Zedd's Putties

Lord Zedd had taken over the Moon Palace, setting up his base in the Chamber of Command.  Lord Zedd comments, so poor old Zordon is still around.  Little does he realize his pitiful little teenage do-gooders are no match for me.  As Lord Zedd talks, Rita kisses, with her hand, his lower leg, feet, and ankle.  Goldar suggests they send down a group of Putties to attack the Rangers.  They are in the open and will be easy prey.  Lord Zedd laughs.  Your Putties are as useless to me as you are!  I have my own army of Putties.  The likes of which you have never seen.  Goldar quickly agrees, of course.  Lord Zedd summons his Putties.  Lord Zedd uses his staff to energize them.  On her knees, Rita pleads with Lord Zedd.  Please let me send down another monster.  I'll prove to you that I can finish the job.  Goldar interrupts, I don't think so.  Rita tells him to zip it.  Lord Zedd tells Rita that her days of being in control are over.  There will be no other chances.  Rita asks, can we talk?!  Lord Zedd responds, silence!  I have spoken.  Rita gets up and rubs the tears in her eyes.  Lord Zedd holds up his staff and states, I hereby strip you of the powers that you have squandered.  The magic from Lord Zedd's staff makes Rita's wand disappear.  Lord Zedd continues, Putties, bring forward Rita's traveling vehicle.  The Putties bring in the dumpster.  Rita groans, not again!  Goldar is delighted.  Yes!  Her traveling vehicle.  The Putties place the dumpster in front of Rita.  Rita is upset.  This can't be happening!  Lord Zedd tells her, you are now and forever more banished from this place and from my sight.   Lord Zedd points his staff at Rita.  Several electric bolts hit Rita and she begins to shrink.  Goldar laughs as he walks over and picks up Rita.  Rita screams, you won't get away with this!  Lord Zedd throws back his head and laughs as Goldar places Rita inside the dumpster.  Goldar taunts her before closing the lid, it's been fun!  Lord Zedd states, and now I'll hurl you through the farthest reaches of the universe.  Putties!  Two Putties pick up the dumpster and take it to the balcony outside of the chamber of command.  Rita's screaming voice can be heard from the dumpster, but Lord Zedd merely chuckles.  The two Putties hold the dumpster high and Lord Zedd's staff emits more electric bolts which hits the dumpster, sending it spinning into space.  Lord Zedd is ready for the next phase of his plan.  It's time to finish off those Power Rangers.  Send down my Putties!  Several of Zedd's Putties appear where the teens had left their four wheelers, and where Bulk and Skull happened to be.  Bulk and Skull quickly spot them and scream.  Zedd's Putties surround them.  Soon the Rangers arrive.  Bulk and Skull hide.  Bulk and Skull are very excited to see the Power Rangers and Skull shouts, we're saved!  They both shout, we love you!  The Rangers fight Zedd's Putties.  It's a difficult battle as Zedd's Putties are very strong.  Red Ranger encourages the team to find their weak spot.  Bulk tells Skull, I bet you those grey guys are the reason Jason and the other geeks took off.  Skull agrees.  Yeah, they chickened out!  The fight begins to take it's toll and Black Ranger doesn't know if he can last much longer.  Green Ranger is also starting to feel weak.  Red Ranger punches one of Zedd's Putties on it's Z chest and it shatters into pieces.  Red Ranger tells his team, aim directly for the Z.  The Rangers battle Zedd's Putties and as soon as they can, they hit the Z on their chest.  Eventually Zedd's Putties are destroyed.  The Rangers check on Bulk and Skull.  Red Ranger asks them if they are okay?  Bulk and Skull give a thumbs up.  The Rangers teleport back to the Command Center. 

Pirantishead had frozen the Rangers' zords.  Pirantishead had also placed Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord under Lord Zedd's control.  Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord attacked the Rangers and Angel Grove.  The Rangers retreated.  Lord Zedd wanted to lure out the Rangers and sent Pirantishead to a charity rally.  Red Ranger, Black Ranger, Green Ranger, and Pink Ranger were soon searching the area for Pirantishead.  From above, Pirantishead laughs and asks if they are looking for something?  Green Ranger points Pirantishead out.  Black Ranger adds, in the flesh or should I say scale.  Red Ranger shouts, let's go!  Black Ranger, Red Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Green Ranger charge towards Pirantishead.  Pirantishead laughs and tells them to think again as he vanishes.  The four Rangers are surprised.  Red Ranger shouts, where did he go?  Suddenly several of Zedd's Putties arrive.  Green Ranger shouts a warning.  Heads up!  Putties!  Black Ranger realizes it was a trap.  Red Ranger reminds them to aim for the Z.  The four Rangers charge towards Zedd's Putties.  Pink Ranger kicks several of Zedd's Putties.  Black Ranger kicks one of Zedd's Putties, then leaps over the head of another and kicks it in the rear.  Green Ranger kicks several of Zedd's Putties.  He turns around and calls out a warning to Red Ranger.  Red Ranger kicks the back of one of Zedd's Putties.  Another of Zedd's Putties takes a flying leap towards Red Ranger.  Green Ranger blocks the kick meant for Red Ranger.  Red Ranger and Green Ranger grab a hold of the Putty and flip it over and it hits the dirt.  Red Ranger and Green Ranger give each other a thumbs up.  Black Ranger comments to Pink Ranger, man the Putties are a lot tougher than what they use to be.  Pink Ranger adds, they just don't quit.  Green Ranger lands several kicks on a Putty.  Red Ranger punches a Putty on it's Z and destroys it.  Green Ranger also punches a Putty on it's Z and destroys it.  Black Ranger is surrounded by three of Zedd's Putties.  Black Ranger manages to punch each one on it's Z and destroys them.  Pink Ranger leaps into the air and lands several punches onto a Putty's Z, knocking it to the ground and destroying it.  Black Ranger checks to make sure Pink Ranger is okay.  Black Ranger tells them, they did great.  Red Ranger agrees.  Green Ranger adds, we just have to figure out what Lord Zedd is up to next.

Lord Zedd created the monster Primator.  Primator was capable of assuming anyone's identity.  Primator assumed Zack's form and tricked Kimberly and Trini into going to the park to help Tommy.  Lord Zedd send down his Putties to battle the girls.  Trini calls out a warning, watch out, Putties!  Trini and Kimberly are trapped on a wooden bridge as two sets of Zedd's Putties block them on both sides.  Kimberly reminds Trini to go for the Z.  Kimberly fights a set of Putties on one end of the bridge while Trini fights the other set of Putties from the other end.  Zedd's Putties are easily defeated.  Later Primator is destroyed by Thunder Megazord and Dragonzord.   

Lord Zedd had cast a spell on Billy and Zack's glasses that cause them to see their fellow Rangers as Putties.  Goldar tells Lord Zedd, you are brilliant!  The Blue and Black Rangers are completely confused.  Lord Zedd replies, the stage is set Goldar.  Now we'll send down the real Putties and watch as the Rangers finish each other off.  After detention, Billy and Zack go for a walk in the park.  Zack tells Billy, we got to figure this thing out.  Billy states, it seems like the spell makes our fellow Rangers appear as Putties.  Two Putties block Billy and Zack's path.  Two more Putties are standing on the playground equipment.  Zack asks Billy, if you're right, these guys....are our friends?  Billy replies, and if that's so, we should be able to communicate with them.  Zack says hello to the pair of Putties on the playground equipment.  When he gets no response, he turns around to talk to Billy, unaware that one of the Putties is coming down the slide towards him.  The Putty pushes Zack and he hits the ground.  Zack states, they are not our friends.  I just got the message. Billy knocks down the Putty that had pushed Zack.  Soon four more "Putties" arrive.  Billy and Zack have no idea what to do as they watch the Putties fight each other.  Billy comments, everyone is a Putty.  The "Putties" continue to fight the other Putties.  Zack and Billy run in and fight the Putties.  Zack tells the Putties, you blew it clay heads!  Billy adds, the Rangers would never attack us.  One by one, Zedd's Putties are being destroyed.  Zack spots two "Putties" fighting each other.  Zack calls out, leave my friend alone!  The "Putty" waves at Zack.  Zack spins his way towards a "Putty".  The "Putty" tries to protect it's face and yells Zack, it's me, Trini!  Zack stops just in time.  Zack backs away and Billy joins him.   Billy states, I believe Zedd somehow is making us see you as Putties.  Zack adds, I can't take it.  It's like I got Putty on the brain.  Tommy states, bad news man.  Kimberly is not happy.  Oh please.  You mean I look like a Putty.  Zack apologizes.  Jason suggests they go back to the Command Center.  Zack and Billy teleport with the "Putties".  Later, Saliguana is attacking Angel Grove.  Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Black Ranger arrive and immediately begin fighting Zedd's Putties.  Soon, Zedd's Putties are defeated.  Saliguana is destroyed by Thunder Megazord.

Lord Zedd is watching the Youth Center and decides to take advantage of Kimberly's jealousy with a cactus that once Kimberly's pricks her finger, will cause her feelings of jealousy towards Trini to intensified.  Goldar, Squatt, and Baboo all like the idea.  Lord Zedd impatiently asks, where's the jealously potion?  Goldar walks in with it and replies, right here.  Goldar walks up to a Putty holding a cactus plant.  Lord Zedd instructs Goldar to pour the potion onto the cactus flower.  Goldar does so.  Lord Zedd tells the Putty to go and switch this alternate plant for Kimberly's. The Putty makes some strange sounds and then vanishes.  The Putty arrives just outside the Youth Center and transforms into a human form.  The "human" enters the Youth Center, and while Kimberly is away from her booth, switches cactuses. 

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The Mutiny, Part II



The Wanna-Be Ranger



Putty On The Brain


Bloom Of Doom


A Putty Disguised As A Human



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