Imperious - Voiced by Stuart Devenie

Imperious is a dark wizard.  He was captured and placed in a sea cave.  Imperious was turned into a mummy and could do nothing for several years.  Necrolai would be the one to find him , take him to the pit, and cast a spell.  Imperious liked his new body and being in charge.  Necrolai immediately came forward and bowed to Imperious.  Leelee was not as easily impressed by the guy who looked like a traffic light.  Imperious did not care for Leelee's comments.  Leelee, reluctantly, came forward and bowed as well.  Imperious then had them stand up.  Leelee was exasperated and made more comments.  Imperious had had enough and cast a spell, turning Leelee into an insect.  Leelee asked her mom if she was going to let Imperious treat her like this.  Necrolai told her yes.  Necrolai walked over and told Imperious that Koragg had not returned and wondered if he was perhaps destroyed as well.  Necrolai told Imperious that this would please her as she did not trust Koragg.  Imperious and Necrolai walked out of the room together, ignoring Leelee's pleads not to forget her.  Later, Imperious appeared in Briarwood.  The Rangers were there as he made his dramatic entrance.  Imperious introduced himself to the Rangers and told them magic was only for doing as you pleased.  The Rangers did not agree.  Imperious fought off the Rangers one by one.  No matter what element they used against, Imperious' magic was stronger.  Imperious was not impressed with the Rangers and told them Udonna had not chosen well.  Imperious grew larger and the Rangers formed their Megazord.  Imperious was much larger than the Megazord and only had to kick at it.  The Rangers did not give up and continued to go after Imperious.  Imperious treated them as though they were an annoying fly.  Eventually Jenji grew larger and helped the Rangers battled Imperious.  Imperious was hit by a powerful magic spell.  Imperious was ready to cast another spell, but he was too weak from being in the cave for so long.  Imperious vowed to return and vanished.

Imperious and Necrolai were in the pit.  Imperious:  Now that I'm back from that awful cave, I will call my old friend Jester.  He knows how to make trouble.  Imperious cast a spell.  Imperious:  Come forth Jester!  A seal appeared and soon Jester came through it.  Jester:  I'm free!  I'm alive!  Imperious:  Now that I have free you, you will do as I command.  Jester knelt.  Jester:  Yes sire.  Imperious told Jester he wanted him to wreck havoc in the city.  Imperious gave Jester a pen to help him.  Jester was thrilled and quickly left.  Necrolai asked Imperious about the Rangers.  Imperious told Necrolai that his plan would wreck the city and undermine the Rangers at the same time.  Imperious walked over to the hole in which the Master kept an eye on things.  Imperious knelt by the hole and promised the Master that all his plans would be for him.  Later, Imperious was in the woods.  He disguised himself in armor, familiar armor from the time he was with the Mystics, before he betrayed them.  Imperious, at that time, was known as Calindor.  Imperious plan to make use of his time as Calindor.  The teens were in the woods searching for the source of dark magic.  Imperious watched quietly for a moment.  In his armor, Imperious made his presence known.  In his armor, Imperious and the teens battled.  The teens were about to morph, when Udonna arrived and told them to stop.  Udonna recognized the armor and knew it was her own friend, Calindor.  Calindor removed the armor and he and Udonna hugged.  Udonna introduced Calindor to the teens, telling Calindor they were the Mystic Warriors.  Calindor gave them a small bow and told them the forest owes them a great debt.  Udonna told the teens she knew Calindor from long ago.  The teens stepped forward and introduced themselves.  Udonna and the teens took Calindor to Rootcore.  Clare was there as well.  Clare told the teens that there was dark magic in the city.  The teens immediately morphed and left.  Calindor called out to them to fight with honor.  Udonna showed Calindor around Rootcore and introduced him to Clare.  Clare stumbled a bit during the introduction.  Calindor was amused and called Clare the bumbling servant.  Clare did not appreciate that comment.  Clare told Calindor that she was a sorceress in training.  Calindor gave her a small bow and called her my lady.  Calindor noticed the crystal ball and walked over.  Clare told him the crystal ball alerts them to dark magic.  Clare noted the crystal ball had revealed dark magic in the woods before the teens had found him.  Suddenly the crystal ball filled with dark magic.  Clare became alarmed as it meant there was dark magic in Rootcore.  Clare called for Udonna.  When Clare wasn't looking, Calindor quickly cast a spell that cause the crystal ball to return to normal.  When Udonna reached the crystal ball, no dark magic was showing.  Udonna thought simply that Clare had been working too hard.  Calindor continued to stroll around Rootcore. Clare left Rootcore.  Jenji popped out his lamp and recognized the evil Calindor.  Before Jenji could alert Udonna and Clare, Calindor placed a book on top of the lamp.  Udonna walked over and did not heard Jenji's muffled voice.  Calindor told Udonna he had something to tell her, and it wasn't easy.  Calindor told Udonna that Daggeron had betrayed the Mystics.  Udonna was stunned, she had trusted Daggeron with everything.  Calindor claimed that he was stunned as well and that was how he was cursed and placed in the cave.  Udonna couldn't understand why the Xenotome had not revealed this to her.  Calindor did not know about the Xenotome.  Udonna showed him the book, Xenotome, and told him it was the source of all knowledge and a powerful ally to them.  Calindor knew he could destroy the Rangers with the knowledge from the Xenotome.  He told Udonna he had much to learn.  Udonna agreed and was going to make them tea.  Calindor insisted he make the tea and left Udonna with the Xenotome.  Calindor returned with the tea, making sure Udonna took the right goblet.  Calindor told Udonna he had made the tea specifically to her liking.  Udonna was about to take a sip, when Clare burst in.  Clare hollered at Udonna and then jumped on Calindor.  Calindor could not shake off Clare.  As Calindor and Clare whirled around, the goblet of knocked out of Udonna's hand and landed on a book.  A dangerous foam formed on the book from the liquid.  It was time for Calindor to reveal himself and he did.  Imperious asked Udonna and Clare if they were surprised.  Imperious cast a spell, but Udonna stopped it with her own spell.  The two spells try to overpower the other one.  Udonna asked Clare, who was hiding, to help.  Clare stood up and cast a spell as well.  The two combined spells made Imperious vanished for a moment.  Clare was gleeful as she asked who the bumbling servant was now?  Imperious walked up from behind Clare and told her she was.  Imperious tossed Clare over to where Udonna stood.  Imperious cast a spell that made Clare and Udonna immobile.  Imperious immediately try to get the knowledge from the Xenotome.  The Xenotome had a protection spell.  Imperious soon broke through the protection spell.  Imperious, using dark magic, began to gathered all the knowledge, while Udonna and Clare could only helplessly look on.  Eventually, Imperious gathered all the knowledge.  Before he could do anything, he was knocked off his feet by Daggeron.  Daggeron was ready to battle, the teens right behind him.  Imperious noted this was not the time and vanished.  Later, Imperious vowed that his next time, he would destroy Daggeron.

Imperious was in the pit with Necrolai.  Imperious:  I summon the Behemoth.  Through a dark seal, Behemoth emerged.  Behemoth:  Me ready for battle.  Imperious:  Go to the surface world.  Use your systematic stakes to draw out Solaris Knight.  Imperious wanted Behemoth to destroy Solaris Knight.  Behemoth left to do Imperious' bidding, but he failed and was instead destroyed by Solaris Knight.

Imperious was in the pit.  He was greatly amused.  Gnatu had returned to the pit.  Gnatu had taken several of Briarwood citizens' life forces.  Imperious told Gnatu if she kept it up, she would become second in command.  Imperious laughed as he asked Necrolai what she thought about it.  Necrolai was not happy.  Gnatu left to gathered more life forces.  Imperious was still amused by Necrolai's predicament.  Necrolai told Imperious let Gnatu take life forces, she had a bigger plan and she held up a bottle of soul specter.  Koragg descended into the pit.  Necrolai asked Koragg where he had been.  Koragg told her that he had been making a sword out of Morticon's old sword.  Imperious recognized Koragg as a dark wizard.  He told Koragg that his sword might come in useful, but Koragg needed to realized that he now worked for him.  Koragg replied that he only works for the Master.  Imperious agreed and told Koragg that the Master had a new enemy - Solaris Knight.  Koragg decided to see if Solaris Knight was worthy of battling.  Imperious laughed and referred to Koragg as a puppet as Koragg walked away.  Later, Imperious was thrilled that his plan was working out so well.  He checked his fan and saw Koragg and Solaris Knight battling.  Imperious then switched over to the Rangers' battle with Gnatu and her monster, Spydex.  Imperious was very pleased.  Imperious' plan failed once more as the Rangers destroyed Gnatu, Spydex, and restore the life forces to the citizens.

Imperious was in the pit.  Koragg, Necrolai, and Leelee were there as well.  Imperious was taunting Koragg once more.  Imperious:  If you ask me, you rely too heavily on your skills as a wizard.  Your credibility as a warrior has suffered.  Koragg:  I will show you suffering.  Imperious:  It's true.  You claim to be a powerful warrior, but you always rely on magic to get you by.  Koragg was outrage that Imperious thought his ability as a warrior has suffered.  Necrolai and Leelee watched and listened to the conversation intently.  Necrolai chuckled throughout.  Koragg decided to prove himself to Imperious.  Koragg took the magic from within himself and gave it to Imperious.  Koragg told him he would prove that he is a powerful warrior and when he returns he expects his magic back.  Koragg left the pit.  Imperious held Koragg's dark magic for a moment.  He turned around and gave the dark magic to Necrolai.  Necrolai was thrilled as was Leelee.  Necrolai, using the dark magic, turned her daughter into an insect once more.  Leelee was not happy.  Imperious summon Screamer.  Screamer had the ability to turn people into feathers.  Imperious told Necrolai and Screamer to go into Briarwood and have some fun.  Necrolai and Screamer promptly left.  Unfortunately for Imperious, Screamer was eventually destroyed by the Power Rangers.

Imperious:  Venturius Ulmatium!  Koragg:  What has he done?!  Four beasts emerged squealing.  Koragg:  He summon the Barbarian Beasts.  These warriors have no honor.  They are beasts from the oblivion, that have no place fighting for the Master.  The four Barbarian Beasts began to walk past Koragg.   Shrieker:  Nice to see you again, Koragg.  Koragg:  Wish I could say the same.  Warmax deliberately bumped into Koragg:  Warmax:  Apologize for bumping me.  Koragg told him not a chance.  Koragg and Warmax came to blows, and Koragg outmaneuvered Warmax.  The four Barbarian Beasts left and Koragg was left to ponder that things have changed.  Imperious had the Barbarian Beasts battle the Rangers, only one at a time.  First Warmax battle the Rangers.  Warmax was destroyed, but he had served his purpose.  Later, Shrieker battle the Rangers with the same outcome.  Imperious walked towards 50 Below and Fightoe.  He told them their comrades' sacrifice was not in vain.  The Rangers were battle weary now.  Fightoe and 50 Below told Imperious he was now close to getting what he wanted, and the Master would be pleased.  Imperious quietly told Fightoe and 50 Below that the Master was no longer in his plans.  Fightoe and 50 Below pointed out that Koragg would never betray the Master.  Imperious pointed out that wouldn't be a problem, would it?  Fightoe and 50 Below understood.  Imperious watched on his fan, as 50 Below and Fightoe battled Koragg.  Eventually, Koragg ended up on the ground.  Imperious laughed and twirled around, happy to be rid of Koragg.  Later, Imperious was even more pleased.  50 Below and Fightoe had battled the Rangers and captured Jenji.  Necrolai was there, as Imperious announced that 50 Below and Fightoe were his two new generals.  Imperious used his fan to rub the lamp, that Jenji was captured in.  Jenji emerged and announced he was the great and powerful genie and could grant them one wish.  Jenji muttered to himself that he was going to regret this.  Imperious told Jenji he wished there were never any Mystic Force Power Rangers.  Jenji cried out in alarm, but he had no choice, but to grant the wish.

Imperious was in the pit with 50 Below, Fightoe, and Necrolai.  Imperious was very pleased.  Imperious:  My plan worked perfectly.  We now have a world where those pesky Power Rangers never existed.  Necrolai:  Yes!  Imperious:  Erased from everyone's memories, except their own.  Imperious wanted the Rangers to forever remember what they had lost.  Imperious considered himself a genius.

Imperious had been keeping an eye on the battle on the surface world.  He became outrage when color was restored to the world and the teens had their magic back.  Soon the Power Rangers were back in action.  Later, Koragg came storming into the pit.  Koragg wanted to know where 50 Below and Fightoe were.  Imperious acted like he had no idea where they were at.  Koragg told Imperious of their plot to overthrow the Master.  Imperious pretended that he knew nothing of the plan.  Koragg left.  Imperious turned and Fightoe came out of his hiding place.  Imperious instructed Fightoe to continue with their plan.  Fightoe went off to battle the Rangers.  Some time later, Fightoe returned to the pit.  Imperious was furious with Fightoe.  Fightoe and 50 Below had been battling the Rangers, when they were granted the Legend powers.  Fightoe had took off running.  50 Below continued to battle and was destroyed.  Imperious couldn't believe Fightoe had the nerve to return.  Fightoe knew he didn't stand a chance against the Rangers' legendary powers.  Imperious decided he could still use Fightoe and transported his life force into the nether world.  Imperious was there as well.  Imperious told Fightoe his life force would be use to power his latest creation.  Imperious cast the spell.  Fightoe yelled at Imperious that he had tricked him.  Imperious smiled, Fightoe should have known better than to trust him.  Imperious' creation battled the Solar Streak Megazord and they both managed to get into the surface world.  After a intense battle, the Power Rangers destroyed Imperious' creation.

Imperious was in the pit with Koragg and Necrolai.  Imperious:  Koragg, you allow the Rangers to get their Legend Warrior powers.  Necrolai:  Tut! Tut!  Imperious:  You have failed the Master.  Koragg:  I have failed no one.  Koragg walked over to Necrolai and grabbed her wrist.  Koragg:  Return my magic hag, and watch the Power Rangers fall.  Necrolai:  Possession is 9/10 of the law.  Koragg:  Not down here, it's not.  Koragg took Necrolai's morpher and tossed her aside.  Imperious:  Koragg!  Koragg:  Uthe Negrucious!  Koragg's magic left the morpher and hung in front of Koragg as a purple, simmering ball.  Koragg placed the magic back inside himself.  Koragg turned around and faced Imperious.  Koragg:  Legend Warriors or not, the Rangers are through.  Later, Imperious arrived on the beach as the Rangers, in their Manticore Megazord, and Koragg, as Centaurs Wolf Megazord battle.  Koragg was not doing so well and the Rangers had knocked him to the ground.  The Rangers were about to strike.  Imperious cast a spell that had the Rangers' Megazord became paralyzed.  Koragg was outraged.  Koragg got back up and walked over to the Rangers' fallen Megazord.  Koragg cast a spell that removed the virus from the Rangers' Megazord.  Imperious was furious and called Koragg a traitor before vanishing.  An angry Imperious waited in the pit when Koragg returned.  Imperious, before the Master, charged Koragg with treason.  Koragg was very angry as several Hidiacs ran towards Koragg.  The Hidiacs held Koragg tightly as he struggled to free himself.  Imperious decided to show a few scenes that proved his point.  Imperious cast a spell that showed Koragg losing in several battle.  Koragg was furious and cast his own spell that showed him defeating the Rangers.  Imperious pointed out there was not point in defeating the Rangers, if he always left.  Imperious cast another spell that showed Koragg, having defeated several opponents, and instead of destroying them, leaving them.  Koragg told Imperious that he was spinning lies.  Koragg called on Necrolai for a witness.  Necrolai walked over to Koragg and told him she was sorry, but she simply had to roll with the flow.  Necrolai called forth several scenes that did not show Koragg in a good light.  Imperious show more scenes on how Necrolai had almost conquered the Rangers, the first time she used magic.  Imperious walked towards his chair, trying to determine Koragg's punishment.  Koragg angrily tossed aside the Hidiacs and went over Imperious.  Koragg picked Imperious up and tossed him across the room.  Koragg told Imperious it was time for him to answer a few questions.  Koragg displayed the fact that Imperious used to fight on the side of good, as Calindor.  Imperious assured him that he was all evil now.  Koragg also displayed the Barbarian Beasts, who had tried to get rid of him.  Imperious told him that Barbarian Beasts had been successful in capturing Jenji and for a time they had lived in a wondrous world full of dark magic.  Koragg was ready to battle Imperious when Master became angry with both of them.  Koragg listened to the Master and then told him he accepted and stormed out.  Necrolai asked Imperious what had happened.  Imperious told Necrolai that the Master was tired of their talking and wanted Imperious and Koragg to destroy Solaris Knight.  The one who did could stay while the other would be banished.  Imperious accepted the challenge as well.  Imperious and Koragg soon located Daggeron, who was looking for beetle's bane.  Imperious blasted Daggeron off his feet.  As Daggeron struggled to get up, Imperious told Daggeron he hoped Daggeron didn't mind if he was part of their game.  Daggeron got up and quickly morphed into Solaris Knight.  Imperious had Koragg battle Solaris Knight first.  Koragg and Solaris Knight battled.  Imperious became involved too.  Imperious was about to strike Solaris Knight when the rest of the Rangers arrived.  Red Ranger and Solaris Knight battled Imperious.  Koragg took on Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Green Ranger.  It was another tough battle and the four Rangers had to go into Legend Warrior mode.  Imperious decided he did not like the why the game was going and retreated.  Koragg soon followed.  In the pit, Imperious and Koragg kneeled before the Master.   Koragg offered his magic up.  Imperious and Koragg presented their cases.  Koragg told the Master that yes Imperious was evil, but he was without honor and could not be trusted.  Imperious sputtered at Koragg's words, and simply told the Master that he could trust him, he was loyal.  The Master gave Koragg his magic back.  Koragg told Imperious that it was the third time he had tried to get rid of him and failed.  Koragg fear Imperious' time was not long.  Imperious walked away furious.

Imperious was inside the pit.  He was walking quickly and casting glances all around.  Imperious didn't want anyone to see what he was up to.  He was carrying a potion.  Imperious:  Time is running out.  I must strike the Master now, or I will never rule the underworld.  Imperious was ready to pour the potion when a voice behind him startled him and made Imperious dropped the potion.  Koragg:  What are you up to Imperious?  Imperious turned around and faced Koragg.  Imperious:  Nothing, just working on a potion.  I didn't know you were her.  Koragg:  Nothing that happens in this pit escapes me.  Imperious:  Of course, such a loyal servant.  Koragg:  And when the Master rises, I will be his first in command, and you will answer to me.  Koragg told Imperious to remember that before walking away.  Imperious realized he could never get rid of the Master with Koragg around.  Imperious decided instead to gain Koragg's favor.  Later, Imperious, once again, stated he is a genius.  Necrolai wanted to know what Imperious' latest plan was.  Imperious want the Rangers' Legend power to help rise the Master.  Necrolai told Imperious that he wouldn't be able to do anything like that.  Imperious agreed, he planned on having Koragg take the powers from the Rangers.  Koragg was there as well and Imperious told Koragg to do his bidding, it was what the Master wanted.  Koragg immediately left.  While Koragg faced the Rangers, Imperious was waiting for Daggeron in the dimension of wandering souls.  Soon Daggeron arrived.  Imperious told Daggeron that he was sorry for what he had done and wanted to be good again.  Imperious even donned on his old ancient mystic armor.  Daggeron was not sure and paused for a moment.  Imperious took advantage and fired at Daggeron.  Imperious called Daggeron a fool.  Daggeron quickly morphed.  Imperious and Solaris Knight battled.  Imperious cast a spell that made him very large.  Solaris Knight quickly formed the Solar Streak Megazord.  Solaris Knight and Jenji battled Imperious once more.  Imperious soon had the Megazord's power.  Solaris Knight had demorphed and was on the ground.  Imperious used the power from the Megazord and cast a forbidden spell.  The spell used the souls of the warriors Leanbow had defeated in the past and formed the monster Chimera.  Chimera battled Daggeron.  Daggeron vanished.  Imperious returned to the pit in triumph.  The teens had been captured by Chimera and were now helpless in his pit.  Imperious thanked them for giving their Legend power to the Master.  The teens refused.  Leelee walked in.  The teens thought Leelee had been captured as well, but they soon found out that Leelee is Necrolai's daughter.  Imperious cast a spell and the Legend power from the teens was being drained and placed to the Master.  Imperious was enjoying himself.  Everything was going well until Udonna suddenly leaped down.  Udonna broke the connection from the teens to the Master.  Imperious smirked and told Udonna she has made the Master angry.  From the small hole, the Master attacked Udonna.  Udonna was lifted up into the air and her body was covered with red, painful, energy beams all around her.  Udonna was dropped to the floor and carried out in pain.  Udonna was still covered with the energy beams.  Imperious laughed throughout.  Suddenly, Koragg came forward and with his sword, broke the Master's grip on Udonna.  Imperious was stunned when, instead of Koragg, stood a figure in ancient mystic armor.  The ancient mystic armor vanished and it revealed a man, Leanbow.

Imperious watched, along with everyone else, Udonna run towards Leanbow.  Udonna:  Leanbow, could it really be you?!  Udonna and Leanbow hugged.  Leanbow:  I don't know how to explain.  But it's true.  I am alive.  Madison:  This is unbelievable.  Nick:  No.  This is one of Koragg's tricks.  Imperious:  Leanbow survived, but not Solaris Knight.  Imperious got up.  Imperious:  Now to finish what I started!  Imperious cast a spell.  Leanbow blocked the spell, which knocked Imperious back down.  Leanbow:  Uthe Zazare!  Leanbow, Udonna, and the teens were teleported through a seal.  Imperious:  No!  Later, Imperious would find them all in another dimension.  The sky grew dark as Imperious, Necrolai, and Chimera made their way towards Leanbow and the teens.  Leanbow had already cast a spell that placed Udonna back at Rootcore.  Imperious instructed Chimera to attack.  Chimera attacked the Rangers.  Leanbow was ready to fight, but the Master still had power over him.  Leanbow clutched his head in pain.  Leanbow had donned his ancient mystic armor, but was still weak.  Necrolai walked over to Leanbow, and went through a dark seal with him.  Imperious was enjoying watching Chimera beat the Rangers.  Solaris Knight arrived on Brightstar, a unicorn.  Solaris Knight gave the Rangers Brightstar.  Brightstar could travel through any dimension and instructed the Rangers to leave with her.  The Rangers did so.  Imperious instructed Chimera to follow the Rangers, which he did.  The sky cleared and it was just Imperious and Solaris Knight.  Imperious wanted to settle things with Solaris Knight, with some bond battling.  But not training, the real thing.  Solaris Knight accepted the challenge.  Imperious and Daggeron went into yet another dimension where they stood facing each other.  Jenji came out of his lamp and acted as referee.  Jenji also supplied the chain to bond the two warriors.  Imperious and Daggeron went into ancient mystic mode.  Imperious and Daggeron battled each other.  Eventually Daggeron won the match.  But Imperious was not going to have any of hat.  Instead, Imperious cast a spell that sent Jenji back in his lamp.  Imperious then shot several lasers at Daggeron, which cause him to go out of ancient mystic mode.  Imperious still had Jenji's lamp, when Jenji told him he had cheated.  Imperious didn't care and tossed the lamp aside.  Daggeron stood up.  Imperious attacked Daggeron once more.  This time Daggeron outwitted Imperious and destroyed him.  Before Imperious dissolved into dust, Imperious told Daggeron with his destruction, a bigger terror will arise.  Imperious laughed as he slowly turned into dust.                     

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