Oracle - Jon Brazier

Oracle was in the city of Briarwood.  He looked just like any other human in Briarwood.  Oracle had several balloons and he enjoyed selling them to the children.  He had just sold a balloon to a young girl when he was suddenly lifted by into the air.  Necrolai carried Oracle all the way to the pit, where Necrolai dropped him.  Oracle landed hard.  He got up and tried to pretend that he didn't know where he was.  Morticon approached him, and Oracle pretended he didn't know who he was.  Morticon didn't have the patience for such games.  Morticon threaten to hurt the young girl Oracle had just sold a balloon to.  Oracle realized he wasn't fooling anyone.  Oracle reverted to his true form.  Morticon wanted to know how to open the gates to the pit.  Oracle stuck out one arm, with his hand open.  He concentrated and an eye appeared on his palm.  Oracle studied for a moment and then told Morticon the answer was simple, have the Gatekeeper open the gates.  Necrolai enthusiastically told Morticon with the gates open, Morticon's army could also march out.  Morticon was not happy.  Morticon told them the Gatekeeper's life force was spent, sealing the gates.  Oracle told them there was another Gatekeeper.  Morticon wanted to know who.  Oracle told them he couldn't see, but it was someone close to the Power Rangers.  Leelee, who was also there, told them she knew who it was.  Necrolai left to fetch Toby.  Necrolai and the Power Rangers battled in Briarwood and Toby managed to escape.  Necrolai returned to the pit to a furious Morticon.  Before Morticon could strike Necrolai, the Oracle told them that Necrolai had not failed.  The human, Toby, was not the Gatekeeper.  Leelee abash, told them opps.  Oracle told them if that is all, he was ready to go.  Oracle vanished from the pit.

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Oracle in disguise as a citizen of Briarwood