Ten Terrors
Black Lance - Voiced by Derek Judge
Gekkor - Voiced by Mark Gerguson
Hekatoid - Voiced by Charlie McDermott
Itassis - Voiced by Josephine Davison
Magma - Voiced by Greg Smith
Matoomba - Voiced by Cameron Rhodes
Megahorn - Voiced by Dallas Barnett
Oculous - Voiced by Andrew Laing
Sculpin - Voiced by Peter Daube
Serpentina - Voiced by Sally Stockwell

The Ten Terrors are giant creatures.  They are Magma, Oculous, Gekkor, Serpentina, Itassis, Sculpin, Megahorn, Black Lance, Hekatoid, and Matoomba.  The Ten Terrors' leader is Sculpin.  The Ten Terrors live in the inner sanctum and serve the Master.  A small, bat like creature had fallen into the inner sanctum.  The Ten Terrors wanted to squash the creature, but the creature, Necrolai, pleaded with them.  Necrolai told them she had information.  Necrolai told them the Master had been sealed once more.  The Ten Terrors were amused that the Master had been sealed away, while Itassis pointed out the Master had not been at full strength when he was sealed for the second time.  Necrolai also told them that the Light was the Red Mystic Force Power Ranger.  The Ten Terrors decided it was time to punish the world and destroy the light.  The Ten Terrors left the inner sanctum and made a very grand, dark appearance in Briarwood.  Citizens ran in terror, while five teens stood and faced them.  Sculpin introduce each of the Ten Terrors and promised destruction unless what was most held dear to them was turn over to them, the Light.  The teens quickly morphed and formed their Megazord.  Black Lance easily deflected the blows of the Megazord and the Rangers were quickly demorphed.  The Ten Terrors left.  Later, in the inner sanctum, the Stone of Judgment began to glow.  The Ten Terrors formed a circle, while the Stone of Judgment chose one of them.  The Stone of Judgment chose Magma.  Magma was thrilled and promised destruction as he walked out.  Magma arrived in the city of Briarwood once more.  Solaris Knight and Jenji arrived in the Solar Streak Megazord.  Magma and Solaris Knight battle.  It was easy for Magma to knock Solaris Knight out of his zord.  To make the battle more interesting, Magma reduced himself to normal size.  Magma and Solaris Knight continue to battle.  The rest of the Rangers arrive.  Magma easily defeated them all.  Magma had no problem knocking all of them to the ground once more.  Magma found no challenge in them and left.  Magma returned later for more destruction.  The Rangers faced him once more.  Magma decided to make a game of things.  Magma had a flame going.  Magma told the Rangers if they defeat him before the flame goes out, they win.  If he defeats them before the flame goes out, he wins.  Red Ranger and Green Ranger tried to blast him with fire and rocks, but it didn't faze Magma at all.  Magma knocked the Rangers off their feet once more.  Gekkor and Necrolai arrived in the city and looked on at the battle.  Gekkor rather enjoyed the rules of the game.  It took Blue Ranger's tidal wave to give Magma his first taste of defeat.  The water burned Magma.  But it didn't destroy him, instead, Magma reverted to his normal giant size.  The Rangers quickly formed their Megazord and the battle continue.  Magma was still giving the Rangers a difficult battle.  On the balcony, Necrolai was confident that Magma would destroy the Rangers.  Gekkor pointed out that wasn't the case, the flame had gone out.  The eight Terrors in the inner sanctum also noted the flame had gone out.  The Terrors held the rules of the dark game very seriously and destroyed Magma himself.  Before Magma was destroyed, Magma told the Rangers they still had nine of the Terrors to face.  Magma then broke into several pieces.  Necrolai was stunned the Terrors would destroy one of their own.  Gekkor was not to concern, it would help the Master raise once more.  Necrolai was surprise that the Master would rise again.  Gekkor shook his head and laughed at Necrolai as he walked away.

In the sanctum, the Stone of Judgment began to glow.  Sculpin:  It's time for the selection ceremony.  The nine Terrors formed a circle as the bright glow circled around them.  The Stone of Judgment had chosen Oculous.  Oculous:  Seems it is my turn.  I have a plan to capture the Light.  Necrolai was there as well.  Necrolai:  Oculous the cunning hunter.  Those pesky Rangers have their hands full now.  Oculous set off to capture the Light.  Gekkor wonder why the Stone of Judgment had not chosen him.  Megahorn vented his frustration out loud.  Megahorn wanted to destroy the Rangers as well.  Serpentina was on Megahorn's side.  Itassis, Sculpin, and Matoomba warned Megahorn and Serpentina to follow the rules of darkness and they follow the Master.  Megahorn muttered to himself, not today.  Itassis told Sculpin they needed to keep an eye on those two, they were reckless and could unbalance the power of darkness.  Necrolai was sent for this task.  In Briarwood, the Rangers confronted Oculous.  Oculous told them he would make a deal, they turn in the Red Ranger and he would let the rest of the Rangers go.  The Rangers refused.  Oculous also made a game.  If Oculous could not demolculerize Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Green Ranger by sundown, he would surrender.  The Rangers accepted his challenge.  Oculous started firing on the Rangers immediately.  When the smoke cleared, the Rangers thought Oculous was gone.  Instead Oculous was hiding in a dimension that allowed him to travel anywhere, unseen.  Oculous fired from a window.  The Rangers quickly put up their shield.  Oculous was able to travel behind them and fired at the Rangers again.  This time he hit the Red Ranger's leg.  Oculous kept firing as the rest of the Rangers formed a circle around Red Ranger trying to protect him.  Eventually the Rangers went on the run.  Oculous enjoyed the chase.  When Red Ranger stumble, the rest of the Rangers tried to help him back up.  Oculous demolculerize his first Ranger, Green Ranger.  The remaining four Rangers cast a spell that took them out of Briarwood.  Oculous was not concern, he could track them anywhere.  Meanwhile, in the inner sanctum, Black Lance noticed Megahorn was missing.  Sculpin questioned Serpentina about Megahorn's whereabouts.  Serpentina told Sculpin that Megahorn does as he pleases and so does she and walked away.  In the woods, the four Rangers continue to try and outrun Oculous.  The four Rangers hid among the trees.  Oculous demolculerize the trees surrounding the four Rangers.  The four Rangers were out in the open once more.  It was easy for Oculous to demolculerize the Pink Ranger.  The three Rangers took off running once more.  Meanwhile, in the sanctum, Serpentina had found Megahorn.  Serpentina asked Megahorn if he was going to cause trouble and Megahorn replied that he was.  Serpentina laughed.  In Briarwood, the three Rangers were running.  Red Ranger had asked to sit down.  As the Rangers rested, Oculous demolculerize the Blue Ranger.  Meanwhile, in the Opaque dimension, Megahorn arrive, ready to battle Daggeron.  Jenji quickly took cover.  Daggeron morphed and formed the Solar Streak Megazord.  Megahorn and Solaris Knight battled.  Megahorn easily able to deflect all of Solaris' Knight blows.  Solaris Knight was soon knocked out of his zord.  The battle continued on the ground.  Solaris Knight had gone into ancient mystic mode.  It was no problem for Megahorn as he continued to battle Solaris Knight, without ever getting a serious blow himself.  Megahorn was unaware that Necrolai was watching them.  In the woods, Nick and Chip were still trying to outmaneuver Oculous.  Oculous found them and demolculerize Chip.  In the Opaque dimension, Megahorn was ready to deal the fatal blow to Solaris Knight, when he was stopped by Itassis.  Megahorn was furious, he had almost destroy Solaris Knight.  Itassis told Megahorn he was breaking the rules of darkness.  Itassis knew the consequences for breaking the rules.  Itassis was close to destroying Megahorn herself.  Megahorn reluctantly left the Opaque dimension, but not before telling Solaris Knight that he would finish him another time.  Solaris Knight thanked Itassis for helping him.  Itassis told Daggeron that she had not helped him, she was simply making sure the rules of darkness were enforced.  Itassis told Daggeron that even now his young apprentices were being destroyed.  In the woods, Nick shouted out that he was turning himself in as long as Oculous released his friends.  Nick shouted he wouldn't even fight.  Oculous laughed, if that was what Nick wanted.  Oculous fired, but missed.  Nick had been knocked to the ground and dragged away by Phineas.  Later, Oculous found Red Ranger, in Legend Warrior Mode, by the castle.  Red Ranger no longer wanted to surrender, but to fight.  Oculous summon Necrolai and numerous Hidiacs and Styxoids.  Oculous asked Red Ranger if he now wished he had surrendered.  Red Ranger didn't.  Red Ranger summoned Fire Heart.  Oculous had the Hidiacs and Styxoids attack.  Red Ranger soared through the air with Fire Heart.  Fire Heart roared and took out several of the Hidiacs and Styxoids.  Red Ranger and Fire Heart then formed into Red Dragon Fire Ranger.  Red Dragon Fire Ranger destroyed the rest of the Hidiacs and Styxoids.  Red Dragon Fire Ranger was ready to take on Oculous.  Oculous was ready as well.  Oculous and Red Dragon Fire Ranger battled and Oculous was destroyed.  In the sanctum, Megahorn was still upset, he had been so close to destroying Solaris Knight.  Black Lance told them they were lucky they hadn't been banished because of Megahorn.  Sculpin warned the Terrors if they disobeyed again, they would have to answer to him.

Serpentina walked up behind Necrolai.  Necrolai was engrossed in a book and didn't hear Serpentina approach.  Serpentina realized that Necrolai held the Book of Prophecy.  Serpentina grabbed the book from Necrolai.  She dangled Necrolai in one hand and read the book in other.  Serpentina was not happy to read that she would be destroyed next by the rules of darkness.  Serpentina decided to take action and make sure the odds were more in her favor.  Necrolai warned Serpentina that the Book of Prophecy cannot be changed.  Serpentina simply tossed Necrolai to the ground, unconcern.  Later, Hekatoid was hungry and looking for something to eat.  Serpentina approached him and asked if he would like to help her.  Hekatoid was more interest in filling his tummy and told Serpentina to ask Megahorn for help, since they were friends.  Serpentina told Hekatoid that she was asking him and surrounded Hekatoid with her snakes.  Hekatoid nervously agreed to help.  Serpentina then caress Hekatoid with her snakes.  They were both unaware that Itassis had walked up and was watching them.  Hekatoid set off for Briarwood.  He found Nick and Vida walking the streets.  Nick and Vida asked him what he wanted.  Hekatoid answered by trying to spray them with toad juice.  Nick and Vida got away and then morphed into Legendary Warrior mode.  Hekatoid lured the Red Ranger and Pink Ranger to go after him.  Hekatoid suddenly jumped in front of them and hit them with toad juice.  Red Ranger and Pink Ranger tumbled down the stairs, but otherwise they were okay.  The rest of the Rangers had arrived.  Hekatoid told them they shouldn't have called for their friends.  Hekatoid grew to an enormous size.  The Rangers quickly formed their Megazord.  The battle continued.  Hekatoid soon hear the call of the Stone of Judgment.  Hekatoid had to leave and he did so in a cloud of dust.  Hekatoid barely made it back to the selection ceremony.  The remaining Terrors question him, but he simply replied that he was late.  The selection ceremony began and Serpentina acted surprised when the stone choose her.  Megahorn was furious over not being chosen once more.  Sculpin was more concern over the fact that the Master had not made an appearance and wondered whether someone was preventing the Master's return.  Hekatoid pulled Serpentina to the side and told her he was unable to destroy the Rangers.  Serpentina was furious and let it slip that she had known she would be chosen next.  Hekatoid told Serpentina not all was lost, as he had sprayed two of the Rangers and they would not be able to morph.  Once more, Itassis walked up to them.  Serpentina told Itassis that she had done nothing wrong and walked away.  A giant Serpentina entered Briarwood and immediately began wrecking the city.  Solar Streak Megazord tried to stop her.  Serpentina easily battled Solar Streak Megazord.  Soon she was battling Blue Titan, Green Titan, and Yellow Titan.  Serpentina was doing well until suddenly she was off balance and fell.  Serpentina was humiliated.  She spotted Nick and Vida and with snake like speed went after them.  Serpentina was stopped by Solaris Knight.  The rest of the Rangers had arrived as well.  Solaris Knight sent Jenji for the shining attack.  Serpentina had no problem knocking him out of his attack.  Serpentina soon set several snakes after Jenji and one of the snakes bit him.  Jenji quickly ran for the safety of his lamp.  Jenji popped his head out and Serpentina activated her shield.  Jenji turned to stone.  Serpentina vowed to the Rangers that she would set the rest of the her snakes on the world, they would bite people, and when she activated her shield, they would turn to stone.  Serpentina also told them if they wanted to keep battling her, they would have to play by her rules, and follow her into her serpent dimension.  Serpentina then vanished.  Meanwhile, inside the inner sanctum, Itassis cornered Hekatoid.  Itassis questioned Hekatoid once more.  Hekatoid finally confess to going to the surface.  Itassis told Hekatoid that only the chosen one is allow and he was guilty of breaking the rules of darkness.  Fearful, Hekatoid told Itassis that Serpentina had made him do it before taking off.  In the serpent dimension, Serpentina stalked the four Rangers.  She swallowed the Blue Ranger and Green Ranger with ease.  Serpentina then swallowed the Yellow Ranger.  Solaris Knight tried to battle her, but Serpentina had the ability to turn into a giant snake and she wrapped her coils around Solaris Knight, before he knew what had happened.  Solaris Knight told Serpentina that his friends would destroy her.  Serpentina laughed and told him they could talk about it in her tummy.  Serpentina then swallow Solaris Knight.  Serpentina returned to Briarwood and soon found Vida and Nick.  She taunted them with the fact that she had swallowed their friends.  Although repulse, Vida and Nick were also angry.  Vida and Nick came charging at her.  Serpentina battled the two teens with ease.  Suddenly the two teens were consumed with power and hit the ground.  Serpentina was very angry when she saw Itassis had given Vida and Nick their morphing powers back.  Itassis told her the Rangers would be destroy, but now it would be according to the rules of darkness.  Itassis vanished.  Serpentina continued her battled with the Pink Ranger and Red Ranger.  Red Ranger went into Red Dragon Fire Ranger and hit Serpentina hard.  Serpentina, against her will, cough up the four remaining Rangers.  Meanwhile, at Lake of Lament, Sculpin walked up to the edges of the lake.  Sculpin still wonder at no sign of the Master.  Sculpin cast a spell and realize someone was keeping the Master from arising.  In Briarwood, Serpentina had grown to giant size.  The Rangers formed their zords.  Serpentina sent numerous snakes all over Briarwood.  She was about to activate her shield, when the shield was hit by a furnace blast by Solar Streak Megazord.  Serpentina was furious as her shield was destroyed and all her snakes had vanished.  Serpentina turned into a snake and went after the Manticore Megazord.  Pink Ranger used her wind power and Serpentina was destroyed.  Before she was destroyed, Serpentina vowed that Megahorn would destroy them.  Back at Lake of Lament, an image had appeared.  Sculpin asked the image who he was.  The image replied that he wore the armor of Koragg, but fought on the side of good.  The image was Leanbow and yes, he was preventing the Master from rising.  Before vanishing, Leanbow hit Sculpin with an enormous splash of water.  Instead of being angry, Sculpin thought he would enjoy the challenge Leanbow presented.

Sculpin and Black Lance were in the inner sanctum talking.  Black Lance:  So, Leanbow is preventing the Master from rising up.  Sculpin:  Yes, but where is he hiding.  Sculpin remembered his last conversation with Leanbow and how Leanbow told him the Master will never rise.  Sculpin spoke to himself.  Sculpin:  We shall see about that Leanbow.  Later, the selection ceremony began and the seven Terrors formed a circle.  Megahorn was selected.  Megahorn was thrilled and gloated about it to Gekkor.  Megahorn pushed Itassis out of the way as he made his way to the surface world.  Megahorn immediately started attacking Briarwood.  The Rangers quickly arrived on the scene and formed their Solar Streak Megazord, and Manticore Megazord.  Megahorn had no problem battling the Rangers and soon knocked the five Rangers out of their Manticore Megazord.  The Rangers regroup and this time formed a dragon.  Megahorn continue to battle the Rangers with ease.  Meanwhile, Sculpin went to the edge of Lake of Lament.  Once more, Sculpin summon Leanbow from beneath the lake.  Sculpin was pleased to show Leanbow the image of Megahorn attacking the city.  Leanbow refused to leave.  Later, Sculpin mocked Leanbow as a father, when his staff showed Red Ranger was hurt.  In Briarwood, Megahorn had knocked out the Red Ranger and soon the rest of the Rangers followed as well.  Megahorn went to normal size and was ready to take on the Rangers.  Before Megahorn could attack, he was attacked from behind.  The Snow Prince had arrived to help the Rangers.  Megahorn had a more difficult time battling the Snow Prince, but eventually the Snow Prince became weak being in a different dimension.  The Snow Prince had Megahorn and the five Rangers go through a seal and enter the Snow Prince's realm.  The Rangers tried to battle Megahorn, but Megahorn still had no problem battling the Rangers and the Snow Prince.  Soon Megahorn became bored and forcefully left the dimension.  The battle continued back on the surface world.  Megahorn continue to battle with ease the Snow Prince and the five Rangers.  Daggeron arrived and blasted Megahorn.  Daggeron morphed into Solaris Knight.  Megahorn and Solaris Knight battle.  This time Solaris Knight was doing well against Megahorn.  The Snow Prince decided he was no longer needed and return to his realm.  In the inner sanctum, Sculpin became concern.  Against Itassis' protests, Sculpin sent Black Lance to help Megahorn.  Black Lance was eager to go.  Sculpin also had another plan.  Sculpin summon Necrolai.  Sculpin gave Necrolai a scale and told her to plant it on Leanbow.  Necrolai left to do his bidding.  Megahorn was not happy when Black Lance arrived, but soon realized the Rangers could not destroy two Terrors.  Black Lance and Megahorn were ready for battle.  Suddenly, Leanbow, as Koragg in the centaur form appeared.  Which is what Sculpin wanted.  Leanbow battled Black Lance while the rest of the Rangers battle Megahorn.  Leanbow transformed into the Centaurs Wolf Megazord.  Leanbow grabbed a hold of Black Lance and dragged him through a seal.  Black Lance was trapped and not happy about it.  Meanwhile, the rest of the Rangers destroyed Megahorn.  Sculpin was not sorry to see Megahorn gone, as he considered him a loud mouth.  Plus, his plan was working.  Soon Sculpin would locate Leanbow and captured him.  Later, Hekatoid appeared at Lake of Lament, behind Udonna and Clare.  Hekatoid attacked Udonna and Clare.  Clare was knocked to the ground unconscious.  Gleefully, with his tongue, Hekatoid captured Udonna.

The remaining six Terrors were in the inner sanctum.  The Stone of Judgment began to light up.  Sculpin:  Once again the selection ceremony begins.  The six Terrors formed a circle.  The Stone of Judgment choose Hekatoid.  Hekatoid:  Not me!  It's my turn?  All I do is work, work, work.  Ohhh, I'm hungry.  When's lunch?  Matoomba:  All you do is eat, you slob!  Show some respect for the stone!  Hekatoid:  I know, I know, it's the rules.  At least I have a plan.  Hekatoid walked away.  Black Lance:  I'm not sure Hekatoid is ready for battle.  The rest of the Terrors express concern over Hekatoid's ability.  They also wanted to know if Sculpin had found the Master yet.  Sculpin told them his plan was unfolding even as they spoke.  Hekatoid went to a small chamber, where he had Udonna bonded with vines and unconscious.  Hekatoid was very pleased with himself.  Itassis walked up and startled Hekatoid.  Itassis told Hekatoid he should have told Sculpin.  But Hekatoid refused, the white sorceress was his insurance policy.  Itassis thought it must have been easy to capture the white sorceress, without her snow staff she was powerless.  Hekatoid didn't care, he had captured and the Master would be pleased when he finds out.  Itassis told Hekatoid to be careful, bring the white sorceress changes things.  The Rangers are very fond of the white sorceress, they would try to rescue her.  Hekatoid confidently told Itassis that he would capture the Rangers as well.  Later, a giant Hekatoid entered the city.  Solaris Knight in the Solar Streak Megazord try to stop Hekatoid.  More odds were stacked against Hekatoid when the rest of the Rangers appeared in their Manticore Megazord.  The Rangers knew that Hekatoid had captured Udonna and they demanded that he release her.  There was no way Hekatoid was going to release Udonna.  Hekatoid battled the Rangers.  Hekatoid reduce his size and the Rangers leaped onto the ground to continue the battle.  Hekatoid told them of his poisonous tadpoles that he had planted in the clouds.  Once Hekatoid released the tadpoles, the world was doomed.  Hekatoid and the Rangers battled on the ground.  Meanwhile, Itassis reported to Sculpin about Hekatoid and the capture of the white sorceress.  Sculpin summoned Necrolai and asked her if she had found Leanbow yet.  Necrolai fearfully told him no.  Sculpin told Necrolai she needed to find Leanbow immediately and to use his scale to do so.  Necrolai left.  Back in Briarwood, Hekatoid blew his trumpet and the five Rangers vanished.  Hekatoid vanished as well, before Solaris Knight could stop him.  Hekatoid had taken the Rangers to another dimension.  Hekatoid also wanted to play a game.  The Rangers had to destroy the numerous Styxoids and Hidiacs, Hekatoid had summon before the time ran out on his clock.  The Rangers began the battle.  Although outnumbered, the Rangers were doing well.  A little too well.  Hekatoid cast a spell that cause the Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Green Ranger to freeze.  Red Ranger yelled at Hekatoid that he had cheated.  Hekatoid didn't care.  Red Ranger went into Red Fire Dragon Ranger to destroy the remaining Styxoids and Hidiacs.  The destruction of the Styxoids and Hidiacs released Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Green Ranger, and Blue Ranger from the spell.  Once again, the Rangers demanded that Hekatoid take them to see Udonna.  Hekatoid told them they had to play another game - against more formidable opponents.  Hekatoid cast another spell that took the Rangers to another dimension.  This time the Rangers had to battle evil duplicate of themselves.  Meanwhile, Necrolai had reported back to Sculpin.  Necrolai had found Leanbow.  Sculpin, Matoomba, and Gekkor set off to where Necrolai had found Leanbow.  In the other dimension, three of the Rangers had been turned into dice.  A giant toad had gotten hold of Blue Ranger.  Blue Ranger broke free and the giant toad vanished.  The Yellow Ranger had destroyed the remaining evil duplicates.  Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger demanded that Hekatoid take them to see Udonna.  Hekatoid cast another spell and soon they were in Hekatoid's small chamber.  Blue Ranger demanded that their friends, Pink Ranger, Red Ranger, and Green Ranger be returned to normal.  Hekatoid cast a spell that returned them to normal.  He also revealed the captured Udonna.  Hekatoid was thrilled to have Udonna and the Rangers.  The Rangers were determined to get Udonna back.  The Rangers quickly formed their Manticore Megazord.  Hekatoid battled the Rangers once more.  Elsewhere in the inner sanctum, Sculpin had scattered the glass that Leanbow had been hidden in.  Leanbow knew what the three Terrors wanted.  Sculpin demanded that Leanbow release the Master.  Leanbow turned around and faced the three Terrors.  Leanbow told them not a chance.  In Hekatoid's chamber, it appeared that Hekatoid had been defeated.  The Rangers quickly took Udonna and were about to leave when suddenly Hekatoid appeared again.  Hekatoid fired black slime at the Manticore Megazord and managed to grab Udonna once more.  Hekatoid cast another spell and leaped out of the inner sanctum.  The Rangers try to follow him in their Manticore Megazord.

Hekatoid hid in the ocean as the Manticore Megazord managed to make it's way outside.  Yellow Ranger:  Hey!  Where did he go?  Hekatoid leaped out of the ocean and knocked the Megazord down.  Hekatoid laughed.  Hekatoid:  I have Udonna!  I have Udonna!  Hekatoid and the Manticore Megazord continue to battle.  Itassis arrived and watched Hekatoid and the Rangers battled.  Itassis knew Hekatoid would have a difficult time as the wizards were very powerful warriors.  Itassis was very concern.  The Manticore Megazord knock Hekatoid down and tried very hard to pry Udonna, still in the vine covered container, out of Hekatoid's hand.  Hekatoid tossed the container into the sky.  The Manticore Megazord went leaping after it.  Hekatoid spit out some black slime onto the container and it vanished.  The Manticore Megazord crash onto the ground.  Hekatoid gloated as he told the Rangers he still had Udonna.  Hekatoid decided he would take something else as well.  Hekatoid cast a spell and took all of the Rangers powers.  The Rangers fell to the ground and demorph.  Hekatoid placed the Rangers' powers into a jar that he kept close with him at all times.  Elsewhere, Gekkor and Leanbow were battling, with Sculpin and Matoomba looking on.  Gekkor did very well against Leanbow, but he could not defeat him.  Sculpin had Matoomba take over.  Gekkor protested, stating Matoomba was too much of a softie.  Sculpin insisted.  Gekkor stepped aside and now Matoomba faced Leanbow.  Matoomba and Leanbow battled.  Matoomba was very powerful and hit Leanbow with several powerful blows.  Sculpin was pleased.  Gekkor insisted he could have done the same as Matoomba.  Sculpin pointed out that he hadn't though.  Meanwhile, Hekatoid had returned to his hidden chamber.  Two Styxoids carried Udonna for him.  Hekatoid was hungry and made his way to the table that was covered with cakes and goodies.  Hekatoid's face was already smeared with goodies he had already eaten.  Hekatoid decided to check on the process of his tadpoles.  Hekatoid cast a spell and a vision appeared before him of the Solar Streak Megazord using it's furnace blast on the tadpoles.  Hekatoid became furious and now knew why his tadpoles had not progress.  Hekatoid and the Styxoids left.  A giant Hekatoid arrived in the city and quickly battled the Solar Streak Megazord.  Hekatoid laughed as the Solar Streak Megazord tried to blast him but couldn't.  The Solar Streak Megazord had run out of energy.  Hekatoid blasted the Solar Streak Megazord.  Solaris Knight tumbled out and demorphed.  Before Hekatoid could do anymore the teens had arrived.  Hekatoid laughed at them.  The teens started running towards Hekatoid.  Hekatoid started to blast them.  The teens separated into different directions.  Leaping, running, and moving so quickly Hekatoid could barely keep track of them.  Hekatoid yelled at them to stop moving as he try blasting them in various directions.  Hekatoid began to tire.  Nick leaped out and kicked the jar out of Hekatoid's grasp.  Nick caught the jar.  The teens gathered around as Nick opened the jar and their power was returned to them.  Hekatoid told them they were too late anyways.  The tadpoles had become frogs.  Hekatoid cast a spell and they began to fall from the skies.  Hekatoid was stunned when the frogs suddenly froze into place.  The White Ranger had arrived.  The teens morphed.  Hekatoid battled the Rangers as Daggeron watched on.  Hekatoid was destroyed when all the Rangers combined their powers and hit him with their magic.  Sculpin had better luck than Hekatoid.  As Matoomba battled Leanbow, Sculpin used his staff and hit Leanbow.  Sculpin had removed the Master from Leanbow.  Leanbow fell and told them not to revive the Master.  Koragg's armor vanished and Leanbow was left in his ancient mystic armor.  Sculpin did not care.  Sculpin gave the fiery ball of flame, the Master, to Gekkor to hold.  Sculpin told Leanbow he no longer had any use for him.  Sculpin cast a spell that cause the ground underneath Leanbow to crack open.  To Sculpin's delight, Leanbow tumbled in.

The Master was taken to the inner sanctum.  The five remaining Terrors gazed at the fiery energy of the Master.  Black Lance:  Behold the energy of the Master.  Sculpin:  Yes, he is with us now.  And I offer up my body to be his home.  Black Lance:  I too, would give him y body.  The Stone of Judgment began to flash.  It was time for another selection ceremony.  The five Terrors formed a circle.  Matoomba was selected.  Matoomba left and went into Briarwood.  Matoomba gathered all the electricity in the city.  The Rangers, in their zords, faced down the giant Matoomba.  Matoomba was powerful and easily knocked the Rangers out of their zords.  Matoomba towered over them as he told them if they let him be, he would not harm anyone.  Matoomba went to normal size and went elsewhere in the city.  Matoomba gazed at Briarwood, unable to figure out why the citizens would resist so much.  Matoomba heard a noise and turned around.  A car was coming down the road, and a young boy was dashing into the road, chasing a ball.  Matoomba struck the car with his electric power.  The car stopped and the driver stared in disbelief as Matoomba crossed the road and helped the young man.  Matoomba growled at the driver before walking the boy to the other side of the road.  Matoomba told the boy he needed to be more careful.  The young boy patted his head and told him okay before waking away.  Matoomba held the ball in his hands and puzzled over the object.  Vida walked up to Matoomba and told him it was a ball.  Vida asked for the ball and Matoomba gave it to her.  Vida show Matoomba all the different ways you can play with the ball.  Vida accidentally hit Matoomba in the face with the ball.  Instead of getting angry, Matoomba laughed.  Vida told Matoomba he was not like the other Terrors.  Vida introduced herself to Matoomba as the Pink Ranger.  Suddenly, Matoomba was attacked.  It was the Green Ranger.  Matoomba and the Green Ranger battled, until Vida pleased with the Green Ranger to stop.  Very reluctantly, Green Ranger demorphed.  Vida told Matoomba he didn't want to destroy them.  Matoomba insisted that he was going to conquer the world.  Xander pointed this out to Vida as well, but Vida did not listen.  Vida explained to Matoomba that you can't conquer the world without hurting them.  Matoomba still insisted on conquering the world.  Vida then challenged Matoomba to then start with her.  Matoomba pointed his weapon at Vida.  Meanwhile, the four Terrors in the pit watched the energy of the Master eagerly.  The Master was ready to chose a vessel and each hoped they would be the one chosen.  The Master's energy flew out of the pit.  Back in Briarwood, Matoomba, Vida, and Xander watched as the energy ball that Matoomba had created came flying towards them.  Vida pleaded with Matoomba that this was not what he wanted.  Matoomba destroyed the electric ball.  Vida was very happy and Xander was relived.  Matoomba was attacked once more.  Matoomba rolled down the hill and slowly got up.  Gekkor and Itassis walked towards him.  Gekkor wanted to know Matoomba had helped the humans.  Itassis and Gekkor told Matoomba that the Master had chosen him.  They asked him if he still worked for the Master.  Matoomba told them no.  Gekkor and Matoomba battled.  Pink Ranger tried to help Matoomba, but Gekkor was too strong.  Pink Ranger summoned the train.  Pink Ranger helped Matoomba to his feet and they took off in the train.  Gekkor had to jump out of the ay when the train arrive, but he wasn't about to give up.  Gekkor returned to the pit, in a furious mood.  Gekkor told Black Lance and Sculpin what had happened, but they already knew.  Meanwhile, Itassis told the Rangers she could help them if they answered on of her questions.  In the pit, Black Lance and Sculpin urged Gekkor to stop Matoomba from reaching the Sleeping Lake in the Dawn Dimension.  Gekkor managed to arrive on the train.  Gekkor and Pink Ranger battled.  Matoomba instructed Pink Ranger to duck and fired at Gekkor.  Pink Ranger then created a vortex, and Gekkor was sucked out of the train.  Gekkor was furious, but determined that Matoomba would be the Master's vessel.  In the woods, Itassis told Madison, Chip, Nick, Xander, and Daggeron where Pink Ranger and Matoomba were headed.  If they answered her questions, she would send them there as well.  Itassis did not seek power, but knowledge.  Chip asked Itassis how could they trust her after they answered her questions.  Itassis told them as a gesture of good faith she would send one of them now.  Nick, Daggeron, Madison, and Chip all volunteered to go.  Itassis sent Xander.  Itassis then asked her question.  Itassis told them the Terrors were more powerful than them, yet time and time again, they defeated the, why?  Nick replied because we're better than you.  Itassis cautioned Nick to answer wisely.  Chip, Nick, Daggeron, and Madison told Itassis that it was because of courage.  The willingness to put someone's safety before your own.  Itassis asked them why they did this.  Nick replied you just do.  In the Dawn Dimension, Matoomba and Vida were enjoying the tranquility of the area.  They heard Xander's voice and turned around.  Xander joined them.   Very quickly, Gekkor was there as well.  Pink Ranger and Green Ranger battled Gekkor.  Matoomba took a hit that was meant for Green Ranger.  Green Ranger fought even harder for Matoomba's safety.  Green Ranger cast a spell that allowed the three of them to escape from Gekkor.  Matoomba, Green Ranger, and Pink Ranger came up with a plan.  Gekkor continued his search for them.  Gekkor soon spotted Green Ranger and "Matoomba".  Gekkor began to chase the pair.  "Matoomba" and Green Ranger jumped off a ledge.  Gekkor was waiting for them.  Gekkor was very pleased with himself until he spotted some pink on "Matoomba".  Gekkor fired at "Matoomba" and Pink Ranger was revealed.  By having Gekkor chase them, Matoomba was able to reach the Sleeping Lake in peace.  Gekkor was furious.  Gekkor battled Pink Ranger and Green Ranger.  Soon the rest of the Rangers arrive to help in the battle.  Gekkor gave the Rangers a powerful blow.  Gekkor was about to walk away in triumph when he heard a sound.  Gekkor turned around and stared in disbelief as Leanbow absorbed Gekkor's dark magic.  Gekkor couldn't' believe that Leanbow was still around.  Udonna's good magic has saved Leanbow.  Leanbow morphed into Wolf Warrior.  Gekkor and Wolf Warrior battled until Gekkor was destroyed.  meanwhile, Matoomba had reached the Sleeping Lake.  Matoomba was happy to spend eternity sleeping in such a peaceful place and with the knowledge the Master could not rise.  Once more Matoomba was attacked.  Matoomba fell to the ground as Sculpin laughed.  Sculpin had found Matoomba .  Sculpin supplied the Master with Matoomba's body and the Master was able to raise again.

The three remaining Terrors, Itassis, Black Lance, and Sculpin were in the inner sanctum..  Sculpin:  The Master is about to speak.  All three Terrors bowed before the judgment stone, where the Master's face appeared.  Master:  Itassis, I choose you to conquer the surface world.  Itassis moaned in apprehension.  Master:  Show no mercy and crush all who get in your way.  Itassis:  As you wish Master.  The Master faded from the stone and the three Terrors got up.  Itassis was getting ready to leave when Necrolai flew over.  Necrolai told Itassis that the surface world deserve to be conquered, but her daughter lived on the surface world.  Itassis told Necrolai that she had been a loyal servant and promised that her daughter would be spared.  Necrolai gratefully thanked Itassis.  Suddenly Necrolai was knocked out of the way.  She landed on the ground and timidly looked up.  Sculpin angrily told Necrolai that her daughter chose to live with the humans and she could be destroyed with the humans.  Necrolai was fearful for her daughter.  Itassis went into Briarwood and soon the five Rangers were facing her.  Itassis had no trouble battling the five Rangers defeated them easily.  Even when Red Ranger morphed into Red Dragon Fire Ranger.  The Rangers told Itassis that they thought she only wanted knowledge.  The Rangers pointed out that Itassis did not have the courage to stand up to the Master.  Itassis realized the Rangers' words were true and vanished.  Later, Black Lance and Sculpin forced Necrolai to take them where Itassis was.  Necrolai apologize to Itassis for bring Black Lance and Sculpin.  Necrolai told Itassis that they had forced her.  Itassis had already known that Black Lance and Sculpin would come for her.  Itassis had not followed the Master's orders.  Itassis told Black Lance and Sculpin that they would never defeat the Mystic Warriors because they had a weapon they did not.  Sculpin wanted to know what the weapon was.  Itassis told them it was courage.  Itassis also told them that they could make their own choices.  Black Lance and Sculpin battled Itassis.  Itassis was soon defeated and landed hard on the ground.  Her glasses flying off and landing close to Necrolai.  Sculpin sent Black Lance to conquer the surface world.  A giant Black Lance  rode into Briarwood on his chariot.  The Rangers were there in their Manticore Megazord.  Black Lance battled the Rangers.  On the ground, Sculpin watched the battle with satisfaction.  The time had come for dark magic to win.  White Ranger approached Sculpin from behind.  White Ranger told Sculpin the other Terrors had followed the Master's orders and had been defeated, how did Sculpin think it would be different for him.  Sculpin turned around and told White Ranger that she sounded like the traitor Itassis.  Sculpin and White Ranger battled as Black Lance and the Rangers continued their battle.  Black Lance knocked the Rangers out of their zord and they landed on the ground demorphed.  Black Lance went to normal size.  Sculpin was also successful in defeating White Ranger and had her demorph as well.  Sculpin fired powerful dark magic at the fallen teens.  Jenji had jumped into the line of magic and Jenji vanished in sparkles as the dark magic hit him.  Sculpin walked over and grabbed Udonna.  Sculpin told Black Lance to destroy the teens and then vanished through a dark seal with Udonna.  Black Lance walked menacingly towards the teens.

Black Lance:  Now you will fall.  Just as your mother has.  Nick glared at Black Lance and then stood up.  Nick:  Now you have made me mad.  Nick walks towards Black Lance, morphing into Red Ranger.  Black Lance:  Come on!  Red Ranger:  You're going down!  Red Ranger came leaping through the air and broke Black Lance's shield.  Black Lance:  My shield!  Red Ranger:  Fire Heart!  Fire Heart flew and knocked Black Lance down.  Madison, Vida, Chip, and Xander had been watching.  Vida:  Yeah!  Black Lance got up and started to cast spell at Red Ranger.  None of them hit Red Ranger as Fire Heart shielded Red Ranger with his wings.  Red Ranger then asked his friends if they wanted to join in the fun.  The four teens morphed.  Black Lance and the Rangers battled.  Black Lance was destroyed by the Power Rangers.  Things did not go well for Sculpin either.  Sculpin had return to the pit with Udonna.  Sculpin was surprise to see Itassis standing there.  Necrolai had restore Itassis.  Necrolai stood with Udonna and made sure she was okay.  Itassis and Sculpin battled.  Itassis destroyed Sculpin and the pit was no longer available to the Master.  Later, Itassis would go to the surface world and face down the Master.  The teens were there, without their magic.  Clare and Snow Prince were there.  Udonna and Necrolai had arrived with Itassis.  Itassis and the Master battled.  Eventually the Master retreated and everyone cheered.  Itassis noticed that Udonna and Nick were very sad and asked why.  Udonna told them of the lost of Daggeron and Leanbow.  Itassis bowed her head.  Leelee arrived and told her mom that she could  restore them.  Necrolai was reluctant, but she tried.  Necrolai used her magic and Leanbow and Daggeron were restored.  Jenji was restored as well.  Necrolai had fallen after doing the spell, and Leelee was worried about her.  A golden glow surrounded Necrolai and she was transformed into the human, Nikki.  Everyone was happy until the Master arrived once more.  But this time Nick and all of his friends were not going without a fight.  Then Toby, with citizens of Briarwood, and Phineas, with the villagers of Mystic Realm entered.  The two groups formed a huge, protective circle around the teens, Udonna, Daggeron, and Leanbow.  Chanting I believe in magic, magic was given back to the Rangers.  The eight Rangers battled the Master.  The Master was pleased to eat their magic, until it became too much for him and he exploded.  The next day, Itassis was in the Mystic Realm with Daggeron and Jenji.  Work was being done to rebuild the village.  Itassis wanted to know about courage and Daggeron told her it would be his honor to tell her more.  Jenji told them he knew all about courage and went into a story.  Jenji didn't notice, until it was too late, the Itassis and Daggeron had slipped away.  Inside Rock Porium, Vida was giving Matoomba  music lessons by showing him how to spin records and DJ.  Vida  also showed Matoomba some dance moves to go with the music.  Matoomba enjoyed himself and the crowd in the store was dancing as well.

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