Hidiacs are the foot soldiers of Koragg.  Years ago, Morticon had attempted to conquer the magical dimension, and then the human realm.  A small band of brave and true wizards defeated Morticon and his army.  The bravest wizard of them all sealed Morticon and his army behind gates and sent them to the under world.  Years later, an earthquake hit the city of Briarwood.  The earthquake cause the gates to loosen and darkness to escape.  Several Hidiacs were sent to the surface.  In the woods, the Hidiacs quickly surrounded five teens, Madison, Chip, Vida, Xander, and Nick.  The teens were too terrified to move.  A cloaked figure used a spell and five brooms appeared, attached themselves to the five teens and whisk them away.  The Hidiacs charged after the cloaked figure.  The cloaked figure used a spell and destroyed them.  Later, the Hidiacs were sent to find Udonna.  The Hidiacs destroyed Woodland Village in their search.  Udonna was surveying the damage done to the village when the five teens arrived.  Suddenly a giant troll appeared.  Udonna morphed into the White Mystic Force Power Ranger.  As the White Mystic Ranger battled the troll, several Hidiacs appeared.  The Hidiacs stare at the teens.  Xander stepped forward and tried to reason with them, claiming they were not from these parts and would just leave.  The Hidiacs threw Xander back to his friends, and Xander landed at their feet.  The teens decided to fight the Hidiacs.  The Hidiacs were strong and easily tossed the teens through the air and on the ground.  Several groups of Hidiacs targeted a specific teen.  Chip, Xander, Madison, and Vida used magic to destroy several Hidiacs.  The remaining Hidiacs were still after Nick.  Nick was unable to summon any magic, and only the White Mystic Ranger was able to destroy the remaining Hidiacs.

Morticon had Koragg send several Hidiacs into the woods.  The Hidiacs arrived in the woods and faced down Xander, Chip, Vida, and Madison.  The powerful Hidiacs battled the teens, and had an easy time of it.  The teens morphed.  Green Ranger had several Hidiacs tied up with vines.  Blue Ranger destroyed several more with water, while Pink Ranger used her butterfly wings to destroy even more.  Yellow Ranger destroyed the rest.  Koragg arrived and battled the Rangers.  Koragg had the Rangers on the ground when Nick arrived and gave Koragg a strong kick.  Nick finally believed in magic and morphed into the Red Ranger.  Koragg decided to test the Red Ranger and had another set of Hidiacs for the Red Ranger to defeat.  Red Ranger turned one of the Hidiacs into a soccer ball.  Red Ranger used the soccer ball against the Hidiacs.  This batch of Hidiacs were destroyed by Red Ranger.

The Hidiacs joined Koragg and the Styxoids in their latest attempt to destroy the Rangers.  The Hidiacs, Styxoids, and Koragg waited patiently for the Rangers to fly overhead, so they could ambush them.  Soon four of the Rangers appeared overheard on their mystic riders.  The Hidiacs, Koragg, and Styxoids began their attack.  Yellow Ranger, Green Ranger, and Pink Ranger continued on their way.  Red Ranger stayed behind and battled them.  Koragg gave Red Ranger a strong hit and Red Ranger spun out of control.  Moments later, Red Ranger emerged from the smoke on his new mystic speeder.  Red Ranger continued the battle.  Soon the Hidiacs and Styxoids were destroyed.

Necrolai lead several Hidiacs through the Cimmerian Forest.  Necrolai had a map that lead to the secrets of the Fire Heart.  Taxi monster was with them as well.  As Necrolai made her way through the forest, two Hidiacs were pulled up from the ground.  They were trapped in a giant spider web.  Despite their struggles, the two Hidiacs could not free themselves.  Necrolai try to cast a spell to free them, but magic didn't work in the Cimmerian Forest.  Necrolai decided to leave the two Hidiacs and she continued on her way.  The two Hidiacs trapped in the spider way were destroyed by a giant spider.  Later, out of the Cimmerian Forest, Necrolai blasted Vida and Nick off their feet.  They had just retrieve the scroll with the secrets of the Fire Heart.  The scroll went flying through the air and Necrolai caught it.  Necrolai sent several Hidiacs after Vida and Nick.  The Hidiacs battled Vida and Nick.  Vida and Nick morphed.  The Hidiacs continued to battle the Pink Ranger and Red Ranger until they were destroyed.

The Hidiacs were waiting in the woods when Chip, Xander, Madison, Vida, and Nick raced in.  The Hidiacs immediately got ready to battle.  Vida suddenly ran into them, knocking several down.  The Hidiacs went after Vida.  Vida, with amazing strength, battle the Hidiacs.  Vida held two Hidiacs above her head and tossed several Hidiacs around.  Vida went into tornado spin to get rid of the last of the Hidiacs.

The Hidiacs were sent along with the Styxoids to retrieve the Fire Heart from the Rangers.  The teens were blasted off their feet by a Styxoid.  The Hidiacs and several more Styxoids popped out of hiding.  The Hidiacs and the Styxoids battled the Rangers.  The Hidiacs and Styxoids were defeated.  Later, several Hidiacs arrived in time to help Skullington retrieve the Fire Heart, once more, from the Rangers.  Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Red Ranger battled the Hidiacs and Skullington.  Eventually Pink Ranger and Green Ranger arrived to help.  Green Ranger destroyed Skullington while the rest of the Rangers destroyed the Hidiacs.

Three Hidiacs, Necrolai, and Leelee were standing in front of a sea cave.  Leelee:  Is this it?  Can we go home now?  Necrolai:  No!  Patience dear.  this is no ordinary sea cave.  Necrolai then addressed the Hidiacs.  Necrolai:  Go in and bring me what lays within.  The three Hidiacs set forth.  Necrolai:  Hmmmm.  The three Hidiacs were destroyed by a spell the moment they tried to enter the cave.  Later, several more Hidiacs stood in front of the cave.  They were there as a trap for the Rangers.  Necrolai stayed hidden and watch.  The Rangers didn't think the Hidiacs were much of a challenge.  The Rangers battled and destroyed the Hidiacs.

Several Hidiacs accompany Gnatu through the dark seal.  They ended up in a park in Briarwood.  Gnatu was laughing as she arrived with the Hidiacs.  Gnatu:  What a fine day it is to harvest your life force.  People began to scream and run.  The Hidiacs went after the people.  Gnatu got a hold of a man.  Gnatu:  You'll do just fine.  Gnatu removed the man's life force.  Gnatu:  Take it, Spydex!  Gnatu tossed the man's life force to her monster, Spydex.  The Rangers came flying through the air.  Solaris Knight:  Laser Lamp!  The Power Rangers tried to get the people to safety as well as fight off the Hidiacs who were trying to stop them.  Yellow Ranger had spotted Gnatu ready to take the life forces' of a father and daughter.  Yellow Ranger tried to stop her, but several of the Hidiacs blasted him.  Two Hidiacs held the Yellow Ranger as Gnatu removed the life forces' from the father and daughter.  The Rangers kept fighting and soon the Hidiacs were destroyed.

Several Hidiacs and Styxoids were leading the citizens of Briarwood.  Styxoid:  Keep going!  The people struggle to keep up.  Madison, Vida, Chip, Nick, and Xander were there as well.  Styxoid:  Move it!  Necrolai:  Any human who doesn't obey the law, will be taken to the mines.  You live only to serve us now.  Necrolai laughed.  Madison:  This is horrible.  Chip:  They've taken over the whole city.  And there's nothing we can do about it.  Necrolai:  The world belongs to the forces of darkness.  Toby had been hiding and when the Hidiacs and Styxoids passed, he came out of his hiding place.  Toby had found his miniature music box and started to play it.  Necrolai, the Hidiacs and Styxoids immediately surrounded Toby.  Necrolai told Toby he had been warned.  The Hidiacs and Styxoids grabbed Toby and Toby tried to free himself.  Nick ran towards them and started fighting the Hidiacs and Styxoids.  Nick urged Toby to run.  Vida, Chip, Xander, and Madison also started battling.  The Hidiacs, Styxoids, and Necrolai battled the teens.  The teens were soon backed into a corner.  Suddenly, the sky returned to it's normal color, as did the rest of the world.  The teens also had their magic back.  The teens quickly morphed into the Power Rangers.  The Hidiacs, Styxoids, and Necrolai battled the Power Rangers.  The Hidiacs and Styxoids were defeated by the Power Rangers.

Numerous Hidiacs and Styxoids were summon by Hekatoid in another dimension.  They stood there facing the Rangers.  Hekatoid had set up a game and the Rangers had to destroyed the numerous Hidiacs and Styxoids before the time ran out on the clock.  The Hidiacs and Styxoids battled against the Rangers.  The Rangers were doing well against them.  Hekatoid cast another spell in which Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Green Ranger were unable to move.  The Hidiacs and Styxoids quickly surrounded the Red Ranger.  The Red Ranger shouted to Hekatoid that he had cheated, but Hekatoid didn't care.  Red Ranger called for Fire Heart and became the Red Dragon Fire Ranger.  The Hidiacs and Styxoids continued their battle with Red Dragon Fire Ranger.  Red Dragon Fire Ranger destroyed them all.

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