Scatterbrain. 

The teens, except for Adam, were excited to be going on the Harvey Garvey show as Rangers to promote staying in school and the power of education.  Squatt, Lord Zedd, Baboo, and Goldar were in the palace.  Lord Zedd:  "So, those star struck Power Punks want to send their message to the world.  Well, I'll give them all a message to remember and alienate the Power Rangers at the same time."  Baboo:  "He is truly the biggest star of all."  Squatt:  "Bigger than Elvis!"  Lord Zedd:  "Silence you blueberries for brains!"  Goldar:  "Yeah, silence!"  Lord Zedd wanted Goldar to capture the Rangers.  Lord Zedd plan to make duplicate Rangers and have them appear on TV with his own evil message.  Goldar was unable to capture the Rangers and instead Lord Zedd created Showbiz monster, which the Rangers ended up destroying.

Lord Zedd had wanted to send the Rangers to the lost universe.  Lord Zedd wanted Goldar to steal an item from the teens scavenger hunt.  Goldar had several putties go down to the park, where they battle Billy, Rocky, and Aisha.  The putties managed to get the sack with the scavenger hunt items in it.  A toy cannon was placed on the ground and Lord Zedd turned into Cannontop.  Cannontop had the ability to transport the Rangers into the lost universe.  Instead, the Rangers battled and destroyed Cannontop.  Lord Zedd was very angry and blame Squatt and Baboo for the failure.

The teens were separated.  Tommy, Kimberly, and Adam were scuba diving while Aisha, Rocky, and Billy were at the lake.  Lord Zedd had decided he would destroy the three teens at the lake and then go after the remaining three.  Lord Zedd resurrected an old monster, Slippery Shark, which he referred to as Shark Monster.  Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger were soon battling Slippery Shark and having a difficult time.  Lord Zedd was so pleased he sent down several more, including Cruel Crayfish (Commander Crayfish), Pirantishead, and Toxic Goo-fish.  Squatt and Baboo knew Lord Zedd was determined to destroy the Power Rangers.  They only hoped they would not be sent next.  Lord Zedd's plan worked fine until the rest of the Rangers joined in the battle against the four monsters.  Frustrated Lord Zedd created Tube Monster and made him giant size immediately.  White Ranger stayed behind to battle the four monsters as the rest of the Rangers left.  The five Rangers formed their Megazord, battled and destroyed Tube Monster.  White Ranger destroyed the four monsters.  Lord Zedd was upset.  Lord Zedd decided to have lunch before he hatched his next scheme.  Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar were leery of telling Lord Zedd they had gotten him trout for lunch.  Lord Zedd couldn't believe it and told them he was surrounded by nitwits.     

Lord Zedd was in the palace, along with Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar.  Lord Zedd:  "Ahh, the dawn of another glorious day, whose sunset shall witness the final destruction of those Power Brats!"  Lord Zedd used his visor to look into Ms. Appleby's class.  Ms. Appleby was having the class bring in a special picture of when they were a kid and they had to explain why it was special.  Kimberly was presenting her picture.  Lord Zedd:  "The Pink Ranger as a child."  Lord Zedd was inspired.  Lord Zedd:  "That's it!"  Lord Zedd turned around and faced Goldar, Squatt, and Baboo.  Lord Zedd:  "Why didn't you fools think of this before?"  Squatt and Baboo cowered in fear.  Squatt:  "Sorry, I guess we weren't thinking.  What were we talking about anyway?"  Lord Zedd like the idea of the Rangers being kids.  They would have no powers and no memory of being a Power Ranger.  Lord Zedd used the Rock of Time.  The Rock of Time reverse Earth's rotation and time went backwards about ten years.  Lord Zedd was thrilled to see Aisha, Kimberly, Adam, Billy, Rocky, and Tommy were kids once more.  The kids went into the park to play.  Lord Zedd decided to send down several putties, confident they would be rid of them soon.  Instead the kids battled and defeated the putties, discovering that if you hit the Z on the putty, you destroyed him.  Lord Zedd was furious.  His putties had been destroyed by children.  Lord Zedd was not about to give up.  Lord Zedd spotted the camera laying on the grass in the park.  Lord Zedd turned the camera into Photomare.  Photomare took the kids picture and they were now frozen within the picture.  Lord Zedd was thrilled.

Squatt and Baboo cowered in fear.  Lord Zedd's plan had failed.  Alpha 5 had release the children from the photograph and return them to teenagers.  The Rangers had destroyed Photomare.  The Rangers also destroyed the Rock of Time and defeated Goldar.  Lord Zedd was not happy.

Squatt and Baboo popped into Lord Zedd's chamber.  Lord Zedd had been recharging his evil energies, but he was awake now.  Rita was with him.  Lord Zedd was going to marry Rita.  Squatt and Baboo were excited over the idea of a wedding.  Goldar was not.  Goldar was elected as Lord Zedd's worse man and sent off to make the wedding preparations.

Squatt and Baboo waited with Rita for the wedding to start.  Rita:  "What's with the holdup?  I want to get this over with right away."  Squatt:  "Queen Rita, I'm so excited to be the mutant of honor."  Rita:  "Zip it hog breath!"  The music began to play.  Squatt and Baboo walked with Rita down the aisle.  Finster was performing the ceremony.  Lord Zedd and Rita got married and a fun reception followed.  Squatt and Baboo party along with the monsters and putties at the reception.  Everyone, except Goldar, had a good time.

Squatt and Baboo hid together.  They were listening to Lord Zedd.  Lord Zedd was very pleased.  Lord Zedd had wanted to send the Rangers back in time.  Lord Zedd had sent Goldar to Rita to ask her to see Ghost of Darkness.  Rita went to see Ghost of Darkness and Wizard of Deception was sent down to Angel Grove.  Wizard of Deception had created evil Green Ranger with a lock of  Tommy's hair.  Wizard of Deception sent Adam, Billy, Rocky, Aisha, and Kimberly back to the colonial era.  Evil Tommy faced down Tommy.  Lord Zedd was thrilled and thought he and Rita made a good team.  Squatt and Baboo were happy and thought the marriage could work.

Squatt and Baboo were happy to see Lord Zedd and Rita's plan working so well.

Rita hollered for Squatt, Goldar, and Baboo and they came running.  Rita had a magic rope and she wanted them to use it.  The magic rope would turn Tommy and Kimberly against each other.  Goldar became suspicious and asked Rita if Lord Zedd knew of the plan.  Rita replied that he didn't, but he would once she destroyed the Rangers.  Goldar did not leave with Squatt and Baboo.  Squatt and Baboo went down to Angel Grove park.  They strung the magic rope across the sidewalk.  Kimberly and Tommy tripped over it.  That's all it took to make Kimberly and Tommy against each other.  The following day, Squatt and Baboo were with Rita.  Rita had a note that said it had information that would destroy Kimberly.  Rita used her magic to attached the note to Tommy's locker.  Tommy read the note and went to the park.  When Tommy arrived, he was attacked by Goldar and several putties.  Goldar managed to get Saba from White Ranger.  Goldar gave Rita Saba.  Rita danced around in the park, along with Squatt, Goldar, and Baboo.  Rita had gagged Saba.  Soon five of the  Rangers arrived.  The spell White Ranger and Pink Ranger had been under had been removed thanks to Zordon and Alpha 5.  Rita had Saba activate the Tigerzord.  Squatt cheered alongside Rita, Goldar, and Baboo.  The Rangers had formed their Megazord and were now battling Tigerzord.  They did not realize White Ranger was behind them with a device.  White Ranger used the device to grab Saba back.  The Rangers no longer had to battle Tigerzord.  Squatt, Rita, Goldar, and Baboo quickly retreated.  

Rita was with Squatt, Goldar, and Baboo.  Rita had been watching Angel Grove High School.  The school was having a book fair.  Kimberly had found a fairy tale book that she liked and Tommy bought it for her.  Rita:  "Well, this is very interesting."  Squatt:  "I hope Rita is going to tell us what she is thinking."  Baboo:  "Because we can't think of anything ourselves."  Rita:  "So the Pink Ranger likes fairy tales, does she?  Well then perhaps she'll like to become part of one."  Goldar:  "Not without Lord Zedd's permission, he demands to know all matters concerning the Power Rangers."  Rita told Goldar if he would like to wake Lord Zedd from his nap, he was more than welcome to.  Rita reminded Goldar how grouchy Lord Zedd gets when he is awaken from his nap.  Goldar walked away.  Rita went ahead with her plan.  Rocky, Tommy, and Kimberly were trapped inside the fairy tale book.  Later Lord Zedd sent the putties into the book to steal the toys, making the story never end and the three teens trapped forever. 

Squatt and Baboo were with Goldar and Rita.  Rita was furious.  Lord Zedd had tried to take advantage of a time hole in Angel Grove, by destroying Angel Grove in the past, and making sure the Rangers are never born.  The plan had failed.  Rita was yelling at Goldar, which Squatt and Baboo enjoyed.  Lord Zedd entered and wanted to know what the problem was.  Rita explained how Goldar had failed them.  Lord Zedd was furious.

Squatt teleported down with Goldar into Angel Grove High School art class.  Goldar was laughing.  Goldar:  "The humans have all left the room."  Squatt:  "Goody goody."  Violet, a student at Angel Grove High School, had created a statue that looked a lot like Billy.  Goldar:  "The statue is ready for your personal touch mighty Lord Zedd."  But it would be Rita who grew impatient with Lord Zedd, grabbed his staff and created Evil Billy.  Evil Billy referred to Goldar as Lord Goldar.  Goldar gave Evil Billy his instructions.  Evil Billy was to gain the trust of Aisha, Kimberly, Adam, Rocky, and Tommy and then take their communicators and morphers.  Putties were sent into the park and the teens were separated as they battled the putties.  Billy was captured and taken to the Dark Dimension.  Squatt was with Goldar as Goldar laughed at Billy.  Goldar had Billy's morpher and communicator.  Then Evil Billy stepped forward and Goldar gave the communicator and morpher to Evil Billy.  Squatt and Goldar left.  Evil Billy would do so soon after.  Eventually Kimberly, Adam, Rocky, Tommy, and Aisha realized they were not dealing with the real Billy.  Billy escaped and the Rangers destroyed Evil Billy.       

While five of the Rangers were on Edenoi, trying to help Masked Rider, Lord Zedd has sent down Repellator, in hopes of taking over Earth.  At first the plan was working well, with only the Pink Ranger to defend Angel Grove.  But soon the rest of the Rangers arrived.    Repellator battled the Rangers.  The Rangers destroyed Repellator.  Lord Zedd was not happy and ranted to Squatt, Baboo, Rita and Goldar that he only hope Count Dregon would not find out, or he would never hear the end of it.

Rito Revolto, Rita's young brother, had arrived on the moon.  Squatt and Baboo was surprised, they didn't even know Rita had a brother.  Rito had brought a wedding present for his sister and Lord Zedd.  The wedding present, eggs, were not ready yet and Rito would not reveal what the present was.  In the meanwhile, Lord Zedd wanted to launch another attack on Angel Grove.  Finster was called in and told to create monsters.  Finster set to work right away and recreate some of his old favorites.  Finster soon returned with several monsters. The monsters were Lizzinator, Octophantom, Fighting Flea, and Stag Beetle.  Rito was sent down as bait, along with the rest of the monsters.   The monsters and Rito were a success and had destroyed both the Megazords.  Squatt, Baboo, Goldar, Lord Zedd, and Rita danced around in the palace, thrilled with their success.

Lord Zedd has everyone gathered around him and he was very pleased.  Lord Zedd:  "Ahh, my comrades, we have executed the ultimate plan.  By destroying their zords, we have once and for all taken the power out of the Power Rangers."  Rita:  "Rito, my brother, I'm so proud of you."  Rito:  "Yeah, I'm proud of me too."  Rito laughed at himself.  Goldar:  "With four monsters helping me, I could defeat them too!"  Rita:  "Sure you could."  Lord Zedd:  "Silence!"  Lord Zedd wanted to know what was in the eggs.  At first Rito had a difficult time remembering, but then he remembered all but one of the eggs were Tenga Warriors.  Lord Zedd was impressed.  As they waited for the eggs to hatch, Lord Zedd kept an eye on things.  He became very angry when he spotted the teens in the Desert of Despair.  Lord Zedd wanted the teens stopped.  The eggs had hatch, except for one, and the Tenga Warriors were sent to get rid of the teens.  The Tenga Warriors battled the teens and so the teens had to take cover.  The Tenga Warriors placed the one remaining egg outside of their shelter.

Squatt, Baboo, Finster, Goldar, Rita, and Rito had all been gathered around.  Lord Zedd was furious.  The Rangers, with their new ninjazords, had defeated Rito.  They had also destroyed Vampirus.  Lord Zedd yelled at all of them for their failure. 

Squatt was in the throne room with Lord Zedd, Rito, Rita, and Baboo.  Lord Zedd had been watching the Youth Center and knew of Adam's family reunion and how Adam now had the family lantern.  Lord Zedd:  "Arrg!  I'll show you the powers of that contraption, Black Ranger!  Baboo! Squatt!  Bring that lantern to me!"  Rito:  "Hey, I want go."  Lord Zedd:  "Alright, go!  Maybe among the three of you, you can actually do something right!"  Squatt, Rito, and Baboo left.  They went to Billy's friend Ko's place.  There were numerous lanterns.  Unsure of which one was the right one, Squatt and Baboo grabbed them all.  Rito and several Tenga Warriors kept Aisha, Adam, Billy, Rocky, and Tommy busy as Squatt and Baboo gathered the lanterns.  Rito and the Tenga Warriors soon retreated.  A small distance away, in Angel Grove's park, Rito yelled at Squatt and Baboo for taking so many lanterns.  Unable to decide which one was the right one, Squatt, Baboo, and Rito return to the palace with all of them.  Lord Zedd was not happy.  How would he able to tell which lantern was the right one.  Rita told him she had a good sense of these things and yanked a lantern out and said this was Adam's lantern.  Baboo pulled one out as well and stated this one would go well with the drapes.  Rita and Lord Zedd ignored him.  Rita's lantern was turned into a monster and sent down to attack Angel Grove.  Soon the Rangers were battling the lantern monster.  Lord Zedd and Rita made the monster grow.  The Rangers formed their Megazord and destroyed the monster.

Lord Zedd had summon Finster.  Rita was with him. Squatt, Goldar, Rito, and Baboo entered as well.  Lord Zedd wanted Finster to create a hate monster to turn the Rangers against each other.  This was to be Rita's anniversary present.  Finster soon returned with magical seeds of hate which had been extracted from the evil of every monster he had created.  Finster instructed Lord Zedd to throw them to Earth.  Lord Zedd did do.  Finster then had Rita and Lord Zedd recite an incantation.  This created Hate Master.  Hate Master was sent down to Angel Grove.  Hate Master needed something the Rangers had touch, so he could make hate dust.  First Lord Zedd sent down the Tenga Warriors to keep the Rangers busy and to have something the Rangers had touched.  Then Lord Zedd sent down Squatt to gather the soil that the Rangers were kicking around as they battle the Tenga Warriors.  Squatt easily walked into the battle and began gathering the soil the Rangers had touched.  Squatt hurried away.  White Ranger thought Squatt was running from the battle, but that was not the case.  Squatt gave the soil to Hate Master.  Hate Master turned it into his hate dust and blew it at the Rangers.  The Rangers demorphed and hated each other.  (Except for Yellow Ranger, who was not there.)  Aisha would try to help her friends and for a moment the spell was broken.  Rita was upset, but Lord Zedd was confident with more dust, the Rangers could not break the spell.  Lord Zedd and Rita made Hate Master big.  The Rangers formed their Megazord and battle Hate Master.  During the battle, Lord Zedd had Hate Master use more hate dust.  Hate Master did so and the Rangers, except Yellow Ranger, quit in the middle of the battle.  Once more they hated each other as well as Zordon.  Rita was thrilled.   Later, Aisha would help her friends break the spell and the Rangers would destroy Hate Master.

Rita sent down Squatt, Baboo, and Rito to steal the urn that contained Face Stealer.  Squatt, Baboo, and Rito walked boldly down the street in the daylight towards the museum.  They were spotted by Adam, Billy, Rocky, Tommy, and Aisha.  Rito had several Tenga Warriors arrive.  The teens were kept busy battling the Tenga Warriors as Squatt, Baboo, and Rito continued on their way into the museum.  Squatt, Baboo, and Rito looked over the various items to find the urn.  Baboo got a little confused and Rito became angry with him.  Rito found the urn, but then they heard the sound of someone coming.  Squatt, Baboo, and Rito pretended to be exhibits as several children walked into the exhibit.  The children commented on how ugly monsters were way back when and then left.  Squatt, Baboo, and Rito then teleported out.  Rita released Face Stealer.  Eventually the Rangers destroyed Face Stealer.

Squatt and Baboo cowered in a corner.  Lord Zedd and Rita had left for their second honeymoon.  Goldar was furious with having to put  up with Rito.  Squatt and Baboo commented that they liked Rito.  Goldar wanted it to be just him and Lord Zedd conquering the universe together.  Goldar decided he would prove himself by destroying the Power Rangers.  Goldar left with several Tenga Warriors, but they were defeated by the Power Range

Rita had come up with a plan.  Rita had managed to get Aisha and Kimberly to adopt a stray cat, PC.  PC was actually a human girl, Kat, who was working for Rita.  Kat would report all the information she found out to Rita.  Rita used this information and had Kat lured Tommy in by having Tommy fix her car.  Kat then offered to let Tommy drive the car.  After some hesitation, Tommy did so and soon they were trapped in a warp.  Tommy was trapped in another dimension.  Rita and Lord Zedd created a powerful shield so Tommy could not communicate with his friends.  Goldar was battling White Ranger as a giant Rito was attacking the city.  Rita was very pleased with her plan.  Squatt and Baboo praised their mistress.  White Ranger would later be teleported out.

Finster had the scrolls that showed the location of the dormant zords.  Squatt and Baboo were sent with Finster into a dense jungle, to find the Shogunzords.  After awhile, Squatt and Baboo needed a break.  Squatt soon discovered he was sitting on the base of the zords.  Squatt, Baboo, and Finster were thrilled with their discovery.  They reported back to the palace.  Squatt and Baboo stood with Rito at the palace.  They now needed a power coin to operate the zords.  Rita had instructed Kat to steal a coin.  Kat was at the lake with her "friends".  There were a lot of people there, and Rita knew Kat couldn't steal the coin.  Rito suggested sending down the Tenga Warriors as a distraction.  The Tenga Warriors were sent down.  During the chaos, Kat stole Kimberly's power coin.  Later, with the power coin, Kat successfully stole the Falconzord.  Ninjor had been in battle and was greatly weakened.  Ninjor was captured and taken to Lord Zedd.  Lord Zedd instructed Finster to drain Ninjor's energy, to operate the zords.

The five Rangers had agreed to pilot the Shogunzords.  There was a party at the palace.  Squatt, Baboo, Rito, Goldar, Finster, Rita, and Lord Zedd had a good time dancing and enjoying themselves.  Goldar:  "Three cheers to Lord Zedd!"  Lord Zedd decided to check on the teens.  Lord Zedd:  "I better check on the Power Rangers, just in case."  Lord Zedd became furious when he spotted Billy, Rocky, Tommy, Aisha, and Adam setting up a device, that would allow Tommy to travel to the dimension and rescue Kimberly.  Lord Zedd sent down several Tenga Warriors.  Tommy had made it to the dimension, so Lord Zedd left to battle him and prevent him from rescuing Kimberly.  Later, Lord Zedd was defeated and Kimberly was rescued.  The Rangers also gained control of the Shogunzords.  But Lord Zedd and Rita still had Ninjor and Kimberly's power coin.       

Lord Zedd was not happy.  Squatt, Baboo, Rito, Goldar, Finster, and Rita were with him as he made his complaints known.  Lord Zedd:  "I rule over a dominion of losers.  None of you know how to defeat the Power Rangers.  I'm disgusted with all of you!"  Goldar:  "Me too."  Rita:  "He's talking about you Goldbar!"  Rita laughed.  Squatt:  "I guess it's going to be another one of those days."  Rito:  "The way I see it Ed, we need a fool proof plan to defeat the Rangers."  Rito suggested changing one of the Rangers into a monster.  The remaining Rangers wouldn't want to destroy one of their own, and the Ranger monster would destroy them.  Rita scoffed at the idea, but Lord Zedd liked it.   Moments later,  Finster returned with a vehicular transformer.  Kimberly, Bulk & Skull were inside a cab, trying to catch the thief that had stolen Kimberly's car.  Lord Zedd used the vehicular transformer on the cab and it turned into Crabby Cabbie.  Initially the plan worked well and Lord Zedd and Rita made Crabby Cabbie grow to giant size.  But Alpha 5 came up with a device that would remove Kimberly, Bulk & Skull from the van.  The device worked and Bulk, Skull, and Kimberly were ejected from Crabby Cabbie.  The five Rangers, with their Shogunzords, destroyed Crabby Cabbie.

Lord Zedd and Rita watched as Kat got help and Kimberly was taken to Angel Grove Community Hospital.  Squatt, Goldar, Rito, and Baboo were with them.  Lord Zedd was not happy.  Lord Zedd:  "I don't believe she turned on us.  Who'll be next?"  Lord Zedd looked at Squatt and Baboo.  Lord Zedd:  "You two?"  Rita:  "I wonder what happen to that spell anyway.  Finster, I want an answer and I want it now!"  Finster hurried to the front.  Finster:  "In analyzing my data, I conclude that Katherine's attempt to save Kimberly was a totally selfless deed.  The goodness of that act overpowered your evil spell and neutralized it completely."  Rita wasn't too upset - nothing lasts forever was her opinion.  Lord Zedd figured Katherine had still done well before turning good - the Pink Ranger was out of commission.  But that satisfaction didn't last long, as Kimberly recovered.  Lord Zedd and Rita wanted to make Kat pay for her disloyalty.  Finster was called in to make a monster.  Finster made Garbage Mouth.  But Garbage Mouth would fail to capture Kat and ended up being destroyed by the five Rangers.  Lord Zedd was furious.  Rita quickly got an idea and pointed out the blue jar which held Ninjor.  Lord Zedd immediately cheered up.  Rita and Rito went down to Angel Grove and demanded that Tommy and Billy release Kat to them.  Billy and Tommy refused.  This didn't bother Rita at all.  Rita and Rito left with a threat.  Turn over Kat, or Ninjor will be destroyed.

Rita had captured Kat and now Kat was held in a small cell in the dungeon.  Squatt and Baboo guarded the cell.  They played a game of cards to pass the time.  Later, Rito would arrive to relieve them.  Rito complained of a sore neck and joked how his muscles ache.  Being a skeleton with no muscles, he thought it was funny, but not Squatt and Baboo.  Squatt and Baboo left.  Kat would managed to escape her cell, take the pink power coin and was teleported out before any harm could come to her. 

Squatt, Baboo, and Rito were sent down to Katherine's (the Pink Ranger) housing project.  They were sent to spy on the project.  When it was over, almost everyone had left.  Rito and the Tenga Warriors began wrecking the place.  Bulk & Skull ran off screaming.  Katherine morphed into ninja Pink Ranger and battle the them.  Soon the rest of the Rangers arrive to help.  The Tenga Warriors were defeated.

The palace was shaking and everyone was losing their balance.  Rita:  "What's happening?  Finster, did you forget to pay the electric bill again?"  There was fog and everyone was aware that someone had entered the palace.  Lord Zedd:  "Who dares enter unannounced?!"  Master Vile:  "What?  Who dares to ask a question of me, Master Vile?"  Lord Zedd:  "Master who?"  Rita:  "Zeddy."  Rita and Rito knew who Master Vile was - their father.  Master Vile had decided to take over and show them how to conquer.  Master Vile knew that the Zeo Crystal were underneath Zedd's palace.  There was a force field around the Zeo Crystal and would destroy anyone who possesses an ounce of evil.  Master Vile instructed them to feed the Tenga Warriors a bag of food he held.  The bag got tossed around a lot.  Squatt ended up with the sack and ended up feeding the snakes to the Tenga Warriors.  The jar containing Ninjor was dropped.  The jar shattered and Ninjor was free.  Squatt and Baboo raced around and try to capture Ninjor, but Ninjor managed to escape.  Master Vile was determined to get Ninjor back.  Master Vile took Rito with him and created Globbor.  Globbor would successfully attach himself to Ninjor during a battle and drained most of the Megazord's power.  Lord Zedd was not happy with Master Vile's success.  Rita and Lord Zedd knew they needed someone good to get the Zeo Crystal.  Rita and Lord Zedd were surprised when they heard Katherine offered to help them.  Lord Zedd was skeptical, but Rita knew that Katherine still had evil in her.     

Master Vile had successfully taken the Zeo Crystal.  Master Vile was ready to conquer Earth, but wanted to throw a party first.  Squatt, Baboo, Rito, Goldar, Rita, Lord Zedd (rather depressed), and Master Vile traveled to the party in the Space Skull.  Everyone, except Lord Zedd, celebrated their victory on Space Skull and danced around.  Once they landed in Angel Grove, the Youth Center was selected as the place to have the party.  Squatt, Baboo, Rito, Goldar, Rita, Lord Zedd, and several Tenga Warriors danced around a frighten Ernie, Bulk & Skull.  Bulk quickly came to the conclusion that the Power Rangers had lost.

The Youth Center was soon packed with monsters and humans.  Squatt was enjoying the party and danced along with Lord Zedd, Rita, Goldar, Rito, Baboo, and the Tenga Warriors.  The humans tried to keep up with the frantic pace Master Vile had set.  Master Vile stood in front of the crowd.  After awhile, Master Vile announced it was the end of the world, but nothing happened.  The Power Rangers had broken Master Vile's connection to the Zeo Crystal and regain control of their zords.  Master Vile teleported out.  Eventually the Rangers destroy Globbor and defeated Master Vile.

Squatt and the rest had gathered in the throne room.  Lord Zedd:  This had better be good Vile.  Finster was standing in front of a mic.  Finster:  It is my great displeasure to introduce to you a woman whose voice will soon spell the end of the Power Rangers - Dischordia.  Dischordia pop out and began singing.  Everyone, except Rita, enthusiastically, applauded and cheered for Dischordia.  Lord Zedd got up and walked over to Dischordia.  Lord Zedd:  "Dischordia, how well I remember your painful voice."  Later the Rangers would destroy Dischordia.      

The palace shook as Master Vile tried to uncover the Orb of Doom.  Squatt and the rest couldn't barely stand on their feet.  Finster took cover, even though Rita told him it was only her father.  Squatt and the rest had gathered inside the throne room.  Master Vile announced how he had uncovered the Orb of Doom.  The Orb of Doom had the power to stop the Earth's rotation and reverse time, and the Rangers would be children with no powers.  They would not be able to stop their forces.  Lord Zedd was not convinced the plan would work.  Lord Zedd had already tried that once.  Master Vile gave the Orb of Doom to Rito to plant in Angel Grove.  The plan worked and the Earth stood still and the Rangers were children once more.     

The Alien Rangers had arrived in Angel Grove to help out Zordon and Alpha 5.  Billy had made a regenerator device, to correct their ages.  Billy had used it and was back to his right age, but it was destroyed before the rest of the kids could use it.  Master Vile had left for his own galaxy, after being defeated numerous times.  Lord Zedd was back in charge.  Lord Zedd had come up with a new plan.  Lord Zedd had sent down Erik & Merrick the Barbaric to poison Angel Grove lake as the Alien Rangers were rehydrating themselves.  Squatt and Baboo were thrilled with the idea.  Even Rita was pleased with her husband.  Rita told him he was very smart and she knew she hadn't married him for his looks.  Rito and Goldar were sent down to keep the Billy and the kids from interfering.  But the kids distracted Rito, the Alien Rangers were freed.  The Alien Rangers destroyed Erik & Merrick the Barbaric.            

Lord Zedd and Rita had been watching Angel Grove and listening to Billy and Cestro.  Cestro was talking about Hydro Hog.  Squatt and Baboo were there as well.  Lord Zedd:  "Emperor of the Dark Waters.  Sounds like my kind of guy!"  Rita laughed.  Rita:  "Too bad that old hogmeister isn't here to help us destroy those aggravating aliens."  Lord Zedd:  "My thoughts exactly.  If you have a pest problem, you call an exterminator."  Squatt:  "I feel a plan coming on."  Squatt and Baboo giggled.  Lord Zedd:  "We'll bring Hydro Hog here, and turn him loose on the Rangers."  Finster was given the task on setting up the dimensional teleporter, but Alpha 5 soon blocked it's beam.  

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A Monster Of Global Proportions

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