Ooze Henchmen

Ivan Ooze had been locked into a hyper lock chamber for six thousand years.  The chamber had been discovered by construction workers, which revealed a purple egg.  The egg was taped off and guarded after a construction worker had placed his hand on the egg and received a purple energy bolt which knocked him to the ground.  Lord Zedd had been searching for this egg.  Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, Goldar, and Mordant arrived in red beams of light.  Lord Zedd opened the egg and Ivan Ooze emerged from the ooze within.  Lord Zedd wanted Ivan to destroy Zordon.  Lord Zedd, Rita, Mordant, and Goldar left.  Ivan sniffed the air, he smelled teenagers.  Ivan, disguised as a security guard, encountered Kimberly, Adam, Billy, Rocky, Tommy, and Aisha.  Ivan soon revealed his true identity.  Tommy told Ivan they were the Power Rangers, but Ivan was not impressed.  Ivan shot out several pieces of ooze.  The purple ooze transformed into Ivan's Ooze Henchmen.  Ivan sent his henchmen to destroy the Rangers and left.  The Ooze Henchmen battled the teens with ease.  Billy knocked one out and his fist was covered in ooze.  Billy remarked you ooze, you lose.  The teens soon morphed into the Power Rangers and began searching for the Ooze Henchmen.  Red Ranger couldn't get a lock on them.  Soon the Ooze Henchmen were attacking the Power Rangers.  The Ooze Henchmen had a more difficult battle with the Rangers.  Eventually they were lured underneath a huge concrete block.  The Rangers fire at the rope holding the block and it landed on the Ooze Henchmen, destroying them.  Later Ivan would be destroyed by the Power Rangers and Ryan's Comet. 

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