Barbarian Beasts
Warmax - Voiced by Mark Wright
Shrieker - Voiced by Susan Brady
Fightoe - Voiced by Jason Hoyte
50 Below - Voiced by Paul Minifie

The Barbarian Beasts were released from the oblivion by Imperious.  Koragg was there as well.  Imperious:  Venturius Ulmatium!  Koragg:  What has he done?!  The four Barbarian Beasts emerged squealing.  Koragg:  He summon the Barbarian Beasts.  These warriors have no honor.  They are beasts from the oblivion, that have no place fighting for the Master.  The four Barbarian Beasts began to walk past Koragg.   Shrieker:  Nice to see you again, Koragg.  Koragg:  Wish I could say the same.  Warmax deliberately bumped into Koragg:  Warmax:  Apologize for bumping me.  Koragg told him not a chance.  Koragg and Warmax came to blows, and Koragg outmaneuvered Warmax.  The four Barbarian Beasts left.  Warmax was the first to challenge the Power Rangers.  Warmax waited patiently in a field until the Power Rangers showed up.  Warmax and the Rangers battle.  During the battle, Warmax hurt the Yellow Ranger.  He also tossed aside the Green Ranger.  Warmax grew larger through a dark seal.  The Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Pink Ranger went Titan.  The battle continued.  Warmax soon the four of the Titians on the ground.  Green Titan and the Solar Streak Megazord arrived.  Warmax and Green Titan and Solar Streak Megazord battled.  Warmax was destroyed.  Shrieker was the next to face the Rangers.  Shrieker waited for the Rangers by a quarry.  The Rangers, except Yellow Ranger, arrived.  Shrieker and the Rangers battled.  It was another difficult battle.  Shrieker was grown large almost immediately.  The Rangers went Titan, but it was not enough.  Soon Shrieker had the Rangers out of Titan mode and on the ground.  Shrieker was surprised when another witch, Necrolai arrived.  Necrolai also blasted the Rangers.  Yellow Ranger arrived and took on Shrieker.  Shrieker soon had Yellow Ranger dangling in the air.  Shrieker tossed aside Yellow Ranger.  Yellow Ranger went flying, but he gave Shrieker one of his lightening attacks.  The rest of the Rangers got up and using their magic as one, finished off Shrieker.  Shrieker was destroyed.  Later, in the pit, Imperious told Fightoe and 50 Below that he appreciated their comrades sacrifice.  Fightoe and 50 Below were pleased and told Imperious that soon he would get what he wanted for the Master.  Imperious quickly told the two that the Master was no longer in his plans.  Fightoe and 50 Below pointed out that Koragg would never betray the Master.  Imperious told them that would not be a problem.  Later, 50 Below and Fightoe spotted Koragg in the woods.  50 Below and Fightoe approached Koragg.  Koragg had already realized that Imperious would betray him and was prepared.  50 Below and Fightoe battled Koragg.  It was an intense battle.  50 Below and Fightoe caused Koragg to lose his shield and then eventually his sword.  Koragg kept fighting them.  50 Below and Fightoe used powerful dark magic and soon Koragg was knocked to the ground.  As Koragg lay there, 50 Below and Fightoe approached him.  They mockingly told him see where honor gets you.  50 Below and Fightoe walked away, telling Koragg that the Master was next.  Later, Fightoe was on the dock, waiting for the Rangers to arrive, which they did shortly.  The Power Ranger were ready to battle Fightoe.  Before the first blow could hit Fightoe, 50 Below arrived and blocked it.  Fightoe and 50 Below battled the Rangers and soon the Rangers were on the ground.  The Rangers pleaded with Solaris Knight to use Jenji.  Solaris Knight reluctantly agreed.  It was what Fightoe and 50 Below were waiting for.  Solaris Knight used Jenji's shining attack.  As Jenji came towards them, 50 Below knocked Jenji aside.  Jenji went flying and Fightoe captured him.  50 Below then conjure up some ice and used it to knock Solaris Knight into the water.  Fightoe and 50 Below mocked the Rangers, telling them it was all too easy, before vanishing in a dark seal.  50 Below and Fightoe returned to the pit.  Imperious was very pleased with them and made them his new generals.  Necrolai was there as well, and she was very thrilled with the capture of Jenji.  Imperious held the bottle where Jenji was now kept.  Imperious release Jenji.  Jenji told them he could grant them one wish.  Imperious wished there was never any Mystic Force Power Rangers.  Jenji did not want to grant the wish, but he had no choice and the wish was granted.

Fightoe and 50 Below were in the pit with Imperious and Necrolai.  They stood silent and pleased.  Imperious:  My plan worked perfectly.  We now have a world where those pesky Power Rangers never existed.  Necrolai:  Yes!  Imperious:  Erased from everyone's memories, except their own.  Imperious considered himself a genius.

Fightoe stood on top of a building with Necrolai.  Jenji's wish has been reversed by the Tribunal of Magic.  The teens had their magic back.  Necrolai cast a spell that made Fightoe grow very large.  Fightoe battle the Rangers.  He became outraged when the Rangers broke his staff.  Fightoe reverted back to normal size and returned to the pit.  He stayed hidden as Koragg stormed in, looking for him and 50 Below.  Imperious pretended he knew nothing of the plot to overthrow the Master.  Koragg stormed away.  Fightoe came out of his hiding place.  Imperious turned to him and instructed him to continue with their plans.  Fightoe and 50 Below faced down the Rangers once more. 50 Below battled Solaris Knight, while Fightoe battled the rest of the Rangers.  50 Below soon had Solaris Knight demorphed.  50 Below mocked Daggeron, telling him he thought battling a knight would be harder.  Koragg arrived and asked him what about too.  50 Below and Koragg battled, as Daggeron and Jenji went into safety.  Fightoe soon had the Rangers on the ground.  The Rangers released they should have finished off the Barbarian Beasts when they had the chance and they had been lazy.  The Rangers were granted the legendary powers by the Tribunal of Magic.  Fightoe, 50 Below, and Koragg gazed at the Rangers in amazement.  Fightoe realized he did not stand a chance against the Rangers and took off running.  50 Below stayed and continued the battle.  50 Below grew large and the Rangers summon their new Megazord.  The battle continued and 50 Below was soon destroyed.  50 Below fell onto pieces on the ground.  Fightoe returned to the pit and Imperious was not happy to see him.  Fightoe tried to explain, but Imperious did not listen and told him 50 Below was now destroyed.  Imperious told Fightoe he still had a use for him and transported his life force to the nether world.  Fightoe's life force was confused.  Imperious soon followed.  Imperious told Fightoe his life force would be use for his newest creation.  Imperious cast a spell that cause Fightoe's life force to enter the creation.  Fightoe screamed at Imperious that he had tricked him.  Imperious laughed and replied that he should have known better than to trust him.  The creature battled the Solar Streak Megazord.  Soon the battle ended up in the surface world.  The Rangers battled and destroyed Imperious' creation. 

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Barbarian Beasts








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