Admiral Malkor - Voiced by Campbell Cooley

The Warstar spaceship quietly arrives and hovers over Earth.  Admiral Malkor is an alien insect.  Creepox is one of Admiral Malkor's generals.  Admiral Malkor sends Creepox down to a wooded area in Harwood County to look around and get a feel for the place.  After awhile Admiral Malkor contacts Creepox.  Admiral Malkor:  "Creepox."  Creepox:  "Yes Admiral Malkor."  Admiral Malkor:  "What do you make of this planet, Earth?"  Creepox:  "Humans can't match our strength.  We'll swarm this planet and destroy them all!"  After awhile, Vrak walked over to Admiral Malkor.  Vrak:  "I've analyze Earth Admiral.  This is a good planet to invade.  But the humans, I hope they won't pose a problem."  Admiral Malkor:  "Humans are used to the small, harmless insects on their planet.  Wait until we land.  We are the future.  We will squash these humans and take this Earth for ourselves."  Admiral Malkor laughs.   Later, Creepox returns to the Warstar spaceship.  Several Loogies are sent down to begin the attack.  Soon Troy, Noah, Gia, Emma, and Jake arrive and battle the Loogies.  Eventually the five teens morph into the Megaforce Power Rangers.  Inside the spaceship, Creepox is watching and he is irritated.  Pesky humans!   They dare to fight back!  It will be our pleasure to destroy them all!  Admiral Malkor and Vrak are there as well.  Vrak suggests he throw in a real monster.  Admiral Malkor likes the idea.  Let's test these Power Rangers with someone tougher.  Admiral Malkor calls out for Scaraba - the Rock Beetle.  I summon you to battle.  Scaraba steps out and states, reporting to duty sir.  Scaraba promises he will show those hopelessly heroic humans insect power like they have never seen before.  Scaraba begins his attack in another part of the city.  Soon the Power Rangers arrive and declare they are the Power Rangers Megaforce!  Admiral Malkor, Creepox, and Vrak are watching.  They are stunned at what they see and they step forward.  Creepox repeats Megaforce!  Eventually the Power Rangers destroy Loogies with their Mega Weapons and Scaraba with their Megaforce Blaster.

Vrak was reporting to Admiral Malkor.  Vrak:  "Admiral Malkor, I believe we should study these humans and learn their weaknesses."  Admiral Malkor:  "I see."  Creepox:  "Ha!  I already did that!  I tested one this morning and he wouldn't fight me!  They are weak!  We should begin the invasion at once and wipe out all the humans!"  Admiral Malkor was not impressed.  Admiral Malkor:  "You may have tested him, but you did not fight him.  Perhaps Vrak is right."  Admiral Malkor stepped away from Vrak and Creepox.  Admiral Malkor:  "Yuffo!"  Yuffo entered the room.  Admiral Malkor:  "I have need of your scientific skills."  Yuffo:  "An honor sir.  How can Yuffo serve you?"  Admiral Malkor:  "I want to find the humans weakness."  Yuffo:  "Your wish is my command, master.  Of course, I'll need some humans to experiment on."  Admiral Malkor:  "Then capture them.  As many as you need."   Yuffo had captured many humans, but soon the Power Rangers arrived and defeated Yuffo, which freed the humans.   Admiral Malkor is furious.  Admiral Malkor:  "Vrak, unleash your pets!"  Vrak:  "My royal weapons.  I'll send my Zombats at once."  Creepox:  "Disgusting creatures!  Wherever did you get such filthy abominations?"  Vrak:  "As royalty, I have access to much more advance technology.  They're robotic.  Far too complex for you to understand.  Zombats go!"  The Zombats flew out of the space ship.  The Zombats attached themselves to Yuffo and make him giant size.  The Rangers summon their Mechazords and the battle continues.  Admiral Malkor tells Vrak and Creepox, perhaps we have underestimated the powers these humans possess.  Vrak concludes, they can't be doing this all alone.  Admiral Malkor tells them they need to learn what it is that sustains them and then we shall bend them to our will.  Eventually Yuffo is destroyed by Gosei Great Megazord.  Admiral Malkor is furious and destroys part of his ship.  He is not happy about the failed experiment.  Vrak and Creepox are with him.  Admiral Malkor continues, if we are to conquer this planet, we must get rid of those Power Rangers!

Admiral Malkor was on his ship with Vrak and Creepox.  Admiral Malkor:  "Conquer the Earth without an army?  How?"  Vrak:  "I have a monster who can spread a virus throughout an entire city with one sneeze.  Humans will be instantly transform into mindless minions.  We'll rule the Earth within days."  Creepox made a skeptical sound.  Admiral Malkor:  "Easy Creepox.  I'm curious to see if Vrak is as clever as he thinks he is.  I want this planet!"  Vrak:  "Yes...and you shall have it!"  Vrak send down Virox and Virox infected the citizens with his sneezes, turning them into "Loogies".  The plan was working very well, much to Creepox's dismay.  Creepox:  "I don't believe it!  Your feeble plan is actually working."  Vrak:  "You shouldn't be surprised."  Vrak walked over to Admiral Malkor.  Vrak:  "See Admiral, my schemes are just too hard for his brutish brain to follow."  Creepox:  "You haven't finish the job yet, so shut your mouth until your sneezing simpleton has taken down the Rangers!"  The plan continued to go well.  Vrak kept a close eye on Harwood County and was very pleased to report the success to Admiral Malkor.  Vrak:  "Good.  The virus keeps spreading.  It will soon reach a critical threshold.  After that, nothing can stop it."  Admiral Malkor:  "Then insects shall rule the Earth, and I shall rule the insects!"    But after awhile, the plan started to fail.  The Power Rangers defeated Virox, which broke the spell, and the "Loogies" transform back into people.  Admiral Malkor is not happy.  Humans.  How could such weak, pitiful creatures defeat Virox.  Vrak states, he's not defeated.  He's about to become a thousand times stronger.  Vrak snaps his fingers to summon the Zombats and send them on their way.  Creepox quickly steps out of the way of the Zombats.  Vrak proclaims, now he will infect the entire Earth.  The Zombats revived Virox and he was now giant size.  The battle continued, but Virox was destroyed by the Sea Megazord.

Admiral Malkor was on the Warstar with Creepox and Vrak.  Creepox wanted to prove how much better he was than Vrak.  Creepox:  "Admiral Malkor, sir, this time I'll prove to you how easily these weak humans will fall.  Trust me, I am just the guy to get it done."  Admiral Malkor:  "Very well Creepox.  This time I expect success fitting of an insect invasion."  Creepox:  "Just watch.  Dragonflay!"  Dragonflay zips into the room and did a dramatic pose before facing the three.  Dragonflay:  "I'm so cool.  Send me into battle and I'll make quick work of these humans."  Admiral Malkor was impressed.  Admiral Malkor:  "Yes, your magnificent speed may be just the thing."  Creepox stood next to Dragonflay.  Creepox:  "Forget Vrak's complicated schemes.  This is the path to victory.  Strike fast and strike hard."  Dragonflay is sent down to the city and immediately attacks it.  Initially Dragonflay does very well against the Rangers, but eventually he is destroyed by Land Megazord.

Vrak had gone down to Harwood County.  When he was done, he returned to the Warstar Spaceship in a small shuttle.  Vrak:  "I have returned."  Admiral Malkor and Creepox are there.  Admiral Malkor:  "You're just in time to meet our newest ally.  She claims to be royalty like you."  Vrak:  "Really?"  Creepox was impatient and paced back and forth.  Creepox:  "This waiting is intolerable!  No, disrespectful!  Who does she think she is?!  Female!"  Admiral Malkor, Vrak, and Creepox could hear laugher.  It was Beezara as she walked in.  Beezara:  "As the queen of my hive, I must look my best for my royal subjects.  In contrast to drones like yourself.  When was the last time you had a bath?"  Creepox gets very angry.  Creepox:  "Why you?!"  Beezara isn't fazed at all.  Beezara:  "Really Admiral, I'm shocked you can stand the stench of your subordinates.  We all know females are much better company than males, and deadlier adversaries.  Plus we're far smarter."  Creepox:  "I'll show you who's smarter!"  Beezara shot her venom towards Creepox, but Creepox managed to dodge it.  Beezara:  "Someone needs to learn some manners!  I am the great Queen Warrior Beezara!  I command respect."  Vrak:  "Ah, yes.  Your excellent reputation proceeds you."  Admiral Malkor:  "We've heard you are ruthless and very cunning.  How do you plan to help me deal with the humans?"  Beezara:  "My royal jelly venom will make all human males my loyal servants.  One taste and they will be unable to refuse my command.  The females will fight until they destroy one another.  I plan to start with the girl Rangers."  Beezara laughed.  At first Beezara was very successful.  She enslaved many young men, including Jake, Noah, and Troy, and had them working for her as slaves.  Gia and Emma were fighting each other instead of helping the guys.  Eventually they realized they were under a spell and defeated Beezara.  Admiral Malkor, Vrak, and Creepox had been watching the battle.  Admiral Malkor yells, they destroyed Beezara!  Creepox states, they just got lucky.  Vrak asks Creepox, does it make you want to crush those little heroes?  Creepox replies, it sure does!  I'll like to wipe those smiles off their faces for good!  Vrak tells him, I have just the solution.  Vrak snaps his fingers and several Zombats head down to Harwood County.  Beezara is revived and giant size.  The battle continues until Beezara is destroyed by Sky Megazord.

Admiral Malkor, Vrak, and Creepox  are together on the Warstar spaceship.  Admiral Malkor:  "I've called up a new alley, Dizchord."  Dizchord leaps in.  Dizchord:  "Did someone say my name?  That's music to my ears.  Get it?  Cause this guy right here is all about music.  Check it out!"  Dizchord twirls around and starts singing and playing his guitar:

Super star of a guitar!
Hotter than a quasar!
The power of rock & roll
Is just too hot to hold!

Creepox is in disbelief.  Creepox:  "And he actually thinks he's good."  Vrak:  "Horrible."  Admiral Malkor:  "It's so bad it hurts."  Dizchord doesn't pay them any attention and continues with his song.

I'm tops on the ax!
Awesome to the max!
Electrical or acoustic
I'm totally havoc!

Dizchord:  "Thank you!"  Dizchord walks over to Creepox and Vrak.  Dizchord:  "So who here wants backstage passes?"  Creepox:  "To what?"  Dizchord gets very close to Creepox.  Dizchord:  "My concert.  I'm going to rock their world.  And if you want to see the show, I'll take care of you little people."   Creepox gets mad.  Creepox:  "You blowhard!  I'll take care of you!"  Vrak:  "Wait!  Let's use his music against the humans."  Dizchord is sent down to Harwood County and does great.  Admiral Malkor, Creepox, and Vrak are watching Dizchord and several Loogies battle the Rangers on the screen.  Creepox is not impressed.  That was nothing but dumb luck.  Admiral Malkor disagrees, as he finds his methods rather effective.  Creepox states his case, he's too full of himself to succeed.  Admiral Malkor agrees and wants to send Vrak to keep Dizchord concentrating on destroying the Rangers.  Creepox is upset.  You would choose Vrak over me!  Why?  Admiral Malkor replies, Dizchord's act needs to be reign in with reasoning, not force.  If he needs a thumping, I'll send you.  For now, I'm sending Vrak.  Vrak is pleased.  Unfortunately the Rangers destroy Dizchord with their Gosei Great Megazord.  Afterwards, Vrak reports to Admiral Malkor, that Dizchord is no longer composing music.  Instead he is decomposing.  Admiral Malkor admits he misjudged Dizchord's powers and overestimated Vrak's ability to defeat those Power Rangers.  Creepox is ready to rip those Rangers to shreds.  Just say the word.  Admiral Malkor orders Creepox to stand down.  Creepox is surprised.  Admiral Malkor wants to first formulate a fool proof plan.  Creepox grumbles and walks away from Admiral Malkor and Vrak.  Admiral Malkor yells at him, silence! There will be no more mistakes from either of you!  Admiral Malkor walks away.  Vrak sighs.

Standing at a window, Admiral Malkor stares intently at earth.  He ignores Vrak and Creepox.  Later, Creepox is destroyed by the Rangers in their Ultra Gosei Great Megazord.

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