Leelee Pimvare - Holly Shanahan

Leelee has just moved to Briarwood.  She entered Rock Porium and announced that she needed help.  Xander and Chip raced to her side.  Leelee looked over both of them, and then spotted Nick.  She walked up to Nick and stated that she wanted him.  Nick told her that he didn't work here.  Madison pointed out to Toby that Nick had been instrumental in the cleaning of the store.  Toby asked Nick who the greatest guitarist is, and Nick replied Jimmy.  Toby told Nick that he was hired and to help the customer.  Leelee and Nick walked away.  Leelee told Nick her name and asked him what was his.  Nick glanced back at his friends and replied I am in trouble.

Leelee was in the Rock Porium.  She spotted Madison for the camera and started to play with her hair when Madison swung the camera her way.  Unfortunately for Leelee, Madison quickly moved the camera along.  Leelee got back at her later.  Madison and Nick had just walked out of the back room, and Nick was telling Madison she was too shy to put it out there.  It was obvious that Madison was upset as Nick walked away.  Leelee walked up and added her two cents.  Leelee told Madison that her shoes were so old even Toby doesn't remember them.  Madison told Leelee that no one asked her and walked away.  Leelee gave a Madison a cheery take care as Madison left upset.  She stopped at the counter and told Toby that she hoped Madison was okay.  She then asked Toby if he had heard about the people being turned into stone.  Toby had, and it freaked him out thinking about.  Leelee told Toby that a lot of freaky things have been happening since the Power Rangers showed up.

Leelee was walking down the sidewalk when she overheard Nick.  Nick:  Who's saying that?  Leelee stopped:  Who's saying what?  Nick:  Nothing, it's nothing.  Leelee trying to get Nick's attention again, asked him what he thought of her new leather jacket.  She added that it cost five hundred bucks.  Nick glanced at her and told her it was nice and then continued unloading the van.  Leelee thought for a moment and then she suggested to Nick that he give her a ride on his motorcycle to show her off, quickly adding she meant show off her new jacket.  Nick told Leelee that he would like to, but he didn't have enough time, he was working.  Leelee was not happy.  Leelee decided that Nick would have more time for her, if he wasn't working.  Leelee stood framed in the doorway of Rock Porium.  She noticed Xander talking to a young woman and the bank deposit box.  The young woman left the door and Leelee walked in.  She told Xander that the young woman was cute and she could tell the young woman really like Xander.  Xander was surprised.  Leelee encouraged Xander to go after her.  Xander left the store to track down the young woman.  Leelee quickly glanced around and then went into the deposit bank.  She grabbed the envelope with one thousand dollars in it and hide it by the register.  Xander walked in and Leelee asked him if he had any luck.  Xander told Leelee that the young woman already had a boyfriend.  Xander tried to ask Leelee out, but Leelee changed the subject.  She asked Xander if he had heard about the thief.  Xander had heard nothing.  Leelee told Xander that a thief has been hitting all the record stores in Briarwood, the police believe it to be an inside job.  Xander couldn't believe it.  Xander checked the deposit box and became alarmed when he noticed the envelope was missing.  Leelee told Xander she hoped the police catch the thief in the nick of time and then left.  Later, Leelee stayed hidden behind a tree.  Nick was close by working on his bike.  Xander, Chip, Vida, and Madison approached Nick.  Leelee could hear their conversation.  Madison told Nick about the missing money and Nick realized they suspected him of taking the money.  Nick became angry and drove off.  Madison thought maybe they were mistaken.  Xander pointed out that Nick hadn't even denied taking the money.  Chip, Vida, Madison, and Xander headed back into Rock Porium to tell Toby.  Leelee was thrilled her plan had worked.  She started to move away from the tree, but was pulled back by her hair.  Some of her hair was stuck to the sap of the tree.  Leelee managed to free herself.  Later, Leelee was back inside the store, waiting to hear more.  Xander, Madison, Vida, and Chip walked up to Toby.  Toby could tell they wanted to tell him something, but didn't want to at the same time.  Toby asked them if it was about the missing money and whipped out the envelope.  Madison, Vida, Chip, and Xander were relieved.  Toby told them he was their friend as well and had found the envelope hidden by the register.  Xander confessed that he had thought Nick had taken the money.  Toby couldn't believe it.  Toby told them Nick was honest and wondered who had given them that idea.  Chip, Vida, Madison, and Xander turned towards Leelee.  Leelee became angry and told them that she hadn't accuse her friend.  Leelee opened her soda and it sprayed all over her.  Leelee was upset, her new jacket was ruined.  Leelee hated it when bad things happen to good people.

Leelee walked up to Rock Porium, just as Nick was putting the close sign on the door.  Leelee managed to squeeze inside.  Leelee:  Hey!  Nick:  Sorry Leelee, we're closing.  Leelee:  Perfect!  That means you have no excuses for not taking me to see this great new DJ tonight.  Nick told Leelee that he had plans.  Xander and Vida were there as well.  Xander walked up and told Leelee to stop throwing herself at Nick and to ask him.  Leelee, very reluctantly, asked Xander if he wanted to come.  Xander said yes.  Nick told Leelee that Xander couldn't go either, as his plans included Xander.  Leelee was disappointed.  Vida walked around and noticed the flyer in Leelee's hand.  Leelee told Vida DJ Fly was the hottest DJ in town.  She was surprised Vida hadn't heard about him.  Vida wanted to go, but Nick told her no.  Nick ushered Leelee out the door and told her maybe some other time.  That evening, Leelee attend DJ Fly's show with Vida.  Several other teens were there as well.  Leelee was enjoying herself until her cell phone rang.  It was her mom, who wanted her to come home and do her homework.  Leelee told her mom she would do her homework in the morning, but it didn't work.  Leelee hung up and told Vida that she had to go.  Vida told her she would go as well.  Leelee told Vida that she would feel guilty and told Vida to stay.  Leelee left on her own.  A couple of days later, Leelee was back at Rock Porium.  Nick, Xander, and Chip were asking her about what had happened at the club, whether Vida was acting strangely.  Leelee told them that Vida was really nice to her and even talk to her.  Xander told Leelee they were being serious.  Leelee told them nothing had happened, but she had to leave early.  Leelee told the guys that Vida had been okay when she left.  Just then, a very pale Vida and Madison walked in.  Leelee told the guys that Vida definitely had a better tan.  Vida walked past, telling them she was just a little sensitive to the sun.  More days had passed, and Leelee was back at the Rock Porium.  Music was playing and Vida, Madison, Xander, Chip, and Nick were all there.  Leelee and Vida began dancing together.  Chip started to draw a circle around them, with his vampire chalk.  Leelee stepped out of the way, she did not want her expensive boots to get ruined with chalk.  Chip completed the circle around Vida.  Xander asked Vida if they had something and Vida went to get it.  Except Vida couldn't leave the circle.  A huge, painful surge of power went through Vida.  Vida was a vampire. 

One evening, Leelee was at Rock Porium.  Vida came over to talk to Leelee.  Vida told Leelee the whole vampire thing was a trick on her friends.  Leelee told Vida that she knew that.  Leelee asked Vida if Vida had thought Leelee thought she was a real vampire.  Vida quickly replied no.  Leelee then told Vida that she had to go.  Leelee walked the city streets of Briarwood alone.  She entered a warehouse.  Suddenly Necrolai appeared.  Necrolai told Leelee it was dangerous to walk alone at night.  Leelee went into a fight ready stance.   Soon Leelee and Necrolai were fighting.  Leelee was doing really well until Necrolai landed a kick that sent Leelee flying.  Leelee landed on several cardboard boxes.  Necrolai walked over.  Necrolai told Leelee that her months leaving with the humans have made her weak.  Leelee replied on mom.  Necrolai extended her hand and helped Leelee to her feet.  Daughter and mother smiled at each other and flicked their hair.

Leelee strolled into Rock Porium and headed straight for the counter, where Chip, Vida, and Xander stood behind.  Leelee:  Can somebody help me here?  Xander quickly hurried over, knocking Vida out of the way.  Xander:  Afternoon Leelee.  You look like a Zeppelin fan.  Can I interest you in something?  Leelee smirked.  Leelee:  Nice zit...Rudolph.  Xander panicked and Leelee walked away.  As Leelee looked over the store, she overheard Chip telling Vida that he had figure out the scroll to the secret of the Fire Heart.  The scroll was like two halves of a face.  Vida told Chip to be quiet.  Leelee noticed and walked away, as if she had heard nothing.  Later, Leelee returned home, announcing her arrival, and telling her mom what a dismal place they lived in.  Necrolai told Leelee maybe it was time she moved in with her father.  Necrolai then remembered that she had turned Leelee's father into a worm.  Leelee got the point.  She asked her mom what she was working on.  Necrolai was having problem figuring out her second half of the scroll.  Leelee told her mom that old thing.  Leelee took the scroll and told her mom she knew how to figure it out.

Leelee was in the pit with Morticon and Necrolai.  Necrolai had returned with the Oracle.  Oracle pretended to not know where he was or who Morticon was.  Morticon didn't have any patience for Oracle's game and threaten to hurt the young girl Oracle had just sold a balloon to.  Oracle realized he was not fooling anyone and reverted to his true form.  Leelee commented on the extreme makeover.  Morticon wanted to know how to open the gates.  Oracle stuck out on arm and held open his palm.  An eye appeared in the palm.  Oracle looked at the eye and told Morticon the answer was simple, get the Gatekeeper to open the gates.  Necrolai was excited and told Morticon with the gates open, his whole army could leave the pit.  Morticon was furious, he told them the Gatekeeper's life force had been spent sealing the gates.  Oracle told them there was another Gatekeeper.  Morticon wanted to know who it was.  Oracle could not see, but he knew it was someone close to the Power Rangers.  Leelee smugly told them she knew who it was - Toby!  Necrolai left to get Toby.  In Briarwood, Necrolai and the Power Rangers battled.  Toby managed to escape.  Necrolai returned to the pit empty handed.  Morticon was furious.  Oracle told them that Necrolai had not failed because the human was not the Gatekeeper.  Slightly abashed, Leelee said a small opps.  Oracle told them if that was all he was leaving and vanished.  Morticon advanced on Necrolai and struck her.  Morticon told her if she did not return with the Gatekeeper, to not return at all.

Leelee, Necrolai, and three Hidiacs were standing in front of a sea cave on the beach.  Leelee:  Is this it?  Can we go home now?  Necrolai:  No!  Patience dear.  this is no ordinary sea cave.  Necrolai addressed the Hidiacs.  Necrolai:  Go in and bring me what lays within.  Necrolai and Leelee watched the Hidiacs head towards the cave's entrance.  Necrolai:  Hmmmm.  The Hidiacs tried to entered and were destroyed by a protection spell.  Necrolai:  Just as I though.  Leelee:  You're so cold.  Necrolai took it as a compliment.  Necrolai cast a spell towards the cave entrance.  Necrolai then told Leelee to try it.  Leelee thought her mother was joking, until she realized was serious.  Leelee didn't want to, so her mother pushed her into the cave entrance.  The protection spell still worked and Leelee felt pain and then tossed back on the beach.  Leelee shock the sand off of her and stood up.  Necrolai noted that the spell wouldn't let even the smallest amount of evil it.  Leelee told her mom it was too bad she wasn't a Power Ranger.  This gave Necrolai an idea.  Leelee was part of the plan.  Leelee ran through the streets of Briarwood yelling for the Power Rangers.  Leelee ended up where the teens were taking Phineas to a dentist.  Leelee told them of the monster at a sea cave.  Nick told Leelee that they didn't know where the Power Rangers where.  Nick suggested to Leelee that she should search a different area for the Power Rangers, while Nick and his friends continue to search this area.  Leelee told them the costume freaks were never around when you needed them.  Leelee angrily walked through their group and headed up the street.  Later, Leelee was back at the pit with her mom.  The plan had worked and Necrolai was able to get the mummy within the cave.  Necrolai cast a spell.  Leelee and her mother watched as a form began to take place.  Imperious appeared.  Necrolai immediately stepped forward and bowed.  Leelee was embarrassed.  She didn't want her mom bowing to a creature that looked like a traffic light.  Imperious was not pleased with her remarks.  Reluctantly, Leelee stepped forward and bowed next to her mom.  Imperious enjoyed his power and had them stand up.  Leelee couldn't believe it and complained.  Imperious, tried of her remarks, cast a spell and changed her into an insect.  Leelee looked up at her mom and asked her if she was going to let Imperious do this to her.  Necrolai told her yes and walked towards Imperious, unconcern over her daughter.  Necrolai and Imperious began to make plans and walked out of the room.  Leelee trailed behind them, desperate to get their attention and not be forgotten.

Leelee was in the pit, sitting beside her mother.  Koragg and Imperious were there as well.  Leelee and Necrolai watched and listened to their conversation intently.  Imperious was taunting Koragg once more.  Imperious:  If you ask me, you rely too heavily on your skills as a wizard.  Your credibility as a warrior has suffered.  Koragg:  I will show you suffering.  Imperious:  It's true.  You claim to be a powerful warrior, but you always rely on magic to get you by.  Koragg was outrage that Imperious thought his ability as a warrior has suffered.  Necrolai chuckled throughout.  Koragg decided to prove himself to Imperious.  Koragg took the magic from within himself and gave it to Imperious.  Koragg told him he would prove that he is a powerful warrior and when he returns he expects his magic back.  Koragg left the pit.  Imperious held Koragg's dark magic for a moment.  Imperious turned around and gave the dark magic to Necrolai.  Necrolai was thrilled.  Leelee was excited for her mom as well.  Necrolai commented how fun and used the dark magic on Leelee.  Leelee screamed and was once more back to being an insect.  She told her mom thanks a lot, but her mother paid no attention to her.  Imperious summon Screamer.  Screamer had the ability to turn people into feathers.  Imperious told Necrolai and Screamer to go into Briarwood and have some fun.  Necrolai and Screamer promptly left.  Unfortunately for Imperious, Screamer was eventually destroyed by the Power Rangers.

It was the first anniversary of Toby's store, Rock Porium.  Toby was having a party to celebrate.  All the customers and employees were having a good time.  Leelee was not.  She managed a smile when she popped a few of the balloons.  The customers wanted Toby to make a speech.  Toby climbed onto the stage and told everyone what a magical first year it had been for him.  Toby also told the crowd he couldn't have done it without his devoted employees.  But his employees had already left.

Leelee was in the pit.  No one else was around.  Leelee spotted the lamp that held Jenji.  Leelee picked up the lamp and peeked inside.  Jenji was there.  Leelee was excited as she rubbed the lamp and Jenji appeared outside the lamp.  Jenji told her how he could grant her one wish.  Jenji suggested more colorful clothing, but Leelee ignore him.  Leelee began to think of what she wanted to wish for and started to bite her nails.  Jenji commented that she really shouldn't do that.  Leelee agreed and told Jenji it was a nervous habit.  She wished she could stop.  Jenji told her wish granted and vanished.  Leelee realized what she had done and told Jenji no, but it was too late.  Leelee look at her fingers, which had enormous nails on the them.  Leelee screamed.

Leelee walked inside the pit and spotted the teens being held by several Hidiacs.  The teens assumed Leelee had been captured and assured Leelee that they would free her.  Leelee told them she was glad, she was really tired of the dreary place.  Necrolai walked up behind Leelee and commented that she was complaining again.  The teens were stunned that Leelee was Necrolai's daughter.  Leelee asked Necrolai if she could keep the teens after they were done.  Leelee commented that the teens had things the zombies never have,  like souls.  Necrolai told her that she could keep the teens as pets.  Leelee smiled.  Imperious was ready to drain the teens of their Legendary powers.  Imperious cast the spell.  As their Legend powers were being drain, it was obvious the teens were in a great deal of pain.  Leelee became concerned.  Worriedly, she asked her mom if they would be okay.  Necrolai assured her daughter they would be fine.  Suddenly, Udonna leaped down into the pit and broke the spell with her snow staff.  Although the teens were unable to move at this point.  Udonna turned around and faced Imperious.  Imperious told Udonna that the Master would be furious with her.  The Master was as he attacked Udonna from behind.  Udonna was lifted off the ground by several red, painful, lasers.  Udonna cried out in pain as she was dumped onto the ground, still covered in red lasers.  Leelee did not enjoy watching Udonna in such pain.  Moments later, Leelee and Necrolai watched in amazement as suddenly Koragg raced forward, and used his sword to break the spell.  When the smoke cleared a man in ancient mystic armor stood before the Master's hole.  Imperious cried out it could not be.  The ancient mystic armor vanished and the man turned around.  Weakly, Udonna questioned the man before them all, Leanbow.

Leelee stood with her mother and watched as Udonna raced across to Leanbow.  Udonna:  Leanbow, could it really be you?!  Udonna and Leanbow hugged.  Leanbow:  I don't know how to explain.  But it's true.  I am alive.  Madison:  This is unbelievable.  Nick:  NO.  This is one of Koragg's tricks.  Imperious:  Leanbow survived, but not Solaris Knight!  Imperious stood up.  Imperious:  Now to finish what I started!  Imperious cast a spell.  Leanbow blocked it.  Imperious was knocked back down.  Leanbow:  Uthe Zazare!  Leanbow, Udonna, and the teens were transported out of the pit through a seal.  Imperious:  No!  Leelee was upset and told them they just didn't want her to have any friends.

The pit had crumbled around Leelee and Necrolai as Leanbow sealed the Master in the depths once more.  Afterwards, Leelee and Necrolai removed the rumble around them.  Necrolai:  What a mess!  Leelee walked over to her mom.  Leelee:  Well, that was exciting!  Are you through with that "I am the Queen of the Vampires, I'm gong to take over the world" thing you've been into?  Necrolai:  Yes, well it may be time for me to reassess my plans.  Leelee:  Good!  Then let's get a condo in Briarwood, so I can find some friends.  Necrolai laughed evilly.  Leelee:  No, not to bite them.  Leelee told her mom she had tried the evil thing, and it wasn't her.  Leelee wanted a normal life in Briarwood.  Their conversation was interrupted when Necrolai spotted a book among the rumble.  Necrolai hurried over and dug the book out.  It was the Book of Prophecy.  Necrolai was enthralled to see her name on the first page.  Leelee tried to get her mom's attention again, but Necrolai didn't even notice.  Leelee was hurt, but she walked out of her old life and into a new one.  Later, Leelee got a job at the Rock Porium.  She was thrilled and worked hard.  Toby introduce her to her fellow employees, Madison, Vida, Chip, Nick, and Xander.  Nick tried to tell Toby that he couldn't hire Leelee because her mom is a Queen of the Vampires, but Nick didn't finish his sentence as Vida, Chip, Xander, and Madison shushed him.  Instead Nick welcome Leelee to Rock Porium.  Toby walked away, satisfied with his decision.  Leelee walked over to the teens and told them that she would keep their secret as long as they kept hers.  Leelee walked away with a wink and satisfied grin.

Nick had cautiously entered Toby's office.  Madison, Vida, Chip, and Xander crowded around and behind Nick.  Leelee came up from behind.  Toby:  The winner of the first ever Rockployee award goes to Mister Nick Russel.  Leelee, Vida, Chip, Xander, and Madison clapped and cheered.  Leelee tried to get a better look.  She was behind Vida and Chip.  Leelee:  I can't see!  I can't see!  Instead of moving over, Vida pushed herself more in front of Leelee.  Nick:  Thank-you Toby.  Nick and Toby shook hands.  Nick:  Thank you guys!  Wow!  Well, I couldn't have done it without the help of my friends and co-workers.  Recent hires excluded.  That stung and Leelee was very hurt.  Nick shook Toby's hand once more.  Nick:  Thanks again.  Leelee went back to work as did the rest of the teens.  Later, Leelee was moving boxes from the kitchen.  She could feel some very hard stares.  Leelee turned around and it was Chip, Xander, Nick, Madison, and Vida behind the counter.  Leelee put on a brave face and smiled at the teens.  She said hi and Vida told her to can it.  Xander, Nick, Madison, Vida, and Chip wanted to know why she was working at Rock Porium, was it a plan to take Toby?  Leelee told them no.  Chip thought maybe Leelee's plan was to infiltrate their group and take them down one by one.  Leelee adamantly denied it.  Leelee wanted to be normal and their friend, was that so hard to believe.  Chip, Madison, Vida, Nick, and Xander gave her a very strong yes.  The teens' morphers went off.  Nick told Leelee it was probably her mom before he hurried out the door.  Vida stood in front of Leelee and told her if she wanted to be normal, then help that customer and pointed to a customer.  Madison gave Leelee a rag and told her to clean the kitchen.  Chip gave her a bag full of garbage and told her to take out the trash.  Xander apologize to Leelee, telling her he wouldn't be able to supervise her.  Leelee held the trash bag and watched as the teens race out the door and feeling dejected.  Leelee did not let that feeling last for long.  She was determined to prove the teens wrong.  Leelee took the store by storm, until it was spotless.  Later, the teens walked in as Leelee was sweeping up.  Leelee was a mess, but she was proud of her work.  She asked the teens how the place looked.  Despite themselves, Madison, Vida, Chip, Nick, and Xander were impressed.  Toby walked up with the Rockployee Award and told Vida, Chip, Nick, Xander, and Madison that in their absence, he felt Leelee had earned the award.  Leelee was thrilled.  Toby told Chip, Nick, Xander, Madison, and Vida that they could learn from Leelee's example.  Leelee, still holding the trophy, told the teens it looked like she was here to stay and couldn't help but grin a little.

Leelee was working at Rock Porium.  She walked up to the register where Madison and Xander were working.  Leelee brightly offered to cover the register for them, if they wanted a coke break.  Madison and Xander both refused, telling her they didn't need their help.  Leelee's smile slip a little as she walked away.  Later, Leelee had returned to the inner sanctum.  She was very depressed.  Leelee's attempts to make friends with the Rangers had failed, and her mother was too busy with the Ten Terrors to pay any attention to her.  Leelee caught something out of the corner of her eye.  She glance down and there was the Book of Prophecy, floating upwards.  It soon came with Leelee's grasp and she caught the book.  Leelee wondered if there was anything about her in the book.  Leelee closed her eyes for a moment and hoped it would be something fabulous.  Leelee open her eyes and the book and began eagerly scanning the pages.  Leelee began to cry out in horror - she did not want to become the Queen of the Vampires.

Leelee was working at Rock Porium.  She had overheard Toby talking to the rest of the staff about the new exercise and diet he was on.  Toby entered his office.  Leelee excitedly walked up to the teens and started telling them her idea of running an exercise place at Rock Porium.  As she continued, Chip, Xander, and Vida walked away.  Leelee continued until Nick told her to stop.  Nick told her that she could stop acting nice, they didn't trust her.  Nick also added that she couldn't change who she is.  Leelee was very hurt.  Nick walked away as well.  Leelee told herself that maybe she couldn't change who she is, but she could change who she was going to be.  Leelee walked out of Rock Porium.  Later, Leelee entered the inner sanctum cautiously.  She overheard the Terrors talking about Hekatoid capturing the white sorceress.  Necrolai had been summon and Sculpin told her to find Leanbow.  Necrolai hurried away and towards Leelee.  Leelee called up to her mom, but Necrolai brushed past her.  Leelee asked her mom if they could have some mother daughter time.  Necrolai told Leelee she was too busy.  Hekatoid had made her look bad by capturing the white sorceress, she should have done that.  Leelee pointed out that it was wrong to capture something that was helpless.  The white sorceress couldn't even fight back.  Necrolai became furious with Leelee.  Necrolai told Leelee that she has spent too much time with the humans and have become soft.  Necrolai told Leelee she was suppose to become the Queen of the Vampires some day.  Leelee told her mom maybe she didn't' want to become the Queen of the Vampires.  Leelee asked her mom if she didn't, she would still be her daughter, right?  Necrolai became scornful and told Leelee she didn't belong here and wasn't her daughter.  Necrolai raced out.  Leelee was even more hurt by her mother's words.  After some time, Leelee decided to take matters into her own hands.  Leelee started walking in the woods, determine to rescue the white sorceress.  Suddenly, a strange looking creature was handing upside down in front of her.  Leelee screamed and the creature screamed as well.  After the screaming, the creature leaped off the tree and Leelee scolded him, telling him he shouldn't scare people like that.  Leelee noted the creature was very ugly.  The creature, Phineas, told Leelee that she was ugly as well, in a beautiful, gorgeous kind of way.  Leelee was flattered.  Leelee and Phineas introduced themselves to each other.  Phineas noted that Leelee was the name of the daughter of Necrolai.  Leelee confirmed that it was her.  Leelee and Phineas began walking together.  Leelee told him about how she didn't fit in and Phineas told her how he didn't fit in with either side of his family.  Leelee told Phineas that she was going to rescue the white sorceress.  Phineas told Leelee that he would help her, as he knew the white sorceress as well.  Leelee told Phineas she couldn't stand for helpless creatures to be captured.  Leelee continued on, while Phineas quickly remove the cricket he was going to eat from his mouth.  As Leelee and Phineas walked along, Clare jumped out from behind them.  Clare warned Phineas of who Leelee was and was surprised that Phineas already knew.  Clare wanted to rescue Udonna.  Leelee told Clare if she wanted to rescue the white sorceress, they would need her help.  Clare didn't know if she should trust Leelee.  Phineas confirmed that they would need Leelee's help for the rescue.  Leelee smiled as she knew Clare really had no choice, but to accept her help.

Leelee, Clare, and Phineas hid among the bushes.  Ahead of them were two Styxoids guarding the entrance to Udonna.  Leelee:  Udonna is inside that portal.  Clare:  Thanks, I'll take it from here.  Those Styxoids won't know what hit them!  Clare started to do a spell.  Clare:  Infusno.  Leelee quickly stopped Clare.  Leelee:  No, no, no, no!  You can't use magic.  It will alert the others.  Clare:  Well, do you have any better ideas?  Leelee grinned and then walked straight over to the Styxoids.  The Styxoids immediately barred the entrance.  Styxoid:  No passage!  Leelee:  Excuse me?  Do you know who I am?  I'm Leelee Pimvare.  Leelee continue by telling the Styxoids that her mother was the Queen of the Vampires.  She was going to be Queen of the Vampires one day.  The Styxoids insisted she was not on the list.  Leelee became outrage.  She told the Styxoids that she was going to tell her mom what had happened and the Styxoids would find themselves buried so deep in the pit that they would have dig down to get out.  The Styxoids relented.  Leelee told the Styxoids to turn around.  While Leelee had been talking to the Styxoids, Clare and Phineas had crept closer to the entrance.  Under some leaf coverage.  Leelee ushered the two in and told the Styxoids not to move.  Leelee went in after Clare and Phineas.  They entered a dark chamber.  Leelee, Clare, and Phineas quickly hid as the two Styxoids entered the chamber.  Leelee, Clare, and Phineas stayed very close to a wall as the Styxoids passed.  Once the Styxoids were gone.  Leelee, Clare, and Phineas began searching for signs of Udonna.  Clare spotted a tore piece of fabric.  Clare picked it up as Leelee and Phineas hurried over.  It was a piece of material from Udonna's outfit.  Leelee, Clare, and Phineas were concern.  They continued to search for Udonna.  They had entered an area with a table covered with various cakes and goodies.  Much to their dismay, Hekatoid had entered the chamber, along with some Styxoids.  The Styxoids were carrying Udonna.  Leelee, Clare, and Phineas tried desperately to hid, but there was no where.  Clare cast a quick spell that made them all disappear.  Hekatoid wanted to see what was happening with his poisonous tadpoles.  Hekatoid cast a spell and became outrage.  The vision had shown the Solar Streak Megazord using the furnace blast on the tadpoles.  Hekatoid and the Styxoids hurried out of the chamber.  Clare cast another spell that made them appear again.  Leelee warned them that they had to hurry.  Clare had used magic and they would be here soon.  Leelee, Clare, and Phineas tried to free Udonna from the vine covered container, but they couldn't.  Clare cast another spell and the vines disappear.  Leelee, Clare, and Phineas carried Udonna to a table.  Udonna was still under a spell.  Clare tried a spell several times, but it didn't work.  Leelee told Clare there was one more thing they could try.  Their conversation was interrupted by the appearance of three Styxoids.  Leelee and Clare got themselves into a ready fight stance.  Phineas surprised them by leaping in front of them and then battling the Styxoids.  Leelee couldn't help but be impress by Phineas' fighting skill and the grin never left her face.  Phineas, after wiping the floor with him, toss the last Styxoid against the wall.  Leelee walked up to Phineas and told him how impress she was.  Phineas grinned.  Phineas bowed.  As Phineas, the Styxoid he had knocked to the ground had gotten up and was ready to attack again.  Leelee leaped up, gave a hard kick, and knock the Styxoid out.  Leelee grin at Phineas' look of surprise.  Clare came up and ask Leelee what was it that she wanted to try.  Leelee pulled out Udonna's snow staff and told them she had borrowed it from her mom, without telling her.  Clare smiled in relief as she held Udonna's snow staff.  Leelee, Clare, and Phineas gathered around the table.  Clare placed the snow staff on Udonna and taught Leelee and Phineas the spell.  They clasp hands.  Leelee blushed as Phineas and her held hands.  The three chanted the spell and soon Udonna had vanished in a white sparkle.  Later, after the Rangers had destroyed the poisonous frogs and Hekatoid, everyone had returned to the woods, just outside of Rootcore.  Leelee and Phineas stood on the sidelines as the teens, Clare, Udonna, Daggeron, Jenji, and even Fire Heart rejoice in being together again.  Phineas told Leelee that he had really enjoyed working with her, also that she had nice elbows.  Leelee was very flattered and told Phineas that he was really disgusting, in a cute way.  Phineas told Leelee that he liked her, a lot.  Leelee and Phineas grinned at each other.  Nick broke away from the group and asked what she (Leelee) was doing here.  Phineas stood protectively close to her and told Nick that she was with him.  Clare also stood by Leelee and told Nick that Leelee was with her as well.  Udonna told Nick that Leelee had helped in the rescue, she was trustworthy and one of them.  Leelee did not think Nick would accept her and told him it was okay, she understood.  Clare and Phineas both placed protective hands on Leelee.  Leelee felt awful.  Nick told Leelee to step forward.  Leelee was confused.  Nick told Leelee that you can't have a group hug without everyone in it.  Clare was excited for Leelee, and Leelee felt a burst of joy.  Leelee, Clare, and Phineas joined the teens as they formed a circle and celebrated their victory and being together.

Leelee was inside Rock Porium.  Toby, Madison, Vida, Chip, Nick, and Xander were there as well.  The five teens were sitting as Toby stood in front of them.  Leelee stood a little behind Toby, but she was enjoying the conversation taking place.  Toby: So you guys really are the Power Rangers.  Madison, Vida, Chip, Nick, and Xander nodded their heads.  Toby:  Okay, Nick is the Red Ranger.  Nick:  Right.  Toby:  And Xander is green.  Madison blue.  Chip yellow.  And Vida pink.  Okay, so Nick is also the son of Udonna, the White Ranger.  Toby went on to talk about Leanbow, who was Koragg, and really a good guy and how Nick is the Light and the bad guys want to destroy the Light.  Toby walked over to Leelee and said Leelee's mom is Necrolai, the Queen of the Vampires and she did really take him away.  Toby was relieved that he didn't have to seek professional help.  The Ten Terrors were on a mission to raise the Master.  There was screaming from outside the shop.  Toby told the teens he guessed this meant they wouldn't be working their regular hours for awhile.  The door opened and everyone looked towards the door.  It was Phineas.  Leelee excitedly raced over.  Phineas had a bouquet of onions in his hand and gave them to Leelee.  Leelee was thrilled and thought Phineas was very sweet.  Leelee and Phineas walked up to everyone, arm in arm.  Leelee introduced Phineas as her boyfriend.  Toby was a little confused - Leelee was dating Xander's uncle?  Leelee was not sure what Toby meant.

Leelee was inside Rock Porium, goofing around with a pair of glasses.  Madison, Vida, Chip, Xander, Toby, and Phineas were all there as well.  the store had been quiet for several days.  Vida:  Man, we haven't' had a customer in days.  Leelee: yeah, I thought the underworld was dull.  Xander:  This has put a serious dent in my social life.  How am I meant to pick up customers, if there are none.  A young woman then walked into the store.  Toby and Madison were behind the counter.  Toby:  Finally, a customer.  Xander smiled.  Xander:  I'll handle this one.  The young woman walked over to a rack of CDs and took one down.  Phineas' face was framed in the space.  The young woman creamed.  Phineas:  Welcome to the Rock Porium.  My name is Phineas.  Phineas recommended a CD to her.  The customer ran out of the store.  Phineas thought it was because of the CD he had recommend.  Vida's, Chip's, Xander's, and Madison's morphers went off.  chip, Xander, Madison, and Vida went racing out the store.  Phineas shouted out after them not to worry, he would take care of the store.  Phineas looked at Toby and asked right boss?  Toby banged his head on the counter.  Leelee stayed quietly in the background.  Later, Toby walked over to Phineas and told him he hated to do this, but he was going to have to let him go.  Leelee walked over.  she was very concern for Phineas and knew this was not going to be easy for him.  Phineas thought at first he was going somewhere and asked if he needed a sweater.  Toby tried to explain that the customers were afraid of him.  The customers did not know him like they did.  Phineas asked if this was a bad time to ask for a raise.  Leelee put a comforting hand on Phineas' arm and shook her head no.  Phineas realized that he was being fired.  Leelee sadly watched as Phineas removed his jacket and walked out of the store.

Leelee walked towards the crowd that contain Madison, Vida, Chip, Nick, Xander, Clare, Snow Prince, Udonna, Itassis, and Necrolai.  She had overheard Itassis asked Udonna what was wrong.  Udonna told Itassis that her tears were for her sorrow for the loss of her husband Leanbow, and their friend Daggeron.  Itassis bowed her head, she could not help them.  Leelee told them her mother could.  Leelee walked up to Necrolai and told her mother that she believed in her.  Necrolai decided to try.  Necrolai cast a spell at Leanbow and Daggeron.  Necrolai fell backwards after the spell.  Everyone was stunned to see that Daggeron, Leanbow, and even Jenji were revived.  Leelee did not celebrate, her mom was still on the ground and not moving.  Leelee moved to her mom's body that had electric charges going through her.  Then there was a golden glow and after it vanished, a human stood there.  Necrolai had been transform into Nikki.  Leelee was very happy when her mom opened up her arms.  Leelee and Nikki hugged.  The Master had returned, eager to break up their reunion.  Leelee and her friends were ready to fight.  Nick told them they would show the Master real courage, even without magic.  Mystic Mother told them there was always magic, they just needed to know where to look.  Madison was puzzled, as was Leelee and the rest.  Toby arrived, with citizens from Briarwood and said maybe she meant us.  Phineas appeared on the other side, with villagers from Mystic Realm and stated maybe she meant us as well.  Toby and Phineas had been spreading the word that there was no need to fear each other.  Instead they needed to stand together and fight the real evil, the Master.  Toby told the Rangers they had protected them all year, now it was their turn to help the Rangers.  The citizens of Briarwood and the villagers of Mystic Realm united together, chanting "We believe in magic".  A golden glow cascaded around the teens, Udonna, Daggeron, and Leanbow.  The Power Rangers were back and had their magic once more.  Leelee and the rest of the crowd watched as the Power Rangers battled the Master.  The Master was eager to eat more good magic.  The Rangers gave him their magic and then some.  The Master could not keep up, the magic kept coming.  The Master exploded.  Leelee and the rest of the crowd cheered over the destruction of the Master.  Mystic Mother concluded that darkness was destroyed by light.  And if it ever returned, your magic must stop it. When the smoke cleared, Madison, Vida, Chip, Nick, and Xander walked proudly through the crowd.  Leelee and the rest of the crowd gave them thunderous applause and cheers.   Vida, Chip, Nick, Xander, and Madison bowed.  Several days, Leelee was inside Rock Porium with Phineas.  She watched as her mother left for a date with Toby.  Leelee was very happy.  She told Phineas who would have thought a couple of months ago, she would be living in a new condo with her mom, dating a hunk muffin troblin, and her mom is dating Toby.  Leelee thought her life was perfect.  Phineas pointed out that he had his job back.  Phineas thought it was time for a hug.  Leelee and Phineas hugged each other and then Phineas spin Leelee happily around.

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