Blothgaar - Voiced by Charlie McDermott

Blothgaar entered Moltor's volcano.  Blothgaar:  Greetings Moltor.  Moltor:  Blothgaar!  Welcome my old friend.  Blothgaar:  So, it's true.  You have found the Paedra Aztec Del compass.  Moltor:  Yes.  Moltor was ready to show off the compass.  Moltor aimed the compass at a Lava Lizard and the Lava Lizard fell into the pit.  Blothgaar and Moltor laughed.  Moltor asked Blothgaar if he knew of the compass work.  Blothgaar did.  Moltor wanted Blothgaar to use the compass against the Rangers and destroy them.  Blothgaar was more than eager.  Moltor went to the park and caused chaos with his compass.  The citizens scream and ran in terror from him.  Ronny, Rose, Dax, Mack, and Will arrived.  The teens noted that Blothgaar had the compass with him.  The teens morphed.  Blothgaar had an easy time against the five Rangers.  Blothgaar fought the five Rangers with ease.  Blothgaar used the compass and the Rangers' lasers went right through him and hit Blue Ranger instead.  Blothgaar had spotted a coin on the ground.  The Rangers attacked him while he was distracted.  Blothgaar became angry with them and used the compass and fired at the Rangers.  Red Ranger took the full burnt of the shot.  Blothgaar told Red Ranger he would have bad luck.  Red Ranger laughed at him, he did not believe in bad luck.  Blothgaar fired at the Rangers once more.  When the smoke cleared, Blothgaar was gone.  Later, Blothgaar and Moltor were walking in the mountains, toward a valley.  Blothgaar and Moltor reached the end of a ridge and peered down.  Beneath the valley was great power of energy.  The compass was used and the valley broke apart with a glow emanating from beneath.  The Rangers were suddenly there.  Blothgaar and Moltor laughed when they saw how Red Ranger was dressed.  Red Ranger had a sombrero, dirty socks, a torn shirt, a scarf and carrying a potted plant.  Red Ranger was using his friends' good luck charms and called on them now to help him.  But the good luck charms did not work right away.  A boulder ran over Red Ranger, and then a thunderstorm broke out above him.  The rest of the Rangers wanted to help Red Ranger, but Moltor had several Lava Lizards keep the rest of the Rangers busy.  Blothgaar and Red Ranger battled.  Initially, none of the good luck charms made a difference, but that soon changed.  During the battle, the compass was knocked out of Blothgaar's hands and now Red Ranger had it.  Red Ranger quickly fired at Blothgaar.  Blothgaar was defeated.  Blothgaar managed to crawl away.  He was trying to get to the valley with the power, when Moltor found him.  Blothgaar told Moltor the Rangers were tougher than he thought.  Moltor told Blothgaar today was his lucky day and kicked him into the ravine.  Blothgaar fell in and within a few minutes, he was giant size.  The Rangers formed their two Megazords.  Blothgaar mocked the Rangers, who would help them.  There was no one in the valley or mountains.  Blothgaar battled the Rangers.  He had more of a difficult time, because the Rangers were using the compass against him.  The Rangers fired the compass at Blothgaar, giving him bad luck.  Blothgaar laughed, he did not believe in bad luck.  Blothgaar came towards the Megazords, and then tripped over a stone.  Blothgaar fell and couldn't believe it.  The Rangers fired at him and he was destroyed.   

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