Gnatu - Voiced by Callie Blood

Gnatu entered a park in Briarwood with her monster Spydex and several Hidiacs.  She was laughing as she watched the people in the park run in terror.  Gnatu:  What a fine day it is to harvest your life force.  Gnatu grabbed hold of a young man.  Gnatu:  You'll do just fine.  Gnatu could take a person's life force.  She pulled the life force from the young man.  Gnatu:  Take it Spydex!  Spydex gleefully placed the life force within himself.  Suddenly the Rangers came leaping into the park.  Solaris Knight:  Laser Lamp!  Solaris Knight landed on the ground.  Solaris Knight:  Get those people to safety.  Solaris Knight continued battling the Hidiacs.  The rest of the Rangers were either battling Hidiacs or helping the people.  Green Ranger helped a young man to safety.  Green Ranger:  Come with me.  Pink Ranger:  Run!  Red Ranger:  Go!  Gnatu ignored them and soon spotted a father trying to protect his daughter.  Gnatu:  Oh!  How sweet!  Yellow Ranger had also spotted them.  Yellow Ranger:  Stop!  Two Hidiacs that were close to Gnatu turned around and fired at Yellow Ranger.  The two Hidiacs then ran towards Yellow Ranger and held him in place.  Yellow Ranger:  Let me go!  Gnatu took the life forces of the father and daughter.  Yellow Ranger:  No!  Yellow Ranger shook off the Hidiacs.  Yellow Ranger:  Get off!  Yellow Ranger faced Gnatu.  Yellow Ranger:  Come On!  Gnatu and Yellow Ranger battled.  Gnatu:  You're too late!  Yellow Ranger:  What did you do to them?  Gnatu:  I just relieve them of their life force.  I have a better use for it.  Don't worry.  They don't feel a thing.  Yellow Ranger:  Fiend!  Gnatu just laughed.  Yellow Ranger:  I'm not done yet.  Yellow Ranger continue to battle with Gnatu.  Gnatu gave him a strong kick to the back, that had Yellow Ranger land hard on the ground.  Gnatu:  And you call yourselves protectors of the city.  What a joke!  Gnatu and Spydex vanished.  Gnatu went to the pit.  Imperious and Necrolai were there.  Imperious:  I'm impress.  Gnatu:  Why thank you.  Imperious:  Keep it up and I might just make you my second in command.  Gnatu walked towards Necrolai.  Necrolai had her back turn.  Gnatu placed her hand on Necrolai's shoulder.  Gnatu:  How would you like that Necrolai?  Necrolai swung around and knock Gnatu's hand off.  Necrolai replied that she wouldn't.  Gnatu laughed and vanished.  Gnatu went back to the city of Briarwood with her Spydex.  Gnatu continue to take more life forces from people.  The Rangers arrived and soon Gnatu was battling the Rangers.  Red Ranger used his magic staff and dealt a powerful blow to Spydex, which caused Spydex to release the life forces.  The life forces were contained in a sphere.  Gnatu quickly took control of the situation, by racing up and grabbing the sphere back.  She laughed at the Rangers.  Gnatu, who had wings like an insect, took off flying.  The Rangers chased after her and Spydex.  Gnatu watched as Spydex built a large web between the tall buildings.  The Rangers went across the web and all of them fell, except for Yellow Ranger.  Yellow Ranger battled Spydex and caused Spydex to fall off.  Gnatu wasn't worried as she had Spydex grow very large.  The Rangers formed their Megazord and the battle continued.  The Rangers managed to get the sphere released once more.  the Rangers demorphed and hit the pavement running.  Gnatu blasted the teens off their feet and took the sphere.  Laughing once more, Gnatu and Spydex left.  Later, Gnatu and Spydex returned to Briarwood once more.  Gnatu had Spydex changed the life forces into something more useful, fire works capable of destroying Briarwood.  Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, Red Ranger, and Green Ranger arrived.  Gnatu battled Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger, while Red Ranger and Green Ranger battled Spydex.  Even outnumbered, Gnatu had no problem battling the four Rangers and she soon had them on the ground.  But the four Rangers were not about to give up either and they came racing towards her once more.  Gnatu became tired of the battling and lit the fuse for the fireworks.  She was stunned when it was stopped by Solaris Knight and Yellow Ranger.  Solaris Knight held the fire works as Yellow Ranger joined the rest of the Rangers in battling Gnatu and Spydex.  The Rangers used speed attack.  Gnatu became confused.  She soon realized that she was in danger.  Gnatu pushed Spydex in front of her.  Spydex took the fatal blow.  With Spydex's destruction, the life forces were returned to the people.  But it wasn't over for Gnatu just yet.  Gnatu grew very large and tried to stump the Rangers.  The Rangers quickly formed their Megazord.  Gnatu and the Rangers battled.  Gnatu fell to the ground several times.  Gnatu decided she had had enough and flew away.  The Rangers followed her and with the power of the Ancient Titans, Gnatu was soon knocked to the pavement once more.  Gnatu stood up, but it was the last time, as the Rangers fired at her and destroyed her.

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