Metal Alice - Sophie Henderson

In Vrak's underwater lab, a robot walked towards Vrak.  Vrak:  "Beautiful.  And you have the ability to create even more like yourself."  Metal Alice:  "I am Metal Alice.  I am your creation master."  Vrak:  "Amazing.  You are the perfect machine to crush those power rangers to dust."  Vrak laughs.  Vrak:  "So Metal Alice, are you ready to carry out your mission?"  Metal Alice:  "Robot design data complied.  I'm ready sir."  Vrak:  "I'm looking forward to seeing what this new robot you designed can do."  Metal Alice press a few buttons on her clipboard.    "Activate robot creation protocol."   Vrak:  "It's working."  Metal Alice:  "Activation complete."  The robot steps forward.  "I am the robot Rotox.  Ready for action."  Metal Alice:  "Show our master what you can do."  Metal Alice charges forward and strikes Rotox with her sword several times.  Rotox uses it's eye beams to sever one of Metal Alice's legs.  Metal Alice falls to the floor.  Vrak:  "Impressive."  Metal Alice:  "I'm glad my robot design pleases you Vrak.  Nothing will stop me from completing my mission."  As Metal Alice talks, her leg makes it's way back to her and reattaches itself.  Metal Alice stands back up.  Vrak:  "You are as brilliant as you are indestructible.  Begin phase one.  Let's set Rotox loose to terrorize those pathetic humans."  Vrak laughs.  Instead Rotox is destroyed by the Power Rangers.  Metal Alice tells Vrak, that was just a test run.  That's the great thing about us robots.  We can learn from our mistakes and, after a few adjustments, we can be sent right back into battle.  Vrak adds, the Rangers don't know what kind of enemy they are up against.   After awhile, Metal Alice tells Vrak, making these improvement on Rotox will make him unstoppable.  Vrak is pleased.  Good.  They won't expect this.  Metal Alice states, I will begin rebuilding him at once. Soon, Rotox is repairable, upgraded, and ready for action.  Vrak tells Rotox he envies his immortality.  Go!  Wreak havoc in the city!  Rotox replies, at your command sir.  Rotox heads out.  Metal Alice decides to go too.  I want to make sure he works perfectly.   Vrak instructs Metal Alice to show that robots are superior to humans.  Metal Alice laughs.  That's a given sir.  Rotox DX is destroying several buildings.  The Rangers arrive with their mega weapons drawn.  Pink Ranger asks, the same guy?  Black Ranger replies, sure looks like him, unless I'm seeing things.  Metal Alice walks towards Rotox DX and tells the Rangers, your confusion is understandable.  But this is the new and improved model of the robot you faced this morning.  This is Rotox DX.  Blue Ranger asks, who's she?  Yellow Ranger replies, she's just another tin can.  We'll blow up both of you robots back to where you came from!  Red Ranger calls for the Megaforce Blaster.  The Rangers quickly assemble the Megaforce Blaster and fire it at Rotox DX.  Rotox DX easily blocks the blast and gets rid of it.  The Rangers are surprised.  Black Ranger, how did he do that?  Metal Alice laughs.  I told you Rangers, he's new and improved.  Show them.  Rotox DX fires at the Rangers with his eye beams.  Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger charge towards Rotox DX with their mega weapons.  Black Ranger tries to strike Rotox DX with his Snake Ax, but Rotox DX knocks him aside.  Yellow Ranger tries to strike with her Tiger Claw, but is also knocked aside.  Both Rangers fall to the pavement.  Rotox DX boasts, I'm ten times stronger than before.  Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger fire their mega weapons at Rotox DX.  Rotox DX once more blocks the blast and makes it vanish.  Rotox DX slams his hand onto the pavement and directs electrical currents towards Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger.  The two Rangers are hit hard and collapse onto the pavement.  Red Ranger leaps in with his Dragon Sword.  Red Ranger strikes Rotox DX several times with his Dragon Sword.  Red Ranger is knocked aside as well.  The rest of the Rangers gather around him.  Black Ranger notes, he's definitely much stronger.  Robo Knight arrives.  Robo Knight starts to walk towards the Rangers, when Metal Alice shouts hey!  Robo Knight faces Metal Alice and she tells him not to interfere.  Robo Knight asks, who are you?  Metal Alice introduces herself.  We robots are not your enemy.  Robo Knight is puzzled, another robot.  Metal Alice tells Robo Knight, we have no intention of harming the Earth.  We have come to conquer the humans and make them our slaves.  That can only help the Earth in the long run.  The Rangers slowly get back up.  Black Ranger shouts, what are you talking about?!  That's just crazy!  Pink Ranger asks, how will enslaving humans make the Earth better?  Metal Alice replies, who created all this pollution you see around you?  It was the humans.  Robo Knight agrees.  Metal Alice continues, just try and imagine how beautiful the Earth was before humans came along.  Blue Ranger states, it's not that simple.  Metal Alice isn't fazed.  Robots are the future.  We will be here long after you humans become extinct.  Rotox DX fires all his weapons at the Rangers.  They are hit hard and knocked off their feet.  Metal Alice states, I think I made my point.  Robo Knight, think about which side you should be on.  Metal Alice and Rotox DX vanish.  Later, Metal Alice and Rotox DX walked into an abandoned dwelling.  Metal Alice thinks the place is perfect space to imprison all the humans who resist us.  The Rangers race in and Red Ranger shouts, that's not going to happen!  Because you're both going down!  Pink Ranger is worried.  She is unsure that they can take down both of them.  Red Ranger reminds them they don't have a choice.  They have to.  Metal Alice laughs as she notes Robo Knight is not with them.  I guess he finally realized you're the real threat to the Earth.  Now you children have to face us on your own and lose again.  Yellow Ranger shouts, don't worry!  Robo Knight will see through your evil plan!  The Rangers charged towards them with their Ultra Swords.  The Rangers fight Rotox DX with their Ultra Swords.  Rotox DX fights them with ease.  He calls them foolish humans and tells them they are no match for his new powers.  Now I will terminate you all.  Metal Alice adds, unlike us, you humans can be destroyed.  Red Ranger struggles as he gets back up and responds, think again.  I'm going to turn you from metal into dust.  Metal Alice can only shake her head.  What stubborn creatures you are.  I will prove how superior machines are to man.  Metal Alice tosses up her clipboard and it turns into a weapon.  Red Ranger fights Metal Alice with his Ultra Sword.  The rest of the Rangers quickly join in and fight Metal Alice with their Ultra Swords.  Metal Alice quickly knocks the Rangers off their feet.  Rotox DX blasts the Rangers.  Robo Knight arrives.  Metal Alice is please to see Robo Knight and assumes he has given some thought to what she has said.  Robo Knight has.  Humans are emotional creatures.  And they often make illogical and reckless decisions as a result.  But you are wrong about them.  And I will not join you.  Metal Alice is stunned.  Robo Knight adds, humans are part of the Earth too.  They belong here.  And the good they do far outweighs the bad.  My mission is to protect the Earth and all who live on it, including humans.  Metal Alice is angry.  She commands Rotox DX to scrap them all!  Robo Knight continues, you are robots fighting for the wrong side.  Robo Knight fights Rotox DX with his Robo Blade.  Rotox DX backs away from Robo Knight and stands next to Metal Alice.  Robo Knight tells them, I will not allow you to destroy any living being on this planet.  Robo Knight turns his head to Red Ranger and states, you seem surprised.  Red Ranger gets up and replies, not at all.  You believe in us and we believe in you.  The rest of the Rangers get up and Red Ranger shouts, let's finish this guys!  The Rangers and Robo Knight line up together.  Robo Knight tells them, let's show them how humans and robots work together.  The Rangers stack their Ultra Swords together and Robo Knight places his Vulcan Cannon on top of the Ultra Swords.  Metal Alice is taken aback.  What's this?  The Rangers and Robo Knight fire their weapons.  Metal Alice leaps out of the way, but Rotox DX gets hit with the full blast.  Rotox DX is knocked out of the dwelling.  Metal Alice lands on her feet and tells Robo Knight, you made your choice.  Metal Alice retreats.  Rotox DX is destroyed by Gosei Grand Megazord and Gosei Ultimate Megazord.

Vrak arrives at his Underwater Lab.  Metal Alice:  "Welcome Master.  I've been working on an amazing new robot prototype."  Vrak:  "Wonderful.  I need your superior robot strength to finally destroy those Rangers."  Metal Alice:  "Master, it will be my pleasure."  Vrak:  "Good.  They've been a thorn in my side long enough.  Eliminate them now!"  Metal Alice leaves to carry out Vrak's plans.  Metal Alice arrives in Harwood County with several Loogies.  Citizens run away in fear.  Metal Alice:  "Go ahead and run.  The way you humans behave is so predictable."  The Rangers soon arrive.  Red Ranger:  "There she is!"  Citizens are still trying to get away.  Yellow Ranger:  "Run!"  Soon the area is clear of citizens.  Metal Alice:  "Aww, what a surprise."  Robo Knight:  "You've returned."  Metal Alice:  "Of course.  Attack!"  The Loogies race forward and battle the Rangers.  Robo Knight fights the Loogies with his Robo Blade.  Yellow Ranger fights a batch of Loogies with her Tiger Claw as Blue Ranger fights another batch with his Shark Bowgun.  Red Ranger fights several Loogies with his Dragon Sword.  Black Ranger fights a set of Loogies with his Snake Ax as Pink Ranger fights another set with her Phoenix Shot.  Red Ranger leaps over and fights Metal Alice with his Dragon Sword.  The Loogies vanish.  The Rangers face Metal Alice.  Metal Alice:  "You Rangers never learn.  Come here now, Robot 1C0!  A robot steps forward and stands beside Metal Alice.  "Destroy the Rangers."  Black Ranger:  "Are you kidding me?  Has she tried to make another Robo Knight"  The robot stands still.  Metal Alice:  "Well, don't just stand there robot, attack!"  Red Ranger:  "She must be stopped!"  All:  "Combine!  Megaforce Blaster!  Ready!"  Metal Alice:  "I don't think so."  All:  "Dynamic Victory Charge!"  Metal Alice grabs Robot 1C0 and shoves him in front of her.  Metal Alice:  "Shield me!"  Robot 1C0 takes the brunt of the blast from Megaforce Blaster and falls to his knees and then unto the pavement.  Metal Alice:  "Ugh.  This creation is a complete failure!"  Metal Alice presses a few buttons on her tablet and vanishes.  The Rangers befriend the robot and Emma names it Rico.  When they discover a sensor on Rico, they come up with a plan to get rid of it. 

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