Master - Voiced by John Leigh

Master is the supreme ruler of the underworld.  Under his command is Morticon, Necrolai, Koragg, and numerous undead warriors.  During the great war, the Master had been driven into the depths by Leanbow.  Using his last bit of magic, Master transform Leanbow into Koragg, his most devoted servant. 

Master kept a close watch on the underworld.  Morticon:  Yes master.  Your wishes are being fulfilled as we speak.

Master infused Koragg with his powerful dark magic.  Koragg planned to draw out the Gatekeeper by capturing Udonna.  They needed the Gatekeeper to rise up the gates and open them.  Morticon informed the Master that the Gatekeeper had been found.  The Master was pleased.

The Master was not happy when Morticon was destroyed by the Rangers.  Necrolai did not trust Koragg and wondered who would lead them now.  Master was not happy with the upset in his plans.

Imperious, Necrolai, and Koragg were in the pit.  Imperious charged Koragg, in front of the Master, with treason.  Imperious cast a spell that showed Koragg's fail attempts to destroy the Rangers.  Koragg, who was being held by several Hidiacs, responded by showing a display of his triumphs.  Imperious replied that there was no use in defeating the Rangers, if he left before destroying them.  Imperious then showed several scenes of Koragg doing just that.  Imperious implied that Koragg was not loyal.  Koragg told Imperious that he spins lies.  Koragg called on Necrolai for his defense.  Instead, Necrolai showed more scenes of Koragg letting various opponents unharmed and leaving.  Imperious then call forth scenes of Necrolai almost destroying the Rangers the first time she had magic.  Imperious went to sit down.  Koragg broke free and ran towards Imperious.  Koragg grabbed Imperious and threw him across the room.  Koragg told Imperious it was time for him to answer a few questions.  Koragg display scenes of when Imperious use to fight on the side of good, as Calindor.  Imperious replied that he was all evil now.  Koragg also displayed scenes of the Barbarian Beasts, who had almost destroyed Koragg.  Imperious merely replied that was why they were called Beasts and added that because of them, for a time, they lived in a world full of dark magic.  Koragg was ready to battle Imperious when Master lost his temper.  He was tired of all their talking.  Master wanted Koragg and Imperious to find Solaris Knight.  The first to destroy Solaris Knight stayed, while the other was banished.  Koragg and Imperious immediately set off to do the Master's bidding.  Later, Koragg and Imperious returned.  They had not destroyed Solaris Knight.  Koragg offered his magic up.  Koragg stated how loyal he was and mention the fact that although Imperious is evil, he had no honor and could not be trusted.  Imperious sputtered that he was loyal to the Master.  The Master gave Koragg his magic back.  Koragg and Imperious could both stay.

Imperious had a new plan to capture the Rangers and drain them of their Legend powers, in order to raise the Master.  Imperious had created a monster from a forbidden spell.  Chimera had captured the Rangers, and made Solaris Knight and Jenji vanished.  The teens were held in the pit and Imperious had started the spell that drained them of their power.  Suddenly, Udonna leaped down into the pit and broke the spell.  Imperious told her the Master would be angry and he was.  The Master attacked Udonna from behind with red, painful, lasers.  The lasers picked Udonna off the ground and then dropped her onto the ground.  Udonna was in a great deal of pain, as the Master never let up on the lasers.  Suddenly, Koragg ran forward, and raising his sword, broke the Master's power on Udonna.  The Master could do nothing as Koragg was revealed to be Leanbow.

Leanbow cast a spell that teleported him, Udonna, and the teens out of the pit and into another dimension.  Imperious, Necrolai, and Chimera went after them and found them.  The teens morphed into the Rangers.  Leanbow had already teleported Udonna, who was still weak, back to Rootcore.  Leanbow was about to battle as well.  The Master still had some control over Leanbow and attacked him, via his mind.  Leanbow was very weak and Necrolai was able to capture him.  Later, Necrolai returned with Leanbow and forced Leanbow to bow before the Master.  Leanbow declared he was no longer the Master's puppet.  The Master cast the same memory spell and before them Leanbow was reverted to Koragg.  The Master sent Koragg out to battle the Rangers.  Eventually, the legend powers worked and the Master was able to break free from the pit.  The Master eagerly went to the surface world.  Unfortunately, Leanbow, the teens, and Udonna was there.  Leanbow cast a spell that wouldn't let the teens morph.  Leanbow went into ancient mystic mode.  The Master and Leanbow battled.  Leanbow had managed to get the Master back into the depths of the pit.  The pit began to crumble all around them.  The Master had lost this battle, but he made sure to take Leanbow to the depths with him.

Leanbow contained the Master within Koragg's armor, that Leanbow wore himself.  Eventually Leanbow's hiding place was discovered, by Necrolai.  Leanbow battled both Gekkor and Matoomba.  Sculpin attacked from behind and the fiery energy of the Master was removed.  Sculpin brought the Master to the inner sanctum.  The five remaining Terrors gazed at the Master.  Black:  Behold the energy of the Master.  Sculpin:  Sculpin:  Yes, he is with us now.  And I offer up my body to be his home.  Black Lance:  I too, would give him my body.  The Stone of Judgment began to glow.  It was time to select another Terror, before the vessel for the Master could be chosen.  Matoomba was selected.  Matoomba left.  Later, it was time for the Mater to chose his new vessel.  Four eager Terrors awaited his decision, but the Master flew out of the pit.  Instead the Master chose Matoomba.  Matoomba made the decision not to fight for the Master anymore.  Matoomba would try to escape his fate.  Matoomba traveled to the Dawn Dimension with Pink Ranger and eventually arrived at the Sleeping Lake.  But Sculpin was there and attacked Matoomba.  Later, The Master took possession of Matoomba.  His tentacles ripped up Matoomba's body and soon the Master's new form took place.  He gazed evilly at the teens, Daggeron, and Leanbow below him.  The Master gave Daggeron a vision of his future, Solaris Knight being destroyed.  The Master told the group below him that they will fall one by one, and then he will destroy their world.  The Master flew away.

The Master was within the Judgment Stone in the inner sanctum.  The three remaining Terrors, Itassis, Black Lance, and Sculpin were there.  Necrolai was there as well.  Sculpin:  the Master is about to speak.  Master:  Itassis, I choose you to conquer the surface world.  Itassis groaned a little in fear.  The Master ignored her.  Master:  Show no mercy and crush all who get in your way.  Itassis:  As you wish Master.  Later, the Master would find out that Itassis did not conquer the surface world.  Instead Itassis decided not to follow the Master's orders.  Black Lance and Sculpin would find Itassis and battled her until she fell to the ground and was still.  The Master decided that the Terrors had disappointed him and he would take matters into his own hands.  The Master decided he would start with the light.  the Master found Nick on the balcony of Rootcore, training.  The Master sent dark magic to Nick and infused him with it.  While Nick was under the power of dark magic, he destroyed a village in the Mystic Realm.  but the plan eventually failed as Leanbow managed to reach his son within Koragg's armor and break the spell.  the Master made a new plan.  The Master went to the Snow Realm in search of the Mystic Mother.  Mystic Mother battled with the Master, but the Master was prepared and expected more from her.  The Master soon had the Mystic Mother's palace in ruins.  Later, Solaris Knight and Wolf Warrior arrived in the Snow Realm, searching for the Mystic Mother.  Instead they got the Master.  The master quickly took their knight power and the two men were in their ancient mystic armor.  the Master boasted it was how he destroyed the Mystic Mother by taking her power.  The Master grew stronger on good magic.  The Master then attacked Daggeron.  Daggeron was soon on the ground and still.  Leanbow vowed to avenge his friend.  The Master and Leanbow battled.

The Power Rangers had just destroyed Black Lance, when the Master emerged into Briarwood.  The Rangers demanded to know what had happened to Leanbow and Daggeron.  The Master first dropped Daggeron's body, still in ancient mystic armor, onto the ground.  The Master then dropped Leanbow's body.  The Master was amused to see Blue Ranger raced over to Daggeron and Red Ranger over to Leanbow.  The Rangers wanted to know why he wanted to bring despair to the world.  The Master used his tentacles and grabbed the Rangers.  Casting a spell, the Master took the Rangers to see what the world would look like after he had taken over.  The world was full of darkness and with no hope.  the Master dropped the Rangers onto the ground and told them after he had taken their magic, they would be dust under his feet.  The Rangers formed the Manticore Megazord and tried to battle the Master.  The Master was pleased to have even more magic.  The Master feed off of the Manticore megazord's magic, until the Mnaticore Megazord was no more.  The Rangers, with no helmets, reached inside a cave.  Moments later, the Master intruded on the Rangers.  Nick stood up to the Master.  The Master was amused, for how could one defeat him.  Nick drew on the last remaining good magic in the world and in himself.  Nick morphed into Red Ranger and battled the Master.  the Master became furious when Red Ranger knocked off his armor.  Red Ranger managed to make a connection with the Master's magic and demanded that he take them back to their world.  The rest of the teens had raced up and formed a chain.  The Master and the teens were back in Briarwood, as it was before.  The Master was confident, now the teens had no magic to battle him.  the Master cast a spell and was surprised when the spell was broken.  Clare and Snow Prince appeared.  The teens raced over to Clare and Snow Prince.  Clare told them Mystic Mother had made her a full sorceress.  The Master scoffed, he had destroyed the Mystic Mother.  Snow Prince corrected him.  Snow Prince told him that before his spell had struck, Mystic Mother had turned into energy and then reformed.  The Master did not care, he would retreat to the pit together his strength and then return.  The Master received another surprised.  Udonna walked up and  told him there was no longer any pit.  Itassis and Necrolai also stepped forward.  The Master thought Itassis had been destroyed.  Itassis explained how Necrolai had revived her.  Itassis and Sculpin had battled and Itassis had destroyed Sculpin.  The Master reminded Itassis that she was his puppet.  Itassis told the Master that this puppet had cut off the strings.  Itassis battled the Master.  The Master vanished in a cloud of smoke.  Later, the Master had returned.  The Master faced down the teens, Clare, Udonna, Snow Prince.  Also Daggeron, Leanbow, and Jenji, who Necrolai also revived.  Itassis and Nikki, formerly Necrolai.  The Master knew they did not stand a chance against him without their magic.  The Master and the rest were surprised when Toby, with the citizens of Briarwood and Phineas, with the villagers from Mystic Realm, arrived.  The two groups had realized they did not need to fear each other.  Instead they need only to fight against the Master.  The two groups became friends and gave the teens, Udonna, Daggeron, and Leanbow their magic by chanting I believe in magic.  The Rangers were with magic once more.  The Master was pleased.  More magic for him to become more powerful.  the Master immediately began to feed on the Rangers' magic.  After a while, it became too much.  The magic kept coming, but the Master could not eat any more.  The Master exploded.

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