Necrolai - Voiced by Donogh Rees

Years ago darkness tried to conquer the magical dimension and had also set it's sights on the human realm.  A great battle broke out.  Necrolai fought in the battle.  A legion of brave and true wizards defeated the darkness.  The bravest wizard of them all, cast a spell, sealing the darkness behind huge gates and sending it to the under world.  Years past.  An earthquake hit the city of Briarwood.  This earthquake cause the gates to loosen and darkness was able to escape.  Morticon sent Necrolai to search out the human world.  Necrolai stood on a tall building and overlooked the city of Briarwood.  She cackle as she flew back to the under world.  Morticon demanded her to report.  Necrolai told Morticon the human world was all they had imagine and ready to be destroy.   Necrolai pleaded with Morticon to be the one to destroy the human world.  Morticon agreed that the human world would be destroy, but they would not make the same mistakes as they had made before.  Morticon stirred up the army of undead warriors - Hidiacs.  Morticon then demanded to know where Koragg was.  Koragg entered and reminded Morticon that he was the servant, not the master.

Koragg returned to the under world in triumph.  Koragg had the snow staff in his hands.  Morticon wanted the snow staff for himself and tried to place a spell on Koragg to make him release the snow staff.  Koragg was too powerful.  Koragg taunted Morticon about being unable to leave the pit.  Koragg and Morticon argue and Necrolai watched with satisfaction.  Later, Necrolai approached Morticon and told him he could not trust Koragg.  Morticon knew that, but he also did not trust Necrolai and dismiss her.

Necrolai stormed into the under world.  Necrolai:  Now, there are five mystic warriors.  Just like the ones who try to trap us down here forever.  Koragg:  Udonna had to give the mystic powers to someone.  Morticon was not concern, he had plans.  The ground began to tremble.  Necrolai asked what that was.  Morticon told her it was the Hydra Worm, the small one who had dug the very pit they were standing in.  Necrolai was concern that the Rangers would destroy Hydra Worm before it could destroy the surface world.  Morticon had that covered as well.  Morticon summoned Mucor from the depths.  Morticon instructed Koragg to send Mucor to the surface world.  Morticon then had Necrolai head out as well.  Necrolai left and landed close to where Nick, Madison, and Xander were walking.  Necrolai introduced herself and was ready to battle.  Xander thought they could talk things over.  Necrolai knock Xander aside, and he would have fallen to the ground if his friends had not caught him.  Xander, Madison, and Nick morph.  Necrolai battled Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Green Ranger with ease.  Soon, Necrolai grabbed hold of the Rangers and took off flying.  She came near Mucor and tossed the Rangers into Mucor's mouth.  Necrolai laughed as she flew away.  Later, Necrolai was upset.  The Rangers had tapped into the Mystic Titan powers and destroy both Mucor and the Hydro Worm.  Necrolai knew the Rangers had to be destroyed before the Master awaken.  Morticon call their attention to the hole in the ground.  A red glow begin to emit from it.  Morticon lead his legion to bow before the master.  Necrolai, Morticon, and Koragg stood at the edge of the hole and bowed to the Master, a single eye showing.

Necrolai walked into the pit and announced:  Good news.  Clawbuster followed behind her.  Necrolai told Morticon that Clawbuster had turned another citizen of Briarwood into stone.  Necrolai predicted that one by one, all of Briarwood will be filled with stone statues.  Koragg walked in and voiced his opinion that the whole thing would take too long.  Koragg asked Morticon if he could take the Styxoids and attack the Rangers.  Morticon told Necrolai to continue with her plan and Clawbuster.  Morticon also gave the go ahead to Koragg and his plan.  Necrolai and Clawbuster left.  Soon they were busy attacking another area, close to the edge of the woods.  Clawbuster had turned several people into stone.  Four of the Rangers arrived and were dismayed to discover so many stone statues.  Necrolai and Clawbuster reappeared.  Necrolai gloated to the Rangers.  The Rangers battled Necrolai and Clawbuster, but they were defeated.  Necrolai and Clawbuster took off to search for more citizens.  They arrived in a park and turned several people there into stone.  Clawbuster was ready to cast a spell on Madison and Ben.  Madison had pushed Ben to safety and took the full blow of the spell, turning her into a statue.  The four Rangers arrived.  Pink Ranger was furious.  Pink Ranger flapped her butterfly wings furiously at Necrolai and Clawbuster.  Necrolai and Clawbuster were knocked to the ground, but Necrolai was still confident.  She told the Rangers, before she and Clawbuster left, they would be easy to defeat, now that they were down one Ranger.  Later, Necrolai and Clawbuster were back in the city and attacking.  Pink Ranger, Green Ranger, and Yellow Ranger arrived and the battle broke out.  Necrolai and Clawbuster had no trouble in knocking the three Rangers to the ground.  Red Ranger arrived on his new mystic speeder.  Red Ranger cast a spell that cause a mirror to arise from the ground.  Clawbuster cast a spell and the spell was reflected back on him, causing Clawbuster to turn into stone.  Red Ranger then blasted Clawbuster into pieces.  Necrolai was furious.  She kicked around a few pieces.  Necrolai contacted Koragg and asked him to use his magic to restore Clawbuster.  Koragg cast a spell that put Clawbuster back together and bigger than ever.  The Rangers had received a new spell code that enabled them to use the Mystic Titans to form the Titan Megazord.  Necrolai was not happy when the Rangers destroyed Clawbuster for good.

Necrolai walked in while Koragg was looking in the future bowl.  She noticed Koragg splash his hand through the reflection.  Necrolai:  Watching what lies ahead for you in the future's bowl Koragg?  Was that the Red Ranger that destroyed you?  Koragg:  It is only one possible future hag!  Necrolai scoffed at Koragg.  Koragg:  The bowl foresees many futures.  Necrolai asked Koragg if in every future he is destroyed.  Koragg became furious with Necrolai and grabbed her arm.  Koragg threaten to feed her to the Hidiacs.  Necrolai managed to break free.  She told Koragg if he did that, she couldn't tell him her idea.  Koragg listened.  Necrolai suggested that Koragg use the snow staff to enter Nick's mind.  Necrolai tossed the snow staff to Koragg.  Koragg thought it was a good idea.  Later, Necrolai watched quietly as Koragg entered the underworld.  Koragg had taken the Rangers' power to form the Megazord.  No one knew Koragg still had the power, and Koragg had decided to keep it to himself for awhile.  Necrolai found the whole thing every interesting.

Watching quietly from the sidelines, Necrolai watched as Morticon fumed.  Morticon:  I...can't...take...this!  How long are we just going to sit here?  Morticon cried out in rage and swung his sword around.  Morticon walked up to Koragg.  Morticon:  You've got the Rangers' combining power!  Koragg:  I told you, the power was recaptured by the Red Ranger after the spell was countered.  Morticon wanted Koragg to work on releasing him from the pit, but Koragg walked away, telling Morticon he had more important things to do.  Necrolai knew that Koragg had kept the power for himself.  After Koragg left, Necrolai walked up to Morticon and told him Koragg could not be trusted.  Necrolai told Morticon that Koragg had kept the power for himself.  Morticon told Necrolai that Koragg wouldn't dare.  Necrolai replied that she had seen Koragg with the power.  Morticon became furious and decided to teach Koragg a lesson.  Morticon gave Necrolai an arrow and bow and told her she knew what to do.  Necrolai was thrilled, she enjoyed causing trouble.  Necrolai flew into Briarwood and landed on the top of a building.  Taking careful aim, Necrolai fired at Koragg, who was in Megazord form, and battling the Rangers.  The arrow hit and Koragg turned around in surprise.  Koragg was furious with Necrolai.  Necrolai chuckled and told him that would keep him from being disloyal to Morticon.  Necrolai flew away and returned to the pit.  Later, Koragg stormed into the pit and started attacking Morticon.  Koragg yelled at Necrolai, how could you attack Catastros.  Necrolai told him that Morticon had made her.  Necrolai watched as Morticon and Koragg came to blows.  The fights only stopped when the red glow of the Master began to appear.  Morticon wanted the power, but Koragg could not give it to him.  Koragg told Morticon he had given the power to a warrior he could trust.

Inside a parking garage, Necrolai reached into the back seat of taxi monster and pulled out a map, written by the ancients, and leading to the Fire Heart.  Necrolai:  Excellent!  Koragg and Morticon will be most grateful indeed.  Necrolai noticed Nick and Vida racing in and she quickly hid.  Amused, Necrolai watched as taxi monster revealed itself and Nick and Vida morphed into the Red and Pink Rangers.  Necrolai soon came out of hiding and blasted the two Rangers off their feet.  Pink Ranger:  Necrolai!  Necrolai:  Who else?!  Necrolai taunted the Rangers, telling them she will soon be even more powerful.  Necrolai  joined in the battle against Pink Ranger and Red Ranger.  Soon the rest of the Rangers arrive.  Taxi monster started to get away, and the Rangers were going after it.  Necrolai blasted them once more.  As the Rangers landed on the ground, Necrolai laughed and flew away.  Later, taking several Hidiacs and taxi monster with her, Necrolai traveled through the Cimmerian Forest to get to the Fire Heart.  Deep in the forest, Necrolai ran into trouble as two of the Hidiacs were pulled up and trapped in a giant spider web.  Necrolai tried to use her magic to free them, but magic didn't work in the Cimmerian Forest.  Necrolai decided she didn't have time and continue with her journey, leaving the two Hidiacs behind.  Later, Necrolai came to the end of the forest.  She noted that Nick and Vida had beaten her and already had a scroll in their hands.  Necrolai blasted the two teens.  The scroll went flying through the air and landed in her hands.  Necrolai laughed at the looks of anger on Nick's and Vida's face.  She set several Hidiacs on them.  Necrolai watched amused as Nick and Vida battled the Hidiacs.  Soon Nick and Vida morphed into the Rangers.  Taxi monster joined in on the battle.  Red Ranger destroyed taxi monster, but Koragg, in the pit, cast a spell that brought taxi monster back.  The rest of the Rangers joined Red Ranger and Pink Ranger.  Necrolai joined in the battle as well.  The Rangers used their Megazord to destroy taxi monster for good.  Necrolai decided it was time to get back to the pit.  Before she could fly away, Pink Ranger stopped her.  Necrolai and Pink Ranger struggled over the scroll, during which the scroll was torn in half.  Necrolai was furious at the Pink Ranger.  She flew away before the rest of the Rangers could join Pink Ranger.  Necrolai returned to the pit and gave Morticon the torn scroll.  Morticon was angry with her and told her she had failed.  Necrolai pointed out that the Rangers had failed as well.  Morticon didn't care, he wanted all the power for himself.  Necrolai told Morticon she had another plan in the works.  A plan that would attack the Rangers from within. 

Necrolai was in the pit.  Koragg had just returned from walking away from a battle with the Rangers.  Morticon taunted the powerful wizard.  Koragg told Morticon there was no honor in battling a weaker opponent and walked away.  Necrolai had no concerns for honor.  The following evening, Necrolai walked into a night club.  Flytrap was there.  Flytrap's music had put several teens, and Vida under Necrolai's control.  Necrolai was pleased to see another Ranger at the club, Chip.  She told Vida she had told well.  Necrolai told Flytrap that he could do his thing with the teens, but the Rangers were her.  Suddenly Chip jumped away and revealed he had been wearing ear plugs.  Necrolai and Chip battled among the hypnotized teens.  Chip whipped out a garlic glove.  Necrolai covered her face and cried out in pain.  Then she laughed and knocked the garlic glove out of Chip's hand.  She told him his little vampire tricks would not work on her.  Chip decided he needed a bigger trick and morphed into the Yellow Ranger.  Necrolai had Flytrap trapped the Yellow Ranger.  Necrolai sent the vampire teens out into the night, to attack the city.  She laughed as she told them at sunrise they would be turned into ash.  After the vampire teens left, Necrolai told Flytrap to destroy Vida.  Flytrap blasted at Vida, but Yellow Ranger broke free and took the blast.  Yellow Ranger demorphed as he hit the floor.  Necrolai found the whole thing amusing.  Necrolai and Flytrap left.  Necrolai's plans did not work as the Rangers destroyed Flytrap, which broke the spell, and the teens returned to normal.

Necrolai was in the pit with Morticon and Koragg.  Morticon:  Well done Necrolai.  Necrolai:  The Pink Ranger is still in my power.  Necrolai and Morticon laughed.  Morticon:  Koragg, are you not pleased with what Necrolai has done?  As I see it, she just did you a favor.  You should be grateful.  Koragg:  There is no honor in her ways.  Koragg walked away.  Necrolai continued with her plan.  Necrolai contacted Vida via her mind and urged her to come to her.  Vida managed to trick her friends and escape.  Necrolai waited and Vida soon arrived.  Necrolai was pleased with her servant.  Necrolai told Vida as Queen of the Vampire, she could just as easy in the daylight as at night.  Necrolai told Vida to stay in the shadows for done.  When the time was right, Necrolai would send Vida back to her friends with a gift - poison apples.  The following day, Xander, Nick, Chip, and Madison raced after Vida.  They were in the city of Briarwood.  Necrolai arrived as Vida told them she was no longer one of them.  Necrolai was very pleased.  She told Vida to destroy the Rangers.  Vida morphed into the Pink Ranger and went after her friends.  Chip morphed into the Yellow Ranger and ran towards the Pink Ranger.  Yellow Ranger leaped over Pink Ranger and headed straight for Necrolai.  Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, and Green Ranger tried to hold back Pink Ranger as Yellow Ranger battle Necrolai.  Necrolai battled the Yellow Ranger.  Yellow Ranger decided to use the Dawn Crystal on Necrolai.  Necrolai called Pink Ranger over.  Pink Ranger stood protectively in front of Necrolai.  Yellow Ranger couldn't fire with Pink Ranger in front.  Necrolai knew this and laughed at him.  Necrolai sent Pink Ranger to battle Yellow Ranger.  The two Rangers battle and at one point, it seemed as if Yellow Ranger had reached out to Pink Ranger.  Then Pink Ranger gave Yellow Ranger a strong kick.  Pink Ranger stood once more in front of Necrolai.  Necrolai told her "servant" she was very pleased and that Pink Ranger would even be destroyed for her.  Pink Ranger gave Yellow Ranger the "V" pose.  Yellow Ranger placed the dawn crystal in his bow and fired at Necrolai.  As the dawn crystal flew towards Pink Ranger, Pink Ranger suddenly ducked and Necrolai took the blow.  Necrolai was furious, the pink witch as deceived her.  Necrolai shot lasers at Pink Ranger, causing her to be in a great deal of pain, and to demorph.  The four remaining Rangers fired at Necrolai and she burst into pieces.  The evening, Necrolai reassembled herself.  She held the dawn crystal in her hand.  It would take more than the dawn crystal to destroy her, but she could destroy the dawn crystal.  Later, she followed Leelee into a building.  Necrolai appeared in front of Leelee and asked her if she didn't know it was dangerous to walk alone at night.  Leelee got into a fighting stance.  Necrolai and Leelee fought.  Eventually Necrolai gave a blow to Leelee that cause her to go flying and land on some cardboard boxes.  Necrolai walked over and told Leelee her months with the humans have turned her soft.  Leelee remarked oh Mom.  Necrolai gave her hand to Leelee and helped her up.  They stood smiling at each other and mother and daughter both flicked their hair.

In her chambers, Necrolai held the second half of the secret of the Fire Heart.  She was very frustrated, as she couldn't make up the map.  Leelee walked in, commenting on the dismal place they called home.  Necrolai told Leelee maybe it was time for her to live with her father.  Necrolai then reminded Leelee that she couldn't live with her father, as Necrolai had turned him into a worm.  Leelee got the point.  Leelee asked her mom what she was working on.  Necrolai told Leelee of her frustration with the scroll.  Leelee took the scroll from her mother and commented oh that old thing.  Leelee told her mom she knew how to read it.  Later, Necrolai hid within the pit.  The lead of the Styxoids had just thrown down another Styxoid for failing to retrieve the Fire Heart from the Rangers.  Necrolai watched as Morticon, furious, destroyed the Styxoid who had failed him.  Morticon then start to holler for Necrolai, Necrolai had failed him as well.  Koragg walked past and Necrolai, anxiously asked for Koragg's help.  Necrolai told Koragg that Morticon would destroy her if she didn't get the Fire Heart.  Koragg paused for a moment and then agreed to help.  Later, Necrolai listened as Koragg told her his plan.  Koragg informed Necrolai that the Rangers already had the Fire Heart, but they could find it with it's energy readings.  Skullington was standing by, and Koragg was going to have Skullington get it from the Rangers.  Necrolai appreciated Koragg's help and told Koragg she wouldn't forget this.  Koragg told her she better not.

Necrolai was in the pit with Morticon and Leelee.  Morticon:  I must escape this horrible pit.  Necrolai:  Who could help us?  Of course, the Oracle.  Morticon:  Yes!  Bring him to me.  Necrolai flew away.  She found Oracle in the city, disguised as a balloon man.  Necrolai scoop him up and flew back to the pit.  She dropped Oracle on her way down.  Oracle pretended he didn't know where he was.  Morticon did not want to play any games.  Morticon threaten Oracle with questioning the young girl he had sold a balloon to.  Oracle reverted to his true form.  Morticon wanted to know how to escape the pit.  Oracle stuck out his arm and held his palm up.  In his palm another eye appeared.  Oracle looked at the eye.  Oracle told them the answer was simple, get the Gatekeeper to open the gates.  Necrolai was excited.  With the gates open, Morticon's whole army could walk out.  Morticon called Necrolai a fool.  Morticon told them the Gatekeeper's life force was spent sealing the gate.  Oracle told them there was another Gatekeeper.  Morticon wanted to know who it was.  Oracle told them he couldn't see who it was, but it was someone close to the Power Rangers.  Leelee was very smug, she knew who it was, Toby.  Necrolai flew away and soon located Toby, who was still pondering whether or not he had seen a large bat.  Necrolai scoop Toby up and flew away.  Further away, Necrolai dropped Toby.  Facing Toby, Necrolai demanded that the Gatekeeper open the gates.  Toby didn't have any idea what she was talking about and told her that she had the wrong guy.  Angry, Necrolai tossed Toby.  The Power Rangers arrive and kept Necrolai away from the hiding Toby.  Necrolai told them the Gatekeeper had more power than all of them combined and she was determined to get the Gatekeeper.  Necrolai flew away and returned to the pit.  Morticon was furious with her, Necrolai had returned without the Gatekeeper.  Oracle told Morticon that Necrolai had not failed, the human Toby, was not the Gatekeeper.  Leelee gave an embarrassed opps.  Oracle told them if that was all, he was leaving and vanished.  Morticon knocked Necrolai to the ground.  Morticon told Necrolai to return with the Gatekeeper or not return at all.  Necrolai was fearful.  She hid until she spotted Koragg.  Necrolai pleaded with Koragg to help her.  Koragg knew it would please the Master to find the Gatekeeper and agreed to help Necrolai.  Koragg infused some of the Master's dark magic into Necrolai.  Necrolai was pleased to feel how more powerful she felt.  Necrolai flew away.  Necrolai had a new plan.  Necrolai was back in Briarwood.  Soon the Power Rangers were there as well.  The Rangers told her she would never find the Gatekeeper.  Necrolai told them she wasn't planning on it.  Instead she attacked them, knowing someone as noble as the Gatekeeper would not stand by.  Necrolai had an easy time battling the Power Rangers with her new strength.  Eventually Clare arrived.  Necrolai scoffed at her until Clare put on the Gatekeeper's head piece.  Necrolai realized the Oracle was right.  Necrolai and Gatekeeper battled.  Gatekeeper drained all of Necrolai's new power.  Necrolai was furious as she flew away.  Later, Necrolai stayed hidden as she watched Koragg and the Gatekeeper battled.  She didn't understand why Koragg did not just finish her off.  It looked like Koragg was about to finish off the Gatekeeper when the Power Rangers arrived.  The Rangers battled Koragg.  Necrolai snuck up behind Gatekeeper and grabbed her.  Holding on tight to the Gatekeeper, Necrolai summoned the Gatekeeper's powers to rise up the gates.  Necrolai tossed Gatekeeper aside as the gates began to rise from below.

Necrolai was thrilled to see Morticon had broken free from the pit.  The Rangers, in their Titan Megazord, had been thrown by the giant gargoyle into the gates.  The impact was enough to loosen the gates and Morticon pushed his way through.  Necrolai was filled with glee as she watched Morticon and the gargoyle battle the Rangers.  Eventually the Rangers would be ejected from their zord and demorphed on the ground.  Morticon and the gargoyle set about destroying the city.  The Rangers regroup and four of the Rangers formed the dragon and destroyed the gargoyle while Red Ranger rode off on his Mystic Rider to defeat the numerous Hidiacs and Styxoids and entered the pit.  The skies filled with dark magic.  The four Titans took on Morticon, but they were soon knocked to the ground.  Eventually Red Ranger returned on Catastros and formed Centaurs Phoenix Megazord.  The gates also started to go below ground.  Necrolai didn't understand what was happening.  The skies began to clear.   The Rangers formed their Megazord with and with the life force energy of a giant White Ranger they destroyed Morticon once and for all.  Necrolai stood in disbelief.  Later, Necrolai returned to the pit.  She was upset.  Necrolai did not trust Koragg and wondered who would lead them now.    

Necrolai, Leelee, and three Hidiacs were standing in front of a sea cave on the beach.  Leelee:  Is this it?  Can we go home now?  Necrolai:  No!  Patience dear.  this is no ordinary sea cave.  Necrolai addressed the Hidiacs.  Necrolai:  Go in and bring me what lays within.  Necrolai and Leelee watched the Hidiacs head towards the cave's entrance.  Necrolai:  Hmmmm.  The Hidiacs tried to entered and were destroyed by a protection spell.  Necrolai:  Just as I though.  Leelee:  You're so cold.  Necrolai took it as a compliment.  Necrolai cast a spell towards the cave entrance.  Necrolai then told Leelee to try it.  Leelee thought her mother was joking, until she realized was serious.  Leelee didn't want to, so Necrolai pushed her into the cave entrance.  The protection spell still worked and Leelee felt pain and then tossed back on the beach.  Leelee shock the sand off of her and stood up.  Necrolai noted that the spell wouldn't let even the smallest amount of evil it.  Leelee told her mom it was too bad she wasn't a Power Ranger.  This gave Necrolai an idea.  Leelee was part of the plan.  Leelee told the teens of a monster at the cave.  The Power Rangers arrived and only saw three Hidiacs.  Necrolai stayed hidden and was amused to see the Rangers fall into her trap.  The Power Rangers battled the Hidiacs and entered the cave.  After awhile, the ground began to shake.  After the shaking, Necrolai entered the cave as the Rangers were puzzling over the ground shaking.  Necrolai told them they were responsible for the ground shaking, as they had broken the spell that wouldn't let her entered.  Red Ranger had found a lamp in the cave and assumed that was what Necrolai was after.  Red Ranger told Necrolai she couldn't have the lamp.  Amused, Necrolai asked Red Ranger really and battled him.  Necrolai was not interested in the lamp.  She had come for the mummy.  Necrolai took the mummy and left.  Necrolai went to the pit, her daughter stood by her side.  Necrolai cast a spell.  Necrolai and Leelee  watched as a form began to take place.  Imperious appeared.  Necrolai immediately stepped forward and bowed.  Leelee was embarrassed.  Leelee didn't want her mom bowing to a creature that looked like a traffic light.  Imperious was not pleased with her remarks.  Reluctantly, Leelee stepped forward and bowed next to Necrolai.  Imperious enjoyed his power and had them stand up.  Leelee couldn't believe it and complained.  Imperious, tried of her remarks, cast a spell and changed her into an insect.  Leelee looked up at Necrolai and asked her if she was going to let Imperious do this to her.  Necrolai told her yes and walked towards Imperious, unconcern over her daughter.  Necrolai and Imperious began to make plans.  Necrolai told Imperious that Koragg has not appeared and wondered if he was perhaps destroyed as well.  Necrolai would be pleased, as she did not trust Koragg.  Necrolai and Imperious began to walk out of the room.  Necrolai showing no concern for Leelee, who trailed behind them, desperate to get their attention and not be forgotten.

Necrolai was in the pit with Imperious.  Imperious:  Now that I'm back from that awful cave, I will call my old friend Jester.  He knows how to make trouble.  Imperious cast a spell.  Imperious:  Come forth Jester!  Jester emerged from the seal.  Jester:  I'm free!  I'm alive!  Imperious:  Now that I have free you, you will do as I command.  Jester:  Yes sire.  Imperious gave Jester a pen and told him to wreck havoc on the city.  Jester was more than happy to do this bidding and left.  Necrolai asked Imperious about the Power Rangers.  Imperious told Necrolai he had a plan to wreck the city and undermine the Rangers.  Imperious knelt towards the hole in which the Master stayed.  Imperious vowed to the Master that he would be victorious.

Necrolai was in the pit with Imperious.  Imperious:  I summon the Behemoth.  Through a dark seal, Behemoth emerged.  Behemoth:  Me ready for battle.  Imperious:  Go to the surface world.  Use your systematic stakes to draw out Solaris Knight.  Imperious wanted Behemoth to destroy Solaris Knight.  Necrolai scoffed, but she left with Behemoth do Imperious' bidding.  Necrolai and Behemoth entered the city of Briarwood.  Behemoth began driving his stakes into the ground, when his stakes vanished.  Necrolai sensed powerful magic.  Daggeron arrived on a flying carpet.  Daggeron told them he would not let them wreck havoc on the city.  Daggeron morphed into Solaris Knight.  Solaris Knight and Behemoth battled, while Necrolai looked on.  Suddenly Koragg leaped into the battle.  Necrolai was surprised and wondered where Koragg had been all this time.  Solaris Knight was now occupied with battling Koragg.  Necrolai decided to take advantage of this opportunity.  She walked away with Behemoth to create destruction elsewhere.  Later, Solaris Knight in his Solar Streak Megazord would destroy Behemoth.

Necrolai was in the pit with Imperious and Gnatu.  Imperious was very pleased with Gnatu.  Gnatu had taken several life forces from the citizens of Briarwood, with the help of her monster, Spydex.  Imperious told Gnatu if she kept it up, she could be second in command.  Necrolai was not happy.  Imperious asked Necrolai how she liked that idea and Necrolai replied that she didn't.  Gnatu walked up to her and asked her if she didn't think she would make a good second in command and Necrolai replied no.  Gnatu left to get more life forces.  Necrolai told Imperious that Gnatu could take all the life forces that she wanted, she had other plans.  Necrolai held up a bottle of the soul specter.  Later, Necrolai carefully placed the bottle in the city, right where the Rangers were battling.  The Rangers had just lost to Gnatu and Spydex and had demorphed.  Chip spotted the bottle and walked over.  Chip opened the bottle and was consumed with the soul specter.  Chip fell to the ground and his friends raced to his side.  Madison, Vida, Nick, and Xander were very worried, and Chip looked like he was in a great deal of pain.  They were further stunned when they removed his shirt and saw the vortex on his stomach.  Necrolai came out of hiding and laughed at them.  She told the teens it was a soul specter.  Necrolai told Chip, goodbye Yellow Ranger and flew away, still laughing.  Necrolai returned to the pit.  Koragg descended into the pit.  Necrolai asked Koragg where he had been.  Koragg replied that he had been making a more powerful sword from Morticon's dark magic.  Imperious walked over and recognized Koragg as a dark wizard.  Imperious told Koragg his sword might come in handy, but he had to realized that he now took orders from him.  Necrolai laughed.  Koragg replied that he only worked for the Master.  Imperious implied that they all did.  Imperious told Koragg that the Master had a new enemy - Solaris Knight.  Koragg had already dealt with Solaris Knight.  Koragg left to find out if Solaris Knight was worthy of battling him.  Imperious laughed at Koragg, after Koragg had left, calling him a puppet.  Later, Necrolai and Imperious watched the various battled on Imperious' fan.  They were able to watch the battle between Koragg and Solaris Knight, and the battle between the Power Rangers and Gnatu, and her monster, Spydex.  Imperious' plans did not work.  The Power Rangers destroyed Gnatu and Spydex.  Solaris Knight was able to retrieve the Staff of Topaz, which defeated the soul specter within Chip.  Solaris Knight also restore the life forces into the citizens.

Necrolai was in the pit, with Leelee sitting beside her.  Koragg and Imperious were there as well.  Necrolai and Leelee watched and listened to their conversation intently.  Imperious was taunting Koragg once more.  Imperious:  If you ask me, you rely too heavily on your skills as a wizard.  Your credibility as a warrior has suffered.  Koragg:  I will show you suffering.  Imperious:  It's true.  You claim to be a powerful warrior, but you always rely on magic to get you by.  Koragg was outrage that Imperious thought his ability as a warrior has suffered.  Necrolai chuckled throughout.  Koragg decided to prove himself to Imperious.  Koragg took the magic from within himself and gave it to Imperious.  Koragg told him he would prove that he is a powerful warrior and when he returns he expects his magic back.  Koragg left the pit.  Imperious held Koragg's dark magic for a moment.  Imperious turned around and gave the dark magic to Necrolai.  Necrolai was thrilled.  Leelee was excited for her mom as well.  Necrolai commented how fun and used the dark magic on Leelee.  Leelee screamed and was once more back to being an insect.  She told her mom thanks a lot, but her mother paid no attention to her.  Imperious summon Screamer.  Screamer had the ability to turn people into feathers.  Imperious told Necrolai and Screamer to go into Briarwood and have some fun.  Necrolai and Screamer promptly left.  Necrolai and Screamer immediately started turning the citizens of Briarwood into feathers.  Madison, Vida, Chip, Nick, and Xander arrived.  Necrolai blasted them with magic.  The teens were surprised, but quickly morphed.  Blue Ranger and Pink Ranger went after Screamer.  Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, and Green Ranger went after Necrolai.  Necrolai had no troubles taking on three Rangers, especially with the help of dark magic.  Necrolai soon had the three Rangers up in the air.  She was about to have Screamer strike them, when Blue Ranger stopped them.  Necrolai and Screamer retreated, but Necrolai promised they would be back.  Later, Necrolai and Screamer arrived in the city once more.  Necrolai and Screamer started turning more people into feathers.  Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, and Green Ranger arrived and they began battling.  The battle was much easier for Necrolai this time.  Necrolai took on Red Ranger and Pink Ranger.  Screamer quickly turned the two Rangers into feathers.  Green Ranger and Yellow Ranger tried to stop Screamer, but Screamer turned them into feathers as well.  Necrolai was very pleased and commented that they only needed the Blue Ranger now.  Suddenly, Jenji appeared.  Necrolai was not happy, she did not like cats.  Jenji started battling Screamer.  Screamer gave Jenji a powerful blow.  Blue Ranger arrived shortly afterwards.  Blue Ranger made sure that Jenji was okay and then went into battle.  Blue Ranger and Screamer battled.  Screamer gave another powerful blow to Blue Ranger.  Blue Ranger demorphed as she hit the ground.  Jenji started to fade, but he made the wish that he could last longer.  The wish was granted and Jenji went full force after Screamer, but the wish did not last long.  Jenji started to fade once more.  Solaris Knight arrived, courtesy of Fire Heart.  Solaris Knight waved his lamp and the final traces of Jenji were restore and Jenji was safe back in his lamp.  Madison morphed back into the Blue Ranger.  Blue Ranger, with the help of the Shining Attack, destroyed Screamer.  Necrolai was outrage when the four Rangers and the rest of the citizens of Briarwood were restore once more to normal.  Necrolai used the dark magic once more.  This time to restore and grow Screamer more larger.  Necrolai was disappointed once more as the Rangers formed their two Megazords, Titan Megazord and Solar Streak Megazord.  The Power Rangers battled and destroyed Screamer.

The Power Rangers were battling Shrieker, a Barbarian Beast from the oblivion.  Shrieker was hitting the Rangers pretty hard.  Necrolai flew in.  Shrieker did not recognize her.  Necrolai declared she had her own magic and blasted the Rangers with it.  Yellow Ranger came towards Shrieker and Shrieker soon had Yellow Ranger dangling in the air.  Shrieker tossed Yellow Ranger and he went flying through the air.  As Yellow Ranger went flying through the air, he decided he had had enough and fire a lighting bolt at Shrieker.  it hit Shrieker very hard.  The rest of the Rangers, used their magic as one, and destroyed Shrieker.  Necrolai couldn't believe it.  Another Barbarian Beast, Warmax had already been destroyed earlier, had been destroyed.  Necrolai flew away.  Later, Necrolai was in the pit and she was very thrilled.  50 Below and Fightoe had defeated Koragg and captured Jenji.  Imperious was pleased and made 50 Below and Fightoe his new generals.  Necrolai thought the whole thing was very exciting.  Imperious released Jenji from the bottle he had been captured.  Jenji appeared and told them he was the powerful genie, Jenji, and could grant them one wish.  Muttering to himself, Jenji knew he would regret this.  Imperious wish there were never any Mystic Force Power Rangers.  Jenji cried out in alarm, but had not choice but to grant the wish.

Necrolai was in the pit with Imperious, Fightoe and 50 Below.  Necrolai was gleeful.  Imperious:  My plan worked perfectly.  We now have a world where those pesky Power Rangers never existed.  Necrolai:  Yes!  Imperious:  Erased from everyone's memories, except their own.  Imperious wanted the Rangers to always remember what they had lost.  Imperious considered himself a genius.  Later, Necrolai blasted some of her magic at Fire Heart.  Madison, Vida, Chip, Nick, and Xander were riding Fire Heart and they glanced in shock at Necrolai.  Necrolai asked them where they were going and then fired more magic at them.  The teens were trying to get to another dimension to find the Tribunal of Magic, to have the wish reverse.  Necrolai had no problems keeping pace with Fire Heart and flew right beside him.  Fire Heart roared at Necrolai.  Necrolai managed outmaneuvered his blasts, but it did not last long.  Soon, Necrolai was hit and knocked out of the sky by a powerful roar from Fire Heart.  Necrolai fell to the ground.

Styxoids and Hidiacs were rounding up the citizens of Briarwood and forcing them to do their bidding.  Necrolai was there as well and she gloated in it all.  A Styxoid were leading several people.  Madison, Chip, Vida, Nick, and Xander were there as well.  Styxoid:  Keep going!  The people were trying to keep up.  Styxoid:  Move it!  Necrolai stood above them all.  Necrolai:  Any human who doesn't obey the law, will be taken to the mines.  You live only to serve us now.  Necrolai laughed.  Madison:  This is horrible.  Chip:  They've taken over the whole city.  And there's nothing we can do about it.  Necrolai:  The world belongs to the forces of darkness.  Toby was hiding as the masses pass him by.  Toby got out of his hiding spot.  Toby had managed to find his miniature music box and began playing it.  Necrolai and several Styxoids and Hidiacs immediately swarm over to Toby.  Necrolai told Toby he had been warned.  The Hidiacs and Styxoids grabbed Toby and Toby struggle to break free.  Suddenly, Nick was there, fighting the Hidiacs and Styxoids and trying to free Toby.  Vida, Chip, Xander, and Madison quickly joined Nick.  Necrolai and several of the Hidiacs and Styxoids battled the teens.  They soon had the teens backed into a corner.  The sky suddenly returned to color, as did the rest of the world.  The teens also had their magic back.  The teens quickly morphed into the Power Rangers.  Necrolai and the Hidiacs and Styxoids continue to battle.  Necrolai focus most of her attention on the Red Ranger.  Necrolai slipped away as the battle continue.  Necrolai used magic to make Fightoe very large.  Fightoe battled the Rangers.  The Rangers broke Fightoe's staff and he reverted back to his normal size.

Necrolai was in the pit with Imperious and Koragg, and numerous Hidiacs.  She was enjoying the conflict between Imperious and Koragg.  Imperious:  Koragg, you allow the Rangers to get their Legend Warrior powers.  Necrolai:  Tut! Tut!  Imperious:  You have failed the Master.  Koragg:  I have failed no one.  Koragg walked over to Necrolai and grabbed her wrist.  Koragg:  Return my magic hag, and watch the Power Rangers fall.  Necrolai did not want to give up the magic.  Necrolai:  Possession is 9/10 of the law.  Koragg:  Not down here, it's not.  Koragg grabbed his magic and tossed Necrolai to the side.  Imperious:  Koragg!  Koragg held Necrolai's morpher.  Koragg:  Uthe Negrucious!  The magic left the morpher and hung in front of Koragg as a simmering, purple ball.  Koragg placed the magic inside him once more.  Koragg:  Legend Warriors or not, the Rangers are through.  Later, Imperious and Koragg had both returned to the pit.  Necrolai was still there.  Imperious charged Koragg, in front of the Master, with treason.  Imperious cast a spell that showed various incidents where Koragg failed to destroyed the Rangers.  Koragg cast his own spell that showed him defeating the Rangers.  Imperious pointed out there was no point in defeating the Rangers, if Koragg walked away from each victory.  Imperious doubted Koragg's loyalty.  Koragg insisted he was loyal and called on Necrolai as a witness.  Necrolai was enjoying watching Koragg's downfall.  She walked up to him and told him she hoped he didn't mind, but she had to go with the flow.  Necrolai displayed several scenes in which Koragg let his opponents go.  Imperious also pointed out that Necrolai had almost destroyed the Rangers the first time she battled them and displayed the scene as well.  Imperious walked over to his chair and Necrolai followed him.  Koragg, who had been held by several Hidiacs throughout his "trial" broke free.  Koragg raced over to Imperious, picked him up, and tossed him across the room.  Koragg told Imperious it was time for him to answer a few questions.  Koragg pointed out that once Imperious fought on the side of good as Calindor.  Koragg displayed the scene.  Imperious insisted that he was all evil now.  Koragg also displayed the Barbarian Beasts and pointed out how they almost destroyed him.  Imperious merely replied that was why they were called beasts.  Imperious also told Koragg that it was because of the Barbarian Beasts that for a short time, they lived in a wondrous world full of dark magic.  Koragg was ready to battled Imperious when the Master let his displeasure be known.  Koragg told the Master he accepted and stormed out.  Necrolai asked Imperious what was going on.  Imperious told her that the Master was tired of all their talking.  The Master wanted them to destroy Solaris Knight.  The one who did can stay, while the other would be banished.  Imperious accepted the challenge as well.  Later, once more, Imperious and Koragg returned to the pit.  Necrolai was still there.  Koragg offered his magic and they both knelt before the Master.  Imperious blamed Koragg for not destroying Solaris Knight and his honor.  Koragg admitted that his honor was the corner stone of his being.  Koragg told the Master he was honorable and could be trusted.  Koragg also added that although Imperious was evil, he had no honor and how could they trust him.  Imperious sputtered to the Master that he was loyal as well.  The Master gave Koragg his magic back.  Koragg told Imperious that it was the third time he had failed to destroy him, he feared Imperious time was not long.  Imperious angrily walked away.  Necrolai immediately ran up to Koragg and told him she hadn't wanted to testify against him, she had no choice.  Koragg pushed her off to one side.  Necrolai watched as suddenly Koragg stumbled.  Necrolai asked Koragg what was wrong, but only heard Koragg ask himself what was wrong with him.

Imperious, once again, declared that he was a genius.  Necrolai quickly step up to him and asked him what his latest plan was.  Imperious told Necrolai that they needed to get the Legend powers from the Rangers, in order to raise the Master.  Necrolai told Imperious he couldn't do that.  Imperious agreed, but commented that Koragg can.  Koragg was there as well.  Imperious told Koragg to get the Legend powers from the Rangers, his Master commands it.  Koragg left immediately.  Imperious left as well to battle Daggeron.  Later, Necrolai walked up behind her daughter, as Leelee was complaining to the teens about how dreary the pit was.  The teens had been captured and were being held by several Hidiacs.  Necrolai asked her daughter if she was complaining again.  The teens realized, with a shock, that Leelee was Necrolai's daughter.  Leelee asked her mom if she could keep the teens when they were done with them.  The teens had things the zombies simply didn't have, like souls.  Necrolai told her daughter she could keep the teens as pets.  Imperious had returned in triumph, having made Daggeron and Jenji vanished.  Imperious cast a spell that started to drain the teens of their power.  It was obvious the teens were in a great deal of pain.  Worriedly, Leelee asked her mom if they were going to be okay.  Necrolai assured her daughter they were fine.  Suddenly, Udonna leaped down into the pit and broke the spell that was draining the teens of their power.  The teens, though, were unable to move.  Necrolai and Leelee watched as the Master attacked Udonna.  Now Udonna was the one in a great deal of pain.  Necrolai and Leelee were surprised when Koragg ran forward and raised his sword and broke the spell the Master had on Udonna.  When everything cleared, a man in ancient mystic armor stood before them.  The armor vanished and Udonna questioned who she saw standing before them, Leanbow.

Necrolai watched along with her daughter and everyone else as Udonna ran over to Leanbow.  Udonna:  Leanbow, could it really be you?!  Leanbow and Udonna hugged.  Leanbow:  I don't know how to explain.  But it's true.  I am alive.  Madison:  This is unbelievable.  Nick:  No.  This is one of Koragg's tricks.  Imperious:  Leanbow survived, but not Solaris Knight.  Imperious got to his feet.  Imperious:  Now to finish what I started!  Imperious cast a spell.  Leanbow blocked the spell and it knocked Imperious off his feet.  Leanbow:  Uthe Zazare!  Leanbow, Udonna, and the teens vanished through a seal.  Imperious:  No!  Leelee told them they just didn't want her to have any friends.  Later, Necrolai, Imperious, and Chimera found the teens and Leanbow in another dimension.  Leanbow had already cast a spell that sent Udonna back to Rootcore.  The teens quickly morphed.  Leanbow was ready to battle as well, but the Master still had some control over him.  The Master attacked Leanbow via his mind.  Leanbow cried out in pain and went into ancient mystic mode.  Imperious had ordered Chimera to attack the Rangers.  The Rangers battling Chimera, were unable to help Leanbow.  Necrolai walked over and told Leanbow the Master wanted to see him.  Necrolai and Leanbow vanished through a dark seal.  Necrolai dragged Leanbow over to the hole, where the Master waited.  Leanbow told the Master he was no longer his puppet.  The Master cast the memory spell once more.  Leanbow changed into Koragg.  Necrolai laughed and told Koragg it was nice to see him back.  The Master immediately sent Koragg to do his bidding.  Necrolai stayed in the pit.  Necrolai was thrilled when the legend powers worked and the Master began to rise.  Moments later, Necrolai was stunned to see Leanbow, in ancient mystic mode, battling the Master.  The pit began to crumble and rock and debris fell on Necrolai and the Hidiacs and Styxoids.  Leanbow had managed to push the Master back into the depths.  Leanbow called out for the Rangers to follow his legacy as he vanished with the Master.

Necrolai and Leelee dug themselves out of the rumble.  Necrolai:  What a mess!  Leelee walked over to her mom.  Leelee:  Well, that was exciting!  Are you through with that "I am the Queen of the Vampires, I'm going to take over the world" thing you've been into?  Necrolai:  Yes, well it may be time for me to reassess my plans.  Leelee:  Good!  Then let's get a condo in Briarwood, so I can find some friends.  Necrolai laughed darkly.  Leelee:  No, not to bite them.  Leelee had decided she no longer wanted to be evil.  Necrolai could only wonder where she had gone wrong.  Necrolai spotted a book among the rumble.  She hurried over and dug up the book.  Leelee was still talking to her, but Necrolai ignored her.  Necrolai was enthralled.  She had found the Book of Prophecy and her name was on the first page.  Necrolai read that she had found the Book of Prophecy and then fell into the inner sanctum.  Leelee walked out, and Necrolai was unaware that her daughter had left.  Necrolai wondered how she would tumble into the inner sanctum.  Suddenly the Book of Prophecy fluttered up into the air.  Necrolai tried to catch it.  She chase the book around until she tumble into a hole.  Necrolai had landed in the inner sanctum.  She bumped into Magma, one of the Ten Terrors.  The Ten Terrors were enormous and towered over Necrolai.  Necrolai had to fly in order to see their faces.  One of the Ten Terrors wanted to squashed her.  Necrolai pleaded for them not to squash her.  Necrolai told the Ten Terrors she had news for them.  The Ten Terrors let her speak.  Necrolai told them of how the Master has been sealed once more.  She also told them the Light was the Red Mystic Power Ranger.  The Ten Terrors decided to make their presence known in Briarwood.  Necrolai was gleeful as she watched them leave and pondered what the Rangers would do with Ten Terrors.  Later, the Ten Terrors returned.  Necrolai continue to watch them.  The Stone of Judgment began to glow.  The Ten Terrors knew one of them would be chosen to destroy Briarwood and the Rangers.  The Stone of Judgment chose Magma.  Magma left to destroy.  Later, Necrolai arrived in the city to watch Magma and the Power Rangers battle.  She was joined by Gekkor.  Magma had turned the battle into a game.  Magma had to destroy the Rangers before the flame went out, or the Rangers would win.  Necrolai enjoyed watching the Rangers take such a beating from Magma.  Blue Ranger finally defeated Magma, by dousing him with a tidal wave.  It ended Magma's fiery flames, but it also reverted Magma to his normal large size.  The battle went to zords.  The Rangers continue to have a difficult time against Magma.  Necrolai was confident that Magma would win, but Gekkor pointed out that the flame had gone out.  Necrolai was stunned when the remaining Terrors in the inner sanctum, destroyed Magma.  Gekkor told Necrolai it would help in bring back the Master.  Necrolai was puzzled, but she was confident the remaining Terrors knew what they were doing.

Necrolai was inside the inner sanctum.  The Stone of Judgment began to glow.  Sculpin:  It's time for the selection ceremony.  The nine Terrors formed a circle.  The Stone of Judgment chose Oculous.  Oculous:  Seems it is my turn.  I have a plan to capture the Light.  Necrolai:  Oculous the cunning hunter.  Those pesky Ranges have their hands full now.  Oculous left to capture the Light.  Later, Necrolai was sent to find out what Megahorn was doing.  Necrolai was in the Opaque dimension when she spotted Megahorn battling Solaris Knight.  Necrolai was gleeful as she realize the trouble Megahorn was in.  Necrolai return to the sanctum and reported that Megahorn was battling Solaris Knight.  The Terrors were furious.  Itassis left to deal with Megahorn.  Later, Necrolai and numerous Hidiacs and Styxoids arrived by the castle.  Oculous had called them forth.  Red Ranger was there as well.  Red Ranger called for Fire Heart.  Necrolai was fearful of the beast.  Red Ranger leaped onto Fire Heart's back and they soared through the air together.  Necrolai told the Hidiacs and Styxoids to attack and they did so.  Fire Heart gave a big roar and destroyed several of the Hidiacs and Styxoids.  Red Ranger and Fire Heart formed as one to become Red Dragon Fire Ranger.  Red Dragon Fire Ranger destroyed the remaining Hidiacs and Styxoids.  Red Dragon Fire Ranger also destroyed Oculous.

Necrolai was inside the inner sanctum.  She spotted a book balanced on a rock.  Necrolai:  There it is again!  The Book of Prophecy!  The book began to float in the air.  Necrolai made a grab for the book.  Necrolai:  Got it!  Necrolai opened the book and began reading it's pages.  Necrolai:  Yes!  Necrolai read how Magma was destroyed according to the rules of darkness, Oculous by flame.  Necrolai also read that Serpentina would be the next to be destroyed by the rules of darkness.  Necrolai was unaware of Serpentina being right behind her, until Serpentina asked her what she was doing.  Serpentina spotted the Book of Prophecy and grabbed it from Necrolai.  Necrolai clung to Serpentina's hand as Serpentina read that she would be destroyed next.  Serpentina was not happy and made plans to change that.  Necrolai told Serpentina she could not change what was foretold in the book.  Serpentina tossed Necrolai aside and told her we'll see about that.  Later, Serpentina would be destroyed by the Power Rangers.

Sculpin summon Necrolai.  Sculpin gave Necrolai a scale.  Necrolai was puzzled, but didn't ask any question.  Sculpin told Necrolai to plant the scale on Leanbow.  Necrolai immediately left for where the Rangers were battling Black Lance and Megahorn.  Leanbow, as the Centaurs Wolf Megazord, had a hold of Black Lance.  Necrolai tossed the scale and it landed on the Centaurs Wolf Megazord.  Leanbow had dragged Black Lance down through a seal.  Megahorn would be destroyed by the Rangers.

Itassis informed the four Terrors that Hekatoid had captured the white sorceress.  The Terrors knew they could use that as a lure for the Rangers.  Necrolai was summon by Sculpin once more.  Necrolai faced the giant Sculpin and the rest of the giant Terrors.  Sculpin wanted to know if she had found Leanbow.  Necrolai nervously told Sculpin no.  Sculpin wanted Leanbow found quickly, so that Leanbow could be destroy and the Master could rise once more.  Sculpin instructed Necrolai to use his scale to locate Leanbow.  Necrolai took the scale and quickly left for her own chamber.  She brushed Leelee who was standing there.  Necrolai was upset and pay no attention to her daughter.  Leelee wanted to have some mother/daughter time, but Necrolai was not interested.  She should have been the one to find and captured the white sorceress.  Hekatoid had made her look bad.  Leelee pointed out that it was bad to capture something helpless.  Necrolai became furious.  She told Leelee that she has spent too much time with the humans and have become soft.  Necrolai pointed out that one day Leelee will be Queen of the Vampires.  Leelee told her that maybe she didn't want to be Queen of the Vampires.  Leelee asked her mom if she would still be her daughter.  Necrolai furiously told her no.  Necrolai shoved Leelee to one side and told her she didn't belong her.  Necrolai immediately set off to find Leanbow.  She held Sculpin's scale in one hand as she searched.  Suddenly the scale began to glow.  The image of Leanbow appeared in front of Necrolai before vanishing.  Necrolai was thrilled.  She flew away quickly to report to Sculpin that she had found Leanbow.

Sculpin, Gekkor, and Matoomba located Leanbow.  Necrolai was also there.  She gleefully watched as Gekkor battled Leanbow.  Leanbow put up a good fight.  Sculpin then had Matoomba take over.  Gekkor protested, stating Matoomba was too much of a softie.  Matoomba was confident he could do the job.  Necrolai continued to watch happily.  Matoomba knocked Leanbow to the ground several times.  Sculpin came up from behind Leanbow and removed the Master.  Leanbow lost his Koragg armor with the loss of the Master.  Leanbow now wore the ancient mystic armor.  Sculpin told Leanbow he was no longer needed.  Sculpin used his staff to crack the ground underneath Leanbow.  The ground split open and Leanbow fell in.

Necrolai was back in the inner sanctum.  The energy of the Master sat on top of a pole.  the Master would need a new vessel to raise back to power.  Each of the four Terrors, Gekkor, Itassis, Black Lance, and Sculpin hoped they would be the one chosen for victory.  Necrolai wanted victory as well.  She just didn't want to be chosen as the Master's vessel.  The Master, in fact, chose Matoomba.  Matoomba had been selected earlier to destroy the world.  The energy ball of the Master flew out of the sanctum to seek Matoomba.  Eventually the Master would rise with his new body.

Necrolai was in the inner sanctum, unseen by the three remaining Terrors, Itassis, Black Lance, and Sculpin.  Sculpin:  The Master is about to speak.  All three Terrors bowed before the judgment stone, where the Master's face appeared.  Master:  Itassis, I choose you to conquer the surface world.  Itassis moaned in apprehension.  Master:  Show no mercy and crush all who get in your way.  Itassis:  As you wish Master.  The Master faded from the stone and the three Terrors got up.  Itassis was getting ready to leave when Necrolai flew over.  Necrolai told Itassis that the surface world deserve to be conquered, but her daughter lived on the surface world.  Itassis told Necrolai that she had been a loyal servant and promised that her daughter would be spared.  Necrolai gratefully thanked Itassis.  Suddenly Necrolai was knocked out of the way.  She landed on the ground and timidly looked up.  Sculpin angrily told Necrolai that her daughter chose to live with the humans and she could be destroyed with the humans.  Necrolai was fearful for her daughter.  Later, Black Lance and Sculpin forced Necrolai to take them where Itassis was.  Earlier Itassis had gone into battle with the Rangers.  After some time, Itassis retreated without trying to conquering the Rangers.  Necrolai watched fearfully for Itassis.  Itassis had already known that Black Lance and Sculpin would come for her.  Itassis had not followed the Master's orders.  Itassis told Black Lance and Sculpin that they would never defeat the Mystic Warriors because they had a weapon they did not.  Sculpin wanted to know what the weapon was.  Itassis told them it was courage.  Itassis also told them that they could make their own choices.  Necrolai watched in anxiety as Black Lance and Sculpin battled Itassis.  Itassis was soon defeated and landed hard on the ground.  Her glasses flying off and landing close to Necrolai.  Necrolai was very worried and distraught over what had happened to her new friend.

Because Itassis was the only Terror to show her any kindness, Necrolai used her magic and revive her.  Sculpin arrived in the pit with Udonna in tow.  Sculpin let go of Udonna and was very surprised to be facing Itassis.  Necrolai went over to Udonna and asked her if she was okay.  Necrolai and Udonna watched as Itassis battled and then destroyed Sculpin.  Along with the destruction of Sculpin, was the destruction of the pit.  Necrolai, Udonna, and Itassis went to the surface world.  The Master was facing down the teens, Clare, and Snow Prince.  The Master had just told them he was returning to the pit to gather his strength.  Udonna told him there was no pit to return to.  Necrolai stood just behind Itassis as Itassis told the Master of the pit's and Sculpin's destruction.  The Master told Itassis that she was still his puppet.  Itassis declared that this puppet had cut her string.  Itassis and the Master battled.  The Master vanished in a cloud of smoke.  Itassis warned them that the Master would return.  Itassis noticed the tears on Udonna's face and asked why.  Udonna told them she cried for the loss of her husband, Leanbow, and their friend, Daggeron.  Necrolai and Itassis did not know what to say.  Leelee arrived and told her mother that she could revive them.  Necrolai was surprised to see Leelee.  Leelee told her mother she could do anything, she always could.  Necrolai decided to give it a try.  Necrolai cast a spell that revived both Daggeron and Leanbow.  Necrolai fell to the ground, after the spell was cast.  Necrolai vaguely heard Leelee's concern voice.  Necrolai was surrounded in a golden glow.  When the glow vanished, Necrolai was no more.  Instead she became a human, named Nikki.

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