Mordant - Jean Paul Bell
Voiced by Martin G. Metcalf

Mordant, Goldar, Lord Zedd, and Rita Repulsa landed in bright red beams in Angel Grove.  Construction workers had earlier dug up a strange artifact.  The artifact (which looked like a purple egg) is what Lord Zedd was interested in.  Rita:  What do I care about some stupid egg.  Lord Zedd:  This is no ordinary egg.  Rita:  Well I say we hard boil the thing.  Mordant:  I'm with her, I'm hungry.  Goldar:  That's cause you're a pig.   A guard had spotted the foursome and tried to wake up his fellow guard.  Guard:  Curt, Curt...take a look at this.  Lord Zedd noted they had been spotted and used his staff to make the guards take a nap.  The egg was broken and out emerged Ivan Ooze.  Ivan Ooze had been trapped in the egg by Zordon and he was glad to be free.  Rita thought Ivan was very handsome.  Lord Zedd wanted Ivan to work for him and to get rid of Zordon, so he could take over Earth.  Ivan Ooze had different ideas.  Ivan Ooze did wreck the Command Center, Zordon was in great peril, and the Power Rangers had lost their powers.  The teens left to find a greater power on the planet Phaedos.  Rita had noticed them leaving, when Ivan Ooze entered.  Rita screamed at him that he was no better than the rest of the help.  Ivan used some goo to shut Rita up.  Ivan then announced he was taking over.  Lord Zedd was furious, but it did no good.  Ivan Ooze trapped Rita and Lord Zedd inside a snow globe.  Ivan Ooze had asked Mordant and Goldar if they wanted to serve him or Lord Zedd.  Mordant and Goldar quickly told Ivan they would serve him.  Mordant added that Lord Zedd and Rita stank.  Ivan Ooze was ready to take over.  Mordant and Goldar went with Ivan to an abandoned warehouse.  Ivan wanted to dig up his Ectomorphicans, but needed help.  Ivan manufactured his ooze in jars.  Ivan gave the jars free to kids.  When their parents touch the ooze, they were Ivan's control.  Ivan set the parents on digging up the Ectomorphicans.  Mordant and Goldar enjoyed heckling the parents who were digging up the massive machines.  Ivan's success only lasted a short time.  He would later be destroyed by the Power Rangers and a Ryan's comet.  Goldar than set himself up as King.  Mordant was serving Goldar a bowl of fruit when an angry Rita and Lord Zedd entered.  Mordant and Goldar knew they were in trouble.

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