Calindor - Will Hall

Years ago, Calindor was a friend to the Mystics.  He was also a friend of Udonna's.  The great battle erupted when dark magic try to overtake the forest and the surface world beyond.  Calindor soon fell to the overwhelming power of dark magic.  He would betray the Mystics and his friends, Udonna and Daggeron.  Calindor was so powerful and full of dark magic that Daggeron barely recognize him.  Calindor, in his armor, and Daggeron, as the Solaris Knight, battled.  During the battle, they were both cursed and locked in a cave.  Years would pass, before Necrolai would enter the cave, find his mummified remains and restore Calindor.  From that point on, Calindor took on a new name, Imperious.  As Imperious, he would once more try to destroy the Rangers and his former friends.

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Calindor in armor