Styxoids are undead soldiers of the underworld.  Koragg wanted to use the Styxoids to defeat the Power Rangers.  Morticon gave Koragg his permission.  Koragg took the Styxoids to the surface where they waited patiently for the Power Rangers to fly overheard.  Koragg also had the Hidiacs as well.  Four of the Rangers flew above them in their mystic riders.  The Styxoids, Hidiacs, and Koragg attacked.  Pink Ranger, Green Ranger, and Yellow Ranger continued on their way.  Red Ranger stayed behind and battled the Styxoids, Hidiacs, and Koragg.  Koragg gave Red Ranger a hard hit, and Red Ranger spun out of control.  Moments later, Red Ranger emerged through the smoke on his new mystic speeder.  The Styxoids, Koragg, and the Hidiacs continued with their battle against Red Ranger.  Eventually Red Ranger destroyed the Styxoids and Hidiacs.

The Styxoids and Hidiacs were sent out to retrieve the Fire Heart from the Rangers.  One of the Styxoids shot a blast at the teens that knocked them off their feet.  The Styxoid then demanded that the teens give him the Fire Heart.  Several Hidiacs and Styxoids popped out of hiding.  The teens morphed.  The Styxoids and Hidiacs battled the Rangers.  At one point, the Styxoid thought he was going to destroy the Red Ranger, but he was stopped by the Green Ranger.  The Styxoids and Hidiacs were defeated by the Rangers.  Later, in the pit, another Styxoid told the Styxoid that had lead the attack, that he had failed the master.  The Styxoid then tossed the failed Styxoid down to the ground.  The failed Styxoid landed on the ground hard.  Morticon was furious at his failure.  Morticon destroyed the soulless mutant.

Several Styxoids and Hidiacs were protecting an entrance to the pit.  Koragg had captured Udonna and the Gatekeeper.  Red Ranger blasted towards them on his Mystic Rider.  The Styxoids and Hidiacs gave Red Ranger a good battle and it took some time before Red Ranger finally defeated them and entered the pit.

Jenji had been captured and Imperious had made a wish that there never were any Mystic Force Power Rangers.  Dark magic now ruled the world.  There was no color and music was banned.  Styxoids and Hidiacs alike patrolled Briarwood to make sure the dejected citizens behaved.  The sound of music reached a Styxoid and several Hidiacs.  They appeared out of the dark seal and approached the man, Toby, who held a small miniature music box.  The Hidiacs grabbed Toby and pulled him away from the teens he was talking to.  Toby:  No!  The Styxoid grabbed the music box and crushed it in his hand and then tossed it to the ground.  Toby was devastated.  Later, Styxoids and Hidiacs had the citizens walking single file with their hands on their hands.  A Styxoid approached a group of teens, Madison, Vida, Chip, Nick, and Xander.  The Styxoid grunted and pointed at the teens.  The teens soon got the point, and they walked single file, along with the rest of the citizens.

Numerous Hidiacs and Styxoids appeared with Necrolai to help Oculous battle Red Ranger.  Red Ranger summon Fire Heart.  Red Ranger leaped onto Fire Heart and they soared through the sky together.  Necrolai gave the Hidiacs and Styxoids the command to attack.  The Hidiacs and Styxoids attacked Fire Heart and Red Ranger.  Fire Heart gave a roar that destroyed several Hidiacs and Styxoids.  Red Ranger and Fire Heart combined to make Red Dragon Fire Ranger.  The remaining Hidiacs and Styxoids kept up the battle.  Despite their many attempts, they could not destroy Red Dragon Fire Ranger.  Instead Red Dragon Fire Ranger destroyed the remaining Hidiacs and Styxoids.  Red Dragon Fire Ranger would also destroy Oculous.

Numerous Styxoids and Hidiacs were summon by Hekatoid in another dimension.  They stood there facing the Rangers.  Hekatoid had set up a game and the Rangers had to destroyed the numerous Styxoids and Hidiacs before the time ran out on the clock.  The Styxoids and Hidiacs battled against the Rangers.  The Rangers were doing well against them.  Hekatoid cast another spell in which Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Green Ranger were unable to move.  The Styxoids and Hidiacs quickly surrounded the Red Ranger.  The Red Ranger shouted to Hekatoid that he had cheated, but Hekatoid didn't care.  Red Ranger called for Fire Heart and became the Red Dragon Fire Ranger.  The Styxoids and Hidiacs continued their battle with Red Dragon Fire Ranger.  Red Dragon Fire Ranger destroyed them all.

Two Styxoids stood outside guarding a portal that lead to where Hekatoid had hidden a captured Udonna.  A young woman walked up to them.  The Styxoids blocked her path.  The young woman asked them if they knew who she was, Leelee.  The Styxoids told her she was not on the list.  Leelee became outrage.  Leelee told them that her mother was Necrolai, Queen of the Vampires.  In fact, one day she would be Queen of the Vampires.  If they didn't let her through, she would let her mom know and they would be so down in the depths of the pit, they would never get up.  Leelee commanded the two Styxoids to turn around.  The Styxoids decided to do as she said and they turned around.  Later, the two Styxoids walked through the chamber in the portal.  One of the Styxoids was complaining about guard duty and wished they could see more action.  The other Styxoid told him he was nuts, the other Styxoids had never returned from going on in the field.  Some time later, the two Styxoids walked along with Hekatoid into the chamber.  Hekatoid was hungry, even though his face was smeared with sweets.  The two Styxoids were carrying Udonna, who was under a spell and inside a container covered in vines.  Hekatoid had the Styxoids placed Udonna down and looked eagerly at the table covered with even more sweets.  Hekatoid decided to see how his tadpoles were doing.  Earlier, he had placed poisonous tadpoles into the clouds over Briarwood.  Hekatoid cast a spell and they could see into Briarwood.  Hekatoid became enraged when he saw the Solar Streak Megazord giving the clouds his furnace blast.  Hekatoid hurried out of the chamber, along with the two Styxoids.  Moments later, several Styxoids had been alerted to the fact that magic had been used in the chamber.  Four Styxoids raced into the chamber and saw Leelee, Clare, and Phineas there.  They had managed to check Udonna out of the vine container and place her on a table.  Udonna was still under the spell and did not move.  Leelee and Clare got into a ready stance and faced the Styxoids.  Suddenly, Phineas leaped forward and began battling the four Styxoids.  The Styxoids fought against Phineas.  One of them managed to get close to Clare, and she knocked him out.  Phineas used the last remaining Styxoid to wipe up the floor before tossing him to one side.  Leelee had stepped forward to talk to Phineas as the last Styxoid manage to clear his head.  The Styxoid got up, ready to attack.  Phineas bent over and Leelee attacked him and knocked him out for good.

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