Flurious - Gerald Urquhart

Years ago, Flurious and his brother, Moltor, had found the Corona Aurora crown and wanted to steal it.  They raced alongside each other to reach the crown.   The brothers reached the crown and touched it at the same time.  The Corona Aurora crown cursed them both.  Each brother was transformed into his element and imprison on separate planets.  Years past, when suddenly Flurious was free.  Flurious knew immediately that the Corona Aurora crown had been found.  The first thing Flurious did was set up a base.  He found a good one in a snowy artic region.  Flurious also had several Chillers with him.  A strange creature, named Norg, came sliding down a slide as they examined their new home.  Norg thought he had found some new friends.  Flurious blasted him off his feet.  Norg did not mind and clapped his hands happily.  Later, Flurious was watching a large TV screen.  It showed several Lava Lizards attacking four teens.  Flurious knew his brother had discovered the location of the crown and he was furious that Moltor had not told him.  Flurious sent several Chillers to go after the crown as well.  The Chillers were not successful in getting the crown.

Flurious walked along the beach.  He knew his brother was there and soon spotted him.  Flurious:  Ahh, brother.  Really nice to see you survive all these years.  Moltor replied back that his insincerity was the same.  Flurious wanted to know who the man was that was with Moltor.  The man introduced himself as Andrew Hartford and demanded to be released.  Flurious realized this was the man who had found the crown.  Flurious told Moltor it was good of him to find Mr. Hartford and to get the crown for them.  Moltor was a little surprised at the assumption, but played along and agreed with Flurious.  Flurious thought that Mr. Hartford could know find the jewels for them as well.  Mr. Hartford refused, but Flurious pay no attention to him.  The heat was starting to get to Flurious.  Flurious told Moltor he would return when it was a little less hot.  Moltor mockingly told Flurious to return to his ice cube, he would take care of things.  Flurious warned his brother that he had better.  Later, Flurious faced down his brother.  Moltor had not gotten the jewels and no longer had Mr. Hartford.  Flurious was upset with Moltor and Moltor told him the Rangers had given him more trouble than he had expected.  Flurious suggested to Moltor that perhaps he take the crown.  Moltor replied that it would be a cold day in his lava pit before that happened.  Flurious became very angry.  Flurious and Moltor battle.  Flurious battled well, but so did Moltor.  With no victory, Flurious declared that it was every man for himself before walking away.

Flurious was inside his ice cave.  Flurious:  So, Moltor still has the crown.  But it's useless without the jewels.  Norg!  Norg entered the cave.  Norg:  Yummy.  Norg slid down onto the floor.  Norg managed to dump the ice cream cone onto his head on the way down.  Norg:  You rang Master?  Flurious:  I've half a mind to turn you into a throw rug.  I sent you out to look for the Corona Aurora jewels.  And yet you return with nothing.  I did not want nothing!  I wanted something!  Norg thought quickly and removed the ice cream cone from his head.  Norg put some of the ice cream on his head onto the cone and offered it to Flurious.  Norg:  Ice cream!  Flurious used his staff and blasted Norg.  Norg's face was covered in ice cream.  Flurious:  Ice cream?!  I have half a mind to shave you until you resemble a naked ice rat.  Norg:  Half a mind for a throw rug...half a mind naked ice rat.  But, that only leaves one half left!  Flurious:  Find my jewels!  Norg quickly left.  Flurious was sitting on his throne, surrounded by Chillers when Norg entered once more.  Norg offered a piece of coal to Flurious.  Norg told Flurious if he sat on the coal for a thousand years, it would turn into a diamond.  Flurious was very angry with Norg and was about to strike him with his staff again, when Norg pleaded with him to wait.  Norg asked Flurious about the Rangers.  Flurious paused.  Norg thought they should find the Rangers, and then they would find the jewels.  Flurious already spotted a flaw in Norg's logic and asked him how they were going to find the Rangers, it wasn't like they were going to just drop in.  Suddenly the entire cave shook.  The screen showed the S.H.A.R.C. flying above them.  The shaking stopped.  Flurious told Norg he was as lucky as he was dim.  Norg took this as a compliment.  Flurious decided to slow down the Rangers by creating a snow storm.  Flurious watched the screen and saw the S.H.A.R.C. land.  He had them now.  The screen changed to an image of Moltor.  Moltor asked Flurious if he had seen the Rangers.  Flurious didn't hesitate in telling Moltor he had not seen the Rangers.  Moltor went off the screen.  Flurious commented that he was surrounded by nitwits before heading out the door with his Chillers.  This cause Norg to panic that he was covered in mitts and immediately started searching his fur for them.  Flurious and the Chillers reached the area where the S.H.A.R.C. had landed.  Flurious immediately encountered Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger.  Flurious and the Chillers battled the three Rangers.  Soon Red Ranger joined in the battle as well.  Eventually Black Ranger joined in as well.  The Rangers used their Drive Max zords to fire on Flurious and the Chillers.  The Chillers were soon defeated.  Flurious was not about to give up and he created a monster out of the temple ruins of Atlantis.  The Rangers quickly formed their Drive Max Megazord.  The battle continued until the Rangers destroyed the monster.  Flurious was not happy as he walked away from the defeat.

Flurious sat on his throne and was watching the screen.  The screen showed four of the Power Rangers battling a monster, and having a difficult time.  Flurious didn't know who was behind the attack, but thought maybe they could use some help.  Flurious commanded several Chillers to go and help the monster.  Norg mimic his commands from behind him.  When Flurious heard him, he turned around, but Norg had ducked down behind the throne.

Flurious was sitting on his throne, in his ice cave.  He was using Norg as a foot stool.  Flurious:  No sign of the Rangers.  No report from my Chillers of any jewel activity.  And not a peep from y brother, Moltor.  Something's not right here.  Flurious hollered for Norg, although Norg was at the bottom of his feet.  Norg responded and Flurious told Norg he wanted him to contact his brother.  Norg was ready do to what Flurious wanted, but he was still trapped beneath Flurious' feet.  Norg asked Flurious if he mind, and Flurious gave an evil grin as he said he didn't mind at all.  Flurious then gave Norg a hard kick that sent him sliding across the ice.  Later, Norg had gotten hold of Moltor.  Flurious appeared on Moltor's screen and asked his brother what he was up to.  Moltor told him it was none of his business.  Flurious was amused that Moltor was going to take on the Rangers and thought he would watch his brother.  Later, Flurious was laughing as he watched Moltor's weather device go haywire.  Moltor and several Lava Lizards had been battling the Rangers when the weather device started to go haywire.  Flurious thought that his brother should be more proactive, it was so much fun to watch.  Flurious started to laugh again.  He stopped and gave Norg an icy glare when Norg had joined in the laughter.  Later, after Moltor's weather device had turned into a monster and the Rangers destroyed it, Flurious appeared on Moltor's screen again.  Norg was standing next to Flurious.  Flurious asked his brother if he knew you couldn't combine alien technology with human technology, unless you make some adjustments.  Flurious assume his brother had been absent that day.  Moltor replied furious that Flurious may be smarter than him, but he was a warrior.  Moltor vowed when he found the Corona Aurora jewels, he would be more powerful and Flurious would bow to him.  Flurious told Moltor that would only happen in his dreams.

Flurious walked into Moltor's volcano.  He immediately notice the flurry of activity.  Several Lava Lizards were working on a Giant Robot.  Flurious:  Impressive.  Quite impressive.  Moltor turned around.  Moltor:  Flurious!  Flurious asked Moltor if he would turn up the AC, the place was rather hot for him.  Moltor called a Lava Lizard over and told him to turn up the heat.  Moltor wanted to know what Flurious was doing.  Flurious told him since Miratrix has released Kamdor and has the parchment to will lead to the Torhu diamond, Flurious wanted them to work together.  Reluctantly Moltor agreed.  Flurious came up with a plan.  Flurious and Moltor went into the city and started attacking innocent citizens.  He knew this would draw out the Rangers.  Sure enough the Rangers arrive and got the citizens to safety.  Flurious and Moltor then set several Chillers and Lava Lizards on them.  The Rangers battled the Chillers and Lava Lizards as Flurious and Moltor watched.  Moltor wanted to go ahead and bring up the Giant Robot, but Flurious wanted to wait.  Flurious wanted to tire out the Rangers before bringing up the Giant Robot.  Red Ranger ran towards them.  Flurious and Moltor battled Red Ranger.  After the Chillers and Lava Lizards were destroyed, Flurious and Moltor called up the Giant Robot.  Giant Robot broke through the pavement, as he rose from beneath the ground.  Flurious and Moltor entered Giant Robot.  The Rangers quickly formed their Drive Max Megazord.  Flurious and Moltor battled the Rangers.  Flurious and Moltor were doing well.  Then they summoned Dragonizer to attack the Megazord from behind.  Flurious and Moltor had Giant Robot and Dragonizer knocked the Megazord to the ground.  The Megazord was wrapped in chains and Flurious and Moltor, in their Giant Robot and Dragonizer, dragged the Megazord away.  They went across a ocean to a secret island.  Flurious was thrilled with the success of his plan.  And they had gotten a bonus.  A life form was still in the Megazord.  Flurious and Moltor entered the Megazord and captured Mack.  They quickly handcuffed him and lead him out to the beach.  Moltor wanted to destroy Mack.  Mack insisted that his friends would find him.  Flurious grabbed the Tracker and told Mack that they were on a secret island.  Mack told Flurious he underestimated his friends.  Flurious pushed Mack forward.  They lead Mack to a cave, where Norg had been building a cell.  Moltor didn't want to keep Mack around, he was too dangerous.  Flurious told Moltor his biggest fault was he was too short sighted.  They needed to keep Mack around in case they couldn't operate the Megazord.  Mack was shoved into the cell.  Flurious put Norg in charge of watching Mack.  Flurious and Moltor walked out.  Later, Flurious entered the cave.  He was angry to see Moltor was not there after he had told him to guard the prisoner.  Mack told Flurious, Moltor planned to ambush him.  Flurious became more angry and summon his Chillers.  As the Chillers entered, so did Moltor and his Lava Lizards.  This only confirm that Moltor had been planning to ambush Flurious and Flurious told Moltor so.  Flurious and Moltor argue.  Moltor had thought Flurious had plan on taking the Megazord while he watched Mack.  Flurious had planned no such thing and realized Mack had tricked them.  Mack continued to pretend that had been Flurious' plan all along.  Mack called Flurious a wimp and Moltor a nitwit.  Flurious and Moltor were angry once more.  Mack then asked them what was the story about the sled.  That's all it took.  Flurious and Moltor battled each other as the Chillers and Lava Lizards also fought each other.  During the battle, the Tracker had dropped to the ground.  In the midst of the battle, Flurious noticed Mack had escaped.  Flurious and Moltor sent their Chillers and Lava Lizards after him.  Flurious and Moltor were at the beach.  Red Ranger was inside the Megazord and the rest of the Rangers had arrive.  Flurious and Moltor battled the Rangers in the Dragonizer and Giant Robot.  The battle was going well until the Rangers formed the Super Drive Max Megazord.  Flurious and Moltor were defeated and Giant Robot and Dragonizer were destroyed.  After the battle, Flurious and Moltor were still fighting with each other.  They had agreed not to work together again.  Norg was there as well.  Flurious walked away from Moltor, with Norg at his side.  He told Norg he was glad he had destroyed Moltor's sled.  Moltor overheard him and gave an angry cry.  Flurious turned around and faced his angry brother.  Flurious and Moltor raced towards each other and began fighting.

Flurious was inside his ice cave.  A Chiller had just come and given him some important news.  Flurious:  Hmmm, I see.  the Chiller walked away.  Norg slide down into the ice cave and stayed on his back.  Norg:  I'm bored.  You want to come outside and make snow angels with me.  Flurious:  go play in an avalanche, I have my own idea of fun.  Flurious pulled up his screen and contacted his brother.  Moltor appeared on the screen.  Flurious told him he had heard that he had a piece of parchment to lead to one of the jewels of Corona.  Moltor told Flurious he almost had the parchment, but the Rangers now had it.  Flurious chuckled and told his brother he had mess up again.  Moltor vowed that he would get the parchment.  Moltor vanished from the screen.  Flurious told Norg that was his own of fun, getting his brother riled up.

Flurious contacted his brother once more.  He questioned him about the diamond, sure Moltor's plans had failed once more.  Instead it was a confident Moltor who revealed his plans to Flurious.  Moltor had his soldiers following the Rangers, which would lead him to the Torhu diamond.  Moltor was positive that he would soon have the diamond in his hand.  Flurious broke off the communication.  He was not happy with the idea that his brother might actually get the diamond.  Flurious swore he would believe it when he sees it.

Flurious was inside his ice cave, watching his screen.  The screen had shown the Fearcats defeating four of the Rangers.  Flurious knew these Fearcats would be powerful adversaries.  Just then Norg slid in and saw what was on the screen.  Norg liked the kitty cats and asked Flurious if he could have one as a pet.  Flurious told him he was a pet and to play with his fleas.  Flurious needed more power and decided now was the time for the gyros.  Flurious walked over to a control panel and pulled out the gyros.

Flurious held the gyros in each hand.  Flurious began to chuckle.  Flurious:  You're ready!  Powerful!  You're going to give my army an added boost.  Flurious noticed Norg still scurrying around on the floor.  Flurious:  Have you lost the last marble in your head?!  Stand Up!  Norg quickly stood up.  Norg noticed the gyros in Flurious' hands.  Norg:  Ohhh, pretty.  What are they?  Norg gave a gasp as he came to his conclusion.  Norg:  Christmas ornaments!  Flurious:  Find me some Chillers and I be glad to show you.  Norg quickly left.  Norg:  Chillers.  Within minutes, Norg returned with two Chillers.  Norg:  Two Chillers.  Extra ice.  Flurious:  Watch and learn my furry friend.  Flurious walked up to the two Chillers and placed a gyro in each one.  Flurious waited with great anticipation to see his new, improved army.  Instead the two Chillers burst into snow flakes.  Norg thought Flurious had wanted more snow.  Flurious realized the gyros were too powerful for the Chillers.  Irritated with Norg, he grabbed Norg and told him to find him two warriors.  Norg hurried away.  Later, Norg returned, dragging Mig and Benglo behind him.  Mig and Benglo had been destroyed by the Power Rangers.  Flurious was pleased that the Fearcats were not as powerful as he thought.  Norg thought the two Fearcats would make excellent cat rugs.  Flurious lost is patience with Norg.  Norg hide behind some ice, while Flurious stepped forward.  Knelling over the Fearcats, Flurious placed a gyro in each one and then stepped back.  Within minutes the Fearcats were back and puzzled as to where they were.  Flurious told them he had saved them and he was now their Master.  Flurious wanted the Fearcats to go back to San Angeles and destroy the Power Rangers.  The Fearcats bowed their heads and then left to do his bidding.

Flurious had entered his ice cave, being trailed by Norg.  Norg:  Come on King Flurious!  Please!  Oh! Oh!  Pretty please with blubber on top.  Flurious:  No!  For the last time, I'm going to retrieve the legendary Canon of Ki Amuk myself.  I wouldn't let you pilot my robot even if you were the last yeti on Earth.  Norg:  But I am the last yeti on Earth...if you don't count my cousin Sasquatch.  We don't really talk anymore.  Kamdor entered the ice cave.  Kamdor did away with the two Chillers standing by the entrance with his swords.  Flurious told Kamdor he had a lot of nerve entering his cave.  Kamdor told Flurious that he had heard he was seeking the canon.  Kamdor thought he would make things easier for Flurious if he eliminated Mercury Ranger.  Flurious was puzzled.  Miratrix had stated she worked alone.  Kamdor responded sharply that Miratrix does what she is told.  Kamdor suggested that when Flurious got the canon, they could formed an alliance.  Flurious, Kamdor, and even Norg thought the proposal over.  Flurious agreed to the plan.  Later, Flurious walked over to his bay where his giant robot stood.  Norg was with him, still pleading to drive the robot.  Flurious gazed at the robot with pride and ignored Norg when he said he was going to hold his breath until Flurious let him drive the robot.  Flurious became very upset when the robot began to power up.  To his outrage, Flurious realized it was the Fearcats inside his robot.  The Fearcats took off inside Flurious ' robot.  Flurious went to his throne room.  He sat and watched the screen, with Norg who had given up holding his breath.  Flurious was extremely angry as he watched the Fearcats battling the five Rangers and doing well.  Norg didn't know why Flurious was so upset.  Flurious yelled the Fearcats were going to get the canon with his robot.  It didn't work out that way.  the Rangers ended up with the canon and destroying the robot.  Although the Fearcats did survive.  After the battle, Kamdor confronted Flurious in his ice cave.  Kamdor told Flurious he had failed to get the canon.  Flurious pointed out that Kamdor had failed to get Mercury Ranger out of the way.  Flurious and Kamdor battled until the Fearcats entered.  Flurious couldn't believe they had the nerve to enter when they had betrayed him.  The Fearcats told Flurious they listen to no one.  Flurious, Kamdor, and the Fearcats battled each other.

Flurious walked up to his throne.  Norg was sitting there.  Flurious:  Why are you sitting on my throne?  Norg:  Ahh, just chillin.  Norg laughed at his own joke.  Norg:  Especially my backside.  Oh my little yeti buns feel so good.  Flurious:  Get out of there, you frozen flea hotel!  Flurious yanked Norg off of his throne.  Norg:  Are you angry at me boss?  Flurious used his staff to blast Norg off of his feet.  Flurious:  Why you worthless lackey!  If you don't sort yourself out, I'll throw you to the polar bears!  Flurious stormed out of the room.  Later, Flurious was sitting on his throne when Norg entered.  Norg had been missing for several hours.  Norg asked Flurious if he had missed.  Flurious couldn't believe Norg would ask such a thing.  Flurious yelled at Norg. 

Flurious was in his ice cave, watching his screen.  It showed the Power Rangers battling a monster Kamdor had created.  Flurious was pleased as he watched.  Either Kamdor would destroy the Rangers, or the Rangers would be so exhausted, Flurious would finish them off.  The screen went fuzzy.  Flurious was immediately angry at Norg.  Norg was acting as a TV antenna and tried to steady himself as Flurious told him he did not make a very good antenna.  As it turned out the Rangers destroyed the monster and Kamdor and Miratrix retreated.  Flurious sent several Chillers to Mexico to attack the teens.  Eventually his Chillers would be destroyed by "Thor" who had arrived.  Later, Flurious appeared with several more Chillers in Mexico.  The teens and Thor were about to work on breaking a rock they believe held the next jewel of the Corona Aurora.  The teens quickly morphed when they spotted Flurious.  Flurious battled Thor while the Rangers battled the Chillers.  During the battle, Andrew contacted the Rangers and told them the Fearcats were in a giant robot attacking San Angeles.  The team would have to split up.  Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, and Black Ranger left for San Angeles.  Thor and Mercury Ranger stayed.  Flurious and Thor continued to battle as Mercury Ranger took on the Chillers.  Eventually Thor used his hammer and the Chillers were destroyed.  Flurious told Thor he may be more powerful, but we'll see who is more powerful when he has the jewels of the Corona Aurora.  Flurious retreated.  Thor and Mercury Ranger would leave to help the Rangers defeat the Fearcats.

Flurious stormed into his ice cave.  Norg was building a snowman.  Flurious was upset.  His brother had the crown and now Kamdor and Miratrix had one of the jewels.  Flurious yelled out what did he have.  Norg happily told him he had him and Clarence, his snow man.  Flurious blasted the snow man into pieces and the blast knock Norg off his feet.  Norg sat up and told Flurious that now he had him.  Flurious yelled back that he had nothing.  This made Norg sad.  Flurious still had a plan and began to laugh.  Norg tried to join in the laugher, but Flurious glared at him.  Norg stopped and looked down.  Flurious continued to laugh.

Flurious was sitting on his throne when Norg came sliding down.  Norg landed face down and when he got up, his face was enclosed in an ice cube.  After Norg freed his head from the ice cube, he walked up to Flurious.  Norg had a box that he had found outside their cave.  Flurious opened the box and a green glow emitted from it.  A voice told them he could help them find the jewels of the Corona Aurora.  Flurious went to the cave where he was instructed to go.  Norg was with him.  Moltor and the Fearcats were in the cave as well.  Soon Kamdor and Miratrix arrived as well.  Kamdor was angry and thought Flurious had transported them to the cave.  Flurious told him he hadn't, he had been invited as well.  A creature entered the room and introduced himself as Thrax.  Miratrix recognized the name and stated that Thrax had been banished.  Thrax, son of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd, had been battling Sentinel Knight.  Sentinel Knight banished him into a dumpster and he was placed on the moon.  But evil like his could not be contain.  As Sentinel Knight grew weaker, Thrax grew stronger.  Thrax was able to break free and he came to Earth.  Thrax knew Flurious and the rest were after the jewels and asked them who had stopped them, the Power Rangers.  Kamdor pointed out the Rangers were powerful.  Thrax told them they should work together.  Flurious and the rest were outrage, none of them wanted to work together.  Thrax suggested they formed a temporary alliance to destroy the Rangers, then they would be free to plunder the Earth for the jewels.  Flurious and the rest agreed.  Thrax told them of his plan.  Flurious and the rest, except Norg, entered the city.  Thrax issued a statement that they would be responsible for the demise of the Power Rangers.  The Rangers quickly arrived.  Flurious and the rest battled the Rangers.  Working together, it was fairly easy to defeat the Rangers.  Thrax instructed them to direct all of their evil angry and they did so.  This evil energy flow greatly damaged the universal morphing grid.  With the damage, the Rangers were demorph and were no longer Rangers.  Sentinel Knight appeared.  this only made things better for Thrax.  Flurious and the rest wanted to destroy Sentinel Knight, but Thrax told them there was only one thing that could destroy Sentinel Knight and he knew what it was.  But before Flurious and the rest could do anything, Sentinel Knight vanished with the teens.  Later Flurious had several chillers build a rod block.  He wanted no one to get through so he could concentrate on finding a jewel.  The blockade did not last long, as Black Mighty Morphing Power Ranger broke through.  Flurious was angry to see a Ranger.  He became more upset when Red S.P.D. Power Ranger, Yellow Dino Thunder Power Ranger,  and Blue Ninja Storm Power Ranger arrived.  Flurious had his Chillers attacked.  Flurious and the Chillers battled the five Rangers, but they could no defeat them.  Flurious was angry, this was not suppose to happen.  Flurious retreated.  Flurious returned to the cave, trailed by a couple of Chillers.  He was angry and told Thrax although the Operation Overdrive Rangers had been defeated, more Rangers had arrived.  They were popping up like geraniums.  Norg added he liked geraniums.  No one paid him any attention.  Thrax assured Flurious and the rest that all would be okay.  Thrax had a monster to help them destroy the new set of Rangers.  While Flurious and the rest were battling the Rangers, Thrax planned to have his revenge on Sentinel Knight.

Flurious, the Fearcats, Moltor, Kamdor, and Miratrix were inside the cave.  Not one of them was happy.  Benglo:  We're no better off now, than we were before.  Moltor:  He's right.  We've got new Rangers and no jewels.  Thrax's plan is failing.  Miratrix:  Speaking of Thrax...where is he?  Flurious:  My troops are keeping an eye on the new Rangers.  But maybe they should be keeping an eye on Thrax.  Later, Flurious and the rest of the villains, including Thrax, were in the city.  They found the fallen Vulturus.  Earlier a giant Vultures had battled the five Rangers in their Megazords.  During the battle, Mack had come running up with the Excelsior sword and battle Vulturus.  Vulturus was hurt.  Thrax was confused, this was not suppose to happen.  Vultures was suppose to be invincible.  Flurious told him that with the Rangers it was going good to be have a plan B.  Flurious took one of his gyros and placed it inside Vulturus.  Vulturus immediately was revived and had new armor.  Once Vulturus was okay, Flurious and the rest of the villains went to face down the eleven teens.  Thrax was once more upset, he had taken the Operation Overdrive teens ranger powers, but now they had it back.  The teens morphed.  Flurious and the rest of the villains battled the Power Rangers.  With so many Rangers, the battle wasn't as easy as it was before.  Flurious battled Red S.P.D. Power Ranger and Red Operation Overdrive Power Ranger. Miratrix and Kamdor battled Yellow Dino Thunder Power Ranger and Yellow Operation Overdrive Power Ranger.  Moltor battled Blue Ninja Storm Power Ranger and Pink Operation Overdrive Power Ranger.  Moltor even had his Lava Lizards battling, but it was a difficult battle for Moltor.  The Fearcats battle Green Mystic Power Ranger, Blue Operation Overdrive Ranger and Black Operation Overdrive Ranger.  Mercury Ranger would eventually destroy Vulturus.  Then Sentinel Knight appeared and destroyed Thrax.  The Rangers faced Flurious and the remaining villains and blasted them off their feet.  Flurious and the remaining villains got up.  Moltor thought it would be best to just go after the jewels.  Miratrix taunted not unless they got there first.  The evil alliance was no more as Flurious and the remaining villains vanished.

Flurious sat on his throne in the ice den and waited impatiently for Norg to arrive.  Norg eventually came in.  It had been Norg's day off.  Flurious asked him where he had been.  Norg told him he had decided to go on a walk.  Flurious hoped Norg enjoyed it.  Then he started to yell at Norg because it would be the last day off he would have in a long time.  Flurious was trying to conquer the world and Norg is off on a walk.  Flurious screamed at Norg did he think the Power Rangers went on a walk?  Norg was about to answer, but Flurious stopped him with more yelling.   

Flurious walked into the ice den.  Norg had just slide into the ice den and landed on his face.  Norg had a basket full of sardines.  Flurious picked it up, looked at it, and then tossed it aside.  Flurious asked Norg what he was doing.  Norg was very excited as he told Flurious he was getting ready for the trick or treaters.  Norg told Flurious for some reason, they were always dressed as penguins.  Flurious told Norg he is the pet he never wanted, which Norg took as a compliment.  The screen showed one of Flurious' gyros was being use.  Flurious immediately guess it must be the Fearcats.  Norg was excited, cats like sardines.  Flurious ignored him.  Flurious told Norg to gathered the Chillers.  Norg did so.  Flurious, Norg, and several Chillers were in the woods when they ran into Will.  Will was not happy to see them and told them he didn't have time for them.  Flurious added that it was always an inconvenient time for Will to see them.  Flurious had his Chillers attack.  Will morphed into the Black Ranger.  As Black Ranger battled the Chillers, Flurious told Norg to find the Fearcats' hideout and find out what was going on.  Norg took off.  Flurious watched as Black Ranger, on his Hovertek Cycle attacked and destroyed the Chillers.  Black Ranger told Flurious he was next.  Flurious told him not today and vanished. 

Flurious was in his ice den, sitting on his throne when Norg came running in.  Norg excitedly told Flurious that he had found the Fearcats' hideout and had made himself useful.  Flurious could only shake his head.  He got up from the throne and walk towards Norg.  Flurious told Norg maybe it was his fault.  Flurious started to yell at Norg that the next time he finds a hideout, he should then contact him.  Norg was not too upset.  The doorbell rang and Norg excitedly ran to grab the basket of sardines and race to the door to greet the penguin trick or treaters.  Flurious stood there and wondered where he had gone wrong.

Flurious was inside his ice den.  The screen was showing him there was yet another Fearcat energy reading.  Flurious was upset and yelled for Norg.  Norg came sliding down with a water bottle wrapped to his head.  Flurious asked him what was wrong.  Norg told him how he had played with his favorite sea lion yesterday and he woke up like this today.  Flurious did not really care.  He instructed Norg to take the Chillers, follow the Fearcats, and destroy them.  While his back was turned, Norg sneezed and it landed on Flurious' back.  Flurious turned around and told Norg if he failed it would be the last cold he'll have.  Norg took off.  Later, Norg returned.  Norg had not destroyed the Fearcats.  Flurious was ready to destroy Norg with his staff and asked him if he had any last words.  Norg quickly told Flurious the Fearcats were after the Octavian Chalice.  Flurious paused.  He knew about the Octavian Chalice and knew there were three other relics to make it work.  Flurious was pleased and told Norg he lived to sneeze another day.

Flurious and Norg were in the woods.  Norg was humming and singing as he walked along.  Norg:  I just love the forest!  Flurious replied they were not here to tip toe through the tulips.  Norg found a tree that was perfect for butt scratching and preceded to do so.  Flurious took a good look at the tree and told Norg he better move unless he wanted to be yeti roast.  Norg quickly moved.  Flurious used his staff and blasted the tree.  Minerva's Staff fell from the tree and onto the ground.  Norg picked it up and thought it was a toothpick.  Flurious grabbed the staff from Flurious.  Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger, Red Ranger, and Black Ranger arrived.  Flurious summoned his Chillers.  The four Rangers battled the numerous Chillers.  Norg went off to pick flowers.  After awhile, Yellow Ranger and Red Ranger left to go after another relic.  Pink Ranger and Black Ranger stayed and continued to battle the Chillers.  Eventually the two Rangers destroyed the Chillers.  Flurious thought of his foot soldiers as a useless army.  Flurious told Norg it was time to go.  Norg walked up to Flurious with a bunch of flowers and shown it to him.  Flurious grabbed the flowers, dropped them to the ground, and smashed them with his foot.  Flurious then used Minerva's staff on the two Rangers.  They landed on the ground hard and Flurious vanished, along with Norg.  Flurious would reappear in the rock quarry.  Moltor and his Lava Lizards had been battling Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Red Ranger.  Moltor had the Root of Heisker.  Flurious chuckled as he walked towards the group.  He told the three Rangers they were all relic hunters today.  Suddenly a streak went by and Flurious no longer had Minerva's staff.  Benglo stood the overlook and laughed at Flurious, telling him he was as slow as a glacier.  Mig streaked past Moltor and he stood next to Benglo.  Mig had grabbed the Root of Heisker from Moltor.  Both Fearcats laughed at Flurious and Moltor.  The Fearcats had all three relics.  Kamdor and Miratrix arrived.  The Fearcats mocked all four of them.  The Fearcats then placed the three relics into the Chalice.  A huge creature, Agrios, appeared out of it.  Agrios was very powerful.  The Fearcats used their latest machinery and attached themselves to the creature.  Flurious and the rest stood and watched as the five Power Rangers, Pink Ranger and Black Ranger had arrived, battle Agrios, first in the Drive Max Megazord and then in the Battle Fleet Megazord.  The Rangers were defeated.  Flurious couldn't believe it, while Moltor was happy to see the Rangers finally defeated.  The Fearcats walked over to Flurious and the rest and kicked the ground.  It shook hard enough to knocked them all down.  The Fearcats told Flurious and the rest they now bowed down to them.  The Fearcats left in triumph.  Flurious and the rest got up.  Flurious wondered if it was really true, had the Fearcats won.  

Flurious walked up, along with Moltor and joined Miratrix and Kamdor as they watch the FlashPoint Megazord was battling the Fearcats in the giant Agrios.  Only the Red Ranger was operating the Megazord.  Flurious and the rest were not happy to see the Fearcats winning.  Flurious told them he may actually hate the Fearcats more than the Power Rangers.  Eventually four more Rangers arrived and three Megazord were formed.  The battle began to tip more in the Rangers favor, much to Flurious and the rest's delight.  More backup was sent to the Rangers, along with the Sentinel sword.  Then Mercury Ranger arrived as well, after destroying Crazer.  Flurious and the rest watched as the Rangers destroyed Agrios.  The battled continued on the ground until the Rangers destroyed Benglo and Mig.  The Fearcats were no more.  Later, Flurious was laughing inside his ice den.  Norg had slid down and wondered what was so funny.  Flurious was very happy that the Fearcats were gone for good.  Flurious was ready to get the jewels and the crown.  Moltor appeared on the screen.  Flurious offered Moltor a chance to work for him.  Moltor was outrage and turned it down.  Flurious warned him he would only make the offer once, but Moltor still refused.  Moltor vowed he would get the jewels before Flurious and vanished from the screen.  Flurious was very confident he would be the one to triumph.

Flurious walked into his ice den and immediately spotted Norg cleaning.  This irritate Flurious.  Flurious:  Norg!!  What ridiculous thing are you doing now!?  Norg:  I'm trying to keep a nice den for you, master, so that you will appreciate me.  Flurious:  I don't want a clean den, and I don't' want an obedient pet.  I want the jewels of the Corona!  Flurious lifted his staff and blasted the feather duster in Norg's hands.  .  Later Flurious would learn that Kamdor and Miratrix were no more.  Instead of being happy, Flurious was concern.  How would he find the jewel that Kamdor and Miratrix had.  He was sure they had hidden it somewhere.  Norg had come sliding down into the cave and tried to get his attention.  Flurious ignore him for as long as he could and finally turned around.  Norg held out the blue sapphire to Flurious.  Flurious eagerly grabbed the jewel.  He was thrilled to have one of the jewels of the Corona.  Norg asked him if he appreciated him now.  Flurious sneered as he asked Norg if he was still here and told him to go play.  Flurious walked out.

Flurious was in the ice den and he was enjoying himself.  He couldn't stop laughing as he held up the blue sapphire.  Flurious was using the power of the blue sapphire to wreck havoc on Moltor's volcano.  Norg slid down into the ice den.  Norg:  Hey boss!  What ya doing?  Flurious:  Shaking things up a bit for Moltor.  Don't bother me!  Flurious plan to make his brother regret his offer to join him.  Norg wanted to know what he could do.  Flurious told him to play with the lint in his belly button.  Norg managed to pull out a large ball of lint, but Flurious could care less.  Later, Flurious was surprised when Moltor stumbled into the ice den.  Moltor had a prisoner with him, a young woman.  Moltor told Flurious when he recovered he wanted to join forces with him and destroyed the Power Rangers.  Moltor offered the crown and the young woman, whom the mercurian was seeking.  Flurious knew he had all the cards now.  He walked over to his kneeling brother and took the crown from the reluctant Moltor.  Flurious stared at the crown as he told Norg to get the prisoner.  Flurious told Moltor he look like he needed to rest and helped him to his throne.  Moltor told him he was too kind.  Flurious remarked he was kind, but not kind enough.  Flurious raised his staff and froze Moltor.  He then raised his staff and shattered Moltor into thousand of pieces.  Moltor laughed as he planned to destroy the Power Rangers next.  Later, Flurious eagerly placed the blue sapphire onto the crown.  Flurious then asked the crown to show him where the rest of the jewels where.  Flurious laughed as the crown showed him a vision of the Hartford mansion.

Flurious and his Chillers stormed into the Hartford mansion.  The Chillers knocked the teens and Mr. Hartford off their feet.  The teens and Mr. Hartford got back up.  Flurious was laughing.  Flurious:  Thank-you Mr. Hartford, for without you I may never have found all the jewels.  I will remember you fondly.  Get them!  The Chillers raced forward.  The Chillers and the teens battled.  Mr. Hartford and Flurious battled as well.  It was an intense battle and the mansion was getting wrecked in the process.  Mack:  Let's Ranger up!  Dax:  Overdrive Accelerate!  Will:  Overdrive Accelerate!  Rose:  Overdrive Accelerate!  Ronny:  Overdrive Accelerate!  Tyzonn:  Overdrive Accelerate!  Mack:  Overdrive Accelerate!  The battle continued.  Black Ranger managed to get up to the ceiling.  Black Ranger:  Watch out!  Black Ranger defeated several Chillers.  Mercury Ranger was by the pool table and slide underneath it.  Mercury Ranger:  Down under!  When Mercury Ranger came out the other side, he defeated several Chillers.  Red Ranger was battling several Chillers at one time.  Red Ranger:  Next!  Pink Ranger was in the midst of several Chillers.  Pink Ranger:  Not so fast.  Pink Ranger defeated several Chillers and then ran up the wall and did a flip.  Pink Ranger:  Going up.  Flurious was upset at seeing how well the Rangers were doing against his army.  Flurious used his staff and blasted Red Ranger.  Red Ranger hit the floor and demorphed.  Flurious yanked Mack up.  Flurious:  It is over.  Give me the jewels or I'll finish what I've started.  Mack:  Don't do it.  Keep fighting.  I'm not important.  Andrew:  You are to me.  Andrew walked over as Flurious laughed.  Andrew gave Flurious the pink emerald.  Flurious stared greedily at it.  Flurious:  I want them all.  Mack:  Don't!  That's everything we fought for.  The teens stepped forward.  Will:  Sorry Mack, your life is important to us too.  The teens turned over the three remaining jewels.  Flurious and his Chillers left.  Flurious returned to his ice den, along with the Chillers.  Flurious now had the crown and all five jewels.  He was ready to wreck havoc on the planet.  The Chillers roared their approval.  In the midst of all the noise, Flurious heard Norg cheer for King Flurious.  Flurious walked over to Norg and Vella.  Flurious commented on how useless Norg has been and told Norg he was no longer of any service to him.  Flurious instructed some of the Chillers to take care of his "guests".  Flurious then walked out with the remaining Chillers.  Flurious went to a rock quarry.  He placed the crown and all five jewels on a rock.  The jewels reverted to their normal state and Flurious placed them on the crown.  Flurious was thrilled.  Suddenly the teens arrived in their various vehicles.  Flurious was not worried.  He used his staff and created a second ice age, freezing San Angeles and the teens.  But the Trackers kept up their power and soon the teens were unfrozen and they quickly morphed.  Flurious placed the crown on his.  Flurious transform into a creature no human could destroyed.  Flurious, the Chillers, and the Rangers battled.  The Rangers had thought they defeated Flurious as he landed on the ground.  But Flurious quickly stood up and laughed at them.  Flurious then grew to giant size.  The zord were sent and the Battle Fleet Megazord was formed.  Flurious battled the Megazord with ease and soon the Rangers were back on the ground and demorphed.  Flurious went back to normal size and taunted the teens.  Mack told Flurious he was not human and he was okay with that.  Mack walked towards Flurious, morphing along the way.  Red Ranger instructed his friends to take on the Chillers, he would take on Flurious.  Flurious and Red Ranger battled.  The Chillers battled the rest of the Rangers.  The five Rangers would eventually destroyed the Chillers.  Red Ranger transform into Red  Sentinel Ranger.  Flurious and Red Sentinel Ranger battled.  The crown was knocked off of Flurious and he hit the ground.  Flurious had reverted to normal.  Flurious tried to reach for the crown, but Red Sentinel Ranger stopped him.  Flurious asked him if he knew what he had done.  Red Sentinel Ranger replied not enough.  Red Sentinel Ranger used all of his power to destroy Flurious.                          

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Flurious as he touched the Corona Aurora Crown

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