The Warstar spaceship quietly arrives and hovers over Earth.  Admiral Malkor sent down Creepox to check out the place.  Creepox returned and told Admiral Malkor that humans can't match our strength.  We'll swarm this planet and destroy them all!  Several Loogies were sent down to begin the attack.  The Loogies were attacking citizens when five teens (Noah, Jake, Gia, Emma, and Troy) arrived.  Jake shouts out a hey!  What do you think you're doing?!  The Loogies charge towards the five teens.  Emma, Noah, Jake, Troy, and Gia fight the Loogies.  During the fight, Noah gets distracted by a fallen Loogie.  He bends down to take a closer look.  Suddenly another Loogie approaches him from behind.  Noah quickly fights off the Loogie.  While fighting another group of Loogies, Emma comes up with the idea to use her camera as a weapon and it works great against the Loogies.  Jake kicks his soccer ball to knock a Loogie off the hood of a car.  The soccer ball bounces right back into his hands.  Gia is concentrating on the Loogie in front of her and is unaware of the one behind her.  But Jake notices.  Once more, Jake kicks the soccer ball to knock out the Loogie behind Gia.  Jake is thrilled with himself, but the moment doesn't last long as he is knocked aside by several more Loogies.  Troy uses a car door as he fights off his batch of Loogies.  Despite their best efforts, Emma, Jake, and Noah are surrounded by Loogies.  Troy notices the Loogies are holding up their weapons, ready to fire.  Troy scrambles across the cars to get away from the line of fire.  As he runs along, he grabs Gia out of harm's way.  Noah, Emma, and Jake go flying and hit the pavement from the blast.  They are soon followed by Gia and Troy.  The teens slowly get back up.  Gia notes, they're closing in on us.  Troy tells them, Gosei told us the morphers would give us power.  Let's use them.  The teens pull out their morphers as Troy declares it's morphin time!  They insert the Power Cards into the morphers and shout Go Go Megaforce!  Troy, Noah, Jake, Emma, and Gia morph into Megaforce Power Rangers.  Yellow Ranger declares it's time for our new weapons.  She pulls out a Power Card and inserts into her morpher.  Black Ranger follows suit.  Tiger Claw and Snake Ax appear.  Both Rangers leap into the air and strike the Loogies with their weapons.  Blue Ranger is fighting a group of Loogies when he decides to summon his weapon - Shark Bowgun.  Pink Ranger  is battling another group of Loogies.  She also summons her new weapon - Phoenix Shot.  Red Ranger is battling yet another group of Loogies and knocks them to the group.  Red Ranger then summons his weapon - Dragon Sword.  The Rangers battle the Loogies with their weapons.  Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger strike the pavement with their weapons.  This causes the pavement to crack open and several Loogies fall inside.  Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger continue to fight more Loogies with their weapons when they are destroyed by Blue Ranger and his Shark Bowgun.  Blue Ranger leaps down from the top of the building and fires his Shark Bowgun as he falls from the building.  Blue Ranger lands safely onto the pavement and continues to fight Loogies.  Several Loogies have lined up to fire their weapons at them, when Pink Ranger flies through the air and fires her Phoenix Shot at the Loogies.  Pink Ranger lands on the pavement and quickly joins Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, and Blue Ranger.  Soon they are surrounded by another batch of Loogies.  In a blur, Red Ranger arrives, knocking down several Loogies as he joins the rest of the Rangers.  The Loogies gathered in front of the Rangers once more.  The Rangers charge towards the Loogies with their weapons and battle them.  The Loogies are destroyed, but now Scaraba is attacking the city.  The Power Rangers face Scaraba.  Scaraba tells the Rangers, you really want to fight, then fine.  Scaraba commands the Loogies to attack.  Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, Black Ranger, and Pink Ranger pull out their morphers and insert their Power Cards.  The Rangers activate their Mega Blasters.  The Loogies charge towards the Rangers.  The Rangers leap towards the Loogies.  Blue Ranger fires his Mega Blaster at several Loogies.  He uses the shark blast attack.  Black Ranger is fighting another group of Loogies.  Black Ranger then fires his Mega Blaster at the Loogies using the snake blast attack.  Yellow Ranger is in the midst of battling yet another group of Loogies.  She leaps into the air and fires her Mega Blaster.  Her attack is the tiger blast.  Pink Ranger leaps off a building as she battles her group of Loogies.  As she flies through the air, she fires her Mega Blaster at several Loogies.  Her Mega Blaster uses the phoenix attack.  Red Ranger leaps off the top of another building.  He lands safely on the ground and fires his Mega Blaster at several Loogies charging at him.  He also fires at several Loogies on top of a building, knocking them down.  He uses the dragon attack with his Mega Blaster.  The Rangers destroy the Loogies.  Eventually the Rangers destroy Scaraba with the Megaforce Blaster.

Admiral Malkor wanted to learn the humans' weakness.  He summon Yuffo to find out the humans' weakness.  Yuffo stated he would need humans to contact his experiment on and Admiral Malkor replied to capture as many as you need.  Yuffo went into Harwood County.  Several Loogies appear and rounded up the terrified people.  Yuffo dropped nets on the people and then carried them away onto the beach.  Yuffo laughed at their fear.  Yuffo:  "Silly humans.  Time to start my experiments."  Eventually all the noise the people were making were starting to bother Yuffo.  Yuffo:    "Oh stop all that crying.  We're doing this for science!"  Suddenly Yuffo was struck from behind.  Yuffo:  "Hey!"  Black Ranger:  "Snake blast!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Tiger blast!"  The two Rangers fired at Yuffo.  Yuffo tipped his head forward and the helmet on his head deflected the blasts.  Yuffo:  "Mega Rangers, you're the perfect specimens for my research program."  Black Ranger:  "Let those people go!"  Yuffo:  "I'm really very sorry, but I cannot allow you to interfere with my experiments unless you're willing to join these volunteers."  Yellow Ranger:  "That would be a no.  I'm very sorry but this experiment is over."  Yuffo:  "Loogies!"  Several Loogies appeared.  Yuffo:  "In the name of science!"  Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger raced forward and battled the Loogies with their Snake Ax and Tiger Claw.  Yuffo was not worried.  Yuffo:  "Capture those two human samples and put them with the others.  I'm going to collect some more."  Yuffo broke apart and flew away.  The Loogies continue to battle Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger.  During the battle, Yellow Ranger contacted the rest of the Rangers to let them know of the trouble on the beach.  Suddenly Red Ranger arrived firing his Mega Blaster at the Loogies.  Red Ranger:  "Heads up!"  Black Ranger protected Yellow Ranger during the firing.  Black Ranger:  "I got your back."  Red Ranger landed where Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger stood.  Yellow Ranger:  "Welcome to the party."  The Loogies fought the three Rangers.  Black Ranger used his Snake Ax against the Loogies, Yellow Ranger, her Tiger Claw, and Red Ranger his Dragon Sword.  Black Ranger:  "I wonder where Noah is?"  The Loogies continued their battle.  Black Ranger:  "Hang tough Gia."      When Yuffo returned to the beach, he was thrilled to see another Power Ranger.  Yuffo:  "What a magnificent sight!  Three Power Rangers!  What luck!  Let's start my experiment right now!"  Yuffo lowered his head and blasted the three Rangers.  The three Rangers went flying.  Yuffo:  "Vulnerable to protons blast."  Suddenly Yuffo was struck from the side and was knocked down.  Pink Ranger:  "We don't let injuries stop us!"  Pink Ranger leaped over to three Rangers.  Red Ranger:  "Thanks Emma!"  Pink Ranger helped Red Ranger up.  Red Ranger:  "He keeps talking about some experiment."  Once on their feet, the four Rangers fought the Loogies.  Pink Ranger and Red Ranger battled the Loogies with their Mega Blasters while Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger used their mega weapons.  Black Ranger:  "He thinks he's a scientist."  Pink Ranger:  "I get it.  He wants to see what makes us tick and he's going to start on those people over there.  Probably wants to see what weapons work best on humans."  Red Ranger:  "That's not going to happen."  The four Rangers were doing well against the Loogies.  Yuffo:  "More Loogies!  Restrain those specimens!"  More Loogies charged towards the four Rangers.  Black Ranger:  "Snake Ax!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Tiger Claw!"  Pink Ranger:  "Phoenix Shot!"  Red Ranger:  "Dragon Sword!"  The four Rangers battled and destroyed the Loogies with their weapons.  Eventually Yuffo was destroyed by the Gosei Great Megazord and the people were freed.

The Rangers raced into Harwood County.  There didn't seem to be a disturbance.  Black Ranger:  "We made it.  Now what?  These are the coordinates."  Red Ranger:  "Let's check it out."  The Rangers raced forward.  Suddenly several Loogies appeared.  The Rangers paused for a moment.  Pink Ranger:  "Loogies!"  Blue Ranger:  "I'm sure they're not alone."  Black Ranger:  "Well, where there's Loogies, there's usually more trouble."  Vrak:  "You Rangers look smaller in person."  The Rangers noticed the strange figure standing on top of the building.  Black Ranger:  "Whoa!  Who's this guy?"  Yellow Ranger:  "Too scare to come down and fight?!"  Vrak:  "Fear isn't in my vocabulary, but you should be afraid.  Especially now."  Pink Ranger:  "Why now?"  Blue Ranger:  "What do you want from us?"  Vrak:  "What do any alien beings want from other civilizations?"  Vrak snapped his fingers.  Vrak:  "Loogies attack!"  The Rangers charged forward and they were soon battling a batch of Loogies.  Pink Ranger:  "Usually I like things that are green."  Black Ranger:  "But not these guys Em."  Vrak watched the fight from the top of the building.  Vrak:  "They put on quite a show.  Pretty impressive for humans."  During the battle, Blue Ranger and Red Ranger noticed the figure watching them.  Red Ranger:  "Why is he just standing there?"  Blue Ranger:  "It's creepy.  It's like he's watching us as if we're rats in a lab."  Red Ranger:  "We've got to go!"  Vrak jumped down from the building.  Vrak:  "Let's examine you up close."  Vrak snapped his fingers and more Loogies appeared.  Vrak:  "Loogies attack!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Your Loogies don't scare us!"  All Rangers:  "Mega Blasters!"    The Rangers pull out their Mega Blasters and fight this batch of Loogies with their weapons.  Yellow Ranger:  "Come on Emma!  Let's take them down!"  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger coordinated their moves as they fired blast after blast at the Loogies.  Vrak:  "Absolute unity in battle.  Interesting."  Vrak vanishes along with the Loogies.  Later several Loogies appears at the soccer field at Harwood County High School.  Beezara was with them.  Beezara:  "Silly games for silly boys.  It's time to work for a living."  Beezara shot her venom at all the boys on the soccer field.  Once hit, they fell to the ground and were unable to move.  Beezara:  "Take them to my hive."  The Loogies dragged the boys to Beezara's hive.  Later, Beezara was destroyed by Sky Megazord and all the boys were released from the hive.

Dizchord was attacking the plaza.  He played his guitar and sang.  His music caused people to be in a great deal of pain.  The Rangers soon arrived.  Blue Ranger commented on Dizchord's music, which Dizchord took as a insult.  Dizchord summon the Loogies and commanded them to attack.  Several Loogies leap in.  The plaza still has a lot of people.  The Rangers encourage them to leave.  Black Ranger:  "People take cover!"  Pink Ranger:  "Don't just stand here!"  Black Ranger:  "Go!  Quickly!"  Red Ranger:  "Go!"  Black Ranger:  "Come on!  Come on!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Move it!  We can handle this!"  The people get up and quickly ran away from the plaza.  Dizchord:  "Teach these haters a lesson Loogies!" Dizchord begins to play his guitar again and sing.  The Loogies dance in formation as Dizchord sings.  

You diss my tunes and that ain't nice!
Now you buffoons will pay the price!

All Rangers:  "Battle gear!  Activate!"  Gosei:  "Summon battle gear!"  The battle gear arrives and the Rangers reach out and grab their weapon.  Red Ranger:  "Luckily this song isn't hurting me like the last one!"  The Rangers charge into battle and quickly fight the Loogies.  Red Ranger fights the Loogies with his Dragon Sword.  Black Ranger fights another batch of Loogies with his Snake Ax.  Black Ranger:  "It seems to be powering up these Loogies"  Yellow Ranger is fighting the Loogies with her Tiger Claw.  Yellow Ranger:  "We got to stop them before the music really amps up their power."    Dizchord continues singing and playing his guitar.  Dizchord:  "Yeah!  Check it out! All right!"  It is affecting Pink Ranger badly.  Pink Ranger:  "It's getting me again!"  Pink Ranger tries to fight several Loogies with her Phoenix Shot, but it is difficult.  Blue Ranger:  "Emma!  I've got you covered!"  Blue Ranger fires his Shark Bowgun at the Loogies surrounding Pink Ranger.   Blue Ranger races over to help Pink Ranger.  Red Ranger is feeling badly as well.  Red Ranger:  "It's hurting me too!"  Black Ranger:  "Hang on Troy!"  Black Ranger leaps through the air to help out Red Ranger.  Black Ranger defeats a couple of Loogies with his Snake Ax.  Red Ranger kneels down in pain.  Black Ranger:  "You okay man?"  Red Ranger:  "Can't focus."  Dizchord leaps down from the top of the building.  Dizchord:  "Yeah baby!"  Several Loogies form a circle around Dizchord and dance to his music.

You fools don't get the basic principal!
The power of music is simply invincible!

Pink Ranger and Red Ranger struggle against the pain from the music.  Blue Ranger:  "Guys, the Megaforce Blaster!"  Pink Ranger and Red Ranger struggle with this task.  Pink Ranger even drops her Phoenix Shot.  Black Ranger:  "Guys, hang in there!"  All Rangers:  "Combine!  Megaforce Blaster!"  The Rangers form the Megaforce Blaster.  Dizchord:  "Yeah!  Let's do it!"  Red Ranger:  "It's too much!"  All Rangers:  "Dynamic Victory Charge!"  The Rangers fire, but with Red Ranger and Pink Ranger weak, the blast misses Dizchord and the Loogies.  Red Ranger and Pink Ranger kneel on the ground, clutching their helmets.  Red Ranger:  "Oh no!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Troy!  Are you okay?"  Red Ranger:  "We're so sorry guys."  Dizchord stops playing.  Dizchord:  "Thank you!  And now for my encore.  An extra special something from me straight to you.  I'll demorph you!"  Black Ranger:  "Watch out!"  Dizchord blasts the Rangers.  Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, and Blue Ranger leap out of the way, but the blast hits Pink Ranger and Red Ranger and they demorph.  Dizchord is quite pleased.  Dizchord:  "Ooaah, yeah!  Thank-you Rangers.  My power cords knocked you out.  Now it's time to rock and roll over some more humans."  Dizchord and the Loogies pranced as they left the place.  Later Dizchord will run into Vrak, who promises to promote Dizchord's music and becomes his manager.  Soon they are at an outdoor stage.  Dizchord instructs the Loogies to be careful with that machine, as the Loogies set up the stage.  Dizchord continues, after our city wide sound check, that thing is going to broadcast my music around the globe.  Vrak stands a small distance away and comments excellent.  Dizchord starts the sound check.  He plays his guitar and sings as the Loogies form a circle around him and dance in sync.  Soon, Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger arrived at the outdoor stage.  Yellow Ranger:  "Hey no music!  Guess we caught them by surprise."  Black Ranger:  "Maybe this will be easier than what we thought."  Blue Ranger:  "Still, stay on your toes guys."  Black Ranger & Yellow Ranger:  "Right!"  Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger started to walk towards the stage.  Dizchord was directing a couple of Loogies who were moving equipment around.  Dizchord:  "Bring it so we can start our world wide broadcast."  Suddenly the three Rangers were fired on.  Blue Ranger:  "What gives?!"  Vrak was standing above them.  Vrak:  "So glad you made it."  Blue Ranger:  "You!"  Vrak:  "I'm the mastermind behind this plan.  Now listen as we transmit Dizchord's music and wipe out the whole world."  Black Ranger:  "No way."  Dizchord laughs.  Dizchord:  "That's my manager!"  Blue Ranger:  "Look sharp guys!"  Dizchord:  "Sharps and flats!  Now you're talking my language.  Let's get this concert started!"  Dizchord played his guitar as the Loogies danced around.  Vrak:  "And I'll make sure there are no interruptions!"  Vrak leaped down in a blaze of a blue ball.  Yellow Ranger:  "Watch out!"  Vrak landed close to the three Rangers.  Black Ranger:  "Let's pull the plug on this!"  Vrak fights the three Rangers with ease.  Dizchord started to sing.

Time for me to rock this planet
With a beat that's harder than granite

Vrak quickly knocks the three Rangers down.  Vrak:  "Activate the transmitter and spread his music across the globe!"  A Loogie quickly did so.  Vrak:  "Now every human will get an ear full of Dizchord."  Yellow Ranger:  "No!"  Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, and Yellow Ranger battle Vrak.  Dizchord continues with his concert.

Across the universe
To kick it with this verse
Always the best
Never be worse
I'm just so good
That it hurts

Black Ranger is battling Vrak, but he is having a tough time as he clutches his helmet with one hand.  Black Ranger:  "Can't concentrate.  That noise!"  Vrak:  "And you can't win this fight either!"  Vrak strikes Black Ranger and knocks him to the ground.  Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger hurry over to Black Ranger.  Blue Ranger:  "Jake!"  The three Rangers slowly get back up.  Vrak blasts them, knocking them off their feet.  Vrak:  "This armor shields me from that horrible music, but you humans have no such protection.  I knew I would find your weakness Rangers.  And now I shall finish you all!"  Vrak held up his staff, ready to strike when he paused.  Everyone could hear someone singing.  Dizchord:  "What is that horrible sound?"  Blue Ranger:  "What?"  Black Ranger:  "Who's that?"  Yellow Ranger:  "Is it...Emma?"   She is right, it is Emma.  With his arm around her shoulders, Troy guides Emma towards the top of the seats, surrounding the stage.  Black Ranger:  "I didn't know Emma could sing."  Emma continues with her song.

So bloom, bloom and share your sweet perfume
Flowers bloom, bloom, so many things to see
The sweet serenity
Soothe my mind, soothe my soul

Dizchord is not happy.  Hey!  You're ruining my big moment!  Vrak is angry.  He starts to run towards Emma and Troy when he is struck from behind.  Vrak turns around and glares at the three Rangers.  Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger leap into the air and strike Vrak with the Snake Ax and Tiger Claw.  The two Rangers fight Vrak as Emma continues to sing her song.  Troy activates the Twist Tornado Power Card to amplify Emma's singing.  It also blows the flowers off the trees and onto the stage.  Troy encourages Emma to keep going, it's working!  Dizchord comments, so horrible.  Dizchord decides it's time for a battle of the bands and begins to play his guitar, but it's not effective against Emma's singing.  Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, and Yellow Ranger continue to keep Vrak away by fighting him with their mega weapons.  The flowers on the stage wreck the transistor.  Around the world, people immediately begin to recover.  Dizchord is furious.  He tries to play his guitar but it sparks and eventually the center of it is blown away.  Dizchord collapses onto the stage and calls out for his manager.  Vrak is battling Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, and Yellow Ranger.  Vrak glances over at the stage and is very angry.  The Rangers are ruining everything!  Black Ranger tells Blue Ranger and Yellow Range, if Emma and Troy can pull that off, we have to do our part too!  The Megaforce Blaster is formed.  The three Rangers fire at Vrak and he is knocked off his feet and goes flying through the air.  Emma and Troy morph.  Dizchord orders the Loogies to get them!  The Loogies race off the stage and head towards Pink Ranger and Red Ranger.  Pink Ranger fights the Loogies with her Phoenix Shot.  Red Ranger fights the Loogies with his Dragon Sword.  Eventually the two Rangers destroy the Loogies.  The battle continues with Dizchord until Dizchord is destroyed by Gosei Great Megazord.

Psychotick is laughing as he enjoys his attack on the city.  Psychotick:  "So much energy to absorb!  There's no end to it!"  Emma, Gia, Noah, and Jake arrive.  Gia:  "Yes there is!  Your energy draining fun is over, you creepy bug!"  Psychotick comments that his boss (Vrak) needs more time.  Psychotick summons several Loogies and has them attack the four teens.  Gia gives a small nod, and Emma, Noah, and Jake race towards the Loogies.  After a few moments, Gia joins in the battle as well.  Psychotick notes it's time to get back to someone more important and leaves.  While fighting, Gia notices Psychotick leaving and races towards him.  Unfortunately several Loogies block her path and she ends up fighting them instead.  Jake is thrown close to where Gia is fighting.  Gia tells Jake that Psychotick is trying to hold them up.  I bet that means they are doing something to Robo Knight.  We need to get to Troy and help him.  Jake suggests they double team up and get done in half the time.  Gia agrees.  Gia and Jake worked together to fight and defeat the Loogies.  During the fight, Jake can't help but admire Gia's fighting skill.  Man, she's cool.  Noah fights several Loogies.  Emma is fighting another group of Loogies.  Soon Emma joins Noah and they are surrounded by Loogies.  The Loogies prepare to fire their weapons.  Noah cautions Emma, wait for it.  Emma replies, just say when.  A few seconds later, Noah shouts now.  Noah and Emma duck down as the Loogies fire their weapons and end up destroying each other instead of Emma and Noah.  Emma and Noah get back up and can't help but grin at each other before racing over to join Jake and Gia.  Emma tells them, let's go find our teammates.  The four teens race out of the city.  Later Psychotick is destroyed by Gosei Grand Megazord.

Bluefur and Bigs managed to wrap the Aurora Box on top of a building.  This allowed Bigs to transform into a more powerful being.  Robo Knight fought Bluefur while the rest of the Rangers entered the building to battle Bigs.  Waiting for them are several Loogies.  Blue Ranger:  "Loogies!"  Yellow Ranger:  "They're trying to slow us down.  We've got to get to the top floor!"  Red Ranger:  "Right!  Let's go!"  The Rangers charge towards the Loogies and fight them.  Blue Ranger:  "Back off!"  Pink Ranger:  "Phoenix kick!"  Pink Ranger lands a powerful kick on several Loogies.  Eventually the Loogies are defeated and Bigs appears.  The Rangers eventually destroy Bigs but are trapped within the Aurora Box.  Gosei sends Gosei Ultimate Command Ship to rescue the Rangers.  Using the Gosei Ultimate Command Ship, the Rangers are able to escape the Aurora Box and destroy it in the process.  Another battle with Bluefur follows.  Bluefur is destroyed by Gosei Ultimate Megazord.

Metal Alice arrives in Harwood County with several Loogies.  Citizens run away in fear.  Metal Alice:  "Go ahead and run.  The way you humans behave is so predictable."  The Rangers soon arrive.  Red Ranger:  "There she is!"  Citizens are still trying to get away.  Yellow Ranger:  "Run!"  Soon the area is clear of citizens.  Metal Alice:  "Aww, what a surprise."  Robo Knight:  "You've returned."  Metal Alice:  "Of course.  Attack!"  The Loogies race forward and battle the Rangers.  Robo Knight fights the Loogies with his Robo Blade.  Yellow Ranger fights a batch of Loogies with her Tiger Claw as Blue Ranger fights another batch with his Shark Bowgun.  Red Ranger fights several Loogies with his Dragon Sword.  Black Ranger fights a set of Loogies with his Snake Ax as Pink Ranger fights another set with her Phoenix Shot.  Red Ranger leaps over and fights Metal Alice with his Dragon Sword.  The Loogies vanish.  After awhile, Metal Alice vanishes as well.

The Rangers were searching for Metal Alice.  Red Ranger is the first to find her.  Red Ranger:  "What have you done now?!"  Metal Alice:  "Something you're too late to stop!  The timer has already started.  You do have about seven minutes until the bomb explodes."  Red Ranger:  "Bomb!  No!"  Metal Alice:  "So, I'll give you something to keep you out of my hair until then.  Loogies!  Go!"  The Loogies raced forward to fight Red Ranger as Metal Alice vanished once more.  As Red Ranger fought the Loogies, he pulled out his Gosei Morpher.  Red Ranger:  "Everyone!  There's a time bomb under the train tracks!  The train's almost here!"  Robo Knight:  "I am on my way."   Soon Tensou contacts them.  "It's a passenger train."  All:  "We'll take care of it!"  Blue Ranger and Pink Ranger arrived leaping into the air with their mega weapons.  Blue Ranger:  "Surprise!"  Soon the rest of the Rangers arrive to help Red Ranger battle the Loogies.  Red Ranger:  "Time's running out!  We got to get these guys out of the way!"  All:  "Ultra Zords!  Activate!  Ultra Mode Activate!"  Gosei:  "Ultra Mode!  Morph!"  All:  "Ultra Mode!  Ready!"  The Loogies charge towards the Rangers.  All:  "Ultra Power!  Dynamic Strike!"  The Loogies are destroyed.  Suddenly several more Loogies appear.  Red Ranger:  "What?!  There's more!"  The Rangers fight the new batch of Loogies with their Ultra Swords.  Red Ranger:  "Hurry Rangers!  We only have a few minutes left!"  The Rangers notice that Metal Alice has reappeared and is standing on top of an empty train.  Metal Alice:  "Yes, struggle uselessly.  Time is ticking."  Suddenly Lion Mechazord appears and strikes Metal Alice several times.  Robo Knight:  "Lion Zord!  Morph!"  Lion Mechazord lands on top of the train and reverts back to Robo Knight.  Robo Knight and Metal Alice fight.  Eventually the Loogies are destroyed.  Although the Rangers were unable to prevent the bomb from going off, they were granted new powers.  Using the Gosei Jet Mechazords, the train was able to continue on it's way.

Mega Mission




He Blasted Me With Science

United We Stand



Harmony And Dizchord



Prince Takes Knight


Gosei Ultimate


Staying On Track