Chillers are the foot soldiers of Flurious.  Years ago, Flurious and his brother, Moltor, had attempted to steal the Corona Aurora crown.  When they touched the crown, they were both cursed and imprison in their own elements.  Years later, the crown was found and Flurious and Moltor were released from their imprisonment.  Flurious immediately set up setting up his base of operations.  Several Chillers were with him as Flurious had a very artic region, with a very cold cave to set up in.  The Chillers were there when Norg made an appearance and had decided they were all his new friends.  Later, Flurious would become angry when the big TV screen displayed Lava Lizards attacking four teens.  Flurious knew the crown had been found.  Flurious sent several Chillers to get the crown.  The Chillers were waiting when the ATV, two bikes, and the vehicle stopped in his tracks.  Four of the teens immediately morphed into Power Rangers.  The Chillers battled the four Power Rangers.  Soon a fifth Ranger joined in the battle against the Chillers.  Lava Lizards arrived as well, and battled against the Rangers.  Eventually, the Chillers and Lava Lizards were destroyed by the Power Rangers.

Flurious was sitting on his throne, surrounded by Chillers when Norg entered once more.  Norg offered a piece of coal to Flurious.  Norg told Flurious if he sat on the coal for a thousand years, it would turn into a diamond.  Flurious was very angry with Norg and was about to strike him with his staff again, when Norg pleaded with him to wait.  Norg asked Flurious about the Rangers.  Flurious paused.  Norg thought they should find the Rangers, and then they would find the jewels.  Flurious already spotted a flaw in Norg's logic and asked him how they were going to find the Rangers, it wasn't like they were going to just drop in.  Suddenly the entire cave shook.  The screen showed the S.H.A.R.C. flying above them.  The shaking stopped.  Flurious told Norg he was as lucky as he was dim.  Norg took this as a compliment.  Flurious decided to slow down the Rangers by creating a snow storm.  Flurious watched the screen and saw the S.H.A.R.C. land.  He had them now.  The screen changed to an image of Moltor.  Moltor asked Flurious if he had seen the Rangers.  Flurious didn't hesitate in telling Moltor he had not seen the Rangers.  Moltor went off the screen.  Flurious commented that he was surrounded by nitwits before heading out the door with his Chillers.  This cause Norg to panic that he was covered in mitts and immediately started searching his fur for them.  Flurious and the Chillers reached the area where the S.H.A.R.C. had landed.  Flurious immediately encountered Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger.  Flurious and the Chillers battled the three Rangers.  Soon Red Ranger joined in the battle as well.  Eventually Black Ranger joined in as well.  The Rangers used their Drive Max zords to fire on Flurious and the Chillers.  The Chillers were soon defeated.

Flurious was in his ice cave, sitting on his throne.  Flurious was watching the screen.  The screen showed four of the Rangers battling a monster.  The Rangers were having a difficult time against the Rangers.  Flurious didn't know who was responsible for the battle, but thought they could use some help.  Flurious command several Chillers to help the monster.  The Chillers arrived in the city and quickly joined in the battle.  The Rangers battle both the Chillers and the monster.  The Chillers were doing well against the Rangers.  Black called for his Hovertek cycle.  It arrived and Black Ranger was thrilled.  Black  Ranger used the Hovertek cycle against the Chillers.  Black Ranger was doing well against the Chillers.  But the Chillers had a another skill against the Rangers.  The Chillers worked together and created a sleet of ice on the road Black Ranger was driving on.  Black Ranger went into a slid.  Black Ranger went into hover mode with the Hovertek cycle.  The Chillers continued their attack against Black Ranger in the air above them.  Black Ranger destroyed the Chillers.

Flurious walked into Moltor's volcano with Norg and several Chillers.  Flurious:  Impressive.  Quite impressive.  Moltor had several Lava Lizards working on a Giant Robot.  Moltor:  Flurious!  Flurious asked Moltor if he could turn up the AC.  Moltor called a Lava Lizard over.  Moltor told the Lava Lizard to turn up the heat.  Flurious wanted them to work together.  Especially since Moltor had the Dragonizer as well.  Flurious put their plan in motion.  Several Chillers and Lava Lizards were in the city attacking citizens.  Flurious knew this would draw out the Rangers, and it did.  The Rangers battled the Chillers and Lava Lizards until they were destroyed.  The plan worked and Flurious and Moltor captured the Drive Max Megazord, with Mack trapped inside.  The Megazord was taken to a secret island.  Mack was placed in a cell with Norg to watch him.  When Moltor went to check on Mack, Mack laughed and told him he was surprised that Moltor fell for the check on the prisoner while I steal the Megazord.  Moltor was furious and stormed out to gather his Lava Lizards.  When Flurious entered, surprised to see his brother was not there, Mack told him Moltor plan to ambush him.  Flurious summon several Chillers while Moltor entered with several Lava Lizards.  Flurious and Moltor were ready to fight each other.  Flurious soon realized that Mack had tricked them.  Mack pretended Flurious was still going along with his plan.  Mack told Flurious that Moltor called him a wimp and Moltor that Flurious called him a nitwit.  Mack then asked them what was the story about the red sled.  Moltor and Flurious became so enraged they fought each other.  The Chillers and Lava Lizards battled each other as well.  During the battle, Mack's Tracker fell to the ground.  Mack escaped his cell and grabbed the Tracker, battling a couple of Chillers and Lava Lizards on his way out.  Flurious noticed Mack escaping.  Flurious and Moltor sent the Chillers and Lava Lizards after Mack.  The Chillers and Lava Lizards chase Mack through the woods.  Mack had managed to cross a deep ravine by picking up a heavy log and placing it across.  Mack had reached the other side safely.  A Chiller and a couple of Lava Lizards started to walked across the log.  Mack kicked the log over and the Chiller and Lava Lizard fell down into the ravine.  The rest of the Chillers and Lava Lizards were stuck on the other side.  Mack got away.

Two Chillers were inside the ice cave.  Norg came running towards them.  Norg:  Chillers!  Norg took the two Chillers over to Flurious.  Norg:  Two Chillers.  Extra ice.  Flurious had two gyros in his hands.  Norg went and stood behind Flurious.  Flurious:  Watch and learn my furry friend.  Flurious place one gyro into each Chiller.  The Chillers began to glow.  The power was too much for them and the two Chillers erupted into snow flakes.

Norg had left Flurious.  In an attempt to stay with Moltor, Norg had offered several Chiller stones to Moltor.  Moltor accepted them.  Moltor had a stolen map that was to lead him to Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor.  The Rangers arrived as Moltor and several Lava Lizards were following the map.  Moltor tossed out several Chiller stones and the Chillers emerged.  The Chillers were kept busy battling Mercury Ranger.  Mercury Ranger eventually destroyed them all.  Later, Mercury Ranger and Black Ranger had caught up to Moltor and the Lava Lizards.  Once more, Moltor tossed out the Chiller stones.  The Chillers appeared and battled Mercury Ranger and Black Ranger.  After awhile, Mercury Ranger left.  The Chillers were kept busy battling Black Ranger, until Black Ranger destroyed them.

Several Chillers were sent to Mexico, to attack the teens.  The Chillers and the teens, except Ronny, battled.  The Chillers were doing well against the five teens and they called out to Ronny for help.  "Thor", really Loki, was there as well.  Ronny let "Thor" have the hammer and he smashed it against the ground, destroying the Chillers.  Later, several more Chillers, along with Flurious, arrived in Mexico as well.  The teens had been about to break apart a stone they believed held the next jewel of the Corona Aurora.  The teens morphed.  The Chillers battled the Rangers as Flurious and Thor battled.  Andrew would contact the Rangers and let them know the Fearcats, in a giant robot, was attacking San Angeles.  The team would have to split up.  Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, Black Ranger, and Yellow Ranger headed to the city.  The Chillers continued to battle Mercury Ranger while Flurious battled Thor, the real one.  Thor used his hammer to destroy the Chillers.

Several Chillers and Lava Lizards entered San Angeles with Flurious, Moltor, Kamdor, Miratrix, the Fearcats, and Thrax, son of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd.  Thrax announced they would be the ones responsible for the demise of the Power Rangers.  The Rangers soon arrived.  The Chillers and the rest battled the Power Rangers.  The battle went in their favor and soon the Rangers were defeated.  The villains combined their evil energy and the universal morphing grid was greatly damaged.  The Operation Overdrive Rangers demorphed and were no more.  Sentinel Knight appeared in front of the teens.  The villains wanted to destroy him, but Thrax warned there was only one thing that could destroy Sentinel Knight and he knew where it was.  Sentinel Knight and the teens vanished.  Later, several Chillers were helping Flurious build a blockage.  Flurious wanted the road blocked so he could search for the jewels without interruption.  That is not what happened.  Black Mighty Morphin Power Ranger arrived and immediately began battling Flurious and the Chillers.  Black Ranger was joined by Red S.P.D. Power Ranger, Yellow Dino Thunder Power Ranger, Green Mystic Force Power Ranger, and Blue Ninja Storm Power Ranger.  The Chillers and Flurious battled the five Rangers.  The Chillers were destroyed.

Flurious sent several Chillers to keep an eye on the new Rangers.  The Chillers followed Adam, Kira, Tori, Bridge, and Xander to a warehouse in Angel Grove.  As the teens searched, Bridge offered to help.  Bridge took off his glove and got a strange reading.  It happened to be where the Chillers were hiding.  The Chillers came out of their hiding place.  The Chillers and the teens battled.  The Chillers were eventually destroyed.  Later, more Chillers went into battle.  The Operation Overdrive teens had gotten their Ranger powers back.  Flurious, Moltor, Kamdor, Miratrix, the Fearcats, and Thrax were battling the eleven Rangers.  The Chillers and Lava Lizards were battling as well.  The Chillers battled Mercury Ranger.  Mercury Ranger would destroy them.

Several Chillers were in the woods with Flurious and Norg.  They soon ran into Will.  Will was not happy to see them and told them he didn't have time for this.  Flurious did not care.  Flurious had his Chillers attack.  Will morphed into Black Ranger.  The Chillers battled Black Ranger.  Black Ranger used his Hovertek Cycle and destroyed them all.

Norg had gathered several Chillers with him.  Flurious wanted him to track the Fearcats and destroy them.  The Chillers and Norg set off.  They soon came across the Power Rangers battling Crazer.  The Chillers and Norg remained hidden until Crazer had retreated.  The Chillers and Norg continued with their search.  They ended up in the woods and soon came across Mig and Benglo.  The Chillers and Norg remain hidden until Norg sneezed and it hit the Fearcats.  The Fearcats turned around.  The Chillers came out of their hiding place and began to battle the Fearcats.  Eventually the Chillers were destroyed by Mig and Benglo.

Flurious had just found the Staff of Minerva when Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Black Ranger arrived.  Flurious summon several of this Chillers.  The Chillers battled the four Rangers.  During the battle, Red Ranger was contacted by Dax.  Another relic had been found.  Red Ranger asked Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger if they could handle the rest of the battle, they told him they could.  The Chillers continued their battled against Pink Ranger and Black Ranger as Yellow Ranger and Red Ranger left.  Black Ranger used his Hovertek Cycle against the Chillers.  Eventually the Chillers were destroyed by Pink Ranger and Black Ranger.

Flurious and his Chillers stormed into the Hartford mansion.  The Chillers knocked the teens and Mr. Hartford off their feet.  The teens and Mr. Hartford got back up.  Flurious was laughing.  Flurious:  Thank-you Mr. Hartford, for without you I may never have found all the jewels.  I will remember you fondly.  Get them!  The Chillers raced forward.  The Chillers and the teens battled.  Mr. Hartford and Flurious battled as well.  It was an intense battle and the mansion was getting wrecked in the process.  Mack:  Let's Ranger up!  Dax:  Overdrive Accelerate!  Will:  Overdrive Accelerate!  Rose:  Overdrive Accelerate!  Ronny:  Overdrive Accelerate!  Tyzonn:  Overdrive Accelerate!  Mack:  Overdrive Accelerate!  The battle continued.  Black Ranger managed to get up to the ceiling.  Black Ranger:  Watch out!  Black Ranger defeated several Chillers.  Mercury Ranger was by the pool table and slide underneath it.  Mercury Ranger:  Down under!  When Mercury Ranger came out the other side, he defeated several Chillers.  Red Ranger was battling several Chillers at one time.  Red Ranger:  Next!  Pink Ranger was in the midst of several Chillers.  Pink Ranger:  Not so fast.  Pink Ranger defeated several Chillers and then ran up the wall and did a flip.  Pink Ranger:  Going up.  Flurious was upset at seeing how well the Rangers were doing against his army.  Flurious used his staff and blasted Red Ranger.  Red Ranger hit the floor and demorphed.  Flurious yanked Mack up.  Flurious:  It is over.  Give me the jewels or I'll finish what I've started.  Mack:  Don't do it.  Keep fighting.  I'm not important.  Andrew:  You are to me.  Andrew walked over as Flurious laughed.  Andrew gave Flurious the pink emerald.  Flurious stared greedily at it.  Flurious:  I want them all.  Mack:  Don't!  That's everything we fought for.  The teens stepped forward.  Will:  Sorry Mack, your life is important to us too.  The teens turned over the three remaining jewels.  Flurious and his Chillers left.  Flurious returned to his ice den, along with the Chillers.  Flurious now had the crown and all five jewels.  He was ready to wreck havoc on the planet.  The Chillers roared their approval.  In the midst of all the noise, Flurious heard Norg cheer for King Flurious.  Flurious walked over to Norg and Vella.  Flurious commented on how useless Norg has been and told Norg he was no longer of any service to him.  Flurious instructed some of the Chillers to take care of his "guests".  Flurious then walked out with the remaining Chillers.  Flurious went to a rock quarry.  He placed the crown and all five jewels on a rock.  The jewels reverted to their normal state and Flurious placed them on the crown.  Flurious was thrilled.  Suddenly the teens arrived in their various vehicles.  Flurious was not worried.  He used his staff and created a second ice age, freezing San Angeles and the teens.  But the Trackers kept up their power and soon the teens were unfrozen and they quickly morphed.  Flurious placed the crown on his.  Flurious transform into a creature no human could destroyed.  Flurious, the Chillers, and the Rangers battled.  The Rangers had thought they defeated Flurious as he landed on the ground.  But Flurious quickly stood up and laughed at them.  Flurious then grew to giant size.  The zord were sent and the Battle Fleet Megazord was formed.  Flurious battled the Megazord with ease and soon the Rangers were back on the ground and demorphed.  Flurious went back to normal size and taunted the teens.  Mack told Flurious he was not human and he was okay with that.  Mack walked towards Flurious, morphing along the way.  Red Ranger instructed his friends to take on the Chillers, he would take on Flurious.  Flurious and Red Ranger battled.  The Chillers battled the rest of the Rangers.  The five Rangers would eventually destroyed the Chillers.  Flurious would also be destroyed.                       

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