Wizard Of Deception - Tony Oliver

Lord Zedd wanted to send the Power Rangers back in time and out of the way.  Lord Zedd had sent Goldar to make the request to Rita Repulsa.  Rita went to see Ghost of Darkness and told him of their plan.  Ghost of Darkness sent Wizard of Deception to Angel Grove.  Wizard of Deception was an old enemy of Zordon.  He also had the ability to take an illusion and make it real.  Wizard of Deception needed to create a foe equal to White Ranger, the evil Green Ranger.  The Wizard of Deception needed a lock of hair.  He saw Bulk & Skull and put them in his command.  Wizard of Deception gave them orders to cut a piece of Tommy's hair and he gave Bulk a pair of scissors.  Bulk & Skull just stood there until Wizard of Deception shot their feet with bolts of energy.  Bulk & Skull left to do their task.  The Wizard of Deception could only shake his head at the thought of humans.  Later, Wizard of Deception would be angry.  Bulk & Skull had failed to do their task.  Wizard of Deception knocked them out with a spell and decided he would do the task himself.  Tommy was walking alone when Wizard of Deception appeared in front of him.  Wizard of Deception summon several putties.  Tommy battled the putties.  Soon Kimberly, Billy, Adam, Rocky, and Aisha were there and they helped Tommy battle the putties.  A couple of putties held Tommy a distance from the rest.  Wizard of Deception shot out energy that knocked Tommy out.  As Tommy laid on the ground, a putty cut off some of his hair.  The putty gave the hair to Wizard of Deception and he vanished.  Wizard of Deception tossed the hair on the ground and cast a spell.  Evil Tommy appeared.  Evil Tommy was ready to do Wizard of Deception's bidding.  Wizard of Deception instructed evil Tommy on what to do.  Evil Tommy lured his friends to meet him.  Wizard of Deception hid in a tree.  When the teens spotted him, it was too late.  Wizard of Deception sent the five teens back in the time, to the colonial era.   Then evil Tommy faced off Tommy.

The two Tommys morphed.  White Ranger and Green Ranger fought each other.  Wizard of Deception watched them for awhile.  Wizard of Deception then used his wand to make White Ranger fall.  After White Ranger landed on the ground, Wizard of Deception used his wand to demorph him.  Wizard of Deception put his foot on Tommy's back.  Wizard of Deception told Green Ranger to summon Dragonzord and destroy the city.  Wizard of Deception summoned the green power coin.  Wizard of Deception then handed the coin to Green Ranger.  He also wanted Green Ranger to go to the Command Center.  Wizard of Deception wanted Zordon to know he was behind the destruction of the Power Rangers.  Then Wizard of Deception traveled back in time to the colonial era he had sent Billy, Rocky, Aisha, Kimberly, and Adam.  Wizard of Deception was thrilled pleased with the teens fears.  He then turned three rats into giant rat monster, who began to chase the five teens.

Wizard of Deception returned to present time.  Lord Zedd contacted him, wanting to know what was his next step.  Wizard of Deception let him know that Green Ranger had summoned Dragonzord and Dragonzord was now under an evil spell as well.  Dragonzord was busy destroying Angel Grove.  Lord Zedd was very pleased.  After awhile, Wizard of Deception and Green Ranger faced White Ranger.  Wizard of Deception told White Ranger he would not succeed and Green Ranger encouraged him to quit.  White Ranger told him he might, if he could be with his friends.  Green Ranger was surprised that White Ranger would want to travel back two hundred years.  Wizard of Deception was suddenly attacked by White Ranger and he lost his wand.  White Ranger then vanished.  Later, White Ranger would return with his friends.  Aisha, Kimberly, Adam, Billy, and Rocky morphed, formed their Megazord and went into battle against Dragonzord.  White Ranger stayed and destroyed Wizard of Deception with his own wand.  The spell over Green Ranger would break and he would release Dragonzord from his evil spell as well.  All the Rangers, including Green Ranger, returned to the colonial era so they could destroy the giant rats.  Green Ranger, Tom, decided to stay behind and rest returned to present time.    

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