Kamdor - Voiced by Adam Gardiner

Kamdor is trapped within Miratrix's necklace.  Miratrix was after the three scrolls to form Neptune's sword.  Miratrix had a monster battling four of the Rangers.  The monster was doing well against the Rangers, as it was powered by two of the scrolls that Miratrix had.  Blue Ranger arrived and the five Rangers defeated the monster.  Miratrix called on Kamdor for help.  Kamdor wanted nothing more than to escape the necklace, but he did help Miratrix.  Kamdor recreated the monster, and made it grow to giant size.  The  Rangers would form their Drive Max Megazord, get the two scrolls back, and then destroy the monster.

Miratrix was on the island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean.  Miratrix:  The Rangers are on this island.  I'll find them.  And in case I need some extra fire power.  Kamdor, can you help me?  Kamdor wished Miratrix would help him escape the necklace, but he did help her.  Kamdor created a powerful warrior for Miratrix.  Later, Miratrix would call on Kamdor for help once more.  Miratrix had managed to get the Eye of the Sea from the Rangers.  The jewel was believed to be the first jewel of the Corona.  Miratrix had used it on her monster and the monster had turned into giant machinery.  But the Rangers had defeated the machinery and the monster was back in normal form.  The monster had also had the jewel knocked out of him.  Kamdor used his power and the monster grew to giant size.  The Rangers would form their Drive Max Megazord and eventually destroy the monster. 

Miratrix placed the crystal from her necklace into a device Will had stolen for her.  The device enable Kamdor to break free.  He told Miratrix it took her long enough.  The Rangers were there.  Black Ranger had been battling the other four Rangers.  Kamdor quickly joined the battle.  Miratrix battled the Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger.  Kamdor easily defeated and demorphed Blue Ranger and Red Ranger.  Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger had been defeated and demorphed as well.  It was an easy victory.  Kamdor, Miratrix, and Black Ranger walked away in triumph.  Later, Will asked Miratrix if they could trust Kamdor.  Miratrix told Will how two years ago, Kamdor had helped her on a distant planet.  His help caused him to be imprison in the crystal for an eternity.  It had taken her two years to locate the device to free him.  Miratrix told Will thanks.  Kamdor told Will that they should be the ones not to trust him.  If Kamdor had known the Rangers were his former friends, he would have destroyed them.  Kamdor wanted Will to prove himself.  Will was tired of proving himself, but Kamdor did not care.  Will sent out a faint signal.  Will waited in the woods for Ronny, Rose, Dax, and Mack to arrive.  Kamdor and Miratrix were there as well, but they only watched from the sidelines.  Will and the teens morphed.  Once more, Black Ranger battled the other Rangers.  Miratrix told Kamdor that Black Ranger was good.  Kamdor responded it would take more than being good.  Black Ranger blasted the four Rangers and they were gone, once the smoke cleared.  After the battle, Kamdor walked in as Will was complimenting Miratrix.  Kamdor told them he hated to break up their mutual admiration, but they had a mission to complete.  Miratrix immediately stood up and told Kamdor he was right.  Kamdor instructed Miratrix to give him the Hou-ou statue, which Miratrix did.  Will managed to slip away.  Kamdor found him in the woods, taping on his Tracker.  Kamdor asked him what he was doing.  Will done him that he was just taping to some music.  Kamdor still did not trust Will and warned him of any false moves.  Kamdor, Miratrix, and Will went out to the field.  Miratrix had the Hou-ou statue.  Kamdor instructed Miratrix to hold the statue at a certain angle to the sun.  Miratrix did so and the Hou-ou statue became the bird.  All three of them watched the Hou-ou bird in the sky.  Suddenly, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Red Ranger leaped out of the sky.  Miratrix was surprised to see them, but Kamdor was not.  Miratrix told Will he had tricked her.  Will joined the Rangers and responded like you trick Dax.  Blue Ranger told Miratrix she must not know about man law.  Kamdor told Miratrix to go after the Hou-ou.  Miratrix immediately took off.  Will told the Rangers to go after Miratrix, he would battle Kamdor.  The four Rangers took off.  Will morphed into Black Ranger.  Kamdor and Black Ranger battle.  It was an intense battle.  At one point, Miratrix whistle that she needed help.  Kamdor created a monster for Miratrix.  Black Ranger blasted Kamdor and he vanished for a moment.  Black Ranger had went to help the rest of the Rangers, when Kamdor reappeared.  It would take more than that to destroy him.  The Rangers had defeated his monster.  Kamdor simply recreated the monster and made it giant size.  With their Drive Max Megazord, the Rangers destroyed the monster.  Kamdor and Miratrix had gotten away.  Kamdor found Miratrix with the parchment that the Hou-ou bird had dropped.  Miratrix showed Kamdor the parchment.   Neither Kamdor or Miratrix could read the language the parchment was written in.

Kamdor and Miratrix were inside a cave by the ocean.  Miratrix was looking at the parchment.  Miratrix noticed the symbol for heat and knew the Torhu diamond must be somewhere hot.  Kamdor was less impress.  There were a lot of places that were hot.  Kamdor and Miratrix  left the cave cautiously.  It had looked like the coast was clear.  Suddenly Scaletex and several Lava Lizards were there.  Scaletex wanted to take the parchment and give it to Moltor.  Kamdor and Miratrix battle the Lava Lizards as Scaletex watched on in amusement.  The Power Ranger arrived and quickly joined in the battle.  Miratrix never thought she would be happy to see them and said so to Kamdor.  Kamdor suggested they make a break for it.  Kamdor and Miratrix raced back to the cave they were in.  Scaletex and the Power Rangers saw them fleeing.  Blue Ranger and Scaletex went after them.  Kamdor and Miratrix entered the cave, but so had Blue Ranger.  Kamdor use his power and caused the rocks to fall.  Kamdor and Miratrix took off.  Blue Ranger manage to escape the cave.  But Scaletex was not so lucky and was destroyed by the rocks.  Kamdor and Miratrix had arrived at the edge of a movie set.  Kamdor and Miratrix knew despite his ability to make monster, Flurious and Moltor would always be ahead of them because they had numerous foot soldiers.  Miratrix wondered who on this pitiful planet would work for them.  They then heard the noises from the movie set.  They noticed the stunt ninjas.  Kamdor told Miratrix the ninjas would work for them.  Dax had just left the movie set to join his friends when Kamdor and Miratrix arrive.  The entire crew began running.  Kamdor quickly cast a spell and the ninjas were under his command.  For extra power, Kamdor made two monsters out of the movie equipment.  Miratrix was very pleased.  With their monsters and ninjas, Kamdor and Miratrix walked down the streets of the city with no fear.  Soon Moltor and his Lava Lizards arrive.  Moltor was furious at them for destroying Scaletex.  Kamdor, Miratrix, the two monsters, and the ninjas battle Moltor and the Lava Lizards.  The Rangers were soon on the scene.  Kamdor and Moltor decided to work together if it meant destroying the Power Rangers.  The Power Rangers had a difficult time against so many bad guys.  Mr. Hartford sent the Rangers the Transtek Armor.  Miratrix continued to battle the four Rangers as Blue Ranger entered the Transtek Armor.  Inside the Transtek Armor, Blue Ranger destroyed the two monsters.  Kamdor and Moltor try to defeat the Transtek Armor but they were unable to.  The Rangers destroyed the Lava Lizards.  Moltor decided to retreat.  During the battle, Kamdor lost the parchment to Blue Ranger.  Kamdor and Miratrix decided it was time to retreat as well.  When they vanished the spell the ninjas were under was broken.    

Kamdor and Miratrix arrived in the jungle of Brazil.  They confronted the Fearcats.  The Fearcats were after one of the jewels of the Corona Aurora, so they could release their army from their mirror prison.  Miratrix told the Fearcats the jewel was theirs.  Miratrix watched as Kamdor battled Mig and Cheetar.  Kamdor had a difficult time against the Fearcats.  Cheetar mocked Kamdor, telling him his reputation as a powerful warrior was overblown.  Kamdor was soon defeated.  Miratrix then leaped into battle herself.  Miratrix fought Mig and Cheetar, and had just as a difficult time as Kamdor.  Miratrix ended up on the ground.  Kamdor hurried over and made sure she was okay.  Kamdor and Miratrix decided to retreat, as the Fearcats were too powerful for them.

Kamdor entered Flurious' ice cave.  Two Chillers stood guard and Kamdor quickly used his swords and the Chillers were turned into snow flakes.  Flurious and Norg were there.  Flurious was very surprised to see Kamdor inside his ice cave and told him he had taken a big risk coming here.  Kamdor told Flurious he knew he was after the Canon of Ki Amuk.  Kamdor could make things easier for Flurious by eliminating the Mercury Ranger.  Flurious was a bit puzzled, after all Miratrix had stated she works alone.  Kamdor told Flurious that Miratrix does what she is told.  Kamdor suggested that when Flurious gets the canon, perhaps they could form an alliance.  Flurious thought it over and agreed.  Later, Kamdor would send Miratrix, disguised, to deliver medals from the "mayor".  Miratrix returned from her assignment successfully.  Miratrix told Kamdor that she had delivered the medals to the bubble head reporter.  Kamdor revealed he had placed a special alloy inside the medal.   Tyzonn won't know what hit him.  Kamdor and Miratrix laughed.  But the plan failed.  Later, Kamdor was back inside the ice cave.  He was furious that Flurious had not gotten the canon.  Instead the Rangers now had it.  Flurious pointed out that Kamdor had not eliminated Mercury Ranger either.  Kamdor and Flurious battled.  A few moments later, the Fearcats entered.  Flurious was amazed the Fearcats would enter after they had betrayed him.  The Fearcats responded that they don't work for anyone.  Kamdor, Flurious, and the Fearcats all battled each other.

Kamdor and Miratrix were in Mexico.  They could hear the teens in their vehicles.  Mack:  Rose, we almost there?  Rose:  Yeah, should be smooth sailing from here.  Kamdor and Miratrix leaped in front of them.  Miratrix:  Wanna bet?!  Tyzonn:  Look out!  Kamdor blasted them.  The teens quickly got out of their vehicles.  Kamdor:  Give us the relics or meet your doom!  Mack:  You guys never give up.  Miratrix:  Say hello to our secret weapon.  Miratrix had pulled out a top hat and tossed it into the air.  The top hat turned into a monster.  Ronny:  A magician?!  Kamdor and Miratrix watched as the teens morphed and had the Drive Max zords sent out.  The two Megazords were formed and the Rangers battled the monster.  Much to Kamdor's and Miratrix's disappointment, the Rangers destroyed the monster.

Kamdor had been contacted by Miratrix.  Miratrix told him she was on a beach and had spotted the teens.  The teens had found the third jewel of the Corona Aurora.  The teens had been contacted by Mr. Hartford, the Fearcats were attacking San Angeles.  The teens had decided one of them had to take the jewel back to the control center.  Will had volunteered.  Kamdor and Miratrix waited until all the teens but Will had left.  Kamdor and Miratrix made their presence known to Will, who had turn around and faced them.  Kamdor blasted Will off his feet.  Will got up and morphed.  Kamdor and Black Ranger battled.  Black Ranger was doing well against Kamdor.  Kamdor commented to Miratrix that Black Ranger was strong, but that was not who they were after.  Miratrix used her weapon and stuck the sand hard for it.  This threw Black Ranger off balance.  Kamdor attacked lack Ranger once more and this time he got the jewel.  Kamdor tossed the jewel to Miratrix.  Miratrix gazed at the jewel, laughed at black Ranger and then vanished.  Kamdor vanished as well.  Later, Miratrix was admiring the jewel and commenting on how beautiful it was.  Kamdor reminded her there were still four more jewels to get and the crown.

Kamdor and Miratrix were outside a museum.  Citizens were running and screaming.  The monster Kamdor created came out of the museum.  Monster:  Kamdor, I have it!  The most precious gem in the museum.  Kamdor:  Fool!  You said you could find one of the jewels of the Corona Aurora.  This is just a priceless ruby!  Kamdor tossed the ruby away.  Miratrix ran and caught it.  Miratrix:  If you don't want it, I'll take it.  The Rangers arrived.  Black Ranger:  Going somewhere?  I bet you're not just going to give that back.  Kamdor, Miratrix, and the monster battled the Rangers.  The Rangers destroyed the monster.  Kamdor decided it was a good time to retreat.  Kamdor and Miratrix did so.  They did not go far and could hear the citizens applaud and praise the teens for a job well done.  Kamdor was upset.  Miratrix reminded him that at least they had one jewel, which was more than the other bozos had.  A box appeared in Kamdor's hand.  Kamdor opened it and a voice told him and Miratrix that he would help them find the jewels.  Miratrix was excited, but Kamdor tossed the box away.  He didn't need or want anyone's help.  The box opened and a green glow emitted from it.  Kamdor and Miratrix found themselves transported to a cave.  Kamdor spotted Flurious and assumed he had been the one to transport them.  Kamdor was angry as he walked up to Flurious.  Flurious told him he had nothing to do with it, he had been invited as well.  Kamdor noted that not only was Flurious there, but Norg, Moltor, and the Fearcats.  A creature entered the room and introduced himself as Thrax.  Miratrix recognized the name and told Thrax she thought he had been banished.  Thrax, the son of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd, told them he had been in a battle with Sentinel Knight.  Sentinel Knight had banished him to a dumpster on the moon.  But evil like his was too strong to be contain.  As Sentinel Knight grew weaker, he grew stronger.  Thrax was able to break free of the dumpster.  Thrax told Kamdor and the rest enough about him.  Thrax pointed out the reason they had not been able to get the jewels of the Corona Aurora was because of the Power Rangers.  Kamdor pointed out the Power Rangers were strong.  Thrax suggested they work together.  This made Kamdor and the rest furious.  Thrax then suggested that they formed a temporary alliance.  They would destroy the Power Rangers and then they would be free to plunder the Earth for the jewels.  After the destruction of the Power Rangers, Kamdor and the rest could be free to do whatever they wanted to do, even destroy each other.  Kamdor and the rest agreed and listen to Thrax's plan.  Kamdor and the rest appeared in the city.  Thrax announced that they would cause the demise of the Power Rangers.  The Power Rangers soon arrived.  Kamdor and the rest battled the Power Rangers.  Working together it was fairly easy to defeat the Rangers.  Thrax called Kamdor and the rest together.  They focus all their evil energy and greatly damaged the universal morphing grid.  The Rangers demorphed and were unable to morph.  Kamdor and the rest were ready to destroy the teens when Sentinel Knight appeared and transported them away.  Later, Kamdor and Mig went to Stonehenge.  They figured a legendary place would be a good place to hid a legendary jewel.  Kamdor and Mig had not search for long when the teens arrived.  Kamdor and Mig battled the teens.  It was another easy battle, even with the teens using their abilities.  Suddenly a tree appeared and trapped Mig within it's branches.  Kamdor was stunned to see Green Mystic Force Power Ranger.  But it didn't stop there.  Another Ranger appeared on the scene, Red S.P.D. Power Ranger.  Kamdor could not stop them.  Then more Rangers arrived.  Yellow Dino Thunder Power Ranger and Blue Ninja Storm Power Rangers.  The final Ranger to appear was Black Mighty Morphin Power Ranger.  Mig had managed to break free.  Kamdor and Mig battled the new Rangers but it was too much for them and they retreated.  Kamdor and Mig returned to the cave.  They were not happy.  Neither was Flurious as he entered the cave.  Flurious told Thrax they may have defeated the Operation Overdrive Rangers, but more Rangers had arrived.  They were popping up everywhere.  Thrax reassured Kamdor and the rest that things would go in their favor.  Thrax summoned a monster to help them in their battle against the Rangers.  While Kamdor and the rest battle the Rangers, Thrax plan to go after Sentinel Knight and get his revenge.

Kamdor, the Fearcats, Moltor, Miratrix, and Flurious were inside the cave.  Not one of them was happy.  Benglo:  We're no better off now, than we were before.  Moltor:  He's right.  We've got new Rangers and no jewels.  Thrax's plan is failing.  Miratrix:  Speaking of Thrax...where is he?  Flurious:  My troops are keeping an eye on the new Rangers.  But maybe they should be keeping an eye on Thrax.  Later, Kamdor and the rest of the villains, including Thrax, were in the city.  They found the fallen Vulturus.  Earlier a giant Vultures had battled the five Rangers in their Megazords.  During the battle, Mack had come running up with the Excelsior sword and battle Vulturus.  Vulturus was hurt.  Thrax was confused, this was not suppose to happen.  Vultures was suppose to be invincible.  Flurious told him that with the Rangers it was going good to be have a plan B.  Flurious took one of his gyros and placed it inside Vulturus.  Vulturus immediately was revived and had new armor.  Once Vulturus was okay, Kamdor and the rest of the villains went to face down the eleven teens.  Thrax was once more upset, he had taken the Operation Overdrive teens ranger powers, but now they had it back.  The teens morphed.  Kamdor and the rest of the villains battled the Power Rangers.  With so many Rangers, the battle wasn't as easy as it was before.  Kamdor and Miratrix battled Yellow Dino Thunder Power Ranger and Yellow Operation Overdrive Power Ranger.  Moltor battled Blue Ninja Storm Power Ranger and Pink Operation Overdrive Power Ranger.  Moltor even had his Lava Lizards battling, but it was a difficult battle for Moltor.  The Fearcats battle Green Mystic Power Ranger, Blue Operation Overdrive Ranger and Black Operation Overdrive Ranger.  Mercury Ranger would eventually destroy Vulturus.  Then Sentinel Knight appeared and destroyed Thrax.  The Rangers faced Kamdor and the remaining villains and blasted them off their feet.  Kamdor and the remaining villains got up.  Moltor thought it would be best to just go after the jewels.  Miratrix taunted not unless they got there first.  The evil alliance was no more as Kamdor and the remaining villains vanished.

Kamdor and Miratrix were in Egypt.  Miratrix had been there earlier, and overheard Rose, Dax, Mack, and Tyzonn talk to a shop keeper about a beetle encased in amber.  Miratrix told Kamdor and now they were there.  Kamdor and Miratrix found the tomb easily and soon found the tablet that they were searching for.  Suddenly Dax, Mack, Tyzonn, and Rose came running into the room.  They were being pursued by hundreds of beetles.  Mack had used his super strength to move the slab of stone and block the doorway.  The four teens turned around and realized Kamdor and Miratrix were there.  Miratrix asked them if they thought they were the only treasure hunters in Egypt.  Kamdor blasted the four teens.  Kamdor and Miratrix ran out of the tomb.  They managed to get above ground to the desert.  The four teens were right behind them.  Mack, Tyzonn, Rose, and Dax morphed.  Kamdor and Miratrix battled the four Rangers.  The tablet got tossed from villain to Ranger.  Eventually the Rangers got it.  Miratrix asked Kamdor to do something.  Kamdor told her there was another way.  Kamdor and Miratrix vanished.       

Kamdor and Miratrix were in San Angles, inside a building.  Kamdor was working on a computer.  Miratrix:  The Rangers are here.  I'll hold them off.  Kamdor:  No!  I want you here.  Miratrix:  Who's going to stop the Rangers?  Kamdor quickly created a monster out of a computer, Datun.  Kamdor:  Him!  Kamdor sent Datun out into battle.  After awhile, Red Ranger found them.  Miratrix battled Red Ranger.  Miratrix was tossed around a lot.  Miratrix asked Kamdor if he was going to help, and he replied she was doing well.  Plus Datun needed help.  Kamdor used his power again and Datun had grown to giant size.  Within moments, Yellow Ranger had contacted Red Ranger, telling him they needed his help.  Red Ranger reluctantly left.  Miratrix was upset with Kamdor for not helping, but Kamdor was unfazed.  The Rangers destroyed Datun.  Kamdor and Miratrix were outside.  Kamdor was pleased and commented that Datun had worked perfectly.  Kamdor walked away and Miratrix could only wonder what Kamdor meant.  Later, Miratrix found Kamdor in their hideout, he was amused.  Miratrix told Kamdor she was glad he was enjoying himself, but would like to know what was so funny.  Kamdor told her that he had planted a computer virus and now knew the location of the Star of Isis.  Miratrix told Kamdor he was brilliant.  Kamdor and Miratrix left for the everglades of Florida.  Kamdor and Miratrix were about to search for the jewel when Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, and Mercury Ranger arrived.  Kamdor quickly created five warriors.  The Rangers were kept busy battling the five warriors.  Miratrix told Kamdor with the Rangers busy, they could search for the jewel.  Miratrix was stunned when Kamdor told her no, she had to stay and fight.  Kamdor took off.  Black Ranger spotted him and went after him on his Hovertek cycle.  Kamdor was surprised to see Black Ranger had followed him.  Kamdor and Black Ranger battled.  They were evenly matched and Kamdor knew the battle could take a long time.  Kamdor didn't have the time to waste and blasted Black Ranger before taking off once more.  Black Ranger returned to the rest of the Rangers.  Meanwhile, Kamdor had found the Star of Isis.  He returned to battle as the Rangers had surrounded Miratrix.  Red Ranger, as Red Sentinel Ranger had destroyed all five warriors.  Kamdor blasted the Rangers, and Miratrix leaped over to where Kamdor stood.  The Rangers had demorphed.   Kamdor and Miratrix vanished.  Their victory did not last long, as Kamdor soon discovered that Ronny had used her super speed to grab the Star of Isis.

Kamdor and Miratrix were in the desert.  Much to their glee, they had uncovered the Sands of Sila.  Kamdor and Miratrix were thrilled with their find as they walked together.  Mercury Ranger arrived.  Miratrix was ready to take him, but Kamdor told her that he wanted to show Mercury Ranger how powerful he was.  Miratrix held the Sands of Sila as Kamdor battled Mercury Ranger.  Kamdor used all his force as he battle.  Soon Mercury Ranger was defeated.  Mercury Ranger rolled down the sands and demorph.  Miratrix was impressed.  Miratrix told Kamdor they had found the Sands of Sila and he had defeated Mercury Ranger, not a bad day.  The moment of triumph did not last long.  With super speed, Mig arrived and snatch the Sands of Sila from Miratrix.  Mig laughed at the two of them before vanishing.  Later, Kamdor and Miratrix joined Moltor and Flurious on the sidelines.  All four of them watched as the Fearcats, in a giant Agrios, battled the five Rangers.  Kamdor couldn't believe it as the Fearcats defeated the Rangers in their Megazord.  The Rangers quickly formed another Megazord, but it was not enough and the Rangers were defeated once more.  The Fearcats then walked over to where Kamdor and the rest stood.  Agrios punch his hand into the ground and it shock Kamdor and the rest off their feet.  The Fearcats told Kamdor and the rest they now bow to them.  The Fearcats walked away in triumph as Flurious pondered whether the Fearcats had defeated them all.      

Kamdor and Miratrix came walking up to the battle field.   The FlashPoint Megazord was battling the Fearcats in the giant Agrios.  Only the Red Ranger was operating the Megazord.  Miratrix observed the Fearcats had been more clever than they had anticipated.  Kamdor and Miratrix were soon joined by Flurious and Moltor.  Kamdor and the rest were not happy to see the Fearcats winning.  Flurious told them he may actually hate the Fearcats more than the Power Rangers.  Eventually four more Rangers arrived and three Megazord were formed.  The battle began to tip more in the Rangers favor, much to Kamdor and the rest's delight.  More backup was sent to the Rangers, along with the Sentinel sword.  Then Mercury Ranger arrived as well, after destroying Crazer.  Kamdor and the rest watched as the Rangers destroyed Agrios.  The battled continued on the ground until the Rangers destroyed Benglo and Mig.  The Fearcats were no more.  Later, Kamdor and Miratrix were thrilled.  With only Moltor and Flurious in the way, Miratrix and Kamdor were confident they will get the jewels and the crown.  Kamdor was ready to show everyone how powerful he really is.      

Kamdor and Miratrix were in Greece, waiting for the teens to arrive with the Chalice.  They didn't have long to wait.  Kamdor and Miratrix could overhear the teens conversation.  Rose:  Come on guys, faster!  We don't have much time!  Dax:  Who knew global treasure hunting would require so much walking.  Miratrix:  If you can't stand the hunt, stay out of the woods.  The teens were stunned to see Kamdor and Miratrix.  Kamdor blasted the teens off their feet.  When they got up, they morphed.  Kamdor and Miratrix battled the Power Rangers.  Initially Red Ranger had the Chalice, but then he passed it on to Yellow Ranger.  Miratrix battled Yellow Ranger for the Chalice.  Eventually, she was thrilled when she got the Chalice.  Kamdor was busy battling the rest of the Rangers.  Miratrix did not have the Chalice for long. Red Ranger transform into Red Sentinel Ranger and battled Miratrix.  Miratrix lost the Chalice and Yellow Ranger had it once more.  Kamdor tried to go after the Chalice, but Red Sentinel Ranger blocked his way to Yellow Ranger.  Miratrix told Kamdor she almost had the Chalice.  Kamdor grabbed her arm and told her she had failed him for the last time.  Miratrix was very frighten by Kamdor's anger.  Kamdor let go of Miratrix's arm and she fell to the ground.  Kamdor had them both vanished.  Miratrix kneeled before Kamdor and apologized.  Miratrix promised to do better.  Kamdor would hear nothing of it.  Kamdor told her she was nothing but a greedy underling.  Miratrix became angry.  Miratrix stood up and told Kamdor she would gain more power than him, and then he would bow to her.  Kamdor only had to wait.  Kamdor spotted the Chalice in Ronny's hands.  Miratrix's plan had not worked and she laid on the ground close by.  The Chalice,  had turned into a golden plate.  Ronny and Tyzonn were blasted off their feet by Kamdor, who grabbed the plate.  Miratrix was injured as she crawled towards Kamdor and asked him to help her.  Kamdor laughed.  Kamdor had trained Miratrix just to deceive her.  Kamdor's plan had worked perfectly.  Miratrix couldn't believe it.  All she had done had been for nothing.  Kamdor took out the ambulant.  Before Miratrix could do anything, Kamdor transfer her into the ambulant.  Kamdor then left to go to his cave.  Kamdor had the plate and he knew it would lead to the fifth jewel.  But he wanted to keep the Rangers busy.  Kamdor went to a hidden panel among the rocks.  Behind the hidden panel was the blue sapphire.  Kamdor thought he heard a noise, but dismissed it as nothing from then cave rats.  Kamdor then went outside.  Kamdor used the power of the blue sapphire to make a giant meteor head towards Earth.  Kamdor then issued a challenge to the Power Rangers.  Later, Kamdor was surprised when Black Ranger appeared.  He asked him if he care about the Earth.  Black Ranger told him he did.  Kamdor revealed his true face to Black Ranger.  Kamdor and Black Ranger battled as the rest of the Rangers, in their Megazord, try to destroy the meteor.  Kamdor was impressed with Black Ranger.  Black Ranger was much more stronger than he had anticipated.  Black Ranger asked Kamdor if he gave up and Kamdor told him he would battled till the end.  Kamdor and Black Ranger continued their battle.  Kamdor gave Black Ranger a powerful blow and thought he had defeated the Black Ranger.  Instead, it was Kamdor who was destroyed.

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