Bluefur - Voiced by Jay Simon

Bluefur is a mutant created by toxic sludge.  Mr. Burley had his class outside for a field trip.  Bluefur had spotted them and he was not happy.  Bluefur:  "Those ugly humans keep getting closer and closer to us mutants.  I need to warn the others."  Bluefur left to tell Bigs.  Bluefur was unaware of Vrak hiding in the trees.  Bluefur and Bigs lived into the toxic beast lair, which is where Bluefur informed Bigs of what was happening.  They watched as more toxic sludge dropped into their lair.  Bigs:  "Ohhh, more toxic sludge."  Bluefur:  "It's just another drop in the bucket.  Proof that the humans don't care.  They turn a blind eye to the mess they created.  They just keep making things worse."  Bigs:  "It's time for them to pay.  Let's give them a wake up call they can't ignore."  Bluefur:  "Yeah!  Actions speak louder than words."  Bigs:  "Then action is what we'll take."  Vrak:  "Right."  Vrak stepped out from the shadows as a Zombat landed on his hand.  Bigs:  "And just who are you?"  Vrak:  "A friend who thinks the same way you do.  We share the same goals.  My name is Vrak.  And soon the humans will discover you two unless they're stopped."  Bigs was interested.  Bigs:  "How do you propose we do that?"  Vrak:  "Easily.  Form an alliance with me.  We will make all earthlings bend to our will."  Bigs:  "Sounds good to me." Bluefur:  "Me too.  I'll even bring our toxic buddy Hisser on board."  Bluefur laughs.  The Rangers were confronting Hisser when suddenly Bluefur and Bigs appear.  Bigs:  "You puny humans think you can stop us.  Us mutants are unstoppable."  Bluefur:  "I can't wait to bash these little runts.  I'll stomp you all into dust."  Bluefur stomps his foot, leaving a print similar to the one spotted in the mud patch earlier by the teens.  Pink Ranger points at Bluefur.  Pink Ranger:  "Big Foot!  But how?"  Bigs laughs.  "You humans closed down that toxic factory but never cleaned up the chemicals."  Bigs laughs some more.  "You had the chance to take care of that toxic mess for years, but did you?  No.  No human ever lifted a finger to make things right.  Now it's our time."  Bluefur:  "Yeah.  We joined forces with the bugs and Vrak to take you humans out."  Pink Ranger:  "We never knew just how bad the pollution was."  Bigs:  "You brought this upon yourselves."  Bluefur growls.  Bigs:  "Think of how harmful toxins and sludge are to you, and then image how it would feel to be made of it.  Now we're going to finish what mankind foolishly started."  Blue Ranger:  "What's that?"  Bluefur tells them they created a toxic world.  Black Ranger tells them, you won't get passed us.  Bigs laughs.  Bigs informs them, once they attack, they will become part of the sludge pile.  Yellow Ranger tells them, we will never let you harm the earth or it's people.  Bigs commands Hisser to attack.  Hisser leaps and flies past the Rangers, knocking them down as he goes by.  The Rangers quickly get back up.  Hisser leaps towards them again.  Blue Ranger leaps towards Hisser and kicks Hisser, knocking him down.  Blue Ranger tells the rest of the Rangers, I got this one.  Blue Ranger races over to Hisser to fight him.  Red Ranger tells Pink Ranger, we'll take the blobby one.  Pink Ranger and Red Ranger charge towards Bigs.  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger pull out their Tiger Claw and Snake Ax.  Black Ranger comments, that leaves Big Foot.   The two Rangers charge towards Bluefur with their weapons.  Bluefur runs towards them, eager for the fight.  Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger fight Bluefur with their Snake Ax and Tiger Claw.  Yellow Ranger leaps into the air and tries to land a blow on Bluefur with her Tiger Claw.  But Bluefur stops her and she dangles from his grip.  Bluefur tosses Yellow Ranger aside.  Black Ranger quickly runs over to Yellow Ranger.  Angry, Black Ranger runs towards Bluefur and fights him with his Snake Ax.  Bluefur lands several blows to Black Ranger and soon Black Ranger hits the ground as well.  This time Yellow Ranger hurries over to Black Ranger's side.  Black Ranger reassures her that he is okay.  The Rangers gather together.  Bluefur tells Bigs, these humans are much weaker than I expected.  Bigs replies, no, it's not that these silly humans are much weaker, it's just that we are much stronger.  And more pollution every day, means more and more power for us mutants.  The Rangers are surprised.  Bluefur tells them, you thoughtless humans have been making us more powerful with your pollution.  Hisser leaps up from behind the Rangers.  Hisser hits them with his slitter spit.  Hisser gloats, toxic waste in action.  The Rangers are covered in filth.  Black Ranger notes, this stuff really is nasty.  Yellow Ranger adds, it's sapping all my energy.  The Rangers can't move and soon fall to the ground.  Bluefur gloats, once you're all gone, we can start the real fun.  Bigs glides over to the fallen Rangers.  Bigs tells them, we're going to break open all the chemical tanks everywhere.  Hisser adds, the earth will become a sea of slime.  A paradise for mutants and a graveyard for humans.  Red Ranger protests, no, and he struggles to get back up.  The Rangers manage to get back up.  Red Ranger cries, get them!  The Rangers charge towards the three.  Hisser charges towards the Rangers.  The Rangers fight Hisser with their mega weapons.  Hisser dives beneath the ground and back above ground several times, avoiding the blows from their weapons.  Hisser strikes the Rangers and they fall to the ground once more.  Hisser gloats, down for the count.  Red Ranger tells his team, keep fighting no matter what.  Hisser is surprise.  These humans are more resilient than I expected.  Bigs thinks a ball of toxic fire will change that.  Bluefur and Bigs combines their weapons and fires it towards the Rangers.  The Rangers are hit hard and knocked off their feet once more.  Hisser is ready to use his slime to finish off the Rangers.  Hisser is laughing when a sudden bright light streaks past Hisser, knocking him off his feet and landing a short distance away.  A figure emerges from the light.  The Rangers are surprised and wonder who it is.  The figure starts to walk forwards and Pink Ranger adds, or what is it?  Red Ranger notes the symbol is just like Gosei.  Bigs also wonders where he came from.  Bluefur states, I know where he's going.  Straight to the sludge pile.  The figure states, stand down mutants.  You only get one warning.  I am Robo Knight.  Protector of the environment and guardian of the earth.      Red Ranger is happy - he's on our side.  Hisser is angry and states, my slime will take care of you!  Hisser shoots his slime.  Robo Knight moves backwards and avoids being hit.  Robo Knight tells Hisser, I don't think so.  Hisser can only growl.  Robo Knight continues, you use noxious elements to hurt the earth.  Robo Knight fires his Robo Blaster several times at Hisser.   Robo Knight states, environmental threats must be stopped.  Robo Knight continues to fire his Robo Blaster at Hisser.  Hisser is hit several times.  Blue Ranger notes, a super robot.  Red Ranger notes, he's super powerful.  With him fighting on our side, we can take these mutants out.  The Rangers struggle but managed to get back up on their feet and break free from the slime covering them.  The Rangers, with their mega weapons, charge towards Bluefur and Bigs.  Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger leap into the air and fired their Phoenix Shot and Shark Bowgun at Bluefur and Bigs.  Bluefur and Bigs manages to block the blows.  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger leap onto Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger's shoulders and then towards Bluefur and Bigs.  The two Rangers call out, land strike as they strike the two mutants.  Red Ranger runs towards the two mutants with his Dragon Sword.  Red Ranger fights them with his Dragon Sword.  Red Ranger leaps into the air and with his Dragon Sword, strikes Bluefur and Bigs with his sky strike.  Both mutants are hit.  The rest of the Rangers join Red Ranger as he pulls out the power card for the Sky Brothers.  The Sky Brothers Zords arrive and the Rangers quickly place them onto their Mega Blasters.  The Rangers fire their Mega Blasters at Bluefur and Bigs.  The two mutants are hit hard and decide to retreat and recharge their powers.  Bluefur and Bigs are determined to destroy the Rangers the next time they meet.  Bluefur and Bigs vanishes.  Watching the battle from their lair, Bluefur is furious.  Robo Knight in zord form has been battling and doing very well against Hisser.  Bluefur yells, the robot spin has Hisser all spun out!  Bluefur stamps his foot.  Bluefur screams, get up!  The battle continues until Lion mechazord destroys Hisser.   Afterwards, Vrak joins Bluefur and Bigs in their lair.  Bigs comments, poor Hisser.  I thought he had what it took to flatten those Power Rangers.  Vrak comments, Hisser may have succeed if that Robo Knight had not appeared.  Bigs isn't too concern.  We just have to find a way to be tougher.  Bluefur suggests recycling that robotic tin can.  Vrak tells them he has a plan and walks out.

Bluefur and Vrak were walking together.  Vrak:  "Take me to Shadow Serpent.  I must speak with him before the sun sets and he goes dormant."  Bluefur:  You really think he can get rid of the Rangers when everyone else has failed."  Vrak:  "he has the skills, but only if he uses them before the Rangers figure out how to stop him."  Bluefur:  "I don't get it.  How could they?  He's so much stronger than them."  Vrak:  "The Power Rangers are quite clever.  We must destroy them now."   Bluefur and Vrak walked up to Shadow Serpent and Bigs, who were standing at the edge of a lake.  Shadow Serpent can't believe Vrak came from across the universe to destroy the Rangers.  Bigs corrects him.  No, he plans to take over the Earth.  But first he has to deranger the place.  Shadow Serpent tells Bigs, they're not so tough.  I would have taken them down today if those clouds hadn't shown up.  The real one to watch out for is Robo Knight.  But I'll make a meal out of him too.  Bigs laughs.  Vrak and Bluefur walk up.  Vrak reminds them that Creepox underestimate the Rangers and that lead to his demise.  Don't make the same mistake.  These humans have a remarkable ability to adapt and learn.  Shadow Serpent tells Vrak, they sure didn't do that today.  You'll see.  When the sun comes out, everything casts a shadow.  They can't escape that.  Bluefur warns Shadow Serpent to listen to the boss.  Don't get too confident or they'll get you.  Vrak adds, whatever they did today, tomorrow they'll do something smarter.  You have to stop them before they have the chance to outsmart you.  Shadow Serpent blows off what Vrak is telling him.  Your lack of confidence is starting to hurt my feelings.  I'm not some lump lox like Creepox.  I've got special skills.  Rest assured, I'll get them.  Tomorrow.  Bluefur adds, my forecast for tomorrow is it's going to be a very nice day.  With lots of sunshine.  Bluefur laughs.  Unfortunately Shadow Serpent ends up being destroyed by Gosei Great Grand Megazord.

No Joke lands close to a riverbank where Bluefur and Bigs are waiting for him.  No Joke:  "Hi!"  Bigs:  "Well, it's about time."  Bluefur:  "How did it go?"  No Joke:  "Great!  I captured a lot of laughter.  Even caught me a Power Ranger!"  Bigs:  "Nice.  Since humans like to laugh a lot, this plan is fool proof."  No Joke:  "I'll keep them giggling until there are no more humans left.  If they laugh long and hard, they can't escape me!  Soon I'll never have to hear that terrible noise again."  Bluefur:  "No more Rangers to deal with.  And the Earth wiped clean of humans!  That sounds wonderful!"  Bluefur laughs and begins to be pulled into the pod.  No Joke:  "Stop that awful laughing!  If you don't quit, you'll end up trapped in my pod!"  Bluefur quickly stops laughing and hangs his head in shame.  "Oh no!  Sorry."  No Joke:  "That's better.  Think evil thoughts."  Bigs:  "Keep sucking up those happy people until there's no laughter anywhere!"  No Joke:  "Don't worry.  Soon this place will be as quiet as a library."  Instead Blue Ranger and Robo Knight had No Joke laughing so hard, he was almost pulled into his own pod.  He destroyed the pod in order to prevent getting sucked in and all the people trapped were released as well.  Another battle follow with No Joke eventually destroyed by Gosei Grand Megazord and Sea Megazord.

Vrak presented the Aurora Box to Bluefur and Bigs in their toxic lair.  "Behold the mighty Aurora Box.  One of the most prized possessions of my Royal family.  It has the power to destroy the Rangers."  Bluefur:  "Then let's unlock that power and take out the Rangers once and for all."  Vrak:  "Legend had it that the Aurora Box has the power to magnify a monster's strength a hundred times."  Bigs:  "I can't wait to use it.  I know if you say it's a prized possession, it must be powerful indeed."  Vrak:  "With it we can turn any monster into an unstoppable force."  Bigs:  "Then why waste it on just any monster.  Both Bluefur and I should have the honor.  We promise we won't fail you.  We're tire of playing games with these Rangers."  Bigs picked up the Aurora Box and it quickly glowed.  Bigs:  "I can feel incredible power emitting from the box.  On second thought, maybe we should test it out on another monster first."  Vrak:  "Okay, but choose that monster wisely.  It's power can't be wasted."  Bigs:  "Don't worry.  We have the perfect monster for the job."  Vrak:  "Those Power Rangers are in for quite a surprise."  Vrak laughs.  Moments later in the park, Dream Snatcher was wiping his mouth when suddenly Bigs appeared behind him.  Bigs:  "Hola!  Dream Snatcher!  Vrak said we'll find you here."  Dream Snatcher was startled when he turned around and saw Bluefur and Bigs.  Dream Snatcher:  "Ole Senor Bigs and Senor Bluefur.  My pleasure to see you.  Why would your bulk and bigness want to catch up to me?  A poor, obscure dream eating loner?  Por que senors?"  Bigs:  "You might be helpful to us.  We have the mighty Aurora Box and we need to test it's secret powers on someone."  Bluefur:  "Yeah, and you're going to be our guinea pig!"  Bluefur pointed the Aurora Box towards Dream Snatcher.  Dream Snatcher was bathed in a golden glow.  Dream Snatcher:  "What a scary dream!"  Instead Dream Snatcher was eventually destroyed by Gosei Great Grand Megazord.  Bluefur had been watching the battle from his toxic lair.  Well, say adios to Dream Snatcher.  Another nightmare thanks to the Power Rangers.  Bigs is not  concerned about Dream Snatcher's defeat.  He is more impressed with the Aurora Box.  We're only beginning to discover it's powers.  Bluefur agrees.  Yes.  Dream Snatcher was weak.  Our best bet is to use it on ourselves.

Bluefur and Bigs are in their lair.  The Aurora Box is hanging by chains from a bar.   Beneath the Aurora Box is two transmitters which are taking the toxic slime from the ground and filing the box with it.  Bluefur and Bigs gaze at it.  Bigs:  "I can feel the Aurora Box's power."  Bluefur:  "It's amazing.  Now that we infused it with toxic slime, we can't lose."  Bluefur knocks the Aurora Box with his weapon to stir the mixture.  Bigs:  "Toxic sludge and goo.  Just like the gunk that created us.  We'll unleash this toxic terror on the city and give those humans a taste of what made us mutants."  Bluefur:  "It's ready."  Bluefur takes the Aurora Box and is anxious to set their plan in motion.  Bluefur:  "Come on!  Let's go!  Let's show Vrak what the box can really do."  Bigs:  "Just thinking about a world covered in slime sends me spinning."  Bigs spins around.  Bluefur:  "You go Bigs!"  After a few spins, Bigs stops.  Bigs:  "We're going to use this royal weapon and make ourselves kings.  When we're done, everyone will bow to us."  Bluefur:  "Right!  Now let's go pollute the city!"  Bigs laughs as they walk out. 

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