Benglo - Voiced by David Weatherly
Cheetar - Voiced by James Gaylyn
Crazer - Voiced by Lori Dungey
Mig - Voiced by Kelson Henderson

The Fearcats, Cheetar and Mig, arrived in a camp in Brazil.  Dr. Medland, an archeologist, had been exactly showing the Yanomami statue he had found.  The Fearcats walked up to the frighten group.  Mig:  What did you find?  Mig took the statue from Dr. Medland, looked at it, and then tossed it aside.  Mig:  Worthless junk!  Where's the jewel?  Dr. Medland:  Jewel?  What jewel?  Mig held up a book.  Mig:  We know it's here.  We found this ancient writing in a tree in Portugal.  It lead us right here.  Dr. Medland:  I don't know what you're talking about.  Cheetar:  Liar!  We'll find it ourselves!  Mig and Cheetar proceeded to tear up the camp, and injuring a few people in the process, looking for the jewel.  When they had no success, they left.  The Fearcats were walking in the jungle upset that they had no luck with finding the jewel.  They needed the jewel to free their army from a mirror prison.  Suddenly, Mig and Cheetar were blasted off their feet.  It was Kamdor and Miratrix.  Miratrix told the Fearcats to leave, the jewel was there.  The Fearcats battled Kamdor.  At one point, Cheetar mocked Kamdor, telling him his reputation was overblown.  When they had defeated Kamdor, Miratrix leaped into battle.  It did not take long before the Fearcats had defeated Miratrix as well.  Miratrix and Kamdor decided to retreat as the Fearcats were too powerful for them. Mig tossed the book down in anger and stumped on it.  The book had been useless to them.   The Fearcats thought maybe they should cover up their tracks, so they couldn't be followed, but it was too late.  Rose, Dax, Mack, and Will had found them.  The Fearcats were confident they could defeat mere humans.  Dax told them they were the Power Rangers.  It meant nothing to the Fearcats.  Once more, the Fearcats went into battle.  They battled the four teens with ease.  The four defeated teens got up from the ground.  The Fearcats were ready to deliver the fatal blow, but were stopped by Tyzonn.  Tyzonn's mission had been to stop the Fearcats and he had been pursing them.  The four teens morphed.  the Fearcats battled the four Rangers and Tyzonn.  Just as before they defeated the Rangers.  Another fatal blow was about to be deliver, but Tyzonn quickly leaped in front of the Rangers.  Tyzonn turned himself into mercury.  The blow deflected from Tyzonn and onto the weapon Mig had.  The Fearcats were furious.  they retreated, but they were not done yet.  Mig and Cheetar were in a different part of the jungle.  Mig brought forth a more powerful weapon, his staff.  Cheetar wonder if they would find the jewel.  Mig didn't think they needed to find the jewel, there was plenty of power here in the jungle.  Plenty of Power Rangers and Mig laughed.  The teens were back in the woods, Ronny was with them as well.  Tyzonn was trying to find the Fearcats, while the rest, individually, were trying to find the jewel.  The Fearcats saw one of the Rangers alone, Ronny.  The Fearcats captured Ronny with ease.  They took her to a beach and tied her up to a pole.  Mig took Ronny's tracker and told her the Tracker would release their army.  The Fearcats carefully placed the mirror into position and started to use the Tracker on it.  Suddenly the rest of the teens were on the beach as well.  The Fearcats knew it was important to protect the mirror.  Cheetar and Mig immediately went into battle against the four Rangers and Tyzonn.  During the battle, another Fearcat, Benglo, manage to free himself.  In no time, Benglo join the battle.  The four Ranges and Tyzonn were having a difficult time against the Fearcats.  More paws reached out of the mirror.  While Mig was battling Tyzonn, Ronny's Tracker fell on the sand.  Ronny screamed at Tyzonn to get her Tracker.  Tyzonn grabbed it and tossed it to Ronny.  Ronny caught the Tracker, morphed, and freed herself.  Yellow Ranger grabbed the mirror and Tyzonn used his staff to destroy it.  The Fearcats were furious.  Red Ranger use the Defender Vest and Drill Blaster and fired at Mig and Benglo.  Cheetar jump in front of them, and was hit.  Cheetar vowed he would use the last of his energy to destroy the Rangers.  Cheetar grew to giant size.  The Rangers had their Drive Max zords sent and formed the Megazord.  Giant size Cheetar battled the Rangers in their Megazord and gave them a difficult battle.  On the ground, Benglo and Mig battled Tyzonn.  The Rangers needed more power.  The Sonic Streaker was sent and the Rangers formed the Ultrazord.  The Rangers destroyed Cheetar.  On the ground, Benglo and Mig were still battling Tyzonn.  Tyzonn told them he was going to defeat them.  Mig and Benglo reminded Tyzonn of their last encounter, where Tyzonn had failed to rescue his friends.  Tyzonn was so taken in by painful memories, he had paused.  The Fearcats fired at Tyzonn and he shattered into pieces of mercury.  The Fearcats joked that Tyzonn was all broken up and left. 

The Fearcats arrive in San Angeles.  The Fearcats were amused as the citizens ran in terror.  They knew the jewels of the Corona Aurora were here, but they also had to get rid of their competition.  The Fearcats decided the best way to eliminate the Power Rangers was to draw them out.  The Fearcats set about destroying San Angeles, and taunting the fact that the Ranges had not shown up to save the city.  Soon four of the Rangers were there.  The Fearcats battled Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, and Black Ranger.  Very quickly the Yellow Ranger arrive as well.  The Fearcats had an easy time battling the Rangers.  The Fearcats were about to blast the Rangers once more when Tyzonn arrive.  The Fearcats were surprised to see him as they thought they had destroyed him.  Several years ago, Mig and Cheetar had been attempting to get more power by blasting inside a cave.  This caused a caved in and the Intergalactic Emergency Response was sent out.  There was a cave in and several people were hurt.  The team managed to get everyone out safely.  One person had told Tyzonn about the Fearcats still inside.  Tyzonn had sent his team back in to get them.  Mig and Cheetar had managed to escape the cave.  They gleefully caused several rocks to fall onto the cave and Tyzonn lost his team that day.  In present time, Mig and Tyzonn battle.  Benglo battled the rest of the Rangers. Red Ranger used the Drill Blaster against Benglo.  Benglo easily broke free form being turned into stone.  Tyzonn managed to get Mig's staff and toss it to the Yellow Ranger.  The Yellow Ranger blasted the Fearcats with it.  It did nothing.  The Fearcats then grew to giant size.  The Drive Max zords and Sonic Streaker were sent out.  The Rangers formed the Drive Max Ultrazord and battled the Fearcats.  The Rangers destroyed the Fearcats.  Later, the Fearcats found themselves in an ice cave.  Flurious was standing before them and told them he had saved them.  Flurious told them he was their master. The Fearcats bowed their heads towards him.   Flurious wanted the Fearcats to destroyed the Power Rangers.  The Fearcats walked away.  They snickered as they had no master, but decide to play along.  The Fearcats returned to San Angeles.  they were soon facing the Ranges, who were very surprised to see them.  The Fearcats told them Flurious had given them even more power.  The Fearcats were soon in armor mode and battled the Rangers.  No matter what the Rangers did, they could not destroy the Fearcats.  The Fearcats easily defeated the Transtek Armor and the Hovertek cycle.  Eventually Tyzonn arrived and morphed into the Mercury Ranger.  the Fearcats battled Mercury Ranger and it was a much more difficult battle.  The Fearcats decided to go underground, but the Mercury Ranger found them with his Drive Detector and pulled them back up to the surface world.  The Fearcats and Mercury Ranger battled once more.  Soon the Fearcats decided to retreat, but vowed it was not over.

Mig and Benglo found out Flurious had built a giant robot and was intending to get the Canon of Ki Amuk.  It was a great idea and so the Fearcats took it for their own.  The Fearcats entered the giant robot undetected.  Flurious and Norg had just entered the bay to look over the robot.  Mig and Benglo started up the robot.  Flurious became furious as he realized his robot was being taken.  this amused the Fearcats as they took off with the robot.  The Fearcats went to Indonesia with the robot.  They used the robot to pound away at a mountain which was believe to contain the canon.  Soon five of the Rangers arrived.  Mig left the robot to face down the Rangers.  Mig battled the Rangers, while Benglo continued to blast a hole in the mountain.  Mig had no trouble keeping the Rangers away.  Benglo managed to get in and in no time found the canon.  Benglo sent the canon up to the robot.  With this powerful weapon, the Fearcats had not trouble battling the five Rangers in their Megazord.  Soon the Megazord had fallen apart.  Gleefully the Fearcats decided to destroy San Angeles.  The Fearcats entered the city, inside the robot, and began destroying the city.  There was no one there to stop them at first.  Eventually the five Rangers had the rest of the Drive Max zords and the Sonic Streaker attacked them.  It was easy enough to knock out the zords and soon three of the Rangers were demorphed.  Eventually Yellow Ranger and Red Ranger would be demorphed as well.  The Fearcats continue with their havoc until something new appeared on the horizon.  It was the Fire Rescue zord and tow Rescue Runners zords.  Mercury Ranger ahs arrived with his zords.  The Rescue Runners attacked the robot.  Soon Mercury Ranger formed the FlashPoint Megazord.  During the battle, the Flashpoint zord knocked the canon out of the robot's hands.  the Robot was soon destroyed, but the Fearcats survived.  They were tired of the Mercury Ranger's interference and vowed they would get their revenge.  The Fearcats retreated and lost the canon to the Rangers.  After the battle, the Fearcats entered Flurious' ice cave.  Flurious and Kamdor had been battling but stopped with their arrival.  Flurious was angry at them for their betrayal.  the Fearcats told Flurious they worked for non one.  The Fearcats, Flurious, and Kamdor all battled each other.

The Fearcats were planning their next move.  they had a secret weapon.  A new, giant robot.  The Fearcats arrived in San Angeles in their giant robot.  The Fearcats planned to destroy the city and then take the jewels.  Five of the Rangers were soon there and they formed their Megazord.  The Fearcats and the Rangers battled.  Eventually, Mercury Ranger arrived in his FlashPoint Megazord.  The battled continued.  The Fearcats were doing well against the Rangers.  The Fearcats did not know Thor was standing on top of a building and was a friend of the Rangers.  Thor used his hammer against the robot.  It did a lot of damage.  The Rangers were then able to destroy the robot. The Fearcats had managed to leap out safely.  They vowed it wasn't over yet and then retreated.     

The Fearcats stormed into Moltor's volcano, with several unconscious Lava Lizards.  Moltor was sitting on this throne when they entered.   Mig:  Moltor!  Moltor:  I see you don't believe in knocking.  Benglo:  When we're attacked, we take it as an open door policy to visit you.  Moltor:  You brought presents.  Unfortunately I already have Lava Lizards.  The Fearcats tossed the Lava Lizards to the ground.  Mig:  And they will all end up like this.  Moltor:  End up like what?  Moltor snapped his fingers and a sparkle fell over the Lava Lizards.  Moltor:  Lizards!  The Lava Lizards got up as though nothing had happened to them.  The Fearcats were not happy.  Moltor:  Please excuse my little joke.  I wanted to see you and worried that a simple invitation would go unheeded.  So, I let you think you got the better of me and it worked.  This made the Fearcats even more mad and they were about to leave, but Moltor stopped them.  Moltor wanted to give the Fearcats invincible armor, so that they can destroy the Power Rangers.  Moltor had a map that lead to the super armor and gave it to the Fearcats.  Benglo caught the map and the Fearcats left.  The Fearcats didn't believe they needed Moltor's super armor.  They had another giant robot and was ready to test it out on San Angeles.  The Fearcats entered their giant robot and began attacking the city.  Soon four Rangers, in their Megazord arrived.  The Fearcats and the Rangers battled.  The Fearcats were doing well against the Rangers and had managed to knock down the Megazord.  But the Fearcats were soon having problems, their giant robot was overheating.  To make matters worse, Mercury Ranger had arrived with his zords.  The Fearcats decided it was time to retreat.  They reached the woods, and Mig ejected from the robot.  Mig figured with a few adjustments, the robot would be back working.  Benglo jumped out of the robot.  Benglo knew the robot needed more than a few adjustments.  Benglo thought they should get the super armor, and Mig agreed.  Mig told Benglo to repair the robot while he goes after the super armor.  Mig was walking through the woods, following the map, when his foot tripped over a wire.  Several sharp bamboo sticks landed close by.  Mig managed to dodge them, but got pulled up by a string.  Mig dropped the map.  Mig began furious when Will swung over and grabbed the map.  Mig managed to free himself, but Will had already vanished.  Later, Mig found Black Ranger by the stone which hid the super armor.  Black Ranger had just blasted the stone and was ready to take the armor.  Mig and Black Ranger battled.  Mig fought well against Black Ranger and soon had him.  Unfortunately Mig got blasted off his feet by the rest of the Rangers, who had arrived.  The Rangers were confident they could defeat Mig, since there was only one of him.  Mig pointed out there was also the robot.  Benglo had arrived in the giant robot.  Mig had grabbed the armor and now leaped up into the giant robot.  The robot was quickly covered in the super armor.  The Rangers had all their zords sent.  The Fearcats battled the Rangers in another difficult battle.  Unfortunately, the Rangers realized they needed to get the super armor from the Fearcats and they did.  The Rangers destroyed the robot, although the Fearcats had managed to eject just in time.

The Fearcats had received a box telling them if they wanted the jewels of the Corona Aurora, they needed to come to a cave.  The Fearcats did so.  Inside the cave was Moltor, Flurious, and Norg.  Soon Kamdor and Miratrix arrived as well.  Kamdor was angry and assumed Flurious had been the one to transport them.  But Flurious told them no, he had been invited as well.  Soon a creature entered the room and told them he was Thrax.  Miratrix recognized the name and told the others Thrax had been banished.  Thrax told them like Flurious and Moltor, he had encountered Sentinel Knight.  Thrax and Sentinel Knight had battled.  Sentinel Knight had banished Thrax to a dumpster on the moon.  Thrax was done talking about himself.  Thrax had pointed out that the Fearcats and the rest wanted the jewels and only on thing had stopped them, the Power Rangers.  Kamdor told Thrax the Rangers were powerful.  Thrax agreed, but so would they be if they worked together.  The Fearcats and the rest. were outrage, none wanted to work with the other.  Thrax suggested a temporary alliance until they destroyed the Rangers.  Then they could plunder the Earth for the jewels.  The Fearcats and the rest agreed.  The Fearcats and the rest entered the city, along with several Chillers and Lava Lizards.  Thrax announced they would be the ones responsible for the Rangers' demise.  Soon the Power Rangers arrived.  The Fearcats and the rest battle the Rangers.  It was an easy battle and Kamdor admitted to the Fearcats that Thrax had been right on working together.  Thrax told the Fearcats and the rest to combine their evil energy.  The Fearcats and the rest did so and the universal morphing grid was greatly damaged.  The Operation Overdrive Rangers were demorphed and no more.  Suddenly Sentinel Knight appeared in front of the teens.  The Fearcats and the rest wanted to destroy Sentinel Knight.  Thrax told them there was only one thing that could destroy Sentinel Knight and he knew where it was.  Sentinel Knight vanished, along with the teens.  The Fearcats and the rest were pleased.  Later, Mig and Kamdor went to Stonehenge.  They believe the legendary place would be ideal to hid a legendary jewel.  Mig and Kamdor hadn't searched long when the teens arrived.  Mig and Kamdor battled the teens with ease.  Even with their enhance genetic abilities, the teens had been unable to defeat Mig and Kamdor.  Suddenly Mig found himself wrapped in a tree appearing out of nowhere.  Green Mystic Force Power Ranger appeared.  Before Kamdor could do anything he was fired on by Red S.P.D. Power Ranger.  Mig managed to break free only to be knocked aside by Yellow Dino Thunder Power Ranger.  Blue Ninja Storm Power Ranger also appeared.  Mig and Kamdor went flying into the air as Black Mighty Morphin Power Ranger arrived.  Mig and Kamdor decided they had had enough and retreated.  They went to the cave.  After awhile, Flurious returned, trailed by Chillers, angry.  Flurious had also been defeated by the new set of Rangers.  Flurious stormed at Thrax that he had told them there would be no more Power Rangers.  Instead new ones were popping up like geraniums.  Norg added he liked geraniums.  No one pay any attention to Norg.  Thrax reassured the Fearcats and the rest that they would destroy the Rangers.  Thrax had a monster for them to use in their next battle.  As the Fearcats and the rest battled the Rangers, Thrax planned to have his revenge on Sentinel Knight.

The Fearcats, Moltor, Kamdor, Miratrix, and Flurious were inside the cave.  Not one of them was happy.  Benglo:  We're no better off now, than we were before.  Moltor:  He's right.  We've got new Rangers and no jewels.  Thrax's plan is failing.  Miratrix:  Speaking of Thrax...where is he?  Flurious:  My troops are keeping an eye on the new Rangers.  But maybe they should be keeping an eye on Thrax.  Later, the Fearcats and the rest of the villains, including Thrax, were in the city.  They found the fallen Vulturus.  Earlier a giant Vultures had battled the five Rangers in their Megazord.  During the battle, Mack had come running up with the Excelsior sword and battle Vulturus.  Vulturus was hurt.  Thrax was confused, this was not suppose to happen.  Flurious told him that with the Rangers it was going good to be have a plan B.  Flurious took one of his gyros and placed it inside Vulturus.  Vulturus immediately was revived.  Once Vulturus was okay, the Fearcats and the rest of the villains went to face down the eleven teens.  Thrax was once more upset, he had taken the Operation Overdrive teens ranger powers, but now they had it back.  The teens morphed.  The Fearcats and the rest of the villains battled the Power Rangers.  With so many Rangers, the battle wasn't as easy as it was before.  The Fearcats battle Green Mystic Power Ranger, Blue Operation Overdrive Ranger and Black Operation Overdrive Ranger.  It was a difficult battle for the Fearcats.  Mercury Ranger would eventually destroy Vulturus.  Then Sentinel Knight appeared and destroyed Thrax.  The Rangers faced the Fearcats and the remaining villains and blasted them off their feet.  The Fearcats and the remaining villains got up.  Moltor thought it would be best to just go after the jewels.  Miratrix taunted not unless they got there first.  The evil alliance was no more as the Fearcats and the remaining villains vanished.

Instead of searching for a jewel, Mig and Benglo decided to search for the Centurion Torch.  The Fearcats were in fields and woods just out of San Angeles.  Mig:  It is here.  Oh, I can smell it!  Somewhere in these hills lies the Centurion Torch that can set the world on fire.  Oh, with it we can destroy anything.  Benglo worked on a seal and soon created a Lamporean Force Field.  No one would be able to get in and interrupt their search.  Benglo and Mig set off searching for the Centurion Torch.  After awhile, the Fearcats knew that someone had broken through the force field.  Mig was convinced it was the mercurian, Tyzonn.  Mig told Benglo to keep searching, he would go after Tyzonn.  Mig found not only Tyzonn, but Rose as well.  Tyzonn and Rose had just removed a large splinter for Norg.  Norg saw Mig and took off running.  Tyzonn and Rose morphed.  Mig battled Mercury Ranger and Pink Ranger.  Mercury Ranger began to weaken.  Pink Ranger and Mercury Ranger retreated.  Meanwhile, Benglo continued his search.  Benglo found the Centurion Torch and set it free.  Elsewhere, Mig managed to catch up to Rose and Tyzonn once more.  Mig battled Rose and Tyzonn.  Mig had tossed Rose to the ground.  Tyzonn yelled at her to break the seal.  Mig wasn't going to let that happened and fired at Rose.  Rose hit the ground hard, but she was okay.  Rose managed to break the seal.  Mig was furious and tossed Tyzonn.  Tyzonn got up and Mig fired at Tyzonn.  Tyzonn hit the ground and was still.  Rose raced over to Tyzonn, yelling and upset.  Mig laughed and told her her tears would not help him now.  Rose became furious and morphed into the Pink Ranger.  Mig and Pink Ranger battled.  Soon, Benglo arrived in a giant robot, and he had the Centurion Torch with him.  Mig leaped into the robot.  The Fearcats were about to squish Pink Ranger when they were stopped by Red Ranger and the Sentinel sword.  Sentinel Knight kept an eye on Tyzonn, while Pink Ranger asked for the zords.  The Rangers formed their Megazord.  The Fearcats and the Rangers were battled.  The Rangers destroyed the robot and got the Centurion Torch.  The Fearcats managed to eject in time.  Mig was furious that they had lost.  Benglo told Mig they were not doing so bad when he drove the robot.  Mig remarked oh so you think you are a better robot driver.  Mig and Benglo walked away bickering. 

The Fearcats gave Moltor one of Flurious' gyros.  The Fearcats watched as Moltor used it to try and generate enough energy to operate his giant robot.  Moltor could not get his robot to work.  Moltor left his robot and to talk to the Fearcats.  Moltor was very upset.  The Fearcats were not concern.  There were other ways to get the jewel that they wanted.  The Fearcats left and entered the city.  They were amused as terrified citizens ran away from them.  They knew the citizens were important to the Rangers and they would do anything to protect them.  This gave the Fearcats an idea and they went back to see Moltor.  Later, the Fearcats returned to the city.  Once more people fled in terror.  Soon enough the Power Rangers and Sentinel Knight arrived.  Which is what the Fearcats wanted.  The Power Rangers were confident, they had the Sentinel Knight on their side.  The Fearcats were confident as well as Moltor appeared.  Moltor and the Fearcats battled the Power Rangers and Sentinel Knight.  During the battle, the Fearcats captured Yellow Ranger.   Sentinel Knight turned himself into the Sentinel sword so Black Ranger could use it to help Yellow Ranger.  Moltor felt he deserved a prize as well and grabbed Black Ranger and the Sentinel sword.  With the two Rangers captured and Sentinel sword, the Fearcats and Moltor vanished.  The Fearcats and Moltor, along with several Lava Lizards, went to the woods.  Ronny and Will were tied to a tree.  Moltor slammed the Sentinel sword into the ground and placed a containment field around it.  The Fearcats were not happy with Moltor, Black Ranger and Sentinel Knight had not been part of the plan.  Moltor wanted to convert Sentinel Knight to evil, but the Fearcats felt Sentinel Knight was too powerful.  Moltor was confident that he could do it, or have Sentinel Knight destroyed.  The Fearcats asked about Black Ranger.  Moltor reassured the Fearcats that he would destroy Black Ranger.  Will and Ronny had escaped.  The Fearcats, Moltor, and the Lava Lizards chase after them.  Ronny was recaptured, but Will had manage to get away.  The Fearcats took Ronny to their hideout.  Moltor entered with several Lava Lizards and the Sentinel sword.  Moltor placed the Sentinel sword into the control panel of the converter.  The Fearcats dragged Ronny up to the converter.  The converter was turned on, and soon Ronny's power was being drained.  Moltor watched until he felt he had enough power for his robot.  Moltor sent the power to his robot.  The Fearcats were angry.  The Fearcats wanted Moltor to continue until the draining of Ronny's power was complete.  Moltor told the Fearcats they could finish.  The Fearcats and the Moltor battle and Moltor left.  During the battle, Sentinel sword was free and went into Sentinel Knight form.  Sentinel Knight told Ronny not to worry.  The Fearcats battle Sentinel Knight with ease.  Sentinel Knight was not as powerful as before.  Benglo kicked Sentinel Knight into the converter.  The conversion was complete, and now Sentinel Knight was evil and considered the Fearcats his master.  The Fearcats sent Sentinel Knight out to help Moltor battle the remaining Rangers.  The Fearcats went to the battle and watched as Moltor battled in his robot, three of the Rangers in their Megazord.  A giant size Sentinel Knight battled Mercury Ranger in his FlashPoint Megazord.  Moltor released dozens of Lavadactyls onto the Rangers as well.  The Rangers' Megazord broke apart and the Rangers fell into the ocean.  Moltor was happy, he had defeated them.  But it didn't last long.  The three Rangers were now battling him and the Lavadactyls with new Battle Fleet zords.  Moltor kept up the battle.  Very quickly, Moltor's robot ran out of power.  Moltor had no choice but to retreat.  The Fearcats were not happy to see the Rangers had new weapons.  The Fearcats retreated as well.

The Fearcats were in their hideout with Moltor, Sentinel Knight,  and a couple of Lava Lizards.  Ronny was still being drained of her power.  Moltor was getting impatient, telling the Fearcats it was taking too long.  The Fearcats were not happy with Moltor either.  They told Moltor they had time, no one would find them.  Just then the screen showed Will and Norg walking up to the outside of their hideout.  Moltor sent out three Lava Lizards to take care of the problem.  Moltor also decided he had enough power and left.  The Fearcats continue with the draining of Ronny's power.  After awhile, the screen showed Rose, Dax, Mack, and Tyzonn coming up to the hideout.  The Fearcats thought it was now their turn and they left.  The Fearcats appeared in front of the four teens.  Benglo left.  Mig battled the four Rangers.  Moltor arrived in his giant robot.  Benglo had returned as well.  The battle was going well until Will and Ronny showed up.  Pink Ranger asked about Sentinel Knight.  Mig told her Sentinel Knight worked for them.  Sentinel Knight arrived with a flying kick towards Mig and told him not anymore.  Will and Ronny morphed and the new Battle Fleet zords were sent out.  The Rangers formed their new Megazord.  Five Rangers battled Moltor in their Megazord.  On the ground, Benglo battled Mercury Ranger, while Mig battled Sentinel Knight.  The Rangers in their Megazord destroyed Moltor's robot, although Moltor had ejected in time.  The Fearcats thought this was a good time to retreat and did so.

Benglo was waiting on Mig.  Benglo:  There you are.  Mig:  It's time we locate the Octavian Chalice.  Benglo:  I agree, but what about the Power Rangers?  Mig:  Ahh, we have some new help to distract them.  Benglo wanted to know who.  Crazer came out and Benglo knew she would keep the Rangers busy.  Crazer was out in a field when the six teens arrive.  Tyzonn was very surprise to see her, as he thought she had been destroyed in the fateful cave-in.  Crazer was more than happy to have confused Tyzonn.  Crazer blasted the teens.  Ronny, Rose, Dax, Mack, and Will were knocked off their feet.  Tyzonn had leaped into the air and morphed into Mercury Ranger.  Crazer and Mercury Ranger battled.  Crazer soon had Mercury on the ground and ready to destroy him, when she was fired on by the rest of the Rangers.  Watching from a distance were Mig and Benglo.  They were happy with their plan, and took off to find the Chalice.  Facing the Rangers, Crazer created five evil duplicates.  As the five Rangers fought the duplicates, Crazer continue to battle Mercury Ranger.  Eventually the battle became too much for Crazer and she vanished.  When she did so, the evil duplicates vanish as well.  In the woods, Mig and Benglo continue their search for the Chalice.  They heard a noise and soon numerous Chillers were heading their way.  Mig and Benglo battled and eventually destroyed the Chillers.  Mig and Benglo realized there could be others that are following them.  Mig had plan for the next one to do so.  After awhile, Mig and Benglo would discover Rose, Dax, Will, and Ronny were following them.  They fired at them quickly and then took off running.  Elsewhere, Crazer was facing Tyzonn once more.  Crazer and Tyzonn battled and Crazer knocked Tyzonn to the ground.  Mack arrived and helped Tyzonn to his feet.  Crazer then battled Tyzonn and Mack.  Back in the woods, Dax, Will, Ronny, and Rose kept up their chase from Mig and Benglo.  As Mig had planned, the four teens landed in their trap.  A net came up and they were all caught in it.  A rope held the net over a large and deep hole.  The Fearcats taunted the four teens and told them the world would be a duller place without them.  The Fearcats fired at the rope, causing it to unravel and left.    At the quarry, Crazer kept up her battle with Tyzonn and Mack.  The two morphed and the battle continued.  Red Ranger used the Sentinel sword and became Red Sentinel Ranger and destroyed Crazer.  Or at least he thought he had.  Instead, Crazer grew to giant size.  Red Ranger tossed Sentinel sword into the sky and a giant Sentinel Knight appeared.  Crazer battled Sentinel Knight with ease.  On the ground, Mercury Ranger had demorph and was writing a mercurian battle spell on the ground.  Crazer knocked Sentinel Knight out of the battle.  The rest of the Rangers arrived in their Megazord.  Red Ranger joined them.  Crazer battled the five Rangers in their Megazord.  Red Ranger changed the combination and soon Crazer was battling the Dual Drive Megazord.  With the Dual Drive Megazord and Tyzonn's spell, Crazer had appeared to be destroyed.  Elsewhere, Mig and Benglo had achieved what they wanted.  They emerged from a cave with the Octavian Chalice in their paws.

Mig and Benglo placed the Octavian Chalice in their machinery.  Benglo:  Our machine is ready to go.  Mig:  And we have the Octavian Chalice.  Once we have the relics to activate it, no one will be able to stop us.  Benglo and Mig chuckled and then took off in their flying machinery.  Mig and Benglo let everyone else do the dirty work for them.  Kamdor and Miratrix were in the desert and had found the Sands of Silo.  Mig streaked past them and had the Sands of Silo.  Mig called Kamdor and Miratrix a pair of losers.  Mig noticed Tyzonn, knocked unconscious on the ground.  He had a plan to keep Tyzonn out of the picture.  Mig enlisted Crazer's help.  Crazer had not been destroyed as the Rangers had assumed.  Crazer used Vella to replicate herself and she put the plan into action.  Crazer recreate Mercuria as well. Crazer as Vella woke up Tyzonn.  Tyzonn was very confused to find himself on Mercuria.  "Vella" told him how worry she had been and how Tyzonn had been caught in the cave-in.  But that was not how Tyzonn remembered it.  Tyzonn had just been fighting Kamdor and he knew he needed to stop the Fearcats.  Tyzonn tried to get up, but he was in too much pain and laid back down.  After awhile, Tyzonn felt better and was able to sit up.  Tyzonn told "Vella" all about being a Power Ranger, how Sentinel Knight had used two jewels from the Corona Aurora to transform him from lizard form to a human again.  "Vella" listened to all of it with a bit of incredibility.  Tyzonn couldn't believe it had only been three days since the cave-in and that what he remembered had not happened.  "Vella" told him it didn't matter, at least they were back together again.  Tyzonn smiled as he agreed.  Later, Benglo would swipe Minerva's Staff from Flurious' hands.  Earlier Moltor had found the Root of Heisker and he and several Lava Lizards had battle Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Red Ranger to keep it.  Flurious had just walked up with the staff and told the Rangers they were all relic hunters today when Benglo streak past.  Benglo stood on a overhand looking down at Flurious and laughed at him.  Mig then swipe the Root of Heisker from Moltor.  Both Mig and Benglo laughed at Moltor and Flurious.  Kamdor and Miratrix arrived, which only added to the Fearcats' amusement and taunts.  Mig and Benglo placed all three items in the Chalice.  Blue Ranger had fired, but it was too late.  Soon a giant Agrios appeared.  Agrios displayed his immense power and it was impressive.  The Fearcats entered their flying machinery and attached themselves to Agrios.  They felt unbeatable.  Black Ranger and Pink Ranger arrived.  The five Rangers formed the Drive Max Megazord.  The Fearcats and the Rangers battle.  The Fearcats easily defeated the Rangers.  The Rangers then had their Battle Fleet zords sent out and formed the Battle Fleet Megazord.  The Fearcats battled the Rangers once more, and defeated them once more.  Both sets of zords were trashed.  Flurious, Moltor, Kamdor, and Miratrix had stood and watched the entire battle.  The Fearcats headed their way and told them they now bow to them.  They knocked the ground hard enough to make all four villains fall.  The Fearcats left in triumph.  Inside the world "Vella" had created, she and Tyzonn were walking side by side.  "Vella" had finally convinced Tyzonn that all of his memories of Earth had been inside his head.  Tyzonn told "Vella" he was going to put those silly stories aside and forget that he was very a Power Ranger.  "Vella" and Tyzonn gazed into each other's eyes. 

"Vella" sat on the ground as Tyzonn gazed at the sky above him.  "Vella":  Tyzonn, is there something wrong?  Tyzonn:  No.  It's just...that..."Vella":  Are you still having those memories of being on Earth?  Tyzonn:  Yeah.  I know it sounds ridiculous, but they seemed so real.  It's hard to believe the whole thing was in my head.  "Vella":  Well, you've been through a traumatic experience.  Give yourself time, all those silly thoughts will just fade away.  And the sooner you put all that in the past, the sooner we can go on with our plans for the future.  Just because you got a little bump on your head, doesn't mean you can get out of our engagement.  Tyzonn:  Hey, don't worry.  Tyzonn reassured "Vella" he planned to stay with her.  Meanwhile, Benglo and Mig, still inside the machinery attached to Agrios began to attack the city.  They were surprised when the FlashPoint Megazord appeared.  They had thought Mercury Ranger had been taken care of, but soon realized it was Red Ranger inside the Megazord that was battling them.  Benglo and Mig battled the Megazord with ease.  Elsewhere, "Vella" and Tyzonn were walking.  Tyzonn wanted to go back to Earth and check on everything.  This made "Vella" upset.  She asked Tyzonn if he believe her.  Tyzonn told her that he did.  "Vella" couldn't believe Tyzonn wanted to leave, when she just got him back.  Seeing how upset "Vella" was, Tyzonn promised not to leave her.  They hugged and "Vella's" eyes glowed.  Back at the battle, Benglo and Mig were still battling Red Ranger.  They were surprise when the Megazord grabbed them in a tight grip and refused to let go.  Benglo and Mig knew that it would mean the destruction of all of them if the Megazord did not let go.  More zord appeared and the five Rangers continued their battled against Mig and Benglo.  Off the battle field, "Vella" and Tyzonn were walking along.  Tyzonn was anxious to get back to the Rescuers and hoped his position hadn't been filled.  "Vella" was disappointed.  She wanted Tyzonn in a more profitable job.  Tyzonn was surprised, that didn't seem like Vella.  A strange noise was heard and then the morpher dropped from under "Vella's" robe.  Tyzonn grabbed the morpher and realized his memories had been true and his friends were in trouble.  "Vella" told Tyzonn he was the one in trouble.  "Vella" reverted to Crazer.  Crazer and Tyzonn battled.  The rest of the Rangers continued their battle against Mig and Benglo.  More reinforcements were sent to the Rangers, which made things more difficult for Mig and Benglo.  Crazer was kept busy battling Tyzonn.  Tyzonn struck her hard enough, she went flying and her illusion was shattered.  Tyzonn realized he was still on Earth and had never left.  Crazer simply laughed at him.  Tyzonn morphed into Mercury Ranger.  Crazer and Mercury Ranger battled.  On the other battle front, the Sentinel sword was sent to the five Rangers.  Mig and Benglo had a tougher battle on their hands against the Rangers.  Crazer was having a tougher time as well against Mercury.  Crazer told Mercury Ranger if he destroyed her, he would never find Vella.  Mercury Ranger was confident he would find Vella.  Crazer was destroyed by Mercury Ranger.  Mercury Ranger then joined the rest of the Rangers in their battled against the remaining Fearcats.  Much to their astonishment, Agrios was destroyed.  Mig and Benglo picked themselves up.  They still had the Octavian Chalice and it had more than one use.  Before they could do anything, the Rangers arrived.  Mig and Mercury Ranger battled as the rest of the Rangers battled Benglo.  Mig was destroyed by Mercury Ranger.  Mercury Ranger joined the rest of the Rangers in their battle against Benglo.  Benglo was upset to see Mig destroyed.  Red Ranger transform into Red Sentinel Ranger and destroyed Benglo.               

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