Ivan Ooze - Paul Freeman

Ivan Ooze is a morphological being,  whose body is composed of ooze.  Ivan had battled Zordon and lost.  He as locked into a hyper lock chamber.  Six thousand years later,  the chamber was discovered by a group of construction workers.  The chamber rose and open, revealing a purple egg.  The egg was taped off and guard after one construction worker placed his hand on egg and then off knocked to the ground by a purple bolt of energy.  That evening, several red beams of light appeared near the egg and then Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, Goldar, and Mordant emerged from the egg.  Lord Zedd had been searching for the egg.  Rita was not so impressed.  Lord Zedd, after putting a couple of guards to sleep, open the egg.  It was full of ooze, but out of that ooze emerged Ivan Ooze.  Rita thought he was handsome and Ivan thanked her.  Ivan was glad to be free from the egg.  Lord Zedd told him it was a honor to meet him.  Lord Zedd wanted Ivan to destroy Zordon.  Hearing Zordon's name made Ivan very angry and he was more than happy to do as Lord Zedd wish.  Rita, Goldar, Mordant, and Lord Zedd vanished, leaving Ivan to do his mission.  Ivan sniffed the air.  He thought he smell teenagers and he was right.  Ivan disguised himself as one of the security guards and watched as six teens approached.  The six teens were Aisha, Kimberly, Adam, Billy, Rocky, and Tommy.  With his disguised, he asked the teens what they were doing.  Hesitantly, Kimberly asked him if he had seen any morphological beings.  Ivan pretended he had no idea what she was talking about, but then moments later ask do you mean like this and revealed his true form.  The teens found him gross, which Ivan took as a compliment.  Ivan told them he was the galactically-feared, globally reviled, and universally-despised Ivan Ooze.  Tommy told him they were the Power Rangers.  Ivan mocked them and asked for his autograph book.  Ivan commented that Zordon was still having a bunch of kids do his dirty work.  Ivan tired of talking to the big mouth teenagers.  He shot out some purple ooze and several pieces hit the ground.  From the ooze, emerged Ivan's Ooze Henchmen.  Ivan was confident his henchmen would take care of the teens and he left to take care of Zordon.  Ivan reached the Command Center and entered by oozing in through the locked doors.  Ivan was impressed with the Command Center.  Alpha 5 tried to take on Ivan, but without success.  Ivan simply sent an energy bold towards Alpha 5, which made Alpha 5 staggered around the Command Center.  Zordon told Ivan he saw that he was still picking on creatures smaller than himself.  Ivan was in no mood for one of Zordon's lectures.  Ivan was still furious at Zordon for locking him up.  He had missed out on so many things, the Renaissance, the Black Plague, the Spanish Inquisition, and the Brady Bunch reunion.  Ivan then set about wrecking the Command Center.  He blasted the place with several purple energy bolts.  The Command Center was destroyed and Zordon was now out of his tube and dying.  Ivan left well content with his work.  After while, Ivan went to see Lord Zedd and Rita.  Lord Zedd and Rita had just witness the Rangers leaving for the planet of Phaedos.  Rita was furious and yelled at Ivan as soon as he walked in.  Ivan sent a glob of goo towards Rita and it seal her mouth shut.  Lord Zedd was happy, but not for long.  Ivan had decided he should be the new leader and promptly sat down in Lord Zedd's throne.  Lord Zedd was furious and blasted Ivan with his staff.  It did not good and Ivan acted like Lord Zedd was tickling him.  Ivan then shrunk Lord Zedd and Rita and placed them in a snow globe.  Ivan looked at Goldar and Mordant and asked them whose side they were on.  Goldar and Mordant immediately told him they were on his side.  Mordant added that Rita and Lord Zedd stank.  To take care of the Rangers, Ivan shot out more purple goo.  This formed into several Tenga Warriors.  Ivan sent the Tenga Warriors to go after the Power Rangers.  Ivan then immediately set to work on taking over Earth.  Ivan went to an empty chemical plant with Mordant and Goldar.  Ivan wanted to get his Ectomorphicon Titans, which were buried deep in the ground.  Ivan pondered how to dig up his Ectomorphicons.  He decided to use the parents of Angel Grove.  Goldar pointed out that the parents might find him a bit disgusting.  Mordant burped and Ivan remarked that they would know about that.  Ivan got the machinery working and began manufacturing his ooze, which was placed into jar.  Ivan then disguised himself as a wizard and went to an amusement park.  Ivan soon had a group of kids gathered around.  He gave them free jars of his ooze and instructed the kids if their parents didn't like it, to throw it into their faces.  The jars were soon gone.  When the parents tough the ooze, they became hypnotized.  Ivan Ooze, still in wizard disguise, managed to make a TV commercial.  He advertised that his ooze was for people bored with work and their lives to come to "Ooze City".  Later, Ivan sat at the construction site.  Goldar and Mordant were there.  So were hundred of hypnotized parents who were working hard trying to dig up the Ectomorphicons.  Ivan soon became bored with the parents.  He and Goldar had some fun making a parent dance doing the swim and then some ballet.  The sky was soon filled with the Tenga Warriors.  The Tenga Warriors landed close to Ivan and he was happy to see them.  Ivan assumed the Tenga Warriors were successful and was not happy when they told him otherwise.  The Tenga Warriors told Ivan they had been doing great with the teens, tossing one into the river and so forth.  But then a being appeared with whirling sticks.  The Tenga Warriors couldn't stand the noise of the sticks and flew away.  Ivan was furious.  He knew the Tenga Warriors had just described Dulcea, and knew she would help the teens.  The Tenga Warriors asked Ivan if he wanted them to take another whack at the teens.  Instead Ivan destroyed with Tenga Warriors with purple bolts from his fingertips.  Ivan knew if Dulcea led the teens to the Great Power, his plan would be ruined.  He needed his Ectomorphicons to be unearthed quickly.  Later, Ivan was back at his chemical.  His Ectomorphicons had been unearthed.  Parents were at the plant, boxing up jars of ooze.  Ivan had tired of the parents and sent them the command to leap to their doom.  The parents immediately dropped what they were doing and headed out.  Ivan then had Mordant pump the Ectomorphicons full of ooze and he shot energy bolts at them, bringing them to life.  Ivan sent the two Ectomorphicons to destroy Angel Grove.  Ivan and Goldar watched the destruction from a tower.  Ivan enjoyed himself, until he sniffed the air.  Ivan knew the Power Rangers had returned.  The Rangers soon had their new zords battling the two Ectomorphicons.  Goldar commented on the cute Pink Ranger.  Goldar remarked that he thought she was cute too and place his hand on Ivan's shoulder.  Ivan did not like this and Goldar quickly removed his hand.  Ivan then attacked Pink Ranger in her zord, but she was able to break free after awhile.  The Rangers managed to destroy one of the Ectomorphicons - the Scorpitron.  Ivan was furious and determined that Hornitor would not be destroyed.  Ivan ooze from the tower and into Hornitor.  Hornitor now had Ivan's face.  Ivan then pulled up the tower, which Goldar was still standing on.  Goldar decided to take off.  Ivan battled the Rangers.  The Rangers, in their Megazord, flew away and Ivan followed them.  Out in space the battle continued and Ivan grabbed a whole of the Megazord.  Ivan didn't know the Rangers had deliberately lead Ivan into Ryan's Comet's path.  The Megazord gave Ivan a kick in the groin and Ivan look go of the Megazord.  He went floating into Ryan's path and was destroyed.

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