Koragg - Voiced by Geoff Dolan

Years ago, darkness tried to conquer the magical dimension and then the human realm.  The darkness was defeated by five brave and true wizards.  The bravest wizard of them all sealed darkness behind gates and sent them to the under world.  Years passed.  An earthquake hit the city of Briarwood.  The earthquake also loosen the gates.  Koragg was able to slip out.  He appeared on surface:  Yes!   After all these years, I'm free.  Koragg reported to Morticon, who was ready to take on the human realm once more.  Koragg reminded Morticon that he was the servant, not the master.  The darkness also wanted Udonna found and had destroyed Woodland Village during it's search.  A huge troll and Hidiacs had been sent as well to destroy Udonna, and her five teens, Madison, Chip, Vida, Xander, and Nick.  The troll and Hidiacs had failed.  Koragg arrived.  Koragg told them they may have defeated his Hidiacs, but he would defeat them.  He blasted them and knocked Udonna, Vida, Madison, Chip, and Xander to the ground.

Koragg:  On your feet.  Darkness has come.  Vida, Madison, Chip, Xander, and Udonna managed to get back up.  Madison:  I've got a bad feeling about this.  Udonna:  I do not know you warrior.  But if it is a battle you want, I'm ready to fight.  Xander:  Hold on.  Let me try and reason with him.  Xander moved to the front of the group:  Hi!  The name is Xander.  Koragg:  I am Koragg, the Knight Wolf.  Uuthay Vedor Catastros!  Ride up from your depths.  A horse appeared from underground.  Xander back away:  So much for reasoning.  Koragg leaped into the air:  Somber Uudithos Cecrestious!  Power of the Centaur.  Koragg and the horse merged into one and became an enormous centaur.  Chip:  Centaur!  A real centaur!  I want one!  Koragg started to laugh:  You are now just pebbles under my hooves.  Udonna:  Get back!  You are not ready to fight his kind.  I am!  Xander:  No problem here.  He's all yours.  Udonna morphed into the White Ranger and was just as large as Koragg.  Koragg and White Ranger faced each other and then they battled.  During the battle, White Ranger told Koragg he seemed familiar to her.  Koragg noted that the witch seemed familiar to him as well, but he still plan on destroying her.  Koragg dealt a powerful blow.  White Ranger spun around and lost her snow staff.  Koragg reverted back to normal form and grab the snow staff that had fallen to the ground.  White Ranger returned to normal size as well and staggered through the woods.  White Ranger fell to the ground and demorph.  Chip, Vida, Madison, and Xander raced to her size.  With the snow staff in his hand, Koragg faced them and told them he would spare them this time, so that they may witness the destruction of their lands.  Koragg cast another spell and returned to the under world.  He entered triumphantly holding up the snow staff and calling out praises for the master.  Morticon walked towards Koragg.  Morticon tried to place a spell on Koragg that would make him gave Morticon the snow staff.  Koragg was too powerful and intended to keep the snow staff, he would only share in the destruction of above ground.  Koragg taunted Morticon, telling him if he was so powerful, why couldn't he leave this pit.  Morticon angrily replied that he was too powerful, but as soon as Koragg figured out a spell to release him, watch out.  Later, Morticon tells Koragg it is time.  Koragg sends the Hidiacs into the woods.  The Rangers defeat the Hidiacs.  Koragg appears and tells the Rangers they may have defeated his Hidiacs, but they will not defeat him.  The Rangers try to battle Koragg, but he is too powerful.  Koragg soon has the Rangers on the ground.  Suddenly Nick arrives on his bike.  Both flying through the air.  Nick leaps off his bike and gives a kick to Koragg.  Koragg staggers back a little.  Koragg lifts up his sword to defeat Koragg, and Nick stops him.  A glow surrounds Nick and he is now wearing the mystic uniform.  Nick morphs into the Red Ranger.  Koragg summons more Hidiacs and has them battle Red Ranger.  Eventually Red Ranger destroys all the Hidiacs.  The Rangers celebrate.  Koragg, standing close by, tells them that they may have won this battle, but the outcome of the next will be different.

Koragg was in the under world with Morticon when Necrolai stormed in.  Necrolai:  Now, there are five mystic warriors.  Just like the ones who try to trap us down here forever.  Koragg:  Udonna had to give the mystic powers to someone.  Koragg dismiss the new warriors as simply children.  The ground began to tremble, and Necrolai asked what it was.  Morticon told them it was Hydra Worm, the same creature that had dug the pit they were standing in.  Necrolai was concern that the Rangers would destroy Hydra Worm before it had a chance to destroy the surface world.  Morticon already had a plan.  Morticon summon a monster to keep the Rangers busy, Mucor.  Morticon sent Necrolai to capture the Rangers.  Morticon then had Koragg cast a spell.  Koragg cast the spell that sent Mucor to the surface world.  Eventually the Rangers would destroy Mucor, using Mystic Titan powers.  Necrolai was furious that the Rangers now had the Mystic Titan powers and told Morticon the Rangers had to be destroyed before the Master awoke.  Later, the Rangers would battle Hydra Worm and destroy it.  Koragg was not happy.  In the pit, there was a hole in the ground, and it started to glow red.  Morticon lead a chant for the Master and commanded everyone to bow to the Master.  Koragg, Morticon, and Necrolai stood on the edge of the hole and bowed to the giant eye that was visible.

Koragg walked into the pit.  He had just overheard Necrolai tell Morticon that success she had been having with Clawbuster.  Necrolai and Clawbuster had been turning the citizens of Briarwood into stone.  Necrolai predicted that one by one, they would soon have Briarwood full of stone statutes.  Koragg did not think this was a quick enough plan.  Koragg wanted to take the Styxoids and attack the Rangers.  Morticon told Koragg he could.  Morticon also gave Necrolai permission to continue with her plan as well.  Koragg set out with the Styxoids and Hidiacs.  They waited patiently for the Rangers to fly overhead on their mystic riders.  Soon four of the Rangers appeared and Koragg, the Styxoids and Hidiacs attacked.  Green Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Pink Ranger continued, while Red Ranger stayed behind and battled with Koragg and his soldiers.  Koragg soon knocked Red Ranger hard, enough to make Red Ranger lose control.  Koragg thought that was the end of the Red Ranger, but he was wrong.  Soon Red Ranger appeared out of the smoke on his new mystic speeder.  On the mystic speeder, Red Ranger battled the Styxoids and Hidiacs and eventually destroyed them all.  Koragg and Red Ranger battled.  Red Ranger gained the upper hand.  Koragg told Red Ranger his magic was not strong enough to destroy him.  Red Ranger replied it is today and left to help his friends.  Koragg returned to the underworld.  Later, Necrolai contacted him, asking if he would cast a spell that would restore Clawbuster, whom the Rangers had just destroyed.  Koragg did so, but the Rangers, with their new Titan Megazord destroyed Clawbuster once more.

Koragg was in the underworld, watching the reflections in the future bowl.  In the future bowl, Koragg and Red Ranger were battling.  It was an intense battle, but Koragg was determined to defeat the Red Ranger once and for all.  Koragg:  Prepare for the sword.  Red Ranger managed to stop Koragg, and the battle continued.  Koragg:  This time I will be victorious.  Instead, Koragg was knocked hard and landed on his back.  In frustration, Koragg smash the watery reflection.  Necrolai came up from behind:  Watching what lies ahead for you in the future's bowl Koragg?  Was it the Red Ranger that destroyed you?  Koragg:  It is only one possible future hag!  Necrolai scoffed at Koragg.  Koragg:  The bowl foresees many futures.  Necrolai suggested that maybe in all the future Koragg would be destroyed.  Koragg became furious and grabbed Necrolai.  He told her he should feed her to the Hidiacs.  Necrolai managed to break free and told him then she couldn't give him her wonderful idea.  Necrolai took down the snow staff and tossed it to Koragg.  Necrolai suggested that Koragg use the snow staff to get inside Nick's head.  Koragg thought that was a good idea.  Koragg started right away.  With the snow staff, Koragg was able to talk to Nick inside his head.  Koragg planted many thoughts inside Nick's head, the main one being that no one wanted him and he had no friends.  Later, Koragg and Morticon battled.  Morticon wanted out of the underworld and told Koragg he knew how to do it.  Koragg told him he didn't have enough power.  Morticon told him to get more power.  Later, Koragg told Nick to meet him on the beach.  Koragg waited on the beach and Nick arrived.  Nick couldn't believe it had been Koragg talking to him.  Koragg told him he only wanted him for his power.  Nick morphed and Koragg and Red Ranger battled.  Koragg was impressed when Red Ranger used the Phoenix power to become even more powerful.  But Koragg was determined to take Red Ranger's power.  The rest of the Rangers arrived and the battle continued.  Koragg called forth his horse and formed into a centaur.  The Rangers used the Mystic Titans to form their dragon.  The battle raged on.  Koragg had a surprise for the Rangers, he formed the Centaurs Wolf Megazord.  Koragg cast a spell and took the Rangers' power to form their Megazord.  Using this powerful magic, Koragg cast a spell and Morticon was finally able to come up to the surface world.  Morticon began battling the Rangers.  Morticon wanted Koragg to help fight, but Koragg told him he had done what he was suppose to do, adding the Master will be pleased.  Koragg was stunned, when moments later, Red Ranger cast a counter spell that force Morticon back into the underworld.  Koragg retreated, still with the Rangers' power to form the Megazord.  Koragg returned to the underworld, where he decided that he would keep the power to himself for awhile.  Unaware that Necrolai was watching and had overheard him.

Morticon was furious.  Morticon:  I...can't...take...this!   How long are we just going to sit here?  He swung his sword around and growl.  Morticon paced up to Koragg.  Morticon:  You've got the Rangers' combing power!  Koragg:  I told you, the power was recaptured by the Red Ranger after the spell was countered.  Morticon was not happy and wanted to return to the surface world and he wanted Koragg to start working on it right away.  Koragg told Morticon he had more important things to do and left.  Koragg went into Briarwood and soon the Rangers were there.  Koragg went into zord mode.  The Rangers went Mystic Titan and formed the dragon.  Koragg and the Rangers battled.  Koragg landed a powerful blow, that tore apart the dragon and had the Mystic Titans on the ground.  Koragg gloated as he challenged the Rangers to get up again.  Suddenly, Koragg felt a sharp pain.  Koragg turned around and saw Necrolai.  Necrolai had shot an arrow to his back.  Koragg was furious.  Necrolai wasn't too frazzle and told Koragg he shouldn't deceive Morticon.  Necrolai flew away.  Koragg cast a spell and started to leave.  Red Mystic Titan leaped up and broke the spell.  Koragg was separated from Catastros.  Koragg came storming into the underground and began attacking Morticon.  Morticon shock him off.  Koragg shouted at Necrolai, how dare you attack Catastros.  Necrolai told Koragg that Morticon had made her do it.  Koragg walked up to Morticon and started arguing with him.  Morticon told Koragg, he knew that he had kept the power to himself.  Morticon and Koragg began to battle until the red glow began to surface.  Morticon did not want to make the Master angry.  Morticon calmed himself down and told Koragg he wanted the power.  Koragg told him he can't, Koragg had given the power to a warrior he could trust.  Later, Koragg returned to the city where his warrior, with the Rangers' combining power, was battling the Rangers.  Koragg watched from a rooftop, and planned to finish off the Rangers when his warrior was done.  Koragg was stunned when a seal appeared with Red Mystic Titan galloping through it on the back of Catastros.  Koragg was further stunned when Red Mystic Titan and Catastros combined.  Red Mystic Titan then destroyed the warrior.  With the destruction of the warrior, the Rangers' combining power was returned to them.  The Rangers thought Catastros was on their side, but they were wrong.  Catastros reared on his hind legs and bucked Red Mystic Titan off.  Catastros galloped towards Koragg.  Koragg combined with Catastros and formed into a centaur.  Koragg told Red Mystic Titan there was something unusual about him and then left.

Koragg was in the pit.  On the surface, the Power Rangers were battling taxi monster and had just destroyed it.  Koragg stated that defeat was not an option.  Koragg cast a spell that cause the taxi monster to become larger than before.  The Rangers use their Megazord and eventually destroyed taxi monster for good.

Koragg, speaking directly inside Nick's head, issued him a challenge.  Koragg:  Hear me Red Ranger.  Or all of Briarwood will be sorry.  Koragg chuckled.  Koragg waited quietly in the woods.  The teens raced in and several Hidiacs leaped out.  Vida ran through the Hidiacs and took on the Hidiacs herself, defeating them.  Koragg stepped out.  Koragg:  Very impressive.  Now how about a real challenge.  Koragg cast a spell that made him much larger.  The teens called for their Mystic Titans.  Koragg and the Mystic Titans battled.  Koragg stepped things up by transforming into the Megazord.  The battle continue.  The sun began to rise and Pink Mystic Titan fell to the ground, demorphing as she hit the ground.  The rest of the Mystic Titans asked Vida if she was okay.  Koragg couldn't believe it.  Koragg launched another attack on the Mystic Titans.  He told them they lose one and they fall apart.  Koragg taunted them that they were not worth his time and left.  In the pit, Morticon gave him a hard time.  Morticon wanted to know why the powerful wizard had walked away.  Koragg told Morticon not to challenge his strength.  The Rangers were not strong, but they will be again.  Koragg would not battle them until they were full strength.  It would be no honor for him to do otherwise.

Koragg was in the pit with Morticon and Necrolai.  Morticon:  Well done Necrolai.  Necrolai:  The Pink Ranger is still in my power.  Necrolai and Morticon laughed.  Morticon:  Koragg, are you not pleased with what Necrolai has done?  As I see it, she just did you a favor.  Your should be grateful.  Koragg:  There is no honor in her ways.  Koragg walked away.  Later, Koragg responded to Nick contacted him via his mind.  Koragg expected red wizard to appear and was very surprised to see yellow wizard instead.  Koragg did not think yellow wizard was very powerful, but he soon learned differently.  Koragg was impressed at how far yellow wizard had come and they battled.  Soon Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Green Ranger arrive to help Yellow Ranger.  Koragg told them he was not the one responsible for what has happened to pink witch.  Koragg told them they need look no further than Necrolai.  Yellow Ranger thought Koragg was lying.  Red Ranger wanted to know why Koragg was telling them this information.  Koragg told them the only way to save their friend was to destroy Necrolai.  If they destroy Necrolai and restore their friend, then Koragg would consider them worthy enough to battle.  The following day, Koragg quietly watched from above as Blue Ranger, Green Ranger, and Red Ranger tried to contain Pink Ranger.  Yellow Ranger battled Necrolai.  The Rangers managed to destroy Necrolai and the spell was broken and Vida was returned to normal.  Koragg became large and let the Rangers know he was ready to battle.  Koragg then cast a spell that turned him into his Megazord.  The Rangers called for their Mystic Titans and formed their Megazord.  The battle was fierce.  The Rangers had to call on the spirits of the ancients to help them.  Koragg was knocked down and returned to normal.  Koragg told the Rangers they have become more powerful with each day, but so has he.  Koragg promised the outcome of the next battle would be different.  Koragg then turned around and vanished.

Koragg was in the pit.  He watched as a Styxoid was tossed down to a furious Morticon.  The Styxoid had failed to retrieve the Fire Heart from the Rangers.  Morticon destroyed the Styxoid.  Morticon then started to demand to know where Necrolai was.  Necrolai had failed him as well.  Koragg was amused as he walked away.  He was stopped by a hiding Necrolai.  Necrolai pleaded with Koragg for his help.  Necrolai told Koragg that if she didn't get the Fire Heart, Morticon would destroy her.  Koragg paused and then decided to help Necrolai.  Later, Koragg met with Necrolai and his warrior Skullington.  Necrolai told Koragg she wouldn't forget this, and Koragg told her she better not.  Koragg told Necrolai the Rangers already had the Fire Heart, but he could read it's energy.  The plan was to send Skullington to get the Fire Heart from the Rangers.  Koragg sent Skullington.  The plan did not work and Skullington was destroyed by the Rangers.  The Rangers still had the Fire Heart.

The Master was infusing Koragg with his powerful dark magic.  Koragg could feel himself becoming stronger by the moment.  Necrolai came to him, pleading for his help.  Koragg didn't know if he wanted to help the witch.  Necrolai told Koragg that she needed to find the Gatekeeper or Morticon would destroy her.  Koragg didn't care about Necrolai's fate, but he knew it would please the Master if the Gatekeeper was found.  Koragg agree to help Necrolai.  He gave her some of his dark magic.  Necrolai was gleeful as she felt the new power.  Necrolai was to attack the Rangers, to draw out the Gatekeeper.  Meanwhile, Koragg was going after Udonna.  Koragg appeared in the forest in front of Udonna and Clare.  Udonna told Clare to stand back.  Udonna told Koragg to leave the child alone.  Koragg scoffed, what would he want with the child.  Koragg was after Udonna.  Udonna cast a spell at Koragg, but Koragg easily defeated it.  Koragg knew Udonna's magic was weak because she no longer had her snow staff.  Koragg cast a spell and entrapped Udonna in a golden bubble.  The bubble flew towards Koragg.  Koragg held the bubble in one hand as Clare tried to cast a spell.  Koragg laughed and then vanished.  Koragg placed Udonna in a hidden place.  Later, Koragg realized the Gatekeeper had been found, and it was Clare.  The Gatekeeper had been battling Necrolai and had taken her extra power.  Necrolai had flew away furious.  The Rangers gathered around Gatekeeper.  Koragg contact Red Ranger and told him he wanted to battle Gatekeeper alone.  If not, Udonna would perish.  Red Ranger passed the message on to Gatekeeper and Gatekeeper accept the challenge.  Outside of the city, Koragg and Gatekeeper faced each other.  Gatekeeper gave a impressive display of her power.  Koragg laughed, but he enjoyed the challenge.  Koragg and Gatekeeper battled.  Gatekeeper took it to the next level by becoming the Shining Moon Warrior.  Koragg became the Megazord.  The battle continued.  Koragg was trapped within golden binds.  But it was not going to be that easy.  Koragg broke free and cast a very powerful spell.  Shining Moon Warrior was hit hard and transfer back to Gatekeeper as she fell to the ground.  Koragg reverted to normal and walked menacing towards Gatekeeper.  He demanded that Gatekeeper open the gates.  Gatekeeper refused.  Koragg was about to strike a powerful blow when the Power Rangers blasted at him.  Koragg was furious, but the Power Rangers were not going to let Koragg harm Gatekeeper.  Koragg and the Rangers battled.  The battle stopped when Necrolai, who had been hidden, grab Gatekeeper.  Holding tightly onto Gatekeeper, Necrolai summoned her power.  The gates began to rise.  Necrolai tossed Gatekeeper aside.  Koragg watched eagerly as the gates continue to rise until they were fully above ground.

A stone gargoyle had come to life and leaped down.  Koragg blasted the Rangers and Gatekeeper off their feet.  Koragg stepped forward and grabbed a hold of Gatekeeper.  Koragg:  Get up!  Red Ranger:  Let her go!  Blue Ranger:  Clare!  Koragg speaking to Gatekeeper, You won't get away this time.  Koragg looked at the Rangers.  Koragg:  And the gargoyle of the gates will take care of you.  Red Ranger:  Wait!  Red Ranger raced forward.  Koragg and Red Ranger fought with Koragg giving Red Ranger a kick that sent him back to the rest of the Rangers.  Yellow Ranger:  Nick!  Koragg laughed as he cast a spell and vanished with Gatekeeper.  Koragg took Gatekeeper to the pit.  Gatekeeper awoke to find herself with Koragg and Udonna, still trapped within the golden bubble.  Koragg told Gatekeeper that she had enough power to send the gates up, now he wanted to see if she had enough power to unseal the gates.  Udonna urged Gatekeeper not to do it.  Gatekeeper declared that she would never help him.  Koragg told her he wasn't asking for her help, he was going to take her magic.  Koragg cast a spell that cause the spell enchantment to appear above Gatekeeper.  Koragg told them when the enchantment was done, the seal will be broken.  This cause Gatekeeper a great deal of pain, as she whispered to her mother to give her strength not to give in.  Koragg told her to be silence.  Udonna pleaded with Koragg, telling him it was taking Gatekeeper's life force.  Koragg did not care, the Master's wishes had to be obeyed.  Koragg told Gatekeeper it was almost over.  Suddenly Red Ranger burst through.  Red Ranger challenge Koragg to a fight, and Koragg accepted.  Koragg cast a spell that cause him, Red Ranger, and Gatekeeper to be out on the surface world, away from everyone else.  Koragg and Red Ranger battled.  It was a very difficult battle but soon Koragg gained the upper hand.  Koragg told Red Ranger that dark magic would always win.  Red Ranger told him he was wrong.  Red Ranger broke free.  Koragg and Red Ranger continued to battle.  Red Ranger deliver a mighty blow that caused Koragg to crumple and vanish.  Moments later, Koragg reappeared.  Koragg told Red Ranger that he may have destroyed his weapon, but it would take more to destroy him.  Koragg laughed as he vanished.  Koragg returned to the pit where he stopped Udonna, who had broken free from her bubble, from taking her snow staff.  Koragg told Udonna that she had served her purpose and that he would let her leave alive.  He told Udonna that she should be grateful.  Udonna told him that she could never be grateful to such a heartless creature and that she only felt pity for him.  Udonna vanished.  Koragg gave a growl in response to her words.  Later, Koragg found Morticon's sword.  Morticon had been destroyed for good by the Rangers.  Koragg planned to use Morticon's sword for his Master's evil plans.

Koragg did not return to the pit for several days.  Necrolai and Behemoth were trying to draw out Solaris Knight and they had succeeded.  Solaris Knight was battling Behemoth when Koragg arrived and leaped into the battle.  Koragg and Solaris Knight were locked into a fierce battle, but managed to introduced themselves to each other.  As Koragg and Solaris Knight battle, Necrolai decided to leave with Behemoth.  Solaris Knight noticed them leaving and told Koragg they would have to finish this battle another time.  Koragg watched as Solaris Knight went after Necrolai and Behemoth.  He looked forward to the next battle with Solaris Knight.

Koragg worked on his sword.  He hammered away at the sword.  Koragg:  It is almost complete.  I will make the ultimate weapon with the last of Morticon's dark magic.  Koragg finished the sword and held it up.  Koragg:  Now I will be unstoppable.  Later, Koragg descended into the pit.  Necrolai asked him where he had been.  Koragg told her that he had been making his weapon.  Imperious walked over and recognized Koragg as a dark wizard.  Imperious told him his sword might come in handy, as long as he realized that he worked for Imperious.  Koragg replied that he only worked for the Master.  Imperious implied that they all did.  Imperious told Koragg that the Master had a new enemy - Solaris Knight.  Koragg had already met Solaris Knight, now he would find out if Solaris Knight was worthy to battle him.  Koragg contacted Nick and told him he wanted to battle Solaris Knight on his own, in the twilight dimension.  Koragg entered the twilight dimension and waited for Solaris Knight.  Solaris Knight soon arrived.  Koragg and Solaris Knight battle.  During the battle, Koragg told Solaris Knight that he wasn't a very good teacher.  He continued that Solaris Knight was wasting his time teaching his students good magic, when dark magic was the only magic worth teaching.  Angrily, Solaris Knight told him he was the one wasting time.  The battle continued, and soon Koragg dealt a powerful blow to Solaris Knight, knocking him completely off his feet.  Koragg laughed as he walked away.  Koragg returned to the pit.  He had overheard Imperious and Necrolai and asked them what they were up to.  Imperious was angry with Koragg and wanted to know why he had not finished off Solaris Knight when he had the chance.  Koragg told him that he only answered to the Master.  Koragg walked away once more.  Later, Koragg was on top of Mount Isis.  Daggeron was just about to reach for the Staff of Topaz, when Koragg blasted him away.  He chuckled as he took the Staff of Topaz.  Daggeron pleaded with him, telling him that Chip did not have much time.  Koragg did not care.  Daggeron morphed into Solaris Knight.  Koragg and Solaris Knight battled once more.  The battle escalated to Megazords.  Koragg soon had the Solar Streak Megazord overpowered with dark magic, that bonded the Megazord tight.  Koragg was surprised when Solar Streak Megazord broke free of the bond.  Solar Streak Megazord blasted away at Centaurs Wolf Megazord.  Centaurs Wolf Megazord let go of the Staff of Topaz and it went flying through the air.  Centaurs Wolf Megazord landed hard on the ground.  Solaris Knight ejected from his sword and grabbed hold of the Staff of Topaz.  Koragg reverted to his normal form.  He was amused and pleased that Solaris Knight had proven a tough battle.  Koragg told Solaris Knight that he just might be worthy enough to fight him and then turned around and vanished.

Koragg was in the pit.  Imperious, Necrolai, and Leelee were there as well.  Imperious:  If you ask me, you rely too heavily on your skills as a wizard.  Your credibility as a warrior has suffered.  Koragg:  I will show you suffering.  Imperious:  It's true.  You claim to be a powerful warrior, but you always rely on magic to get you by.  Koragg was outrage that Imperious thought his ability as a warrior has suffered.  Necrolai and Leelee watched and listened to the conversation intently.  Necrolai chuckled throughout.  Koragg decided to prove himself to Imperious.  He took the magic from within himself and gave it to Imperious.  Koragg told him he would prove that he is a powerful warrior and when he returns he expects his magic back.  Koragg left the pit.

Koragg was in the pit and watched as Imperious released some beasts from the oblivion.  Imperious:  Venturius Ulmatium!  Koragg:  What has he done?!  Four beasts emerged squealing.  Koragg:  He summon the Barbarian Beasts.  These warriors have no honor.  They are beasts from the oblivion, that have no place fighting for the Master.  The four Barbarian Beasts began to walk past Koragg.   Shrieker:  Nice to see you again, Koragg.  Koragg:  Wish I could say the same.  Warmax deliberately bumped into Koragg:  Warmax:  Apologize for bumping me.  Koragg told him not a chance.  Koragg and Warmax came to blows, and Koragg outmaneuvered Warmax.  The four Barbarian Beasts left and Koragg was left to ponder that things have changed.  Later, Koragg was outside and just watched as the Rangers destroyed Shrieker.  Koragg knew Imperious was up to something, but didn't know what it was.  Later, Koragg was walking in the woods.  He knew that Imperious was plotting against him and that he should tell the Master.  Before he could act, Fightoe and 50 Below approached him.  Koragg battled Fightoe and 50 Below.  Koragg's sword was knock out of his hand, and soon Koragg was knocked to the ground.  Koragg was still on the ground.  Fightoe and 50 Below laughed as they left.  Moments later, Phineas approached.  Phineas thought this was an appropriate time to say a few words.  Phineas told of how Koragg was a fierce warrior who fought with honor.  How Koragg had nice boots and a nice helmet.  Phineas noticed the sword just a couple of yards away.  Phineas walked up to the sword, commenting on how nice it was.  Koragg managed to get up and before Phineas could touch the sword, Koragg grabbed Phineas' wrist.  Phineas gave a loud squeal.  Koragg released Phineas and Phineas apologized.  Phineas told Koragg he would come back later.  Phineas started to walk away.  Koragg felt very weak and soon fell to his knees.  He pleaded with Phineas to help him.  Reluctantly, Phineas turned around and helped Koragg.

Under Phineas' care, Koragg recovered.  Koragg leaped down as Madison, Vida, Chip, Nick, and Xander walked in the woods.  He held his sword at them and told them he had been waiting for them.  Koragg slammed his sword into the ground and told the teens they needed to talk.  Angry, Nick told Koragg they don't talk to him.  Nick was ready to fight Koragg.  Vida, Chip, and Xander grabbed a hold of Nick and held him back.  Madison told Nick they no longer had any magic.  Madison took the sword and passed it back to Koragg, telling him they would talk.  Koragg told them their world has change.  He wanted to know what had happened to them, before the change.  The teens told him they had been battling 50 Below and Fightoe, everything changed after Solaris Knight lost Jenji. Koragg quickly put together what had happened - Imperious had made a wish that the Mystic Force Power Rangers had never existed.  The teens were stunned.  The teens wanted to know more about 50 Below and Fightoe.  Koragg told them they were just as much his enemy as theirs.  Chip couldn't believe it.  Chip told Koragg that him and Imperious have been trying to destroy them and he doesn't like the new guys because they beat him to it.  Koragg told them that Fightoe and 50 Below were without honor, they had tried to destroy him, and mostly, they were plotting to overthrow the Master.  Nick laughed.  Nick told Koragg that he still wanted dark magic to rule, but only if it is done nicely.  Koragg became angry and stepped right in front of Nick.  He told Nick without honor, victory is meaningless.  The teens wanted to know what Koragg could do to help them.  Koragg told them they could go see the Tribunal of Magic and have them reverse the spell.  The Tribunal of Magic is in another dimension.  Nick laughed again, but Xander told the group that they already need what the outcome of the wish was.  Maybe seeing the Tribunal of Magic, they might have a fighting chance.  The teens agreed.  Koragg lead the teens through another part of the woods.  He told them he would be unable to take them to the Tribunal of Magic, because he no longer had his magic either.  But he pointed out who could take them.  Fire Heart was just in front of them.  The teens were excited to see Fire Heart and eagerly stepped forward.  Fire Heart roared at them and the teens jumped back.  Madison was dismayed.  Madison stated that Fire Heart didn't recognize them and they had raised him from an egg.  Koragg told them they had never found the dragon egg, he had.  Koragg had raised Fire Heart.  Koragg gave Fire Heart a command.  He told the teens Fire Heart would take them now.  The teens clambered aboard Fire Heart.  As they took off into the sky, Koragg told them to go with honor.  Koragg was still watching them, when Phineas came to stand beside him.  Phineas asked Koragg if the teens were the ones he had spoke of.  Koragg told him, the teens were the ones.  Koragg also told Phineas that their alliance was over.  Koragg walked away from Phineas and did not see Phineas' small wave goodbye and heard him refer to Koragg as a friend.

Koragg went storming into the pit.  He was searching for 50 Below and Fightoe.  Imperious stepped forward and asked Koragg what was the matter.  Koragg told Imperious of the plot to overthrow the Master.  Imperious pretended he knew nothing of the plot.  Koragg stormed out to continue his search.  Koragg soon found 50 Below and Fightoe battling the Power Rangers.  The wish had been reversed and the world was restored to what it once was.  50 Below had been battling Solaris Knight and Solaris Knight had demorphed.  50 Below mocked Daggeron, telling him he thought a knight would be harder to defeat.  Koragg asked 50 Below what about two knight.  Koragg told Daggeron that this was his battle.  Koragg and 50 Below battled.  Fightoe continued to battle the rest of the Rangers.  The Rangers were soon gifted with the legendary powers.  Koragg, 50 Below, and Fightoe stared at the Rangers in amazement.  The Rangers soon continued their battle.  Fightoe took off running.  50 Below continued his battle with the Rangers.  50 Below grew very large and the Rangers assembled their new Megazord.  The battle continued and 50 Below was destroyed.  50 Below fell into pieces on the ground.  Koragg picked up one of the pieces.  He commented that when you live without honor, you fall without honor.  Koragg toss the piece aside and left.  Fightoe would later be betrayed by Imperious and destroyed as well.  Later, Koragg appeared in front of the teens.  He told them their alliance was no more.  Madison told him it didn't have to be that way.  Koragg told them he only worked for the Master.  Nick told him they understood, but they now had more power.  Koragg told them that would make his victory all the more sweeter.  Koragg turned and walked away from the teens.

Koragg was in the pit with Imperious and Necrolai.  Imperious:  Koragg, you allow the Rangers to get their Legend Warrior powers.  Necrolai:  Tut! Tut!  Imperious:  You have failed the Master.  Koragg:  I have failed no one.  Koragg walked over to Necrolai and grabbed her wrist.  Koragg:  Return my magic hag, and watch the Power Rangers fall.  Necrolai:  Possession is 9/10 of the law.  Koragg:  Not down here, it's not.  Koragg took Necrolai's morpher and tossed her aside.  Imperious:  Koragg!  Koragg:  Uthe Negrucious!  Koragg's magic left the morpher and hung in front of Koragg as a purple, simmering ball.  Koragg placed the magic back inside himself.  Koragg turned around and faced Imperious.  Koragg:  Legend Warriors or not, the Rangers are through.  Koragg contacted Nick, via telepathically.  Koragg:  Red Ranger, the battle is at hand.  Moments later, Koragg arrived through a dark seal at the beach.  Yellow Ranger:  There he is!  Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Pink Ranger stood facing Koragg.  Koragg:  Only four.  It will have to do.  Koragg battled the Rangers.  It was a difficult battle and the four Rangers had to go into Legend Warrior mode.  Koragg continued to battle, despite taking several blows himself.  Koragg managed to knock the four Rangers out of Legend mode.  The four Rangers kept at him.  Koragg soon had Red Ranger trapped.  Koragg was ready to strike, when a green vine came out of nowhere and stopped him.  Koragg became distracted by the vine, which allow Red Ranger to strike a blow and then get away.  Xander had arrived.  Xander quickly morphed and the Rangers once more went into Legend Warrior Mode.  Koragg and the Rangers continue to battle.  Koragg move the battle up a notch, by forming his Wolf Centaurs Megazord.  The Rangers formed their Manticore Megazord.  The battle continue and this time Koragg was not doing so well.  Koragg had just gotten knock to the ground and the Rangers were about to strike, when their Megazord became paralyzed.  Imperious had arrived and cast a spell that planted a virus in the Rangers' Megazord.  Koragg was outraged.  Koragg got back up and walked over to the Rangers' fallen Megazord.  Koragg cast a spell that removed the virus from the Rangers' Megazord.  Imperious was furious and called Koragg a traitor before vanishing.  Koragg would not harm anyone who was defenseless, it was not honorable and Koragg vanished as well.  Koragg returned to the pit where an angry Imperious waited for him.  Imperious, before the Master, charged Koragg with treason.  Koragg was very angry as several Hidiacs ran towards Koragg.  The Hidiacs held Koragg tightly as he struggled to free himself.  Imperious decided to show a few scenes that proved his point.  Imperious cast a spell that showed Koragg losing in several battle.  Koragg was furious and cast his own spell that showed him defeating the Rangers.  Imperious pointed out there was not point in defeating the Rangers, if he always left.  Imperious cast another spell that showed Koragg, having defeated several opponents, and instead of destroying them, leaving them.  Koragg told Imperious that he was spinning lies.  Koragg called on Necrolai for a witness.  Necrolai walked over to Koragg and told him she was sorry, but she simply had to roll with the flow.  Necrolai called forth several scenes that did not show Koragg in a good light.  Imperious show more scenes on how Necrolai had almost conquered the Rangers, the first time she used magic.  Imperious walked towards his chair, trying to determine Koragg's punishment.  Koragg angrily tossed aside the Hidiacs and went over Imperious.  He picked Imperious up and tossed him across the room.  Koragg told Imperious it was time for him to answer a few questions.  Koragg displayed the fact that Imperious used to fight on the side of good, as Calindor.  Imperious assured him that he was all evil now.  Koragg also displayed the Barbarian Beasts, who had tried to get rid of him.  Imperious told him that Barbarian Beasts had been successful in capturing Jenji and for a time they had lived in a wondrous world full of dark magic.  Koragg was ready to battle Imperious when Master became angry with both of them.  Koragg listened to the Master and then told him he accepted.  The Master was tired of their talking and wanted Koragg and Imperious to destroy Solaris Knight.  The one who did could stay while the other would be banished.  Imperious accepted the challenge as well.  Koragg and Imperious soon located Daggeron, who was looking for beetle's bane.  Imperious blasted Daggeron off his feet.  As Daggeron struggled to get up, Imperious told Daggeron he hoped Daggeron didn't mind if he was part of their game.  Daggeron got up and quickly morphed into Solaris Knight.  Koragg and Solaris Knight battled.  Imperious became involved too.  Imperious was about to strike Solaris Knight when the rest of the Rangers arrived.  Red Ranger and Solaris Knight battled Imperious.  Koragg took on Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Green Ranger.  It was another tough battle and the four Rangers had to go into Legend Warrior mode.  Imperious had already retreated.  Koragg soon followed.  In the pit, Koragg and Imperious kneeled before the Master.   Koragg offered his magic up.  Koragg and Imperious presented their cases.  Koragg told the Master that yes Imperious was evil, but he was without honor and could not be trusted.  The Master gave Koragg his magic back.  Koragg told Imperious that it was the third time he had tried to get rid of him and failed.  He fear Imperious' time was not long.  Imperious walked away.  Necrolai ran up to Koragg and apologized for betraying him.  Koragg tossed Necrolai to one side and continued to walk.  Koragg suddenly stumbled as an image of a baby, wrapped in a red blanket came to him.  Koragg wondered what was happening to him.

Koragg was inside the pit.  He spotted Imperious, Imperious' back was turned.  Koragg walked up to Imperious.  Koragg:  What are you up to Imperious?  Imperious dropped the vial he had and turned around and faced Koragg.  Imperious:  Nothing, just working on a potion.  I didn't know you were here.  Koragg:  Nothing that happens in this pit escapes me.  Imperious:  Of course, such a loyal servant.  Koragg:  And when the Master rises, I will be his first in command, and you will answer to me.  Koragg told Imperious to remember that and walked away.  Later, Koragg was still inside the pit.  Imperious and Necrolai were there as well.  Imperious had come up with a plan to raise the Master, take the Legend powers from the Rangers.  Necrolai told Imperious he would not be able to do that.  Imperious agreed.  Imperious wanted Koragg to take the Legend power from the Rangers.  Imperious told Koragg it was what the Master wanted.  Koragg left immediately, but on his way out, he had another flash of image of a baby, wrapped in a red blanket.  Koragg was determined to remain focus.  He contacted Nick and told him he wanted the Rangers to battle him, Daggeron to face Imperious alone.  Koragg waited outside until the Power Rangers arrived.  The Rangers asked him what he wanted.  Koragg told them he wanted their Legend powers.  The Rangers refused.  The Rangers went into Legend Warrior Mode and the battle began.  At one point, Koragg offered them a position at the side of the Master if they gave up their powers.  The Rangers refused, they would never fight for evil.  Koragg and the Rangers continue to battle.  A dark seal appealed and out stepped the monster, Chimera.  Koragg immediately recognized the creature as being brought forth by a forbidden spell.  Chimera attacked the Rangers, cast a spell, and soon the Rangers were drawn into the dark seal and brought to the pit.  Koragg returned to the pit.  The teens were helpless in the pit, being held by several Hidiacs.  Imperious thanked them for coming and giving up their power.  The teens refused once more.  Leelee strolled in and the teens promised her they would rescue her.  Leelee was ready, the place was rather dreary.  The teens received a shock when Necrolai called Leelee her daughter.  Imperious cast a spell and soon the teens were in a great deal of pain, as their Legend powers were being drained.  Imperious enjoyed himself, but Koragg had doubts.  Koragg did not feel what Imperious had done was with honor.  Imperious did not want to hear it.  Suddenly, Udonna dropped down into the pit.  Udonna broke the spell that drained the teens, although they still could not move.  The Master was angry and attacked Udonna.  Udonna was lifted up into the air and her body was racked with several red, painful, energy beams.  Koragg had a difficult time watching Udonna in pain.  Udonna was dumped on the ground, although still covered in energy beams and still in a great deal of pain.  More memories flashed through Koragg, his time as a red wizard and a young Udonna.  Koragg screamed Udonna's name as he raced forth.  Koragg raised his sword and broke the spell.  Udonna and the teens were free from the spell.  When the air cleared, there stood a man in ancient mystic armor.  Imperious was shocked and commented it could not be.  The ancient mystic armor vanished and there stood Leanbow.

Koragg found himself bowing before the hole in which Master stayed.  He asked the Master what was his bidding.  Necrolai laughed and told Koragg it was nice to see him back.  Necrolai had been the one to capture Leanbow, take him back to the pit, where the Master cast the memory spell that changed Leanbow back to Koragg.  Koragg soon left the pit.  Red Ranger, in his zord that he had combined with Brightstar, was battling a giant Chimera when Koragg, in his centaurs Megazord arrived.  Madison, Vida, Chip, and Xander had been knocked out of their zord and demorph.  They could only watch.  Red Ranger told Koragg he would battle him, but after he took care of Chimera.  Red Ranger then battled and destroyed Chimera.  Koragg and Red Ranger battle.  It was an intense battle.  They ran their zords towards each other and hit each other hard.  Hard enough to knock them out of their zords and onto the ground.  Koragg and Red Ranger continue to battle.  At one point, Koragg knocked Red Ranger's sword out of his hand.  Koragg refused to battle an unarm opponent and told Red Ranger to take his sword.  Red Ranger quickly did.  Koragg and Red Ranger continue to battle.  Red Ranger was very angry.  Koragg told Red Ranger he needed to control his emotions.  Red Ranger asked Koragg why he didn't destroy them when he had so many opportunities.  Koragg never answers.  Madison knew why - because a small part of Koragg was still Leanbow.  Koragg and Red Ranger battled on.  Koragg finally had the Red Ranger demorphed.  Koragg told Nick that he had been a worthy opponent, so he would make his end swift.  Koragg raised his sword and was about to strike when he heard Udonna scream Leanbow's name.  Koragg stopped and looked over.  Udonna ran to him, still calling him Leanbow.  Udonna lowered his sword arm and told him that Nick was his child, their child.  Koragg was stunned.  Udonna told Nick it was true, he had been here the whole time and she didn't know it.  Udonna told Nick it was true, they were his parents.  Nick stood up and told Udonna it was going to take some time to get use to.  Koragg put his sword away.  Koragg tentively reached out his hand and touched Nick's face, commenting on his son.  Koragg stepped back from them and the memory spell was broken once more as Koragg turned back into Leanbow.  

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Koragg and Catastros combine to become a centaur

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